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Is Mobile Monopoly 2 a Scam or Legit?

Mobile Monopoly 2 Review – Is Mobile Monopoly 2 a Scam or Legit?

Name: Mobile Monopoly 2.0Is Mobile Monopoly 2 a scam
Website URL:
Price: $47 + a lot of upsells
Owner: Adam Horwitz
Overall Rank: 15 out of 100

Mobile Monopoly Overview

Adam Horwitz, the young entrepreneur, has made a course where he teaches mobile marketing.

Almost all of the people have a phone and most of us are using it daily so it’s definitely a wise idea to enlarge the marketing to the phone users.

Adam’s training gives a lot of theoretical principles which are great. On the other hand, he doesn’t provide practical step-by-step instructions on how to put his teachings into actions.

Who is Mobile Monopoly 2 Made For?

This product is made for the people who already have some experience of online marketing. Horwitz claimed something like, “This is an easy way to make money also for the total beginners.

Horwitz claimed something like, “This is an easy way to make money also for the total beginners.” Many reviews said totally the different story. His teachings are not easy for the beginners.

The technique that he is showing is paid to market. If you don’t have any former experience of paid marketing you can easily end up lose lots of money instead of earning it.

Adam Horwitz

The Creator of Mobile Monopoly 2, Adam Horwitz

About the Creator

The creator of Mobile Monopoly courses is Adam Horwitz. He is a young entrepreneur gained some fame already at the age of 18.

According to his videos, he has been invited to the white house among the top 100 young entrepreneurs in the United States.

Okay, that sounds good. But…

As I have read about his different kind of products from the Internet some very reliable Internet marketers are claiming that some of Horwitz’ products were just scams.

Even if Horwitz has offered some valuable products, he has also scammed people which are are not a good sign in my opinion. (Read 5 tips how to avoid scams.)

Mobile Monopoly 2 Complaints

There are many complaints on the Internet about this product. Here are listed some of them:

  • Experience is required in the course -> not for beginners
  • False promises. In a style, “Make tons of money easily through mobile marketing!!”
  • A lot of upsells
  • Requires a big budget for paid traffic
  • “Proven” campaigns by Horwitz don’t work as well as they should
  • Support is weak

Experiences from the Reliable Internet Marketer

One successful online entrepreneur, Steve Rasinski,  wrote about his experiences with Mobile Monopoly 1 in 2010. He was excited about the hype and the promises that Horwitz gave but eventually the promises were not so reliable.

Mobile marketing wasn’t so easy and “fast way to riches” as Horwitz was claiming. Razinski didn’t recommend to try Mobile Monopoly 1. He spent $77 but didn’t get a real training that he was looking for.

The income he made with Mobile Monopoly two: $0.

Even though he followed Adam’s training well…

The reality is that there is no push button to riches in the online world. Find out what is the real “secret” to making money online.

Mobile Monopoly 2 Price

The original price of this product that you see on their front page is $47.

But when you are about to leave the page without buying the product you will see the following text (see the image below).

This text appears when you are about to leave the page

This text appears when you are about to leave the page

So, Adam wants to give you $40 “discount and if you click cancel you can really see that the price is now only $7.

is mobile monopoly 2 a scam or legit

Once you have bought the first product you will have a lot of upsells. According to the review made by Horwitz tries to sell you right away another “full access” for $147.

That first upsell is not all that there will be as I have heard. There are a lot of upsells because (let’s say it straight) Horwitz wants to make a lot of money when you buy his products.

My Final Opinion of Mobile Monopoly 2

After reading many reviews from different authority sites I didn’t want to buy this product. It seems that it would be most likely the waste of money.

I give to the same recommendation, don’t waste your money on this product. Be careful with this Adam Horwitz because it seems that all the stuff that he is doing isn’t very reliable.

You may learn something from his teachings as he definitely has a lot of marketing skills. Just be very careful because his actions don’t seem to be very honest.

Usually, this kind of guys who have big promises of easy money are scammers.

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Mobile Monopoly 2 at a Glance…

Name: Mobile Monopoly 2.0
Website URL:
Price: $47 + a lot of upsells
Owner: Adam Horwitz
Overall Rank: 15 out of 100
VERDICT: NOT LEGIT -> Not recommended

I hope you find this review useful. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below!

Have you used Adam Horwitz’ products?

Do you have experience of mobile marketing? What products do you recommend?


Is Lotto Guy Lottery System a Scam or Legit?

Today we are going to take a closer look to one of the most famous lotto systems. They have very big promises but you can find many complaints all around the Internet. Is Lotto Guy Lottery System a Scam or Legit? Read our review to find out.

