The Affiliate Takeover Review – Check Out My 100% Unbiased Opinion!

You may have seen lots of highly biased reviews of Affiliate Takeover on the Internet. Those guys have joined Affiliate Takeover affiliate program in JvZoo and they are earning commissions for selling the product for you. My review is totally unbiased and I am not part of their affiliate program.

I know that I could earn some money by promoting this program but my intention is to give you the most unbiased answer that you can find. I hope you will enjoy this review!

The Affiliate Takeover Review

the affiliate takeover reviewName: Affiliate Takeover
Price: $17,43 + Upsells
Founders: Lenny, Adam, and Gary
Field: Affiliate Marketing Training -Programs

Overall Rank: 60 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is The Affiliate Takeover?

Affiliate takeover is a short training course of 3 modules that promises you to teach the following things:

affiliate takeover review
The Content of Affiliate Takeover Training

In the other words, they are teaching you how to become a successful affiliate marketer. Their training course consists of over the shoulder videos that teaches you to:

1.Pick the product to review
2.Make reviews that rank #1 and #2 on Google and on Youtube

Increased traffic will lead to bigger commissions and income. Let me explain how their methods work:

How Does Affiliate Takeover Work?

They recommend you to choose products that will be launched soon so there will not be much competition. It will help you to get ranked higher on Google. The more competition there is for a certain product or a keyword the more challenging it will be to get ranked.

On the other hand, less competition => better rankings more easily for you.

Then they teach you to make a video which ranks on Youtube so you will get ranked with a video and with a text.

What Don’t I Like in Affiliate Takeover?

Affiliate Takeover provides some very practical tips for a low price. However, there’s something that I don’t like in their marketing strategy.

First of all, they let you understand that it’s very easy to dominate the competition and get high rankings on Google and Youtube. The reality is that success with affiliate marketing requires lots of dedication and hard work. It’s possible to earn 10 or even 100 times more than in a normal 9-5 job but it, for sure, requires lots of work.

Getting traction on Google takes usually at least 3-6 months. And then over the time course, you will get more and more authority if you keep on producing content. It doesn’t happen in a second. But once it happens the fun part starts and +$10,000/month income becomes possible.

Second, they have upsells that they don’t mention in the beginning. It’s a very typical strategy for Internet marketing products but it’s not 100% honest. They sell you a product and say that this is all you need to succeed. But after you have bought it, they show you another product saying, “You can’t succeed/live without this another product.” It’s quite misleading marketing.

Affiliate Takeover Upsells

Affiliate Takeover has two upsells that both are more than 2,5 times more expensive than the initial product. You pay $17 for the first product and $47 for the each upsell. The total cost of their training is then $111.

1.Ranking With Videos Case Studies: $47

In the first upsells they show you two case studies how they get ranked on high on Google and Youtube with videos. The question arises, is it worth it to pay $47 for two case studies? You can probably find similar tutorials on Youtube for free. What do you think?

2.Email Mastery 10x Formula: $47

In the second upsell they teach you how to do effective email marketing. You are building a list and promoting products for them in this training.

I think that Affiliate Takeover upsells are not worth it. They should have been included in the real product or at least told in the beginning when you are making a purchase. Unfortunately, sometimes Internet marketing gurus dehumanize the process and are just trying to make the most money out of the people.

the affiliate takeover review
Is the value of this “bonus” really $97?

Who is Affiliate Takeover For?

In my opinion, Affiliate Takeover would be optimal for affiliate marketers who have already some experience and are willing to invest extra bucks for your online business to get a few new ideas. However, you don’t get the whole course for $17. You will need to invest $111 to get everything that they are selling.

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They are offering some bonuses but as you may know, bonuses are sometimes just a marketing trick to get you to buy the product.

If you are a beginner with affiliate marketing, I don’t recommend trying this product. They trick you believe it would be easier than it is. I remember the first time when I started affiliate marketing. I thought like this, “Okay, I will make a few reviews and I will automatically get ranked on Google. Then the income starts flowing in.”

Oh, how wrong I was. But gladly I followed Wealthy Affiliate’s step-by-step training and I didn’t give up. The hard work paid off.

Pros & Cons


  • The training gives you creative and practical ideas on how to get ranked on Google and Youtube
  • Product is not very expensive


  • Shady marketing with upsells
  • Lets you understand that success would happen more quickly than it really happens
  • Lots of highly biased reviews of this program on the Internet

Conclusion – Is Affiliate Takeover a Scam?

Affiliate Takeover is not a scam because they are teaching strategies that can really work. However, if you want to succeed online wit affiliate marketing, I recommend you to taking a closer at Wealthy Affiliate training.

WA is a step-by-step training that teaches you much more broadly how you can really have a successful affiliate marketing business. The great thing in WA is that they concentrate on providing the best value. They are constantly developing their services to make them even better.

