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Is Survey Compare a Scam? Can You Earn Up to £5 Per Survey?

Is Survey Compare a Scam? How much do they pay for surveys? Should I join their website to earn money? Can I trust them? How could I make a living online?

If you are looking answer to any of these questions, feel free to read this full article because I’ll answer all your questions in a minute.

Let me start by saying that Survey Compare is a completely legitimate company from London and they pay honestly for their members. However, the more important questions for you and me is whether this opportunity is worth it or not.

Survey Compare Review

Name: Survey Compare

Type: Online Surveys

Short Review: Survey Compare falls in the same category like hundreds of other survey sites. You can earn some pocket money but nothing more. I don’t waste my time on surveys anymore and I don’t recommend that you do it either. 😉

There are numerous ways to make a living from home. My #1 Recommendation for making money online especially for beginners is Wealthy Affiliate. I started their training when I didn’t have almost any experience of earning money online. However, I learned everything I needed inside their community and now I’m making a living from home.

is survey compare a scam

I like the simplified design of Survey Compare homepage.

What Is Survey Compare?

Survey Compare is a pretty similar website like BigSpot. It connects you with other survey panels where you can earn money by giving your opinion and answering questions. Survey Compare website is owned by a company called Marketing VF Ltd which is based in UK, London.

Big companies like Amazon, Tesco, Boots, and many others need feedback of their products and they want to know what people need nowadays. It helps them to target their products and marketing for specific target groups.

There are more than 500k likes on Survey Compare Facebook page which tells that their website has enjoyed lots of popularity during the last years. Let’s take a closer look at earning money on their website.

How to Make Money with Survey Compare?

The following picture explains in a nutshell how Survey Compare works:

is survey compare a scam

Survey sites are easy as 1-2-3 but the rewards are extremely small.

First, you need to sign up. Then they’ll offer you surveys and polls that you need to answer. After giving your opinion, they’ll reward you with some pocket money or by gift cards.

Survey Compare connects you with their partners that can offer you online surveys. There are at least following partners in their network:

You are headed to these websites and you’ll have an opportunity to answer their surveys. Survey Compare will inform you by email when there are new surveys available for you.

How Much Money Can You Earn on Survey Compare?

I have researched around 80 survey websites and opportunities. Guess how many of them I am using at the moment. 0. It means that the earning potential for answering so low that it’s not worth my time.

From Survey Compare partners I have researched Ipsos I-Say surveys, Toluna and MySurvey. Yes, I earned some money on Toluna and cashed it out. However, if I would have calculated my hourly salary, it would probably have been around 1-2€.

MySurvey is one of the most reliable survey sites on the Internet so it’s not a good sign that Survey Compare accepts them as a partner.

You can earn a little bit more on the best survey sites but your earnings will always be way below the minimum salary. One lady spent several months on Survey Compare and worked diligently to earn money. Guess what was her record as a monthly income. $78.

I would earn the same amount in less than 3 hours on One Hour Translation that this lady earned during one month by answering surveys. Sometimes while I sleep I earn around $200-commission from my affiliate marketing websites.

So, what would be the point of answering surveys if the earning potential is really so small?

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“But They Promise Up To £5 Per Survey. Isn’t That Enough?”

On the homepage of Survey Compare, there is a text, “Earn up to £5 per survey as well as gift vouchers, free products and more!”

You may be thinking that £5 per survey is enough for you. Well, it would be enough for me as well. The only problem is that the reality is a bit different. You won’t be earning £5/survey on this website.

Most surveys pay only $1-2. They are saying that you can earn up to £5 per survey. To be honest, after going through tens of survey sites I have never been able to receive such survey so I’m quite skeptical.

Another challenge is that even though they would have such survey, it’s targeted for a very specific group. For example, dog owners who are 30-50 years old and live in the UK. If you have answered online surveys in the past, you are probably very familiar with the text, “Unfortunately you were not qualified for this survey. Better luck next time.”

These sites don’t offer surveys all the time. There are a few every now and then. That’s it. You need to check your email regularly to see if they have new ones. Even though they would have new offers you may be disqualified from the survey because they look for a specific group.

is survey compare a scam

Here are some estimations of your earnings on their website. In my opinion, the numbers are even a bit too optimistic. Anyhow, earning £1 for a 30-minute survey wouldn’t be very much.

Survey Compare Reviews & Complaints

I read numerous Survey Compare reviews to find out what other people think about this website. It seems that only those who are satisfied with small earnings are satisfied with the website. In my opinion, they are just closing their eyes from better opportunities.

Who would like to earn $3 for surveys while he can earn $30 at the same time by doing some much more interesting activities?

Many people are complaining that they don’t earn enough on Survey Compare. Well, actually they don’t even promise big money on their website. They say it right away on their homepage that you can only earn some pocket money and not make a living by answering surveys.

is survey compare a scam

This guy says all necessary things in his review about Survey Compare. 😉

Conclusion – Is Survey Compare Worth It?

No, it’s not. The earning potential isn’t enough.

There was a time when I still didn’t know how to make money online. I didn’t even know whether it’s possible or not. I had heard that some people are just lying on the Internet. I saw some false advertisements saying that a stay-at-home mom was earning $8,683 per month from home.

However, then I found a website which is run by an American guy called Nathaniell Brenes. He was living in China and earned money by teaching English. Then he started looking for better opportunities on the Internet. He started thinking, “What if I could earn dollars on the Internet and live like a king in China?”

His idea worked even better than he had expected and now he has made more than $10,000/month online for several years. He introduced the same opportunity for me and I started learning. I was still a bit concerned whether this will work or not. Then I thought, “If he can do it I can do it.”

Nowadays I make a living online just like Nathaniell. I am not earning $10,000 per month yet but hopefully, in the future, I’ll reach that mark as well.

Now I want to introduce you the same opportunity that helped me and Nathaniell to work from home. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate. You can get started for totally free. I’m paying for their premium membership which is less than $1 per day.

I offer also 1-on-1 support and mentoring for all who join Wealthy Affiliate through Remember this advice about earning money online: “If I can do it, you can do it.” 🙂

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What do you think about Survey Compare? 

Have you also stopped answering online surveys concentrate on making money online with better opportunities?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Opinion Panel Review: £10 Sign Up Bonus – Where Is the Catch?

Opinion Panel promises a sign up bonus of £10 for everyone who creates an account on their website. In addition, their marketing video talks about shopping vouchers of £25, £50 or even £70 just by answering some of their questions.

That sounds almost too good to be true. However, when you look for other Opinion Panel Reviews on the Internet you see that people are really getting paid through this website.

So where is the catch? Does Opinion Panel pay so much as they promise or is it just a scam? Spend the next 1-2 minutes with me to get answers for your questions.

Opinion Panel Review

Name: Opinion Panel

Based: In United Kingdom 

Type: “Get Paid for Your Opinion” = Surveys

Short Review: Opinion Panel is one of the best paying survey sites on the Internet. However, it’s only available for 16-30 years old students or graduates living in UK. If you are a young adults, you can try it out to earn some extra cash. I want to mention that they don’t have new surveys available very often based on other members’ experiences.

So yes, Opinion Panel can be an easy way to earn some extra cash for British people. But if you are looking for better ways to earn money online I recommend the following training:

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opinion panel review

I like to simple design of Opinion Panel.

