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Is ClickSure a Scam Or the Most Profitable Affiliate Network?

There has been lots of buzz around ClickSure during the past year. Some people are making thousands of money through their website but at the same time other people are asking, “Is ClickSure a Scam?”

In this review, I will explain how their website works and why some people say it’s a scam. I’ll also show if you can make money with ClickSure or if you should stay away from their services.

Are you ready? Fasten your seat belts. Let’s go!

ClickSure Review

Name: ClickSure

Founded: Many years ago

Type: Affiliate Marketing Network. Similar to Clickbank, Clickbetter, JvZoo, etc.

Short Review: It’s possible to make money through ClickSure and their website is not a scam. They pay once you have reached their $250 minimum threshold. However, many products on their website are scams and it may be challenging to find good products to promote. I recommend using more reliable affiliate networks.

If you are interested in making more money with affiliate marketing, I recommending taking Wealthy Affiliate training for free. I will also offer you my 1-on-1 mentoring and I’m available for all of your questions.

is clicksure a scam

Clicksure homepage

What Is ClickSure?

ClickSure is an online digital marketplace where product creators can submit their products for promotion and affiliates can find products that they can promote. ClickSure is like a middleman between a product owner and an affiliate.

You may have probably heard of similar services like ClickSure before. Famous marketplaces are Clickbank, JvZoo and ClickBetter for digital products. Then there are tons of affiliate marketplaces for other kind of products like ShareASale or Commission Junction (CJ).

Let me first explain how you can make money on ClickSure. Then I’ll compare it to other similar networks.

How to Make Money on ClickSure?

If you have already made money with affiliate marketing, you are probably familiar with the process.

First of all, you choose what kind of products you want to promote. I recommend choosing something that interests you and you find valuable. The best product for promotion is usually something that you use yourself. However, you don’t need to be using all products yourself. But you can evaluate which ones are good and worth promoting.

When you have decided which product(s) you want to promote, you can start sharing their link. I don’t recommend just spamming the link all around the Internet because you’ll lose your reputation and usually nobody buys from spammers.

Anyhow, there’s a lot of potential with affiliate marketing and a beauty of it is that you can have even hundreds of income streams at the same time. In addition, it’s passive income so you can earn money even while you are sleeping or laying on the beach with your girlfriend.

Nothing beats the feeling of waking up and checking your email showing that you earned $175 commissions during the night! I know the feeling and I recommend it for you as well 😉

is clicksure a scam

Top 3 of ClickSure’s offers. 2 of them are related to binary options which isn’t a good sign in my opinion.

How to Promote ClickSure Products?

There are basically 3 ways how you can promote your offers:

  1. Build a website or a blog where you can promote offers through posts and pages.
  2. Build an audience in a social media like YouTube or Instagram and promote offer for your audience.
  3. Build an email list and send them your offer.

I use all these strategies myself. However, I have mostly used the strategy number 1. Building your own website or a blog has several benefits. You own everything what happens on your website. If you build your business on some social media platform, you are always dependent on their moves.

Building an email list is a great strategy but you would need anyway to find a way how to get people to your list. One strategy is to create a landing page and drive traffic through paid marketing on search engines and social medias like Facebook but this strategy can be quite risky for beginners.

That’s why I recommend building out your own website and promoting products there. If you want to promote ClickSure products “OptionRobot” for example, you can write a blog post “OptionRobot Review” on your website. Then people can find there through Google and from other sources.

You can find several examples on my website. I am promoting three following products on my website and they get lots of traffic through Google:

All of these are great services, especially Coinbase. Anyone can get a free $10 immediately after joining so I can recommend it for all people easily. My own experiences with Coinbase service has been solely positive I made already lots of money through their website.

ClickSure vs Clickbank vs JvZoo

Now we come to the important question, “Is ClickSure worth it?” There are already several reliable services like Clickbank, JvzZoo and others so why to bother with Clicksure. They say that numbers speak for themselves. So, let’s have a look:

is clicksure a scam

ClickSure numbers are pretty impressive!

We can’t deny that ClickSure has achieved lots of success during the years. They need to do something right to achieve so big results. However, that’s not the whole story.

Many shady products that are not approved on reliable networks like Clickbank end up on ClickSure. That’s why some people claim that even 90% of their all products are scams.

When I look at ClickSure products I need to admit that most of them are at least very suspicious and shady. They are promising 1k daily profits for their users or something similar. There are lots of binary option products. I am not a big fan of binary options myself because most products on that industry are scams and it’s gambling anyway.

All in all, I would personally stay away from such offers that fill these 5 scam signs. A big part of ClickSure products have big red flags on their products, so why bother? There’s a much more stable way to make a good income online. You can learn more by clicking the picture below:

Click the Picture If You Are Interested in Earning a Living Online.

ClickSure Reviews & Complaints

ClickSure has a bad reputation among online marketers. Many successful marketer is staying away from their website because they don’t want to be involved with scam products. Even though ClickSure wouldn’t be a scam itself there are lots of products in their network that are scams.

ClickSure pays honestly their affiliates as many people report they’ve already cashed out thousands of dollars from this website. But you need to keep in mind that they have a relatively high cash out threshold of $250.

Several ClickSure complaints mention also a high percentage of refunds. You know how frustrating it is to earn hundreds of dollars commissions and then realize that they all are taken from you because the clients took refunds.

What is the reason for a high refund rate on ClickSure?

As I mentioned above, most of their products are scams. When people realize that they’ve been scammed they naturally want their money back. Anyway, what’s the point of promoting scam products? I would never do it. You would lose your reputation and credibility right away.

Conclusion – Is ClickSure a Scam?

ClickSure is not a scam because they pay honestly for their members and keep their promises. However, many people claim that 90% of products in their network are scams. That’s why I recommend just staying away from their website.

As I said in my ClickBetter Review, it’s better to stick with more reliable affiliate marketing networks like Clickbank. However, most of the time I don’t even use affiliate networks at all because most companies have their independent affiliate program. Otherwise, they would need to pay a little fee for the network for managing their program.

I am still offering 1-on-1 support for all my readers who want to be successful with affiliate marketing.

=> Join Wealthy Affiliate for free through my website and I’ll help you to succeed.

The Best Lotto System

Success takes lots of hard work and discipline. But it’s worth it.

Do You Want Quick Wins Or Long Term Success?

Do you want to earn $1,000 now or do you want to maintain your honest reputation and build a successful multi million dollar business? That’s a big question to ask when you are choosing what kind of products you want to promote as an affiliate.

I have seen some websites all products that they possibly can. They make a review and praise every single product. I contacted the website owner and asked why they are doing it. I was surprised to get an honest answer. He said, “I want to earn money by recommending these products.”

