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Is Power Life Pro a Scam? – It Costs $2,380 to Get Started!

Is Power Life Pro a Scam? You have probably asked this question from yourself after seeing their website and huge promises. The owner says that it’s one of the best core marketing systems he has ever seen. He promises to help you to grow your business with done-for-you tools. Is this a great opportunity to earn money or something else? Let’s find out!

Power Life Pro Review

is power life pro a scamName: Power Life Pro (PLP)
Founded: 2016 by Adam Whiting
Price: You Need Minimum $2,380 to Get Started
Field: Make Money Online -Programs

Overall Rank: 30 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Power Life Pro?

Power Life Pro is a company created in 2016 by Adam Whiting. His purpose is to help you to make money by selling Enagic water ionizers.

Enagic is a +40-year-old Japanese multi-level-marketing company that has become quite famous over the years. They advertise that even some of the most famous people in the world are using their water ionizers including Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods and so on. I haven’t found any proofs that these famous people would really be using them so you can believe it or not.

Power Life Pro itself doesn’t sell these products but they are just promoting Enagic. Then they are earning big commissions for each sale. Once you join their system, you will also become a part of their pyramid MLM-system.

Power Life Pro Training

There are  5 modules in their training.

Module 1: Welcome to the team.
Module 2: Launch Your Business
Module 3:
Learn About The Products
Module 4: 
Learn About The Business
Module 5:
Learn About The System

In the other words, their training is an introduction to their MLM-system. You are becoming a downline of Adam Whiting and a part of his team. He will earn commissions on your sales and for all sales that you invite to become part of the system. That’s how pyramid MLM-systems works.

Power Life Pro reminds me of another product called Wifi Millionaire. There the owner sold you a cheap $3 eBook but is was not the real product that he was selling. His intention was to get you inside MOBE MLM-system where products cost up to $20,000.

Now Power Life Pro is offering you their membership for free so you can join Enagic where products cost at least $2,380. It’s typical for MLMs that they offer you a cheap front-end product. It’s free or costs a few dollars. Then there are upsells, upsells, upsells and eventually members realize that they have spent thousands of dollars even though they didn’t initially plan to do so. In my opinion, it’s a crooked sales strategy.

Power Life Pro Products

It’s quite relevant to know what kind of products they want you to sell when you join Power Life Pro. This section could be called also Enagic products because you are selling actually their products.

As I mentioned above, their products are water machines. They change the pH of the water and are supposed to make it better. Have you probably heard before about water ionizers?

In the picture below, you can see an example of their product. This one is called LeveLuk K8 or Kangen® 8. The machine can produce 5 different kinds of Kangen waters with pH ranging from 2,5 until 11.

is power life pro a scam

Enagic Water Ionizer. Look at the huge price!

What Is Kangen Water?

Kangen water is a product that you can produce with Enagic Ionizers. The company has huge promises what the water will do for you. “Change your water, change your life”, is their motto. To be honest, I am a bit suspicious.

There are tons of similar MLM-water who have so-called special products that are supposed to change your health and your life in a moment. Think about Herbalife, for example. It’s an old MLM and they are selling all kind of nutrition products. I have tried them and I don’t notice any difference compared to normal protein powders.

Ah, there is one difference between these high ticket MLM-products and supermarket products. MLM products cost like 2-10 times more so you will spend much more money for the same value.

Another example is Party Lite. They are selling those candles with a very strong smell. My mother got those candles sometimes as a gift. I didn’t notice any difference between them and normal candles. You just need to pay 5 times more in MLMs just for the feeling to be inside of the system. I am quite sure that Kangen water falls into the same category.

You have probably seen testimonials from MLM-members telling how the products changed their life. If you believe enough, there is a strong placebo effect. The truth is that 90-99% of MLM-marketers spend much more money than they earn and the only difference in their life is a thinner wallet.

Pros & Cons


  • They offer you pre-made templates to promote Enagic products
  • Kangen water sounds interesting (Still I don’t think that it differs very much from the water by other water ionizers)


  • In order to get started, you need to buy expensive products yourself
  • If you are not interested in water ionizers, this program is not for you
  • Products that you would need to sell are extremely expensive
  • Their promises sound exaggerating

Conclusion – Is Power Life Pro a Scam?

Power Life Pro is not a scam. They are willing to help you to succeed because then they earn money as well. However, I think that their program is suitable only for a few people who are interested in these Enagic water products.

In addition, I am not a big fan of complicated MLM-programs with tens of different rules and downlines. You may disagree but I like the simplicity of affiliate marketing. You don’t need to invite anyone, you can sell any products you want and the income potential is not limited.

My #1 recommended program to learn how to become a successful affiliate marketer is Wealthy Affiliate.

Their training teaches literally everything you need to know in order to succeed and create a full-time online business. I have quit my day job because I see much more potential in building a business through Wealthy Affiliate rather than working from 9 to 5. Sometimes I wake with a notification that I earned $50 during the night in commissions.

I have friends who are making +$10,000/month with affiliate marketing and even much more. It requires hard work and persistence but the potential is much bigger than in a regular day job.

What do you think?

Power Life Pro at a Glance…

Name: Power Life Pro (PLP)
Founded: 2016 by Adam Whiting
Price: You Need Minimum $2,380 to Get Started
Field: Make Money Online -Programs

Overall Rank: 30 Out of 100


What do you think about Power Life Pro and Eganic water machines?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Is Irazoo a Scam? – Check Out This Honest Irazoo Review!

After seeing several complaints of this website it’s worthwhile to ask, “Is Irazoo a Scam?” In this honest review, I will explain how their money-making system works and if it’s legitimate or not. In the end of this review, I will also quickly reveal the way how I am earning growing income online.

Irazoo Review

is irazoo a scamName: Irazoo
Field: Get Paid to Site

Overall Rank: 30 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Irazoo?

Irazoo is a website where you can earn gift cards and cash by completing tasks, answering surveys, watching videos and doing other things inside their platform. Advertisers are paying Irazoo money for promoting their offers and Irazoo pays you for being their target for ads or by providing feedback through surveys.

Irazoo is quite a big service and they have already paid $3,100,000 for their members in rewards and cash. It sounds like a huge number but if you divide it between all their members, you realize that the earning potential is pretty low.

The owner of Irazoo changed in 2016 and it seems that there are more complaints than before about their service. I will discuss more them further. But now I’ll explain how you can earn your own part of those millions that they are paying their members.

How Does Irazoo Work?

The picture below explains 3 simple steps of Irazoo:

is irazoo a scam

Steps of using Irazoo: 1.Join iRazoo, 2.Earn Points, 3.Choose Your Rewards

In order to get rewards or cash, you need to earn points first. Then you can exchange those points for rewards. 3,000 points equal to $5 rewards.

How to Earn Points on Irazoo?

There are at least 8 different ways to earn points on Irazoo. Let’s go through them one by one. WARNING: I will be very honest with my opinion regarding these different earning methods.

1.Online Searches

Isn’t it interesting that you can make money by making searches? The idea is the same as in Qmee and Swagbucks. You can earn 1-25 points per search but notice that you won’t earn them for each search. Only sometimes.

