Is Spare5 a Scam? Read My Latest Review Here!

Update: 12th of September 2018

I have just created an updated Spare5 video review for you and published it on YouTube.

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“Earn money for free! Just complete simple tasks and you’ll get paid.” That’s a mantra of get-paid-to sites and Spare5 is drumming the same message. If you are looking for an honest Spare5 review, you have come to the right place.

In this review, I will answer questions like, “Is Spare5 a scam? How much money can I earn? Is the website worth it? Are there better ways to earn money online?

I recommend spending the next 2 minutes with me when I show you how this opportunity works. Let’s go!

is spare5 a scam
Spare5 Homepage

Spare5 Review

Name: Spare5

Type: GPT Site. Accomplish Micro Tasks to Earn Pocket Money.

Short Review: Spare5 is a legitimate website that pays their members honestly. The drawback is that it’s hard to earn money through their website because the rewards are so small. In my opinion, it’s not worth it to spend time on sites like this one unless your passion is to complete some mindless tasks (Just kidding! 😉 )

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What Is Spare5?

Spare5 looks like a typical Get-Paid-To (GTP) site that pays you for accomplishing mini tasks. You can use their app on your desktop or on your Apple device. However, it’s not so typical GPT-site because they have a little different task than other sites.

Usually, you get paid for watching videos, answering surveys downloading games, etc. but on Spare5 you get paid for helping computers to understand pictures or providing keywords about some images.

The company isn’t so old like some big GPT sites including ClixSense, PrizeRebel, etc. Still, Spare5 has done good job and the popularity has been rising rapidly during the last year (as you can see in the picture below).

is spare5 a scam
Recently Spare5 has gained much more popularity than before.

I believe you are very interested in how to earn money with Spare5. Let me show you the process and give a few ideas about the earning potential.

How to Make Money with Spare5?

First, you need to sign up which takes only around 5 seconds. You get inside immediately by using your Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or email account.

Following picture explains in a nutshell how Spare5 works.

is spare5 a scam

So, basically there are 4 steps to get paid through Spare5:

  1. Sign up
  2. Wait for tasks
  3. Accomplish tasks
  4. Cash out (they pay each Friday if you have reached the minimum threshold)

After signing up you get an opportunity to earn a couple of cents right away by filling out your profile ($0,10 reward) and doing some introductory tasks ($0,01 reward for each).

is spare5 a scam
You can earn maximum $0,01 per each introductory task.

Then you need to wait for real tasks to become available. If you have experience of GTP or survey sites you know that sometimes you need to wait for a long while before they give you new tasks. The time varies on Spare5.

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The following picture explains what kind of tasks you will receive.

is spare5 a scam

This may sound like a Hebrew at first. However, there’s nothing complicated with tasks in reality and even a little child could accomplish them.

For example, in “Provide Keywords” section you help companies to develop algorithms to learn what photo is about. You just need to give keywords like you can see in the image above. “Woman, Clouds, Dog, etc.”

On isolate elements section you are also helping computers to understand pictures better. Spare5 has created some tutorial videos where they explain the meaning of those tasks more in detail. Have a look at this short 33-second video. It gives you the idea of Segmentation on Spare5.

Doing this kind of tasks can be fun for a while but most people report it gets boring if you do it for a long time. Another aspect that makes it boring that you are only earning cents and nothing significant.

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Spare5 Referral Program

Spare5 offers also a referral program that helps their committed users to earn money.

In order to participate referral program you first need to spend some time accomplishing tasks yourself so you get familiar with the platform and you know how it works. Then they’ll give you a personal referral link that you can share with your friends and followers.

When somebody joins through your link and cash outs $10 you’ll earn $2 and he’ll get a $1 bonus.

You can earn up to $20 for each referral. So, if someone earns $100 during the first 180 days, you’ll get 10 times a $2-bonus and you’ll friend gets 10 times a $1 bonus. So you’ll get extra $20 in total and your friend makes $10 extra in total. I hope this made it clear.

I don’t usually share referral links to GPT sites even though I know that I could earn money by doing so. I don’t use these sites actively myself because the earning potential is so low. That’s why I also recommend more profitable websites for you.

Getting Paid on Spare5 

You can cash out the money easily through PayPal or you can give it to charity through their webstie. Minimum cashout limit on Spare5 is $5. It used to be $1 but now they have raised the bar (probably to reduce their work).

Spare5 pays weekly every Friday if you have reached the cashout limit. However, reaching even that $5 isn’t so easy on their website if there aren’t new tasks available.

