Yoonla Review: A Scam Or Legit Money-Making Opportunity?

Is Yoonla a scam

Welcome To My Yoonla Review!

If you have been looking for a comprehensive and honest Yoonla review, you have come to the right place.

In this review, I will reveal you thing that Yoonla affiliates don't tell you. I am not affiliated with Yoonla in any way so I can easily reveal you the truth behind the curtain. 

I will also answer a major question that thousands of people were asking onlien, "Yoonla is a scam or legit?"

Let's have a look!

Yoonla Review - Quick Summary

Name: Yoonla

Website: www.yoonla.com

Owner: Reno Van Boven

Price: Free to Get Started + Many Upsells

Summary: Yoonla provides some basic Internet marketing tips and advice but the it doesn't even closely provide the same value like better programs like Wealthy Affiliate. The main focus on Yoonla system is just inviting more people to the system instead of teaching how to do Internet marketing in general.

Is Yoonla Recommended? Not really. There are way better programs available.

Is Yoonla Legit? - My Video Review

Before you dive into my review of Yoonla in this article, I want to provide you an opportunity to take a look at my Yoonla video review below.

In the video, I answer the most common question, "Is Yoonla a scam or the best make money online training program?"

In the end of the video, I also reveal you my #1 recommended make money online training. I am 100% sure that you will find my video helpful and valuable so be sure to watch it until the end.

What Is Yoonla?

Yoonla is a "make money online" program that shows the complete beginners how to earn through CPA marketing and affiliate marketing.

CPA (Cost Per Action) is a type of marketing where you get paid even though a lead wouldn't make a purchase. For instance, when you sign up or fill a unique link, you receive a specific percentage payment depending on the CPA offer.

Yoonla does not deal with any tangible products but rather the digital products that involve training on the online marketing aspect. Reno Van Boven of New Zealand started the program in 2006.

How Does Yoonla Work?

It's simple. You first have to sign up to become a member. After that, an affiliate link is provided to you to help in promoting Yoonla. Once you send the link to anyone and they sign in using the link, a commission is given on every sign-up.

The bread and butter in Yoonla are just about recruiting others to make money. I don't like that fact.

Making between $1 and $5 for just getting someone to sign under you? This is quite a good deal, and that's why most of its members only send you to the sign-up page other than sending you the video explaining how the whole program works.

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If one of those who signed up using the affiliate link upgrades and becomes VIP members, a further commission is earned.

As you can assume, many Yoonla affiliates are using many dishonest and unethical methods to get more referrals to their downlines. That's probably the main reason why people think it's a scam.
is yoonla a scam

Reno van Boven, the founder of Yoonla, is a very experienced Internet marketer and has built several online businesses. He has way better skills than most Yoonla affiliates.

What's Included In Yoonla?

Everything is simple and straightforward in Yoonla.

You basically just sign up, complete your account, pay the money and start promoting their system. I am definitely not a fan of such systems and that's why I can't recommend Yoonla.

Anyway, let me still show you the Yoonla training to provide you the best information possible. There are few steps and extra things done in the system that helps you in making money.

One of the things that caught my attention is the "affiliate marketing" 101 part. Next I will explain you the steps of the Yoonla training.

  • 1
    Evolving the app and tracking commission. In this step, you download the Yoonla app file. A custom landing page creates the zip file that is required for the upload.
  • 2
    Creating an automation account. This is a straightforward step. You only need USD 15 per month for the GetResponse. A GetResponse is an ESP that allows you to collect and follow up the subscriber emails. ​​​​
  • 3
    Putting up an automation campaign. You are required to create an email autoresponder that educates you on how to deal with the GetResponse when sending the automated emails. You will also get a pre-written email to avoid writing your emails.
  • 4
    Forming a small business account. Typically, this makes it easy for you to get a yahoo web hosting to host on your landing page.
  • 5
    Acquiring your evolve app. This step gives you guiding instructions to set up your yahoo hosting account
  • 6
    Customizing the evolve site. Once you have uploaded the Yoonla zip file app, the landing page will appear. It looks like this:You will receive instructions on how to customize it
  • 7
    Evolve channel activation.This is the final step for the starter membership.Apart from the signing up and convincing other people to also sign up, much still has to be done for it to look like a real affiliate program. Yoonla's essence of signing up than promoting the affiliate link is an excellent starting point for earning online. It's crucial to have other leads in right if you want to become successful in any business. It's hard to succeed if you don't have any links, in the online business, email addresses are the business leads.
  • is yoonla a scam