2.Answer Surveys

One of the most classical ways of earning money with getting paid to sites is by answering surveys. I have reviewed more than 50 different online survey sites and my conclusion is that the earning potential is so low that filling out surveys is not worth it.

3.Watch Videos

They will show you movie trailers and other kinds of ads. They will reward you with a few cents per video. The exchange of changing your valuable time for watching useless ads is not how you want to spend your life. You have a potential for much more.

4.Play Games

When I was younger, I used to play lots of games online. I learned strategical thinking and I became one of the best chess players in Finland. But imagine if I have used that time on creating something valuable. For example building an online business what I am doing right now. I could probably earn $1,000’s passive income if I would have used my time differently back then. I’m glad that I learned my lesson.

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5.Complete Mini Tasks and Offers

You can earn some points by signing up to websites, joining email lists or getting a free trial for a new credit card for example. If you are going to sign up to email lists, I recommend creating a separate email account for those things so your real email will not be distracted.

6.Download Mobile Apps

They offer you mobile apps that you can download to your smartphone. When you download them, you will earn some cents or points. For some apps, there may be a task to fulfill before getting your points. You need to reach level 5 for example in some game.

7.Promo Codes

When you follow Irazoo on social media and their blog, you will get promo codes that are worth some points.

8.Invite Other People to Irazoo

This is probably the most profitable way of using Irazoo or any get paid to site. Actually, it’s called affiliate marketing. By promoting valuable services and products you can make even +$10,000/month.

However, I don’t myself promote services like Irazoo because I don’t use them myself. I think that they are not worth your time so why would I recommend it to anyone?

Is Irazoo Worth It?

If you are satisfied with earning maximum 1-2 per hour, then it’s worth it. But I know that such little money will hardly satisfy your needs. It also seems that during 2017 there have been many complaints of their service and Irazoo reviews have been quite negative. Let’s have a look at a few examples.

is irazoo a scam

Pat says that Irazoo is not legit anymore.

is irazoo a scam

Alturia had to fight to get his $5. In addition, Irazoo stole his points.

is irazoo a scam

Erin says that Irazoo doesn’t give so many points as they used to give.

I don’t know all the details of these Irazoo complaints but it seems that many people have been dissatisfied with their service. It makes me a bit suspicious. Of course, these can be just individual cases but why not to spend time on something that’s more profitable and more reliable?

Pros & Cons of Irazoo


  • Easy-to-use
  • Several ways to earn points => rewards


  • Earning potential is so low that Irazoo is honestly just a waste of time
  • Lots of complaints recently about their service
  • Irazoo has reduced a number of points that they give for different kind of tasks
  • Some members had difficulties on withdrawing their rewards

Conclusion – Is Irazoo a Scam?

It’s hard to say whether they are totally honest nowadays or not. Anyhow, I don’t recommend their services for you.

I earn income online with much more profitable methods. Sometimes I wake up and check the email to notice that I earned $50 during the night while I was sleeping. It would take ages to earn $50 in Irazoo and you would need to spend endless hours answering some surveys or accomplishing tasks.

If you are interested in how I make money online, have a look at this step-by-step training called Wealthy Affiliate.

You will get 20 interactive video lessons and 2 high-quality for totally free. There you will understand the process of earning passive income online and you will get started with your own journey as well.

If you have any questions I will be more than happy to help you out. is dedicated to teaching people to earn money online so feel free to ask any questions that you have in mind.Irazoo at a Glance…

Name: Irazoo
Field: Get Paid to Site

Overall Rank: 30 Out of 100


Have you ever tried similar services like Irazoo?

Would you like to learn a more interesting and a profitable way to make money online?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Is Direct Cellars a Scam Or Could You Earn $250 Per Sale?

Today we are going to take a closer look at an interesting opportunity where you can earn $250 for recruiting a person and get wines at the same time. Is Direct Cellars a Scam or a profitable opportunity? I’ll reveal what I found!

Direct Cellars Review

is direct cellars a scamName: Direct Cellars
Founded: 2014 in by David DiStefano in U.S.
Price: $299,95 or $499,95 to Get Started. + Monthly Fee $49,95/month or $79,95/month
Field: MLM-Programs

Overall Rank: 50 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Direct Cellars?

Direct Cellars is a Multi-level marketing (MLM) company selling wines. Have you probably seen many MLM-programs also in the past? They advertise that you can use their products to improve the quality of your life and at the same time make money by selling their products for other people.

There are MLM-programs for fitness nutrition like Herbalife. Then there are programs for jewelry and other “women stuff”, for example, Endless Xpressions and Thirty-One Gifts. There are also MLMs selling travel packages. And much more. Direct Cellars sells wines.

This company is relatively new because it has been founded in 2014 and the biggest rises have been during the years 2016 and 2017.

is direct cellars a scam

The popularity of Direct Cellar has been rapidly rising in 2016 and 2017.

How Does Direct Cellars Work?

Let’s keep this simple.

To get started with Direct Cellars you need to buy a starter package for $249.95 (+$49,95/month afterward) or $499,99 (+$79,99/month afterward). By buying each of these packages you get Direct Cellars wines sent to you home. Then every month they will send you another bottle as well.

With a more expensive package, 9you get naturally more of their products (=wine bottles).

When you have their products, you can arrange events with your friends where you taste these high-quality wines. Direct Cellars wines are not the cheapest $5 bottles but a bit more advanced. However, don’t get tricked by them. All MLM-systems say that their products are top quality even though they would be just normal.

95% of people who join Direct Cellars will just spend money instead of earning money. But like with any other MLMs, there’s also a possibility to earn something if you are persistent and a good to recruit others. Let’s have a look at their money-making opportunity.

How to Make Money with Direct Cellars?

There are two ways of earning money with Direct Cellars:

1.Sell their wine packages.
2.Recruit new people. -> When they sell products, you earn commissions.

So, it’s a typical MLM-system. If you really want to earn good money, you need to be able to recruit many people. You can almost never make good money just by selling their products. It would be too time-consuming.

The more people you recruit and the higher you rise in the pyramid, the more money you will naturally earn. You can earn commissions up to the 9th downline. It, of course, means that you are a part of their system for a long time and you have paid lots of money on monthly fees.

Like with any other you have a huge earning potential if you move to the top of the pyramid. Let’s take a closer look at their compensation plan.

Direct Cellars Compensation Plan

I could explain you here how their compensation plan works but I prefer Direct Cellars staff explain it themselves. In this video, they go through the earning possibilities in their system.

WARNING: The video is part of their promotional material. It’s on my website only to let you know how the compensation plan works.

One interesting thing in Direct Cellars is that you can earn a relatively good commission when somebody starts in your downline. It means that when you recruit somebody into the system and he starts selling Direct Cellars products as well.

Starting and staying in the system costs $850 for the first year with a cheap plan and $1460 with another plan. That’s why they can also good commissions because you are already paying owners a lot just by staying in the system.