What Is Opinion Panel?

Opinion Panel is another “get paid for your opinion” website. However, they are promising much bigger rewards than other survey sites. £10 bonus just for signing up.

Afterwards you’ll get notifications about new surveys. In each survey you need to answer questions to earn points. When you have collected enough points you can transfer them into rewards like Amazon gift cards.

They have also some focus group discussions which last a little bit longer than ordinary online surveys.  They reward for those is also higher. One of our readers participated two of those focus groups and earned £100. Not bad, huh? 🙂

At the moment Opinion Panel has more than 140,000 registered members in the U.K. It’s not as big as other survey sites like PrizeRebel and the obvious reason is that their website is only available for young people living in U.K. which is pretty targeted group. Still, you can see that quite a good percentage of students in UK have joined this website.

Before going into details, I want to show you the marketing video of Opinion Panel. It’s pretty impressive and promises that you could earn big bucks through their website. Have a look yourself:

Alright, that was a quick overview of Opinion Panel. Now let’s have a closer look at the details and the earning potential.

How Does Opinion Panel Work?

First of all, you go to their website and create a free account. You can sign up using Facebook or your email. They’ll send you a confirmation link to your email to get started.

You click the link and it takes you back to their website where you’ll be asked a few pre-screening questions like, “Where are you from? Where do you study at the moment? Where do you live?” and so on. If you are not in their target group members, they’ll say that you are not qualified.

opinion panel review

Their advertising makes it sound so good.

If you get qualified, you’ll have an opportunity to participate their surveys and focus group discussions in the future. But remember that they don’t offer tons of surveys. There are only a few surveys ever now and then.

You will earn points 50-400 points for each surveys which equals to £0,50-£4,00. (100 points = £1.)

How many points do you need to earn in order to cash out? Let’s have a look.

Cashing Out from Opinion Panel

You can’t naturally take out your £10 sign up bonus until you have reached your cashout limit. Minimum pay out is £25. So you need to earn at least 2,500 points in total before getting any money out of this website. This can take a month or two.

You can get this survey reward only as a gift card. They’ll offer vouchers to Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, Pizza Hut and other places.

opinion panel review

Here are some of Opinion Panel partners where you can use your £25 vouchers.

The most profitable way of earning money on Opinion Panel is through focus groups. If you are a part of their specific target group, they’ll pay you quite well. You can get paid £50, £70 or even £100 for focus group discussions and interviews. Focus group interview can happen online or in a face-to-face meeting.

Opinion Panel Reviews & Complaints

Most Opinion Panel reviews are pretty positive. Their target group are young students who are happy for each penny they earn. So, their expectations aren’t probably very high for earnings. Many members were satisfied with the rewards because they were better than on other survey sites that they had tried.

At this point I still want to mention that if you are aiming for high in life, you can immediately forget answering online surveys. They are only for people who are interested in earning some extra cash. If you value your time higher, it’s better to stick to better opportunities.

Members also reported that Opinion Panel support is responsive and friendly. I also noticed that the support team is answering member’s questions on one online forum which is a pretty good sign.

Here are some comments that members were saying:

  • “Excellent customer service. They have a lot of surveys though I get a lot of screen outs.”

Obviously some people weren’t very happy that they were screened out of surveys. You know the feeling when you’ve spent 5 minute answering a survey and you get a message on your screen, “Thank you for participating. This time you weren’t qualified for this survey. Better luck next time!”

So, two most common complaints were:

  1. Not enough surveys.
  2. You get screened out of most surveys.

Conclusion – Is Opinion Panel Worth It?

Is Opinion Panel a scam? No.
Is Opinion Panel worth it? That’s a good question.

opinion panel review

£4 per survey is better than regularly but it still won’t make you a living.

I wouldn’t use it myself because the rewards for answering surveys are still pretty low. Of course, you can participate their focus group test or online survey once or twice to get a new experience but in the long run I wouldn’t spend my time on it. Having a real job where you provide profound value for other people pays much better and is even more rewarding in the long run.

I am not talking about having a regular 9-5 job because I know that 70-80% of people are not satisfied with their current jobs. I was enjoying my 9-5 jobs but I still wanted something more. I noticed that if I want to move forward faster in my life, I need to quit and keep on building my online income streams. That was probably one of the best decisions of my life.

Better Opportunities to Earn Online – Choose Freedom!

Now I am about to move from Austria to other countries and travel the world a little bit. Earning money online makes it possible to make work anywhere I want. The same opportunity is available for you as well.

I know many people from UK who started making a living through after taking Wealthy Affiliate training.

One friend is called Stefan. He quit his master studies because he saw that Wealthy Affiliate is a much better opportunity.

Another British guy called Dom Wells went from $0 to $10,000 per month in 3 years after starting the training in WA. Nowadays he’s running a 7-figure business and he has more 100 than 7 freelancers and employees who are working for him. And imagine: This guy didn’t have any experience a few years ago. The opportunities on the Internet are literally limitless.

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What do you think about Opinion Panel?

Do you also prefer more profitable ways of earning money online?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Is I-Say Survey Legit? How Much Can You Really Earn?

Are you wondering is I-Say Survey legit or a scam? This article will answer your questions.

I wanted to give I-Say a closer look because one of our readers said he is using this website regularly to earn extra money from surveys.

When I was about to sign up, I realized that the website is not available in my country. So this review is based on my research and many other people’s experiences of this website.Who knows if they’ll expand to my country or I’ll move to a country where I could use their website?

Who knows if they’ll expand to my country or I’ll move to a country where I could use their website? Anyhow, I wanted to find out whether this I-Say Surveys would be a great opportunity or not.

I-Say Survey Review

Name: I-Say (Also Known As Ipsos I-Say)

Type: Online Surveys

Short Review: I-Say has one of the highest payments for answering surveys in the industry. However, based on my calculations, your overall earnings won’t be very much more than $3 per hour in the long run.

In addition, many accounts have been closed and sometimes you receive only a few survey invitations per month.

That’s why I feel I don’t miss anything even though I can’t answer their surveys. There are way better opportunities out there. For example, One Hour Translation just recently paid me +$40 for using around 70 minutes of my time translating their texts. That’s way better than you could ever imagine on I-Say Survey.

Affiliate marketing is even better because sometimes I earn $175 while sleeping or $130 while I’m walking from the library back home. If you would like to earn such passive income, start this training for free today. (I’ll send you a personal welcome message inside the community.)

Is I-Say Survey Legit

I-Say Survey Homepage

What Is I-Say Survey?

It seems that I-Say is available in a few countries like the US, Canada, and the UK. I couldn’t use it in Austria or Portugal so I needed to make a research based on other people’s videos, reviews, and articles of I-Say. That’s not a problem because I have experience of 70-80 similar websites so I know what is the name of the game with these sites.

On I-Say you get paid for answering surveys ( the survey is a series of questions regarding some products or brands). When you have answered enough of them and reached the minimum threshold ($15 or £10), you can cash out the money through PayPal or by gift cards to Amazon, Target, iTunes or to other stores.

Ipsos offers also a possibility to give the money for the charity if you want.

How to Make Money with I-Say Surveys?