    Yoonla provides some training on several aspects of the Internet marketing including social media, email marketing, SEO and other aspects.

    One good thing about Yoonla is that it gives its users a video tutorial to enable them to get started and move forward.

    For you to get email addresses more easily, Yoonla provides you with three products. You promote them then to get email addresses of the interested people. However, this will naturally cost you even more money as I will explain further.

    Yoonla understands that people tend to give out their email addresses more quickly when they have been promised something in return. Hence that's taken care of by the three digital products given.

    There's nothing good that can come out without spending. You must make some investments for you to make money. This is the primary rule for everyone who is planning to have business success.

    If you want to make affiliate marketing your career and especially through Yoonla, you must make investments. You must invest time and money into the system to succeed.

    On the other hand, you can still get started for free with my #1 recommended training program.

    Yoonla Cost and Affiliate Program

    Joining Yoonla is free but they have many upseslls.

    When you show people your landing page, and they become interested, you get immediate payments for just getting them to form a free account.

    However, as you may already assume, moving forward and making money with Yoonla is not free. Here are some of the costs that will come:

    • A domain name ~$15 per year which comes with a yahoo hosting
    • A web hosting ~$7.99 per month depending on which service you use. Our #1 recommended domain host is Siteground
    • An autoresponder. Minimum $15 per month. The more subscribers you get, the more expensive it become. Our #1 recommended autoresponder is Aweber.

    These are the costs that come in addition to the Yoonla membership. Yoonla has numerous upsells even though signing up is free.

    If you want to enjoy the full benefits of their affiliate program, they require you to upgrade your account and buy their other products.

    is yoonla a scam

    Yoonla has a free membership available but if you want to make money with their system, you need to buy their membership $297 and invest money in autoresponder, domain hosting, domain name and getting traffic.

    Yoonla Affiliate Program

    Next I will show you the commission that you can make per referral/lead. It means that you will earn this money every time somebody signs up under you.

    The commission that one gets depends on your country. Yoonla has three main categories:

    Zero commission countries

    • Pakistan
    • Nigeria
    • Zimbabwe
    • Zambia
    • Uganda
    • Niger
    • India

    These countries do not generate the CPA leads. However, if you come from any of them, you can still be a Yoonla member. You will be able to get the commission if you convince a person from that country to become a VIP.

    Many affiliate programs do not include these countries due to the many frauds that come from them; this is a method of filtering the legitimately trying people who want to run businesses without free handouts.

    $4 commission countries

    • UK
    • USA
    • New Zealand
    • Canada
    • Ireland

    $2 moderate commission countries. Any country that is not included in the groups mentioned above is classified under this group.

    You still get paid when any of your referrals get an upgrade to be a VIP. Also, when you sign up for Yoonla, small leads are received in the form of emails, the information comes with several products that the Yoonla founder wants to commercialize.

    Minimum Payout Once you have attained $50 in your account, you can make a withdrawal. This happens when the leads have undergone legitimacy evaluation. The commissions are credited to your Yoonla account.
    is yoonla a scam

    The primary way to make money with Yoonla is through affiliate marketing.

    3 Ways How Yoonla Affiliates Make Money

    Basically, Yoonla makes money from these three ways:

    • Affiliate commissions: 

    After joining Yoonla account, lead pages, yahoo web hosting and Get Response become the essential tools for the online business. This means that when you get any of the products through the link and make payments, Yoonla receives an affiliate commission.