Spare5 App – Available for Apple

Spare5 has also a mobile app that is available on Apple’s App Store. Many people have asked whether they have also Spare5 app for android but at least at the moment that doesn’t exist. The company said already a year ago that it’s on their priority list and should be coming out soon. The future will show if it appears…

Spare5 Reviews & Complaints

Many people who were looking for ways to make some extra cash online during the past years. They shared their opinions on the Internet and I took a look at them.

It seems that those people who are satisfied with earning only cents and pennies like Spare5. They don’t probably know about better ways to earn money online.

Then most people who just try Spare5 for a little while. They realize it isn’t worth the time and they move on.

is spare5 a scam
“tpicks” talks about challenges of reaching the payout limit. She still hopes there would be more and better paying jobs on Spare5.
is spare5 a scam
“morgoodie” has stopped using Spare5 because it’s hard to even reach the payout limit.

The website itself works and the company is legitimate. However, as we can see also from those comments the earning potential just is very small.

Conclusion – Is Spare5 Worth It?

If you want to earn money, Spare5 isn’t worth it. People try to earn $5 per week through this website while I earn $30 in one hour on OneHourTranslation or sometimes $200 while I’m sleeping by following Wealthy Affiliate training and principles.

Trying to reach $5 cashout limit by completing their tasks just isn’t worth it. You could rather think it as a game than as a money-making opportunity.

For two years I have helped people like you to make money online on I have reviewed more than 300 opportunities and my #1 recommendation is still Wealthy Affiliate. Their training really works and every day I see new people sharing their successes inside the community.

I want to remind that it’s not a get-rich-system. You need to put in the work to make money but the potential is great. I know several people who are making more than $10,000 each month. My persona goal is to reach that mark next year but now I am happy that the website has helped me to make a living on the Internet.

Would you like to learn as well?

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What do you think about Spare5 and other GPT sites?

What are your favorite ways to earn money online?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you have any questions about making money online, I would be more than happy to help you out. Just leave a comment below and I’ll reply.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I am on Spare5, I have not mande any money with Spare5. However, I am certain that it is not a scam program. I know many people who have made money with spare. It does not make you rich, however, there is no harm in trying Spare if you have time and want to make a few bucks in your spare time.

  2. I think GPT sites are slow and it always takes longer to reach cashout especially for international users. I still feel it is legit because it pays but I don’t advice anyone to expect much.

    I tried similar sites where you earn from completing offers, tasks and surveys. I never cashed out because it takes months to reach payout. If there was a donate option, I would have already donated my earnings since I am not active on those sites anymore. I prefer writing articles and paid to post forums. 😀

  3. This actually sounded good for me at first since I do like the idea of just filling in some keywords and identifying images, and I’m glad that they are legit, but just by looking at your review and remembering all similar GPT sites I’ve joined before, it does sound like it would take forever to get to even just $5.

    I guess it would be good enough to just have something to do in your spare time that is profitable, but even then I don’t think it is worth it because it will probably take months to get to a measly $5 and probably the only way to get that quicker is to sell the program itself and get referrals.

    The problem is, how would you sell something to others when you know yourself that it can’t possibly be worth it or profitable to just do the job on its own without selling it to others? I think the programs like this that end up lasting for a long time and becoming successful are ones that offer the tasks as being profitable and having the referral program just be a bonus and not the other way around.

    1. You have a good point there! Referral system shouldn’t be the main focus. It’s not the main thing on Spare5 but the reality is that nobody can make really big money on their website without making tons of referrals.

  4. I think that this site would be good for someone who just wants to make a few bucks extra in their spare time. Or, if someone has no experience with earning online and this is a good starting point. It is not really worth the hassle for anyone who is seriously wanting to earn and make a living online. Places like these seem to be the stepping stones that catapult more people toward more diverse ways of earning online. Thank you for the review and the great outlay of how some of the tasks work.

  5. Another money-making venture that is just not worth it. I really do appreciate you writing these articles and keeping us abreast with these companies. Everyone wants to find a way to make money with the flexibility of the internet while spending more time with family and friends. This is definitely not an option.

    1. You’re welcome. I’m glad you liked it. Soon, I’ll publish a long list of good money-making websites and opportunities. I believe it will be very helpful for you so stay tuned! 😉

  6. In my opinion: there are tasks that are worth it and tasks that aren’t. For me anything that will make at least $3 an hour on there is worth it, which comes out to 5 cents a minute.

