ScoreCard Rewards Review – Is ScoreCard Rewards a Scam Or a Great Opportunity to Earn Money?

is scorecard rewards review a scam
You will immediately be asked for your credit card information when you join.

Are you in search of programs that provide incredible privileges for your shopping habit? There are quite a number of companies that offer free financial tools, and ScoreCard Rewards is one of them. For the most part, these companies reward customers with points which can be used for a number of privileges including Airfare, travel packages, hotels and valuable merchandise.

So, what is ScoreCard Rewards all about? Is it the right outfit for a credit card holder? This ScoreCard Rewards review will let you in on all that has to do with this company so you can make a well-informed decision. Sounds good?

Let’s dive in!

ScoreCard Reward Review

scorecard rewards reviewName: ScoreCard Rewards


Type: Rewards program

Earning Potential: Pretty Low

Overall Ranking: 15 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What is ScoreCard Rewards? – Free Gifts and Rewards!

ScoreCard Rewards is a program which gives customers the opportunity to receive a variety of privileges once they use the card to buy goods and services. The points you earn allows you to enjoy some luxurious privileges that are truly satisfying.

Furthermore, daily shoppers will have the chance to check accumulated points online, create wish lists and check for available privileges. The good thing is, ScoreCard Rewards allow customers to track their purchases and monitor their money circulation — this makes it secure, fun and enjoyable for customers.

Basic Requirements for ScoreCard Rewards Customers

  • Personal information and ID card
  • Valid ScoreCards Rewards
  • Username and password
  • Security questions as well as answers for password retrieval
  • And of course, a computer with internet access.
is scorecard rewards review a scam
They will immediately ask for your credit card information when you join.

How to Earn Scorecard Rewards Points?

For starters, you’ll have to make use of ScoreCard Rewards when purchasing products and services — this is the only way to earn points. Moreover, the amounts of points you’re likely to receive are based on the quantity of goods and services you purchase or use. It’s also important to note that the points are only valid for active accounts.

You should also know that points will not be earned for unauthorized fees, cash advances or balance transfers. Also, your points are likely to be deducted when you return money or purchases.

For the most part, the best way to redeem points on ScoreCards Rewards is for airline tickets. As for gift cards or merchandise, the company will require you to accumulate a significant amount of points before you stand a chance to get a good rate. According to some users, you’ll have to accumulate over 20,000 points before you see a decent redemption — that’s more like spending $20,000!

In the other words, you need to spend $1 to earn 1 point.

1 point is not even worth 1 cent. It depends on what kind of product you want to buy with your points but usually, the value of a point varies between 0,40-0,80 cents. It means $0,004-0,008.

There are cash back programs that pay you up to 5% rewards so why would you bother with Scorecard Rewards that only pays 0,5% cash back. We are not talking about something very profitable here. If you are looking a more profitable opportunity, have a look at Wealthy Affiliate.

One famous cash back site inside U.S. is Swagbucks but I don’t use it myself and I think that most successful online entrepreneurs don’t use such services.

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Scorecard Rewards Gift Cards

When you buy some flights, book hotels and other similar things through Scorecard Rewards, you earn points. Then you can use this points for gift cards. You may be asking what kind of gift cards can you get then.

You can use points for getting a gift card, for example for following services:

  • Amazon
  • iTunes
  • Opentip
  • Movie Tickets
  • And so on

So mostly getting your rewards shouldn’t be a problem because you can always buy something from Amazon.

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Scorecard Reward Reviews and Complaints

To be honest, it’s pretty hard to find positive experiences of Scorecard Rewards users on the Internet. There are many Scorecard Reward complaints online. People are calling it a scam and somebody is saying that they don’t care about their customers.

Let’s have a look at a few examples.

scorecard rewards review
Notice that this review was written very recently 26.6.2017.

A person with an account antiscam-91028 says that this system is not a bonus, it’s a rip-off. If you are spending tons of money to get rewards, it’s not a reward. So, I think he is right.

scorecard rewards review
It seems that this person had a very frustrating experience with Scorecard last month.