However, that’s a big challenge. He isn’t thinking about the best of his audience but he is only thinking about money. That kind of attitude doesn’t lead to a long-term success. It can give him $100 here and $500 there but when people realize this guy isn’t honest, they flee quickly.

When I saw his website I decided that I would never buy from such guy.

Building a successful online business takes time but it’s definitely worth it. Results add up like a snowball over the time course. You will see exponential leaps in your traffic and income when you move forward. The beauty of online marketing is that the scalability is literally infinite. There’s no limit on how many people you can reach and how much you can earn.

But the more honest and the more value you provide, the more successful you will be. Provide value more than anyone. That’s the fastest way to succeed.

I hope you enjoyed reading my ClickSure Review and discussion on promoting products as an affiliate marketer. Now I would love to hear from you.

Have you ever used ClickSure or other affiliate marketing networks?

What is your favorite strategy for earning money with affiliate marketing?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

I will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and comments personally.


Is Fizzle a Scam or Legit? – The Best Online Business Training in the World?

Now, let us find out how Fizzle can help people in doing their business and increase their income by joining their program online. You will found Is Fizzle a Scam or Legit by checking out our review below.

Note: This review is written by team member.

Fizzle System Review

Name: Fizzle
Founded in: 2012
Price: Two Weeks Trial, Premium for $35/month Or $315/year
Owners: Corbett Barr   

Overall Rank: 87 out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

is fizzle a scam or legit

Founders, of course, say that their program is the best. In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the best blogging training online.

What Is Fizzle All About?

Fizzle is a program that helps people to make money independently by following their course. This is a good way for an indie businessman to follow their step by step training to be successful. There are a lot of people who want to run an online business but they do not know how to start with some good ways. Fizzle is coming to help you deal with it.

As we can see that Fizzle provides a professional website with all detailed information and it also shows the profiles of the owners. Therefore, it can be said that Fizzle is legal and no scam at all. It seems that Corbett Barr builds this website seriously because he also has a team that consists of several persons.

They teach how you can make good money with blogging. As you may know, it can be a very profitable way of making money online. Pat Flynn is making hundreds of thousands of dollars every month and some of my friends are making +$10,000/month. Remember that all of them have started without any experience. Everybody needs to start somewhere. Then little by little income starts growing when you provide more value and keep on learning.

What does Fizzle make?

Fizzle is course product to train everybody to create an online business. Fizzle is not only a course but it is a community website with more than 5,000 members along with hundreds of independent entrepreneurs who earn money from a wide variety of businesses.

It has a community to help people find some support, ideas, and inspirations from others. Fizzle provides weekly articles for those who need some information about various contents relating to marketing, business, product making, content marketing, social media, and much more. There are also some weekly podcasts that you can subscribe directly from the website.

Who is Fizzle for?

Fizzle is built for all of the people who want to earn money and increase their incomes from their business. There is no specific business field, but it is all about business that everybody may have. Fizzle will only give some help to you and they will tell you some secrets the best way to be an independent entrepreneur.

It seems that their course is created for somebody who already has some experience of blogging and making money online. If you are still struggling to make money online or you are a beginner, I recommend taking Wealthy Affiliate step-by-step training. You can create a free account and get 20 interactive video lessons as a gift.

Wealthy Affiliate has also 170 times bigger community that Fizzle which tells that it’s a bigger thing. WA-service is also 9 years older than Fizzle so they have had an opportunity to develop their training, platform, support, and community already for much longer time.

How Does Fizzle Work?

First, you can have two weeks free trial in Fizzle. So, you can get a free access to see some courses. However, you will need to fill out all of your information and credit card details to get that free trial. Then you need to remember to cancel your membership before they start billing you.

There will be some videos for your training and all of those videos are taught by professionals. There are also some live coaching sessions, step by step plan, and you can also have an access to the community where there are more than a thousand independent entrepreneurs.

is fizzle a scam or legit

A very famous Internet marketer Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income) is also teaching in Fizzle training

Is the 2-Week Trial Completely Free?

As it is mentioned, this trail from Fizzle is totally free and there is no hidden cost at all for two weeks. It is just two week and after you get some free courses in two weeks. If you don’t cancel your membership after two weeks, they will start billing you $35/month or $315/year. This is a premium offer to access all of the services including roadmap, courses, coaching, and community.

Notice that a premium membership is not a one-time payment, but you need to pay each month for the service. If you continue with a monthly plan for 10 months, the price will be already $350. So, if you are planning to have their membership for a longer time, I would recommend going for a yearly account after a free trial.

Fizzle is a course program targeted for people who want to succeed online but it is not free. The free trial is necessary for those who wonder if Fizzle a Scam or Legit. Once you pay the service, then you will get all courses. You will also get an access to the community forum, in person events, weekly live coaching session, perks, accountability, and much more. Everything will begin step by step in order to reach what you want to achieve.

Pros and Cons of Fizzle


–    Fizzle provides 2 weeks free trial.

–    Access to all materials within a trial.

–    Fizzle has so many active communities.

–    Fizzle provides step by step training.

–    The CEO is really serious in providing services.

–    It is good for new businessmen.


–    Fizzle doesn’t offer “make money online” tools like Wealthy Affiliate does. Keyword tool, domain name, and hosting, etc.

–    You cannot make money from Fizzle but Fizzle helps you to earn it with their principles.

–    Users cannot contact the CEO directly.

Conclusion – Is Fizzle a Scam or Legit?

Fizzle is a legitimate online business course created by successful Internet marketers. These guys have for sure lots of useful tips how anyone can learn to build a successful online business. They have many famous names like Pat Flynn in their team.

Still, Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation. There you can have a free membership for a lifetime instead of only 14 days. In addition, WA community is much bigger and they provide many tools to boost your online business like a keyword tool, SiteSpeed, and SSL for your website. Domain hosting is also included in a premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate.

Their training works very well for total beginners as well as for more experienced online entrepreneurs. Even though I have already lots of experience in making money online, I am planning to go through their training again to refresh my memory and to have new ideas. I know many people who started in Wealthy Affiliate without any prior experience but are nowadays making a full-time income online. Almost every day I see another guy who did it.

Would you like to be the next? Take action today.

Fizzle at a glance…

Name: Fizzle
Founded in: 2012
Price: Two Weeks Trial, Premium for $35/month Or $315/year
Owners: Corbett Barr   

Overall Rank: 87 out of 100


How have you heard of Fizzle? Have you tried some similar services? What do you think about it? 


I love reading comments from our visitors every day. That’s why I promise to respond every single comment that comes to our website within 24 hours. Give it a try and I will keep my promise 😉


The Affiliate Takeover Review – Check Out My 100% Unbiased Opinion!

