Is Megatypers a Scam or Legit? – Is $250 Per Month Possible?

is megatypers a scam or legit
MegaTypers website promises easy money which is a the first scam sign.

Is MegaTypers a Scam or Legit? That’s a question you should ask yourself before using endless hours trying to earn money through their website. They promise you good earnings (up to $250 per month) on their homepage but is MegaTypers an honest company?

In this review, I’m gonna explain how you can make money through their website and how big is your earning potential. I’ll also show what other reliable online marketers and normal people are saying about this website.

is megatypers a scam or legit
MegaTypers website promises easy money which is a first scam sign.

Megatypers Review

Name: Megatypers (also ProTypers)

Founded: 2012

Type: Solve Captchas to Earn Money

Short Review: It’s possible to earn money on MegaTypers by solving captchas but your hourly “salary” will be only something like $0,10-0,50 per hour. You can earn more by referrals but that’s also quite time-consuming and earning potential is much lower than on many other websites.

Just one quick comparison: Top earners on MegaTypers earn $250 per month while top earners on Wealthy Affiliate make tens of thousands of month. I gathered 5 examples on this article. All of them make +$10,000/month online.

MegaTypers Review 2017 – Video Version

If you prefer watching a video instead of reading a text, I recommend taking a look at my video review of MegaTypers below. In the end of the video, I also reveal a list of better ways to make money online. You can take a look at them here.

What Is MegaTypers?

MegaTypers is a website that pays their members for solving captchas. If you don’t know what they are captchas, I recommend taking a look this article where I explain what they are. MegaTypers is a quite similar website to 2Captcha where your earning potential isn’t very huge.

But why are they advertising $200-250 monthly earnings on their homepage? Are they really possible? Yes, it’s possible to earn $200 per month with MegaTypers and I’ll explain further how and whether it’s worth trying or not.

In my opinion, company’s name MegaTypers is a bit misleading because at least I thought it would be something related to writing. I thought it’s a freelance marketplace and you could earn money by writing articles for clients. But no. It’s a website where you will solve captchas. What do you think about their name? Is it misleading also in your opinion?

How to Make Money on MegaTypers?

You will be given a captcha image after another. You need to solve them as quickly as you can. The faster you solve, the more money you can potentially earn. You will earn $0,45-1,5 for solving 1,000 captcha images.

I know it doesn’t sound very much because it isn’t. It will most likely take several hours to solve 1,000 captchas and earn $0,45-1,5. In the other words, your “salary” will be clearly below $0,50 per hour. My estimation is that most people earn something like 10-20 cents per hour on MegaTypers.

Are there other ways to earn money on MegaTypers? Yes, they have a referral program and we’re gonna take a closer look at it now.

MegaTypers Referral Program – Earn 10% for Referral’s Earnings

In order to sign up to MegaTypers, you need an invitation code from a current member. My invitation code is, for example, “DH8S”. You can use that for signing up if you want to try their service. Then I will earn 10% of all of your earnings. When you earn $10 I get $1. If you earn as much as $100, I get $10 passive income.

is megatypers a scam or legit
MegaTypers affiliate area

Is MegaTypers Referral program as good as it sounds? Well, not really. You would need to have hundreds of referrals to earn any significant income. MegaTypers says that their top earners are making +$200 per month. I assume that those guys have thousands of referrals.

Why would you aim for $200 per month when you can earn much more on other services. Top earners on MegaTypers earn $200 per month but on Wealthy Affiliate, top earners are already multimillionaires. Of course, it’s a completely different to earn money through affiliate marketing than solving captchas. Affiliate marketing is for those people who really want to earn good money but captchas are just for people who just want to kill their time somehow.

Megatypers Reviews & Complaints

There are tens of reviews of MegaTypers on the Internet and I was curious to see what other people are saying about their service. Other people had also come to a conclusion that MegaTypers isn’t worth it.

There are 28 MegaTypers reviews on and most of them gave the website only 1 star out of 5. Only 5 people gave MegaTypers 4 or 5 stars and it seems that they just don’t know about more profitable ways to earn money online.

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Many people reported that MegaTypers can ban and freeze your account when you are about to withdraw some money. Then they can reduce your balance from $5 to $0,50 or something similar. Imagine that you have used endless hours to earn that $5 on MegaTypers and then they just ban your account. I don’t know why they are doing it but it seems that they are not very legitimate.

is megatypers a scam or legit
Trang’s account was banned and he’s sure that MegaTypers is a scam.
is megatypers a scam or legit
Sher had also similar experiences. His account was banned also and he got very disappointed.