Direct Cellars Complaints

It seems that many people have been satisfied with the quality of wines in this system. People have also found a compensation plan interesting because there is an opportunity to earn some money.

However, there are also some complaints on the Internet about their system. Most common ones seemed to be something related to their aggressive marketing strategy. Some sellers of Direct Cellars tried to “force” people to join their program.

Have a look what Jonathan says in Direct Cellars Facebook group:

is direct cellars a scam

“Most will spend more than they’ll ever make”

Jonathan knows the fact that most people will never earn money with Direct Cellars. If 100 people join their program, probably 1-5 of them will make a profit. All the others will lose money and most of them will lose a lot.

At least they will get some good quality wine. However, I think they could buy it for a cheaper price in normal store.

Pros & Cons


  • They offer high-quality wines (not something to get drunk but something to taste and enjoy with your friends)
  • You can earn a big income with their system if you are good at selling and recruiting
  • They have a good reputation even though the company is relatively new


  • Most people will never earn money with this system despite their big promises
  • It’s expensive to get started
  • In order to stay in the system, you need to pay high membership fees

Conclusion – Is Direct Cellars a Scam?

No, Direct Cellars is not a scam. They provide high-quality9 wines for their clients and members to their homes. Even though there are some complaints they are mostly related to their over-aggressive selling or overpriced products.

As you know, I am not a great fan of MLMs for several reasons that you can read here.

I am making money every month with a system that costs $0 to join. Direct Cellars costs minimum $300 for the first two months so it’s not a cheap one. If you are interested in the system that I use to make money online as an autopilot, it’s called Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s a step-by-step training program and a community who are interested in earning a full-time income online. Many people have learned to make a living from home (or from the beach) with Wealthy Affiliate training. There are also several people who are making +$10,000/month online.

It’s not an MLM so you don’t need to recruit anyone or sell anything.

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Direct Cellars at a Glance…

Name: Direct Cellars
Founded: 2014 in by David DiStefano in U.S.
Price: $299,95 or $499,95 to Get Started. + Monthly Fee $49,95/month or $79,95/month
Field: MLM-Programs

Overall Rank: 50 Out of 100


What do you think about Direct Cellars? Have you ever tried MLM-programs?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Is Harris Poll Online a Scam? – Free $10 Rewards for You!?

I noticed that many people are regularly asking in Google and other search engines “Is Harris Poll Online a Scam?” It’s a great question to ask yourself before you dive deeper into their services. I have experience of more than 50 survey sites and now I decided to take a research on Harris Poll Online.

Here is what I found out!

Harris Poll Online Review

is harris poll online a scamName: Harris Poll Online (HPO)
Field: Survey/Reward Sites

Overall Rank: 20 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Harris Poll Online?

Harris Poll Online is a survey site that enables you to earn gift cards for big stores like Amazon, Walmart and iTunes. The idea is that they reward you for using your time to give your opinion of different thing like politics.

You can join their service if you are a legal resident in the U.S. or Canada and you are at least 13 years old. Most survey sites require 18 years of age from all their members. Anyway, I don’t think that this is a big issue for you.

Let’s have a closer look how Harris Poll Online works in practice.

is harris poll online a scam

Subjects of Harris Poll surveys

How Does Harris Poll Online Work?

First, you sign up which doesn’t take long. When you have signed and you have an account, they will send you invitations for surveys by email every now and then. Then you can click that email to participate that survey.

After finishing the survey and answering all questions they will reward you with points. One survey takes 5-30 minutes and you will get points depending on the length of the survey. When you have 1,250 points you can exchange it for a $10 gift card.

Now you are probably wondering how fast you can earn that $10 gift card. I can already say that earning 1,250 will take quite long. They will send you 3-4 surveys per month.

Then you start answering the surveys and you realize that they don’t qualify for all surveys. You answer a few questions and then they say something like, “Unfortunately you were not qualified this time. Better luck next time!” That’s very typical with online survey sites. Many people find it quite frustrating.

Let’s imagine that you would be qualified for all surveys that Harris Poll Online sends you. Let’s say that you earn 200 points per each survey and they send you 4 surveys per month. It takes 1,5 months in total to earn a $10 gift card. Do you think it’s worth it?

Anyway, our example was quite optimistic and most likely you can’t earn a gift card even so easily.

=> Want to Learn Faster Ways to Make Money Online? – This Is How I Do It!

Harris Poll Online Complaints

There are tons of complaints of Harris Poll Online on the Internet. There were 160 reviews from their members on SurveyPolice. The average rating was less than 2 out of 5 stars so the most users gave the lowest rating they could (1 out of 5).

Here is one example from Robert Harris who got hacked by Harris Poll Online after helping them for 10 years.

is harris poll online a scam

Robert Harris lost his 4,000 points (worth $32).

Even though $32 is not a huge sum I think that Robert had used lots of time for earning that. It’s ultimately slow to earn points and rewards through Harris Poll Online anyway. Let’s have a look at another review.

is harris poll online a scam

A review from May 2017.

It seems that recently members have been hacked in Harris Poll Online. They can’t log in, get their rewards out or something similar. It’s worth noticing that these negative reviews are very recent and you can find similar complaints much more.

I don’t know if Harris Poll Online has become an untrustworthy partner to work with but at least these reviews tell a negative story of their work.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy-to-use
  • A possibility to earn gift cards for Amazon, iTunes, Home Depot and Walmart.


  • Only available for people that are legal residents of the U.S. or Canada
  • You can’t earn cash in Harris Poll Online, only gift cards
  • Only 3-4 surveys per month
  • It takes lots of time to earn anything from Harris Poll Online and the earning potential is extremely low
  • Lots of negative reviews and complaints on the Internet about their service
  • Withdrawing your reward may take 15 business days
  • You can never earn passive income by answering surveys

Conclusion – Is Harris Poll Online a Scam?

Harris Poll has been in the industry already for tens of years. They have been around already before the Internet existed. That’s why I can say that it’s not a scam.

However, complaints from their members have been pretty severe recently. It seems that they are not moving in the right direction with their service.

If you are interested in making money online, don’t waste your time on Harris Poll. The earning potential is extremely low and it’s not sure if they will pay the reward anyway.

There are many better places to make money online. Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation because their methods really work. Many people have been able to quit their 9 to 5 job after going through WA training and applying their teachings online.

It’s completely free to join and you will be rewarded 20 interactive video lessons right away as a gift for joining. Income potential in WA is ultimately high. Many people are making a full-time income and some members are making +$10,000/month.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick or MLM-scheme. It’s a training and a community of helpful online entrepreneurs who want to help you to make money online. Get started for free!

Harris Poll Online at a Glance…

Name: Harris Poll Online (HPO)
Field: Survey/Reward Sites

Overall Rank: 20 Out of 100


Have you ever used Harris Poll Online or other survey sites?

Have you also learned more profitable ways to earn money online?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Is Clickbank University a Scam? – No It’s Not But Not as Good as…. Read in the Text!

Let’s face a crucial question, “Is Clickbank University a Scam?” They are promising you the financial freedom and the “laptop lifestyle”through making money online. But aren’t hundreds of other Internet marketers promising the same thing as well?

