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Hi, I'm Mecyll! I'm a full-time writer in Your Online Revenue, dedicated to dig into the world of making money with Roope. When I'm not spending time writing reviews, I'm writing novels and blog posts on my own website.

Is Money Genie A Scam? Scammers Lure Victims With $35 Bonus!

Is Money Genie A Scam Featured Image

Welcome to my Money Genie Review!

Is Money Genie a scam? If you want to know if this platform we’re going to review is legit or not, you are on the right page. 

You might have heard about this #1 social media affiliate network, haven’t you? Just to give you a hint, they claimed to have been existing for 20 years. 

But here’s the catch. More and more of these websites exist nowadays, especially that more people are getting into doing petty tasks for some bucks.

Because of the rising demand for these kinds of opportunities, the higher the number of scammers lurk around and fool people to fall into their traps. 

Given that it’s done online, they are motivated to reach their scams globally without being seen nor identified. If so, users have to be extra careful with whatever they’re dealing with on the web.

If you don’t want to be one of their victims, you are in the right hands. We’re going to discuss everything about this company, letting you know the good and the bad sides. This is to guide you with your decisions about whether to join them or not. 

Are you ready? Let’s dive into it. Shall we?

Money Genie Review - Quick Summary

Name: Money Genie

Founded: 2013 (*2019 according to WhoIs website registration)

Type: Get Paid To site

Price: $0

Best for: Nobody

Is Money Genie A Scam Logo

Summary: Money Genie is another sister scam Get Paid To site like Tap2Earn and Use2Earn. The same system of fooling its users by inviting them to sign-up and promises of redeeming a $35 bonus. When the users ask for the payout, the scammers disappear without a trace. 

Is Money Genie Recommended? No. Money Genie is a scam. So, it is obvious not to recommend such a Get Paid To site that does only to harm people financially. If you like to learn how to make money online the right way, click the green button below.

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AdThrive Review – 200% Ad Revenue Possible?!

AdThrive Review Featured Image

Welcome to my AdThrive Review!

Advertisements are one of the ways bloggers and content creators make money. They focus on creating money by showing random or at least related sidebar ads or showing advertisements prior, in between, or at the end of the content.

If you are wondering how this method works, you’re on the right page. We’re going to discuss how this advertising company works and how this could work as your additional income stream.

Are you ready? Let’s dive into it. Shall we?

AdThrive Review - Quick Summary

Name: AdThrive

Founded: 2013

Founder: Andy Marzka

Type: Lifestyle Digital Publishing Company

Price: 25% monthly ad revenue

Best for: This is best for bloggers and content creators online who already reached at least 100,000 monthly traffic.

AdThrive Review Logo

Summary: A husband-and-wife blogging duo established AdThrive in 2013 to help other content creators, who already generated 100,000 monthly views or traffic, to make a passive income online. They partner approved publishers and share 25% from the total monthly ad revenue. 

Is AdThrive Recommended? Yes, it could be a good option if wanting to make passive income is desired. This is done by allowing the ads to generate it for you, allowing more focus on the content than the chase of promoting something to your audience.

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Is First Fitness Nutrition A Scam? $39 Investment For $87,000 Profit?!

Is First Fitness Nutrition A Scam Featured Image

Welcome to my First Fitness Nutrition Review!

Is First Fitness Nutrition a scam? You may wonder if fitness MLMs work. Do they have a unique specialty that most gyms and other fitness nutritionists don’t know?

These questions will be answered in this post. Before we go through the details, let me first remind you that this is a network marketing company.

That means you could lose more money than you invested upon signing up. Of course, bonuses are there. The companies payout based on your compensation plan (ranks). 

But is this a good opportunity? Is this a lucrative business to take on this year? This is what we’re going to find out.

Are you ready? Let’s dive into it. Shall we?

First Fitness Nutrition Review - Quick Summary

Name: First Fitness Nutrition

Founded: 1989

Founders: Lee Causey & Nigel Branson

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company

Price: $39 (basic kit) to $749

Best for: This could be a good business to start if a willingness to invest more money to launch is made. Otherwise, this isn’t for you. 

Is First Fitness Nutrition A Scam Logo

Summary: Founded in 1989, Lee Causey and Nigel Branson developed the first protein shake in history. With that being said, First Fitness Nutrition is the first MLM to develop this product, helping people to have a nutritional replacement for their meals.