Some rumors say that MegaTypers would be closing their service soon. I don’t have any official information about that. If you know something about it, I would love to hear in the comments below.

All in all, most MegaTypers reviews can be summed up in 2 sentences:

  1. “They pay extremely little money.”
  2. “When you reach your cash out limit MegaTypers is gonna ban your account.”

I still want to mention that some people have cashed out money from MegaTypers but there are not any guarantees.

Conclusion – Is Megatypers Worth It?

MegaTypers is not worth the hassle. It would take so much time to earn your first dollars and still you can’t be sure whether they’re gonna pay you or not. As we saw above, many accounts were banned just right when they were supposed to get paid.

If you are looking for earning money by writing articles, you can use for example these websites:

All of them are reliable companies and pay their writers honestly. I have used them a lot of buying articles for my websites. If you’re a good writer, you will find small business owners who are willing to pay you quite well for writing articles.

However, I don’t myself earn money as a freelance writer anymore. I got offered some gigs recently but I turned them off because I prefer earning passive income through affiliate marketing. It’s much more profitable in the long run and also highly rewarding. Every word you write adds up and build your own business.

If you would like to earn money with affiliate marketing like I do, I highly recommend starting a free step-by-step training on Wealthy Affiliate. It’ll walk you through every step you need to take to build a successful online business. I’ll offer my 1-on-1 support and mentor when you join through my website. You can then ask privately any questions what you want.

Is It Profitable to Solve Captchas for Earning Money Online?

There are several similar websites to MegaTypers where you can earn money by solving captcha codes. However, my experiences show that kind of websites usually never pay you enough. They are even worse than survey sites if we think about the earning potential.

You can’t reach even $1 per hour salary by solving captchas. In my opinion, that’s quite bad. A much wiser choice would be to go to work to McDonald’s. 😉 But of course, there are many great ways to earn money online that are way more profitable than McDonald’s.

I would like to remind you about the important principle: “Easy comes, easy goes.” Anything worthwhile in life requires work and efforts. That’s why you can’t earn a good income by filling out captchas or answering online surveys. They offer so-called “easy money” but the downside is that easy money doesn’t equate to a big amount of money.

Jim Rohn and his mentor Earl Shoaff shared always the following principle, “You earn based on the value that you bring to the marketplace.” The more value you bring, the more money you earn. What are the ways that you could increase your value?

At the moment I am offering value to people through blogging and creating websites. It seems to work even better than I thought and I have exceeded goals that I set myself for this year. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate community and training.


What do you think about earning money by solving captchas? Is it too slow in your opinion as well?

What are the most profitable ways to earn money online in your experience?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding MegaTypers or earning money online, in general. I’ll be happy to give you a personal reply.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. MegaTypers Total scam fraud waste of time.

    I worked for hours and they didn’t cash me, tried to contact them but they never came back to me.

    Careful guys don’t waiste ur time the same i did.

  2. I was so excited to use megatypers but after reading these I changed my mind . Did you write an article about get paid ?? Or do you know others website for beginners ??

  3. I once tried this site way back 2013. I tried it for an hour and figured that it takes too long to earn, like a few cents in an hour. I stopped right away. It’s really not worth my time and effort. Also, it came to my senses that typing captchas is kinda suspicious. I was just thinking it’s used for security purposes. How come we are asked to type this? What is their purpose for these captchas?

    Upon reading your reviews on this site, the more thankful I am for not pursuing freelance work there. I didn’t know that they just ban you once you are about to withdraw your funds or reduce the amount of your balance once you nearly make it to their minimum withdrawal amount.

    Thank goodness I stopped it right away. At least I didn’t have to experience those things. I really feel bad for their victims. I hope no one else falls for their site.

    1. Yeah, great to hear that you stopped MegaTypers quickly after startiing. It’s fine to try new money-making opportunities but it’s wise to stay away from ones that aren’t worth it.

      I think that some people have been paid through MegaTypers but also many accounts have been banned. Anyway, it’s not worth it because the earning potential is so small.

  4. I really feel sorry for those people that got their accounts banned for no valid reason. The name of the company was also a bit misleading.and I think they should change it “Captcha Solvers”.

    But kidding aside, I see slavery has gone modern and found its way online. Solving thousands of captchas is sure frustrating not to mention that you will only be paid $0.10 per hour. Definitely not worth my time.

