Is VoxxLife a Scam? [3 Secrets Revealed!]

is voxxlife a scam or legit

Welcome to my VoxxLife Review!

You've come here because you are looking for answers regarding Voxxlife socks, patches and their business opportunity. 

Before I dig into it, first of all, I like to congratulate you for taking a time to research the MLM and find legitimate ways to make money online.

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What is Voxxlife? Is VoxxLIfe a scam or legit? Is VoxxLife business opportunity worth joining? 

You’ll get all the answers from the comprehensive review I’m going to tackle in this brutally honest review. I advise you to fasten your seatbelts because I’m not related to Voxxlife in any way and I’m reviewing it in an investor’s perspective: whether it’s worth your money or not. Both the positive and negative sides of the company and the products they sell.

By the way, we have published 100+ review on different MLM companies in our site just like Voxxlife. So, we are one of the leading experts on this topics.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

VoxxLife Review - Quick Summary

Name: VoxxlIfe

Founder: Jay Dhaliwal

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Programs. Health & Wellness Industry.

Price: Voxxlife offers the following business kits: Bronze for $200 with a guaranteed $110 profit; Silver for $400 with $310 profit; and, Gold for $600 with surprisingly, $605 profit.

Best for: People who are into wellness and optimal performance, specifically to enhance the quality of life by alleviating pain, enhancing energy, and mobility.

Especially the athletes and others involved in intensive physical training and coaching, as well as active non-athletes.

Summary: Voxxlife, as a network marketing company, existed for six years providing optimal health care products, primarily Voxxstasis and Voxxsole, helping individuals reach the optimum lifestyle through the power of HPT or the Human Performance Technology.

A group of medical team of chiropractic neurologists and reflexologists developed and coined this term to define the science behind the effectiveness of their product. According to them, once HPT takes effect, the human body reacts by soothing any ongoing body issues affecting one’s mobility.

These include the pain, fatigue, and any other sorts of negative concerns, which leads to dependency on drugs for a temporary relief like painkillers, vitamins, and supplements. 

Is VoxxLife Recommended? No. The company collected amass of negative reviews, thus, making it a bit sketchy. If you want to know how to earn an income with or without Voxxlife, see my #1 recommendation below.

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VoxxLife Socks Reviews - How to Make Money?

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What Is VoxxLife?

Voxxlife is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that developed products, socks and insoles, packed with HPT or the Human Performance Technology

Jay Dhaliwal, the founder and CEO, discovered Dr. CJ Griffin’s research in 1964 highlighting the importance of the trigeminal nerves (in the midbrain section) to decompress and relaxed to improve body functions. Though the company is young, they have garnered a lot of positive feedback from people suffering from sciatica and other spinal nerve problems.

The need for relaxing and resetting these nerves—carries the general somatic afferent fibers (GSA) responsible for

  • Pain
  • Touch and 
  • Temperature the spinal nerves collected from the bod

This further optimizes the person’s

  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Balance and 
  • Range of motion

Because of the impressive results from the intensive 4-year research Dhaliwal’s medical team had conducted, the Voxxlife came into existence with the main purpose of improving the athlete’s life based on combine testing. 

The test itself comprises power, strength, balance, and broad jump. Based on the SportTesting results, the athletes who used the product increased by 25% in their performance, 1.5 inches on the vertical, and 10% on the static and dynamic stability.

Dhaliwal’s team also tested the golfers by The Golf Lab giving an extra 50% on the leg power, 40% on the torso power, and 15 degrees in hip rotation.

Medically, Voxxlife makes a convincing premise why the socks and the insoles they make sell.

Voxxlife Products - HPT-packed Socks & Insoles

Unlike any other MLM companies, they only have 2 primary products to offer:

  1. Voxxstatis, the socks enhanced with HPT, and 
  2. Voxxsol, the high-performance insoles.

Just as any other network marketing company, they tell you it’s the best product you can find in the market. 

We have reviewed more than 100 MLM-companies within our websites and some of them that are competing in the same industry with Voxxlife are Take Shape For Life, It Works! and Isagenix.

However, even those companies provide products for athletes, VoxxLife wants to differ them by providing special socks that are supposed to be superior than what their competitors provide.

In the picture below, you can see the breakdown of their famous socks.