You may have seen lots of highly biased reviews of Affiliate Takeover on the Internet. Those guys have joined Affiliate Takeover affiliate program in JvZoo and they are earning commissions for selling the product for you. My review is totally unbiased and I am not part of their affiliate program.

I know that I could earn some money by promoting this program but my intention is to give you the most unbiased answer that you can find. I hope you will enjoy this review!

The Affiliate Takeover Review

the affiliate takeover reviewName: Affiliate Takeover
Price: $17,43 + Upsells
Founders: Lenny, Adam, and Gary
Field: Affiliate Marketing Training -Programs

Overall Rank: 60 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is The Affiliate Takeover?

Affiliate takeover is a short training course of 3 modules that promises you to teach the following things:

affiliate takeover review

The Content of Affiliate Takeover Training

In the other words, they are teaching you how to become a successful affiliate marketer. Their training course consists of over the shoulder videos that teaches you to:

1.Pick the product to review
2.Make reviews that rank #1 and #2 on Google and on Youtube

Increased traffic will lead to bigger commissions and income. Let me explain how their methods work:

How Does Affiliate Takeover Work?

They recommend you to choose products that will be launched soon so there will not be much competition. It will help you to get ranked higher on Google. The more competition there is for a certain product or a keyword the more challenging it will be to get ranked.

On the other hand, less competition => better rankings more easily for you.

Then they teach you to make a video which ranks on Youtube so you will get ranked with a video and with a text.

What Don’t I Like in Affiliate Takeover?

Affiliate Takeover provides some very practical tips for a low price. However, there’s something that I don’t like in their marketing strategy.

First of all, they let you understand that it’s very easy to dominate the competition and get high rankings on Google and Youtube. The reality is that success with affiliate marketing requires lots of dedication and hard work. It’s possible to earn 10 or even 100 times more than in a normal 9-5 job but it, for sure, requires lots of work.

Getting traction on Google takes usually at least 3-6 months. And then over the time course, you will get more and more authority if you keep on producing content. It doesn’t happen in a second. But once it happens the fun part starts and +$10,000/month income becomes possible.

Second, they have upsells that they don’t mention in the beginning. It’s a very typical strategy for Internet marketing products but it’s not 100% honest. They sell you a product and say that this is all you need to succeed. But after you have bought it, they show you another product saying, “You can’t succeed/live without this another product.” It’s quite misleading marketing.

Affiliate Takeover Upsells

Affiliate Takeover has two upsells that both are more than 2,5 times more expensive than the initial product. You pay $17 for the first product and $47 for the each upsell. The total cost of their training is then $111.

1.Ranking With Videos Case Studies: $47

In the first upsells they show you two case studies how they get ranked on high on Google and Youtube with videos. The question arises, is it worth it to pay $47 for two case studies? You can probably find similar tutorials on Youtube for free. What do you think?

2.Email Mastery 10x Formula: $47

In the second upsell they teach you how to do effective email marketing. You are building a list and promoting products for them in this training.

I think that Affiliate Takeover upsells are not worth it. They should have been included in the real product or at least told in the beginning when you are making a purchase. Unfortunately, sometimes Internet marketing gurus dehumanize the process and are just trying to make the most money out of the people.

the affiliate takeover review

Is the value of this “bonus” really $97?

Who is Affiliate Takeover For?

In my opinion, Affiliate Takeover would be optimal for affiliate marketers who have already some experience and are willing to invest extra bucks for your online business to get a few new ideas. However, you don’t get the whole course for $17. You will need to invest $111 to get everything that they are selling.

They are offering some bonuses but as you may know, bonuses are sometimes just a marketing trick to get you to buy the product.

If you are a beginner with affiliate marketing, I don’t recommend trying this product. They trick you believe it would be easier than it is. I remember the first time when I started affiliate marketing. I thought like this, “Okay, I will make a few reviews and I will automatically get ranked on Google. Then the income starts flowing in.”

Oh, how wrong I was. But gladly I followed Wealthy Affiliate’s step-by-step training and I didn’t give up. The hard work paid off.

Pros & Cons


  • The training gives you creative and practical ideas on how to get ranked on Google and Youtube
  • Product is not very expensive


  • Shady marketing with upsells
  • Lets you understand that success would happen more quickly than it really happens
  • Lots of highly biased reviews of this program on the Internet

Conclusion – Is Affiliate Takeover a Scam?

Affiliate Takeover is not a scam because they are teaching strategies that can really work. However, if you want to succeed online wit affiliate marketing, I recommend you to taking a closer at Wealthy Affiliate training.

WA is a step-by-step training that teaches you much more broadly how you can really have a successful affiliate marketing business. The great thing in WA is that they concentrate on providing the best value. They are constantly developing their services to make them even better.

Their premium membership includes:

  • Step-by-step training to affiliate marketing success
  • Domain hosting up to 25 websites
  • Unlimited amount of websites
  • Become a part of the community of 850,000 Internet marketers
  • 1-on-1 support from me and other successful affiliate marketers
  • Weekly live training

This is just a small part of all things that you will get in WA. It’s also 100% free to get started. With a free membership, you will immediately get 20 interactive video lessons and 2 high-quality websites. Comparing  Affiliate Takeover and Wealthy Affiliate is like comparing David and Goliath.

Affiliate Takeover at a Glance…

Name: Affiliate Takeover
Price: $17,43 + Upsells
Founders: Lenny, Adam, and Gary
Field: Affiliate Marketing Training -Programs

Overall Rank: 60 Out of 100


Have you tried Affiliate Takeover, Wealthy Affiliate or another affiliate marketing training program?

Which one did you like the most?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

I love hearing thoughtful comments from my visitors. I promise to respond every message personally within 24 hours.


What is iDevAffiliate? A Tool to Take Your Online Business to the Next Level!

Have you ever heard the term iDevaffiliate? Many people have not and yet it is a common term that you use in your everyday lives. While you may not know or understand the term, if you are in business, this is something that you may have done to make your company more visible in the marketplace.

iDevAffiliate Review

What is iDevAffiliateName: iDevAffiliate
Founded: 1999
Field: Affiliate Tracking Software

What is iDevaffiliate?

iDevaffiliate is a software system, that allows it to track the links that are placed on various websites, for the purpose of extending sales to those customers who may be interested. There is a link on that Youtube video you are watching.

When you click the link, the iDevaffiliate system tracks it as a customer who may be interested in that product or service being sold. There are millions of links on the internet using this kind of software and it is becoming more widely spread as the new wave of business marketing.

Did you know that links also help you to get better rankings on Google?

What is iDevaffiliate Used For?