Clickbank University Review

What Is Clickbank University 2.0Name: Clickbank University (CBU)
Founded: 2004 by Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz
Price: $47/month + upsells $297/year & $97
Field: Make Money Online -Programs

Overall Rank: 75 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation to Make Money Online, Ranking 98 Out of 100)

What Is Clickbank University All About?

Clickbank University is a training center and community that teaches how you can make a living fortune online. As you probably know, there are tons of similar products out there. What makes Clickbank University different?

First of all, they don’t promise you overnight riches. They say clearly in their sales video that this won’t make you rich overnight. I don’t even remember how many Internet marketers I have heard saying, “Buy my product and you’ll earn $3,000 during the first week/month.” It’s not gonna happen.

Second, Adam and Justin have a very long experience of Internet marketing. They are not new in the business so they know what they are talking about. Adam Horwitz was even invited to the White House among other young successful entrepreneurs in the U.S. Even though I wasn’t highly impressed with his product Mobile Monopoly he is still an expert in the online marketing scene.

Third, they provide a helpful training that teaches real and practical steps of building online products or selling them as an affiliate marketer. Even very experienced Internet marketers have said that their training is useful even though it has some flaws.

What Is Clickbank University 2.0Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan

Clickbank University Training

Clickbank University has lots of training material inside their training center. Then they have 2 basic training courses. The other one has 12 modules and teaches how you can create your own products online and become successful.

The other main training has 8 modules and it teaches you to become a successful affiliate marketer.

The training walks you through creating a sales funnel. They have also a website builder where you can build high-quality sales funnels for your products and promotions. However, the website builder costs $297/year extra. If you want to build sales funnels, I would recommend using Click Funnels tool by Russell Brunson.

Adam and Justin teach you the classical strategy of Internet marketing:

  • Build landing pages => Attract traffic to that page => Make sales and collect emails => Earn money by selling products to your email list

The training doesn’t give so much tips for driving traffic from search engines through SEO (search engine optimization). Their main focus is on paid traffic methods like Facebook ads, Instagram shoutouts, solo ads and so on.

Clickbank University Support

In the past there were many complaints of the support in Clickbank University. Only few staff members were replying to messages and requests from community members. Adam and Justin were sometimes helping members in FB-group but only sometimes.

But they took action on making it better so Adam and Justin started weekly Q & A (question and answer) sessions where they answered people’s questions. It’s great that they took action to improve their service.

Of course, there is always something to improve but it seems that Clickbank University really wants people to succeed with their training.

Clickbank University Price

In the past Clickbank University had a trial of 7 days for $1. Then you were able to take a look inside the training and the community to decide if it’s a suitable product or not.

But for some reason Adam and Justin took a 7-day trial away. Now they are selling the initial product for around $47/month with a few upsells. It’s around $47/month because they also charge VAT which is $10 extra in the beginning. So, if you want to start using the Clickbank University here in Europe, you need to pay 54€ right away. No free trials like in Wealthy Affiliate.

A positive thing is that they provide a full 30-day money back guarantee for their product.

After a $47/month membership you they will offer you a Clickbank University website builder for $297/year. I have heard some critics from experienced online marketers regarding to the website builder. Mainly people don’t like the way of they are selling it as an upsell.

The website builder tool itself is useful for building landing pages and sales funnels. A great alternative is Click Funnels as I mentioned above. Or then you can just rely on WordPress/SiteRubix websites.

The price of Clickbank University is not way too high because they provide a great value for the buck. However, I think that Wealthy Affiliate is still much better, more comprehensive, more helpful and even cheaper.

=> Get the #1 Make Money Online Training in the World in Wealthy Affiliate! (For FREE)

Pros & Cons


  • The course is created by very experienced and successful online marketers Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan
  • They provide high-quality training videos accompanied by PDFs
  • Weekly webinar/Q&A-session with Adam and Justin (If they are still running it weekly)
  • 30 day money back guarantee


  • No free trial available anymore
  • I don’t like the upsell strategy. Why don’t they “show the cards” right away?

Conclusion – Is Clicbank University a Scam?

No, it’s not a scam. Adam and Justin provide you a good training with tons of material to go through. However, if you want to start their training, you need to be ready to invest some money. $1,000 should be okay to get started. I know it’s not much if we compare building a brick and mortar business but it’s not a very small sum of money for many people.

Anyway, I have experienced myself that if you invest money in your online business and training, it will pay off dividends in the future. You don’t need to invest lots of money but sometimes it’s good to invest something.

The attitude of “I’ll try if it works will almost never lead to success.” You need to commit to mastery and then you’ll succeed.

Still, if you don’t want to invest a single dollar, you can get started for free in Wealthy Affiliate. They provide you 20 interactive video lessons and 2 high-quality websites for completely free. Of course, I recommend their premium training and tools also and they are very cheap compared to the value.

All tools what you need for building a successful online business, you will get for less than $1 per day in WA.

Clickbank University at a Glance…

Name: Clickbank University (CBU)
Founded: 2004 by Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz
Price: $47/month + upsells $297/year & $97
Field: Make Money Online -Programs

Overall Rank: 75 Out of 100


Have you thought of buying Clickbank University?

Do you have already experience of other make money online products? Which one was your favorite?

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Is The Six Figure Mentors a Scam? – They Promise to Give You Freedom and the Life That You Have Always Dreamed of!

Is The Six Figure Mentors a Scam? That’s a typical question what people ask themselves when they see the bold claims by Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross. Their homepage looks modern, user-friendly and created by successful people. But will their system really give you all the freedom and money that they are talking about?

I will give you answer to all of your questions regarding Six Figure Mentors on this page. This review is based on my research of their program and on my experience of more than 200 make money online systems.

The Six Figure Mentors Review

is the six figure mentors a scamName: The Six Figure Mentors
Founded: In 2010 by Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross
Price: $25/month or $97/month + upsells up to $20,000
Field: Multi Level Marketing -Programs

Overall Ranking: 20 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is The Six Figure Mentors?

In 2010 here were two friends called Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross. They thought that they want to create a life of their dreams and earn good money online instead of working from 9 to 5 in an average job. I think that’s a new American dream.

People are dreaming of a lifestyle where they can earn passive income online and have a freedom to use the time how they want. I also quit my job to live that kind of lifestyle.

So, Jay and Stuart achieved their dream and now they have created a program that teaches how you can do it as well. They promise to provide simple step-by-step training that helps you to duplicate their process which is guaranteed to succeed.

Maybe you know the famous success coach Brian Tracy? He always teaches (among other success coaches) that if you do what other people do, you will eventually get the same results that they do. In many ways, this is completely true but there are some challenges when applying the principle to Six Figure Mentors. I will explain them further.

is the six figure mentors a scam

Founders of Six Figure Mentors Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

Six Figure Mentors Training and Modules

Six Figure Mentors training consists of modules where you will walk through several interesting steps of creating an online business. However, the most of their training concentrates on promoting Six Figure Mentors. There is nothing wrong that they teach you to promote their own program but if 90% of training only tells you the methods and tricks to promote Six Figure Mentors, I think something is wrong.

