Is Binary Matrix Pro a Scam? They Promise You Easy Money But…

Is Binary Matrix pro a scam

Binary Matrix Review – Is Binary Matrix Pro a Scam?

Is Binary Matrix pro a scamName: Binary Matrix Pro
Owners: Raul & C0.
Field of Industry: Binary Options
Overall Rank: 5 out of 100

Binary Matrix, Product Overview

“Binary Matrix Pro is the most advanced and profitable one-minute binary options trading software.”

That’s how they describe the program. As usual, we are not going to believe blindly these marketers but we will take a closer look and find out if it really is so profitable.

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Binary Matrix Pro
The claim by Binary Matrix Pro. Is that true?

How Does it Work?

Binary Matrix Pro is designed for trading 60 Second Binary Options for 6 currency pairs.

“60-seconds… what??”

You are trading currencies and betting if the asset will have a higher or lower price after 60 seconds. If you believe that the asset’s value will rise in 60 seconds, you would buy a call option. But if you believe that the value will go down in seconds you would buy a pull option.

If you have “guessed” right how the value goes, you make money.

Binary Matrix Pro is a system that claims to give you +80% success rate in 60-second binary options. I can say right away that +80% success rate sounds very unrealistic!

If you would have the program that knows the result +50% of the time I believe that you could already be successful. But +80%?? That sounds too good to be true.

Forget the False Promises and Start Building the Honest Online Business.

Who is Binary Matrix Pro For?

The program is made for the people who are looking for the quick and easy money making system. I believe that at least now your “scam bells” are ringing.

Always when someone is talking about the system that gives you easy money you should be ultimately careful.

“But could Binary Matrix Pro be an exception?”

I was thinking about that option but when I read about 10 reviews about this program I realized that this is not an exception.

What About Their $300 Free Bonus?Binary Matrix Pro scam

They are offering to give you $300 for free but I can say that you don’t need to watch the video understand why.

They give you this “bonus” because they want you to submit money to their trading system. You will not be able to withdraw their $300 bonus before you have fulfilled their strict rules. Most likely at that point, you have already lost $300 bonus and the money that you deposit.

It’s clear that they are not giving money for free. Instead, they are trying to milk your money.

Don’t get trapped by this company even though they offer that “huge bonus”!

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 Video by the Binary Trader

Here was a video made by Randy Churchill to warn you about Binary Matrix Pro Program.In the video, Churchill explains that the Binary Matrix Pro connections with Bloombex already makes it look unreliable.

He also shows how the system works and why it’s not worth your money and time.

You are trading 6 currency pairs: EUR – USD, USD – JPY, USD – CAD and so on.

Trading the currencies could be just okay but their system sucks. Sometimes it just loses the signal without any reason. But that’s only one of their hindrances.

Do They Provide Support?

Binary Matrix Pro complaints

The complaint that you see above is not the unique one. You will find tons of similar complaints on the Internet about this program.

One reliable marketer downloaded Binary Matrix Pro program to his computer but it didn’t work out. Then he contacted the support and waited for an answer. The support promised to fix the problem but nothing really happened.

If there is any support in Binary Matrix Pro its still very low quality and they seem to respond you only if they feel like it…

Pros & Cons


  • Hard to find any pros


  • No support
  • False promises
  • Program doesn’t work
  • $300 free bonus is made to milk more money from you

My Final Opinion of Binary Matrix Pro

Is Binary Matrix Pro a Scam? Yes, it is.

Initially, I was interested in trying this product to see more closely how it works. But after reading many reviews about it I decided that it’s not worth my money and time. And you shouldn’t invest in this program either.

There are several scams in the binary trading world and this is one of them.

If you are still interested in making money online I recommend to leave the binary options and start building a real online business that will pay off.

There is no “easy button” to online success. But there is a step-by-step training that teaches how you can start your own online business (even without former skills).

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Binary Matrix Pro at a Glance…

Name: Binary Matrix Pro
Owners: Raul & C0.
Field of Industry: Binary options
Overall Rank: 5 out of 100

VERDICT: Scam. Not Recommended.

I hope this Binary Matrix Pro Review will save your time and money. If you liked the review share it on the social media. 🙂

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I am more than happy to respond you within 24 hours.

Do you have some experiences with the binary trading programs?

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    1. You are right. I want to warn people about online scams and tell about the better ways to earn online revenue. I believe that everyone can start making money online after learning a couple of basic things from Wealthy Affiliate. The process is very simple but sometimes it takes time.

      I am very glad that you like the page!

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