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Is Affiliate Titan a Scam? – No, It’s Not. Read How It Can Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Business!

A big part of success is just plain hard work. You know what you should do to succeed but then it takes the time to execute it. You can learn on in a day how to make money online but taking all the things into action takes time. Affiliate Titan promises to help and speed up your process. Is Affiliate Titan a scam or legitimate opportunity to boost your affiliate income? Let’s find out.

Affiliate Titan Review

is affiliate titan a scamName: Affiliate Titan
Founder: Chris & Ken
Price: $7-11 + upsells
Field: Affiliate Marketing -Programs

Overall Rank: 73 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Affiliate Titan?

Affiliate Titan is a resource of tools and training to make more money as an affiliate marketer. When you buy their cheap product, you will get 6 products instead of one.

The names are: Launch Pulse, CB 100, King of the Zoo, 1 Click Affiliate and then they offer some eBooks.

is affiliate titan a scam

Affiliate Titan Products

The idea of Affiliate Titan is not to teach you affiliate marketing from 0 to 100. I saw that many reviews were criticizing that it doesn’t teach you everything you need to know about making money as an affiliate marketer. But why it should be? It’s a product that costs only the same amount as a pizza so how could it teach you everything?

The idea of these tools is to make it faster and easier for you to find profitable products to promote. It’s better if you have already some experience to get the maximum potential out of this system.

Let’s have a closer look what it provides.

Launch Pulse

This software will show you new products that will be launched soon in  JVZoo, ClickBank, and Warrior+. Those are networks of thousands of different affiliate products. Most of the products are related to making money online and Internet marketing.

When you see that an interesting product will be launched soon, you can sign up to their affiliate program and get ready to promote when it’s already live. Then you are the first one who writes a review of it and gets ranked on Google when there is no competition yet.

I have seen websites that are entirely based on promoting new launches from JVZoo or Warrior+. They write 3-4 reviews every day and give a ranking 90-95 out 0f 100 to all products so visitors would buy all of their products. That’s pretty dishonest action and there isn’t a blessing in such things.

Anyway, Launch Pulse can be a useful tool to help you to find new launches and make a profit when new products are coming out.

is affiliate titan a scam

Launch Pulse

CB 100

This software helps you to quickly compare different products on ClickBank based on these criteria:

  • Affiliate Rating
  • Product name
  • Niche
  • Price
  • Description

I don’t know if you have also found it a bit challenging to find products easily on ClickBank. But I need to admit that it’s not always so fast. What do you think?

That’s why CB 100 can be a useful and a time-saving tool for you as an affiliate marketer.

King of the Zoo

This tool is somehow similar to CB100. It finds affiliate products that you could promote to make more money online. The main difference is that this tool searches products on JvZoo instead of ClickBank.

Here are the criteria that you can filter your searches:

  • Sold – How many times this product has been sold
  • Growth – Shows is the product popular or not
  • Score – This is an internal factor of King of the Zoo that helps you to analyze how successful the product is
  • Price – Product price
  • Conversion % – This shows the percentage of the conversions on the sales page
  • EPC’s – Earnings Per Click.

All this information will make your life easier to find products that you could promote successfully.

1 Click Affiliate

This tool is supposed to create you high-converting landing pages with only “one click”. You just need to write what is your product, how it will help your visitors and so on. Then you click “execute” and you have a landing page.

In reality, I think that these generic pages are not so effective. Even though it would take a bit more time to create a landing page, it’s worth the investment.

Anyway, 1 Click Affiliate can give you some creative ideas how you can build your landing pages and what kind of words and phrases you could use there.

eBooks and Training Videos

The videos in the members’ area walk you through how you can use each of those tools that I listed above.

Then there are also three short eBooks about YouTube SEO, Google SEO, and Email Marketing. The books are not very long and comprehensive but they go straight to the point by presenting the main ideas on how to succeed.

Pros & Cons


  • Offers tools that can save your time when you are making money as an affiliate marketer (Save time => Make Passive income)
  • The front end product is very cheap
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Gives ideas how to create your landing pages


Conclusion – Is Affiliate Titan a Scam?

Affiliate Titan clearly is not a scam. Naturally, it will not probably make you a millionaire if you are a total beginner with affiliate marketing. But for sure it can help you to make more money faster if you already have some experience and you have learned the basic mechanisms.

If you are looking for a training and community that could help you to make money online, in general, I recommend heading to Wealthy Affiliate. You can start the training for completely free without any prior knowledge or experience.

The training will walk you through each step you need to take in order to create a successful online business. In addition, there is a live webinar every week with a professional Internet marketer Jay Neill who teaches you different kind of strategies to build your business. In Wealthy Affiliate you will learn:

  • How to create websites
  • How to create content to your websites
  • How to get traffic to your websites from search engines, Facebook and so on
  • How to monetize your websites
  • How to build and monetize an email list
  • And much much more

Inside the community, you will also have an opportunity to connect with very successful online entrepreneurs who are making much more than +$10,000/month online. You can ask personal tips and help how you could make more money with your websites for example.

=> Learn to Make Money Online on Wealthy Affiliate!

Affiliate Titan at a Glance…

Name: Affiliate Titan
Founder: Chris & Ken
Price: $7-11 + upsells
Field: Affiliate Marketing -Programs

Overall Rank: 73 Out of 100


What do you think of Affiliate Titan? How do you find products to promote as an affiliate marketer?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

I love to hear ideas from other people who are making money online. That’s why I promise to respond all your comments personally within 24 hours.


Is Zero Hour Work Days a Scam? – Learn How Brendan Makes $9,259.74 per month by Working Only 15 Minutes a Day!

 Brendan Mace earned $9,259.74 per month by working only 15-20 minutes a day. Is Zero Hour Work Days a Scam? Can you really trust Brendan and his products? What is he doing to earn so well? You will find an answer to these and all the other questions in the next 1-2 minutes by reading our honest review.

Zero Hour Work Days Review

is zero hour work days a scamName: Zero Hour Work Days (ZHWD)
Founder: Brendan Mace
Price: $8,67 + upsells
Field: Make Money Online -Programs

Overall Rank: 81 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Zero Hour Work Days?

Zero Hour Work Days is a program that teaches how you can make big money online and achieve a freedom/laptop lifestyle that Brendan Mace (founder of this program) is living right now. He is traveling around the world while is earning around $10,000/month online. According to his own words, it takes only 15-20 minutes per day to maintain that income level.