Elite Marketing Pro is another typical example of such make money online training that mostly concentrates on promoting their own product. I think you are interested in reading that article also because it’s one of the most read articles on my whole website. There are usually daily tens of people reading that one article alone.

Successful Internet marketer Jack Mao (earning +$7,000/month passive income online) went through Six Figure Mentors modules and wasn’t very satisfied for several reasons.

He said that the real benefit that he got from their training modules was very small. Jack said that there was lots of stuff that wasn’t really necessary. However, I found some of those subjects interesting. You are required to answer questions like:

1.How much money are you willing to spend on promoting Six Figure Mentors?
2.How does your dream life look like?
3.Who are the most influential people in your life?

Of course, these questions are pretty interesting but answering them doesn’t itself make you an Internet marketing guru.

is the six figure mentors a scam

Six Figure Mentors is selling a new American dream, also know as a laptop lifestyle

Do Six Figure Mentors Methods Work?

Jay and Stuart are supposed you to teach how to make money online with affiliate marketing. Do their methods work? What are they teaching?

Like many other programs including Zero Hour Work Days and Chris Farrell Membership, they are teaching a “classical” money-making method: Build an email list.

1.Create a landing page with an offer.

2.Drive visitors to your landing page.

3.Get an email address from your visitors.

4.Send product offers to your list by providing value.

This method is widely used and I now many people who have succeeded by using it. However, there are some critical questions will it work or not. How will you drive traffic to your landing page? How will you get their email address? How will you get sales from your list?

I prefer to create a website and drive traffic from search engines by creating valuable content. It works very well and it’s free. I know the success formula for that strategy and you can also learn it here.

With Six Figure Mentors method, you will be using tons of money on driving traffic and promoting their products.

Six Figure Mentors Price and Products

You probably saw in the beginning of this review that you can join their program for $25/month or $97/month. But that’s not all that you are supposed to pay after joining Six Figure Mentors. They have at least 10 upsells that are supposed to help you even more.

The most expensive upsell is Digital Experts Academy – Black which costs even $20,000. I know, I know, that price is crazy! They have also “cheaper” alternatives for $11,000, $2,500 and so on.

In my opinion, so expensive products are a clear scam sign. Usually all of the super expensive make money online products that I have seen are not even better than their cheap alternatives. Actually, my #1 recommended make money online training is completely free to join and their premium membership costs less than $1 per day.

Anyway, the focus of Six Figure Mentors is on promoting their expensive products. I can imagine that somebody who joined their program is highly motivated to sell them further to earn his money back and even more. Six Figure Mentors is an MLM-program where people who joined first are making big bucks while most of the members are just losing money.

You have probably heard a million times that I don’t usually recommend MLM-programs for several reasons. Most of them are ultimately profitable for the founders but for the members who join, the offers are not so lucrative.

You would like to know that in order to promote Six Figure Mentors you before needed to pay for their membership. If you quit paying the membership, you couldn’t promote it anymore. At least that has changed now and you are able to promote their program even without joining.

Pros & Cons


  • Pre-made affiliate links and sales pages
  • Good tracking statistics of your affiliates
  • 30-Day Free Trial


  • Ultimately expensive courses
  • You have to pay to become an affiliate. Nowadays you can promote their program even without paying
  • Their training concentrates almost only for promoting their own program
  • It seems like an affiliate marketing but actually, their program is an MLM
  • Tons of upsells
  • There are cheaper and more valuable alternatives available
  • Landing page method can be expensive

Conclusion – Is The Six Figure Mentors a Scam?

You can answer this question already yourself after reading my review. I don’t know if you call this kind of systems scams but at least it’s not a program that I would recommend myself.

If you are interested in making passive income online, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate step-by-step training. You can start their training for completely free and get 20 interactive video lessons as a gift for joining through my links.

Inside the Wealthy Affiliate you will get all resources for making a full-time income online:

  • Step-by-step training to online success
  • Help and support of successful Internet marketers (who are making +$10,000/month)
  • Free websites
  • Domain hosting
  • Keyword tool which will help you to get ranked higher on Google
  • My personal 1-on-1 support
  • And much more

Even though Wealthy Affiliate is completely free to join and to get started, I highly recommend their premium membership because it provides all these useful tools to make money online. In the other words, WA is “all-in-one” package for an online success.

=> Live the Life of Your Dreams. Learn to Make Money Online in Wealthy Affiliate!

Six Figure Mentors at a Glance…

Name: The Six Figure Mentors
Founded: In 2010 by Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross
Price: $25/month or $97/month + upsells up to $20,000
Field: Multi Level Marketing -Programs

Overall Ranking: 20 Out of 100


Have you ever tried Six Figure Mentors or any similar programs?

Have you already learned the formula of making money with affiliate marketing?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you are interested in learning to make money online with affiliate marketing, feel free to ask questions below. I am concentrating full-time on making money with affiliate marketing and I have tons of experience so I will be able for sure to help you as well.


Is MyPoints a Scam Or Can You Earn Hundreds of $$$$$ in Cash?

Today we will have a look at an opportunity where you could save hundreds of dollars. This service has been around already for more than 13 years and counting. So it should be reliable. But have you heard the recent complaints about it? Is MyPoints a Scam? Is it worth it? Give me 1-2 minutes to answer you thoroughly in this MyPoints Review.

MyPoints Review

is mypoints a scamName: MyPoints
Founded: 1996
Field: Cash Back and Reward Websites

Overall Rank: 10 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is MyPoints?

MyPoints is an online reward and a cash back website. It means that you can earn rewards (=gift cards) by completing small offers and tasks like answering surveys or watching videos. On their website, MyPoints claims that the company has been found already in 1996 which is quite incredible if it’s true. One other source said that MyPoints was founded in 2004. Anyway, we are talking about an old online service.

Having a business running on the Internet for +13 years is a big merit and there are not so many services who have done it. The Internet is still a relatively new creation and there are so many opportunities.

When I read the reviews of MyPoints and what people have liked their service, I found out that MyPoints used to be a legitimate service but nowadays they are scamming people. But what is the idea behind MyPoints? How does it work and how can you earn money with it? Let me explain.

How Does MyPoints Work?

There are simply two steps in MyPoints:

1.Earn points by completing offers
2.Get free gift cards or cash

Now there’s a question, how can you earn points and how many points you need to have before having a free gift card to Amazon, for example. This picture below explains more than a thousand words.

is mypoints a scam

Ways to earn points in MyPoints

You can earn points by shopping online, answering surveys, watching videos, printing and clipping coupons, referring a friend, reading emails (ads), searching the web and so on. There are more than 10 ways to earn points.

Sounds fun and easy? Well, the reality is a bit different.

How to Make Money/Gift Cards in MyPoints?

Let me explain how the points work. $1 equals to 150-170 points. So, in order to have a $10 gift card or cash, you need to earn 1,600 points. How fast could you earn it?

Watching videos sounds fun so let’s try it.

