Zermat International Reviews – Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Welcome to my Zermat International Review!

In most Zermat International reviews I came across online, there are a few things that caught my attention. 

Before we get into that, let me first remind you that there’s no guaranteed success when it comes to any multi-level marketing company. Take note of the word “any.”

That means only a few members out of hundreds, if not thousands, benefits from the compensation plan; most likely the uplines enjoy 90% of the profits from generated sales.

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Now that we’re all set. Let’s dive into the post. Shall we?

Zermat International Review - Quick Summary

Name: Zermat International

Founded: 1987

Founders: Adelfo Enriquez & Omar Enriquez Rios

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company

Price: $0 to $49.50 depending on kit

Best for: Nobody. It’s best to search for other income opportunities out there. I suggest you take a look at the step-by-step process to build your business and enjoy earning a passive income.

Summary: Established in 1987, Zermat International is a Mexican multi-level marketing company that focuses on producing high-quality fragrances for its target market for an affordable price.

Is Zermat International Recommended? No. It could be a great opportunity but it’s not. I’ll tell you the reasons as you read towards the end of the post.


What Is Zermat International?

Based in Mexico, Adelfo Enriquez and Omar Enriquez Rios started Zermat International as a network marketing company that concentrates on providing the best fragrances for an affordable cost.

Not only Zermat International produces fragrances for its customers, but it also provides products that comprise body care, products for children and babies, makeup, skin care, and pets.

In other words, they don't exclude any ages. They have everything the young and old people need to keep them feeling good and fresh. 

If you take a look at the price tags of each product, you see it doesn't cost that much. For only $14 you have a refreshing body breeze guaranteed with the aromas that stay all day. 

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Well, that's what they claimed. 

Aside from having the cost advantages for its customers, Zermat International assures its members and/or consultants that they are a legitimate multi-level marketing company, given the following awards they garnered over the years as an MLM.

  • El Premio Nacional de Exportacion
  • El Premio Internacional a la Calidad
  • Envase y Emblaje Estelar 
  • La Ceiba de Oro 

Currently, they offer special discounts to some of its collection, making the products more affordable for its customers. 

So far, the company sounds good. However, at this point, I wonder if the products are great to use, leading me to scour the forums and see how others perceive Zermat International and its offers: whether they are good or not. 

I found one of their products which is the Zermat Baby Dreams Cologne, having 11 ratings on Amazon (an average of 3 out of 5 stars). According to those who have tried the product, it is a recommendable item for babies. 

Zermat product for babies seem to have positive feedback from its customers worldwide.

Based on the description, Zermat International created a formula to guarantee there will be no side effects when applied to the babies. 

"[Zermat Baby Dreams Cologne is] created for the delicate skin of your newborn. The fragrance is made of 'current and modern' notes combined with the clearly identified 'baby smell' notes inside a tender packaging," the seller wrote.

I know the description sounds a bit awkward. Perhaps, this is because Google automated translation sucks sometimes. 

Anyway, the point here is that Zermat International succeeded in providing high-quality products for everyone. That's truly valuable for an MLM. 

But the question here is if joining this network marketing company could be a good thing for you or not. That's what we have to answer in the next section. 

If you still doubt Zermat International and its products, you can start your business. It's possible. 

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Who Is Zermat International For?

As I searched through the price list for the business kits apt for starting your distributorship, I was surprised that you can set it up for no cost. Here’s the catch.

Zermat International will only provide the free business kit if you purchase $300 worth of products included. That means it’s not for free. Who else could provide a free business startup, right? Nobody. 

No multi-level marketing company will give you such a great benefit. Other companies like The Body Shop offer $63 as a business startup cost. This isn’t too much like other companies in the same niche. 

As you can see from the business kit variations below, Zermat International costs nothing for business startup launch unless you purchase a minimum purchase amount. 

In their case, they require at least $300 worth of products regardless if fragrances, skin care, etc. This is where it gets tricky. Should you spend $300 to get in or you rather spend $50 for their Evolution Kit?

Zermat International's paid kits don't cost that much. But take a look at the Basic Kit.

If you are confused, so do I. 

By looking at their options, they didn’t mention the corresponding amount of purchase costs for Evolution Kit and Evolution Kit Plus. That means, you only spend exactly $35 and $49.95 respectively.

Having a required amount of purchase for the Basic Kit raises a lot of questions. Does that mean Zermat International pushes you to spend $300 for personal purchases for the sake of getting a free business kit?