I believe that Brendan is talking true. Maybe, it takes a bit more than 15 minutes per day but I know that if you have established an online business, it’s possible to run it on autopilot without dropping your income level. But there is a part that Brendan doesn’t mention. I am 100% sure that building such $10,000/month online business took much more than 15 minutes/day.

But after you have worked your butt off, I know it’s possible to make even +$100,000/month passive income like Pat Flynn is making, for example.

I know that many people are a bit suspicious when we are talking about such a big income but nowadays thousands of people are earning such money online. The Internet has opened us so interesting possibilities that never has been here before. Let’s take a closer look how Brendan is doing it and what kind of methods he is teaching in his online course.

is zero hour work days a scam

A lifestyle of Brendan Mace


Zero Hour Work Days Training

is zero hour work days a scam

Zero hour Work Days consists of 8 different modules

Zero Hour Work Days has 8 different modules that will each cover an individual subject. What is the main strategy that Brendan is teaching?

Maybe you remember another product from Brendan called Five Figure Freedom? In that course, Brendan teaches how you can create an email list and make money by promoting a different kind of products to people on your list.

Have you heard the old wisdom about Internet marketing: “The money is in the list.”

Famous online entrepreneur Chris Farrell always says that he can teach you how to succeed online in 3 short words, “Build a list.”  That is the strategy that Brendan Mace and many other successful Internet marketers are also teaching.

Of course, the most challenging part is probably to get people to join your email list but Brendan will also give you many tips on how you can do it. He is making big money online, he has lots of experience of building email lists, he has 40k subscribers on Youtube… So, we can honestly say that we have a guy who knows what he is talking about.


What Is the Price of Zero Hour Work Days?

Zero Hour Work Days is a very cheap product. It only costs $8,67 Brendan says that you only need to skip one lunch in order to get this product that can potentially transform your whole life. The product itself will not transform anything but if you put everything you have learned into action, it can change your life.

Notice that this product has a full 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked. So if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, you will get your money back.


Like in many other online products, also Zero Hour Work Days has upsells. The strategy is to give the front end product for a cheap price. When a buyer is already in a buying mode, then it’s easier to sell more expensive products. That’s what Brendan uses also. Sometimes I have criticized this strategy a lot but people use it because it works.

Upsell 1: High-converting and ready-built emails 

If you have an email list and you want to make money, you need to send emails. Writing those emails can take lots of time and effort. It can also be challenging to find out what converts better and makes more sales.

That’s why Brendan sells 40 high-converting emails that he also used himself to make big money from his list. By buying his ready-built emails, you can save a lot of time but still make a big profit. The price of this upsell is $37 but if you turn the first offer down, you will get it for $17.

Upsell 2: Pre-built landing pages

Landing pages (a web page that usually sells something) can help you to make good money. If you design it well, you will earn better than with normal blog posts. For example, everyone who visited Zero Hour Work Days homepage used more than $1,6 on average. That’s pretty good.

In the other words, for every single visitor that Brendan gets to his page, he earns +$1,6. Then 1,000 visitors means $1,600 and 10,000 visitors mean $16,000. That’s how simple making money online can be.

UPDATE: those numbers have changed over the time course but the point is still the same!

With this product, you will have an access to landing page templates that convert on a high percentage. Visitors on your pages become buyers. The initial price of this upsell is $67 but again, by turning down the first offer, you will get it for a cheaper price.

Upsell 3: 1-on-1 coaching by Brendan

The last upsell is an opportunity to have a private coaching with Brendan. You will have an opportunity to get personal training from this successful online entrepreneur. However, the price is quite high, $897. I would recommend you rather go to Wealthy Affiliate for free and get my 1-on-1 coaching. I will give tips on anything you need.

Pros & Cons


  • Front end products is very cheap
  • 30-day money back guarantee (only around 2% of people have needed to take their money back because 98% of people were satisfied with this product)
  • Brendan is a successful Internet marketer himself and he knows what he is talking about
  • The program teaches practical methods what Brendan uses himself to make $10,000/month online.


  • Everybody doesn’t like upselling strategy

Conclusion – Is Zero Hour Work Days a Scam?

No, it’s not a scam. As I clearly said above, Brendan is a very successful Internet marketer and he knows what he is talking about. You can also watch proof on his Youtube channel for free where he has 40k subscribers and lots of helpful videos about making money online.

Anyway, Wealthy Affiliate is still my #1 recommendation for making money online for many reasons. Their training is much more comprehensive, you will get the full support from the community, the membership includes domain hosting, you can get comments to your website and so on.

One of the best things in WA is that you can get started for 100% free. Have you already used it? Are you already making money online?

Zero Hour Work Days at a Glance…

Name: Zero Hour Work Days (ZHWD)
Founder: Brendan Mace
Price: $8,67 + upsells
Field: Make Money Online -Programs

Overall Rank: 81 Out of 100


Have you ever bought make money online products? Which one? What did you like?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

As always, I promise to reply personally to every single comment withing 24 hours. Let’s be in touch.


Is Total Funnel System a Scam Or Will You Earn Easily $1,267 Per Day?

When I scroll the Internet, I see every day popping up new systems promising +$1,000/day almost without any work. I have reviewed around 200 different make money online programs on and totally we are going to have a look at another one.

This program promises that you will earn +$1,200/day as an autopilot. Meaning that you will earn more than a thousand dollars every day without doing anything. Is Total Funnel System a Scam? Let’s find out!

Total Funnel System Review

Name: Total Funnel System
Founders: Jon Mroz
Price: Free
Field: Make Money Online -Programs

Overall Rank: 40 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

is total funnel system a scam

Jon Mroz, the founder of Total Funnel System

What Is Total Funnel System?

Total Funnel System promises to teach how you can make +$1,200/day online on autopilot. It means that whether you are working or not, you will earn that money. You could be laying on the beach, playing tennis, working on another job, sleeping or doing whatever you want but still you earn the money.

It’s like you would have a whole team working for you. But now you don’t need a team when you have set up the system that makes money for you. I know that it’s possible to make such passive income online because I am earning it as well. Sometimes when I wake up and check my email, I see a notification that I have made a sale during the night. Sometimes when I am working on another job, I make sales on my online business. Have a look at my #1 recommended system how you can do it as well.

So, can you really do +$1,200/day on autopilot with Total Funnel System? Let’s have a closer look together.

