Is 4Life a Scam? Why Do 97% of Their Members Fail?

4Life Scam Review 2019 - Updated

The chances are that you are looking for an unbiased 4LIfe review that answers to all your questions such as:

  1. What is 4Life business opportunity?
  2. Is 4Life a scam or legit?
  3. Is 4Life a pyramid scheme?
  4. Is 4Life worth joining or not?
  5. Etc.

I am not affiliated with 4Life in any way so I am not going to sell you their system unlike 90% of the other reviews are doing to you.

You'll get here only unbiased information of 4Life and also learn the best 4-step formula to make money with (or without) this 4Life.

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Is 4Life a scam or legit business?  My review answers this question and much more. I am not affiliated with 4Life but I have a huge knowledge of network marketing because I have researched more than 100 MLM-companies.

The MLM industry is ever growing but there are some well-established companies that are on the market for the long run while others stay just a few years until they fade away. What will happen to 4Life? This article will help you decide whether this is the right business opportunity for you or not.4life Homepage

4life Website’s Homepage.

4Life Review

Name: 4Life Research

Founded: by Bianca and David Lisonbee in 1998

Cost: the “Distributor Kit” costs $40.

Type: Health & Wellness. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).

Short Review: 4Life is another multi-level marketing company that operates in the health & wellness industry. Success requires lots of hard work and effort unless you are using these powerful methods that I use for making money online.

What Is 4Life?

The company called 4Life Research is a well-established MLM business founded by Bianca and David Lisonbee back in the year 1998. The company is specialized in providing advanced nutritional supplements that boost the immune system and fight aging. 4Life aims to provide a way for everyone to become wealthy and healthy.

The company employs a leading group of scientists, doctors, and researchers who are working together towards creating better supplements to support the immune system function. According to 4Life’s claim, no other company is able rivals them in the niche of immune system supplements.

4Life is selling its products in more than 50 countries. This shows how popular their health supplements are on the market. The company has a network of more than 100,000 distributors worldwide. There are celebrities, athletes and even Olympic athletes who are endorsing the 4Life Transfer Factor and other 4Life products.

As you probably know, the competition in this business pretty tough as there are thousands (and I’m not even exaggerating!) of other network marketing companies in the same industry. Most famous ones are probably Herbalife, Isagenix, Mannatech and It Works!

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4Life Products

4Life’s team of leading scientists, researchers, and doctors are working to develop the best supplements in the industry to improve the human immune system. The company offers an impressive range of products. Aside from the immune system boosting supplements, the company offers everything from fiber supplements to antioxidant drinks.

4Life’s flagship products are based on the 4life transfer factor, the company’s core innovation. The transfer factors are known in biology as small messenger molecules with the role to help the immune system to regulate its ability to fight off infections and responses to any stress factors. According to 4life, the company’s scientists were able to isolate a transfer factor from the chicken yolk and cow colostrum. This transfer factor has significant effects on the immune system in human body.

is 4life a scam

4Life flagship product.

4life’s Transfer Factor Plus and other products developed by the company such as are based on this transfer factor compound. The core of the Transfer Factor Plus product is the cow colostrum transfer factor while the formulation includes several other elements, like a polysaccharide mix obtained from a few different natural sources. The flagship product has helped many athletes from various countries around the world to push themselves harder and performs better.

Aside from the Transfer factor product, 4Life also developed other great products with the aim of strengthening the human body:

  • Tri-Factor Formulas
  • Targeted Transfer Factor
  • Enummi Personal care
  • Fortify meal pack
  • Foundation of life
  • ShopRite by 4Life
  • Animal health for life
  • Healthy lifestyle packs
4life products

4Life products are pretty expensive, huh?

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How Much Does It Cost to Join This Program?

It is very easy and simple to get involved with 4Life MLM business. In order to join the company’s MLM network you just have to acquire their “Distributor Kit”. The package costs just $40. This fee also covers a one-year subscription to the 4Life MLM business and provides you access to:

  • Company training
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • Access to promotions and contests
  • Earn Profit rewards
  • Commissions and bonuses in the compensation plan
  • Sponsoring other members and rank advancing

4Life’s MLM business offers four enrollment types. The requirements for these levels are on top of the basic requirement presented above. Depending on your investment budget and your goals you can pick what is most suitable for you:

  • Diamond 4life – you need to keep at this level a 100 LP Monthly auto ship and order 400 LP minimum.
  • Leadership 4life – at this level you must keep a monthly auto-ship of 100 LP and your first order must be 100 LP.
  • Associate – this level requires you to keep a 50 UP monthly auto-ship but there is no first order requirement. On top of the other requirements mentioned above, this level requires you to purchase a $29.95 compass system.
  • Preferred Customer – this basic level comes with no requirements.