You will earn 1 point for watching 2 minutes roughly on average. So, in order to earn 1,600 points, you need to watch videos for 3200 minutes which equals to +53 hours. Imagine! You waste the whole week by watching videos to earn $10. No thanks for me. My week is much more valuable than $10. By the way, you couldn’t even buy enough food with that money.

=> Tired of Earning Pennies/Cents? Learn to Make a Full-Time Income Online!

Online surveys are not worth it either because the payout is so minimal. The only interesting way to benefit a little bit of MyPoints would be using their coupons or get cashback for shopping. But! There is one big challenge. Have you heard what people are talking about MyPoints nowadays?

MyPoints is like PrizeRebel, CashCrate or Swagbucks but only a worse version than those.

MyPoints Complaints

There are hundreds of complaints of MyPoints on the Internet. I am wondering how the company is there if they are scamming people like this. Have a look at these complaints

is mypoints a scam

Eileen was using MyPoints for 10 years but they didn’t pay to give all her points.


is mypoints a scam

Zara said that MyPoints was a better service before but nowadays they don’t send gift cards honestly

is mypoints a scam

Another frustrated user of MyPoints


What do you think after seeing those complaints of MyPoints? “Missing Points”, “Total Disaster” and “Waste of Time”. I think these words describe well what kind of service MyPoints is at the moment. It’s hard to find any positive reviews of their service at the moment.

The only positive reviews are from those who are promoting MyPoints with the hope of earning money from referrals.

Pros & Cons


  • You have a possibility to get cash backs, earn gift cards and cash


  • Hundreds of complaints found on the Internet about their service
  • They are not paying all points what they have promised
  • Earning potential is ultimately small anyway
  • The service used to be better than it’s nowadays

Conclusion – Is MyPoints a Scam?

When I read people’s experiences of MyPoints, I don’t have another possibility but to call this service a scam. They are just stealing people’s time which is the most valuable asset in life. You can always earn money back but you will never get your time back.

If you want to use your time effectively I recommend heading to Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to make a full-time income online. You can go to a college for 3-5 years get a loan and work for an average job for 40 years.

Or you can learn how to make money online and earn +$10,000/month in a few years. Which option do you like more?

I prefer making money online because the earning potential is literally limitless. In addition, you can earn money while you are sleeping or doing whatever you want. Yesterday I earned $50 while I was sleeping. Usually every night I earn some money online. That’s called passive income because I don’t need to earn actively anymore to earn it.

It’s nice to wake up and have a look what did I earn last night. Would you have the same kind of feeling?

Wealthy Affiliate offers 20 interactive video lessons that teach you to step by step the process of making money online. I thought before that it’s something difficult and it would be only for few but nowadays I know that there is actually a formula that is repeatable. Anyone can make a full-time income online.

=> Get Your Free Lessons and Learn to Earn a Full-Time Income Online!

MyPoints at a Glance…

Name: MyPoints
Founded: 1996
Field: Cash Back and Reward Websites

Overall Rank: 10 Out of 100


What do you think about reward sites?

Have you already learned a more profitable way to make a living online? Would you like to learn it from me?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

As usual, I promise to answer every single comment and question personally within 24 hours in the comments section.


How to Save 1000 a Month? And Even Much more. Check Out My Real-Life Tips and Experiences!

A recent study showed that 19% of Americans have nothing set aside to cover an unexpected emergency. 31% of Americans have less than $500 in savings. And then 49% of American are anxious about their financial well-being. It means that half of the people in the U.S. Are living from the paycheck to paycheck. That’s one important reason why I want to teach you How to Save 1000€ a Month.

NOTE: I am using euros on this article because I am living in Europe I am more familiar with them. 1000€ = $1128. So saving $1000 should be even much easier.

I am not going to tell how somebody could make it only in theory. I am saving 1000€ each and every month. In addition, my savings per month are getting rapidly much higher because my income from this and other websites is going up. But you don’t need to know anything about websites if you want to save 1000€/month.

Saving +1000€ a month is simple. Your income must be 1000€ higher than your earnings.

If your income is too low, you need to raise your income. If your expenses are too high, you need to lower your expenses. I know it’s easier said than done but now we have a clear goal in mind that makes it much easier to achieve.

How to Save 1000 a Month

Saving 1000€ a month is easier than you may think

Let’s start first by increasing your income.

How to Increase Your Income?

Do you know where getting your raise starts? From your mind. That’s why one of the most famous books in managing money with more than 15 millions sales worldwide is called Think and Grow Rich. It’s not called Work Hard and Grow Rich. Or Save Lots of Money and Grow Rich. No. It’s called THINK and Grow Rich.

Success coach Brian Tracy says that the highest paid job in America is thinking. What is the difference between a 40-year-old guy who earns $200,000/year and a guy who earns $20,000/year working in Walmart? The first one decided to think while the second one didn’t.

That was a “theory part”. You need to get your mindset right to save 1000€ a month. Jim Rohn teaches the important principle for earning money, “You get paid for the VALUE that you bring to the marketplace.” It means that the guy who brings more value earns more than the guy who doesn’t bring any value.

Now, let’s get into more practical things.

7 Practical Tips to Raise Your Income

1.Make more sales/better results

If you are a salesperson, bringing more value for your company means making more sales. If you are now making 30 sales per month you could raise your income by making 40 sales per month.

In many jobs you can measure your job like this. When you have raised your level, you can immediately go to your boss and ask for more money. If he doesn’t pay more, look for another job because somebody will for sure pay for a great employee.

2.Do affiliate marketing online

Affiliate marketing means that you promote other people’s products and earn income. You can do it through a blog, website, social medias, email, in real life by recommending products to your friends and so on.

There are no income limits with affiliate marketing. Some people make +$10,000/month online but there are also guys who make +$100,000/month with affiliate marketing.

If you want to learn more how you could make big bucks with affiliate marketing, have a look at this FREE step-by-step training.

3.Accomplish mini tasks to earn extra money

I don’t do this myself because the earning potential is much greater in affiliate marketing. Still, I know that many people worldwide are doing mini tasks like online surveys, watching videos, loading apps, etc. to earn some pocket money every month.

The best sites for doing this are probably Clixsense and PrizeRebel.

4.Start a blog/website

This is many times closely related to affiliate marketing. If you haven’t build a website before, here are my step-by-step instructions how you can do it 30 SECONDS.

With a blog you can earn income from ads, by selling your products, promoting other people’s products and much more. I have also written an article which explains how long does it take to make money with blogging LINKKI and how you can speed upt the process.

5.Invest in Stock Market

This is one of the easiest but still a profitable way to increase your income. Nowadays you can start even for 15€/month. Over the time course this will generate a good amount of extra income and probably one day you are able to retire because of your savings in stocks.

If you are living in Scandinavia, my recommendation is to invest through Nordnet Bank. I am using it myself and I have been greatly satisfied.

6.Buy an investment apartment

Robert Kiyosaki’s rich father taught him like this: You can either buy one big house for yourself and for your family or you can buy one apartment for your family and rent two apartments for other people.