How Does Total Funnel System Work?

As you can see on their website, it’s completely free to join. You don’t need to pay any monthly fee or one-time payment. You just get in for $0 and that’s it. What happens next?

The idea how Total Funnel System makes money is that it’s 100% free to join but then they promote many programs which cost something. They hope that some people will join those paid programs so the founder Jon Mroz will earn commissions. You may be familiar with this kind of marketing. Let me give you an example.

Do you Netflix, Spotify or Audible? All of them have a monthly fee for a premium membership. But they also have a free trial for 1-3 months. It costs nothing to try those services. How can they provide free months for all people? Because they know that some people will eventually continue and pay for a premium membership.

So, Total Funnel System is also completely free but they are promoting systems that cost some money. They are using a sales funnel. Let’s say that 10,000 people see their homepage. 1,000 of them sign up for a free membership. Then 100 of them will buy some systems that Jon Mroz is promoting.

Let’s say that they are making $100 per sale (which is totally realistic), they would make already $10,000 for 10,000 visitors with these calculations. Notice that this is just an example but I believe it gives you an idea how it works in practice.

Does Total Funnel System Work?

Do their methods work? Yes and no.

Inside their members’ area, they are promoting 6 programs, Empower Network, My Lead System Pro, Pure Leverage, Aweber, IPas and My Cash Freebies.

Many of those systems are at least a bit suspicious. Empower Network has received tons of complaints all around the world. My Lead System Pro and Pure Leverage are not recommended by our website because easily they just milk out all the money from you.

Aweber is probably the best one of those 6 programs and very successful Internet marketers are using it regularly to run their email marketing campaigns.

The fact that Total Funnel System is promoting suspicious systems is not a good sign for me.

How Much Should You Pay for Those Systems?

When I checked out the price, you would need pay thousands of dollars to get the access to Empower Network, My Lead System Pro, Pure Leverage, Aweber, IPas and My Cash Freebies.

And that’s not all.

Many of those programs also have a monthly membership fee which means that each and every month you need to pay even more. The monthly fee with all programs will be +$500/month. The free membership of Total Funnel System has accidentally turned into very expensive fees.

Can You Make $1,200/day with Their Teachings?

Yes, you can. Definitely. But it’s more challenging than they make you believe. In addition, these programs that Total Funnel System promotes have a quite bad reputation so I wouldn’t recommend using them.

I am making constant money online but I know that it required work. When I started, I thought that I’ll just do a few things and money starts flowing into my accounts through my websites. Oh, how wrong I was.

But I can say that the work is worth it. During the process, I have learned lots of new things and it’s very interesting to see the progress. In order to make big money online, you need to have a legitimate system and persistence.

Pros & Cons of Total Funnel System



  • They promote some suspicious systems
  • Teachings are not entirely free
  • If you buy their programs, you will end up paying thousands of dollars and much more in monthly memberships

Conclusion – Is Total Funnel System a Scam?

No, it’s not a scam. Of course, it’s a bit misleading to say that their program is free because eventually you will need to pay if you buy the programs that he is recommending. Jon Mroz (the founder of Total Funnel System) is for sure a successful affiliate marketer but I think that his program is not the best on the Internet.

If you are interested in making money online, my #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. I know many people who have joined their program and after a while have quit their 9-5 job because they are already making money on the Internet.

They have a step-by-step training on how you can create your own online business even without any prior knowledge. Actually, one of my friends started with 0 knowledge in WA and after 2 years he was already making +$10,000/month.

Total Funnel System at a Glance…

Name: Total Funnel System
Founders: Jon Mroz
Price: Free
Field: Make Money Online -Programs

Overall Rank: 40 Out of 100


What do you think about Total Funnel System? Have you learned yourself to make money online?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

I will be more than happy to reply to all your comments personally within 24 hours.


Is YouCaring a Scam? – More Than $550,000,000 Already Raised on 290,000 Different Projects.

Is YouCaring a Scam? No it’s not. Throughout the years more than $550 MILLION were raised through their website. There have been more than 7,5 MILLION supporters and 290 000 fundraisers. We are talking about something very big.

What is YouCaring and how does it work? in this review I will answer you comprehensively to these questions and explain how you can get started on YouCaring. Do you care? 😉

YouCaring Review

is youcaring a scamName: YouCaring
Founded: In 2011 by Brock Ketcher, Naomi Ketcher and Luke Miner 
Field: Crowdfunding Platforms

Overall Rank: 93 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

is youcaring a scam

YouCaring is a huge website

What Is YouCaring?

YouCaring is a crowdfunding platform where you can either support or fund worthwhile projects. Most of the projects are related to medical treatments, sicknesses or funerals but there are also many other kind of projects.

YouCaring was founded back in 2011 by Luke Miner, Brock Ketcher and  Naomi Ketcher after they came back home from a mission trip. They figured out that why wouldn’t they harness today’s technology for something good and positive for the world.

I really like the idea of YouCaring. Through their platform people are supporting many worthy projects and I believe that even many lives have been changes because of their website. And imagine the huge money that has been transferred: +$550,000,000! Imagine how many medical treatments people have been able to buy with this money.

What Kind of Projects Can You Start/Support?

is youcaring a scam

You can support or start almost any kind of project you want on YouCaring

Above you can see a big list of different kind of projects that you can support or start. YouCaring is a very powerful platform for fundraising. You can find projects that have raised tens of thousands of dollars. And I saw that some projects raised even around $200,000.


In most jobs it would take years to earn $200,000 but in YouCaring you can earn it quickly if you have a worthy project that people want to support. Little on their website scrolling reveals that most of the projects are created against sicknesses. Somebody has got a cancer diagnosis and now he needs to money so he can pay his treatments against the cancer.

There are also several projects to fund studies at schools. In many countries one most pay expensive fees in order to have a formal education. In my home country Finland education is totally free for students and actually the government pays you some money for studying. It’s very different system than in the U.S.A., for example.

is youcaring a scam

You can also support mission trips on YouCaring

As you can see in this picture above, you can also fund your mission trip through YouCaring. In this example Natalie is funding her mission trip to Guatemala. She has already earned $13,750. Not bad, huh?

=> Interested in Making Money Online? Learn How I Earn Money Each and Every Month!

How to Create Project on YouCaring?

