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Is Click Chores a Scam? – $10,000/month or Less… Where Did It Disappear?

Nowadays you can find hundreds of different websites where you can do some activities to earn some money and prizes. Click Chores is one of them. You will accomplish micro jobs and will be awarded for that.

Is Click Chores a Scam? Will be the first question that you should ask before joining this or any other “make money online opportunity”. As always, our purpose on is to give you the best and the most accurate information so you can make wise choices on how to spend your time and money.

Click Chores Review

is click chores a scamName: Click Chores
Founded in: 2000. Now closed and will be released by new owners in the future.
Price: Free to Join.
Field: Micro Jobs Online

Overall Ranking: 40 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Click Chores?

Even though so many sites offer money and prizes you have to make sure that sites you join are the ones you can trust. Many of our visitors have fallen into online scams have reported about it to us. I also fall once into an online scam when I was buying a new winter jacket.

Let’s take a closer look at this Click Chores website. After establishing in 2000, it became one of many sites that people want to join because it is free to sign up and you have an opportunity to make some money online.

However, with micro jobs, you will only get a micro reward. Why would you go for micro rewards if you have the potential to learn how to make even +$10,000/month online.

How Can I Withdraw Money from Click Chores

There are so many things that you can do to get points in Click Chores. First, you have to choose the activity that you want to do. 

One option (not very profitable one) is to click on advertisements.  This activity is not complicated because you just basically click ads and earn the money. But as you may imagine, the payout from this kind of activity is ultimately small.

You can also answer a different kind of surveys. You can even choose topics and questions that you want to get so that you also get the best result of your answer. But as we have discussed in many articles, online surveys are not worth it. It’s practically just a waste of time because the payout is so small.

We have reviewed more than 50 survey sites and even the best of them are not worth our recommendation.

What Happened to Click Chores?

As you can notice on their website, at the moment their service is not available. Click Chores is taken over by new owners and they are preparing a new launch. Both owners are experienced business owners and I think to earn well from Click Chores.

Notice that I said THEY will earn well. Not the members who join their service. That’s a challenge with a big part of make money online opportunities. Many times only the founders become rich but the members become even poorer.

Things are different in Wealthy Affiliate where many members have become independent business owners after joining WA and are nowadays making +$10,000/month or even more.

is click chores a scam or legit

New owners of Click Chores

Pros & Cons of Click Chores


  • There are many ways to earn money on Click Chores
  • You will get to know many new online products. Maybe this can give ideas for your own online business
  • The procedure of joining this site is quite simple and easy.


  • There have been only several people who have been successfully withdrawing the points to the money or prizes.
  • You need to use lots of time just to gather the points to get the minimum prizes. Micro jobs = Micro salary
  • The page is now down and waiting for the comeback by the new owners

You may be worried about your privacy because you need to give your personal information in order to sign up for micro jobs. But I think you don’t need to worry because this site will make sure that no one will have the access to your private information.

Conclusion – Is Click Chores a Scam?

Click Chores seems to be a legitimate opportunity to make some money online. But the thing is that you can’t earn very well there. The big question is, “Why would you build someone else’s business by accomplishing these micro jobs because you could be creating your own online business?”

Maybe you say that you don’t know how to do it? Then you have come to the right place because is dedicated to teaching people how to make a living online.

Our #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate because it has taught so many people to have a successful online business. I know personally people who have gone from 0 experience to a full-time income with Wealthy Affiliate training. Nowadays they have a freedom to live wherever they want and work whenever they want because they are earning passive income.

The same goes for my websites.  Even though I wouldn’t be working, I will always earn some passive income from my online business. That’s quite cool!

WA doesn’t cost anything to join. Instead, you will get 20 interactive video lessons and 2 professional-looking websites for free as a gift for joining.

=> Learn to Make a Full-Time Income Online!

If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate or making money online, in general, I would be more than happy to help you out in the comments below.

Click Chores at a glance…

Name: Click Chores
Founded in: 2000. Now closed and will be released by new owners in the future.
Price: Free to Join.
Field: Micro Jobs Online

Overall Ranking: 40 Out of 100


Have you ever tried micro jobs online? What kind of experiences did you have? Would you be happy to earn better money online?

Let me know in the comments below!

I always love to hear other people’s experiences about making money online. That’s why I promise to respond for every single comment personally within 24 hours.



Is YouGov a Scam? – I Wouldn’t Spend Even 1 Minute on Their Website. Check Out Why!

Many people ask a question, “Is YouGov a Scam”? Some of them may feel a little bit curious about this online product. The first thing before you get inside yougov you need to know the details about this site. Our team member on has collected you the following report about their services. I hope you will enjoy!

YouGov Review

Is YouGov a ScamName: YouGov
Founded in: 2000
Price: Free sign up
Field: News / Survey Sites

Overall Ranking: 40 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is YouGov?

Yougov is a site where you can read articles and give your opinions about them. There are many kinds of articles that you can read. Then you can involve into a discussion with other members. Once an article is published you can find the details information about the topics and how other people react to the text about certain topics. Articles in Yougov may vary from the very general ones to the most complicated topics where you find it very shocking or surprising.

Then you will also many polls and surveys on this website about the hot topics occur every day. You can vote about issues that Yougov publishes and get points by doing that. People share their opinion and thoughts and also get a better understanding of certain issues that have been hot recently.

Is YouGov a Scam

You can choose a subject on YouGov

Topics that are shown include government, policies, Nicki Minaj, Facebook, environment and many other subjects. Although this site seems legitimate, I wouldn’t use my time on it. You can never earn enough money by answering online surveys. The other reason is that most of the time news are not worth reading like Tim Ferriss teaches in his book 4-hour work week.

The old saying goes, “Good news is no news.” Why would you like to fill out your mind with all the irrelevant and negative stuff from the mass media? You could spend that time on much more interesting and profitable things. What do you think?

=> Tired of Earning Pennies on Yougov and Other Survey Sites? Learn a Better Way to Make Big Money Online!

How Can You Make Money in YouGov?

Then let’s talk about making money on this website? After signing up you will be brought to surveys about any topics. From each survey, you will get points which can be exchanged for prizes.