Is First Fitness Nutrition Recommended? No. We don’t recommend any multi-level marketing companies as a good business opportunity. I suggest you take a look at the lucrative opportunity to make money online by clicking the green button below.

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Premier Designs Jewelry Scam Review – Is MLM Legit Or Not?!

Welcome to my Premier Designs Jewelry Review!

Do you like to make a business with pieces with jewelry? If yes, this multi-level marketing company might be a good opportunity for you. 

Many companies try many ideas as a flagship product and cement their foundation as a network marketing company. That includes selling pieces of jewelry in an MLM business model.

Most of the time, women are attracted to anything that symbolizes glamour. So, seeing them glancing at them is a profound experience. If they could have that piece, they feel great, feeling beautiful.

This demand allows more MLMs to offer pieces of jewelry as a product exists. That’s what we’re going to talk about in this post.

Are you ready? Let’s dive into it. Shall we?

Premier Designs Jewelry Review - Quick Summary

Name: Premier Designs, Inc.

Founded: 1985

Founders: Andy & Joan Horner

Type: Direct Selling Company

Price: $395

Best for: Nobody. Premier Designs Jewelry can be a lucrative business. But it’s a long-term lucrative business you can build on. If you want to know how to do it the right way, click the green button below.

Summary: Established in 1985, Andy and Joan Horner founded Premier Designs Jewelry in a multi-level marketing business model. They started with a few products and eventually it expanded with various designs. Members have to sell these pieces in exchange for bonuses as members of the company.

Is Premier Designs Jewelry Recommended? No. Most MLM members lose money than they invested in many cases. 

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Zermat International Reviews – Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my Zermat International Review!

In most Zermat International reviews I came across online, there are a few things that caught my attention. 

Before we get into that, let me first remind you that there’s no guaranteed success when it comes to any multi-level marketing company. Take note of the word “any.”

That means only a few members out of hundreds, if not thousands, benefits from the compensation plan; most likely the uplines enjoy 90% of the profits from generated sales.

I know this is sad. But this is true to most members, including myself, believed in. This is why, if you want to earn a fair and lucrative business you love, click the green button below and start learning how to build it from scratch today. 

Now that we’re all set. Let’s dive into the post. Shall we?

Zermat International Review - Quick Summary

Name: Zermat International

Founded: 1987

Founders: Adelfo Enriquez & Omar Enriquez Rios

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company

Price: $0 to $49.50 depending on kit

Best for: Nobody. It’s best to search for other income opportunities out there. I suggest you take a look at the step-by-step process to build your business and enjoy earning a passive income.

Summary: Established in 1987, Zermat International is a Mexican multi-level marketing company that focuses on producing high-quality fragrances for its target market for an affordable price.

Is Zermat International Recommended? No. It could be a great opportunity but it’s not. I’ll tell you the reasons as you read towards the end of the post.

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Landmark Forum Reviews [Similar To Scientology?!]

In My Landmark Forum Reviews, A Few Dissatisfied Clients Reveal Program Has Similarities To Cult Or Scientology. No Income Potential To Keep Non-Profit Status.

Welcome to my "Landmark Forum Reviews" Post!

In the past, we only have a few resources when it comes to personal and professional development niche. Often, we only refer to published books to learn something to enhance our lifestyle for the sake of our personal and professional needs. 

In the 2000s and beyond, there’s an emerging development of access, resulting in the increase of need and demand from different markets across the globe. Hence, creative people took this as an advantage to create programs just to cater to this need. 

One of those companies is “The Forum,” which later became the Landmark Forum. For almost 30 years of serving its audiences, it has proven itself as one of the leading personal and professional programs. 

The point here on Your Online Revenue Ltd is that we need to have the right skills to hit the bull’s eye. We have to possess that specific skill to hit the target we’re aiming. Fortune or passive income. 

Whatever your financial goals are, it’s best to learn how to improve your strengths and use them to attract wealth through the #1 recommended business opportunity Roope suggests. 

Now, we’re all set. Let’s dive into the post. Shall we?

Landmark Forum Review - Quick Summary

Name: Landmark Forum

Founded: 1991 (or earlier)

Type: Self-Development Company

Price: $650 and up + $295 deposit fee (depending on location, country, or state)

Best for: Nowadays, there are more and more people who are interested in personal and professional development as a source of income. So, those who are interested in these niches can join the team and help others adhering to the company’s mission.