Or do they mean getting the minimum worth of products to get started without spending $300 as soon as you decide to register?

Their Basic Kit option doesn't cost you anything but you have to purchase a minimum of $300 of Zermat products.

Take note of this, my friend. This is where a network marketing company gets trickier over time. Study their compensation plans, especially their startup kits.

This is why before you jump into any business opportunities out there, for instance, Zermat International, you have to do further research to make sure you’re out of trouble.

Let’s go on and see their compensation plan in detail to see where this business heads to. 

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As an overview, all levels from qualified consultants to Excellence Directors, have a minimum of $150 personal purchases within the duration to make sure they get their respective bonuses.

Other network marketing companies do these to make sure their products are distributed across members and their customers. Just in case, if the team hasn't made a sale. Maybe or maybe not.   

After becoming a qualified consultant, you can go at higher levels such as:

  • Zermat Leader
  • Zermat Supervisor
  • Executive Master
  • Executive Elite
  • Star Director
  • Excellence Director

5% is the bonus rate for most consultant levels.

Based on their compensation plan, Zermat International pays out 5% for every 3 people that earned $500 group sales. Another 5% comes from personal purchases worth $150. 

That means within the compensation cycle, you must personally purchase the products to achieve the $150 threshold. Otherwise, you compromise your 5% earnings. 

As you go higher, you get 10% compensation as a Zermat Leader.

At the next level, a Zermat Leader still has to make $150 personal purchases to earn the 5% bonus. At the same time, there will be 6 people as downlines. 

To reach this rank and earn the 10% bonus, you have to make sure that these 6 downlines earn a total group sale of $1,200.

Zermat Supervisor comes next with a 12% bonus if you manage to have 1 leader who learned or mastered the recruiting skills and 6% if you invited more than 6 people.

Like the lower levels, the Zermat Supervisor isn't exempted from the $150 personal purchase requirement. As a group, you and your downlines should have at least $1,500 personal purchases to earn the corresponding bonuses.

This is how your rank will look like if you reach the Master Executive level.

As a Master Executive, your personal purchase amount should be the same as the other levels. While this is a higher rank, expect to have a higher minimum group purchase worth of $2,000. 

If you are currently at a Zermat Supervisor level, you must identify 3 consultants and train them the required business skills to recruit and promote the products. 

Furthermore, more than 6 people as downlines are required for this rank. The 6 people aren't just consultants but potential leaders. 

The only way for you to identify these people is to keep track of their performance and determine the perfect candidates to lead their downlines as you do. 

At these levels, members can finally enjoy the benefits of MLM. If you don't belong to any of these ranks, well, continue generating sales and get stuck in an MLM race.

The next levels, Executive Elite, Star Director, and Excellence Director, are the highest positions you get if you look at it on a consultancy level. 

These ranks take charge of leading the whole tribe while having the chance to enjoy the best benefits, such as winning luxury cars, having fun with national and international travel trips and receiving other enticing offers to push you to lead the right people for Zermat International to grow. 

Additional incentives also apply not only for the higher ranks but for the lower ones as well. 50% discount is given to first-time purchases, translating it as 100% earnings to recover your initial investment. 

Zermat International promises its members to earn additional monthly bonuses depending on the team performance and personal purchasing power. 

Pros & Cons of Zermat International

At this point, Zermat International sounds like a good company, does it? Yet, this doesn’t mean they don’t have the downsides.

As I mentioned before, only a few chosen members can enjoy the compensation to the fullest. This is because of the nature of network marketing companies. The uplines benefit the most. This is reality, my friend.

So, here are the pros and cons of Zermat International to help you weigh your decision to join their company as a consultant or not. 

1. Affordable Products

I pointed out earlier about the affordability of the products this MLM offers to its customers. As you can see in the image below, the price ranges $14 more or less in most of its items. For me, it’s a good thing.

Some of the best-selling Zermat International body aromas featured on their official website

2. Lots of Positive Reviews

"[Zermat International is a] great family-oriented company. It's a growing company that treats its members as equals. Great Hispanic community on the rise thriving in breaking boundaries," a current employee wrote on Indeed.

Does it sound like feedback only to promote the company? It's yours to judge.

Some of the positive feedback about Zermat International products and opportunities as an MLM (and also the negative).

3. Diverse Compensation Plan

You can review my discussion earlier about the diversity of payouts you will get when you join Zermat International as a consultant. 

If you want to reach higher goals, go forth and reach higher sales for both personal and team sales. 