Creating a new project (Fundraiser) on YouCaring is free, very simple and easy. You can sign up by using your email or Facebook accounts. Signing up takes maximum 30 seconds.

Then you are ready to create your projects. Do the following things:

1.Set a goal. How much money you want to raise and what is the purpose? You can always change your monetary goal afterwards. Then set a deadline. When people see a deadline they are more willing to support you because they feel the sense of urgency.

2.Create a headline and description. Make up an enticing headline that will attract people to your page. Then describe clearly and honestly what is your projects all about. Why do you want to raise money and why people would like to support you?

3.Upload photos (and videos). High-quality pictures will more likely attract people to support your project. YouCaring also recommends you to attract several pictures instead of only one because then people will have a more broad view of what your project is all about.

After all, videos are the most effective and impactful way to communicate with your potential supporters. That’s why a video will most likely help you to raise even more money.

4.Share your project on social media. YouCaring has social media buttons that easily enable you to share your page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email. They also advertise that each share on FB can help you to raise $37 more.

5.Update your project regularly. Add new pictures or videos how your project is moving forward. Share those updates on social medias so people are aware of the process and can support you even more.  You can always change your goal if it seems to be too high or low. Remember that even though you don’t reach your goal, you will be able to keep the money that has been given to you.

When the project is over, you will get the money through PayPal or WePay.

Are There Fees on YouCaring?

Now we come to a very interesting part. Most crowdfunding platforms charge you a high fee for each donation. For example, Patreon and GoFundMe both take aroudn 10% before they pay you the donation. YouCaring doesn’t take any fees and running a fundraising project is completely free.

There are some fees for the Paypal transfer. Usually it’s 2.9% + $.30 credit card processing fee. Anyway, this fee is much smaller than in many other crowdfunding platforms.

How does YouCaring fund themselves?

When you give a donation, there is also a possibility to support YouCaring. You can donate something for them as well. It’s $0,00 by default but many people decide to give something also for the website because it’s quite useful.

Pros & Cons


  • Crowdfunding for good purposes is a wonderful idea
  • Already more than $550,000,000 have been raised throughout the years.
  • I think that many lives has been saved because of YouCaring
  • It’s very easy and free to get started
  • You don’t need  to pay fees for using YouCaring
  • It’s easy to share your projects on Facebook and on other social medias
  • You can keep the money even though you wouldn’t reach your goal


  • There are some complaints of the slow support. (But this is common to almost any online platform.)
  • Getting visibility may be challenging if you don’t have any former experience (keep on going and you will make it)

Conclusion – Is YouCaring a Scam?

No it’s not. YouCaring is the best crowdfunding platform that I have seen so far. It’s helping many worthy projects and they are not charging high fees like many other crowdfunding companies. If you have an interesting project that you would like to fund, I recommend considering YouCaring.

On their website, there are also many tips on how to succeed as a fundraiser. Before starting I would read them through and put the into action in order to get the most out of your project.

If you are interested in making money online (and Internet marketing), in general, I recommend taking a closer look at Wealthy Affiliate. They provide a step-by-step training that teaches how you can make even +$10,000/month online. I mention $10,000/month because I have got to know many people who started in WA without any prior experience and nowadays they are making very big bucks each and every month. And most of the time it’s passive income so they don’t need to work actively anymore to maintain their income level.

You can have a free account for a lifetime that will immediately give you the access to awesome tools including 20 interactive video lessons and 2 high-quality websites. But if you are willing to invest some dollars every month for making a living online, you will get the access to all tools that Wealthy Affiliate has created for you.

I can guarantee that Wealthy Affiliate tools are everything you need to make a full-time income online. They are a very reliable service and during their 14 years of existence a huge number of people have been able to quit their 9-5 job and have a freedom to earn money online wherever they travel and go.

=> Learn How to Make a Full-Time Income Online!

YouCaring at a Glance…

Name: YouCaring
Founded: In 2011 by Brock Ketcher, Naomi Ketcher, and Luke Miner 
Field: Crowdfunding Platforms

Overall Rank: 93 Out of 100


Have you ever tried some crowdfunding platforms? Which one? What did you like?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

I would love to hear if you have any experiences of crowdfunding either as a fundraiser or as a supporter. I promise to reply personally to every comment from you within 24 hours.


Is GoFundMe a Scam? – $1,300,000,000 Earned on Different Projects

Today we are going to take a look at the biggest crowdfunding platform in the world. You can fund many kind of projects on their website and already more than 1,3 billion dollars has been donated. Even though their company is huge, there has been lots of complaints about their service. Is GoFundMe a Scam? You will find the answer in the next 2 minutes by going through our detailed review.

GoFundMe Review

is gofundme a scamName: GoFundMe
Founded: In 2010
Field: Crowdfunding Platforms

Overall Rank: 60 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is GoFundMe?

GoFundMe is a fundraising platform where you can fund your projects, raise money against your sickness, education, animal, music and whatever you find important for you. There are many examples of people who have raised thousands of dollars against sicknesses on GoFundMe.

It’s one of the biggest crowdfunding platform in the world and more than 1,3 billion dollars have been donated through their website. That’s a huge amount. Let me emphasize: People have donated more than $1,300,000,000 on GoFundMe. The other side of the coin is that people have earned more than $1,3 billion from their platform. “Want to become a billionaire? Go to GoFundMe!” Well, maybe it doesn’t work exactly like that.

The idea is pretty similar to SmashFund and Patreon but it seems that GoFundMe is concentrating more on helping people who have challenges when Patreon, for example, supports people who are already very successful. That’s only how it looks to me but you may see it diffrently. I would like to hear in the comments below, what do you think.

Here is a video made by GoFundMe that quickly explains the idea behind their program:

How Does GoFundMe Work?

The idea of the website is very simple as you saw in the video above. It works in a similar way like other crowdfunding:

1.Create a profile for free where you explain why do you need funds. Add some text and a picture or two.
2.Share your profile for your friends and followers.
3.Collect donations. This is the most fun part.

Very simple.

But as we know, making money online requires work. It’s not easy to make big donations through any crowdfuding platform. You need to be active to share your project or need for other people. And it should be interesting for them to get the ball rolling. Then people can share it on their social medias so more and more people will hear about it.

On GoFundMe you can also set targets and deadlines.