You may ask, Is YouGov a Scam or do they really give me the prize and money that they promised? Well, some people are making testimonials that they already got prizes from Yougov and even withdrew some money. Yougov has also instructions on how to get money from their site by completing surveys and by taking polls.

There is also another way of making money from Yougov that I would like to mention. In the first survey, you will get your very first points that you can save for later exchange. Then you will also able to get some points by referring your friends and followers to their service. When your friends join Yougow, you will get additional points which you can exchange for money and prizes. This is called affiliate marketing (=you are not selling your own products but promoting other people’s products).

Is YouGov a Scam

Yougov Website

Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend Yougov for my friends or followers for the reasons I gave above. My principle is that I don’t recommend services that I wouldn’t like to use myself. I can honestly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for you and anyone who is interested in making good money online.

I have friends who joined WA without any prior knowledge of making money online and nowadays they are making $500/day or +$10,000/month. That may sound quite a lot but it’s definitely possible for you.

To know better if YouGov is a scam or legit, here are some pros and cons regarding their service.

Pros and Cons About YouGov

First, I would like to give you the good news that this site is not a scam. How is it so?

  • Because we got several accounts joining this site and the topics of the survey are really serious about the environment we live in and also about government policies that we can share our opinions and have some discussion with other people.
  • The points are really added up in the accounts and the prizes are really delivered although it is said that they need a very long ting to wait for the prize.

Of course, Yougov is very simple and it’s easy to access. When you first access Yougov you will not find any difficulties in visiting every page of the site. You will also get the full information about their service and how to get points easily.  The question, “Is YouGov a Scam?” Will be gone as you enter the site. Because there you will not find the difficulties in signing up or in getting the points to your account. You can choose the surveys based on different topics and you are free to explore the website to get the complete information about Yougov.

Therefore, the cons are always following behind right? Although you get the big points in the beginning of the survey then you will find it too long to be able to exchange your points for money or prizes.

  • You will have to gather minimal 35000 points to be able to get some prizes from amazon or other shopping websites.
  • => It’s very time-consuming to earn any money on Yougov
  • Your earning potential is low and you can’t earn passive income
  • There are much better and more interesting ways to earn money online and spend your time

Conclusion – Is YouGov a Scam?

Yougov seems like a legitimate service even though they have only 5 years of experience in the industry. But the fact that they are honest doesn’t mean that you should spend your valuable time on their website. You and I have only one life. I want to live full instead of rolling news and answering some useless polls.

I want to make a living online so I can travel the world and preach the gospel of Jesus to all people around the world. I am glad that I have found Wealthy Affiliate because it taught me how I can make money online as well. Even though I have still a long way to walk until the guys who are making +$10,000/month, my online income is growing each and every month.

Even if you wouldn’t have any prior experience, you can learn it too. It’s 100% free to join and you will get 20 interactive video lessons that will walk you through the process. You will also get 2 high-quality websites and some other things for free. Give it a try today! 🙂

Yougov at a glance…

Name: YouGov
Founded in: 2012
Price: Free sign up
Field: News / Survey Sites

Overall Ranking: 40 Out of 100


Have you ever tried or some similar websites? What kind of experiences did you have? Do you agree that they are just a waste of time?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

I would love to hear your opinions. It’s always interesting to hear what other people say about the subjects that we publish on our website. I promise to respond you personally within 24 hours.


What is IDplr? – A “Library” of +9,300 Free Products That Can Help You!

Talking about earning money, it is no longer difficult because you can make money online. Here, you can join IDplr as your source of money. What is IDplr? It is a website that provides a lot of digital products for those who want to resell them to others. Here, we would like to see the review of IDplr for your information.

(Note from Roope: This review is written by team member. I have written a conclusion in the end what I think about this product.)

IDplr Review

what is idplrName: IDplr
Price: Free or Gold Membership $97
Founded: 2008
Owners: IDplr

Overall Rank: 70 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What is IDplr?

IDplr is a website that provides the largest PLR products that all of the members can resell and earn money. IDplr has been helping so many internet marketers who want to increase their income. Anybody can join IDplr and becomes the member of IDplr so that they can resell IDplr products. The members can also get all access to the products when they become gold members. They can do anything with the PLR products including self-usage, editing, selling, adding, and modifying as they wish.

PLS Products simply mean that you can freely use these products how you wish.

what is idplr

This sounds almost too good to be true.

IDplr Products

IDplr provides so many digital products that you can resell them to others to earn money. There are so many eBooks, software products, scripts, articles, and videos that are available on IDplr. IDplr has a lot of members since 2008. There are 36000 members who join IDplr and resell IDplr products to earn money.

Instead of selling the product, you can also use the product for private usage. You can use the content for your own website (for example in the email list) and sell the product on your own site. There are a lot of more specialties that you do with PLR products when you become one of the members.

Here are several other things that you can do with the PLR products. You can give the products to everybody for free, give it away to your members on your own site, make a video tutorial for the product, change the product into an app, edit the product as you wish, rewrite the eBooks, print it by yourself and sell it, and much more.

How to Make Money with IDplr?

You can join as a free member or you can join as a gold member. You only need to sell PLR products that are available on their website and then you can earn money from your selling. The more products you sell the more money that you will get.

You can join for free and download more than 500 products or you can update to the gold one and get access to all products on IDplr. It is just similar to selling some products but all of the products are digital products. Instead of selling the products, you can also use the product for personal usage.

You can use it to build your personal website, earn money for Google Adsense, and anything you can do to earn money online. Or that’s what they say at least. But I recommend that you don’t just copy-paste those texts and all content to your website. Google will not rank you high if you use duplicate content. If you want to get big amounts of organic traffic, I recommend following this step-by-step training or these tips.

How Much Money Can I Make with IDplr?

Talking about income, you must wonder how much money you will get from IDplr? Actually, your income depends on your effort. If you can sell a lot of PLR products, then you can earn a lot of money or when you can use the product properly, then you can earn money from it.

So, there is no specific income that you will get. It can be $100 or even you can get $1000. It all depends on your effort. In this case, you need to promote the products to other every day so that everybody knows the existence of your products. Instead of selling the products, you can also use PLR products for personal use to earn money. You can use some software products to build your own app or build your own website and then earn some money. You can read some Ebook provided by IDplr how to earn money online or y

You can read some Ebook provided by IDplr how to earn money online or you can follow the example of these successful online entrepreneurs who make +$10,000/month online.

iDplr Support

Whenever you have a question about PLR products, then you can contact IDplr customer support. In this case, you cannot call them via phone call but you can leave a ticket that you can submit via the website. You can check IDplr customer support and then you can open a new ticket. When you submit it, then the customer care of IDplr will respond it and give a feedback to your question.