Based on Voxxlife’s official website, their Voxxstasis is available from mini to knee-high socks depending on the feet size and need of each athlete and the non-athletes. They varied the options from,

  • Wellness and Casual (Price ranges from $35 to $45 for a pair)
  • Athletic and Lifestyle (Price range from $30 to $45 for a pair)
  • Work and Outdoor (worth $50 for a pair)
  • Holiday socks (a new option, price range from $35 to $45 for a pair)

In case if the athlete is required to wear a uniform pair of socks, let’s say in a soccer game, they also have a Stasis Liner, which is thin enough to be worn underneath. They also have different material depending on the purpose whether it’s for casual, athletic, or outdoor.

Voxxlife Socks Reviews

Overall, Voxxlife socks have a reputation as high-quality socks that have a positive effect on many things:

  • Better Range of Motion
  • More Stability
  • Your Sock Stays in Place
  • Etc.

You can read tons of reviews online whether or not the sock is good. Most of the time people who are involved in the Voxxlife sock business are going to say it's amazing and other people say it's just an ordinary sock.

In order to know whether or not it fits your feet great, my recommendation is to get a pair of socks and test them.

In the next chapter, I am going to show you the Voxxlife business opportunity but I can already warn you that it's not going to make you similar money like my #1 recommendation to earn money from home that recently made me $3,000 in a single day.

Voxxlife Compensation Plan (How to Make Money with Voxxlife?)

If you want to understand how VoxxLife compensation plan works in a great detail, you can watch the video from one of the members below.

However, keep in mind that he's trying to sell you the system at the same time, so be careful.

Voxxlife affiliates earn commissions from the retail sales they make for the products they sell. Hence, the company encourages them to make as many sales volume as possible to earn higher commissions of 25%. And it varies from different Business Kit they buy from the beginning. They can choose:

  • Bronze Launch Kit for $200 to earn a profit of $110

  • Silver Launch Kit for $400 to earn a profit of $310

  • Gold Launch Kit, the preferred option, for $600 to earn a profit of $605

On top of that, the affiliates can earn residual-based incomes based on the rank they belong, which can be paid out through the unilevel systems the company implements. According to their website, they pay out as much as 53% with 100% Return of Investment without autoship.

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Voxxlife Reviews & Complaints 

Regardless of how the company promotes their products, the customers have varied responses on the benefits they got after purchasing them. Although the majority says it helps them alleviate the pain while they’re doing activities, there are still many who don’t recognize the positive impact the socks and insoles do to their lives.

Among them is a concerned individual, whose parents are too indulged in Voxxlife. In fact, they became obsessed with it though they don’t receive the ROI the company promises from the beginning.

“I tried reading the ‘science’ section of the website to see if there was anything to it, but it read like a bunch of mumbo jumbo double speak to me. Which I know is not a scientific way to disprove the product, but my parents sent me a pair (which are very costly) and they are cheap ass socks with some cheap ass sewn ribbing, even if you do believe in accupressure, these socks are not going to do that,” she said.

In support of her claims, I’ve found a bunch of negative reviews. Like Anna Taylor, who claims to have been scammed from buying Voxxsol believing it works. What’s worse? The 30-day money guarantee seems deceitful.

On the other hand, there are positive reviews as well.

However, to me, I am not certain whether they’re from verified customers or paid. If not, fake. (Hopefully not). When I scroll down the Facebook reviews, I noticed many of the responses mentioned the insoles are far better than the socks they’re producing.

Pros & cons of Voxxlife

Since Voxxlife’s products focus on the trigeminal nerves carrying the GSA responsible for pain, Shelly experiences the alleviating factor the socks made into her life. As you see, she doesn’t need to undergo painful therapies for the sake of soothing the pain she has to go through all the time.

As for Debbie, the socks provide apt support for her body to stand whole day pain-free. Voxxlife, in general, seeks to contribute wellness by creating a product packed with HPT thinking they will give excellent results in the end.

Yet, in every health and wellness product, various responses, both positive and negative, are inevitable depending on the person using it. The only thing that concerns me is the price, which is far expensive than the leading sports brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, and among others for less than $20.

