Transcription Hub Reviews [Scam! Ripping People Off?!]

Welcome to my “Transcription Hub Reviews” Post!

I got it. You want to start earning an income by exploring your listening skills. Tons of industries are in the search for people like you. Especially nowadays, more and more authors prefer recording their voice to write.

To convert the audio files into a manuscript, they hire someone who will do the transcription. The rising demand fit for the job equates to the increasing number of companies to train new ones.

So, if you think you’re capable of this industry, stay through the end of the post. Without further ado, let’s dive into the post. Shall we?

Transcription Hub Review – Quick Summary

Name: Transcription Hub

Founded: 2009

Type: Secretarial Services

Price: $0.75 per audio minute

Best for: It’s the best option for individuals who have a keen sense of listening and fluency of the English language as well as other non-English language audio files. But is this the best option? Find out.

Summary: Transcription Hub, as the name suggests, is a transcription company in which they provide both transcription and translation services to their clients. The rate starts at $0.75 per audio minute with a 24-hour delivery guarantee.

Is Transcription Hub Recommended? No. The company may have gained a lot of positive feedback as much as 65% which is already considered as a good rating. But they are notable for non-payments.

What Is Transcription Hub?

Registered in 2009, Transcription Hub continues to thrive with more than 100 employees working hand-in-hand to provide excellent service for their clients.

Among those requests for transcription include:

General Transcription

  • Board meetings
  • Conferences
  • Consumer forums
  • Corporate report focus group
  • General meetings
  • Insurance
  • Law enforcement
  • Legal
  • Market Research
  • Panel Discussions
  • Press Releases
  • Seminars
  • Technical reports
  • Telephone conversations
  • Trade shows
  • Webinars
  • Workshops


  • Classroom lectures
  • Educational Institution
  • Research Interviews
  • Dissertations
  • Religious sermons

Media Industry

  • Podcast
  • Media
  • Interviews
  • Writers

Medical & Hospitals

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  • Medical
  • Medico Legal
  • Lab & Path Reports
  • SOAP notes, Follow-ups
  • Admission Summary
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Surgery
  • Evaluations

If you noticed writers are included as one of their clients, validating the fact that most authors, including the best-selling authors, prefer to finish the book fast when they have it recorded on their voice.

After this, they send the files to the transcription company and wait until they deliver the text files. Regardless of the length, Transcription Hub promises to keep the turnaround of 24 hours after submission.

“No matter your business or area of expertise, Transcription Hub provides fast, accurate transcripts of meetings, conferences, interviews, videos, and much more,” they claimed on their website.

Who Is Transcription Hub For?

If you’re familiar with Transcription Express, Rev, or Babbletype, you already have an idea that fits for this job. Any application, including yourself, needs to have sharp listening skills with fluency in the English language.

Other than the English fluency skills, if you’re assigned to a designated category, law enforcement, for example, you have to be knowledgeable in the field. This applies to all the areas of expertise the client has.

Upon distribution of projects, the company mediates the clients and the workers. They post the projects and let the employees choose. There are also times when a worker simply receives the project without question.

This is because the transcriptionist has prior experience or background in a certain area that others can’t do as properly and as fast as possible.

In general, transcription-related jobs require applicants who work fast and delivers fast, correlating with the mission of the company. To deliver high-quality files as fast as possible.

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Pros & Cons of Transcription Hub

In every company, there’s always the good and the bad sides. It’s up to us to weigh these before we come to a decision

Whether to become a transcriptionist and earn below-average monthly income or to make more as an affiliate marketer, it’s up to you.

Here are the pros and cons you have to consider when joining Transcription Hub this year as an additional source of income stream.

1. Good Reputation Rating

Based on the data matching done by Rep Digger, Transcription Hub got the highest RepScore of 65% which is considered a good rating.

The company got 46% with a similarity index, which is also the highest among other transcription companies like GMR Transcription Services with 32%.

The latter may have the highest reputation score of 67% creating a small gap between Transcription Hub’s reputation score.

