Is Clixsense a Scam or Legit? – Let’s Face the TRUTH!

Is ClixSense a scam

Clixsense Review – Is Clixsense a Scam or Legit?

Is ClixSense a scam

Name: ClixSense
Price: Standard membership is free, Premium $17/year.
Owners: Jim Grago

Overall Rank: 50 out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

People Have Earned Over $17,700,000.00 in ClixSense!

ClixSense Review

This is a big business! Lots of money is transferred through ClixSense and it, of course, raises the curiosity.

“Could I make money with this also?”

“If other people are making money in ClixSense why couldn’t I?

Is natural to have that kind of feelings. Today, I will reveal you what I have learned about ClixSense and show if it’s really possible to make big (or any) money with their service.

I warn you. Today I am going to be completely honest and unbiased. It can be shocking for the some readers.

Okay, now as I have warned you, let’s take a closer look to ClixSense. Here is a video that I made about Clixsenses to give you a better picture of it. I will also quickly show explain why it’s not worth it.

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What Is ClixSense All About?

is clixsense a scam

In the picture above you can see how you can make money in ClixSense.

Shortly said there are three main ways:

1.Complete little tasks = Click ads, visit websites, answer surveys and so on.

2.Referring others = Invite other people to join ClixSense and make money for the each referral.

3.Discount or cash back shopping = When you buy something you may get a little discount or cashback.

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How Much Money Can You Make in ClixSense?

I will show you how much money you can make in ClixSense and which way is the most lucrative one.

But first, let me mention that there are two different memberships.

1.Standard membership. Free = $0.
2.Premium membership. $17/year.

With the premium membership, your earnings are 2x bigger than with the standard membership.

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There are many kinds of surveys in ClixSense. Answering a survey takes 5-20 minutes and you can earn between $0,40 to $1,35 for answering one survey.

I managed to answer one survey in under 5 minutes and earn $1,35 but that’s probably the best that you can have there. Then I spent about 15 minutes just realizing that they don’t qualify me to take part of to most of the surveys. The result: $0,50 made in 15 minutes. Doesn’t sound very lucrative.

2.View Ads and Visit Websites

In this section, you just need to click on the ads to make money. Cool and easy, huh?

Well, it may be easy but it’s far from cool! Look at the image below

You get paid only $0,001 per ad!


Imagine, how long it would take to earn even $1 when you are getting paid only $0,001 per ad.

When you click the add you will be taken to the website where you will have 5 images and you need to click the image where is a cat. This ensures that you are not the bot.

Then you need to stay on the website for at least 5 seconds in order to earn $0,001.

Let’s imagine that every one ad takes 10 seconds in total (loading and cat image takes time).

It would take 2 hours and 46 minutes to earn $1 by clicking those ads!

3.Earn ClixCents by Doing Tasks and by ShoppingClixsense ReviewThere are many ways to earn Clixcents: (one Clixcents equals to $0,01 and 100 Clixcents equal to $1)

  • Watch videos
  • Register to different services
  • Download mobile apps
  • Play games
  • Etc.

There are Free offers and Paid offers

By accomplishing free offers you usually earn 1 or 2 clixcents which equal to $0,01 and $0,02. Doesn’t sound very lucrative.

Paid offers can be better and you can earn even 2000 clixsents ($20!). Usually, these paid offers work in a way that you buy something and you get the discount.

The problem with these paid offers is that you are actually spending money instead of earning. We are looking for ways to make money on the Internet, not new ways to waste it!

Okay okay, maybe you can find some offer for the product that you were about to buy and then you get a little discount. It’s possible but the reward is not so huge again. Most of the time your discount will be less than $5.


In this section, you will have a picture where is the 30 x 20 grid. In total there are 600 spots.

You just need to click anywhere on the picture, stay on the advertiser’s site for 10 seconds and you will know if you won or not.

If you happen to win, the reward is up to $10.

The drawback with this one is that it takes lots of time click the grids the picture and your odds to win are very small because there are 600 squares in the picture.