Lotto Guy Lottery System Review

Name: Lotto Guy Lottery SystemLotto guy review
Price: $19,95
Owners: Unknown
Overall Rank: 5 out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation)

Lotto Guy Lottery System Overview

Lotto Guy Lottery System is created for the people who want to earn money by playing lotto. They claim to have a university-proven system that will make your money if you just follow what they say.

They also promise you 30% bigger changes of winning. Sounds pretty good, huh?

Well, the reality is a bit different. Your changes will not be any bigger with this system but you will end up wasting your money and time. You can check out a quick video where I explain a few quick reasons why nobody should buy Lotto Guy Lottery System. (I am not an English native speaker but you can for sure get the important message.)

Who is Lotto Guy Lottery System For?

Do you play the lotteries?
Do you want to win more often?
Do you want to increase your changes to win the jackpot?”

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, this system is designed for you. At least that is what the founders say.

But actually, this system is for people who don’t recognize it’s a scam and give their money to these Lotto scammers.

Lotto systems, in general, are made for people who are looking for a quick answer to their financial problems. But all those lotto systems that I have seen are scams. They are just giving huge promises without providing a system that would work.

==>Don’t Waste Your Money on Lotto Systems.

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Lotto Guy Lottery System “Training”

Lotto guy lottery system

As they mention above, they know that most of the lottery systems are not working. That’s why they want to give a system that works.

In reality, they provide you a 1-page system that tries to teach you how to pick the right number to win more in the lotto. Lotto Guy sales page uses convincing terms like “certain patterns,” “odds/evens,” “high/lows.” That tries to make it look a little bit better than the system is.

The funniest part is that they call their “University Developed Tested And Proven.” They say that the program is designed in the famous university. It would be very nice to see the proof of that.

My guess is that they are talking about their “imagery university.”

Is lotto guy lottery system a scam or legit

Was Voted 1st… Where? Do They Have Any Proof Or Links?

Lotto guy is making huge promises and claims all over his website. But the cold truth is that he doesn’t provide any kind of facts or proof for those big promises. My sincere advice is that don’t believe what scam artists like Lotto guy are saying. It will save tons of your money. Instead, learn how you can make honest money online.

Lotto Guy Lottery System Pricing

Their product costs $19,95 which seems to be cheap but if we think about their system… $19,95 is quite a lot for nothing.

If they really would have a system that produces guaranteed money by playing lotto $19,95 would be a reasonable price, but we are still waiting for such a system to come. Most probably it will never come.

It seems that in some States Lotto Guy Lottery System is already banned because they can’t receive payments anymore (Thank God!). But if somebody wastes $20 on some scam like in this system, there is no one to blame for. Always make your research first before buying, especially if the salesman is giving you big promises.

If you would be thinking, “Well, it’s only $20. Why wouldn’t I give it a try?” Please, don’t waste your money on a scam. I can say that you would be giving your money to a scam artist.

Watch out for Cheaters!

I found some websites that claimed that Lotto Guy Lottery System would work. They didn’t seem very reliable and were probably made by the owners or affiliates of this program.

These websites talk about the system in a positive way only because they want to get more customers and take your money. Don’t trust them!

It’s quite typical to find such websites with the online scams. Founders or their friends have made some websites where they claim the program be legit. Then they have several testimonials how the program is working in practice. It makes the program seem more appealing but doesn’t make it better at all.

It’s not acceptable to promote scam programs. I believe in honest business by providing the great value for our visitors. All products that I recommend on are helpful and beneficial for making money online. I couldn’t promote something worthless because I want to have a clean conscience.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to see that it’s the scam


  • No real value
  • False promises
  • Claims to be “University-proven” but doesn’t show any proofs
  • A lot of hype
  • No proof that it would work

My Final Opinion of Lotto Guy Lottery System

In short, stay far away from this scam.

Lotto Guy Lottery System is not university proven and it will not make you rich. It can maybe make the owners of the program rich if many people keep on falling for the scam. But don’t give your money to them.

If you are interested in making money on the Internet, I recommend having a look at Wealthy Affiliate. They have a step by step training that teaches you how you can create a real online business. They have a proven system that works unlike in Lotto Guy Lottery System which is a scam.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you clear steps to follow. I will give you 10 interactive video lessons, 2 websites and my 1-on-1 mentoring for FREE. You don’t need to believe a word that I say because you can try Wealthy Affiliate without any risks.

I have friends who are making +$10,000/month through their training and I am making myself more and more money each month. I have still a long way to $10,000/month income but I know that I will make it because of the skills that I have learned in WA.