Here are some examples that I’ve seen of their survey offers:

  • Earn 45 points for answering a 10-minute survey.
  • Earn 45 points for answering a 20-minute survey.
  • Earn 45 points for answering a 2-minute survey.

You can see that the last offer is obviously the best one because you can earn points in 5 times faster time than in 2 other offers. The offers vary and sometimes there aren’t new surveys available.

For each survey that you fill out, you’ll earn 10-100 points. If you keep on answering their surveys, even more, they’ll reward you with bonus points. After you have answered 5 surveys, they’ll offer you 20 extra points, after completing 10 surveys they give you 50 bonus points. These bonuses are supposed to keep you motivated but they aren’t very significant.

Is I-Say Survey Legit

Ipsos I-Say offers also a community for their members.

How Much Can You Earn with I-Say Surveys?

100 points equal to $1. If you can accomplish all those reviews that I mentioned above in their target time and your Internet connection works well, your earnings would be around $3,20 per hour. That’s way below the minimum salary in I-Say’s target countries.

In addition, my calculation of $3,20 per hour is probably even quite optimistic. You won’t have surveys available surveys all the time so calculating an hourly salary doesn’t even make sense. You’ll lose lots of time over the time checking their website/your email regarding available offers and answering surveys where you don’t get qualified.

They only want to get very targeted audience answering I-say surveys. If you aren’t a part of their target group, they’ll glad you with a message like, “Unfortunately you weren’t qualified for this survey opportunity. We hope you have a better like next time.” At least, they give you 5 points for answering pre-qualifying questions.

Is I-Say Survey Legit

Ipsos I-say advertising makes the opportunity sound appealing but the closer looks tell you that it’s most likely not worth it.

I-Say Referral Program and Cashing Out

You can earn some extra money by referring your friends and audience to join I-say surveys. You will usually earn 100 points (=$1) for each new member that you refer. However, I-Say has also had promotions when you have been able to earn more for referring new members.

If you want to withdraw your money as cash through PayPal, the minimum amount is $15 and you need to collect at least 1,530 points.

If you don’t have the patience to wait for so long, you can use it for their raffle by using 250 points. However, with raffles you can naturally lose all your points.

Click the Picture If You Are Interested in Earning a Living Online.

I-Say Reviews & Complaints

Here are some statistics that I collected of I-Say reviews:

  • 1,8 out of 5 stars on SurveyPolice based on 331 reviews.
  • 3,4 out of 5 stars on GetPaidSurveys based on 82 reviews.
  • 4,1 out of 5 stars on Google Play store for Android phones based on 4,554 reviews.

One reason for good reviews on Google Play store could be that many teenagers are using a smartphone and they are not looking for so big income. Many of them are happy for just earning $1 here and $2 there.

However, my advice for all teenagers is that don’t waste your valuable time on apps like I-Say.

The most recent reviews of I-Say on SurveyPolice described the service like this: (these are the titles that they used in reviews)

  • “too much time wasted”
  • “Deactivated Account”
  • “Disappointed”
  • “Below Average”
  • “Will cut you off if you’re making too much.”
Is I-Say Survey Legit

Val says he wasted too much time with I-Say Surveys.

These are all titles of I-Says that I was able to find on the front page of reviews. Doesn’t sound very promising, huh?

Ipsos I-Say has an interesting fine print in their terms & conditions. Their rules state that in the event of an error, Ipsos reserves the right to make adjustments to your balance or reduce points at their discretion.

As a result of this rule, many accounts have been closed and they are claiming that I-Say is just a scam site fooling their members. Even though I don’t think that I-Say is a scam I find that rule a bit suspicious.

Conclusion – Is I-Say Worth It?

Based on my research, I-Say is not worth it. I would be earning at least 10 times less than on other make money online opportunities. That’s why I don’t see a single reason why I would like to fill out spend time on their website. I don’t have a burning passion for answering surveys just for fun.

However, I have a passion for creating and producing something new. I enjoy reviewing different services and informing you about new opportunities.

I’ve had the moment many times in my life when I’ve said, “I wish I would have realized this opportunity earlier.” That applies, for example, to stock market investing and earning money with affiliate marketing.

I wish I would have started making money with affiliate marketing already when I was 15 years old. Now I could be a millionaire. Anyhow, we’ll never get back the past and the best choice is to take a full benefit of this moment.

Now I’m making good money with affiliate and I’m working for earning a free trip to Vegas including flights, hotels, food, extra cash ($200), etc.

If you want to open your life for such opportunities, I recommend starting Wealthy Affiliate step-by-step training for free. It was a game-changer in my life and I believe it could turn your life around as well if you want.

I’ll also give you my 1-on-1 support and mentoring inside the community. I am open for all questions you have. I want to see you succeed! 🙂

What do you think about I-Say? Are you satisfied with their rewards? How much have you approximately earned per hour?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Is Spare5 a Scam? Read My Latest Review Here!

Update: 12th of September 2018

I have just created an updated Spare5 video review for you and published it on YouTube.

I recommend watching until the end of the video because I show you my #1 recommended way to make money online as well.

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“Earn money for free! Just complete simple tasks and you’ll get paid.” That’s a mantra of get-paid-to sites and Spare5 is drumming the same message. If you are looking for an honest Spare5 review, you have come to the right place.

In this review, I will answer questions like, “Is Spare5 a scam? How much money can I earn? Is the website worth it? Are there better ways to earn money online?

I recommend spending the next 2 minutes with me when I show you how this opportunity works. Let’s go!

is spare5 a scam

Spare5 Homepage

Spare5 Review

Name: Spare5

Type: GPT Site. Accomplish Micro Tasks to Earn Pocket Money.

Short Review: Spare5 is a legitimate website that pays their members honestly. The drawback is that it’s hard to earn money through their website because the rewards are so small. In my opinion, it’s not worth it to spend time on sites like this one unless your passion is to complete some mindless tasks (Just kidding! 😉 )

If you are looking for better ways to earn money online, I highly recommend checking out My #1 Recommendation. Now I can honestly say that website has changed my life. It didn’t make me rich overnight or anything like that but is has taught me to make a living on the Internet. Now I have a freedom to live basically anywhere I want in the world while making money online. It’s completely possible for you as well.

What Is Spare5?

Spare5 looks like a typical Get-Paid-To (GTP) site that pays you for accomplishing mini tasks. You can use their app on your desktop or on your Apple device. However, it’s not so typical GPT-site because they have a little different task than other sites.

Usually, you get paid for watching videos, answering surveys downloading games, etc. but on Spare5 you get paid for helping computers to understand pictures or providing keywords about some images.

The company isn’t so old like some big GPT sites including ClixSense, PrizeRebel, etc. Still, Spare5 has done good job and the popularity has been rising rapidly during the last year (as you can see in the picture below).

is spare5 a scam

Recently Spare5 has gained much more popularity than before.

I believe you are very interested in how to earn money with Spare5. Let me show you the process and give a few ideas about the earning potential.

How to Make Money with Spare5?

First, you need to sign up which takes only around 5 seconds. You get inside immediately by using your Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or email account.