I clicked 10 squares so I had 10 chances to win.

The result: $0 earned. It also takes more than 10 seconds to check one square because ads take a little time to load. Even though you would have a very fast internet connection I think it takes at least 15 seconds/square.

Clixsense clixgrid

5.Referral Program

If you really want to make a significant amount of money in Clixsense you need to refer other people to join. LOTS OF OTHER PEOPLE!

As a Free member you will get paid $1 for the each referral and as a premium member, you earn $2 for the each referral.

Then you will earn money when your referral buys products or upgrade to premium. The more referrals you have, the more passive income you will make.

Remember this, people are talking good about ClixSense because they want to earn money with the referral program!!

The Best Way to Make Money with Clixsense

Most of the time you are just earning some cents in Clixsense so it’s not very lucrative.

The best way to generate some income is to get as many referrals as you can and then wait that they buy the products and you could earn commissions. But…

Why on the earth would you recommend this product to someone if you know that it takes so much time to earn even a couple of dollars?

You can see people’s income proofs on the Internet how they earned $1,000 in a year with this system or $25 in a day or something similar.

But there is one thing they don’t tell you. How much time it took to earn that money. If someone makes $25/day with this program he must be using many hours (or even the whole day) to earn that money.

With any “real job, ” they would be earning much more in the same time.

Pros & Cons


  • Free to join
  • Many different ways to earn income


  • Can be very time-consuming
  • Low return for the invested time
  • You are not qualified to all of the surveys
  • Not a big earning potential
  • Many people recommend ClixSense because they want to make money with the referral program.
  • Survey sites are not worth it

My Final Opinion of Clixsense

Is Clixsense a Scam?

N, it is not a scam but your life is valuable. So, don’t waste it by answering surveys and clicking ads to get paid $3/hour.

I know that Clixsense is one of the biggest survey sites on the Internet, it’s very reliable and it’s probably one of the best. BUT STILL! The idea of answering surveys a day in and day out for the little money isn’t very appealing.

Even if you have 1 or 2 extra hours/day don’t use it on surveys. Instead, I recommend learning the more lucrative way to make money on the Internet.

Of course, you can try this product yourself and make your own conclusion but I just say that don’t waste your time too much with this.

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Clixsense at a Glance…

Name: ClixSense
Price: Standard membership is free, Premium $17/year.
Owners: Jim Grago
Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

VERDICT: NOT RECOMMENDED. Don’t waste your time to make a little money. Aim higher!

I hope this Clixsense Review will save your time and it helps to decide if it’s good to join Clixsense or not. If you liked the review share it on the social media. 

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I am more than happy to respond you within 24 hours.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I definitely would NOT recommend this site as it is more of a pain than a potential. I would rather not go into detail about my experience for personal reasons but I’ve tried this site since it was still mainly a PTC site and the experience was just horrible!

    And careful with paying them and giving sensitive bank details to these kinds of websites, or to any kind of sites out there in general. That was my first tough online business lesson learned a few years back and it really hit me. So Clixsense really doesn’t make any sense. Sorry, but I’m obviously not a fan of this site.

    1. I completely agree with you.

      Many people are justifying their wasted time with Clixsense and other similar services by saying, “Well, at least I earned some money, that’s better than nothing!” Or something like, “Well, $5 is a big money in the Philippines!”

      However, it just still doesn’t make sense because people could be earning $50 instead of $5. And they could be earning a bigger money instead of a smaller money. So, in practice people are just wasting their valuable time with Clixsense or other similar sites that don’t reward them almost anything.

  2. I have worked on clixsense, however, I have never been able to withdraw my earning from the site. In fact I have never reached the cash ou threshold on the site. It is a legit site, howeve,r not everyone can make money here. In order to make money, you need referrals. if you do not have referals, there is no money.

    1. You have well said. Making big money with ClixSense or other similar low paying sites is pretty impossible unless you would have a ton of referrals.

