Highest Paying Recurring Affiliate Programs [30% Commission & Up!]

Learn About The Highest Paying Recurring Affiliate Programs & Earn At Least 40% To As High As 200% Commission Per Sale. See Complete List Of Programs Here.
Learn About The Highest Paying Recurring Affiliate Programs & Earn At Least 40% To As High As 200% Commission Per Sale. See Complete List Of Programs Here.

Welcome to my "Highest Paying Recurring Affiliate Programs" Post!

Yesterday, I reviewed the best fitness affiliate programs you can try this year. Granted that you have read the post, please understand that we’re not in any way affiliated in any of the programs. Thus, our review is from an objective perspective.

Today, we’re going to delve into the general list of the existing affiliate programs with the highest pay at least 30% monthly commissions and up.

You can say that whatever we compiled in the list guarantees you a high-income opportunity to as high as 100% and beyond. 

Before we go through the complete details, let me first emphasize that you can’t 100% reassure you attract wealth without putting some attention on honing the vital skill set apt for this industry. 

You have to undergo this #1 recommended training to become an exceptional online marketer to ensure that you attract fortune on monthly basis. 

That means if you possess the skills of the finest marketer, you won’t have problems earning money as an affiliate marketer regardless of the program you wanted to join. Do you get what I mean? 

Now that we’re all set, shall we go through the post? Let’s dive in. 


1. Aweber

Roope “Robert” Kiuttu, the founder of Your Online Revenue Ltd and a successful affiliate marketer has been using Aweber for conversions and storing leads.​

So far, as per experience, he’s been satisfied with the level of service he has had with the platform. Thus, it’s no problem to endorse it on the list as one of the highest paying recurring affiliate programs. 

aweber get started

More than 100,000 online entrepreneurs use Aweber to boost their income!

With that being said, once you get into one of its affiliates, you’re entitled to receive around 30% recurring monthly commissions.

Once you refer someone to Aweber and purchase any of its plans, you get 30% of the shares. That’s recurring; hence, it’s passive income. 

2. Wealthy Affiliate

Your Online Revenue Ltd heavily promoted Wealthy Affiliate as one of the core programs Roope invites nonstop. Why?

He started seeing his first milestone as a successful affiliate marketer when he joined the program. So, he doesn’t have qualms promoting it either.

Below is a screenshot of how much you could get as a referral revenue after promoting Wealthy Affiliate to your users. 

Wealthy Affiliate Revenue Summary

Summary of what you can get from promoting Wealthy Affiliate to your users

The great thing about this is that you have a diverse compensation plan depending on which plans your referred user purchases. Be it monthly or yearly, you have a share of its commissions. 

3. WP Engine

The first time I came across with WP Engine was when I bought a professional-looking design for my website via StudioPress Themes.

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Based on my personal experience, I have been a satisfied client and I won’t hesitate returning to buy another design. 

Granted, when you promote WP Engine pays out as much as 35% to as high as 200% per generated sale.

If you want to get in as one of its legitimate affiliates, you have to sign up via ShareASale, their third-party affiliate marketing program I recommend myself. 

It's 100% possible to make big money with blogging but you just need to do what to do.

Not only they provide elegant, Gutenberg-ready WordPress themes, but they also provide a superb web hosting service.

The great thing about WP Engine is that they also provide a super discount from time to time, which astounds me because they could shut off the pricing to $300+ from its original package price worth $2,300+. 

So, when you promote their products, you get $200 commission in an instant and beyond, depending on the promotion they have or the kind of package your referred user purchased. 

4. Legendary Marketer

As far as becoming exceptional online marketer is concerned, Roope has been promoting Legendary Marketer, a program David Sharpe created, to his target market. You can see that on his sidebar, though. 

If you are someone as enthusiastic as Roope does, learning more skills apt for building an online business is a must. Why?​

Dan Lok, a Chinese-Canadian real estate mogul, mentioned that someone has enhanced or taken some minutes to hone their high-income skills to start attracting wealth. 

Legendary Marketer aims to aid beginner affiliate marketers possess the skills to attract wealth and opportunity to make money as much as 4-figures on the account.

For me, it’s true. You have to possess the necessary skills to stand out from the crowd. Otherwise, you’ll remain in the shadows of others barking without an audience.

You want to build an online business, affiliate marketing applies the same principle as it’s also considered an online business, too. 