    So, “call hotel” tasks for $.20 – $.25 per call? Worth it. Bounding boxes tasks for $0.05 for drawing a box around an item? Very worth it.

    Those new “polygon tracing” tasks that can take up to 5 – 10 minutes? Not worth it unless each task pays at least a quarter.

    1. I understand. For me earning $3 per hour wouldn’t be worth it because I can earn, for example, for freelancing $20-45 per hour right away. It’s 10 times more than on Spare5. Also $30 per hour is possible for you.

      In addition, freelancing is just a side thing to me. I concentrate more on affiliate marketing which is building me a business that makes me money even while I’m sleeping.

  7. I have not joined to this site. I supposed to register but when I read its reviews, I decided not to go for it. I have searched this and it is a good way to earn money.

    However, the cost of the task is too low. It will take for me more time in order to reach the minimum value to redeem my earnings. Well. if the cost is even a little bit higher, I think, I will grab the opportunity to join in that site.

    1. That’s a wise decision. Spare5 doesn’t pay much so it would be more like a “charity” rather than money-making opportunity. Basically you would give them your time for free.

  8. I’ve personally tried this website and I think I have something to add to the debate: first of all, there are many sites that are waaay better options to make money online. Now that I got that out of the way, I must say that Spare5 isn’t that bad.

    Is a reliable source of income when you live in third world countries like myself. They don’t usually run out of tasks, but they assign those tasks to the Fives who are more likely to make less mistakes than the average user.

    Making 5$ a week may not seem like a great deal, but, in some places, there are not too many alternatives that don’t require having a lot of skills in a particular area to be able to make some profit.

    1. I understand your point Jesus. It may be an opportunity to earn some little money fast but I don’t recommend it as a long-term option even though you are living in a third-world country. I know people who came from third-world countries but turned their lives upside down after finding better opportunities.

      So, if you stick with sites like Spare5 for too long, you may miss better opportunities. Still, feel free to use it for earning a couple of bucks but not as a long-term solution 🙂

  9. Personally, I think that if you are looking to make reasonable amount of money online, the site isn’t worth the waste of time in it. But it would definitely be cool for freelancing beginners or college students that are looking to make a few bucks from doing minimal tasks online, it’s definitely going to be worth it for them.

    Although in Nigeria here, it’s even going to be a difficult task for some to partake in working on the site, especially when it comes to cashing out money because of no PayPal services in the country. It’s absolutely going to be impossible for one to get his or her earnings from the site.

    1. In my opinion, Spare5 isn’t worth it for freelance beginners or college students. I know college students who managed to earn thousands of dollars each month with the help of Wealthy Affiliate training. That would be much better option. Also, those freelance beginners could earn much more by freelancing or by going through WA training.

      Many websites offer also other ways to cash out your money than PayPal. For example, Payza, Payoneer, paper check and bank transfer are options on some other sites.

      1. Thanks @Roope for still taking time to explain things a little more better for me. I will definitely make sure to pass it along.

        On your further outlisting of these other websites one can use and cash out money such as Payza, Payoneer, and paper check, I really appreciate that. I will have to look into all of them and discover ones that is fully operational in Nigeria.

        Thanks once more.

  10. You are absolutely right Roope, the platform is designed wherein people can choose variety of tasks that will allow them to earn 1 – 5 cents only.

    They are legit and do pay people but the thing there is small amount of earnings and it will consume a lot of your time. The good part of this application is yo can access it anytime, everywhere because these are just like micro jobs only and only take few seconds to complete it.

  11. The site is not worth it, as long as there is no enough task that can balance the minimum cash out in a limited number of time. So it’s seems you will have to work your ass out, before you can even reach $5, and that’s not compatible with me at all. And the worst of all, is that the tasks are not even available.

    1. True. I would prefer Spare5 over online survey and GPT sites but still I don’t want to waste time on this kind of websites because there are much better opportunities.

  12. When I always search jobs online, I always encounter GTP sites like they are all around over the internet. It’s true that you will earn a little amount money here. But some people upgrade they’re accounts to earn more. But I don’t do that kind of method. I still now searching for a good online job.

  13. I thought Spare5 is a scam but not. One of my internet friend told me about this and i did not have interest in trying it. They are legit but pays a little. Why such interesting website services only offers a little earn of money? It is a chance for them to have many members only if they will pay you exactly and enough of the effort you exerted.