There are so many reasons why IDplr is not a scam and it is a legit one. The first, you can see from the website which looks really good. The second is that IDplr offers products that you can resell. It means that you will not get money if you do not sell the PLR products or use the products to earn money by your own way. You can even register to become a gold member to get all access to the PLR products. It is not like a survey websites where you can’t earn money good money.

Pros and Cons of IDplr


–    Available for Free Register and Gold Member

–    Thousands of PLR Products available

–    Free member gets 500 PLR products

–    You can do everything with the products

–    You can edit as you wish

–    You can use it or sell it freely

–    Available 24 hours contact support

–    100% of the profit is yours when you sell it

–    It also provides affiliate program

–    Members can submit their product to be IDplr collection


–    Members only get paid from sold out product

–    Free members do not get all access to the products

–   Free Members cannot contact customer care via phone call

–   Some their products are quite low quality

Conclusion – Is IDplr any good?

I think that IDplr is a very interesting opportunity. Their huge library of products can be useful for Internet marketers who need products for their online business. Still, I recommend you to be very careful that you don’t use or promote any scam products. As we know, there are too many scams in Make Money Online industry. Gladly there are also many legitimate products with wonderful resources.

Even though IDplr provides lots of products, you may have a hard time to know which ones are the best ones if you don’t have enough experience of Internet marketing or making money online. I recommend having a closer look at Wealthy Affiliate step-by-step training. It teaches you everything you need to know about creating a successful online business.

I know dozens of people who started in Wealthy Affiliate without any or only a little experience of making money online but they are nowadays making a full-time income. You don’t need to be great to start, but you need to start to be great. That’s why I challenge you!

You can join Wealthy Affiliate for totally free. It costs $0 to join. Nada. Nichts. Zero dollars. 😉

You will get 20 interactive video lessons, 2 high-quality websites and my full support when you decide to join. It only takes 10 seconds to get those free resources. There is more than 12 hours of step by step training for free and much more.

=> Get Step-by-Step Training to Make Money Online!

IDplr at a glance…

Name: IDplr
Price: Free or Gold Membership $97
Founded: 2008
Owners: IDplr

Overall Rank: 70 Out of 100


What do you think about IDplr? Have you used other people’s products to boos your online business?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

I am always glad to hear what do you think. That’s why I promise to respond your every single comment personally within 24 hours. Also, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask and I will be more than happy to help you out.


What Is Easy Hits 4U? – Check Out Why I Bought Their Services!

There are two key elements in having a successful online business. The first one is attracting traffic and the second one is converting that traffic to buying customers. Easy Hits 4U promises to solve your first problem. You can get traffic for less than 0,5 cents to your website through their service and they have already delivered more than 3,4 billion clicks during 14 years.

In this comprehensive and 100% honest review I will explain What Is Easy Hits 4U. What are the things that I like about their service and what do I dislike? Is it a really good money-making opportunity? Fasten your seat belts, take your hat and let’s GOOOOO!

First, I want to give you a little spoiler! Even though I have reviewed more than 200 make money online products, I almost never spend money on them because most of them are not worth it. But Easy Hits 4U was an exception and I decided to make a small financial investment on their services.

EasyHits4U Review

what is easy hits 4uName: Easy Hits 4U
Founders: Relmax Inc. in 2003
Price: Free – Up to $19,95/month
Field: Traffic Exchange program

Overall Rank:  87 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Easy Hits 4U?

Easy Hits 4U is a traffic exchange platform which helps you to get traffic to your website. The idea works like this:

1.You visit a website and stay there for 15-20 seconds.
2.You will get a credit for each site that you visit
3.With credits, you can “buy” free visitors to the websites that you want

You can either promote your own websites or you can also put your referral links to other services in order to earn commissions. If you don’t want to use your time visiting other websites, you can also buy ad credits on Easy Hits 4U and use them for traffic.

Easy Hits 4U has been already in the industry since 2003. 14 years is a huge time in an online world. One of their mottoes is, “Our numbers speak for us.” So, have a look at the picture that shows how many members they have in total and how many clicks they have already delivered.

what is easy hits 4u

3,426,402,774 visits delivered total. 1,300,000+ members and counting. (Screenshot was taken in 2.5.2017)

EasyHits4U video

I took a video where I walk you through basics of EasyHits4U. I also show my results for the first 500 credits that I bought. I used them on promoting Wealthy Affiliate because it’s in my opinion the best place to learn how to make money online. Enjoy the video and if you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to leave them below!

How Do You Earn Credits?

You need to have credits to invite people to your website. You will go to another website and there will be a timer ticking how long have you been there. After you have been there for 15-20 seconds, the timer will go away and you need to proof that you’re not a bot by clicking the picture. See the example below:

Easy Hits 4U Review

You need to choose another one of the eyes because there are two of them.

So, there are 5 objects and two of them consist a pair. You need to click either one of them to earn a credit. If you don’t click an eye in this example, they will not give you a credit because they think you are a bot.

what is easy hits 4u

I clicked a wrong object and didn’t get a credit

After visiting 50 websites, I decided that I am just wasting my time and bought a credit package on Easy Hits 4U. It will give me enough information if this will work well or not. To be honest, I am a bit skeptical but still interested to see if it works because it’s easily scalable.

Can I Earn Money With Easy Hits 4U For?

There are a few ways to make money on Easy Hits 4U.

1.You will earn $0,30 always after visiting 1,000 websites. As you can quickly calculate, this money is really nothing. You would need to spend at least 7 hours to earn that $0,30. So little money is not worth it.

2.You can earn money through new referrals to Easy Hits 4U. Each time when you refer a new person to Easy Hits 4U, you earn $0,10. For each purchase that your referrals make, you will earn 10-40% depending on your membership plan (I will explain more about them below).