You can set, for example, I need to raise $5,000 against my wife’s cancer until 31.11.2107. Then you can also explain why you want the money before this deadline. By the way, I would like to inform you that you will not get the money until the deadline is there. GoFundMe keeps the money until the project ends and it’s time to pay you.

is Gofundme a scam

An example of a GoFundMe fundraising project

GoFundMe Complaints

Even though the idea behind GoFundMe is great, there are a huge number of complaints about it on the Internet. That’s partially natural because their service is huge. But on the other hand, I was surprised to find so many people complaining about their service. Here are some examples:

is gofundme a scam

Lorraine Barlow had difficulties to get the money from GoFundMe

It seems that Lorraine had big difficulties to get money from GoFundMe. I don’t know the details why they didn’t pay her immediately. There may be a reason or then there isn’t. Anyway, Lorraine was very unsatisfied for their service.

is gofundme a scam

A complaint about the high free on GoFundMe

GoFundMe takes around 10% fee out of all donations. So, if you earn $5,000, you will get $4,500 because you need to pay 10% fee for GoFundMe service. I found many people complaining that the fee is too high. Partially I disagree because the company needs some money to run themselves. They are providing you the platform and it’s not free to run it. Also in Patreon they take around 10% for donations so it’s pretty similar.

What do you think? Is 10% fee too much?

GoFundMe Support?

There are also many complaints regarding to GoFundMe support. Have a look at this example:

is gofundme a scam

“They have ZERO customer support and don’t care about your or your campaign.” -says Diana

Many people were reporting that they had difficulties to get in touch with GoFundMe support. I went to their website and tried to find a way to send a message to their support team but it was quite challenging to find. Eventually I found a form that allowed me to ask questions. However, they have a knowledge base that will answer to most of your questions.


GoFundMe has given a promise that they will reply in 5 minutes for all request. Well, some members were reporting that it’s not true.

is gofundme a scam

GoFundMe gives big promises for their members

Why do I raise all these issues? Because I want to be totally truthful about their service. I never want to give a review that would lack some important information.

I know that GoFundMe has helped many important projects but I was very surprised to find all these complaints.

Pros & Cons


  • The biggest crowdfunding platform if we measure in the money
  • Their website has helped many people on their needs and projects
  • You can reach thousands of people through their platform


  • Lots of complaints on the Internet about their service
  • Some people think that 10% fee is too high

Conclusion – Is GoFundMe a Scam?

GoFundMe wouldn’t be the largest crowdfuding service in the world if it would be a blatant scam. One reason that you can find many complaints is because their service is so huge. The same goes with Coinbase. It’s the largest bitcoin exchange on the Internet but you can also find many complaints on the Internet.

Some people must be unsatisfied if there are one million users. Still, I would be careful with this service and choose another one if you don’t find this GoFundMe reliable.

If you are interested in making money online, have a look at Wealthy Affiliate. They don’t teach crowdfunding but they have a step-by-step training how you can make a full-time income online. It requires work but I know from experience that their training really works.

It’s 100% free to get started and you will get 20 interactive video lessons as a gift after joining. Learn more here!

GoFundMe at a Glance…

Name: GoFundMe
Founded: In 2010
Field: Crowdfunding Platforms

Overall Rank: 60 Out of 100


Have you ever tried GoFundMe or other crowdfunding websites? What kind of experiences did you have? 

Have you found also other ways to make money online?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

I would love to hear from you. I promise to reply to all of your comments within 24 hours.


Is Patreon a Scam? – Can You Make Easily $19,251 Per Music Video?

You have a passion for singing/helping people/teaching languages/playing guitar/or whatever but you are not making a living out of it. You would like to become a full-time artist but because it doesn’t pay off, you are going to your 9-5 job. Would it be possible to get funding for your project on the Internet?

Today we are going to have a closer look at an ultimately interesting movement called Patreon. Is Patreon a scam or legit? Let’s analyze it!

Patreon Review

is patreon a good ideaName: Patreon
Founded: In San Fransisco in 2013 by Jack Conte
Field: Crowdfunding

Overall Rank: 80 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Patreon All About?

Patreon was created around 4 years ago by a musician Jack Conte. One reason why Jack wanted to create Patreon was because he was struggling to make enough money by his music and he saw many people struggled as well. Then he created a platform where musicians can share their passion and other people can support to achieve their dreams.

If you know a talented musician and you love to listen to his music, would you be ready to help him with $1? I guess that you would be ready to support if you really like the music.

Patreon is not only for musicians but there are also language teachers, translators, online gamers, programmers, podcast hosts, stand up comedians and anything you can imagine.

I got to know Patreon more through Francais Authentique when I was studying French. I was following Johan’s channel on Youtube and I saw that he created also a profile on Patreon. I think it was in 2016. As you can see in the picture below, nowadays Johan is making $1,235 per month through Patreon. Not bad extra income, huh?

=> Want to Make a Full-Time Income With Your Passion? Get a  FREE Step-By-Step Training to Help You!

is patreon a scam

Francais Authentique is a French language learning movement by Johan Tekfak

How Does Patreon Work?

The idea is very simple:

1.Create a profile/project:For example Johan is creating a new way of learning French.

2.Invite Patrons = Supporters: Share your project for your friends, family, in the social media and on your website to get supporters.

3.Earn money: When you have supporters, you will get money for your project. Quite simple.

Even though the process is very simple, it’s easier said than done. Steps 1 and 3 are very easy. Creating a profile doesn’t take so long. Of course, you may want to style it a little bit to make it look better. Anyway, you can finish it in 5-30 minutes if you want. Once you have supporters, you just see how the money flows to your bank account.

But how to get those supporters? That’s a crucial question.

How Easy It Is to Get Followers on Patreon?

It may sound easy when you see Johan making +$1,200/month side income on Patreon or Pentatonix making around $20,000 per music video. Why wouldn’t you just create your won Patreon channel and start making $5,000 per music video?

is patreon a scam

Pentatonix earns more than $19,000 per music video on Patreon

I always like to say, anything worthwhile in life requires hard work and effort. You won’t earn $1,000/month on Patreon without any work. I remember one guy who had millions of followers all around the world but he still struggled to make any income on Patreon.

Many people get even stuck on 0. Some people say the hardest part is to get from 0 to 1. That’s why I have seen people “supporting each other”. They promise that I am going to pay $1 monthly for you if you become my supporter as well. Then they have 50 supporters on Patreon but they are supporting 50 other members which means they aren’t earning anything.

The idea of this is that when people saw that you already have supporters, they are more likely to support you.