This software is used to help gauge customer awareness and interaction with a product or service, through the clicking of a preset link. The system is used by businesses who want to extend a sales option to potential customers, without having to break the bank. These affiliate links can be placed anywhere on the internet. It gives the iDevaffiliate the ability to see how many links are being clicked while giving commission to those who become a part of their affiliate program.

To become an affiliate you must own a business, even if it is self-employed or freelancing work. Your business website is where you will place the business links that will be given to you by iDevaffiliate. The iDevaffiliate software tracking system, then asks you to place their links on different websites that you own. Through daily tracking and clicking of the link, the software is able to determine how many customers are coming to the website and possibly interested in a particular product or service.

Shortly, you can create your own affiliate program with iDevAffiliate.

iDevAffiliate Review

iDevAffiliate helps businesses to create an affiliate program

=> Want to Make More Money as an Affiliate Marketer? Check My #1 Recommendation!

Pricing for iDevaffiliate

For the companies and individuals who want to create an affiliate program, iDevaffiliate offers a cost-efficient marketing plan that will help your business succeed with the affiliate software tracking program. By the way, millions are using it in the marketplace already. iDevaffiliate offers the Cloud for $39 monthly, the Standard for a one-time fee of $199, the Platinum for a one-time fee of $299 and the Black for a one-time fee of $399.

Visit their website to view all of the options for each plan. They have a 30-day money back guarantee on all plans, with no contracts and no transaction fees.

They are also offering a special of 50% off on bundle plugins for the platinum option. All of the plans offer unlimited affiliate tracking, giving you the best chance of reaching millions of potential customers through search engine optimization(SEO).

iDevAffiliate is much cheaper than other similar program called Post Affiliate Pro which is almost 10 times more expensive. One-time fee of $199 is totally a very little money if we are talking about creation an affiliate program.

Pros of iDevaffiliate

There are many positive takeaways for using the iDevaffiliate software tracking system. First, there is a single source that is tracking all of the links and the traffic generated by each of them.

Also, the tracking system can be used by any business, to track potential customers who may be interested in your products or services. And finally, the iDevaffiliate offers the convenience of the internet and social media, which has become the premier way of reaching millions of consumers on a daily basis.

What is iDevaffiliate

iDevAffiliate can be integrated with many different WordPress-plugins.

Cons of iDevaffiliate

While there are many great things to say about the iDevaffiliate software tracking program, there is no program that is perfect for every consumer. But to be honest, I can’t find hardly any complaints on iDevAffiliate on the Internet. Many people are praising that it’s the best one out there.

They have been around already since 1999 which makes 18 years which is a huge time in an affiliate marketing industry.

Conclusion – Is iDevAffiliate Worth It?

iDevaffiliate offers an easy way to extend your business sales. It is easy-to-use and responds cross platform, for businesses seeking to understand the variations of the links and how it can help their business to succeed.

The program helps businesses to create their own army of affiliate marketers, who can help to create links on the internet for as far as the eye can see. iDevaffiliate offers the latest technology in software tracking, with pricing that begins for as little $39 per month. They offer user-friendly technology, proven stability and the assurance that you are placing your business in the hands of the best in software tracking.

Visit the website today if you want to run the affiliate program, from your own hosting account for as little as $199.99. They offer free upgrades with no hidden fees and no feature limits.View their business demo that shows you how they can help you grow sales, increase traffic and strengthen SEO. Never before has software tracking for your business been so easy. iDevaffiliate offers a tutorial video, frequently asked questions and a professional, knowledgeable and friendly customer support staff, that is there to help you whenever you need them.

For almost twenty years, iDevaffiliate has been established as the leading software tracking company around. Adding this software tracking to your business link will help your business to grow exponentially. Via their website, you can also learn all about their history and what they stand for. Many claims that iDevAffiliate team are the best at what they do and want to show you everything they have to offer in getting your business to go global.

=> Take Your Business to the Next Level with iDevAffiliate Today!


Have you thought about creating your own affiliate program?

Let us know in the comments below! 🙂


Is The Commission Machine a Scam? Can You Really Make $2642.60/Day With Their System?

Michael Cheney will immediately answer a resounding no when the question, “Is the Commission Machine a scam?” is asked by interested individuals. This is understandable as he is the man behind the program! But many people will beg to differ.

The Commission Machine Review

Is The Commission Machine a ScamName: The Commission Machine
Founder: Michael Cheney
Price: $19.95

Field: Make Money Online -Programs

What Is Commission Machine And How Does It Work?

According to Michael Cheney, the Commission Machine is a system that can generate up to $2,642.60 in daily earning for each of its members (i.e., buyers of the program).  Basically, he teaches his buyers effective email marketing campaign techniques and tools for promoting affiliate offers.

Cheney also says that you just have to copy and use his techniques so that you can make money from his underground email marketing method. He will also show methods that can identify the hottest products in the market so you can add them to your page. He promises that his methods will work even when you have no mailing list, no money, and no experience in affiliate marketing.

At this point, you will likely be dazzled by Cheney’s promises of relatively easy money using his methods, as discussed in his program. You will then buy the product and anticipate the growth of your nest egg.

But when you look closer into the contents of Cheney’s program, you will soon realize that there’s nothing new about his methods! His Internet marketing strategies are nothing but conventional methods that have been restated, rehashed, and renamed. His RAPID method – the acronym stands for Research, Angle, Provide Incentive, and Deploy – are neither new in concept nor revolutionary in practice.

The acronym can be broken down into already well-known principles and practices affiliate marketers have been using for years. The main difference lies in labeling the strategies, such as:

  • Finding the products to promote on your site (Research)
  • Positioning them to get the most traffic (Angle)
  • Offering bonuses (Providing Incentives)
  • Deploying (Repeating the steps)

Of course, the steps sound more appealing when used in a catchy acronym. But since the substance of the acronym isn’t new, you will likely think that the Commission Machine is a waste of money.

If you’re a beginner, however, you may learn a few important lessons from the modules. If you’re a veteran with a string of successes, your knowledge and skills in affiliate marketing will not increase. You may even question many of the tactics promoted by Cheney.

The Commission Machine Review

Michael Cheney, the Founder of the Commission Machine

The Commission Machine Training Modules

And speaking of training, you will get seven modules with videos and texts. The contents of the modules are as follows:

  • Module 1 Introduction
  • Module 2 Research
  • Module 3 Angle
  • Module 4 Providing Incentives
  • Module 5 Messages
  • Module 6 Deploy
  • Module 7 No List Method

The total running time is approximately 3 hours. This may seem like an eternity if you watch the modules from beginning to end, but keep in mind that affiliate marketing is a challenging profession. You will not actually master it in just 3 hours, especially as it’s a life-long learning process.