    7-Day Make Money Online Email Course

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    • Membership upgrades: 

    Yoonla’s free membership primary purpose is to upgrade you to the elite membership. The site costs around $297 and pays their affiliate a 60% commission.

    • Email marketing:

    Yoonla has an extensive email list since it's a CPA affiliate program. They also use and recommend email marketing which is, of course, one of the most profitable strategies to make money online.

    Pros and Cons


    • Large member base: Yoonla has more than 1.5 million members worldwide. Honestly, this is an incredible achievement.
    • Step by step training: Yoonla has a well-structured program that you can quickly navigate through.
    • Lucrative CPA: getting $2-4 every lead is a profitable CPA program.


    • Pay to play: you only start getting a commission in the elite’ membership. To get to the elite fraternity, you must have $297 which are like pay to Playbill.
    • Expensive page traffic: Yoonla training is focused on a payment method. More specifically, the focus is on the audio platform. This means that you are giving someone money to get an extensive email list.
    • Pyramid scheme? Of course no but the program involves recruiting many members to the business although you get extra cash by doing that it does not prepare one to be an independent marketer.
    • Fake and spammy websites promoting Yoonla: many programs are faced with this problem. They give out an upfront promise that you are creating your site, but in reality, you are merely forming a landing page for email collection.

    Is Yoonla Worth it?

    Let me first show you how one guy was recommending Yoonla:

    The program is not only pocket-friendly but also simple to use if you have an affiliate mind.
    It’s been long since I reviewed such an affiliate program. Yoonla is one legit program that not only helps you in making money but also leaves you more informed about affiliate marketing. There is entirely no reason for regretting it.
    Since Yoonla is a referral program, you have very little to lose when things don't work out as expected. Learning occurs gradually, and there is the need be geared for challenges for you to get money.
    Yoonla is an essential platform for the people who want to get right online money by just using the simple CPA and affiliate marketing. It's a popular and decent method of getting money without doing much work.
    There is no need of burning a hole in the pockets to get the Yoonla benefits as the acquired benefits make you enjoy without costs. There are no hidden costs, and it's made available for everyone to join freely. However, patience is a key if you want to be successful in Yoonla.
    If you are an excellent fast learner, you don't have to think about Yoonla twice. Basically, if you want to make extra cash by working online, then you need to join Yoonla. It will not only save you time but also leave you better.

    I can't fully agree with his thoughts.

    Yes, it is free to get started with Yoonla but if you want to buy the premium, you need to pay hundreds of dollars.

    The main reason why Yoonla is not worth is that they are better alternatives available. In addition, their training is planned to teach how you could promote Yoonla to other people as well. What if you don't want to promote Yoonla? Then I feel that you are just paying in vain.

    Is Yoonla A Scam?

    No, it is not. Although I can't advise you to join it. Maybe you will learn a few useful tips but your time and money could still be spent better elsewhere, in my opinion.

    The reason why many people think it's a scam is that some Yoonla affiliates have used unethical methods promoting Yoonla. They have maybe promised some big earnings or spammed their Yoonla affiliate links everywhere.

    Actually, I have seen the same phenomenon happening also with other CPA programs that were popular in third world countries like the Philippines and Nigeria.

    Probably some members are so desperate to earn money that they are trying everything. Then they may not have a proper education to behave well in the online world.

    is yoonla a scam

    Yoonla is not a scam. They teach, for example, how to do email marketing online.

    Yoonla Reviews - What Do Other People Say?

    Yoonla has many positive reviews from its affiliates. They are trying to promote you their system by sharing affiliate links all over the Internet.

    However, there are also some unbiased reviews of Yoonla program that tell you the truth instead of the typical "Join, Join, Use my affiliate link!" -song.

    Based on my research, most unbiased reviews say that Yoonla is not a great program. They offer some value but the truth is that they mainly just teach you how to promote their own program.

    Conclusion - Is Yoonla Worth It?

    I didn't join Yoonla and therefore, I can recommend it to you either.

    My principle is that I only recommend products that I could use or I could honestly recommend to my family members and friends. Yoonla is not such a program.