Following picture explains in a nutshell how Spare5 works.

is spare5 a scam

So, basically there are 4 steps to get paid through Spare5:

  1. Sign up
  2. Wait for tasks
  3. Accomplish tasks
  4. Cash out (they pay each Friday if you have reached the minimum threshold)

After signing up you get an opportunity to earn a couple of cents right away by filling out your profile ($0,10 reward) and doing some introductory tasks ($0,01 reward for each).

is spare5 a scam

You can earn maximum $0,01 per each introductory task.

Then you need to wait for real tasks to become available. If you have experience of GTP or survey sites you know that sometimes you need to wait for a long while before they give you new tasks. The time varies on Spare5.

The following picture explains what kind of tasks you will receive.

is spare5 a scam

This may sound like a Hebrew at first. However, there’s nothing complicated with tasks in reality and even a little child could accomplish them.

For example, in “Provide Keywords” section you help companies to develop algorithms to learn what photo is about. You just need to give keywords like you can see in the image above. “Woman, Clouds, Dog, etc.”

On isolate elements section you are also helping computers to understand pictures better. Spare5 has created some tutorial videos where they explain the meaning of those tasks more in detail. Have a look at this short 33-second video. It gives you the idea of Segmentation on Spare5.

Doing this kind of tasks can be fun for a while but most people report it gets boring if you do it for a long time. Another aspect that makes it boring that you are only earning cents and nothing significant.

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Spare5 Referral Program

Spare5 offers also a referral program that helps their committed users to earn money.

In order to participate referral program you first need to spend some time accomplishing tasks yourself so you get familiar with the platform and you know how it works. Then they’ll give you a personal referral link that you can share with your friends and followers.

When somebody joins through your link and cash outs $10 you’ll earn $2 and he’ll get a $1 bonus.

You can earn up to $20 for each referral. So, if someone earns $100 during the first 180 days, you’ll get 10 times a $2-bonus and you’ll friend gets 10 times a $1 bonus. So you’ll get extra $20 in total and your friend makes $10 extra in total. I hope this made it clear.

I don’t usually share referral links to GPT sites even though I know that I could earn money by doing so. I don’t use these sites actively myself because the earning potential is so low. That’s why I also recommend more profitable websites for you.

Getting Paid on Spare5 

You can cash out the money easily through PayPal or you can give it to charity through their webstie. Minimum cashout limit on Spare5 is $5. It used to be $1 but now they have raised the bar (probably to reduce their work).

Spare5 pays weekly every Friday if you have reached the cashout limit. However, reaching even that $5 isn’t so easy on their website if there aren’t new tasks available.

Spare5 App – Available for Apple

Spare5 has also a mobile app that is available on Apple’s App Store. Many people have asked whether they have also Spare5 app for android but at least at the moment that doesn’t exist. The company said already a year ago that it’s on their priority list and should be coming out soon. The future will show if it appears…

Spare5 Reviews & Complaints

Many people who were looking for ways to make some extra cash online during the past years. They shared their opinions on the Internet and I took a look at them.

It seems that those people who are satisfied with earning only cents and pennies like Spare5. They don’t probably know about better ways to earn money online.

Then most people who just try Spare5 for a little while. They realize it isn’t worth the time and they move on.

is spare5 a scam

“tpicks” talks about challenges of reaching the payout limit. She still hopes there would be more and better paying jobs on Spare5.

is spare5 a scam

“morgoodie” has stopped using Spare5 because it’s hard to even reach the payout limit.

The website itself works and the company is legitimate. However, as we can see also from those comments the earning potential just is very small.

Conclusion – Is Spare5 Worth It?

If you want to earn money, Spare5 isn’t worth it. People try to earn $5 per week through this website while I earn $30 in one hour on OneHourTranslation or sometimes $200 while I’m sleeping by following Wealthy Affiliate training and principles.

Trying to reach $5 cashout limit by completing their tasks just isn’t worth it. You could rather think it as a game than as a money-making opportunity.

For two years I have helped people like you to make money online on I have reviewed more than 300 opportunities and my #1 recommendation is still Wealthy Affiliate. Their training really works and every day I see new people sharing their successes inside the community.

I want to remind that it’s not a get-rich-system. You need to put in the work to make money but the potential is great. I know several people who are making more than $10,000 each month. My persona goal is to reach that mark next year but now I am happy that the website has helped me to make a living on the Internet.

Would you like to learn as well?

=> Learn to Make Money Online with a Step-By-Step Training!

What do you think about Spare5 and other GPT sites?

What are your favorite ways to earn money online?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you have any questions about making money online, I would be more than happy to help you out. Just leave a comment below and I’ll reply.


Is BigSpot a Scam? Do They Pay Millions for Answering Surveys?

Have you seen BigSpot ads on a TV? Or have you found them somewhere else? Are you wondering, “Is BigSpot a scam or legit way to earn money online?

You have come to the right place. I’ll answer all of your questions in this article in the next 1-2 minutes. Just fasten your seat belts and let’s get started.

BigSpot Review

Name: BigSpot

Type: Online Surveys

Short Review: BigSpot is another online survey site among thousands of others. They are promising easy money for sharing your opinions. Doesn’t it sound good?

The truth is that they are just a middleman between you and other low paying online survey companies. Your earnings won’t be more than $2-3 per hour by filling out their offers so it’s definitely not worth it.

If you are looking for ways to earn a living online, I highly recommend having a closer look at My #1 Recommendation. Their training has taught me and thousands of other people worldwide to make a living online.

is bigspot a scam

BigSpot Homepage is very simplistic.

What Is BigSpot?

Even though BigSpot advertises that they pay you if you share them your opinion, they don’t actually pay you a dime themselves. They connect you with other online survey websites that can pay you some money.

Those websites ask you questions regarding different kind of products and brands. Then companies use this information for improving their products. That’s why they are willing to pay you a little reward for hearing your opinion.

However, the reward is so small that it’s not worth the time. I’m not using my time with any online survey websites. Anyhow, it’s interesting that BigSpot has even been promoting their website on TV:

It’s true that survey companies pay millions for their members and users. But the fact that they don’t mention is that each member is only earning a few dollars each. If you share $10,000,000 with 5,000,000 people, they don’t get very much money each. Got the point? 😉 Good.

Let me show you the process of earning money on BigSpot.

How to Make Money with BigSpot?

When you land on their website you see the sign-up form. You need to fill out your personal information: Email, Date of Birth, Gender, Ethnicity, and Country. Then click, “Join Now”.

BigSpot will offer you companies that are targeted for people that match your demographics. I “matched” with 5 different survey sites that you can see below:

is bigspot a scam

BigSpot offered me 5 survey websites.

I already know some of these sites. You can have a look at my Toluna review here. I earned some little money from their website but I quickly stopped answering their surveys because I realized it wasn’t worth it. Toluna was actually one of the first survey sites that I ever tried.

Then I quickly learned the name of the game and I realized it’s better not to waste my time on these sites.

As you can see, BigSpot was just a middleman that takes you to other survey sites. They earn some affiliate commissions from each member that joins the survey sites through their website.

They ask for your information when signing up because they collect some statistics and data for themselves. Actually, you wouldn’t need BigSpot for anything. You could sign up to their partners’ website even without that middle man.