Many veteran affiliate marketers have even stopped watching it after Module 2. This can be attributed to the old principles and practices Cheney discussed.  This isn’t surprising as veterans don’t want to waste their time listening things that they already know.

In the competitive world of online affiliate marketing, being at the forefront of new ideas can make the difference in getting more traffic and conversions. Cheney doesn’t provide new ideas, unfortunately.

=> Learn to Make a Living Through Affiliate Marketing!

But that’s not all. Cheney is also offering free information online for a fee! You will easily find a wide range of products and services for promotion on dozens of platforms for free. You can, for example, type in “how to find hot products to promote” on your browser and voila! You have nearly 3 million resources to choose from within seconds.

Why pay for free information? But that’s exactly what Commission Machine wants people to do.

Cheney also promised interested individuals that his Commission Machine can be up and running even without an email list. This is a lie since you have to possess an email list to implement his RAPID method, said email list of which can be a challenge to build. He even demonstrated a method of getting more email subscribers and of swiping email lists. False promises are one of the most common signs of the scam products.

If you don’t have an email list, you should save your breath. You won’t even have a chance at earning a tiny fraction of his promised $2,642.60 in daily income. Even when you have an email list, you likely already know his methods so you may just consider Cheney’s product as a waste of money.

Yet another claim Cheney makes is his system is so easy to adopt, a three-step simple yet effective system. This isn’t true either since building your email list, choosing and promoting your products, and gaining the attention and loyalty of your customers demand hard work. There are no three-step procedures in affiliate marketing success, even if Cheney wants you to believe it.

Cheney also provides several pieces of bad advice, which newbies will likely fall for. For example, he encourages others to create bonuses by getting PLR products that customers will likely not appreciate. This is because PLR products are usually of low quality so there’s no sense in giving them most of the time.

Who is Commission Machine For?

The program is geared toward newbies and veterans in affiliate marketing. But newbies are more likely to fall for it, especially as the techniques discussed are the basic kind.

Commission Machine Support

None stated although we can assume that Cheney is available for questions.

The Good and the Bad

The Commission Machine has its share of good things. Cheney, for one thing, has great presentation skills while his videos have a higher production value. He discusses the concept in a clear and concise manner while also making them more engaging.

But there is also much cause for concern including:

  • Free information available online being sold for $200 (no there is a “discount” but still not worth it)
  • Upsells include links to other similar products, a red flag for veterans
  • Old principles and practices that veteran marketers already know
  • Little step-by-step guide for newbies
  • No instructions for many important concepts, such as choosing the best products and generating traffic

My Final Opinion of Commission Machine

In my opinion, Commission Machine isn’t a scam in the true sense of the word. People who buy it will still get modules with some useful tips about affiliate marketing, perhaps even get insights into the industry. But there are just too many complaints about its contents that it doesn’t provide great value for the money.

If you’re looking for a proven affiliate marketing website that works for both newbies and veterans, then Wealthy Affiliate is the answer. But don’t take my word for it – log on to and browse the website to see for yourself! You will also get 10 interactive video lessons, 2 free websites and my 1-on-1 mentoring for free. So put your credit card away and have a look at the best affiliate marketing program in the world.


Have you used the Commission Machine, Wealthy Affiliate or some other affiliate marketing training?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


Is Instaffiliate a Scam? Or Does It Give You a Money-Making Website?

Is Instaffiliate a scam? If you’ve been looking for Internet marketing programs online, you’re bound to have come across this one at some point. Maybe you’ve read some of the reviews and wondering if it’s as good as they say. Well, that’s what this review is about, as we take an objective look at Instaffiliate.

What is Instaffiliate and How Does It Work?

Instaffiliate is a marketing program which aims to guide members into the world of affiliate marketing. Instead of showing you how to build websites from the ground up, they give you websites that are pre-built. Since the sites are already built, you just add the links. Whenever someone clicks the ClickBank link, you will get a commission.

Instaffiliate doesn’t cost anything to join, but there are limitations. Free members are limited to 10 referrals and can only make $5 from each. By becoming a Premium member, your referrals are unlimited, and each referral who upgrades earns you $20. You can also upgrade membership. During the first month, you’ll pay $39 and $29 for the succeeding months. You can also be a lifetime member by paying $169.

Is Instaffiliate a Scam

The Idea Behind Instaffiliate Good But The Product Is Not The Best

Who is Instaffiliate For?

According to Instaffiliate, their program is for anyone who wants to make money from Internet marketing. These aren’t just for professional marketers but even those who have jobs but want to make more money. This is also for those who want to quit their day jobs and work as full-time marketers.

Instaffiliate also says their program is also for those who want to earn passive income. Even if you don’t do any work, you’ll make money whenever someone buys the products on the readymade websites Instaffiliate offers you.

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The Good

  • There are lots of training files in PDF and also videos. The videos are about 3 to 5 minutes long, so no need to sit through long tutorials.
  • There are a lot of payment options for beginners, those who want all the features and those who just want to get an idea of how it works.
  • There is very little new members have to do. Since the websites are pre-built, you can focus on aspects other than building websites.
  • There is cloud storage available.
  • 24/7 customer service is also provided for members.

These are among the benefits you’ll gain from Instaffiliate, but it’s not much. Once I took a look at what this program is really about, you, I quickly learned this isn’t the money making machine its promoters claim it to be.

The Bad

  • Misleading Claims: the problems become obvious the moment you join. Sure it’s free, but the features are so limited you’ll be forced to become a Premium member to have a chance to make money.

Instaffiliate also makes it hard for you to leave. If you say no to all their membership offers, you’ll bet taken to the 7 day trial for just $1 page. Sounds nice, but read the fine print and you’ll see that you’ll be rebilled unless you cancel prior to the 7th day. If you want to get started for free, I recommend this program.

  • Duplicate Content: the ready-made websites have the same content, so what’s to differentiate you from those of other members? Worse, your site won’t be indexed, i.e. you won’t get any search engine traffic. In other words, very few people will actually find your site.
  • Average to Poor Training: the PDF and training videos offer barely adequate training. Most of the info is available online for free, and some of the methods they suggest are questionable. There is much better affiliate training online.

Instaffiliate Review

For instance, Instaffiliate suggests that you use paid traffic. Paid traffic is going to be expensive and doesn’t guarantee positive results. Second, most of the video presentations are just full of text put together in a presentation. Again, there is nothing here that you haven’t heard of before.

  • Fake Reviews and Testimonials: one of the most common traits with Internet marketing programs is their use of fake reviews and testimonials. You can find these “reviews” online, and also testimonials on the official Instaffiliate website. These testimonials are obviously made up and written by someone from the company.
  • Misrepresenting and Misleading Facts: a lot of fancy words are used to make Instaffiliate sound impressive, but the truth is they don’t mean anything special.

