Is Fizzle a Scam or Legit? – The Best Online Business Training in the World?

Now, let us find out how Fizzle can help people in doing their business and increase their income by joining their program online. You will found Is Fizzle a Scam or Legit by checking out our review below.

Note: This review is written by team member.

Fizzle System Review

Name: Fizzle
Founded in: 2012
Price: Two Weeks Trial, Premium for $35/month Or $315/year
Owners: Corbett Barr   

Overall Rank: 87 out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

is fizzle a scam or legit
Founders, of course, say that their program is the best. In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the best blogging training online.

What Is Fizzle All About?

Fizzle is a program that helps people to make money independently by following their course. This is a good way for an indie businessman to follow their step by step training to be successful. There are a lot of people who want to run an online business but they do not know how to start with some good ways. Fizzle is coming to help you deal with it.

As we can see that Fizzle provides a professional website with all detailed information and it also shows the profiles of the owners. Therefore, it can be said that Fizzle is legal and no scam at all. It seems that Corbett Barr builds this website seriously because he also has a team that consists of several persons.

They teach how you can make good money with blogging. As you may know, it can be a very profitable way of making money online. Pat Flynn is making hundreds of thousands of dollars every month and some of my friends are making +$10,000/month. Remember that all of them have started without any experience. Everybody needs to start somewhere. Then little by little income starts growing when you provide more value and keep on learning.

What does Fizzle make?

Fizzle is course product to train everybody to create an online business. Fizzle is not only a course but it is a community website with more than 5,000 members along with hundreds of independent entrepreneurs who earn money from a wide variety of businesses.

It has a community to help people find some support, ideas, and inspirations from others. Fizzle provides weekly articles for those who need some information about various contents relating to marketing, business, product making, content marketing, social media, and much more. There are also some weekly podcasts that you can subscribe directly from the website.

Who is Fizzle for?

Fizzle is built for all of the people who want to earn money and increase their incomes from their business. There is no specific business field, but it is all about business that everybody may have. Fizzle will only give some help to you and they will tell you some secrets the best way to be an independent entrepreneur.

It seems that their course is created for somebody who already has some experience of blogging and making money online. If you are still struggling to make money online or you are a beginner, I recommend taking Wealthy Affiliate step-by-step training. You can create a free account and get 20 interactive video lessons as a gift.

Wealthy Affiliate has also 170 times bigger community that Fizzle which tells that it’s a bigger thing. WA-service is also 9 years older than Fizzle so they have had an opportunity to develop their training, platform, support, and community already for much longer time.

How Does Fizzle Work?

First, you can have two weeks free trial in Fizzle. So, you can get a free access to see some courses. However, you will need to fill out all of your information and credit card details to get that free trial. Then you need to remember to cancel your membership before they start billing you.

There will be some videos for your training and all of those videos are taught by professionals. There are also some live coaching sessions, step by step plan, and you can also have an access to the community where there are more than a thousand independent entrepreneurs.

is fizzle a scam or legit
A very famous Internet marketer Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income) is also teaching in Fizzle training

Is the 2-Week Trial Completely Free?

As it is mentioned, this trail from Fizzle is totally free and there is no hidden cost at all for two weeks. It is just two week and after you get some free courses in two weeks. If you don’t cancel your membership after two weeks, they will start billing you $35/month or $315/year. This is a premium offer to access all of the services including roadmap, courses, coaching, and community.

Notice that a premium membership is not a one-time payment, but you need to pay each month for the service. If you continue with a monthly plan for 10 months, the price will be already $350. So, if you are planning to have their membership for a longer time, I would recommend going for a yearly account after a free trial.

Fizzle is a course program targeted for people who want to succeed online but it is not free. The free trial is necessary for those who wonder if Fizzle a Scam or Legit. Once you pay the service, then you will get all courses. You will also get an access to the community forum, in person events, weekly live coaching session, perks, accountability, and much more. Everything will begin step by step in order to reach what you want to achieve.

Pros and Cons of Fizzle


–    Fizzle provides 2 weeks free trial.

–    Access to all materials within a trial.

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–    Fizzle has so many active communities.

–    Fizzle provides step by step training.

–    The CEO is really serious in providing services.

–    It is good for new businessmen.


–    Fizzle doesn’t offer “make money online” tools like Wealthy Affiliate does. Keyword tool, domain name, and hosting, etc.

–    You cannot make money from Fizzle but Fizzle helps you to earn it with their principles.

–    Users cannot contact the CEO directly.

Conclusion – Is Fizzle a Scam or Legit?

Fizzle is a legitimate online business course created by successful Internet marketers. These guys have for sure lots of useful tips how anyone can learn to build a successful online business. They have many famous names like Pat Flynn in their team.

Still, Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation. There you can have a free membership for a lifetime instead of only 14 days. In addition, WA community is much bigger and they provide many tools to boost your online business like a keyword tool, SiteSpeed, and SSL for your website. Domain hosting is also included in a premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate.

Their training works very well for total beginners as well as for more experienced online entrepreneurs. Even though I have already lots of experience in making money online, I am planning to go through their training again to refresh my memory and to have new ideas. I know many people who started in Wealthy Affiliate without any prior experience but are nowadays making a full-time income online. Almost every day I see another guy who did it.

Would you like to be the next? Take action today.

Fizzle at a glance…

Name: Fizzle
Founded in: 2012
Price: Two Weeks Trial, Premium for $35/month Or $315/year
Owners: Corbett Barr   

Overall Rank: 87 out of 100


How have you heard of Fizzle? Have you tried some similar services? What do you think about it? 


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By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Hi, Roope

    I understand that Fizzle ain’t a scam site with the details that you gave in the review. I mean for the fact that they offer a free 2 weeks test period for those that are sceptical about the program is a sign that they are legit. However, it will be nice that they add some more tools to the program as some others have as well as try to ensure that the CEO is accessible when members want to get across to him.

  2. Nice review but Fizzle doesn’t seem to be as good a deal as Wealthy Affiliate.2 weeks free trial compared to a free membership that you never are required to upgrade.Fizzle is a legit opportunity but if a person does some due diligence they will see the the added value of W.A.

    You say you have friends earning $10,000 a month, which program do they belong to?

    Thanks for the information and I will wait for your response to make a decision.



    1. Hi Jim,

      they belonged to Wealthy Affiliate. And the interesting thing is that most of them started without any prior knowledge of Internet marketing. That tells how powerful Wealthy Affiliate is. Their training has turned many newbies into a full-time online entrepreneurs.


  3. Interesting, I’ve never heard of Fizzle.

    I always like to know what kind of support system is behind any teachings. I think the fact that this site shows the owners profiles is huge because it adds a lot of trust.

    The part I like is they offer 2 weeks free trial. This gives me plenty of time to try it out and see if this will really work for me.

    It seems Wealthy Affiliate has keyword tool and Fizzle doesn’t… while I can see Fizzle being totally legit, the keyword tool is a huge asset… I’ll have to check Wealthy Affiliate out.

    Thanks very much for this great review.

    1. Hi Monica,

      you are right that keyword tool is a huge asset. But of course you can get the keyword tool somewhere else if it’s not included in a training. Then it just becomes a bit more expensive.

      One thing that people could do is to buy a monthly membership to Jaaxy Keyword Tool. Then research lots of keywords during one month and have keywords ready for the next 6 months. Then you don’t need it anymore for a long time. It can be also a very time effective strategy.

      Anyway, Wealthy Affiliate is #1 affiliate marketing training in the world also in my opinion.

      What do you mean exactly with a support system in Fizzle? At least you can contact their support by email and they promise to give an answer within 24 hours. Does this answer to the question?



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