When you become one of its affiliates, you can earn as much as $3,000 in a day as Roope does or $8,000 as you see in his data here. If you want to replicate that and see 4-figures in your account, click here to get started.

Roope's income from promoting Legendary Marketer in 30 days

5. Rakuten Affiliate Network

Companies like Rakuten and CJ Affiliate are the biggest affiliate marketing programs on the list. Big blogging sites like Buzzfeed and others are one of its publishers.

So, joining the network is a big leap in your blogging life. Thus, becoming one of its affiliates is a big deal and makes you leveled up as a blogger. 

Given, you have to understand that the merchants in the program are high-paying as well. So, you will take into account the skills you need to have to earn depends on the advertiser.

Like ShareASale, the commission can go high as much as 30% and beyond depending on the merchant and product you promote.

Is Rakuten Legit BBB-min

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) reveals rating summary for Rakuten.

6. CJ Affiliate

As I mentioned earlier, CJ Affiliate and Rakuten Affiliate Network are among the leading affiliate marketing programs, third-party programs, in which some products rely upon to gather as many affiliate marketers as possible. From there, you have to sign up on the platform to get access to these merchants. 

Once you get in, you can get into different programs, products, or services you like to promote on your website as much as 30% recurring monthly commissions and beyond.

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Among the products you promote are GoPro, Barnes & Noble, and more. These are big brands and only CJ Affiliate marketers have access to these.

7. Thrive Themes

Your Online Revenue Ltd uses Thrive Themes to almost everything. The most obvious feature you see on the site is the overall appearance and the pop-outs Roope implemented to generate leads. Well, that’s an obvious thing to do as a blogger. We need to make money, right? 

Consequently, he has been promoting Thrive Themes to most of his audience as a great WordPress theme and a package of reputable features every blogger needs to make money online. From pop-outs, web design, among others, this platform has those in one place. 

The great thing about this is that though it’s quite cheap for a plan worth $19 per month (with special price for annual plans, by the way), you earn as much as 50% of the recurring monthly commission rate, which is why it’s considered one of the highest paying recurring affiliate programs in the list. 

These are among the products Thrive Themes promote to its stakeholders.

8. Clickfunnels

Roope has been a fan of Russell Brunson. In fact, he’s also written a comprehensive review of his books and have tried a few of his strategies essential in generating leads online.

Just so you know, Brunson created ClickFunnels which most influencers like Grant Cardone have been using for his site as well. 

With that being said, promoting ClickFunnels to your audience will make around 40% commission rate and that’s equivalent to 4-figures because of the price rates.

The basic plan is worth $97 per month. Let’s say, you referred a user, who purchased a yearly plan worth $497. That’s $198 on your account. 

Imagine if you have a hundred of referrals from your site. How much would you get? Which is why Roope suggests you join the #1 recommended online business opportunity this year and start to make more money. 

This is among the few of Russell Brunson's products with affiliate program offers. Clickfunnels has the biggest commission rate bloggers love to promote nowadays.

9. Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach, as the name suggests, is a platform in which it allows you to reach out the media influencers in various areas from Instagram or directly to their web blogs. Given the impact of its features on many bloggers across the world, promoting it will be worth a shot.

According to its official website, the affiliate can receive as much as 30% monthly recurring commissions per user.

All you need to do is to sign up on its application form and fill in the required information they need before they review it and confirm. 

After receiving your approval notice, you can start promoting the platform to your audience and earn commissions as much as you can. To ensure you’re getting more leads, join this training and enhance your affiliate marketing skills.

Highest Paying Recurring Affiliate Programs Ninja Outreach-min

Ninja Outreach landing page with its features

10. Instapage

If Thrive Themes has already in-built landing pages with A/B Testing features, Instapage is more similar to LeadPages in which it’s structured to generate leads to as much as 400%. Well, that’s how they wrote on its official website.

Granted, they provided the best of the best products and services to its target market to ensure their customers achieve the target number of leads as they promised. Because of its effectiveness, they branched out internationally to countries like Poland and Romania. 

Given the international success, promoting Instapage to your audience would make a great deal because you’ll get as much as 50% commission per sale. That’s a big catch among the list. To learn how this platform works for you, watch the video below.