A good example of this is the “Visitor Memory System and Cross Review System”. If you listen to the product presentation, it sounds like this is an impressive feature, as it enables site visitors to return months later and still earn you sales credit.

While that sounds like a powerful element, it’s basically just a cookie, one that is used by other affiliate marketing programs. When a buyer clicks the purchase link, a cookie is transmitted that lasts for X number of days or months. There is nothing new with this as it’s a common trait in affiliate programs.

Another “feature’ Instaffiliate makes a big deal of is the Cross Review System. This is nothing more than a plugin that allows you to view similar posts under the post you’re looking at.

As you can see, there are a lot of issues with Instaffiliate, and there’s no real reason to use it. It is cumbersome and the cons far outnumber the pros. With all its problems, it’s going to be very hard to make money out of this on a consistent basis.

My Final Opinion of Instaffiliate

Instaffiliate just isn’t worth your money or time. You can make money off this, but it isn’t as much as the program would like you to believe. What Instaffiliate claims is you’ll get rich quick with their system and that’s just not true. If you’re an experienced marketer maybe Instaffiliate will work, but it’s not suitable for beginners.

We have experience in affiliate marketing and know what works and what doesn’t. One affiliate program that has proven itself, again and again, is Wealthy Affiliate. It is also an Internet-based marketing program and you can get started for totally free.

So, please, put your credit card away and take a look at my #1 recommendation to make money online.


Have you tried Instaffiliat, Wealthy Affiliate or some other affiliate marketing training?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


What is Post Affiliate Pro? – A Tool to Affiliate Marketing Success

Post Affiliate Pro Review

Post Affiliate ProName: Post Affiliate Pro

FieldAffiliate Marketing Software
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100

What is Post Affiliate Pro All About?

Post Affiliate Pro (PAP) is simply a software that helps you to build your own affiliate program easily. When you have your own product and you want to boost your sales, why wouldn’t you let other people sell your product and pay them a commission?

Let’s say that you make $100 for every sale and you can sell 50 products per month.  You are making $5,000/month. What if you create an affiliate program with Post Affiliate Pro to make more sales? You give 20$ for everyone who sells one $100-product through your affiliate program.

Let’s say that after a little while you start selling 10 times more products because of your affiliates. You are then making $100 x 500 = $50,000/month. Then you pay your affiliates 20% and you have still left $40,000. Even though this is a very simplified example, it illustrates how much an affiliate program can boost your business and your own income.

There are even more than 100 features in Post Affiliate Pro to help you to build a successful affiliate program.

UPDATE: We found even better program called iDevAffiliate. It was created already in 1999 and it’s one of the leading affiliate tracking softwares. In addition, it’s much cheaper than Post Affiliate Pro. Read our full review of iDevAffiliate!

By watching the video below you can get a good picture what is this program all about:

Don’t have your own products yet? => Make money with other people’s products!

Background of Post Affiliate Pro

PAP was founded in 2004 so it has been already 12 (or almost 13) years in the industry. In an online world, that is a very long time. Even 5 years of experience is a sometimes long time in the online world.

The company has more than 30,000 customers. It may not sound so big when you compare that for example Wealthy Affiliate (affiliate marketing training community) has +800,000 members. But when you think that all of those +30,000 customers are business owners and some of them are running a massive business through Post Affiliate Pro, it helps you to realize how big this company really is.

Some Features of Post Affiliate Pro

With PAP you can create almost any kind of affiliate program and even an MLM-program. You can choose all the details

  • A one-tier affiliate marketing
  • Two-tier affiliate marketing
  • How much commission do you pay
  • Do you have many admins of affiliate program (maybe you want to outsource boring stuff and use your own time to building your business even more)
  • List all affiliate earnings waiting to be paid
  • Easy mass-payout integration -option

Post Affiliate pro also provides you a full range of promotional material that you can use in your affiliate program:

  • Promotional material
  • Image banners
  • Text link banners
  • HTML banners
  • Customized PDF
  • Coupons
  • and so on

You can also track practically every detail of your affiliate program. PAP gives you full reports and analysis of all statistics you need. How your affiliates are performing and so on. The installation of the program is easy and immediate.

Who is Post Affiliate For?

PAP is for business owners who have their own product and they want to scale their business to earn more income. It’s a wonderful way to take your business to the next level. Your time is limited so it can be a very good option to “hire” somebody to promote your product.

In addition, having an affiliate program can be much more cost-effective than hiring an employee. You don’t need to pay a single penny if they don’t bring you income. Only when they get sales, you earn something. And as an affiliate marketer, I can say that affiliate programs are not fair only for the owners but also for the marketers. One will get paid for your the value that he/she provides. And as an affiliate marketer, one don’t need to care about dealing with customers or other practical things.

If you don’t have enough time to sell your products on different places you can outsource selling by using affiliate marketers. Your time is valuable. You have only one life so don’t waste it. If you concentrate on the most important things you can get much more than trying to do everything that is not so important at all.

Experiences of Post Affiliate Pro Users

I have seen more than 10 reviews of PAP and all of them have been very positive. Actually, I haven’t seen any negative reviews. Here are some examples what users say about Post Affiliate Pro:

What is Post Affiliate Pro

A Review by Ronald Jacobz. He gave full 5 stars about all aspects of PAP.

I believe that the idea of having your own affiliate program can be a bit intimidating at first. How to create all details of the program and how to track links etc. Ronald Jacobs was new also but as you can see in his short review above, he said that PAP’s service and features helped him through.

Post Affiliate Pro’s main target is to help you to build a successful affiliate program. They are doing their best to help you to achieve it because if you don’t like them, then you’ll disappear and they lose a customer. So they are helping with all the questions you have about the affiliate program.

Post Affiliate Pro Reivew

A Short Review by Davina

Davina mentions that the support is always timely and fast. It’s important because when you are using a new product, there are times when you probably need to contact the support and ask for help. She also mentions that PAP is doing great improvements to their program while she has been using it for 4 years already.

Post Affiliate Pro Pricing

There are three different pricing options. You can choose the suitable plan depending on your needs and the size of your business. In the picture below you can see PAP current pricing (16.12.2016)

Post Affiliate Pro Pricing

3 Different Options: Pro $97/month, Ultimate $197/month and Network $477/month. (click to enlarge the image)

Notice that with all of the programs you will get Unlimited affiliates for your program, Rock-Solid Tracking, 24/7 Support and Full Setup + Website Integration. Imagine how much time you save because you don’t need to hassle with all little details of affiliate programs like tracking and setting up the program.