1 big for yourself or 1 small for yourself + 2 investments that bring you the extra income. That’s the choice you should make. I can say from my own experience that buying an investment apartment is a very profitable and an easy choice.

7.Buy bitcoins (or another cryptocurrency)

 Have you ever heard of bitcoins? Have a look at my article where I explain what are bitcoins and how to make money with them. You can also go straight to my article where I explain how you can get a $10 bonus through my link immediately.

Which one of these 7 methods do you like the most? Do you find them useful?


All of those methods that I mentioned above work and I have been using all of them myself successfully. Even though some investing may take a little while to pay off, it will become a big income source in the long run. Paycheck will make you a living but a business or investing will make you a fortune.

Now let’s get to the second part which is usually even faster to execute. By raising your income, saving money is easier and become more comfortable but by cutting your expenses, you can quickly raise the amount that you have left every month for your investments.

7 Ways to Cut Your Expenses Easily

I will present some ultimately practical and profitable ways to cut your expenses. I am using this myself actively

1.Get rid of the car

Have you ever calculated how much money you are paying for your car every year?

  • The money that you paid for the car when buying it
  • Insurances
  • Gasoline
  • Car Taxes
  • Repairs
  • Road tolls

I recommend you to count all the expenses. I guess you will be surprised. But I recommend you to sit down before doing that because it may be so big amount of money that you pass out.

You may be wondering how you can get to different places without a car. That’s a good question and I have a good answer. I have never needed a car during my life even though I have never lived in a big city. Currently, I am living in a “city” of 20,000 people and the distance to my workplace is 20km.

Now I am using a train or carpooling to get there and it’s almost as easy as I would have my own car. I go to the gym or to the supermarket by walking and so on.

When I was in Finland and my distance to the workplace was only 11,5km I went it by bike.

2.Move to a Cheaper Apartment

I like living in a small apartment right now. It takes 5 minutes to clean the whole apartment because it’s so small. I don’t need to use my valuable time on cleaning as I would need to use in a big 100m2 house.

I looked for the cheapest apartment in town and moved here. By changing your place to live, you can save thousands of euros per year. If you move to a smaller apartment, the change may feel strange in the beginning but you will get used to it very quickly.

Your happiness doesn’t usually depend on how big is your house. In addition, I am much happier now in a smaller apartment than I would be in a big house.

3.Think what you are buying in the grocery store

I eat porridge/oatmeal every day at least one plate. Sometimes I eat it even 2-3 plates per day. 500kg of oatmeals cost 0,39€-0,55€ in Lidl. Basically, it’s almost free. If I would eat only oatmeals, my daily meals would cost probably less than 1 euro!

Okay, you don’t need to eat oatmeal every day to save money on groceries. But you can make a little bit of thinking what you are buying. Do you really need the most expensive meat? Could you save 100€ per month (=1,200€/year) by going to Lidl instead of Interspar or another grocery store? With little changes you can make a big difference over the time course.

Eating cheap doesn’t mean eating unhealthy. Many healthy foods are very cheap. Oatmeals, eggs, bananas and other fruits, cucumber, tomatoes and many other vegetables, cottage cheese, milk, rye bread and so on. You can actually have a delicious and a healthy meal for a cheap price.

What are you eating every day?

4.How often do you buy new clothes?

Have you ever seen pictures of Steve Jobs? He is always wearing the same-looking black turtleneck shirt and jeans. You can see him wearing this in the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s… If one of the most successful businessmen in this world was wearing the same clothes for 30 years, do you really need to buy so many different clothes?

How to Save 1000 a Month

Steve Jobs wore almost the same clothes for 3 decades. And became successful! 😉

Okay, you don’t need to be like Steve Jobs and wear the same clothes for 30 years but if you want to save some extra money, you can do it by not spending so much money on clothes. During the last 7 months, I have only bought a few socks so I have used less than $15 for clothes in total.

Imagine, that some people use $1,000 for clothes during 7 months.

How much do you spend on clothes?

5.Plan Your Trips Wisely

Even though you are saving +1000€ a month it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t travel. I know some people who are traveling all the time and saving thousands of dollars every month. There are also many ways to save money when you are planning your trip.

Many times you can save 20-30€ on a flight ticket by changing a date when you leave or come back from your trip.

Then you can also use cheaper ways to move from one place to another like Flixbus, BlaBlaCar and so on.

These tips can save hundreds (or thousands) of euros during a year if you are traveling a lot. But you can save even more if you choose your accommodation wisely

6.Airbnb & Couchsurfing

I don’t even remember when I would have paid myself for the hotel. In 2015 I spent one month in Paris and the accommodation cost 0€ even though I didn’t know anyone there before my trip. Actually, the whole one-month-trip in Paris (with one weekend in Brussels) cost less than 850€ including 240€ flight tickets. Even though people say that Paris is one of the most expensive cities on Earth.

Airbnb is a wonderful website and service where you can “rent” someone’s home or room for a few days, one week or even for a month. It’s ultimately flexible and much cheaper than a hotel. Most of the time it’s also much more comfortable than a hotel because you can choose in what kind place you wanna stay. You have also more space, more tools to cook and more freedom than in a hotel.

Couchsurfing is a website where you can find people who are willing to host travelers at their home (link in the beginning of this sentence takes you to the post where I explain more about Couchsurfing on my other website). Don’t get scared, they are just normal people like you and me. It’s a wonderful way to travel cheap and get to know local people at the same time.

I have used Couchsurfing many times when traveling around and my experiences are mostly very positive. When I visited Jakarta, almost 50 people offered their home for me. When I was in Paris, I met a French millionaire who took me to the French coast to meet his pilot friend and a restaurant owner. I seldom eat so delicious food like we ate there!

But of course, you need to be careful sometimes. You can always read references of the hosts from former visitors. They give a good picture what kind of person there is waiting. It’s also polite to bring a little gift to your host when you go there.

7.Do You Really Need All the Gadgets?

When we are kids, we ask our parents to buy us new toys. But when we grow older, our toys become more expensive. New iPhone, new car, new yacht and so on. Do we really need all these stuff? When I was moving from Finland to Austria 7 months ago, I realized that I only need a very little amount of stuff in my everyday life.

I spent my money according to Robert Kiyosaki’s famous book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. There he explains the difference between assets and liabilities.

Assets are things that bring money into your pocket, for example, a real estate or a stock investment. Liabilities take money from your pocket each month, for example, a car, a mortgage, new clothes and so on.

Spending money on your education can also be an asset because it brings something important value to your life. But buying useless stuff that we really don’t need is a liability. Instead of buying a big house for myself, I bought one and rented it and then rented a small one for myself.

Now I get my living “for free” because my asset (=my investment apartment) covers the money that my liability (=the apartment where I live) takes from my pocket.

I hope you understood the difference between assets and liabilities. It’s a highly important thing if you want to learn to manage money well. If you have any questions about it, I recommend leaving a comment below.

Conclusion – Your Decisions Matter

Many of these 14 tips may be relatively small decisions. But they will have a big impact on your life in the long run. Even a small 1% change in your life can create a huge difference if we go 10 years forward.

What do you think? Is saving 1000€ a month so challenging after all?