There has been ever more complaints about their customer service. The next one is taken from 2010 so their problems are not a new thing.

scorecard rewards review
Scorecard Rewards was already scamming people back in 2010.

These 3 examples show me that I don’t want to be involved with this company. Who knows if they have good intentions but something seems to go wrong very badly. Either their promises are just too big or their customer servants don’t have a helpful attitude. What do you think?

Negative reviews are certainly one of the most important scam signs.

Conclusion – Is Scorecard Rewards a Scam?

Many people are saying it’s a scam because of their bad experiences. I wouldn’t call it a scam if they give rewards but the service is just bad. Of course, it’s not something that we would like to involve because the reward is so small. It’s just not worth it.

Have you heard the famous quote from Robert Kiyosaki? “The poor people look for discounts in the supermarket while the rich look for discounts in the stock market.” It’s partially true and it gives us a great point. It’s important to focus on right things.

If you chase little rewards of a few dollars, you will waste lots of your time. It would be a better idea to go for +$10,000/month income online because it’s possible for anyone with tools you have today. Probably you’re not aware of all tools you would have. I have good news for you.

I wasn’t aware of all possibilities a few years ago but then one day I found Wealthy Affiliate. They have a step-by-step training and a great support how you can make a full-time income online and much more. The teachers are millionaires and they know how to make a fortune online. They also know how to teach the skill for you.

I am talking about skill because I believe that anyone can learn to make a living online. It’s just a skill like riding a bike. You may fall a few times along the way but if you keep on practicing and doing the right things, eventually you will succeed.

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Are Cash Back Credit Cards Worth It?

It’s always a big discussion if cash back with credit cards are worth it or not. Companies advertise that you get money back by doing the things that you would be doing anyway. But the reality is that it always takes some time to “play” with them.

Personally, I am not a big fan of cash back systems because most of the time rewards are so small. But I know that sometimes you can find a good deal and earn a bit better. It all comes down to two questions:

  1. How valuable is your time? Getting cash backs takes time. If you use more time than you should, it’s not worth it.
  2. How big is the reward? If you can earn $50 by using 10 minutes of your time with a cash back program, it’s definitely worth it. But if you are chasing for $5 by using more than an hour, I think it’s just a waste of time.


Have you ever tried Scorecard or similar reward programs?

Do you think they are not worth it?

I would love to hear your thoughts. Also, if you need any help with earning money online, don’t hesitate to ask and I will be more than happy to help you out.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Absolutely horrid customer service-it is non existent. They are rude, condescending, impatient and absolutely 100% unhelpful. Just keep reading their “policy”, never answer any questions. I purchased an item with points and a small amount of cash via the website. Received email confirmation of purchase. After 2 days of hearing nothing further(ie ship date etc) I logged back into website to find my item was on “backorder”. After 2 days ??? I checked to see if I could purchase it again and sure enough it let me purchase it. If it was not available why was I able to order it a second time. Then all just went downhill from there. I even spoke with a manager and she was even ruder than the first person I spoke to. I ended up cancelling the order then after 4 days I get an email advising me of a future “possible” shipping date 2 weeks out of the item. The order already showed status as canceled on my website order history. My conclusion is that they are offering merchandise that they do not have as an enticement to get a person to order something else-If you choose not to select a different item they make it virtually impossible to get your points or your money refunded. Typical “Bait & Switch” tactic.

  2. My credit union has been using ScoreCard for a few years now and I have to agree. The “reward” is not that great. We typically receive 1 point for every debit card (used on the credit side) dollar spent and 3 points for every credit card dollar spent. When you look at the points price per redeemable gift, it is crazy expensive. It is like going to Chucky Cheese and having to get 500 tickets for a $5.00 item. I have redeemed my points for a couple of items that ended up being very poor quality items. I am hoping we will eventually upgrade to sky miles or something that actually provides a valuable reward program. ScoreCard is just very lacking in benefit from a consumer standpoint.

  3. I don’t have any experience with Scorecard Rewards but I heard of negative reviews from friends. Personally, I like this kind of sites. After all it’s free money when shopping. My friends recommended to me Ebates which is also mentioned here in the comments. I’ll try Ebates and stay away from scorecard rewards.