      I know a guy who makes $+13,000/month nowadays by recommending all kinds of survey and “get-paid-to-finish-task” sites. He has a huge following online and thousands of referrals.

      However, I honestly don’t like that strategy because his referrals are wasting their time by completing meaningless tasks while he is earning big bucks.

  3. Time to update this review. ClixSense is no longer a PTC site, and now focuses on paid tasks and surveys only.

    1. That’s true. But the review is still correct in a way how it describes an extremely low earning potential of ClixSense. You can only earn a few dollars on that site while doing other things online you could earn thousands of dollars.

  4. Between Clixsense and PrizeRebel which one would you recommend first for anyone looking at earning money online? I have read your reviews on PrizeRebel and it looks like both the site and Clixsense are going toe to toe in terms of valuation.

      1. Alright @Roope, I felt the same way about picking PrizeRebel over ClixSense after reading the reviews on both of them. The only way one gets a reasonable pay from participating in ClixSense is through having lots of referrals in the system.

          1. Since what guarantees one making a reasonable amount of money in ClixSense is the user’s referral charts. This practically renders the system unappealing to me because there is no guarantee that you would get lots of referrals into the system in order to push up your earning margins.

  5. When you first consider that they have paid over $17 million to 6 million users it sounds like such a massive amount. But I did some quick division and it’s literally about $2.88 per user which isn’t much.

    Of course not all their users would earn this much whilst others would be making a lot more from ClixSense. I think I have actually registered on it but I haven’t bothered with it because I just don’t like sites like this. The pay is usually just not worth the time you spend on the site.

    1. True. People who have hundreds or thousands of referrals on ClixSense are making good money but those who just fill out their tasks will never make anything significant money on their site.

  6. Am not a fan of PTC or whatever names they call them but I have to say clixsense is probably the best amongst them drawing from reviews and self experience.

    I like clixsense for its different ways of earning especially micro task offered by crowdflower. I think it’s recommendable for a side income if you must.

    1. Hi Rumu,

      you are right that Clixsense is better than most GPT said. However, it’s still like 50 times worse than good income earning opportunities like Wealthy Affiliate.

      I highly recommend that you sign up to WA and start earning money there instead of wasting your time on Clixsense. I made that decision around two years ago and I’m very glad today. I could have continued wasting my time on GPT sites and earning pennies. Instead I started the training in Wealthy Affiliate and nowadays I make a living with a passive income from my websites.

  7. Hey, I’ve seen Clixsense while surfing the web. It is a good way to make pocket change but not much else. Although the upgrade to premium is very cheap at $17 a year, I believe most people won’t have the patience to click ads, play Clixgrid, or complete free offers routinely. Maybe they could have better luck with referrals though I still agree with what you’ve said in your video.

    1. Hi Chuw,

      yeah, Clixsense is a big service and many people have seen their ads on the Internet. Many people have also tried it but all people who talk to me about survey sites say that they are not worth it. I have seen that some Internet marketers are recommending it only because they want to earn money from referrals. They are not using it themselves and they wouldn’t recommend it for their friend but I think they are a bit greedy.

      Of course, one can make some money with Clixsense but why should one waste time on it while he can make 10-20 times more in a regular job and 100-200 times more by building an online business.


  8. Hi Roope, thank you for a thorough review about Clixsense, it is rather foolish to buy this product since it is not very lucrative like you mentioned. I have friends who thought that this may be her online gold mine because Clixsense offers many different ways (there are 5 right?)to earn money and the joining fee is free! The pay cheques they showed on the Internet after earning from the system may be true, but it is totally a waste of time and energy if we were to earn only very little per day for the effort we put in it. Well, what I can conclude from your article is Clixsense is truly a scam!

    1. Thank you for the comment Jenna.

      I admit that one can earn something from Clixsense and the more time they use there, the more they will earn. The problem is that the earnings are very little if we compare to the better ways to make money online.

      Why would we be satisfied with $5 from Clixsense while we can make much more passive income from our own online business? 🙂


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