If you compare PAP price to similar tools it’s not so expensive at all. You can get started with less than $100/month while some similar software cost starting from $350/month. Some affiliate tracking products can cost even +$750/month. However, even that is not expensive if the software brings you more money than it takes. If your affiliate program can make you $10,000/month then those prices are only very cheap investments.

Pros & Cons


  • New features being added on a regular basis
  • Flexible pricing with 3 different options
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Can hugely scale your online business and boost your income
  • Easy to get started (helpful features and video tutorials will help you)


  • Requires that you have a product and you find affiliates

My Final Opinion of Post Affiliate Pro

In my opinion Post Affiliate Pro can be a magnificent way to create your own affiliate program and to boost your income. You don’t have the time to do everything yourself so outsourcing tasks for people who can do it for less money is wise.

Users of PAP have been solely satisfied with their service and features. Their big amount of customers (+30,000) tells that they have been running their business successfully and that they provide a good value for its users.

Affiliate marketing is a win-win situation where the founder of the program and the affiliate marketer earn money. Also customer wins because he finds the product that he has been looking for.

In order to have your own affiliate program, you would need your own products. If you don’t have your own products yet you can always become a successful affiliate marketer. There are affiliate marketers online who are making +$150,000/month only by selling other people’s products and they never need to cope with the customers.

Both sides of the coin are good and it depends on your current situation and goals which side fits for you better.

PRODUCT_NAME at a Glance…

Name: Post Affiliate Pro
Price: Pro $97/month, Ultimate $197/month, Network $477/month
FieldAffiliate Marketing Software
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100



Now I want to hear from you:

Do you dream of having your own affiliate program?

Or do you know somebody who is running an affiliate program?

Leave a comment below!


How to Write a Great Product Review Without Buying a Product?

If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to learn to write reviews that convert. Some experienced have written hundreds or even thousands of product reviews during their affiliate marketing career. Have they bought and tested all of those products personally. Of course not!

You don’t need to buy all those products and have your home full of stuff that you have reviewed. Today I am going to share you How to Write a Great Product Review Without Buying a Product?

“A widely accepted misconception is that you cannot review something honestly if you don’t own it.” –Nathaniell Brenes (A very successful full-time Internet marketer)

How to Write a Great Product

Writing reviews of smartphones can be a very profitable business.

“I am a newbie. I don’t own a product. How to write a review?”

Let’s face the reality. Everybody needs to start somewhere. Even guys who are making +$10,000/month online started as newbies one day. They started learning and nowadays they are experts. First of all, don’t worry that you are a newbie. If you start today and keep on learning, someday you will be an expert. I know this from my own experience.

Now listen carefully, you can use your inexperience as an advantage. You can easily relate to your readers who don’t have any experience either. You can write from their perspective and easily answer their questions.

Another thing that I have noticed that many times you don’t even realize how much you know about a subject because you live with yourself every day. Your skills and knowledge seem like normal to you. After talking with a person who really doesn’t know anything about that subject, makes you realize how much you really know.

I can give you an example of my personal life. I thought that where I am an expert. Definitely in playing chess because I am one of the bests in my country. But what other things. Then I realized that I am an expert of languages because I speak 4-6 languages (depends on how you define fluency).

Before I didn’t realize because it was just a normal thing for me. I was living with that fact every day. But I started thinking, how many of my friends speak 4-6 languages. Only very few. I realized that I have a really good knowledge and many people could benefit hearing it. So I decided to create to help people learn languages faster and while having fun.

=>Learn to Make Money Online by Writing Product Reviews!

Know More Than 90% of People with a Few Searches

Sometimes even knowing a little bit of your subject, makes you better than 90% of the population in the world who have 0 knowledge about that subject. So never underestimate your skills and think how much you already know compared to people who don’t know anything.

Let’s say that you are reviewing smartphones. Even though I know more about technology than an average person on the planet, my knowledge about smartphones’ differences is very small. Only by reading a short article about a new iPhone, you already know more than me. Then you could tell me the information and it could help me. If you read 5 articles about that iPhone and combine that information into one article, you have already much better knowledge than many other people.

In your review, you can share other people’s experience and tell how they have enjoyed using iPhone. If somebody didn’t like it because of reason X it’s possible that I don’t like if for the same reason. You can also throw questions to your readers so that they can share their own experiences. Then you get engagement to your website which boosts Google rankings and gives you a better knowledge about the product.

Writing a Review as an Expert

It’s naturally much easier to write a review if you already know a lot about your niche or field. For me, it would not be so hard to write reviews about chess books without using hours on them. The writer of the book defines hugely the quality of the book. Then I could share my own opinion’s about book’s subject and give valuable tips that are not even presented in a book.

Being an expert can be a big advantage because it creates authority. For example mentioning, “When being 5 years in the industry I can say that this product seems…” Your 5 years are a huge sign of credibility in reader’s eyes who doesn’t have so much experience.

Show the Facts – Sometimes That’s Enough

Let’s say that you are still writing that smartphone review of an iPhone that you don’t own. One thing you can do is to present the facts. You can collect for example following information about that iPhone and make a comparison with another smartphone like Samsung:

  • Display (what is screen’s resolution?)
  • Capacity (how many GBs you can save to your phone?)
  • Size and Weight
  • Camera (how many megapixels it has?)
  • Video recording (how good quality videos you can take?)
  • Battery (how long does battery last?)

Only by collecting this information and sharing it on your review, you can make a huge favor for your reader. If you collect information from 10 different sources, you can save hundreds of people’s time who visit your website and don’t need to collect all this information themselves.

How to Write a Great Product Review

A comparison chart between iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7

Studies Show: Reviews Convert

I give you three quick reasons why to write reviews.

1.88% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations. When your friend recommends you a product does it raise the probability that you would buy the same product too? Yes, it does and online reviews seem to have the same effect according to studies. (Source:

2.Bad reviews can improve conversions by 67%. When you are writing reviews, don’t write only about positive products. The study showed that people become suspicious if all reviews in a site are positive. But when you are providing both positive and negative reviews it shows that you care about a reader. It also makes good products stand out better when you compare them to their worse counterparts. (Source:

3.According to one study writing reviews will boost your sales by 18%. (Source:

All in all, writing reviews will bring more money to your pocket.

Want to Learn to Make Money by Writing Product Reviews?

Writing reviews can be a very profitable business. It goes like this:

1.People search for reviews on search engines
2.They end up to your website
3.They read a review and click a link
4.They buy a product and you earn a commission up to 75%

People are making millions of money every year by doing this and affiliate marketing business is growing every year worldwide. Want to have your share of the cake?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online business training that teaches you how to become a successful affiliate marketer. There are more than 800,000 members in the community and many of them have created full-time income by writing reviews. Become a member for free and start making money with your reviews.