This is the comparison rates between Transcription Hub VS other transcription companies.

2. Flexible Working Life

This is an all-time favorite for most people. They want to make more income by increasing work without compromising a day job, for instance.

According to, Transcription Hub offers work depending on the availability of the freelancer.

This is why most of the applicants will have to pick their convenient time with a maximum pickup limit, which means how fast can someone deliver a file within a short time.

Once the transcriptionist picks the project, she must ensure to deliver it within 24 hours or less. Otherwise, the company may suffer from negative reviews.

You can work in your projects any time in the day. If you get more projects, do you think you’ll get more income? Let’s find out.

1. History of Non-Payments

I came across a Reddit post that revealed Transcription Hub’s reputation of not paying workers. She said that it’s one of the famous companies that don’t pay the transcriptionists on time or not at all.

“[There are] red flags due to very vague or exceedingly picky or non-standard formatting guidelines, meaning they always have an excuse to ding your performance and not pay or dump you without recourse,” she mentioned.

2. Low-Paying Job For Long Working Hours

They may promote working hour flexibility. However, if you take that literally, you get nothing because you’re competing against thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of workers trying to get a project.

If you have a full-time day job, you’re less likely to avail more work than others who stayed at home and focused delivering the text files to clients.

This is not alienating at all. Many of transcription jobs aren’t worth your time, especially that you’re taking this journey to make more money. But it’s frustrating to experience what others have told on forums.

Apart from getting less payment from the company, they also revealed that they create excuses for not paying at all. Generally, it’s like wasting your time spending hours in front of your PC on nothing in return.

A complaint was submitted against e24 Technologies, LLC, the company behind Transcription Hub.

3. Complaint Record

A complaint filed against Transcription Hub was filed on November 16, 2011. A report by the name “Penny” from Arlington, Virginia emphasized “a total scam” on the internet.

According to the statement, a live chat under the name “Kevin” receives the audio file. The client paid via PayPal without hearing any news that could have happened with the submitted file.

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Days without any word from Kevin has led a hope for a result into a nightmare. No files were delivered. No refunds are offered by the company.

“No explanations [are] given and emails are never answered. I am surprised this company has not been shut down and is still able to keep cheating unsuspecting clients,” a report stated.

Is Transcription Hub a Scam?

After gathering all the sources from research and testimonies from victims, there’s no doubt that Transcription Hub is a legitimate company with shady tactics to make profit.

The company may appear legitimate but most of them said otherwise. Others wonder why aren’t they shutting down or face serious troubles with the government.

The offer of a $0.75 per audio minute service to a various range of areas of expertise is enticing. Nobody could ever think that this company has been ripping people off, not only the workers but their clients as well.

These claims are then cemented with an official complaint record filed against the company in 2011. A dozen of complaints from former and current employees rise on different forums.

Overall, without a doubt, applying for a job in Transcription Hub isn’t a wise decision to make. It’s like digging your own graveyard.

Not only this serve as a warning for future clients, but the freelancers should also wary about this company.

One thing I noticed is they haven’t had an official page with complete information about what they do and who they serve. No official reviews or feedback from clients were shown on their Facebook page.

Because of these, Transcription Hub is not a good company to start making money online. No questions asked.

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Conclusion – Is Transcription Hub Worth It?

It’s not worth your time at all. Working in Transcription Hub is like digging a deep hole without a clear goal.

You may want to increase your income by accepting more projects as much as you could. But then, you aren’t getting the returns of your efforts.

On the other hand, the clients aren’t satisfied with the service at all. For instance, you upload an audio file and paid the dues with high expectations of good results.

Yet, nothing was delivered. This case isn’t rare. Many transcriptionists (former and current employees) could testify that making money through transcription jobs is way lesser and unfair.

For most of my reviews I’ve done in the past, the majority said the same thing. Applying for a transcription job isn’t going to be worth your while.

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Now that I shared my thoughts on my “Transcription Hub Reviews” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with making money with Transcription Hub? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you instead invest your time, money, and effort into income-generating opportunities like this?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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