OneOpinion Review – Can You Earn $100 or $1 Per Day?

Do you love taking surveys? You may want to take surveys and then get paid from the program. We are going to have a closer look at OneOpinion which is one of the review websites in the USA. OneOpinion has a lot of members but there are also some complaints from their members because they do not earn as much money as they expect. Read our OneOpinion review to find out if their service is good for you or not.

OneOpinion Review

Name: OneOpinion
Price: Free
Owners: Unknown
Field: Online Surveys

Overall Rank: 25 of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

OneOpinion Review
UPDATE: When I am trying to enter OneOpinion website, it doesn’t let me in. That’s not a good sign 

OneOpinion Overview

OneOpinion is a program that is created for those who want to earn money by taking surveys from OneOpinion. Therefore, this is not a good recommendation for you because taking a survey is not possible to earn a lot of money. For those who want to earn a lot of passive income online, they should not join OneOpinion.

OneOpinion is really simple and everybody can join freely, easy to participate, and fast to earn money as it is said according to the website description. Then, it is also said that it is so interesting where you can try some new products before other people try them. And all of the members can get rewards every time they take surveys, sharing their opinion with others, and earn money quickly.

How it is only a trick of the owner to attract people to join. In fact, once you join this program, then you cannot earn money so easily. It is better for you to leave this program and do not waste your time by taking unprofitable surveys.

What is OneOpinion Product?

OneOpinion does not sell a product, but it offers a survey program for everybody to earn money. Here, all of the people can sign up to OneOpinion and then they will have a chance to take surveys. Just like other survey websites, all of the surveys are provided by OneOpinion sponsors who advertise their products on OneOpinion. The numbers of the sponsors are undefined and we do not know how many sponsors available.

As it is mentioned, the payment of taking a survey on OneOpinion program is too small and it is not that easy to earn money from taking a survey. Taking surveys from OneOpinion is only wasting time because you will not be rich if you join this program.

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Who is OneOpinion for?

It is undeniable that all of the people who have access to the internet they have a chance to earn money online. Therefore, as it also works on OneOpinion in which all of the people can join and earn money online by taking surveys and sharing their opinions.

So, OneOpinion is for anybody who wants to join, especially for the US citizens. You also need to know that not all of the people can become a member of OneOpinion. You may not be allowed to access OneOpinion website if your geographic location is not included in their system. You need to be the US citizens so that you can join this program.

It is not a big deal at all for those who are living outside of the USA because OneOpinion only has a survey program that is not a good choice to earn money. You may ignore this program because it is not a good way to earn money online. A much better way is, for example, affiliate marketing or blogging.

How to Make Money with OneOpinion?

It is really easy and simple if you want to earn money from OneOpinion according to the website description. You only need to sign up on their website, and then become a member. After that, you will get some notifications about some surveys that you have to take.

You can take some surveys that they give to you. But, we do not know how many surveys available in one day. OneOpinion has a lot of members who may take the surveys that can reduce the opportunity to take a lot of surveys in a day. You cannot even earn 1 dollar in one day when you join this program.

OneOpinion Review
Blogging is much more profitable than answering surveys

What about the price of OneOpinion?

Since it is not selling a product, so everybody can join freely. You can join OneOpinion for free and becomes a member of OneOpinion. Everybody is important for them because when they have a lot of members, then they will also get more sponsors.

In this case, the sponsors will pay OneOpinion and OneOpinion will pay you when you take some surveys. This is really simple and easy, but you will never make it because it is just a survey. Everybody knows that the payment of taking a survey is very small. It will only waste your time to take a survey from OneOpinion.

Is OneOpinion a Scam or Legit?

According to the observation, OneOpinion is not a scam but it does not mean that OneOpinion is a good choice to earn money. If it is seen from the website that they have, It seems that the website looks real and does not use free web hosting.

Besides, they also have a contact number to call. It means that the members can call the customer service anytime or send an email. Overall, OneOpinion does not look like a scam but you are not recommended to join this program because it is only a survey website that will never be your path to earn money.

OneOpinion is not the only website that provides surveys to earn money. All of those survey websites including OneOpinion are not a good choice if you want to be rich. Perhaps, OneOpinion is not a scam because they have a good website and a customer service line number to call, but OneOpinion only provides surveys that may only give a very small payment. Therefore, you must not choose this website for any reasons if you do not want to waste your time.

Pros and Cons of OneOpinion

Pros :

–    Everybody is free to join

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–    It is simple and easy according to website description.

–    OneOpinion has 24 hours customer support.

Cons :

–    It is only for the US citizens.

–    It only provides surveys to earn money.

–   You cannot earn money from taking a survey that easy.

–    The website is not accessible unless you are in the US.

–    No chance to become rich from this website.

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Have you tried survey sites yourself? What did you like?

Have you tried also more profitable ways to make money online?

By Roope Kiuttu

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  1. Hi Roope,

    thanks for sharing about the OneOpinion. Earning money through taking survey is slow and inconsistent. I personally try it before and it require a lot of time commitment. Beside, it didn’t generate as much job satisfaction as writing blog are, as you are not doing something that you like and you don’t enjoy it.

    1. Hi Tan,

      I have heard the same experience from many other people and I can relate as well. When I first time looked for ways to make money online I stumbled upon survey sites. Then I realized that the earning potential was extremely low.

      I am happy that I found Wealthy Affiliate because it’s generating me passive income every month. And the dollar amount is growing all the time.


  2. OneOpinion seems to be the same as other survey sites that I have encountered.

    Your review basically shows that they aren’t very good options for making money online. OneOpinion may be easy to sign up for just don’t count on making any real money with them!

    Can you suggest a better option?

    1. Hi Chris,

      you are right. Survey sites are easy to sign up and make little money but in the long run they are just a waste of time.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a much better option to make money online. They provide everything you need to run a successful online business:

      -High quality online business training by successful online entrepreneurs

      -Domain hosting

      -Website builder

      -Keyword tool

      -Comments for your website

      -Community and support

      -Live Chat

      What else would you need to succeed? 😉

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