3.You can earn money from people who visit your websites and links. Let’s say that you use credits for driving visitors to your affiliate website. You earn, for example, $50 for each purchase and the conversion rate is 1%. It means that you would earn $0.5 for every 100 visitors. Even though that doesn’t sound very much, I think it’s still way too optimistic.

What Kind of Traffic Will You Get through Easy Hits 4U?

Even though you will have an opportunity to get tons of traffic to your website and offers through Easy Hits 4U, I must say that it’s very “low-quality traffic.” Let me explain what I mean with that.

Most people who visit your page will just be there for the minimum time 15-20 seconds and leave right away when they have earned the credit. There are no guarantees that visitors would be interested in your niche at all.

Let’s compare this traffic to the traffic that we get from the search engines (my favorite source of traffic). When you somebody comes to your website through Google, he has first written a keyword in the search. It means that he is already interested in that subject.

Then he sees your website on the first page and clicks to see what you have there. Then your website gives the answer to visitors question and you have built trust with that visitor. Maybe he will turn into a new customer. The traffic from the search engines is free and highly targeted. Many times it’s the best converting source of traffic.

If you would like to know what is probably the best tool to find keywords for Google, have a look at Jaaxy. And if you are interested in learning how to drive tons of traffic through search engines to your website, have a look at this step-by-step training.

Anyway, even though the traffic from Easy Hits 4U is not very high converting traffic and I decided to give it a try. I bought 500 credits (=500 visitors) for $3,95. I will promote them my affiliate offer and analyze if I earned something through that offer. You can also give it a try and see if you could make a profit with Easy Hits 4U traffic packages.

Easy Hits 4U Pricing

You can also buy credits for a cheap price if you don’t want to spend your valuable time on visiting random websites. You can see in the image below that 500 credits, for example, cost $3,95 and 5,000 credits cost $27,95 which means that each credit costs only $0.00559 ~ 0,56 cents in this package.

So, we can quickly make a conclusion that it’s easier to buy a credit package than visit websites for endless hours. It would take around 7 hours to visit 1,000 websites = earn 1,000 credits.

Easy Hits 4U Pricing

Easy Hits 4U Pricing. You can buy ad credits and a premium membership.

As you can see in the image above, you can also become a premium member. They have 4 different pricing plans for a premium membership. The shortest one is for one month which costs $7,95. They also have an ultimate plan which gives, even more, features and bonuses to your account. Its price is $19,95/month or less if you buy a longer plan.

The picture below shows some differences between Free, Premium and Ultimate memberships.

what is easy hits 4u

Easy Hits 4U Memberships: Free, Premium and Ultimate

As you can clearly see, Premium and Ultimate memberships give lots of different kind of benefits. Are they worth investing the money? That’s a decision that you need to make yourself.

Pros & Cons


  • You can get a huge amount of traffic to your website and to your offers
  • Reliable company has been in the business already since 2003
  • You can earn some money through their referral system and through the traffic you get
  • Traffic from Easy Hits 4U is very cheap


  • Traffic that you get is not targeted
  • If you spend your time checking websites, you may easily waste lots of time
  • Some of the websites and offers that you see on their websites may be scam

Conclusion – Is Easy Hits 4U a Scam?

Easy Hits 4U is not a scam. I wouldn’t spend my hard-earned money on scams. After reviewing around more than 200 online products, I can quickly recognize a scam. I am excited to see what kind of results I will get with their service.

However, I think that Easy Hits 4U is not the best money-making opportunity on the Internet. My #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate because they teach you every single step you need to take in order to create a successful online business. I have friends who started in WA without any prior experience of online business and nowadays they are making +$10,000/month online.

Wealthy Affiliate is also 100% free to join. It takes around 10 seconds to create an account and you will get an immediate access to all premium resources for a week. After that trial, you will have a lifetime access to free resources in WA which includes 20 interactive video lessons with tasks for you to accomplish, 2 high-quality websites with a domain hosting and so on.

What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose but everything to win. What would it feel like to quit your 9-5 job and have a freedom to work whenever you want wherever you want?

=> Are You Ready to Learn How to Make Big Money Online? Start Learning today in Wealthy Affiliate FOR FREE!

Easy Hits 4U at a Glance…

Name: Easy Hits 4U
Founders: Relmax Inc. in 2003
Price: Free – Up to $19,95/month
Field: Traffic Exchange program

Overall Rank:  87 Out of 100


Have you ever tried Easy Hits 4U or some similar services? What did you like them?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

Reading comments from my visitors makes my day. That’s why I promise to respond every single comment personally within 24 hours.


Is The Commission Magnet a Scam? – Can You Really Earn $900 in a Week?

Sometimes it’s very hard to find an unbiased review on some make money online products because people are writing positive reviews just because they want to earn high commissions. That’s why is your safety haven. You can always find truthful opinions about any product that we review. Today I am going to answer a big question, “Is The Commission Magnet a Scam?”

The Commission Magnet Review

Is Commission Magnet a ScamName: Commission Magnet
Founders: Glynn & Dr.Abdullah
Price: Front End Product: Free + Upsells
Field: Affiliate Marketing Training -Programs

Overall Rank: 30 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is The Commission Magnet?

Commission Magnet is another affiliate marketing training that promises to make you fast money easily. Look at their advertisement below. What do you think about it?

Is Commission Magnet a Scam

Huge Promises by the Commission Magnet

It promises that you can make over $900 this week using their newbie-friendly and 100% free system. At this point, I am already very suspicious because this kind of huge promise is usually a scam sign.

Well, I decided to take a closer look at this program and I signed up because it was free. I was very surprised that they were offering this product for free because of usually similar products cost at least $6- 7 to get in. Of course, there are many upsells always that raise the real price of the product a lot. I knew that founders of this program Glynn and Abdullah use the same strategy.

Where Is My Product??

So I gave them my email address and name. First of all, I was directed to a page that was selling a product for $19 (see the image below). I was thinking, “Didn’t they just promise that this product is free?” I decided to close this page and check if I have received some information on my email.

Is Commission Magnet a Scam

First upsell.

=> Tired of Upsells and Scams? Learn to Make Honest Money Online!