PS.The best reviews are still usually made of products that you own and have used yourself. So when you are making money with your reviews, you can invest a small part of it into new products that you buy, test and write a review. When you keep on writing new reviews your income will grow like a snowball.

What kind of reviews do you like?

What are your tips for writing reviews without buying a product?

Leave a comment below! 🙂


Multilevel Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing. Success Is Possible in Both But….

So, you want to make money online but you can’t decide between MLM and affiliate marketing. Today I am going to compare those two in this Multilevel Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing -article. Let’s start first by earning potential.

Both Can Be Profitable

If you want to earn well, there is a lot of potential in both of those. There are multi level marketers who are making $10,000/month and they are affiliate marketers who are making $10,000/month. But I have seen one interesting fact in both of the marketing ways. Most of the people are earning less than $100/month in MLM or affiliate marketing. It tells us the hard reality. Many people try because it’s easy to get in. But many people also fail.

However, if somebody has failed it doesn’t mean that you would fail. If somebody has succeeded, you can succeed too. They say that 9 out of 10 businesses fail. Robert Kiyosaki had already failed twice and he was starting a new business. People asked him, “Why would you bother? You have already failed twice.” Robert just answered, “Well, if 9 out of 10 businesses fail, I still need to fail 7 times more and then I will succeed.

There are nowadays more than 3,4 billion people online and the number is rising every day. Billions of dollars are spent every year online. By becoming an affiliate marketer or multi-level marketer, you can get your own share of that.

Multilevel Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing

You need work hard to become successful in MLM or affiliate marketing

Want to Become Rich Quickly and Easily?

MLM-programs are usually marketed with shiny objects: “See how much our top marketers are earning!!!” Then there are pictures of successful people driving new cars and living in big houses. “Want to become a rich like them? Join our program today and you can be one of them!”

Same applies partially to affiliate marketing. There are many people who are making big income online only by promoting other people’s products. It can give you an illusion that making money with affiliate marketing is quick and easy. But I need to tell you the truth.

There is no shortcut to success. If you want to build your own business, it requires hard work.

Affiliate marketing or MLM-program will not make you rich overnight. You can make your first income within the first week like Alex Sol did but it will require very dedicated effort Most of the time you will earn your first money from affiliate marketing after a few months. But the happy news is that when you start generating income, in affiliate marketing it will usually grow like a snowball.

You can easily scale up your online business by repeating the same things that you used before to achieve a little success. Did you achieve your first #1 ranking in Google? Repeat the process to get more #1 rankings. Did you make your fist sale, keep on doing the same things and more sales will come?

Millionaires say that earning a first million was the most difficult one but the others were already much easier. When you start getting organic traffic and sales from your website, keep learning and the results will increase.

Why I Don’t Like MLM?

Multilevel Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing

In MLM you must recruit other people

Personally, I haven’t really found MLM-programs that I would like to join and put my efforts. There have been some very interesting programs but all of them have the same problem. Their products are way too expensive.

I am not saying that an expensive wouldn’t be worth it because it definitely can. Still, the products that you find in MLM-products are usually 2-3x more expensive than similar products that you could find in a local supermarket. Are they higher quality? Sometimes yes, sometimes not.

One thing that many people don’t like in MLMs is that they need to recruit new people all the time. They are asking their friends and family members to join. Sometimes it may even seem like “forcing” new people. Then having those little parties at home where you show new products to your friends and they need to buy something because they want to be polite and don’t want you to get angry. (Of course, I am a little bit exaggerating here but you get the point.)

Another thing is that most of the MLM-programs are very expensive to join. We have reviewed many of them on and you have probably seen that many times it costs +$99/month to get in. Sometimes the price had been even many hundreds of dollars every month. Compare to affiliate marketing. You can get started totally for free without any investments.

Why Do I Like Affiliate Marketing?

The idea of affiliate marketing is easy. Just leave links of interesting products or websites to somewhere on the Internet. When somebody clicks the link and buys something, you will earn a commission. You can promote literally anything you want.

If you are interested in dogs, you can promote dog products.
If you are interested in Christianity, you can promote Bibles.
If you are interested in traveling, you can promote travel products like hotels and airlines.
If you are interested in languages, you can make a promote language learning products. (Check my website

Here you don’t have the same challenge like in MLM that products would be too expensive because you can promote products of any kind. You can promote products that cost $1 or you can promote products that cost $10,000. And sometimes you can even give a discount for your followers which is even better.

Imagine that in MLM-products there is usually at least 20% extra price but in affiliate marketing, you may give a 20% discount sometimes. Is there a big difference? (Note: there is not always a discount but sometimes)

In affiliate marketing, you can find products for everyone’s needs

I have a good friend. He is very skillful to handle money like I am. However, there is a very big difference what kind of products we use and buy. He is not looking for cheap products, he is looking for quality products.

I am also looking for quality but I am also concerned about price. I am not willing to pay $1,000 if I can get the same product for $200. Don’t get me wrong here. My friend doesn’t want to buy expensive products just for the sake of it. But for him, it’s not a problem if a product is expensive if he just gets good quality. Some people look for very cheap products, some people don’t care and some people look for luxurious products. “Buy a luxury holiday of two weeks on the beach of the Caribbean.”

People are different and products that they look for are different. That’s why affiliate marketing is wonderful. You can promote products of any price. How would it feel to promote a product for $5,000 and get a 10% commission? That’s totally possible. You just need to target the right audience.

Want to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer?

Do you know what is the recipe for success? Learn what other successful people have done. Repeat what they have done, learn during the process and become successful too.

Many things in affiliate marketing are repeatable. Build a website, get ranked on Google to get traffic, optimize your text in order to get conversions and see how dollars start dropping to your account. The process is very simple but “Why don’t everyone do it?” There are three main reasons:

1.People don’t know what it is.
2.People don’t know how to do it.
3.People don’t want to do what it takes.

Then there are people who find out what it is, how to do it are willing to do what it takes, become successful. Are you one of those?

Some years ago I didn’t know about affiliate marketing. And nowadays when I have talked to people to explain what I am doing online, they haven’t even heard about affiliate marketing.

I believe that one reason people don’t become successful with it is because they don’t even know about it. Now you know about the possibility so you don’t belong to a group that wouldn’t know what it is.

Maybe you belong to the group 2, you don’t know how to do it. Then I want to introduce Wealthy Affiliate for you. It is an online training center and community that teaches you everything you need to know in order to become a successful affiliate marketer. One of the greatest benefits is that you can get started for free.

Now you know what is affiliate marketing and how to do it (by registering to Wealthy Affiliate and going through the training). The only questions are, “Are you willing to do what it takes?” If you are ready to become a successful affiliate marketer, click here to start a training for free!