Is Max International a Scam? Latest Review 2018

Max International Review 2018 – Update 13/8/2018

I have just published an updated version of this Max International review to my YouTube channel.

In the video, I teach you also a 4-step formula how you can make money with Max International.

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What is it with people and pills and potions? People, who profess to know that what they’re selling is good for our bodies? Distributors of substances of which none have been passed through the global dietary organizations, who are not leaned, dieticians?

That’s right. The distributors are standard lay people like you and me who have been convinced that by selling products like Max International, they’re doing themselves, priority number 1, and the consumer a favor.

And here you are wanting to know if by joining Max International, you’re making a well informed financial investment. I am so glad you’re doing your due diligence to find out if this is worth the investment. Here, it will come to your attention that not everything that shines is gold.

We’ll start at the beginning and work our way down so that you’re fully aware of what is expected of you when you join, rather, if you join Max International.

Max International homepage
Max International homepage paints a picture of a new dream life that you can achieve.

IMPORTANT NOTE BY ROOPE: This article was written by me and my writer. We share facts and our opinions about this program but you can make your own decisions after reading my article.

Max International Review

Name: Max International

Founded: 2006

Minimum Cost: $49

Type: Wellness Products

Short Review: Max International is the most typical MLM-program of all. It’s working in the nutrition industry, based in Utah, in the U.S., they paint a picture of achieving your dreams and changing your life. There are hundreds of similar MLM-opportunities out there. You can become successful with any of them if you have successful habits and especially if you leverage the power of the Internet.

Still, you need to keep in mind that most people fail with these systems because they don’t have the discipline to go all the way or they don’t know how to market these products online.

What Is Max International?

Founded by Steven K Scott together with two other members who have since moved on to enjoy the fruits of their own founded companies, Max International is based in Utah (surprise, surprise! The unofficial capital of MLM-companies). Offering pills and health products Max International claims their products increase glutathione which lives in every cell in your body. Comprising cysteine, glutamine, and glycine, these guys are known as anti-oxidants.

So Steven Scott met with research scientist and doctor, Robert Keller and backs up Keller’s credentials with huge words like immunologist for your immune system, hematologist (blood specialist) and oncologist, they’re the ones who study cancer, on his website.

Anyway, Scott and Keller met at the home of Chuck Norris. It was there that Dr. Keller produced studies of a new formula he claimed upped the ante in the Glutathione stakes. Now, given Keller appears to be legitimate, he really is a walking tri-medic with a Masters Degree in Biology with other after-your-last-name certifications. In the video below you can see Chuck Norris promoting Max International.

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Aside from the legitimacy of the Doc, Max International was pummelled with several lawsuits because of unscrupulous dealings. They were forced to relinquish $1.2 M to Melaleuca from whom they rustled sales agents. Unproven is the debacle with Tripharma who claimed Max was in breach of one of their patents. Just a bunch of little inconveniences really.

Nutrition supplements are probably the most popular industry for network marketing. You must have heard of companies like Herbalife, Mannatech, Isagenix, It Works! or some others.

Max International Products

Before we dive into a little about the products, I’d like to bring their mission statement to your attention. “To empower people to build a legacy of significant change in their lives and the lives of others.”

Products vary both in variety and price and also depending on how much you want to keep in your personal cachet which makes sense if you can buy in bulk. But first, you have to join and it’ll cost you $49 to become an independent distributor. Then you’ll be up for $35 to maintain your annual renewal. Now to the products.

max international Product reviews
Max International Products
  • Cellgevity

A catchy title – longevity pill which according to Max International is supported by extensive scientific research and comprises loads of “prime ingredients” for balanced cell utilization and “superior function for better health.”Prices start at $79 for a bottle of caps and for a bottle and a box you’re at $84.

  • Max ATP

Energy Enhancer. The company claims that this wonder product will do away with after effects they believe so many ‘foreign’ products often leave you with. Jam-packed with cordyceps, N-Acetyl Cysteine, N-Acetyl D Glucosamine and some milk thistle, it’s an energy drink and health combo pack. If you have $220 you can get the benefits of 1 Cellgevity, an ATP, an N-fuze and a Max 357.

  • Max One

The top shelf product to maximise the glutathione in your body which isn’t producing any because you’re probably eating too many Macca’s burgers.This one will set you back $75 for a bottle.

  • Meta-Switch

Of course, there has to be a weight management supplement which is blended with a whole bunch of goodies like Pantethine, Citrulline, Potassium, and some added vitamins as a weight control product. These are a meal replacement fiber imbued bars that claim to abolish hunger pangs. And with the ingredients like corn bran, dried fruit, rolled oats and seeds, they’re good to take with you on the go.

You’ll be up for $161 wholesale – You get 1 Switch and 4 boxes of chocolate coconut fiber bars.

Max International Startup Cost

There are three options available at the moment.

Personal Pack: $179

Professional Pack: $549

Premier Pack: $999

Plus you need to maintain a PV (Personal Volume) of 100 every month to remain qualified. In the other words, it’s not the cheapest MLM to get started with but not the most expensive either.