Then I received 2 emails and the other one had a link with an opportunity to get access to my products. I decided to click there to see if I can have a product that they were promoting. That link directed me to WarriorPlus website. Finally, after clicking another link and submitting my email once more, I found products by Glynn and Abdullah. The page looked like this:

Is Commission Magnet a Scam

Lots of more products to buy

The page offered 10-15 different products by Glynn. If I clicked one of them, I got directed to a sales page with a “special offer” to buy another product for $19. Below there were also 2 interviews of Glynn. I think that these were the most interesting part because they give you a proof that this guy is really making money online.

That’s probably the purpose of those interviews. To build trust with a prospect so he would be some of the products that Glynn is offering above. I find it very fascinating that nowadays ordinary guys are making +$10,000/month online. I know this is true because I have seen it in practice that affiliate marketing works.

If you want to know how you could learn it as well, have a look at this step-by-step training FOR FREE. I promise that this system is not as confusing as Glynn’s offers. Always another upsell and a product you can buy.

What About the Commission Magnet?

To be honest, I didn’t even find this product from Glynn anymore. He was always selling a new product that I didn’t find where he posted a “free” Commission Magnet.

I found out from other Internet marketers that in a real Commission Magnet product there are 4 upsells. One of them is offering free traffic very easily for you. The second one teaches you to create emails for your email list. Oh, by the way, I also heard that the Commission Magnet is supposed to teach you some email marketing strategies as well.

The third upsell lists you high paying affiliate systems. Honestly, you wouldn’t need to buy a product to have this information. You can just Google it and find the answer for free. Another way is to go to JvZoo or WarriorPlus and have a look which products are offering high commissions for affiliate marketers.

What I learned from other people was that Commission Magnet is teaching you the following blueprint:1

1.Get free traffic
2.Build an email list
3.Promote affiliate products to your list.

As you may know, this is a very common strategy for Internet marketers to make passive income. For example, Michael Cheney’s Copy Paste Commissions and million other products online are teaching the same strategy. If you want to learn to build a list and make money with it, I recommend taking a look at Chris Farrell Membership. I know that his training has trained many people to have a successful online business.

Pros & Cons


  • Glynn seems to make a big money online so he knows a thing and two about Internet marketing.


  • Very suspicious marketing
  • Tons of upsells
  • Unrealistic promises
  • Difficult to find unbiased and honest reviews

Conclusion – Is The Commission Magnet a Scam?

We need to admit that this product had lots of scam sings. They promise that anyone could earn $900 in a week without any former experience with their magic training. I know from experience that is a lie. Making money online requires work and there’s not a magical push button that would make you rich in a week.

Another thing that I didn’t like in their marketing was that they promised that I would get a product for free but immediately after submitting my email, I got bombarded by many offers to buy new products from Glynn. All in all, it feels that he has dehumanized the process of making money online just to maximize the profits.

If you are looking for a help from honest and experienced Internet marketers, I recommend heading to Wealthy Affiliate. It’s an online business community of more than 850,000 members. They provide a step-by-step training that teaches you everything you need to make honest money online. By the way, the training is created by an online millionaire who really knows what he is teaching.

It’s 100% free to get started. You will get 20 interactive video lessons and 2 websites for free as a gift for joining. You will also get a 1-week trial of a premium membership right away without giving any personal information. I promise to give you my 1-on-1 support to make money online. I would love people to succeed online by creating honest businesses that help people to improve their lives.

=> Get 20 Interactive Video Lessons that Teach How to Make Honest Money Online! (For Free.) 

The Commission Magnet at a Glance…

Name: Commission Magnet
Founders: Glynn & Dr.Abdullah
Price: Front End Product: Free + Upsells
Field: Affiliate Marketing Training -Programs

Overall Rank: 30 Out of 100


Have you tried some similar affiliate marketing training products? Which one(s)? What did you like?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

I would love to hear from you and I promise to respond every comment within 24 hours personally. Also, if you need any help in making money online, don’t hesitate to leave a question below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Is Five Figure Freedom a Scam? – Can You Make +$10,000 in the Next 30 Days?

Have you already asked yourself, “Is Five Figure Freedom a Scam?” Before investing any dollars into this system, you should ask this question. They are giving you huge promises with a cheap product but everything that shines ain’t always gold. The cheap product is a bait to sell you, even more, products for a more expensive price. I think that Justin Spencer and Brendan Mace have something interesting to share about Internet marketing but you can find it for free on Youtube.

Five Figure Freedom Review

Name: Five Figure Freedom (FFF)
Website: Five Figure Freedom a Scam
Founders: Justin Spencer & Brendan Mace
Price: $7 + Four Expensive Upsells
Field: Make Money Online -Programs

Overall Rank: 60 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Five Figure Freedom?

Five Figure Freedom is a “make money online” training course made my Brendan Mace and Justin Spencer. They are Internet marketers who are making big money online and promise to teach how you can do it as well. Brendan is promising with huge letters that you can make more than $10,000 online in the next 30 days with less than 1 hour of work.

In my opinion, that kind of promise is a big scam sign. I know that anyone can make +$10,000/month online achieving such income in the next 30 days with less than 1 hour per day is not true. Making money online requires hard work and persistence. Of course, if you get a good training, your task will be much easier. But still, things don’t happen automatically.

First, you will need to work to establish your online business. When you have done the work, then you will have more freedom and you don’t need to use so many hours on your computer. But the order goes like this: Work -> Freedom. In order to have the freedom fast, you need to use more than 1 hour per day in the beginning.

Who is Five Figure Freedom For?

FFF is targeted for people who have already tried Internet marketing but haven’t succeeded yet. I know from my own experience of being in “make money online” industry that a big part of people fails with their online businesses. Do you know what is the main reason?

People start with this kind of attitude, “Well, I am going to TRY this make money online -thing. It doesn’t cost anything to TRY so why not give it a TRY.” That is the main reason. People don’t commit but they only try. I almost felt to the same trap in the beginning of my Internet marketing career. I thought that because I didn’t see instant results, I should probably quit.

Then I didn’t build my online business almost at all for 3-4 months. But during that time I started seeing results from my previous work. That teaches us the lesson that most of the time you don’t see results immediately in the online world. Don’t run from one product to another even though Brendan Mace is promising you the Moon from the sky.

Brendan Mace and Justin Spencer. Should You Trust Them?