Summary: Established in 1991, Landmark Forum is a personal and professional program developed earlier by Werner Erhard and Associates before another company, Landmark, licensed “The Forum” to Landmark Forum 28 years ago. Today, it branched out across the United States and the world helping others to hone their strengths for personal and professional needs.

Is Landmark Forum Recommended? No. I’ll tell you the details in a while. For now, it’s best to hone your high-income skills and transform them into something that attracts wealth. Click the green button below to get started.

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Does Annique Work? Is Rooibos Plant-Based MLM A Scam?

Welcome to my Annique Review!

Does Annique work? 

If you aren’t familiar with the company, you are in the right spot. Because today, we’re going to dig into this skincare multi-level marketing company you might want to check out.

But before we tackle the background as well as the pros and cons of this MLM, let me inform you that we are not affiliated with the company. Thus, we review the information without a biased judgment. 

Also,  be warned that most of the MLM members don’t make more money than they expected. We’ll discuss that later. 

Given these warnings, I didn’t mean to scare you, my friend. However, this is the truth that we often hear from the former MLM partners. 

With that being said, I encourage you to find other opportunities in which you can earn a fair share of income even without leaving your lofty home. Are you ready?

Let’s dive into it. Shall we?

Annique Review - Quick Summary

Name: Annique Health and Beauty

Founded: 1971

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company

Price: $39.75 to $218.56 depending on the business kit + its corresponding worth of products

Best for: Annique is a popular skincare multi-level marketing company that’s based in South Africa. But it’s not feasible for international customers unless someone decides to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to establish a branch within that country. Therefore, this is a hint that you’re going nowhere with this MLM.

Summary: Back in 1968, Dr. Annique Theron, although with a medical background, stumbled a great herb that alleviated the pain of her child. She discovered the South African herb called “rooibos.” Since 1971, more skincare products have been produced as the business grew over the years.

Is Annique Recommended? No. We don’t recommend any network marketing company as there’s no potentially lucrative opportunity in that industry. So as joining Annique as one of their consultants. 

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LivElite International Review – Is Is A Scam Or Legit MLM?

LivElite International Review Featured Image -min

Welcome to my LivElite International Review!

Today, we’re going to tackle a skincare multi-level marketing company that could change your life. When I say, “it could,” there is a probable chance that the MLM is a great business opportunity or a meh. 

But before we go through the comprehensive review post, let me first take you to the future of making money online. Gone are the days when you have to leave your lofty homes to earn an income.

Nowadays, more and more people turn their attention to many lucrative online business opportunities and reach their dream financial goals. 

So make sure you get the Ultimate Make Money Online Guide and learn the step-by-step process of how to build your online business and become a successful entrepreneur. 

Now that we’re all set. Shall we dig into the post? 

LivElite International Review - Quick Summary

Name: LivElite International (formerly known as Syntek Global)

Founded: 2008

Founders: Kirk Newmann & John Theler

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company

Price: $325 to $630 depending on the business starting kit

Best for: This is only attractive if you have the guts to sell products on a person-to-person method. As a network marketing company, you need to leave a lasting impression with your customers to ensure an income. Otherwise, you will not see hopes of making more money with this MLM.

LivElite International Review Logo

Summary: Kirk Newman co-founded LivElite International with John Theler, formerly known as Syntek Global, in 2008. The Utah-based multi-level marketing company concentrates on providing high-quality skincare, home, and engine-related products to its target market. 

Is LivElite International Recommended? No. You will not make a lucrative business with any multi-level marketing company at all. If you want to earn a legitimate and fair income, click the green button below.

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3 Scam Get Paid To Sites You Should Avoid – Learn What To Do & Make Income

3 Scam Get Paid To Sites You Should Avoid Featured Image -min

Welcome to my "3 scam Get Paid To sites" Review!

In the past few days, I have been reviewing different scam Get Paid To sites you should avoid, making a fair and lucrative income this year. 

Today, I will be delving into the top 3 scam Get Paid To sites that you need to stay away if you want to have a risk-free income online. At the same time, I will teach you what to do and make an income.

But before we dig into that, let me invite you to get your FREE copy of the Ultimate Make Money Online Guide in which it takes you through the whole process of making money using the internet from scratch.

Click the green button below to get started. 

Now, we’re all set. Are you ready to know the top 3 scam Get Paid To sites you should avoid? Let’s dive into it. Shall we?

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