To summarize,


  • The products are backed by scientific studies, making them convincing to the majority. Especially those who are desperate for a cure to alleviate the pain and improve their health.
  • The company gives 25% commissions, as well as residual-based, for the affiliates depending on the rank they belong - Bronze, Silver, or Gold.


  • Based on the reviews the product received, the company’s promise of 30-day money back guarantee becomes shady to me.
  • Their poor customer service affects everything though they collect many positive reviews. As soon as the consumer receives their product, they can’t reach anyone if there were problems arise. 
  • The products are way too expensive compared to the leading brands such as Nike, Puma, Adidas, and among others with $35 to $45 for a pair of socks with HPT versus less than $20 respectively. Their patches worth $30 for 10 patches is the same, too, versus less than $20 for leading brands for 140 patches available in the department stores.

Is VoxxLife a Scam Or Legit?

Voxxlife is a legit network marketing company.

Definitely, they have a clear goal and mission to both its consumers and its people working to create better products for the sake of optimum wellness. Thus, it makes the company as a whole, legit.

Regardless of the MLM company you have in mind, it’s best if you dig in deeper into the company before you decide to join as an affiliate.

However, there are some circumstances wherein consumer questions the credibility of the product due to the lack of efficiency when it comes to customer service. Because of it, the company’s reputation becomes sketchy to the many regardless of the positive reviews they get from every purchase. For the part of the affiliates, it’d be challenging to sell a product, though they’re socks and insoles you see in department stores.

Further, selling an expensive pair of socks and insoles seems a hurdle as well. Compared to the leading brands the world trust the most like Puma, for example, they sell the same kind of socks less than $20 ($12 the cheapest) and Adidas with $25.

This raises several important questions:

  • Why would someone, an average Joe, like me buy it? 
  • For an athlete, how do these pairs with HPT help me improve?
  • Does wearing it enough to see optimum results?

Another thing to consider is the varied body response to the Human Performance Technology implemented within these socks and insoles. As per reviews, there are some, who experienced the placebo effect, and there are some, who don’t.

In addition to that, based on medical terms, contrary to the company’s claims, wearing the insoles aren’t enough to provide apt pressure to the acupressure points needed for the body, if wellness were sought. According to reflexologists, it’s preferable to do massages on certain points to alleviate the pain and improve the state of health rather than wearing them.

Nonetheless, Voxxlife is a legit company with a clear vision of helping both athletes and non-athletes to live comfortably through the products they create and sell.

Conclusion - Is VoxxLife Worth It?

Based on the reviews I’ve come across with Voxxlife, I don’t think it’s worth investing if you’re thinking of joining the company as an affiliate. There are a lot of legitimate income opportunities you can try out there apart from delving into MLMs alone.

Besides, when you join Voxxlife, the products you’re selling don’t have anything to differentiate itself from the socks, insoles, and patches we see at the local retailers.

I have been an affiliate marketer for a couple years now and personally. I make passive income  from the products I recommend online without chasing or annoying people to buy my products for the sake of sales volume.

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Now I have shared my thoughts and opinions and I would love to hear from you.

What kind of experiences do you have with VoxxLife or with any other similar companies?

Do you prefer network marketing or affiliate marketing? Why?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you want to ask me anything, don't hesitate to leave a comment below and I'd be glad to help you out personally.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I just want to say that I ordered the socks and the peace patch and it totally has ruined my life. I don’t suggest that anybody wear these patches or socks I have not slept in 2 months since I’ve worn them and my sciatica went out of control I’ve been to doctors I’m now on meds for mental health as my anxiety has spiked to an outrageous phenomenon. These patches and socks have ruined my life.

  2. Tried the patches because they are supposed to be hypo-allergenic. Had a huge painful reaction. Contacted the company and they said that some people have a reaction to the adhesive, leading me to believe that they are not hypo-allegenic. No refunds possible for the unopened package either.

  3. I have been a distributor of the products for 2 years and have sold over a quarter million dollars worth in that time. I have customers who have reordered 5 to 6 times. This is not a placebo.

    Since this article we have become an official sposonsor of the MS society Canada. The MS society by no means just partners with anyone.

    I have never denied anyone thier money back within 30 days and if you were denied I suggest calling the company toll free at 1-844-550-8699.

    I speak to customers daily who are in tears because of thier amazing results!

    Voxx Strong!

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