BigSpot Reviews & Complaints

I took a look at other BigSpot reviews to see what other people are thinking about this website. I wanted to see if they recommend it for you or don’t. The results are obvious:

Most people are giving BigSpot only 1-2 stars out of 5 which means that they don’t recommend it for others. They have come obviously to the same conclusion like I did: wasting time on sites like BigSpot is not worth it.

is bigspot a scam

BigSpot reviews on SiteJabber. More than 50% of people gave it only 1 star out of 5.

Conclusion – Is BigSpot Worth It?

Is BigSpot a scam? No.
Is BigSpot Worth it? Not either.

Even though their website isn’t a scam, the reward is so small that I don’t recommend their services for you. You can make a living online or earn even a fortune so why would you waste your valuable time on sites like BigSpot?

The most successful investor in the world, Warren Buffett, once said; “The more you learn, the more you earn.” This is quite true. If you use time on answering surveys, you are not learning almost anything. As a result, you won’t earn almost anything.

If you want to make good money online, you need to learn new skills and put them into action. You may be asking, “But how and where could I learn those skills?”

Brian Tracy says, “If you do what other successful people do, you will eventually get the same results like they do.” So I recommend that you learn the process from those people who have already walked the path before you.

I want to offer you my 1-on-1 mentoring and support inside Wealthy Affiliate. You can get started for completely free and you’ll get 20 interactive video lessons which will teach you the process how you can start making money online.

If you think whether it’s possible or not to earn a living online, have a look at these 5 guys who make +$10,000/month from the comfort of their own homes. Of course, that kind of income requires lots of hard work. But if you are satisfied with an extra $500 per month, you’ll achieve that more easily.

Have you also stopped answering online surveys? 

What kind of activities do you like to do to earn money online?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help with getting started to earn money online, just drop me a question below and I’ll be happy to help you out. As I always use to say, Wealthy Affiliate training and tools are literally everything you need to earn a living online. And it doesn’t cost anything to get started.


Is EarnHoney a Scam Or Can You Earn Extra $300 Per Month?

EarnHoney is a relatively new make money online company that has been launched in September 2014. However, tons of people have joined their sites and cashing out money. The website claims that you can earn 3x faster on EarnHoney than any other rewards site.

Is that true? Can you really earn good money? Is EarnHoney a scam or should you join right away?

In this article, I’m gonna show you how the exact strategy that some people are using to make up to $300 per month on EarnHoney. In addition, I will also tell you why I don’t use that strategy myself. Let’s get started!

EarnHoney Review

Name: EarnHoney

Founded: September 2014

Type: Get-Paid-To Sites

Short Review: EarnHoney is a typical get-paid-to site where you can earn money by accomplishing tasks. If you have 10 phones that can watch their videos on autopilot, then this website could be worth it. If not, I just recommend taking a look at a better way to earn money online which I use myself to make a living.

is earnhoney a scam

EarnHoney Homepage

What Is EarnHoney?

EarnHoney is a similar page like Swagbucks, PrizeRebel, and many other get-paid-to sites. You have probably tried some of them in the past. The idea behind these sites go like this:

You finish some tasks (for example watching videos) and the website pays you a little reward for each activity. The reason that the company can pay you money is that they earn even more money from their advertisers.

In this post, you’ll also find a video that I recorded about EarnHoney. In the video, I explain the strategy that some people use to earn up to $2,000 per month using smartphone apps.

How to Make Money with EarnHoney?

There are at least 5 different ways to earn money on EarnHoney. Let’s go through them one by one.

1) Videos

This is probably the most interesting way to earn money on this website. You get paid for watching short videos and ads. However, you don’t need to actively watch them because you can leave the device in the background while you are doing other tasks.

Before each video, they show an ad and then a video will play. Ad lasts maximum 30 seconds and the video is around 1 minute long.

If you run videos on one device (phone, tablet or PC) you can earn 1-2$ per day which isn’t very much. The only way to earn more is if you have more devices like I showed in the video.

2) Surveys

We have reviewed probably already more than 70-80 survey sites on If you have read any of those articles, you know that online surveys are not worth it.

On EarnHoney you can earn $0,10-0,80 for surveys so it’s really not worth the time. In addition, there are not many surveys available. You can fill out a few per day and that’s it.

3) Games

You can earn $0,15 per hour for playing games like 2048. I don’t recommend it. Playing games like this doesn’t really make you closer to your life goals.

is earnhoney a scam

4) Refer Friends

You will earn 10% of all earnings that your referrals earn. Usually, the most profitable way of earning money from sites like EarnHoney is to have lots of referrals making money for you.

I know some guys who have a big audience and they promoted get paid to sites on their websites and YouTube channels and nowadays they make thousands of dollars passive income from their referrals. However, the cost is that thousands of people are wasting their life on those apps at the moment.

I prefer telling honestly what’s the truth behind these apps because I want the best for your life. If you still, want to try EarnHoney, you can support my blog by using my EarnHoney referral code ROOPEK.

5) Other Offers

EarnHoney has several partners that have offers on their site. One of them is PeanutLabs which is a partner of many of these websites. However, it seems that there are rarely offers available. Even though there would be the rewards are so small that it isn’t worth it to check it out often.

Click the Picture If You Are Interested in Earning a Living Online.

How Much Can You Really Earn on EarnHoney?

Here is a video where I explain the real earning potential of EarnHoney.

You can earn maximum $10 per day if you are using it on one device and you are actively completing their offers. However, if you have 70 phones like the guys in the video, you have a potential to earn passive income with this app.

$2,000 per month using smartphone apps sounds good and it definitely beats a boring 9 to 5 job. On the other hand, it’s nothing compared to the earning potential what you have with affiliate marketing. Many of my friends are making +$10,000 per month even while they are traveling the world. I still have to work hard to achieve that $10,000/month mark but I’m sure I will get there sooner or later.

EarnHoney Payments

Once you have reached your cash out limit $5 (=500 honey dollars) you can take the money out. They will pay you with gift cards to Amazon or to other online stores. Or by cash through PayPal. You can decide.

Anyhow, the great thing is that you can earn real money because they pay through PayPal

EarnHoney Reviews & Complaints

is earnhoney a scam

EarnHoney is a BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited company and their rating is A+ which is the best one possible.

I’ve read and watched tons of reviews of EarnHoney to get a better understanding of their website and whether I should start using it or not.

Most people admitted that they earning potential is so low that you shouldn’t use it if you don’t have several devices that you can use for watching their videos.

In addition, some people got banned for running too many devices at the same time on EarnHoney. I wouldn’t like to end up in a situation where I buy 50 phones to earn money by watching videos on EarnHoney and then get banned.

Some members also reported about technical issues when using EarnHoney. The system collapsed when they were doing a task and they needed to restart the website. This also happened to me when I was trying out their website.

It’s obvious that if you are just trying to complete EarnHoney offers, this website is not worth it. But the more interesting questions is whether a$2,000/Month Strategy using smartphone apps strategy is worth it or not? Let me give you my analysis.

Is $2,000/Month Strategy Worth It?

is earnhoney a scam

This set up could make you $2,000 per month passive income. The other question is whether it’s worth it or not.

First of all, you would need to buy at least 70 phones/tablets/PCs. Let’s say each one costs $50 which is, of course in the lower end. 70*$50 equals to $3,500. Then you need to buy cables, chargers and all the other stuff. Let’s say that this costs $25-30 per one device making it around $2,000 in total. Then the electricity costs at least $30 per month (of course depending on where you are living).