Their premium membership includes:

  • Step-by-step training to affiliate marketing success
  • Domain hosting up to 25 websites
  • Unlimited amount of websites
  • Become a part of the community of 850,000 Internet marketers
  • 1-on-1 support from me and other successful affiliate marketers
  • Weekly live training

This is just a small part of all things that you will get in WA. It’s also 100% free to get started. With a free membership, you will immediately get 20 interactive video lessons and 2 high-quality websites. Comparing  Affiliate Takeover and Wealthy Affiliate is like comparing David and Goliath.

Affiliate Takeover at a Glance…

Name: Affiliate Takeover
Price: $17,43 + Upsells
Founders: Lenny, Adam, and Gary
Field: Affiliate Marketing Training -Programs

Overall Rank: 60 Out of 100


Have you tried Affiliate Takeover, Wealthy Affiliate or another affiliate marketing training program?

Which one did you like the most?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I agree with you that the Affiliate Takeover is for those that are already established when it comes to affiliate marketing and wants to go a step further with what they have for the day. It is not that easy for beginners as there are some struggles on the way that when you are not that committed and ready to push further, you may end up losing everything that you’ve invested in the program.

  2. Hi Roope,

    I came across your article whilst researching Affiliate Takeover as I am considering getting involved though I have to admit that the idea of upsells has definately dampened my enthusiasm. I know that upsells are a normal practice in business (Just look at Apple) but they have never sat well with me. I want total transparency when I invest and like to get the whole product. Maybe I’ll take a look at WA academy, is there any upselling here?



    1. Hi Dean,

      don’t you think that Apple upsells are different that this kind of upsells that Affiliate Takeover provides? You are right that there are similarities. But if we compare, for example, McDonalds upselling to what is happening online, it’s totally different.

      McDonalds offers you french fries and a coke as an upsell but they give you the whole burger. Everything is clear for the customer. But when Affiliate Takeover (or similar products) sell their first product, they are giving you the message, “This is all you need to succeed.”

      When you buy it, they will immediately take you to another sales page where they say that it wasn’t enough, you need to buy this product that costs 2-3 times more than the first one. If they would show all upsells right away, it would be more honest.

      That’s one reason I like Wealthy Affiliate. They don’t have any upsells. Kyle (the founder of WA) is often criticizing dishonest upselling and he will never put them into WA. They tell you right away what you will get for your money. Isn’t that good? 🙂



  3. Hi Roope!

    Thank you for your article. I was actually offered to buy the course via my mail. I actually considered it to learn about money online at 17 $ is a pretty ok price.

    But a healthy skeptic is never the way to buy this kind of info.

    And, of course, there is a lot of sales after the first deposit.

    I have to admit that I get a little angry when I try to get me into the circus through my mail.

    You once again describe the difference between this and WA I have to admit that I totally agree.

    My question is.

    Do you think that at some point comes a really good alternative to WA?

    I have not found it yet


    1. Hi Steen,

      I honestly think that Wealthy Affiliate is #1 affiliate marketing training in the world right now. However, there are some good alternatives. Have you seen Chris Farrell Membership, Affilorama or Bring the Fresh?

      They are all legitimate affiliate marketing training and there are many people who have became successful after their training. But, of course, they are not as good as WA. Affilorama has many products inside the member’s area and some of them are very expensive.

      Chris Farrell takes a little bit different approach to affiliate marketing than WA. While WA concentrates more on traffic from search engines and doing SEO, Chris always says that online success can be summarized in 3 short words, “Build a list.” So, he is talking more about email marketing and list building methods. That’s why I think that his course would be a good supplement for WA.

      What do you think?


  4. I really do not like websites that has upsells they do not tell you about in the beginning. I think it is a dirty trick.

    Does however sounds like a few good practical tips that might be possible to gain from the Affiliate Takeover, but still does not sound interesting enough for me to be willing to spend money on it.

    I do not like the appraoc that they are making it sound super easy to rank on google and youtube and giving people false hopes. As you write, it takes dedication and work to be successful with online marketing, and if more people had that approach there would be less scams out there.


    1. Hi Mikael,

      we have exactly same thoughts about the Affiliate Takeover and Internet marketing in general. 🙂

      I want to share one interesting idea that may help you succeed. I think that succeeding online is very easy. I just had to go through the training in Wealthy Affiliate and put it into action.

      Why doesn’t everybody do it then? Because it’s also easy not to do. I have seen many people starting but then they quit because they didn’t see instant results. Things that are easy to do are also easy not to do. I had my moments in the beginning when I thought about quitting but I am happy that I kept on going forward. It was a great learning experience all in all.


  5. Hie Roope

    I haven’t come across affiliate takeover before but thanks for such an informative review. I’m still new in the affiliate marketing fraternity, reading this review and going through your recommendations i believe it is still early season for me to invest when I have not found stable footing yet.

    Thank you very much

    1. Hi,

      you are right. Stick to Wealthy Affiliate and their step-by-step training. It will give you a great foundation for your online business. Remember that you are building a real business that can take time. Keep on sowing the seeds and you will see results afterwards.


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