Is Five Figure Freedom a Scam

Brendan Mace and Justin Spencer

They are the founders of this Five Figure Freedom. Brendan shows the freedom that his “laptop lifestyle” has given to him. He is traveling all around the world with his girlfriend and living an easy life. Then he tells that he has more than 30,000 subscribers on Youtube which is one sign of his success. Justin Spencer is a master of solo ads. It’s a type of online marketing where you send individual messages to email lists.

They are showing income proof in their sales page of +$3,000 or even +$5,000 per day. We can honestly say that these guys know many things about online marketing. They are professionals. But are they the right teachers for you?

If you are interested in their teachings, why wouldn’t you just learn their strategies for free on Youtube? Of course, you need to be careful because in many videos they are just selling their other products to get more income.

What Don’t I Like in Five Figure Freedom?

Even though Justin and Brendan are may be successful Internet marketers themselves, I don’t like their style of upselling. They tell that Five Figure Freedom -training is everything you need to make money online.

Then you go and buy their cheap $6 product and they show you another one which is 3-4 times more expensive. They say to let you understand that you can’t live without this upsell. Once you have bought the first upsell, they offer you the second, then the third upsells and eventually the fourth upsell for $1,997.

If you buy all of their upsells at a full price, the total cost will be around $2,200. It’s a different amount than $6 that you were supposed to pay at the first place. This is a classical strategy that many Internet marketers are using.

They give you the first product for a cheap price to get you in. Then they start bombarding you with upsells until you have spent much more money that you originally planned.

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What Is the Exact Price of Five Figure Freedom?

The first product costs less than $10.

The first upsell costs $27. If you don’t accept it, you will get an offer for $13. The next upsells are $67, $97, $1,997.  You can all products for a cheaper price if you turn the offers down. New prices will be $37, $47 and $197. These are called downsells.

Pros & Cons


  • Founders are successful Internet marketers so they have lots of knowledge
  • Brendan shares useful tips to make money online
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Exaggerating promises (5-figure income for less than 1 hour of work/day)
  • Upsell strategy is not very nice
  • Some scam signs

Conclusion – Is Five Figure Freedom a Scam?

We need to admit that Brendan and Justin are not being 100% in their marketing strategy. They are telling you the things that are not totally true. For example, you won’t make +$10,000 in the next 30 days if you are working less than 1 hour per day. In addition, their upselling strategy is also a bit shady.

After all, they provide you helpful tips for Internet marketing but it could have been done in a little bit better way.

If you are interested in making +$10,000/month online, I encourage you to give a little bit of time for yourself. Even though it would take a year or two, I guess it’s not a huge problem.

Have a look at the best make money online training in Wealthy Affiliate. They don’t have any upsells or shady marketing strategies. You can get a free starter account for a lifetime. That gives you 20 interactive lessons of making money online and 2 high-quality websites.

=> No More Suspicious Marketing Strategies! Learn to Make Honest Money Online!

Five Figure Freedom at a Glance…

Name: Five Figure Freedom (FFF)
Founders: Justin Spencer & Brendan Mace
Price: $7 + Four Expensive Upsells
Field: Make Money Online -Programs

Overall Rank: 60 Out of 100 


What do you think about Five Figure Freedom?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


What Is The Tube Rank Explosion? – Check Out My Ultimately Truthful Review!

It’s not easy to find an honest and unbiased review of Tube Rank Explosion. There are many reviews shouting like this, “TUBE RANK EXPLOSION IS TH BEST! BUY IT NOW.” If you are looking for an honest review of it, you have come to the right place. I am not their affiliate so I am not earning a single penny of this review whether you buy it or not. I want to provide you the best info available. Is Tube Rank Explosion a scam? Let’s find out?

Tube Rank Explosion Review

what is the tube rank explosionName: Tube Rank Explosion (TRE)
Price: $27 + two upsells ($37 and $97)
Founders: Lenny Rowell, Adam Payne, and Gary Alach
Field: Make Money Online -Programs

Overall Rank: 65 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Tube Rank Explosion?

Tube Rank Explosion is a video training of 5 modules that promises to teach how you can achieve high rankings on Youtube and monetize your videos. In my opinion, it’s not a beginner course because they don’t teach you so much about video creation.

However, their course could be a considerable choice for somebody who has already some experience of making videos and watch to know better how to get ranked higher.

Youtube marketing is a wonderful idea because there are much more than one billion users every single day on Youtube. It has even become much more popular than a cable television. Who wants to make TV-shows anymore because you can make a video on Youtube.

Google owns Youtube which means that they want people to go there. => Youtube videos can rank higher on Google.

Tube Rank Explosion Training

As I mentioned above, their training consists of 5 different modules. In the image below, you can see what their modules are all about.

tube rank explosion Review

Tube Rank Explosion Training Modules

In total, their training has 40 over the shoulder videos where you can see how a professional Youtube marketer, Lenny Rowell, succeeds. Many people have praised his training to be very useful and practical. You may have also heard of Affiliate Takeover. It’s quite similar product to Tube Rank Explosion because it’s also teaching tricks and tips to Youtube rankings. TRE training includes also a guide that concludes the main points of their video training.

So far so good. Training is fine and teaches many creative ideas and tips by somebody who has succeeded online. Is this product perfect? Well, now comes the “nasty part”.

Like in many other affiliate marketing training programs, Tube Ranke Explosion has upsells. Why can’t they tell the about their products right off the bat? First, they let you understand that this product is everything you need. After you have bought it, they say that you need this one more. And this one. And this one.

Well, today is your lucky day because I tell you about their upsells before you have invested any dollar into their initial product.

Upsell #1: Earn $775 with One Video

The first upsell costs $37. It’s a case study of how Lenny Rowell earned $775 with one Youtube video. I believe that it’s very useful information but is it worth investing $37 for one case study? I let you decide yourself but I wouldn’t put my money into it.

Upsell #2: Youtube Ads Training

This additional training teaches about Youtube ads and it costs $97. In my opinion, you don’t need it especially because it’s so expensive.

Who is Tube Rank Explosion For?

I would recommend this product mainly for those people who have already a bit more experience of Internet marketing. This product is not the best for beginners. In my opinion, Tube Rank Explosion doesn’t provide you everything you need to succeed online. If you want to learn with a step-by-step training how you can make a fortune online, have a look at Wealthy Affiliate.