If you are hungry and you walk along the street in a city where you have never visited before. Then you see two restaraunts. The other one is empty and the other one is half-full. Which one you are going to visit? The studies and experience shows that people want to follow what other people are doing.

If you already have lots of followers it’s easier to get supporters but if you are starting from 0, then it will require lots of work.

Patreon Fees?

If people are supporting you for $100/month, will you get them all or will Patreon take some fees?

Patreon is taking fees. They say on the website that for each $1 you will get around $0,90. So if your Patrons support you for $1,000, you will get around $900. In my opinion, the fee is not very bad because their platform can be very helpful for you.

Signing up to Patreon is completely free and it takes only around 10 seconds. You can also sign up with your Facebook account if you want. It’s possible to make even +$10,000/month through Patreon but have a look how these 5 ordinary guys are making $10,000/month online.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to get started
  • Their platform is very user-friendly and good-looking
  • You can earn extra income through Patreon
  • You can support projects that you find important


  • Their service is still quite new (4 years old) but much older than Smashfund, for example.
  • It may be very challenging to get supporters in the beginning

Conclusion – Is Patreon a Scam?

Even though Patreon is still relatively new, it’s not a scam. They are paying people money as they have promised. But remember that you will not get the money every day but once in a month. You get supporters who will pay you monthly instead of a one-time-payment. This can be a positive or a negative thing.

When people pay you every month, they may eventually support you even more than they’ve planned. On the other hand, it can make it more challenging to find supporters because some people don’t want to commit into monthly payments. Of course, it depends on the person.

After all, Patreon is not the easiest or fastest way to make money online but it’s a very interesting idea.

If you want to make a living online, I recommend taking a closer look at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s also 100% free to get started and you can make a living through your passion. Whether you like to play guitar, sing, dance, have fun with your friends or whatever, you can make a living through WA.

Wealthy Affiliate step-by-step training teaches everything you need to make a full-time income online with your passion. It’s not a “get-rich-scheme” and you need to work at least in the beginning. But it’s also fun and exciting.

You will get 20 interactive video lessons and 2 high-quality websites right away when you join Wealthy Affiliate for free.

Patreon at a Glance…

Name: Patreon
Founded: In San Fransisco in 2013 by Jack Conte
Field: Crowdfunding

Overall Rank: 80 Out of 100


What do you think about the idea of crowdfunding?

Have you ever tried Patreon or other crowdfunding platforms?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Is Residual Revenue Secrets a Scam? – Does It Give You a Financial Freedom?

Is Residual Revenue Secrets a Scam? In this review, I am going to answer to this and many other questions that you may be thinking regarding this program. I believe that you will enjoy our review. So spend the next 2 minutes with us and let us know what did you like.

Residual Revenue Secrets Review

is residual revenue secrets a scamName: Residual Revenue Secrets (RRS)
Founders: Jason McClain
Price: Apprentice $167/month or Insider $477/month
Field: Make Money Online -Programs

Overall Rank: 40 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Residual Revenue Secrets All About?

Like many other make money online training, Residual Revenue Secrets starts by describing how would it feel to have a freedom to do whatever you want with your time. You wouldn’t need to go to a 9-5 job. You could just wake up and walk in the sunrise with your beautiful/handsome spouse and enjoy the life. You could spend the whole day with your kids or go for a biking trip if you feel like it.

Jason promises to teach how you can have your own online business that allows you to do all that I described above. Well, that’s what one million other programs promise as well. However, I think that Jason McClain’s Residual Revenue Secrets much better than most other systems.

Jason has been an entrepreneur for more than 30 years and an online entrepreneur for around 20 years. That’s a huge time. I bet you don’t know many online entrepreneurs who would have been already 20 years in the Internet business. With a couple of Google searches, I was able to verify that Jason is really a serial entrepreneur and a very successful one.

hat’s a good point to start. We have a teacher who knows his stuff well. But as we know it doesn’t guarantee that the product would be awesome. Many people know how to make big bucks online but their programs are anything but good.

residual revenue secrets review

Residual Revenue Secrets sells you the idea of freedom

=> Would You Like to Check Out the Program That Has Taught Me to Make Money Online?

Who Is the Founder Jason McCain?

If you have read our 5 tips to avoid scams online, you know that it’s important to investigate the founders. Have they been scamming people or have they provided helpful products also in the past? Of course, a person can totally change but many times a scam artist creates several products to fool people and take their money.

Jason had in the past the common project with Vick Strizheus called Project Breakthrough. It was a sale funnel to another product called High Traffic Academy. For some reason, Vick’s and Jason’s roads separated and nowadays they are running their own products individually (or with another team).

Jason has been involved in many other successful businesses. You can find a list, for example on his LinkedIn page where he lists all those companies. All in all, we can conclude that Jason knows how to make money online and he is eligible to teach you as well.

is residual revenue secrets a scam

Jason McClain, the founder of Residual Revenue Secrets

3-Day Free Course

Jason’s Residual Revenue Secrets has the following sales funnel:

1.He attracts people to his sales page.
2.People get started by free with his 3-day free course.
3.In the free course, he sells his memberships for $167 or $477/month.

Jason, like other successful entrepreneurs, has a gift of inspiring people. In his sales pitch and in a free course he wants to inspire you about the idea of having your own online business which will give lots of freedom.

His 3-day courses Jason teaches these 3 steps:

1.Identify a need

In order sell something and succeed, there has to be a need. You can’t sell dog collars for a person who doesn’t care about dogs at all. But selling dog collars could be a wonderful idea if you can reach dog lovers.

I saw that people were struggling with learning languages. They always complained that they are too old, too young, too lazy, or whatever. I saw that there was a need for teaching how to learn languages easily despite your age so I created

2.Learn how to build a company

Jason teaches that any true online entrepreneur has to have his own products. So, he is not teaching affiliate marketing which means selling other people’s products. I agree with Jason that it’s very good if you want to create your own products and services.

On the other hand, people who don’t have enough experience may struggle if they try to create a product right away. Then a reasonable way to start could be with affiliate marketing.

3.Learn how to market your company

In this part, Jason points out that you need to focus on providing value instead of concentrating solely on making money. Many successful entrepreneurs teach you the same thing. Don’t chase the paper, provide value.

When you give people something that they really need, they are ready to pay for that. Why doctors earn so well? Because people are ready to pay a lot to get healed. That’s just one example but we could make many others. Would you like to leave one idea in the comments?