    I feel that the training where the focus is on promoting their own program is not the best one.

    I also compared Yoonla and my #1 recommended affiliate marketing training, Wealthy Affiliate and found out that WA is way better.

    Wealthy Affiliate was founded +13 years ago and has already taught more than 1,300,000 people worldwide on how to make money online. They also provide free tools like domain hosting, keyword tool and other things that are not included in Yoonla.

    If you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate (which is by the way my #1 recommendation to make money online), click here or the image below to get started.

    When you join WA, I will be helping you hand by hand to move forward and start making money online. I can guarantee that you WILL make money if you follow the training. Thousands of people including myself have proved the system over and over again.

    4 step process for making money online

    What kind of experiences do you have with Yoonla or other similar systems?

    Would you like to learn more effective and better ways to make money online?

    Let me know in the comments below!

    If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

    By Roope Kiuttu

    Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of YourOnlineRevenue.com. I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


    1. Haven’t heard about Yoonla to be honest.
      I’m familiar with marketing in general,but the fact that you can try it for free and then have to pay a ridiculous amount of money is a no for me.

      I support sites that really try to make profit and help users, but at Yoonla I think developers are just trying to suck out everyone’s money and not help that much. I think its better to start with other sites as I seen better deals than this one.

    2. I think everyone should be careful with any online investments. Not every site is legit. A lot of scams are out there and I had experienced scams many times. I learned my lesson that we should not trust anyone. So I recommend just to not invest in a site like this.

      1. Yes, many scams but also many legitimate sites. After I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I have never fallen into online scams anymore. Their training is so comprehensive that it also “develops” your eye to spot an online scam among many other things that it teaches.

    3. I don’t know if it is just me or what, but I find referral programs difficult. Well, it’s not that I’m shy to ask my friends to join a site or two, but I am really more concerned on how the site will turn out for them. What if I led them to something that will do them more harm than good? Don’t get me wrong, I did some referrals too but only to those sites that I find legit. That’s why it is good to know some good blogs like this exist to give us some insights before we pursue something risky.

      Another risk in these referral programs is when you refer the wrong people. I know some friends of mine who got banned on these sites because they refer the wrong people, people who tend to violate the terms and condition. That’s why, in my honest opinion, referral programs are the least favorable way to earn money.

      1. I think you just negative experiences and I can fully understand it.

        I have seen some referral programs that are popular in third world countries and it feels like every Filipino and Nigerian is spamming their referral links everywhere. That’s not how a good referral program is supposed to work.

        I think that referral programs are great if used in the right way like I explained in this article.

        1. Exactly, Mr. Roope! Maybe it’s a cultural drive that poeple, especially in third world countries, want fast and easy money. I’m not including everyone though but based on what I can observe, they want to earn a fair amount of money even if it is in the expense of someone’s reputation. Referral programs need time, effort and strategic planning. As I mentioned before, we must adapt a sense of culture wherein we think long term than the easy way out. My father used to tell me that as he said it is one of the key ingredients of success.

          With that said, I do hope that more and more people, specifically people who are from third worlds, could view your blogs regarding proper referral. It’s undoubtedly obvious that they need proper enlightenment regarding this matter. Keep up the nice work!

    4. At least what Yoonla offers is different from what MLM offers, even though it deals with recruiting members like referrals but it still pays, so I would consider it a good part in what Yoonla brings to the table. Although it seems like when you get into the system, it’s more like one is working more for the owner then for oneself because you are working with their link instead of your own link.

      1. Interesting to hear that he has been trying so hard to get you in his system. I think there are way better strategies to refer people than relentlessly trying to pursue one’s friends.

        I get, for example, thousands of people every week to my YouTube videos and websites. Therefore, I am already talking to those people through my content so I don’t need to try to relentlessly try to convince my friends if they are not interested.

        1. If you have a YouTube channel which people subscribe to on a regular basis, it’s definitely not going to be hard to get to join whatever you are offering. I haven’t tried using YouTube for anything apart from watching some online videos that gives me knowledge on things I lack experience in. I would like to know how I can set up my own YouTube channel @Roope.