    After reading several of your articles, I came up with a conclusion that one needs to have thousands of referrals in order to make real money from this kind of websites.

    1. Hi again John 🙂

      you are right that this websites name should be Captcha Solvers or even “Captcha Slaves” 😉

      Nowadays tons of people are looking for ways to earn a decent living online. I have reviewed more than 300 different opportunities on this website. Some of them have been scams or just not worth it (like MegaTypers).

      Then there are opportunities that can make you some income right away like freelancing sites. My favorites are the trainings that teach how you can build a full-time online business which will make you money for years to come.

      Those are, for example, WA, Chris Farrell, Affilorama and so on.

  5. Nope, Megatypers is not a scam, but it isn’t something that anyone should get their hands into. You won’t really earn much money from here.

    Yes, it’s free to join, you don’t have to put or invest any amount of penny in here, but gaining around $0.50 -$1.50 dollars for solving 1000 captchas is a big let off. I had a personal experience with this and I set a timer to see how much can I earn and how long will it take me to earn such money, and it took me hours to complete 1000 captchas, take note my connection is already fast but it’s because of the loading time it takes in between captchas.

    So, all in all, this isn’t a scam, but it’s really not worth your time, nobody would definitely want to be staring in front of their devices typing captchas and just earn a dollar in maximum. There are tons of different jobs that you can try out there to make your time worth it.

    1. Hi Michelle,

      thank you very much for sharing your experiences with MegaTypers. I’m glad to hear that you don’t use it anymore 😉

      By the way, did you already try Wealthy Affiliate? I’m sure their step-by-step training will be ultimately helpful for you. I will also send you a message inside the community. I offer 1-on-1 support for all members who join for free through my website.

  6. Well, this is really some hard task for such amount of money. And it”s looks like this site pays the highest money, the average pay rate would be $0.8 per 1000 CAPTCHA. If you are very quick you can type up to 250 CAPTCHA per hour. So after 8 hours you can type maximum of 2000 CAPCTHA fetching you $1.6. So your monthly earning if you work everyday would be $48. correctly solved. very poor i must say.

    1. Great calculations Decypher! 🙂

      In fact, the extremely low earning potential of MegaTypers makes me smile. It’s hard to understand why anyone would spend their time on their website.

  7. I don’t think it’s a scam. It’s more just a waste of time especially if you are making barely a penny for your time. As you stated, I agree the title is very misleading. It would have been nice if they could offer other writing opportunities i.e. transcription work or even short task work.

    According to my latest research, you can achieve much more success on Fiverr, Upwork, TranscribeMe if you want to be successful in freelance writing or maybe graphic design and creating logos. Personally, I would create a blog and incorporate SEO work.

    I have also found there’s a possibility of achieving wealth in affiliate commissions selling on social media sites specifically Facebook and Instagram. It has been said affiliate work is the fastest, easiest and most low-cost way to earn money online.

    1. Hi Shenita,

      good thoughts. Freelance jobs are of course a fast way to earn money online. However, I prefer affiliate marketing because it’s a great way to earn passive income online. I can earn much more than I ever could from freelancing.

      There’s a huge potential on Facebook and Instagram as you said. I haven’t yet done Instagram or Facebook marketing very much because I’ve been concentrating on attracting traffic from Google. In my opinion, that’s probably the best source of traffic because even when though you wouldn’t work for weeks, the traffic and money just keeps coming in.

  8. I once joined a solving captcha, but it takes a long time to appear the captcha and in 1$ a 1000 captcha? No way, I’ll avoid that. It’s so ridiculous. I will try some more money making online than that job.

  9. I also think Megatypers is a scam. I mean for 1000 catpchas all you get is about 0.4 dollars? and they can also freeze or ban your account without any legitimate reasons.
    So for people looking for some extra cash thru online, please don’t bother trying Megatypers.

  10. I also tried that website but nothing happens. In very begging I tried how they will give your payments, it didn’t go well. There are too many questionable processes and no assurance. I’m confused if I’m doing it wrong but I stopped.

  11. Hi Monmon,

    PTC, GPT and solving captchas fall into same category of online “jobs” that pay just way too little rewards. That’s why I enjoy Wealthy Affiliate because you can earn good money while doing something you enjoy and the reward is much bigger compared to any other of these options.

    You can try Fiverr as a freelancer to earn some money as well.