Residual Revenue Secrets Price?

We have come to the point where the 3-day course is over and now is time to decide if we want to buy a premium membership or not. Let’s have a look at the prices. There are two options: Apprentice $167/month or Insider $477/month. Sounds quite expensive.

If you buy a monthly membership for Insider, it costs almost $6,000. Quite a lot, huh?

Would you be ready to invest $6,000/year for an online course?

I know it’s a lot of money and many people don’t want to invest so much. That’s one reason why I think that Wealthy Affiliate is superior. Their yearly membership costs under $1/per day which mean $359/year or $299/year during their Black Friday campaign.

I didn’t buy Residual Revenue Secrets because I am currently satisfied with the training I got from Wealthy Affiliate. My online income is growing each and every month and actually, my membership is now free because I earn much much more than $359/year with WA-training.

Pros & Cons


  • Jason McClain knows well how to make money online so he is eligible to teach other people
  • They offer a free 3-day course
  • Jason has run several successful businesses in the past
  • Jason is very inspiring. He provides interesting ideas and tips.


  • The premium membership is quite pricey
  • It’s hard to find reviews of people who would have tried his premium course

Conclusion – Is Residual Revenue Secrets Worth It?

The answer to this question I let you decide yourself. I just say that on Wealthy Affiliate you get a premium training for more than 10 times cheaper. In addition, WA has been around already for more than 14 years while Residual Revenue Secrets has launched some years ago.

In WA you don’t even need to pay for the membership if you don’t want. You can have a free membership and have it for a lifetime. Of course, I recommend upgrading to premium at some point because it provides so much value. I started myself with a free membership for around 2 months. Then I decided to go premium because I saw that it’s totally worth.

Residual Revenue Secrets could be worth it if you can earn more than you invest. I would be interested in buying this product if it would be cheaper. But paying hundreds of dollars each month for a training doesn’t excite me.

What do you think yourself?

Residual Revenue Secrets at a Glance…

Name: Residual Revenue Secrets (RRS)
Founders: Jason McClain
Price: Apprentice $167/month or Insider $477/month
Field: Make Money Online -Programs

Overall Rank: 40 Out of 100


Have you tried “make money online” products? Did they help you to build your online business? Were you able to quit your 9-5 job?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

I love to hear experiences from our visitors. That’s why I promise to respond personally to every comment that I receive from you.


Field Agent App Review – Earn $12 in 5 Minutes But…

One big challenge with ”make money online” or ”make money with your app” opportunities is that sometimes it’s hard to find an unbiased review of them. Many websites are writing exaggerating reviews just to promote them. That’s why our Focus on is to give always the most honest and accurate information on the Internet.

Today we will have a closer look at a new Field Agent App. It has been around only for 4 years but it has enjoyed the great publicity. Mainly because it’s much better way to earn money than most this kind of apps. However, there are also some significant drawbacks that I’ll discuss in this review. Are you ready? Fasten your seatbelts and let’s go.

Complete and Detailed Field Agent App Review

Field Agent App ReviewName: Field Agent
Founded in: 2013
Price: Free to Join
Field: Mini Jobs with Your Smartphone

Overall Ranking: 60 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Field Agent App?

Nowadays there are so many things that you do with your phone. One of the interesting things is to earn some money. Today we are going to reveal one way to do it.

Field Agent is an application in the app store for iPhone and it’s available for Android phones as well. Why should you consider this application? Well, the very first thing is that you can find mini jobs near your location and you can also choose which ones are suitable for you. In this Field Agent App Review, you will also get the information about how to get the application and how to use it to start earning money from this application phone.

They payout is not huge for these mini-jobs varies from $3 to $12. The interesting part is that some tasks take only 4 minutes to accomplish. If you can earn for example $8 in 5 minutes, your hourly salary would be quite good. Is this almost too good to be true???

How to Find Mini Jobs on Field Agent App?

Field Agent App Review

Micro Jobs Available on Field Agent

The first step is to download this application for your phone. As you know, downloading an app takes only around 1 minute. Then you sign up to this service by giving some basic info about yourself and you are ready to start. I quickly want to mention that downloading and using this app is completely free.

Then the app will show jobs available nearby your location. If you are living in a big city, there will be much more compared to big cities. I am, for example, living in a small city in Austria with 20,000 inhabitants. I am 100% sure that there are not so many Field Agent jobs on so small cities. The another reason why I can’t find jobs is that this app is not available in Austria.

Here is a list of countries where Field Agent App is available. The number of countries is growing so maybe in the future it will also be available in Austria and in your country.

  • US
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • UK
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Romania
  • Denmark

Let’s say that you are living in a place where this app is available and the city is relatively big. What if you still can’t see any jobs available? The reason can be that they are already taken. There’s already a big competition of those mini jobs because many people like to earn some money with apps even though the payout wouldn’t be so good.

If you want to have mini-jobs for the morning, you need to be ready to look for them already in the prior evening. At this point, you must already be wondering what kind of jobs do they provide. Let’s take a closer look.

How to Earn Money with Field Agent App?

Field Agent App Review

Making money on Field Agent is simple but not very profitable

As you may assume, one way to earn money with this kind of app is that you complete surveys by answering questions. Like we already know, online surveys are never worth the time. If you disagree, I would love to hear from you in the comments below. I have experience of more than 50 survey apps and sites and none of them was worth it.

One very interesting thing about Field Agent App is that you won’t be only sitting at your home answering surveys because they have also different kind of jobs. One good example is that they request you to go to Walmart or McDonald’s and take pictures of some products’ prices.

I don’t fully understand why somebody pays you for doing that. If you know the reason, I would like to hear it. Anyway, nobody will pay you very much for taking pictures of McDonald’s price list. Some people are willing to do this kind of things for very little many so you can’t assume that somebody would pay you well.

If you want to earn good money, you need to develop some skills so you can provide value. But would it be an easy way to earn money if you just need to take pictures in McDonald’s? Yes, but sometimes your payout will not even cover the costs for gas or transport.

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Field Agent Complaints

Some people are complaining that “employers” in Field Agent are just fooling you because the payout is too small. It’s obvious that you can’t earn a full-time income with this app. Some people reported that they earned $100 in 5 hours but I doubt. With affiliate marketing the earning potential is much higher anyway. Even $1,400 per sale or +$10,000/month is possible.