In my opinion, saving 1000€ is easy. I have just laid out the formula how you can do it yourself. Now somebody may ask me, “If it’s really so easy, why don’t everybody do it?” My answer is: I said that it’s easy to do. But on the other hand, it’s also easy not to do. That’s why some people don’t do it.

What is your decision? Are you going to make small positive changes in your life that can a huge impact in the long run?

Money and stuff don’t buy happiness. I am happy living in a small apartment because it’s very practical for me right now. I don’t need to eat out every day or even every week because I enjoy food what I can buy from the supermarket.

When you have saved some money, it gives you a freedom to travel, spend your time the way you want, give to charity, buy gifts for your loved ones, make an impact in the world and so on.


I would love to hear from you.

What did you like these practical tips? Do you find them useful?

Let me know in the comments below!


Is Vindale Research a Scam Or Legit? – Do They Pay $75 Per Offer and $14 Per Survey?

Is Vindale Research a Scam Or Legit opportunity to earn money from home? That’s a question you have probably asked yourself. I think it’s very important to think about that before you start spending any time on Vindale Research.

They have bold claims, “Earn $14 per survey!” “Earn $75 per offer!” “More than $5,9 million paid in cash for our members!” Sounds a bit suspicious.

In the next 2 minutes, I will reveal if this a scam or a very good opportunity to make money online. I will also show a more profitable way to earn a full-time income on the Internet.

Vindale Research Review

is vindale research a scamName: Vindale Research
Price: Free to Join
Field: Online Survey Sites

Overall Rank: 5 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Vindale Research?

Vindale Research is quite a typical survey site where you get paid a little money for giving your opinion about some products. Vindale offers a sign-up bonus of $2 and they claim on their homepage that more than $5,918,497 has already paid their members in cash.

Then they have ads which show that you could earn $14 per survey and even $75 for some offers. There must be some catch. And there is. I will tell it further. The reason that I wanted to make research on Vindale is that one of our writers was praising Vindale on his review about NiceQuest.

I have personally made a review of more than 60 survey sites and none of them is worth my time.

How to Make Money on Vindale Research?

is vindale research a scam

There are (in theory) 6 ways to make money on Vindale Research

Why do I say that “in theory” there are 6 ways? Because Vindale doesn’t usually pay you in practice. It just promises payments but the reality can be many times a bit different. I will explain you below with comments from their former members.

1.Paid Studies/Surveys

Answer surveys related to different products and companies. Many big companies are willing to pay some money for getting opinions and feedback from their customers.

Highest paying opportunities on Vindale Research are offers where you a buy a product and then write a review or fill out a survey regarding that product. You can earn something between $5-75. But they didn’t mention that you need to pay also for the product so your profit will be much, much smaller.

2.Referral Program

You can naturally earn money by inviting new people to join their program and doing the tasks. The referral program is included nowadays to almost every online company. The action that you recommend some other people’s products and earn commissions is actually called affiliate marketing.

3.Reward Mail

You will get sometimes emails from Vindale and from their partners. Then you can earn up to $0,10 by interacting with these emails.

4.Reward Codes

You can get discounts or cash back on products that you buy with Vindale reward codes. Notice that here you are not actually earning money but spending more money!

5.Your Photos

You can earn up to $5 by submitting a photo of you and your payment. Vindale wants to pay for this because then they can show to other people that their service really works. Another reason is that most likely you have used tons of hours of their services if you have received the payment.

6.Vindale Videos

You can earn up to $0,25 by watching their short videos. This can be an easier way to earn money than filling out surveys but it’s still very slow.

How Much Money Can I Make on Vindale Research?

On their website, you can find their advertisements (see below) that declare, “Highest paying surveys in the industry.” Then they have pictures of surveys where you could earn $14.00 in approximately 12 minutes. It would mean that your hourly salary would be more than $60/hour. Even a 7-year old schoolgirl understand that they are lying.

is vindale research a scam

Is it really possible to earn $14 with an online survey?

The catch is that in order to complete that $14.00 offer you need to buy a product that costs almost $14. Let’s say that you pay $13 for the product.


First, you use some time ordering the product. Then you wait that it comes. Then you use the product a little bit. And finally, you can write complete the survey. All of this takes much more than an hour and you earn $1. What do you think?

Any survey sites that claims that you could earn $14 per survey must be a scam. Do you remember for example Part Survey?

There is also another catch. Let’s have a look at the complaints of Vindale Research.

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Vindale Research Complaints

The average rating of Vindale Research on is 1,5 out of 5 starts and there are already 93 votes. It means that almost all have given only 1 star out of 5 for Vindale. It sounds pretty bad, huh?

Let’s have a look at a few examples.

This review was written around 10 days ago = 25.5.2017.

is vindale research a scam

Imagine spending 30 minutes on a survey with a hope of getting paid but then you are disqualified!

Kayllin had spent 30 minutes answering a survey and then they said that you were disqualified and didn’t earn anything. Was this the unique review like this or did other people also had similar experiences? Let’s take a look what Laura says.

is vindale research a scam

There are tons of complaints from people who never got qualified for surveys on Vindale

Laura had a totally similar experience like Kayllin. She has spent countless hours submitting information and giving opinions but she didn’t earn a dime. In other words, Vindale Research was just scamming her.


There are tens (if not hundreds) of similar reviews on the Internet. It seems that Vindale Research is just a scam website that fools people. Vindale promises that they would pay but then they just say that you are not qualified. After all, they have your opinions for free even though you were supposed to get paid for it.

I don’t know if they have really paid almost $6 million for their members but I must doubt it. There wouldn’t be so many negative reviews if they would really pay their members honestly.

Pros & Cons



  • Available in 4 countries: U.S., UK, Australia and Canada.
  • Minimum cashout limit is very high $50
  • Bad support: Doesn’t respond to tickets and complaints
  • Hundreds of negative reviews on the Internet
  • You need to spend hours answering surveys and you may end up with 0 earnings like Laura
  • The income potential is much smaller than in affiliate marketing where you can earn +$10,000/month
  • By answering surveys you are not able to earn passive income

Conclusion – Is Vindale Research a Scam Or Legit?

Vindale Research seems to be a scam. They are promising something that they don’t deliver. It’s an important scam sign and I want to stay far away from such services.

If you are still interested in making money online, I have good news for you: IT IS POSSIBLE and there are honest services where you can learn to do it. I am making more and more money each month through Wealthy Affiliate.

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Even though people didn’t have any prior knowledge before WA, nowadays many of them have been able to quit their 9 to 5 job because they are making a full-time income online. Usually every week I meet a new person who is making a full-time income on the Internet with the skills that you can learn with their training.

IT COSTS NOTHING to get started. $0, €0, £0, nada. You will get 20 interactive video lessons and 2 high-quality websites as a gift for joining. That is cool!

If you have any questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and I will help you out.

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Vindale Research at a Glance…

Name: Vindale Research
Price: Free to Join
Field: Online Survey Sites

Overall Rank: 5 Out of 100


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Have you already learned a better way to make money online like I do?

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