1. No BBB Accreditation

Although the business has been existing since the late 1980s, Zermat International only registered on the Better Business Bureau pretty recently. 

According to the mentioned reputable company resource for reviews and background, their profile was online in 2015. The address isn’t within the Hispanic regions, of course, but Texas. 

Zermat International may have their side of the story as to why they haven’t registered sooner or later the BBB was established. Whatever the reasons are, for you as a potential member, what matters most is their legitimacy.

Given the circumstance, there is no doubt this a legitimate company albeit no accreditation has been issued to them. Consequently, no ratings have been recorded since its registration.

Better Business Bureau didn't issue accreditation to Zermat International. No ratings are recorded.

2. No Pay Raise

To most members, Zermat products are the only chances to make an income based on the generated sales per team or personal purchases.

Because of that, it’s a must to get a higher rank to start making profits and more flexible with your working time. 

Though the company promises a higher percentage of bonuses for higher-ranked levels, I saw a complaint on one of the big forums, revealing he didn’t receive a raise. 

“[It is] sometimes, relaxed as the management isn't always the best. [There's] not much opportunity for advancement. And definitely no pay raise,” a former employee wrote. 

3. Tricky Startup Cost

I posted this question earlier. Does Zermat International require you to purchase $300 worth of products as soon as you sign-up or not? 

If you take a look at the Basic Kit cost again (refer to the photo above), they offer no cost for the kit but you have to have the minimum purchase.

That means you could spend a lot to start a business with this MLM in contrast to what we assumed earlier of having no cost. 

4. Requires Personal Purchases

I don’t like it when a company forces its members to purchase the products for personal consumption. 

It appears like Zermat International wants to make sure their products are in a smooth distribution cycle, not because of increasing customer sales. Rather, they acquire those from the members’ pockets as Annique, another MLM, does.

Aren’t they confident about their products to sell out to their customers? Why do they include this as a requirement to acquire bonuses?

To go higher levels, you need to maintain your recurring personal purchases aside from increasing generated team sales.

Is Zermat International a Scam?

Based on the information I gathered for my Zermat International review, there’s no doubt that this multi-level marketing company is a legitimate one.

The first reason is involving the registration of the Better Business Bureau albeit it's no rating status. No scam warning was announced on the platform, too. 

The second reason to prove its legitimacy is the massive number of positive reviews from different sources. 

We only have to be careful if the feedback is only from its members to promote the company. Does it sound like that to you?

Regardless of the reviews denoting the general feedback of its customers either from their current members or their customers (especially on Amazon), Zermat International appeals its global audience.


The products are of affordable prices as well as the startup cost. The only issue I had in mind is the minimum purchase worth to qualify and sign-up as a member.

Overall, the company compensation looks okay and fair. It’s up to you to be content with being a consultant or not. If not, you make sure to generate more sales to perform well. 

Not only you but with the team. At this point, are you still willing to join the marketing chase in an MLM like Zermat International? 

It’s your decision, my friend.

Zermat International benefits you get as a member in a nutshell

Conclusion - Is Zermat International Worth It?

Like most multi-level marketing companies I reviewed over time, no matter how enticing the offer is, there are only a few chances to earn more money than you invested. 

Reports have been made and only 40% of the members can make a profit, leaving the rest with nothing. Let’s say, you purchased the required worth of products to join Zermat International. 

When you spend a lot of money to start a business with them, that doesn’t mean you’re getting back the investment soon.

You have to strive, chasing people to invite as downlines and selling more products to ensure your goals are achieved. 

To make a profit with an MLM, you have to do 2 ways as I pointed out. You have to create your team of 3 to 6 people and generate both personal purchases and group team sales. 

In other words, you spend more money within the compensation cycle than you invested. Over time, many members will get tired of the same system and quit the MLM opportunity.

This doesn’t happen to make your business online, though. Many people have left their jobs to focus on building their opportunity using the power of the internet. 

Yes, making money online enables you to travel around the world and an ultimate freedom but you must be willing to work for it.

For example, Roope Kiuttu, the founder of Your Online Revenue LLC, started with nothing but a dream. Today, he’s touring around the 7 continents from having successfully transformed his blog into a money-making machine.

Does this sound more attractive to you?

If it does, why not click on the green button below and get started today? Roope teaches you the step-by-step process to achieve your goals from scratch. It’s time to take action, my friend. 

Now that I shared my thoughts on my “Zermat International Reviews” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with making money with Zermat? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you instead invest your time, money, and effort into income-generating opportunities like this?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

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