Maybe they were able to do it a few years ago when there wasn’t so much competition. The another thing is that they didn’t earn so much for sure every day. Even though there are many complaints about Field Agent, the most of the reviews and testimonials that I have seen are quite positive. That is a good sign of course.

Pros & Cons of Field Agent App

There are always some good and bad things that you can find from earning money with apps.


  • You can earn money easily with Field Agent
  • The payout is better than other similar “make money” apps
  • This app can make you moving instead of just sitting on your couch. (Do you remember Pokemon Go?)

Then, here are the reasons why I don’t recommend joining Field Agent.


  • Even though the payout is better than in many other apps, there are still much better ways to make money online.
  • Sometimes tasks may take lots of time and the reward may not even cover your gas costs.
  • There is a tough competition and you can’t beat it with hard work. You only have a limited time to play this app. It’s very different than creating a real online business.
  • Field Agent is available only in some countries and in those countries only in bigger cities.

Conclusion – Is Field Agent App a Scam?

Even though there have been some complaints I don’t think that Field Agent would be a scam. Their service has been growing during the past years because the idea is quite interesting. If you are interested in trying it, go ahead. Just download the app to your phone and see how it works.

However, I don’t recommend spending too much time with this app. I would recommend choosing a more profitable way to make money online.

Wealthy Affiliate provides a step-by-step training for anyone who is interested making a living online. Their training is enticing and very practical. WA has been around already for more than 14 years so their service is developed a lot. Now they can provide the best online business training on the Internet.

With a free account, you will get 20 interactive video lessons for free. These lessons are ultimately practical because Kyle shows every step you need to take himself. It’s “over the shoulder” training with tasks for you to accomplish.

Field Agent at a glance…

Name: Field Agent
Founded in: 2013
Price: Free to Join
Field: Mini Jobs with Your Smartphone

Overall Ranking: 60 Out of 100


Have you ever tried Field Agent or some similar apps to make easy money? What kind of experiences did you have?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

I love to hear your experiences and thoughts. That’s why I reply personally within 24 for every single comment we receive.


Is Click Chores a Scam? – $10,000/month or Less… Where Did It Disappear?

Nowadays you can find hundreds of different websites where you can do some activities to earn some money and prizes. Click Chores is one of them. You will accomplish micro jobs and will be awarded for that.

Is Click Chores a Scam? Will be the first question that you should ask before joining this or any other “make money online opportunity”. As always, our purpose on is to give you the best and the most accurate information so you can make wise choices on how to spend your time and money.

Click Chores Review

is click chores a scamName: Click Chores
Founded in: 2000. Now closed and will be released by new owners in the future.
Price: Free to Join.
Field: Micro Jobs Online

Overall Ranking: 40 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Click Chores?

Even though so many sites offer money and prizes you have to make sure that sites you join are the ones you can trust. Many of our visitors have fallen into online scams have reported about it to us. I also fall once into an online scam when I was buying a new winter jacket.

Let’s take a closer look at this Click Chores website. After establishing in 2000, it became one of many sites that people want to join because it is free to sign up and you have an opportunity to make some money online.

However, with micro jobs, you will only get a micro reward. Why would you go for micro rewards if you have the potential to learn how to make even +$10,000/month online.

How Can I Withdraw Money from Click Chores

There are so many things that you can do to get points in Click Chores. First, you have to choose the activity that you want to do. 

One option (not very profitable one) is to click on advertisements.  This activity is not complicated because you just basically click ads and earn the money. But as you may imagine, the payout from this kind of activity is ultimately small.

You can also answer a different kind of surveys. You can even choose topics and questions that you want to get so that you also get the best result of your answer. But as we have discussed in many articles, online surveys are not worth it. It’s practically just a waste of time because the payout is so small.

We have reviewed more than 50 survey sites and even the best of them are not worth our recommendation.

What Happened to Click Chores?

As you can notice on their website, at the moment their service is not available. Click Chores is taken over by new owners and they are preparing a new launch. Both owners are experienced business owners and I think to earn well from Click Chores.

Notice that I said THEY will earn well. Not the members who join their service. That’s a challenge with a big part of make money online opportunities. Many times only the founders become rich but the members become even poorer.

Things are different in Wealthy Affiliate where many members have become independent business owners after joining WA and are nowadays making +$10,000/month or even more.

is click chores a scam or legit

New owners of Click Chores

Pros & Cons of Click Chores


  • There are many ways to earn money on Click Chores
  • You will get to know many new online products. Maybe this can give ideas for your own online business
  • The procedure of joining this site is quite simple and easy.


  • There have been only several people who have been successfully withdrawing the points to the money or prizes.
  • You need to use lots of time just to gather the points to get the minimum prizes. Micro jobs = Micro salary
  • The page is now down and waiting for the comeback by the new owners

You may be worried about your privacy because you need to give your personal information in order to sign up for micro jobs. But I think you don’t need to worry because this site will make sure that no one will have the access to your private information.

Conclusion – Is Click Chores a Scam?

Click Chores seems to be a legitimate opportunity to make some money online. But the thing is that you can’t earn very well there. The big question is, “Why would you build someone else’s business by accomplishing these micro jobs because you could be creating your own online business?”

Maybe you say that you don’t know how to do it? Then you have come to the right place because is dedicated to teaching people how to make a living online.

Our #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate because it has taught so many people to have a successful online business. I know personally people who have gone from 0 experience to a full-time income with Wealthy Affiliate training. Nowadays they have a freedom to live wherever they want and work whenever they want because they are earning passive income.

The same goes for my websites.  Even though I wouldn’t be working, I will always earn some passive income from my online business. That’s quite cool!

WA doesn’t cost anything to join. Instead, you will get 20 interactive video lessons and 2 professional-looking websites for free as a gift for joining.

=> Learn to Make a Full-Time Income Online!

If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate or making money online, in general, I would be more than happy to help you out in the comments below.

Click Chores at a glance…

Name: Click Chores
Founded in: 2000. Now closed and will be released by new owners in the future.
Price: Free to Join.
Field: Micro Jobs Online

Overall Ranking: 40 Out of 100


Have you ever tried micro jobs online? What kind of experiences did you have? Would you be happy to earn better money online?

Let me know in the comments below!

I always love to hear other people’s experiences about making money online. That’s why I promise to respond for every single comment personally within 24 hours.


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