  4. I have no experience with Scorecard reward program but with another local reward platform. Like purchasing goods from a grocery, medicines. Every minimum purchase corresponds to a point and can be exchange for prize or some goods. Same thing with credit card, the more you use it , more rewards and better privilege. Just make sure to be responsible in using credit card. I’m not interested to try scorecard after reading your reviews. Besides, I’m happy with our local reward platform. Thanks again. Happy Saturday. God bless.

  5. I agree with your assessment of Scorecard. They defrauded me out of 140,000 Points I had accumulated. They sent an email for a contest which states 50 points Will need you. They sent a follow up email with a thank you and then deducted all My points. Said it was up for o me to read their email.

    Why would I think that all points equate to 50. I tried to dispute and they are refusing to return the points. DON’t do any credit card associated with Scorecard as they are scammers and liars and have no integrity.

    1. Wow, what a bad experience! Thanks for sharing with us. Did you try to contact their support again and get this solved? Maybe you could contact them on Facebook and try to get some help? I’m sorry for your bad experiences!

  6. Like most people here, I have a CCard from a credit union that uses Scorecard Rewards. I didn’t realize I had the “benefit” until the credit union informed me I have 2 months to use my rewards (as they will change rewards provider). I created the account and have 210k points to use. Will it be a hassle to spend them on something “useful”, or should I go for something like an Amazon gift card?

  7. Your review explains it.
    Earning Potential: Pretty Low

    Overall Ranking: 15 Out of 100
    I do not have to check this site. Thanks for the review.

    1. Yeah, survey sites are not worth it. Most of the traffic to these articles comes from Google. That’s why I always explain in how these sites work and what is the earning potential. People who don’t have experience of online surveys may fall into trap and waste their time on these sites so I inform them before that happens.

  8. My credit union uses Scorecard Rewards as their rewards site. I was not ecstatic when they switched because I realized right away that I could not have my points transfer into cash like my other bank. When I had some points built up, I realized there was nothing great or valuable for my points balance.

    Flash forward at least a year or two (or more, honestly, I’m not sure) and I have 7,200 points built up and see that at least they have decent gift cards. I used 6,000 for a $50 Amazon Gift Card. ..Now the fun part. It’s not an e-gift card, but a physical card that will be mailed to me.. and it is on back order for a little over 2 weeks.

    I just take my beautiful interest rates as my reward and move on.

  9. My mastercard is thru my credit union and this is their only “rewards” program. It is a scam plain and simple.

    The “merchandise” is mostly total crap, stuff you see on the clearance bin at Big Lots and the like. Anything they promote
    that is of value is very difficult to get “purchased”. And their website is a total joke…always malfunctioning, totally a pain in
    the @ss. When you call (not because you want to but because the website says you HAVE to) it’s a phone tree with
    at least 10 min on hold. Terrible service…terrible experience.

    1. Wow, sounds really bad. I think that most this kind of programs aren’t just worth it. Robert Kiyosaki always says that the rich look for discounts in the stock and real estate markets while the poor look for discounts in the supermarket. I believe it’s true in the long run.

  10. Wow, I get a better rate of points when I shop at Safeway or Albertsons. Though shopping and earning sounds great in concept, I have yet to see a company that actually gives you a bang for your buck. More like a point for your buck. Thank you for letting me know about this, I will steer clear of them.

    1. Hi Nathan,

      I found a cash back company called Ebates. It’s one of the biggest in the world and I bet you will find it interesting.

      But I just want to remind that don’t spend too much time for finding discounts or rebates. The biggest profit you will make always by building your own business.


  11. Hey,

    Thanks for this review of Scorecards.

    I was going to try it but now I think not. On paper it sounds like it will generate some extra online income but my time could be better spent elsewhere.

    I don’t see why they would give us rewards that are out of stock. Crazy.

    It sound like a big waste of my time so thanks for the save.

    1. Hey Crystal,

      Scorecard Rewards has a really bad reputation after receiving so many complaints on the Internet. I think that is because some of their customer servants weren’t so friendly.

      Anyway, I don’t want to be involved this kind of companies that receive complaints over and over again.


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