          1. I learned the basic skills for YouTube on Wealthy Affiliate training. By going through their step-by-step YouTube lessons you would already know more about YouTube than 99% of the population. The rest of the information I have gathered by watching famous YouTubers and listening to their tips.

            1. Alright Roope, thanks for the recommendation of using either Wealthy Affiliate Training step to step lessons on YouTube or watching famous YouTubers on the tips they offer. I will see how I go about this.

              Thanks so much.

    5. If only more reviews like these existed for such products and systems, I feel that their empires would dissolve and quickly become relics of the past that we look back on like we do post-modern/early 20th century propoganda oftentimes.

      Thank you also for reiterating that you can’t recommend a product like this that requires a purchase from the onset. How interesting: it’s free to join, but requires payment to start using and benefit from in ANY way.

      That’s a dealbreaker.

    6. Yoonla is one of the most popular affiliate marketing programmes out there. It is popular for the fact that they offer you training and that you can earn from their CPA programme promoting them.

      I’ve heard some people also call them a scam, but what do you expect with 1.5 million members all promoting them? Yoonla affiliate links are all over the internet,I think they should come up with other affiliate projects because promoting them is over saturated.

      1. Yeah. The fact that affiliates will earn money right away when somebody joins Yoonla through their links, makes it a huge community. I think that most (95%) of those 1,5 million members just took the free membership but quit soon.

        Anyway, I can’t deny the fact that 1,5 million members is a huge accomplishment. Their founder must be a really hard worker to achieve such things.

    7. Thank you for your review on this site but after reading that I don’t think that I am going to join this website. Even though it is not a scam but still it has some minus points. I have better programs than this but still, I would love to see a review by someone who had tried this program as you and many people in the comments also haven’t tried it properly yet.

    8. Your blog is accurate because based on the description of Yoonla it seems like it is really hard and not worth it to promote their product in a exchange of very low amount of money. And aside of that lets say that yoonla pays good, but if you don’t have a strategy on promoting their product I don’t think that they will pay you that good enough. So I there conclude that yoonla was not a good paying online job.

      1. I think that if you already have knowledge of the Internet marketing and a large following, you can make money with Yoonla like with any other system. However, based on my researches there are just better alternatives available so I think that Yoonla is not worth the time and hassle.

        1. Thanks Roope, I have some knowledge when it comes to internet marketing but not that much, Honestly I learned some of it from your blogs you’re the man. Yes you are right, there is some alternatives aside from yoonla Some sites like yoonla did not just pay on cash but also on bitcoin and I found those sites via researching on it. So it is your choice which way you wanna earn, in cash or in bitcoin hmm.

    9. I haven’t tried Yoonla yet and based on your detailed review, I don’t have any plans to try it at all. I’m not really into affiliate marketing and all that, but I’m not saying that it’s bad. I just don’t see myself investing in that kind of business, especially with all the spammy things going on.

      Maybe their packages would work for some of us here who are also planning to start out their online business and for those who have wider circles. It still offers some potential but again, it’s just not for everybody.

    10. Joining Yoonla when the aim is all about promoting their own business is not the best thing to do. I mean when one consider the expensive packages brought by these type of program, you will agree with me that it is not always the best to be a member of Yoonla. Furthermore, if I have up to $200, then there is no need investing it to learn the money making tips when there are better alternatives out there.

    11. I am on Yoonla. I joined Yoonla through a microjob site. I was paid 17 cents for joining Yoonla. After I joined the site, I never looked back. I even did not check what kind of site it is and how we can make money. I think by having me as a referral my sponsor made $1 whereas he paid 17 cents for me. never tried recruiting referrals

      1. Can you please share to me, how much is the pay out in yoonla? Does it take a long long time for you to reach the minimum cash out in yoonla or it is very easy to have a cash out in yoonla? Because if it take a long time for you to reach the minimum cash out amount it just mean that yoonla does not pays very small amount.

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