About the Founder of Tube Rank Explosion

You may have heard of Lenny, Adam, and Gary before. They are a trio that has created also other Youtube marketing and “make money online” products. If we count all of their products together, they have founded even tens of products in total.

So, we can honestly say that these guys are not newcomers in the industry. They have lots of useful tips and ideas about making money online. Even though I don’t like their strategy of upselling, I think that these guys are quite honest Internet marketers.

tube rank explosion Review

Founders of Tube Rank Explosion

What Is the Price of Tube Rank Explosion?

The initial product costs $27. The first upsell costs $37 and the second one is $97. If you would buy all three products, the cost is $161. In other words, if you buy them all, you will end up spending about 6 times more than you originally planned.

Pros & Cons


  • Training teaches many practical steps for getting ranked on Youtube
  • Lenny, Adam, and Gary have lots of experience of Internet marketing
  • Tube Rank Explosion has a good reputation


  • In my opinion, it’s not optimal for beginners
  • Several Super biased reviews on the Internet
  • Upsell strategy is not very nice

Conclusion – Is Tube Rank Explosion Worth It?

The initial product may be worth if you are interested in Youtube marketing. However, I don’t like that they didn’t talk about their other products (upsells) right away.

If you are really interested in making money online, I recommend you to take a closer look at Wealthy Affiliate step-by-step training. It’s 100% free to get started. You will get 20 interactive video lessons and 2 websites once you join.

Wealthy Affiliate is suitable for beginners but also for more experienced Internet marketers. There are members who have been in the Internet marketing industry for more than 10 years and they are willing to help you out.

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Tube Rank Explosion at a Glance…

Name: Tube Rank Explosion (TRE)
Founders: Lenny Rowell, Adam Payne, and Gary Alach
Field: Make Money Online -Programs

Overall Rank: 65 Out of 100


Have you tried Tube Rank Explosion, Wealthy Affiliate or other “make money online” products?

Which one has been your favorite?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Is Copy Paste Commissions a Scam? – Is $4,770,167.62 Online Income Enough to Prove It?

Is Copy Paste Commissions a Scam? That’s a question that you should ask yourself before investing any penny to their products. They could have got your attention with their huge promises but you shouldn’t be fooled by them. Anyone can promise big things but the other thing is to deliver big.

Copy Paste Commissions Review

is copy paste commissions a scamName: Copy Paste Commissions
Founders: Michael Cheney and Omar Martin
Price: $19,95
Field: Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Overall Rank: 50 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Copy Paste Commissions?

Copy Paste Commissions is an affiliate marketing training created by two veteran marketers Michael Cheney and Omar Martin. They are showing pictures and explaining how they earned almost $5,000,000 with affiliate marketing. And, of course, they are here to teach how you could make it too.

Their homepage is a typical landing page with a sales video, exaggerating promises and testimonials. Two gurus are here to share their wisdom. Have you seen the same story in other “make money programs” as well? I have like million times.

I was still curious to take a closer look at Copy Paste Commissions and if it’s providing a great training that could help people to make a living online. Their name is shouting you a message, “Copy our methods and you will earn huge commissions.” Is it really so easy? Let’s take a closer look at their training.

is copy paste commissions a scam

The founders of Copy Paste Commission know how to make money online. But is their training worth it?

Copy Paste Commissions Training

Their training focuses on building an email list and selling your products to the list. They teach how you can also use Facebook advertising building your online business. All of these strategies could be very useful for your success. Copy Paste Commissions training consists of an eBook, MP3 audios and a few videos.

They provide only very basic tips for list building concentrate more on writing and designing emails to your list. I can still share you one tip that they give for building your email list. You could offer a bonus for your current subscribers if they refer somebody to join your list.

Even though some people are criticizing this strategy, it can be actually quite effective. All of your subscribers probably won’t be very committed after that but some of them will. It’s some form of affiliate marketing when you are paying somebody for building your list. Of course, this strategy will cost you money but I recommend to invest some money if you want to succeed online faster.

Copy Paste Commissions training provides some nuggets of information like that one but overall their training is pretty average. They give you many tips in theory but not so many practical steps. If you want to have a step-by-step training to make money online, I recommend taking a look at this.

What Is the Price of Copy Paste Commissions?

Their initial product costs $19,95 but that’s only the beginning. When you pay for the Copy Paste Commissions you give them a sign that you like buying their products. Then they start bombarding you with upsells.

Their upsells cost $17, $27 and $37. Who knows if they have even more upsells nowadays? I don’t like the fact that they don’t tell you about them right away.

First, they sell you something saying, “This program will teach you how to succeed online.” But then they eat their words and say, “You can’t live without this additional product.” In my opinion, that’s not very nice. Anyway, that’s how most of the Internet marketers work.

Gladly My #1 Recommended program, Wealthy Affiliate, doesn’t have any upsells. They show right away what their membership costs and that’s all. There will never be any upsells and Kyle (the founder) is many times criticizing upsells.

Michael Cheney, the Founder of Copy Paste Commissions

You may have seen Michael Cheney selling also other affiliate marketing training programs. He is the founder of The Commission Machine that has a similar idea to Copy Paste Commissions: “Learn how I make big money online. Do the same things and you will make it too.”

The idea is good but I must admit that Michael fails on delivering. Many successful and reliable Internet marketers have criticized Cheney’s products. It seems that the only ones that are writing positive reviews about his products are those who have affiliate links and want to make by promoting Mr. Cheney.

Pros & Cons


  • They teach some interesting strategies on Facebook and email marketing
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Not very beginner-friendly
  • Exaggerating promises
  • Doesn’t provide many practical steps. The name “Copy Paste Commissions” is quite misleading
  • Lots of upsells

Conclusion – Is Copy Paste Commissions a Scam?

Copy Paste Commissions is not a scam because it’s created by two honest Internet marketers. However, there are much more valuable training programs available on the Internet. With value, I don’t mean the price but the value that they provide for you in the training.

Wealthy Affiliate is a much better training to make money online. Their methods and system are proven to be right over and over again. So many people have been able to quit their job after applying their methods to their own lives.

In addition, WA is 100% free to get started, unlike Copy Paste Commissions. You don’t need a credit card or anything similar. You will get 20 interactive lessons right away after registering. I promise to give you my 1-on-1 support as well. You are free to ask me any questions that you have about making money online and I will be more than happy to help you out.