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Max International Compensation Plan

Max International does give you 90 days in a training program. This can be a huge advantage, especially to those who have no marketing knowledge which is the catalyst for all MLM failures. To earn your way through you can do it via several ways.

Retail Profits that as a distributor you can also up the ante on your sales between wholesale and retail prices by purchasing products yourself. There is also a Customer Bonus and there are commissions from those purchases on auto-ship (until they’re canceled by the customer, which happens occasionally).

Fast-Track bonuses are offered on a weekly basis but you need to introduce a new recruit who buys one of the start-up packs. So if your new recruit purchases a Personal Pack, you net between a $15-$60 bonus. For the Professional Pack, you’ll get a $75 bonus and for the Premier, you will net a $150 bonus.

Now, if you sell 3 Professional or better, 3 Premiere packs in a month to new recruits whom you have personally sponsored, your FastTrack bonus is doubled.Incentives

There are also incentives to go for and if you and your down-team perform well, you can finish up with 10% of the commission volume. And if you’re really on board and tenacious, you can join the elite on the Platinum and Diamond Leadership platform. If you introduce some fairly high numbers in the recruiting department, you’ll do extremely well with bonuses.

Affiliates can earn in the vicinity of $500 per month for a Platinum rank, $750 for a Diamond, Double Diamond gets you $1000 and the Triple Diamond or beyond will give you a passive income of $1500 per month.

If you want to get a more detailed overview of Max International compensation plan, you can take a look at their marketing video below:

Conclusion – Is Max International Worth It?

In every MLM you’re going to get some bad eggs. Problems have arisen in the Max International playing field and there are some recruits who feel they’re being unfairly treated. It is a Multi-Level Marketing business model and according to popular discontent, the company’s leadership leaves a lot to be desired.

Comments have ranged from “They don’t care about associates only $… I recommend you run as far as you can from this. “Steve Scott is out of touch with what is going on… Promises made at convention re Chuck Norris commercials, etc. NOT happening… No real sales tools… No longer building business since new comp plan… I care about my few remaining associates and customers. If they quit I will pack it in as well.”

You have the deciding factor. The ball is now in your court.

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What kind of experiences do you have with Max International or similar companies?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I have never been into MLM before I was introduced to max international. After using their product Cellgevity and observed it worked for my eye sight and muscle cramps I joined. And truth be told I have been making extra income from marketing their products. Napoleon from Nigeria.

    1. Hello Prof, thank you for your question! I am not part of the Max International business so I don’t know exactly the process works if you want to quit. I guess that you should be able to quit anytime without any problems but I recommend asking for more information from their support staff… By the way, have you already checked out my recently published Ultimate Make Money Online Guide?

  2. “Utah, the unofficial capital of MLM-companies.” That’s interesting. I had not realized that most of the MLM companies are based in Utah.

    Back to the topic. I don’t like MLM programs for money making. Just because it is impossible to make money from MLM because you spend a lot of money to join the program and buy their products, however, selling over priced products become difficult.

    Another reason why I don’t like MLM is because they have high priced products which are doubted because there are no clinical trials.

    1. Yeah, it’s interesting that most of these MLM-companies come from Utah. I have now researched around 100 MLM companies and this is how the most typical one looks like:

      Network marketing company from Utah that is selling health & wellness products like protein shakes, weight loss products, etc. Max International is one of them and there are tons of other exactly similar products as well.

      Their founders have probably realized that setting up a network marketing company is a potential way to become rich, lol!

  3. So its necessarily means if I’m to join with less interest in selling or convincing people, I’m not fit to join the business, hence i would be making losses?.

  4. Joining a multi-level marketing program that will cost close to $50 is not really the way for me in the sense that I would still have to work the extra mile to ensure that the products I sell for them will have good turnover in order for me to earn commissions. This is simply not for me as long as I’m concerned.

    1. I understand your point Henry.

      On the other hand, $50 is not a high cost for starting a business because some people need hundreds of thousands of dollars for starting their businesses.

      But yeah, joining a MLM-company is of course different than starting an own company.

  5. It’s not the product you think that work. The mind is very powerful when you brainwash them with all the supposed scientific numbers. like Mr. Fulford in 1900 (pink pile for pale people) We have proof when after 2 years on MAX, the body doesn’t get any better compared to the ones who didn’t take any. If you want to be at the top of the Court, you need to be in the dirt. That means. Don’t ask a car salesman to buy a car. Ask the mechanic. He would tell you which one goes in the garage more often. So! Get really educated on the product without the team of MAX and maybe you will find the right information.

  6. My friend also told me that this is not a scam (Im not actually sure if I would believe him or no) But it seems like he is saying the truth. He is inviting me to join under him and I have to pay a joining fee which I doubt. But because of this site I have now seen some proofs so now I can start thinking if I will join this or no. Can I get more proofs about this max international? How it works? What do I need to do when I already join in this? Do I need to sell their products to earn? Do I need to reply in the forums like in bitcoin? or what?

    1. Max International works like any other multi-level marketing company. You need to sell their products and recruit more people to the system to make money. That’s how it works. I don’t think it would be a good idea to join unless you love their products.

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