4Life Compensation Plan

You can better understand the compensation plan provided by 4Life’s MLM business model by watching the following video on YouTube. Before watching I want to remind you that it’s created by 4Life distributors who are trying to sell the system for you. Still, it’s quite informative and explains the most important details of their compensation plan.

4Life’s compensation plan is called the “Life Reward Plan”. You first need to become a distributor in order to be able to actually make money with the company’s MLM business. As mentioned above, you’ll need to pay the $40 distribution kit in order to become a distributor. The entire first year of membership is covered by this subscription fee. This setup rewards strongly those distributors that consistently sell a large volume of products, as there are some minimum volume requirements of sales per month.

In case that you fall below the minimum monthly sales requirements, you will lose your commission from distributor sales. On the other side, you become entitled to higher compensation levels when you increase your monthly sales. The first level of earning distributor commission is associate level. At this level, you earn only two levels of commission compensation.

Your compensation increases to up to ten levels deep as you advance upward. As a distributor, you can go up through the ranks. You rank better when you are able to sell more products. According to experts in MLM, 4Life has one of the highest payouts in the field. They pay four times a month and you can earn as much as 64 percent on their Life Points.

A positive thing with MLM-companies is that they enable you to earn passive income.

4Life Reviews and Complaints

4life BBB

A positive thing is that 4Life is BBB accredited since 2011.

4life reviews show that this is a well-established MLM business focused on improving your health, fighting aging, strengthening your immune system and boosting your cardiovascular health. The company is specialized in developing and selling advanced nutrition supplements.

The reviews appreciate the fact that the company has a wide range of products. This MLM business attracts people who believe in the power of supplements to boost their health and are looking to find a total solution to their health as well as their wealth.

Most people trust the 4life company due to its long history on the market. Over the long run, this MLM business has proved itself as a popular, consistent, and strong performer in the supplement industry. A great sign of their success is that the company has been around already for approximately 2 decades since 1998.

4Life Income Disclosure Statement – Why Do 97% Fail?

Reviews show that, while it could be hard to reach up to the top performers, you can still make a consistent profit with this MLM business. Especially, if you are leveraging the power of the Internet. Most network marketers fail because they don’t know how to make money with this business model. Take a look at the income chart from 2015 below.

4life income disclosure statement

Average incomes of 4Life distributors in 2015.

You can notice an interesting fact that less than 3% of all distributors truly succeed. That’s very common for this kind of business. I have researched +100 MLM-companies and the chart above looks extremely typical. Only those who have been with the company for a long time and those who can use the Internet for their marketing usually succeed.

Is 4Life a Pyramid Scheme? – Listen to the Truth!

As you saw above, 4Life business model forms a pyramid form and only the people on top of the pyramid are making big money with the system. At this point many people probably think that 4Life is a pyramid scheme.

However, that’s not the case here. ALL multi-level marketing companies use the pyramid structure but not all MLM-companies are pyramid schemes. Illegal pyramid schemes don’t provide any valuable products but they only focus on recruiting.

Legitimate multi-level marketing companies, on the other hand, provide real products that offer value to their customers. Still, there is a big focus on recruiting and that’s one of the reasons why it’s so controversial business model.

Because I want to have a reputation as the most trusted and honest Internet marketer, I am not part of any network marketing company. I only focus making money online with 100% Honest and legitimate ways.

Conclusion – Is 4Life Worth It?

If you are thinking whether their products are worth trying or not, I think the best way is just to order some of them to try out. Personally, I prefer using cheaper products than overpriced MLM-stuff. That’s why I don’t use my money on 4Life or other similar companies. But you can, of course, make a decision based on your own buying preferences.

I often give a few principles for people who are interested in making money with network marketing. Let me share them with you:

  1. Choose a reputable company that receives lots of positive reviews.
  2. Be ready to work long hours. Otherwise, it’s pretty hard to succeed.
  3. Be prepared to face setbacks because succeeding with MLMs usually requires lots of time and patience.
  4. Work exceptionally hard and smart. (+95% of all network marketers fail so you need to be different than most.)
  5. Use this powerful method if you want to accelerate your success.

If you are not ready to commit to those things, then multi-level marketing isn’t probably for you. However, there are many other great ways to make money online. I make money online by promoting any products I choose. The method that I use works for MLM- and non-MLM products. Click the link below to learn more:

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What kind of experiences do you have with 4Life or other similar MLM-companies?

Would you prefer making money online like I do?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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