There are at least 5 reasons why I don’t want to go for it.

1) Initial investments are higher than with affiliate marketing

When you start out with 70 phones, you have already invested $5,500 and $30 running costs each month. You would need to use several months to make it profitable.

2) You need to set up all devices which take lots of time. 

Let’s say that it takes 45 minutes per device until you have downloaded all necessary apps and it’s running on autopilot. Notice that you need to get it from the box, plug it in and do other stuff until it’s running.

45 minutes * 70 => 52,5 hours. So you could theoretically set up all phones in a week. Notice that you need to add all chargers, wires and other stuff which also takes time so you would be working at least 2 full work weeks which is at least $2,000 in money if you would use the same time on working in an average job.

3) Traveling isn’t really possible if you want to earn money with this strategy

You have all devices in the same place. You need to monitor them every now and then to see that everything works well. You can’t pack 70 phones and chargers in your backpack and go traveling the world. On the other hand, with affiliate marketing, you can work wherever you want and everything you need is a laptop.

4) Income isn’t completely passive

You need to use some time to make it run anyway:

  1. Check that all apps are running and making money.
  2. Cash out the money when you have earned enough.
  3. Buy a new phone if some of them break down.

5) You are kinda tricking the system

Did these guys create these apps so that somebody could buy 70 phones and run them on autopilot to run them dry? No, they didn’t. If everyone would be using the system like this, it would collapse over the time course because the advertisers wouldn’t be earning anything from app users.

Even though it could be legal to make money with this strategy it’s still a little bit of a gray area. I don’t know what those app creators think when they see these guys setting up 70 phone on the autopilot.

Conclusion: Affiliate Marketing 1 –  Smartphone Apps 0

The guy who makes YouTube videos showing his smartphones and how they make him money earns most likely much more money with affiliate marketing than with his system. He has already millions of views on his YouTube channel and in the description of every video, he has tons of affiliate links.

He earns money when people sign up to these apps and play them and when they buy stuff on Amazon through his links. After all, we come to a conclusion that even he is earning much more with affiliate marketing. So why would we try to set up the same system like him?

If you don’t know yet how to earn money with affiliate marketing, don’t worry. This step-by-step training will teach you everything you need to make a living online. You can get started for completely free without giving any of your information.

In addition, I’ll give you my 1-on-1 support and answer all of your questions. As  I mentioned in the video, I honestly want to see you succeed. I want to see how I take you from $0 per month to $5,000 (or $10,000. It depends on you) monthly income. Let’s do it together!


What do you think about EarnHoney?

Do you think it would be worth it to buy 50 phones to make money on this kind of apps?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Is SurveySavvy a Scam? – $1 or $2 Per Survey Isn’t Enough!

If you are asking yourself “Is SurveySavvy a Scam?” “How much money could I earn there?” you have come to the right place. In this SurveySavvy review, I’m gonna reveal what’s the truth “behind the curtains”.

I hope you’ll enjoy. If you have any questions regarding SurveySavvy or making money online, in general, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments below after reading this article. I’ll be more than happy to help you out as my goal is to help all my visitors to earn good money online.

SurveySavvy Review

Name: SurveySavvy

Founded: 1999

Type: Online Surveys

Short Review: It seems that SurveySavvy has been a little bit better in the past but nowadays it’s one of the worst make money online opportunities. I recommend saving your time from services like this. You will earn maximum a few dollars per month.0

If you are looking better ways to earn money online, I highly recommend trying this website for completely free. I will send you a personal welcome message inside the community when you sign up through my website. Then I’ll offer you my 1-on-1 support so you will learn to make a living online.

Is SurveySavvy a Scam

SurveySavvy Homepage

What Is SurveySavvy?

SurveySavvy is, as its name already says, a survey site that pays you for answering online surveys. You have probably seen similar websites in the past and tried some of them. I have tried something like 70-80 different survey sites until today.

You can find the best survey sites here. However, I explain in the article why survey sites are not worth it. I came to the same conclusion with SurveySavvy as well. Still, I will explain how the process of making money on SurveySavvy works.

You can earn $1-2 per answered survey which sounds good at first. But there are a few things that you should know about SurveySavvy.

How Does SurveySavvy Work?

First, you need to sign up and create a profile. This takes probably just 30 seconds or so. Then they send you a confirmation message to your email and by clicking the link you can confirm your account.

Now you are supposed to receive your first surveys and start earning money but it isn’t that simple. You need to keep on waiting until they have the first surveys available for you. However, it can take a long while.

is surveysavvy a scam

This is a typical message in SurveySavvy.

When you get your first survey you are supposed to answer their questions diligently. But I want to let you know that you will be disqualified from most surveys because they want to have very targeted people to answer them.

It means that you answer a few pre-qualifying questions and then they show you a message, “Unfortunately you weren’t qualified for this survey. Try again next time.” You can imagine your feeling after trying to qualify more than 5 surveys and you always get the same message and earn $0.

If you have finally… Finally, qualified to some surveys and earned a few bucks you can cash out your money. But do notice that you don’t get the money immediately through PayPal because they don’t have such option. They only pay by paper check and it can take up to 3 months that you get the payment after you’ve reached their payment limit (which is fortunately only $1).

=> Tired of Low Paying Survey Sites? Learn How You Can Earn Much More Money Online! (I’ll Teach You Hand by Hand)

At this point you may be asking, are there any better ways to earn money on SurveySavvy. The answer is, not really. But they do have a referral program and I’ll explain how it works.

SurveySavvy Referral Program

SurveySavvy works like any other referral/affiliate program. You share your link with your friends and followers. They sign up and earn money through SurveySavvy and then you earn a commission.

An interesting thing is that they have a 2 tiered referral program that helps you to earn not only earn a fee from your direct referrals (people who you’ve invited), but also from the referrals of your referrals (so from people they invited as well).

If you really want to try SurveySavvy, then you can use my referral link to support my blog. But as I said above, I don’t use this website myself and I think it’s not worth it.

is surveysavvy a scam

This is how it looks inside the referral center of SurveySavvy.


SurveySavvy Reviews & Complaints

I wanted to take a look what other people are thinking about SurveySavvy and if they are enjoying this website. However, I became obvious quite quickly that also other bloggers and SurveySavvy users admit that the earning potential is too low.

Some websites may share their referral link in order to earn money through referrals but honest bloggers don’t seem to promote SurveySavvy for their audience.

There are 128 reviews of SurveySavvy on SurveyPolice in total and the average rating is only around 2 out stars out of 5. That’s very bad because most services get 3-5 stars. It’s quite rare to see any website getting so low rating like SurveySavvy.

I want to show you a couple of examples of newest user reviews:

Is SurveySavvy a Scam

Michael hasn’t earned a dime through Survey Savvy during the past 6 months. Sounds bad.

Is SurveySavvy a Scam

Steven doesn’t get qualified for surveys either. That’s why it’s just a total waste of time.

Is SurveySavvy a Scam

Christina didn’t earn a single dime through SurveySavvy either. She tried to install SurveySavvy to earn extra $5 per month but it totally messed up her phone.

Notice that all these reviews are written in this month August 2017. I couldn’t find any recent review that would have given SurveySavvy more than 2 stars out of 5. That’s a big sign for you and me that we definitely shouldn’t use this website.