    1. They don’t need to pay more because some people still use their website despite the low pay. I think if all people would stop using these sites, they would need to raise their rewards.

      1. Yes Mr. Roope thats what i want to say, their website is used by many members that is why they are abusing the low rate of paying of their members. I hope they will realize soon that most of users are complaining about their site because of money they pay to users. But we can’t blame any because it really matters for those people because they do not have any source of earnings but in this type of service only.

        1. Yes, maybe it matters for them. Some people also use this kind of websites just for fun. They say it’s their way to relax. Personally, I prefer other ways to relax like spending time with friends, for example 🙂

          1. Yes spending time with friends is the best way to relax. But how can you relax if you do not have money to spend with things you need. 🙂

          2. Haha true! 😉

            Need to work hard and smart to “earn” relaxation. I once listened to a motivational teacher who said, “You need to work hard to earn your relaxation. Lazy people haven’t earned it.” Well, he was quite tough but somehow he was true.

            That’s why I enjoy working hard and smart because then I know I’ve earned the rest also.

  14. This kind of passive income are time consuming. Your electric bill is continuous and you cannot hold back the time. It’s not worthy spending time with less amount of income. It cannot even pay for your electric usage.

    1. Actually, you can’t earn passive income on Spare5 unless you have referrals who do the work for you.

      Passive income is money that you earn whether you work or not. You can earn it, for example, from your investments or from your business. I earn passive income from my websites. It means that even though I would be sleeping or laying down on the beach I earn money through my websites.

  15. Wow sir you really made a discussion about this. I knew it, it’s really not worth it. Doing this actually, for some task, is already the amount of expense in your electricity. Some are neglecting this fact. You’re earning cents but you’re wasting energy and electricity which you can use for better things. It’s really hard to earn online, affiliate program is the best option. 🙂 Thank you again sir. 🙂

    1. Haha you are definitely right!

      Spare5 wouldn’t even pay the electricity and food you need while you are accomplishing their tasks. In the other words, you are just doing their work for charity 😉

  16. Yeah i think this is not that helpful. They will only give you small rewards. Go and find some other ways to earn money online ?

  17. I think earning $5 per week from Spare5 is not really healthy for someone like me that is looking for better ways to earn money online. I tried registering on wealthy affiliate marketing that you recommended, but it seems that my country, Nigeria does not allow the run programs on the network yet. That left me disappointed for I would have started from that to earn some money as well.

      1. Thank you for the additional affiliate sites that you just recommend for me. I would check both sites right away and see how I am going to earn from affiliate marketing. If there is any question, I would probably get back to you. I felt disappointed when I couldn’t complete my registration on Wealthy Affiliate some days ago.

        1. Yeah, you can also learn affiliate marketing from other sources if you can’t use Wealthy Affiliate. Remember that making money with affiliate marketing requires work so it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme like some marketers want you to believe. However, the earning potential is great in the long run. I know several affiliate marketers who make +$10,000/month.

          1. @Roope I have actually learnt that hard way that 95% of all get-rich-quick scheme are scams and fraudsters. Most of them are ponzi in disguise the way they present it to us here in Nigeria and from several losses that I have experienced, I strongly doubt if they would be seeing me anywhere near their crazy get-rich-quick schemes.

    1. @Henry I was as disappointed as you were in finding out the this services wasn’t enabled in Nigeria. Sometimes, I start to wonder if this God forsaken country is cursed. PayPal don’t work, now a good promising marketing program like Wealthy Affiliate marketing that would go a long way in solving most people financial crisis isn’t working here as well. What a messed up country.

  18. This is actually the first site that has a desktop app so that aspect kind of interested me. It’s unique and different and makes me want to believe that they are much better than other similar sites. But then I read more of your review and it seems that they are pretty much the same. Most of these sites have such low earning opportunities that they are just not worth the time.

      1. Yeah, that is the same as me. I want to try and spend as much time as I can on things that can actually benefit me. And when I do want to kill some time I would much rather do something much more enjoyable and fun rather than waste my time on a site like Spare5. I really don’t see why people bother with these sites to be honest.

  19. I know this website and it didn’t have many tasks for me so it is kind of useless. If you can’t make money to cash out then there’s no point in completing the tasks. Also, the segmenting tasks are a bit difficult to do. For me it wasn’t worth it.

    1. Aa you have tried this website? There are like two basic challenges with this kind of GPT-sites if we would like to earn money there:
      1.They don’t have enough tasks available.
      2.They give only low rewards for accomplishing their tasks.

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