Copy Paste Commissions at a Glance…

Name: Copy Paste Commissions
Founders: Michael Cheney and Omar Martin
Price: $19,95
Field: Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Overall Rank: 50 Out of 100

Affiliate Marketing Requires Work but It’s Worth It

is copy paste commissions a scam

Michael and Omar are right that affiliate marketing requires hard work

I know from my experience of being in the affiliate marketing industry that succeeding as an affiliate requires lots of hard work, persistence, and dedication. I have seen many people quitting over the time course because they didn’t see instant results.

I have seen people who were very close to success but then they decided to quit. If they would have continued until now, they would have easily quit their job and have a freedom to work wherever and whenever they want.

However, I know also many people who didn’t quit. Nowadays they are making a full-time living online and had the freedom to quit their job. I agree what the founder of Wealthy Affiliate says:

The only way to fail is to quit. If you continue, keep on learning and working, eventually you will succeed.

I encourage you to have this attitude. Whatever comes during your journey to success, treat it as a school to teach you something. Then move forward with that new knowledge and make even better results. Today is the best day to start your affiliate marketing success.


Have you tried Copy Paste Commissions, Wealthy Affiliate or another affiliate marketing training? Which one was your favorite and why?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


What Is Instant Money Network? – A Fast Way to Make Big Bucks Or a Scam?

In today’s online world, there always happen to be series of products or websites that claim people can make a living doing one or two things on the web. Well, one of such products is Instant Money Network. Ring a bell? Well, this program has been around for quite some time, and they claim they can help you earn money by completing offers and participating in their referral program.

Now I guess most of you might be wondering if IMN is just another scam or a legitimate way to earn some cash online during your spare time. If that’s the case, then I suggest you read on as I uncover the facts in this my Instant Money Network review.

Instant Money Network Review

Name: Instant Money Network
Founded in: 2011
Price: Free
Field: Cost Per Action

Overall Rank: 30 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What is instant money network

Instant Money Network homepage

For Starters, What Is Instant Money Network?

Technically speaking, Instant Money Network is a cost per action network company that promotes a couple of free trial offers for businesses including Netflix, Walmart, Blockbuster and more. Now the thing is that they don’t lead customers to these companies themselves, they’ll pay you to do that.

Instant Money Network has been in business since 2011 and is currently in partnership with a company called Instant Rewards. As I said, the company to get in touch with people so they can use products like Netflix. They actually provide you with a unique link which you can share with friends or family; so the more people you bring, the higher your chances of earning.

How To Make Money With Instant Money Network

For the most part, you have to do four things before you start earning money with this program;

  • Complete trial offers
  • Build a free site
  • Bring people to complete trial offers
  • Get them to promote the program

If you want to be officially accepted by the company and be qualified to promote offers and earn cash, you’ll have to complete up to five offers.

Note: Most trial offers will request for your credit card details. Just be sure to unlink the card after completing an offer. Failure to do this will lead to unnecessary monthly charges.

Alright. After completing the offer, you still have to get other people to sign up and do exactly what you did. When you sign someone up, and they complete the five trial offers, you’ll be able to earn between $20 to $160. Your earnings solely depends on the package you chose when you signed up

IMN offers two packages. You can decide to go with one where you can $20 every time completes an offer or the other package where you’ll have the choice to complete more than one offer. Well, when you go with the second package, you can earn up to $160 for every person that completes offers via your referral link.

Making $160 per referral is quite unlikely but it’s possible. You can do the same and even more with almost any referral program. Have a look how my friend made $1,400 for one sale without owning a product.

Can You Really Make Money With IMN?

Sure, you can make money but not as fast as the website claims. According to their about page, Instant Money Network says that they will automate the process, so you earn cash within hours. Well, that’s not entirely true as you would have to put significant effort to see your first sale.

In essence, the amount of money you earn will depend on how good you are in marketing as well as how you can use your skill to promote the program online. Moreover, you’ll be awarded different amount of credits according to the kind (free or paid) of offers you’re taking. The issue is that some credits can be very little and will also take a while to claim your rewards.

In other words, IMN is not a very good money making opportunity if we compare to some better ones.

=> Want to Make a Living Online? Learn How to Do It By Helping Other People!

Instant Money Network Payment Method

IMN pays by either PayPal or direct bank transfer. Moreover, they don’t have a minimum payout requirement; so you can get your money whenever you want.

Does Instant Money Network offer Training, Tools or Support?

Instant Money Network also provides you with training and tools, but that’s after you complete the five trial offers. The training gives you an insight on how to market IMN links to attract qualified referrals. The issue is that the training might be irrelevant to some people because all they teach is basically how to post ads on Craigslist about six to ten times a day.

In case you need help or assistance, the website has an FAQ page, and you can also submit a support ticket. There’s also a live chat option in case you want to talk with the team in real time. To be honest, I haven’t reached out to the support before, so I don’t really know if they’re excellent or otherwise.

Pros and Cons of IMN


  • It’s free to join.
  • Some of the offers are free.
  • There are quite a number of offers and services to choose from.
  • It’s a legitimate website.


  • Some offers award very low credits.
  • Some free offers require credit card details.
  • IMN is not a lucrative program unless you have the time to refer a lot of members.
  • You will most likely waste lots of time for a minimal reward

Conclusion – Is Instant Money Network Worth It?

In my opinion, IMN will hardly be worth it. The system that promises easy money online fast, will not give you a big payout. I know that you can make money online in a few minutes but that kind of methods don’t usually give you a lot. Everything worthwhile in life takes time and effort.

My #1 recommended program to learn to make money online is Wealthy Affiliate. I know people who have earned money online within the first week after starting. Usually, it takes more time but now comes the most interesting point.

I know many people who are making $10,000/month after Wealthy Affiliate online business training.

Making a living online takes time and effort but I know it’s anyone who is willing to work hard. My online income is rising every month because I am working for it. I would like to help you to do it as well.

I give you 10 interactive video lessons, 2 websites and my 1-on-1 mentoring for free if you start in Wealthy Affiliate. Yep, it doesn’t cost anything to join. Nada.

=> Learn to Make Money Online with Personal My Support!


Have you tried Instant Money Network or other make money online training?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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