  12. This sounds like an absolutely ghastly company and I can’t imagine why anyone would want to waste their time working for them. I can only think that people didn’t have the foresight to ask around of others who are familiar with it first and so were taken in by the promise of money made quickly and easily.

    Money doesn’t have to be painstakingly hard to make but there is always some effort involved and I would think that to make really good money, you have to invest a certain amount of yourself and your time in order to achieve the standards required for the earning potential.

    My advice is find something you enjoy doing, or don’t mind doing at least and see if there are any paid opportunities in that field. Me, I like talking to people so phone work is fine with me and the $15 per hour I get paid to do it is fine as well.

    1. Hi LeJay,

      I agree with you that it’s important to find and do something you enjoy doing. We spend the biggest time of our waking time working, so why would we do something we don’t like?

      I’ve seen statistics which show that 80% of US people don’t like the job they’re doing. It’s quite bad. I think that more people would enjoy earning money online from the comfort of their own homes like I do. That’s why YourOnlineRevenue will be helpful for many people.

  13. First of all, this website “MegaTypers” seems missleading by the homepage.
    Also, just sitting in your chair and doing capchas and getting paid ~0.25 per hour is just so bad and not worth it.

    There are tons of other sites out there from which you can earn much more per hour.
    Second, it also gets boring after solving more than 50 in my opinion.

    1. Great points Alex. I wonder who would like solving thousands of captchas just to earn $0,20-0,50 per hour. I think most people just try out this service until they realize it wasn’t worth it.

  14. I wonder how long people would actually have to spend on it per day to make $250 per month. $0.10 – $0.50 per hour just sounds silly really and it doesn’t like a salary at all. You can make around $0.10 per post if you decide to do paid posting and each post will take at max a minute or two. I wouldn’t be surprised if people actually used sites like these, to be honest but it just sounds like slavery. Such little money for such hard work.

    1. You are right. It really sounds like a slavery 😉

      I think people join these sites because someone else is recommending the service for them. Then the original person earn money from all of his referrals who haven’t yet realized how low the earning potential really is.

      1. That’s the problem with a lot of these online sites that are about money making opportunities. And that is why I was extremely happy when I found out about this site.

        I feel that you give actual and honest opinions about these sites that you post and you don’t just post about these sites to make money. A lot of other bloggers just post about these sites and will write that they are perfect to make money because they want to earn money through referrals.

        1. That’s true. Thank you for the positive feedback. I believe that honesty leads to long-term success. In addition, I’m a Christian and I believe that we need to be accountable for God for all of our work. That also motivates me to be honest rather than fool people to try survey sites.

          When I see some websites recommending survey sites and other suspicious offers they already lose some authority and credibility in my eyes.

  15. Hello Roope,

    I have not tried solving captcha because I find it unfair spending so many hours working for an underpaid offer.

    I personally spend long hours online working for the jobs related to my skills in the platforms that you have mentioned in earlier. They did give so many opportunity for you to earn money far greater than what megatypers can offer.

  16. Thanks for the insite Roope. The thing that I would love to more about is whether or not there are sites (besides MTurk) that are like MegaTypers, in the sense that one can do data entry continuously. Also, have there been any stories of success at MegaTypers?

    1. Yes, there are some websites like MegaTypers but the earning potential is so small on those website that I don’t recommend them for you. I haven’t really seen success stories of MegaTypers or any similar websites.

      However, if you want to see success stories, have a look at my Wealthy Affiliate review. You can find tons of people who succeeded with the help of Wealthy Affiliate training.

  17. If Megatypers is all about solving Captchas to make money, then I will have to avoid. I am always looking forward to make extra bucks online, I have done various kinds of work, from PTC (paid to click) to GPT (get paid to), however, solving captcha is not the thing that I would consider doing.

    First of all, in most cases solving captcha is a low paid online work, secondly, solving captcha can be frustrating. Doing 1000 captcha to make just about $1.5 at most is not my kind of online work.

    I will choose to go to Fiverr instead of joining Megatypers.

    1. Hi Vinaya,

      I completely agree with you. Earning max. $1,5 for solving 1000 captchas is ridiculous. You can find lots of better opportunities on Fiverr for sure.

      PTC, GPT and solving captchas fall into same category of online “jobs” that pay just way too little rewards. That’s why I enjoy Wealthy Affiliate because you can earn good money while doing something you enjoy and the reward is much bigger compared to any other of these options.

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