What is IDplr? – A “Library” of +9,300 Free Products That Can Help You!

Talking about earning money, it is no longer difficult because you can make money online. Here, you can join IDplr as your source of money. What is IDplr? It is a website that provides a lot of digital products for those who want to resell them to others. Here, we would like to see the review of IDplr for your information.

(Note from Roope: This review is written by YourOnlineRevenue.com team member. I have written a conclusion in the end what I think about this product.)

IDplr Review

what is idplrName: IDplr
Website: www.idplr.com
Price: Free or Gold Membership $97
Founded: 2008
Owners: IDplr

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Overall Rank: 70 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What is IDplr?

IDplr is a website that provides the largest PLR products that all of the members can resell and earn money. IDplr has been helping so many internet marketers who want to increase their income. Anybody can join IDplr and becomes the member of IDplr so that they can resell IDplr products. The members can also get all access to the products when they become gold members. They can do anything with the PLR products including self-usage, editing, selling, adding, and modifying as they wish.

PLS Products simply mean that you can freely use these products how you wish.

what is idplr
This sounds almost too good to be true.

IDplr Products

IDplr provides so many digital products that you can resell them to others to earn money. There are so many eBooks, software products, scripts, articles, and videos that are available on IDplr. IDplr has a lot of members since 2008. There are 36000 members who join IDplr and resell IDplr products to earn money.

Instead of selling the product, you can also use the product for private usage. You can use the content for your own website (for example in the email list) and sell the product on your own site. There are a lot of more specialties that you do with PLR products when you become one of the members.

Here are several other things that you can do with the PLR products. You can give the products to everybody for free, give it away to your members on your own site, make a video tutorial for the product, change the product into an app, edit the product as you wish, rewrite the eBooks, print it by yourself and sell it, and much more.

How to Make Money with IDplr?

You can join as a free member or you can join as a gold member. You only need to sell PLR products that are available on their website and then you can earn money from your selling. The more products you sell the more money that you will get.

You can join for free and download more than 500 products or you can update to the gold one and get access to all products on IDplr. It is just similar to selling some products but all of the products are digital products. Instead of selling the products, you can also use the product for personal usage.

You can use it to build your personal website, earn money for Google Adsense, and anything you can do to earn money online. Or that’s what they say at least. But I recommend that you don’t just copy-paste those texts and all content to your website. Google will not rank you high if you use duplicate content. If you want to get big amounts of organic traffic, I recommend following this step-by-step training or these tips.

How Much Money Can I Make with IDplr?

Talking about income, you must wonder how much money you will get from IDplr? Actually, your income depends on your effort. If you can sell a lot of PLR products, then you can earn a lot of money or when you can use the product properly, then you can earn money from it.

So, there is no specific income that you will get. It can be $100 or even you can get $1000. It all depends on your effort. In this case, you need to promote the products to other every day so that everybody knows the existence of your products. Instead of selling the products, you can also use PLR products for personal use to earn money. You can use some software products to build your own app or build your own website and then earn some money. You can read some Ebook provided by IDplr how to earn money online or y

You can read some Ebook provided by IDplr how to earn money online or you can follow the example of these successful online entrepreneurs who make +$10,000/month online.

iDplr Support

Whenever you have a question about PLR products, then you can contact IDplr customer support. In this case, you cannot call them via phone call but you can leave a ticket that you can submit via the website. You can check IDplr customer support and then you can open a new ticket. When you submit it, then the customer care of IDplr will respond it and give a feedback to your question.

There are so many reasons why IDplr is not a scam and it is a legit one. The first, you can see from the website which looks really good. The second is that IDplr offers products that you can resell. It means that you will not get money if you do not sell the PLR products or use the products to earn money by your own way. You can even register to become a gold member to get all access to the PLR products. It is not like a survey websites where you can’t earn money good money.

Pros and Cons of IDplr


–    Available for Free Register and Gold Member

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–    Thousands of PLR Products available

–    Free member gets 500 PLR products

–    You can do everything with the products

–    You can edit as you wish

–    You can use it or sell it freely

–    Available 24 hours contact support

–    100% of the profit is yours when you sell it

–    It also provides affiliate program

–    Members can submit their product to be IDplr collection


–    Members only get paid from sold out product

–    Free members do not get all access to the products

–   Free Members cannot contact customer care via phone call

–   Some their products are quite low quality

Conclusion – Is IDplr any good?

I think that IDplr is a very interesting opportunity. Their huge library of products can be useful for Internet marketers who need products for their online business. Still, I recommend you to be very careful that you don’t use or promote any scam products. As we know, there are too many scams in Make Money Online industry. Gladly there are also many legitimate products with wonderful resources.

Even though IDplr provides lots of products, you may have a hard time to know which ones are the best ones if you don’t have enough experience of Internet marketing or making money online. I recommend having a closer look at Wealthy Affiliate step-by-step training. It teaches you everything you need to know about creating a successful online business.

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IDplr at a glance…

Name: IDplr
Website: www.idplr.com
Price: Free or Gold Membership $97
Founded: 2008
Owners: IDplr

Overall Rank: 70 Out of 100


What do you think about IDplr? Have you used other people’s products to boos your online business?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

I am always glad to hear what do you think. That’s why I promise to respond your every single comment personally within 24 hours. Also, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask and I will be more than happy to help you out.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of YourOnlineRevenue.com. I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I have no direct experience with IDplr, but I have to say that I have experience with PLR products in general and I am a big fan! Instead of having everything from scratch or outsourcing all the writing, one must say that a better (and often cheaper) solution is to buy PLR products. Thank you for sharing this information – I have to try IDplr!

    1. Hi Mathias,

      thank you very much for sharing your experience and thoughts about PLR products.

      You are right that they can say time and money when building a business. Creating a high-quality product takes lots of efforts and time. On the other hand, it can be challenging to find a very high-quality PLR-product. What do you think?



  2. I can certainly see where something like this would be beneficial to internet marketers. I would think some out there would like to be involved in a program like this.

    However, you recommended Wealthy Affiliate towards the end of your post. I started out over a year ago working part time from home as an Affiliate Marketer. I did okay on my own, but not as well as I had hoped I could be doing. I came across WA and their free training and learned a few things I had been doing wrong. They set me straight, so anybody thinking of going that route will not be disappointed.

    1. Hi TD Bauer,

      Wealthy Affiliate has also helped me many times to correct the course. There are very successful online entrepreneurs who have given me personal tips on how to improve my business to help people more.

      Their training and community is literally everything one needs to generate a full-time income online.



  3. I just checked idplr and you are right. It can even be used for personal use, serving as a good place to learn certain things about making money online.

    I am going to register and use one of the product as bait for my opt-in page. Is that OK?

    Another thing the materials are they of quality standards?

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      yes, you can use IDplr products as bait for your opt-in pages. I don’t know exactly what kind of quality standards they have but I have contacted their support to find out and I will let you know when they answer me. I would also like to hear after you have used IDplr what have been your experiences. 🙂



    2. Hi Jimmy,

      I got an answer from IDplr: “Hello Roope,

      We upload new High-Quality Products almost
      everyday. Please do a quick of our products
      via browsing categorically.

      – Support”

      So, it seems that they don’t have exact standards about their products but they are uploading high-quality products almost every day

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