11. SEMRush

When it comes to spying your competitors, SEMRush is the best tool for that purpose. Through the features, you will know which posts garnered a lot of traffic and top spot, as well as backlinks and rankings, which deemed valuable for any marketer. 

For beginners, understanding the whole system would be a bit overwhelming; however, they provide a step-by-step tutorial with a staff per email to have a tour. I have those invitations often in my emails because I subscribed to it, too. 

Given its status as a leading marketing visibility tool for most influencers out there, including Roope himself, including SEMRush in the list is self-explanatory.

With that being said, you can try joining the company as one of its affiliate marketers and earn as much as 40% recurring monthly commissions.

Highest Paying Recurring Affiliate Programs SEMRush

SEMRush landing page with a gist of its "spying" features

12. Raven Internet Marketing Tools

Raven Internet Marketing Tools are also known as Raven Tools is an internet marketing platform that caters to the digital marketing services as well as online monitoring for the sake of analysis to perform best online to achieve optimal results.

Like SEMRush, you would need the help of these kinds of platforms to know what works and whatnot on the internet.

Since it has been an influence to most online marketers to use tools like this, promoting Raven Tools is a great thing because it will eventually bring you as much as 50% commission rate per sale. If you want to get access to its products and services, you can apply on-site and wait for its confirmation. 

How To Get Paid To Read Emails Content Image 1

Raven Tools are essential in analyzing competitors to gain traction for your site. Hence, promoting this as an affiliate attracts not only the interested bloggers and/or website owners but income.

Is It Worth Joining These Programs?

Interesting question. Why do you think it’s worth to join any of the highest paying recurring affiliate programs in the list? Certainly, it’s because they’re paying the highest among the programs out there. 

Normally, you don’t get as much as 10% in most programs, yet you have these programs offering 30% to as much as 200% commission for you.

So, it’s best to try any of these affiliate marketing programs, be it on-site or via a third-party program. It doesn’t matter actually.

is emailcashpro a scam

These affiliate marketing programs are worth your while. Try to join one and see how it works for your online business.

What you have to keep in mind that the payment options vary either via PayPal, direct bank deposit or check, which, apparently, depends on the country you are in.​

Often, the international affiliates (outside the US) are provided with either direct deposit or check as an option except for ClickFunnels with a PayPal payment option. 

Regardless, these programs are worth your effort and time. You can guarantee success in promoting their services as long as you have the necessary skills apt for the industry and the right mindset required to sustain the effort it entails. 

#1 Online Business Opportunity

You may have noticed that I have been repeating this 3 words in the post. #1 Online Business Opportunity. True, Roope wants to emphasize the power of honed strengths and transform into high-income skills to ensure success on your part.


He succeeded as an affiliate marketer for 4 years now through building his online platform, Your Online Revenue Ltd. He’s been making money without compromising his time to work and the location he wants to be. 

Yes, making money online enables you to travel around the world and an ultimate freedom but you must be willing to work for it.

Right now, he’s residing in Sofia and the past few weeks, he’s been traveling across the United States and Germany. That’s all because of this #1 recommended training he’s affiliated with.

Yet, even if he’s living abroad, he still makes money through living the laptop lifestyle. That’s all because of his determination to crack the code online. Do you want to replicate his success and travel anywhere in the world as he does? 

Click the green button below and get started today. With the right training, you’ll gain the most advantage and replicate Roope’s success and make $3,000 in a day as he did. It’s now or never, my friend.

Now that I shared my thoughts on my “Highest Paying Recurring Affiliate Programs” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with making money with affiliate programs? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you instead invest your time, money, and effort to income-generating opportunities like this?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

By Mecyll Gaspary

Hi, I'm Mecyll! I'm a full-time writer in Your Online Revenue, dedicated to dig into the world of making money with Roope. When I'm not spending time writing reviews, I'm writing novels and blog posts on my own website.


  1. Wow! Thanks for this detailed reviews on Highest paying Recurring affiliate programs. I am seeing a lot of these programs for the first time. Well I a proud member of the Wealthy affiliate platform. Great community who loves to assist any time anyday, Effective training programs too. I would like to try out Aweber tho, since it focuses mainly on email marketing

    1. Thanks Josh!

      Yeah, Aweber is a great tool. I’m paying over $200/month for that so if someone had referred me to Aweber, he would earn $800/year just of commissions of 1 person.

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