Conclusion – Is SurveySavvy Worth It?

SurveySavvy is not a blatant scam but as we clearly saw on SurveySavvy reviews, it’s still just a waste of time. I’m not going to waste even a single minute more on their website and I recommend that you don’t use it either.

You may be wondering why am I so “negative” with survey sites. Well, the truth is that I believe that every day and every hour is important. You have only one life so why would you waste it answering online surveys that pay only $5 per month.

Some people say they just make some extra income and relax while answering surveys. Well, why wouldn’t you relax and make 10 times more extra income by doing much more interesting activities online?

I find affiliate marketing fascinating because you can build your business literally without any initial investments. Still, you can see your business growing all the time and more income coming in. During the past months, the traffic of has literally skyrocketed because more and more people are finding our site. It also means that more people learn how to earn money online.

Which one would you prefer? Going to 9 to 5 job for the rest of your life or build an online business so you can work wherever you want whenever you want and earn possibly 100 times more than in a regular job. I prefer to choose the latter. 😉 Of course, it requires lots of hard work and results don’t come in a day. But after all, it’s better to think long term than short term.


What do you think about SurveySavvy and other survey sites? Do you also think they are not worth the hassle?

Have you already tried to make money with affiliate marketing?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Is Megatypers a Scam or Legit? – Is $250 Per Month Possible?

Is MegaTypers a Scam or Legit? That’s a question you should ask yourself before using endless hours trying to earn money through their website. They promise you good earnings (up to $250 per month) on their homepage but is MegaTypers an honest company?

In this review, I’m gonna explain how you can make money through their website and how big is your earning potential. I’ll also show what other reliable online marketers and normal people are saying about this website.

is megatypers a scam or legit

MegaTypers website promises easy money which is a first scam sign.

Megatypers Review

Name: Megatypers (also ProTypers)

Founded: 2012

Type: Solve Captchas to Earn Money

Short Review: It’s possible to earn money on MegaTypers by solving captchas but your hourly “salary” will be only something like $0,10-0,50 per hour. You can earn more by referrals but that’s also quite time-consuming and earning potential is much lower than on many other websites.

Just one quick comparison: Top earners on MegaTypers earn $250 per month while top earners on Wealthy Affiliate make tens of thousands of month. I gathered 5 examples on this article. All of them make +$10,000/month online.

MegaTypers Review 2017 – Video Version

If you prefer watching a video instead of reading a text, I recommend taking a look at my video review of MegaTypers below. In the end of the video, I also reveal a list of better ways to make money online. You can take a look at them here.

What Is MegaTypers?

MegaTypers is a website that pays their members for solving captchas. If you don’t know what they are captchas, I recommend taking a look this article where I explain what they are. MegaTypers is a quite similar website to 2Captcha where your earning potential isn’t very huge.

But why are they advertising $200-250 monthly earnings on their homepage? Are they really possible? Yes, it’s possible to earn $200 per month with MegaTypers and I’ll explain further how and whether it’s worth trying or not.

In my opinion, company’s name MegaTypers is a bit misleading because at least I thought it would be something related to writing. I thought it’s a freelance marketplace and you could earn money by writing articles for clients. But no. It’s a website where you will solve captchas. What do you think about their name? Is it misleading also in your opinion?

How to Make Money on MegaTypers?

You will be given a captcha image after another. You need to solve them as quickly as you can. The faster you solve, the more money you can potentially earn. You will earn $0,45-1,5 for solving 1,000 captcha images.

I know it doesn’t sound very much because it isn’t. It will most likely take several hours to solve 1,000 captchas and earn $0,45-1,5. In the other words, your “salary” will be clearly below $0,50 per hour. My estimation is that most people earn something like 10-20 cents per hour on MegaTypers.

Are there other ways to earn money on MegaTypers? Yes, they have a referral program and we’re gonna take a closer look at it now.

MegaTypers Referral Program – Earn 10% for Referral’s Earnings

In order to sign up to MegaTypers, you need an invitation code from a current member. My invitation code is, for example, “DH8S”. You can use that for signing up if you want to try their service. Then I will earn 10% of all of your earnings. When you earn $10 I get $1. If you earn as much as $100, I get $10 passive income.

is megatypers a scam or legit

MegaTypers affiliate area

Is MegaTypers Referral program as good as it sounds? Well, not really. You would need to have hundreds of referrals to earn any significant income. MegaTypers says that their top earners are making +$200 per month. I assume that those guys have thousands of referrals.

Why would you aim for $200 per month when you can earn much more on other services. Top earners on MegaTypers earn $200 per month but on Wealthy Affiliate, top earners are already multimillionaires. Of course, it’s a completely different to earn money through affiliate marketing than solving captchas. Affiliate marketing is for those people who really want to earn good money but captchas are just for people who just want to kill their time somehow.

Megatypers Reviews & Complaints

There are tens of reviews of MegaTypers on the Internet and I was curious to see what other people are saying about their service. Other people had also come to a conclusion that MegaTypers isn’t worth it.

There are 28 MegaTypers reviews on and most of them gave the website only 1 star out of 5. Only 5 people gave MegaTypers 4 or 5 stars and it seems that they just don’t know about more profitable ways to earn money online.

Many people reported that MegaTypers can ban and freeze your account when you are about to withdraw some money. Then they can reduce your balance from $5 to $0,50 or something similar. Imagine that you have used endless hours to earn that $5 on MegaTypers and then they just ban your account. I don’t know why they are doing it but it seems that they are not very legitimate.

is megatypers a scam or legit

Trang’s account was banned and he’s sure that MegaTypers is a scam.

is megatypers a scam or legit

Sher had also similar experiences. His account was banned also and he got very disappointed.

Some rumors say that MegaTypers would be closing their service soon. I don’t have any official information about that. If you know something about it, I would love to hear in the comments below.

All in all, most MegaTypers reviews can be summed up in 2 sentences:

  1. “They pay extremely little money.”
  2. “When you reach your cash out limit MegaTypers is gonna ban your account.”

I still want to mention that some people have cashed out money from MegaTypers but there are not any guarantees.

Conclusion – Is Megatypers Worth It?

MegaTypers is not worth the hassle. It would take so much time to earn your first dollars and still you can’t be sure whether they’re gonna pay you or not. As we saw above, many accounts were banned just right when they were supposed to get paid.

If you are looking for earning money by writing articles, you can use for example these websites:

All of them are reliable companies and pay their writers honestly. I have used them a lot of buying articles for my websites. If you’re a good writer, you will find small business owners who are willing to pay you quite well for writing articles.

However, I don’t myself earn money as a freelance writer anymore. I got offered some gigs recently but I turned them off because I prefer earning passive income through affiliate marketing. It’s much more profitable in the long run and also highly rewarding. Every word you write adds up and build your own business.

If you would like to earn money with affiliate marketing like I do, I highly recommend starting a free step-by-step training on Wealthy Affiliate. It’ll walk you through every step you need to take to build a successful online business. I’ll offer my 1-on-1 support and mentor when you join through my website. You can then ask privately any questions what you want.

Is It Profitable to Solve Captchas for Earning Money Online?