Lotto Guy Lottery System at a Glance…

Name: Lotto Guy Lottery System
Price: $19,95
Owners: Unknown
Overall Rank: 5 out of 100

VERDICT: Scam. Not Recommended.

I hope you find this review useful and you can save your money from this scam product.

Do you have personal experience with Lotto Guy Lottery System or some other lotto programs?

Let Me Know in the Comments Below! 🙂


Is Project Payday a Scam or Legit?

Project Payday Review – Is Project Payday a Scam or Legit?

Name: Project Payday
Price: $4,95 for 7-day trial , after that $49,95/month
Owners: Jeff Walker
Overall Rank: 10 out of 100

Project Payday

Project Payday Introduction

Jeff Walker is a guy who is earning $100,000’s every single month from the Internet and he wants to reveal his secrets how he is doing that. Or at least that’s what he is saying himself.

Mr. Walker is talking true when he explains that earning real money from the Internet requires building a business. He says that “Click, click, click and earn $10,000/month” – strategy is false. He promises to teach you a real business that can generate a big income from the comfort of your own home.

He warns you about the online scams saying that they promise quick riches without any good business.

But is Walker’s own business, Project Payday, another scam program? Let’s find out!

(At least he wants to arouse our attention by showing the pictures of his paychecks. See the image below)

Project Payday

More than $8,000,000.00 Gross Revenue. True or Not?

How Does Project Payday Work?

You have two options to earn money in Project Payday:

1.Fill out Cost Per Action (CPA) offers
2.Refer other people to join Project Payday

Project Payday has so-called CPA (Cost Per Action) products. Different advertisers will send you their forms and information and you need to do a the certain action to earn money from them. For example, watch their video or receive their sample products.

They will send you different offers and you can choose which one you want to accomplish.

As you keep on filling their forms many times you need to put your credit card information also. You need to do that in order to earn money from them.

Let’s imagine that you fill out 5 offers and you put your credit card information 5 times. Then you the same also the next day. Is it fun to leave your credit card details everywhere? That is what you need to do in Project Payday.

After completing two offers you can join their referral program.

In their referral program, you refer other people to join their program and you will earn commissions when someone joins and pays the membership fees.

But honestly, I wouldn’t like to refer people to join this program. They don’t provide really significant value for the members. Just some “try to make money easily” -tricks that don’t even work well.

Pros & Cons


  • You may earn some money
  • You will get the opportunity to try various products


  • No free trial
  • No good training
  • “Smelly” business model
  • You need to put your credit card details in so many places
  • Some companies may share your information with third parties
  • It’s sometimes difficult to return the samples from the advertisers. When you don’t manage to return the sample, they think that you have bought it and charge you the money.
  • You will get a lot of emails, junk mails, and even phone calls.


Is There Any Training in Project Payday?

They have some kind of training…


The little training mainly teaches you how to earn money by filling out the forms and how to get the other people join to their program.

I believe that the main reason that there are some people who talk in a positive way about their program is mainly because they want to earn money by referring people to join Project Payday.

Project Payday Pricing

Project Payday 7 day trial

7-day trial costs $4,95 in Project Payday

Like in the many other “MakeMoneyOnline” -products, Project Payday doesn’t provide a free trial. 7-day trial costs $4,95 which is quite typical for many programs.

I personally prefer products that offer a free trial like Wealthy Affiliate. Because you never know about these “Project Paydays if they are real scams and after you give your bucks you don’t receive anything in return. Even though $4,95 is not a big money, imagine giving it many times for different scammers. I guess that you would have better use for your time and money?

After their 7-day trial, the membership costs $49,95/month as you can see in the image above.

Who is Project Payday for?

In my honest opinion, Project Payday works well for the companies who are providing their samples if you join their program.

They will send you their advertisements so it will totally be beneficial for them.

But I don’t recommend to join the program. It’s not for the people who want to earn money online with the good business model.

My Final Opinion of Project Payday

Is Project Payday a scam? In my opinion, yes.

You may earn some money with Project Payday but very probably nothing very significant.

Project Payday doesn’t teach you great business models even though they promise so.

If you are really interested in earning money online I recommend learning how to do it in Wealthy Affiliate. They will provide you a comprehensive training how to create your own online business and start earning passive income from the Internet.

==> Put your credit card away. Start a free trial in Wealthy Affiliate!

Project Payday at a Glance…

Name: Project Payday
Price: $4,95 for 7-day trial , after that $49,95/month
Owners: Jeff Walker
Overall Rank: 10 out of 100

VERDICT: SCAM. Not Recommended.