There are several similar websites to MegaTypers where you can earn money by solving captcha codes. However, my experiences show that kind of websites usually never pay you enough. They are even worse than survey sites if we think about the earning potential.

You can’t reach even $1 per hour salary by solving captchas. In my opinion, that’s quite bad. A much wiser choice would be to go to work to McDonald’s. 😉 But of course, there are many great ways to earn money online that are way more profitable than McDonald’s.

I would like to remind you about the important principle: “Easy comes, easy goes.” Anything worthwhile in life requires work and efforts. That’s why you can’t earn a good income by filling out captchas or answering online surveys. They offer so-called “easy money” but the downside is that easy money doesn’t equate to a big amount of money.

Jim Rohn and his mentor Earl Shoaff shared always the following principle, “You earn based on the value that you bring to the marketplace.” The more value you bring, the more money you earn. What are the ways that you could increase your value?

At the moment I am offering value to people through blogging and creating websites. It seems to work even better than I thought and I have exceeded goals that I set myself for this year. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate community and training.


What do you think about earning money by solving captchas? Is it too slow in your opinion as well?

What are the most profitable ways to earn money online in your experience?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding MegaTypers or earning money online, in general. I’ll be happy to give you a personal reply.


Earn Money While Listening to Music! – Is Music Xray a Scam?

Wouldn’t it sound fun to earn money by listening to music? Especially if you are a music lover, it may sound very intriguing. You may be wondering if it’s really possible or not. If you have already some experience of making money online, you can be thinking that the reward is probably very low.

Anyhow, in this article I am going answer all of your questions, “Can you really make money with MusicXray?” “Is Music Xray a Scam?” “How much money can you earn?” etc. If you don’t get the answer immediately, you can always drop a question below and I will answer all of your comments and questions personally.

I have experience of more than 300 make money online opportunities so you can be 100% sure that I know what I’m talking about. 😉

Music Xray Review

Name: Music Xray

Type: Earn Money by Listening to Music Online

Short Review: You can earn some little cash for playing Music Xray but the income is close to nothing. If you like listening to music, you can try it out but the income is so small that I wouldn’t use it for that reason. If you are looking for better ways to earn money online, have a look at My #1 Recommendation for making money online.That program taught me to make a living online and nowadays I have a freedom to live wherever I want in the world.

is music xray a scam

Music Xray Homepage

What Is Music Xray?

Music Xray is a website where you can earn money by listening to music. There are a few similar services on the Internet. You may know Slice the Pie, for example. As you can already assume, earning potential with such websites is very small. In my opinion, it’s mainly a psychological trick to get more members.

If you are an artist or an aspiring musician, you can get feedback for your songs through Music Xray. It naturally costs something but it can be worth it if you get great feedback from listeners.

On the other hand, many members join Music Xray mainly because they hope to earn some extra cash instead of giving you the best feedback. It means that feedback for your songs can be sometimes quite monotonic: “Great song. I like it.” “Thank you for creating this song.” But of course, some members give more valuable feedback.

Next, we’ll take a closer look at the process of making money on Music Xray.

How to Make Money on Music Xray?

Let’s go through the process of making money on Music Xray step-by-step.


Naturally, you need to register first. You can choose from 3 different account types: Music Artist, Music Fan or Music Industry Professional. If you want to earn some extra cash with Music Xray, you would choose Music Fan. Other two account names are quite self-explanatory.

Here’s a video how Music Xray advertises their opportunity for their prospects: (Notice that they are advertising Music Xray here so the video is promotional.)


You need to choose your favorite genres and bands before you will get any new offers. Then you have a chance to get their offers but you still need to wait for a while. Music Xray will send you email invitations so that you can listen to new songs. It may take a moment or two.

2.Wait for Their Emails

When the time passes you will get offers to your email for listening to new songs. Then you’ll click their link and start listening.

3.Listen to Songs and Give Feedback

You need to listen to one song at least 30 seconds before you can give feedback. They ask you a couple of questions so the artist will get some valuable insights about their song. For each song that you listen, you will earn $0,10 = 10 cents. Sounds like easy money but read further to find out if it really is.

4.Cash Out!

Music Xray has a payout minimum of $20. It means that you need to give feedback to at least 200 songs before you can get any money out of their website. You can imagine how much time it will take. You will need to check your emails regularly, listen to songs, answer their questions, etc… 200 times! Before earning your first dollars. (They will pay you through PayPal.

You can already see that the earning potential from Music Xray is very low. If you are interested in better ways to earn money online, just click the picture below. I’ll show you the way how I learned to make a living online.

Click the Picture If You Are Interested in Earning Money Online.

Music Xray Reviews & Complaints

I have read several reviews of Music Xray. I’m always interested in hearing what other people have to say about these money-making opportunities. Here are some phrases what people said. I have added my comments below their reviews.

  • “It’s fun to earn money by listening to music.”

If it really is fun, you can go for it. However, you should think it rather as a hobby that takes your resources (time) rather as a good money-making possibility.

  • “The payout is so small that I’m just wasting my time.”

Many members realize that Music Xray pays only very little. Even though you could earn 10 cents for each song that you listen to, there are not enough songs available for you.

  • “No songs available. I can’t earn anything!”

In Music Xray, you need to patiently wait for new songs and opportunities. They don’t offer you new songs all the time. If you could listen to their songs non-stop, you could earn almost $5 per hour. But in reality, your earnings with Music Xray are closer to $1 per hour.

  • “I couldn’t listen to a song even though they sent me an offer.”

If you want to listen to Music Xray songs, you need to be checking your email regularly. Otherwise, offers are gone when faster members go and check the offers first. Checking emails all the time to look for Music Xray offers can be a huge time-waster and a distraction if you would like to concentrate on more important things.

All in all, Music Xray reviews are not very positive. Have a look, for example, in the picture below. The payout is even smaller than in online surveys and you can’t earn passive income through Music Xray.

is music xray a scam

Music Xray rating is only 1,5 out of 5 on one website based on 17 user reviews.

Conclusion – Is Music Xray Legit Or a Scam?

Music Xray pays their members so it’s definitely a legitimate company. However, I am not using their services myself because the pay out is so small. There are a million more profitable ways to earn money online.

I enjoy listening to music and it would be nice to get paid for that but with Music Xray, you will only earn something very little. I’d rather divide my time like this: 1.Work to earn money and 2.Listen to music to relax. Then I will earn many times more than I would make from Music Xray and I’ll enjoy the music more as well.

With Music Xray, you need to accomplish several other tasks in addition to listening to music. Check your email regularly, click their emails, give feedback and ratings, etc.

If you are interested in earning money online, I recommend taking a look at Wealthy Affiliate. Their training has taught me and thousands of other people all around the world to earn a living online. At the moment they have already more than 850,000 members (and counting).

I know also many music-lovers who are making money through Wealthy Affiliate. One amateur musician called Alex Sol, for example, achieved a great success. He has been making +$10,000/month online with WA-training. Some people make less but that’s just an example. If you want to earn only some extra income, that’s also fine. Who wouldn’t like extra $500 per month?


What do you think about Music Xray? Have you tried similar services?

What are your favorite ways to earn money online?

Let’s discuss in the comments below! 🙂

I’ll be more than happy to reply personally to all of your questions and comments. I love hearing your thoughts.