I hope you find this review useful and you can save your money from this scam product.

Do you have personal experience with Project Payday or some similar programs?


Is Bring the Fresh a Scam? – 2017 Review

Bring the Fresh Review – Is Bring the Fresh a Scam?

Name: Bring the FreshBring the fresh


Price: ~$60 to start (+ upsells)

Owners: Kelly Felix

Overall Rank: 75 out of 100




I found the program called Bring the Fresh and I head to their website. The page seems appealing with all of the fancy colors.

Then I click to watch the introduction video which shows more or less the same message as most of the make-money-online programs, “Are you tired of bad programs? Our program is the best!” Typical story.

I scroll down the page and see a lot of testimonials (see the example below)

Is Bring the Fresh a Scam

Sounds interesting…

Although I was quite skeptical about those numbers, the testimonials arouse my curiosity.

I see the button, “Let me join – RISK-FREE.” That sounds nice! I think that probably I can have a free trial account and try this program for a while.

WHAM! The next page opens where I’m asked to pay 55€ (=$62) in order to get in. I don’t feel like putting my money on the program that I don’t know.

The first impression with Bring the Fresh program wasn’t very nice. No trial account. Pay 55€ to try the program.

I decide to keep my money at least for a while and some thorough research about the program.

Today I will share my findings:

Pros & Cons


  • Step-by-step training
  • Owners update the training and the service to keep it up-to-date
  • Easy to start
  • The founder has a long experience of online marketing
  • 60-days money back guarantee


  • No free trial. Costs 55€/$60 to start
  • A lot of “hype” and enormous promises
  • Gives the false impression that earning money online happens in a few weeks without a great effort
  • Upsells
Is Bring the Fresh a Scam

60-days money back guarantee

What Bring The Fresh Provides and Who Is It For?

Bring the Fresh is an affiliate marketing training course. The subject of the training is more or less the same as in Niche Blitzkrieg, Affilorama, and Wealthy Affiliate (my #1 recommendation).

So the training covers

  • How to find the good niche
  • How to create a website
  • How to generate traffic
  • How to get ranked in the search engines
  • How to monetize your website
  • And other important topics related to affiliate marketing

BTF provides a comprehensive video training. There are many successful people who have started earning money online after their course. The teaching style in BTF is entertaining and educative at the same time. It uses fancy colors and relevant examples which makes studying easier.

The training is designed for the beginners so you can start it even if you don’t previous experience from affiliate marketing.

BTF Community and Support

Bring the Fresh is a community-based program which makes it better and easier to learn. You can talk with the people who have already succeeded in the online business and learn from them.

You can ask questions in the forum and someone will always answer. The community consists of +20,000 people (although probably some of them have already quit).

The great thing in the support is that you can contact the owners directly. This feature is certainly valuable because not in every program the founders are active.

Bring the Fresh Review

The message from the founder.

The founder Kelly Felix has a long experience of online marketing which is definitely a good thing. You don’t only need to trust in his words because you can find the on the Internet. So at least the founder seems quite reliable.

Anyway, he is a “hard-boiled” businessman who also wants to get profit from his customers.

BTF Price

The pricing in Bring the Fresh is quite shady. Right away when you want to register, you need to pay about $60.

They don’t explain will there be any upsells or not.

But I made a little research and many people who had more experience with BTF said that there are so many upsells!

I don’t like that fact because they don’t say it right from the start. For example in Wealthy Affiliate, there are only fixed prices that you know right from the start. No shady upsells like in BTF.

My Final Opinion of Bring the Fresh

In their front page, they market Bring the Fresh with the following phrase, “There are only TWO kinds of people who come to this website. People who make MONEY AND people who make EXCUSES.” (See the image below)

Bring the fresh Review

The description could be somehow through because many people are making excuses like, “I don’t have skills to earn money online.” “I’m too old (or too young).” and so on.

I know by experience that anyone can learn to earn money online. But Bring the Fresh is not the best resource for that. Their training can teach you several things but still there are better products out there with the better training and with the better price/quality rate.

If you are interested in earning money online I certainly prefer to start from Wealthy Affiliate rather than Bring the Fresh.


Bring the Fresh is definitely not a scam. It is a program worth trying and you can definitely benefit from their training. But I need to admit it’s not the best program out there.

-> Start learning and earning today in Wealthy Affiliate(Better training and service than BTF.)

Bring the Fresh at a Glance…

Name: Bring the Fresh
Price: ~$60 to start + upsells
Owners: Kelly Felix
Overall Rank: 75 out of 100


I hope you find this review useful. If you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to leave them below! 🙂

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