Is Somaderm Scam? [Growth Hormone MLM Legit?!]

Is Somaderm Scam? New U Life Claims Somaderm Gel Contains Enough HGH, However, Studies Show It Doesn't. Ineffective Product. This MLM A Ponzi Scheme? Read More.
Is Somaderm Scam? New U Life Claims Somaderm Gel Contains Enough HGH, However, Studies Show It Doesn't. Ineffective Product. This MLM A Ponzi Scheme? Read More.

Welcome to my Somaderm Review!

Is Somaderm scam? That’s what we’re going to review today. But before that, I’d like to congratulate you for having the time to do your research prior to deciding whether this company is a great business opportunity or not.

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Somaderm Review - Quick Summary

Name: Somaderm

Company: New U Life

Founded: 2017

Founder: Alex Goldstein

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company

Price: $155.98 (monthly autoship) / $178.98 (one-time purchase)

Best for: People who want to start the business this year by selling FDA-registered products, including one of the flagship items Somaderm Gel, that became intensely popular both positively and negatively across the online community as soon as it’s released in the market.

Is Somaderm Scam? New U Life Claims Somaderm Gel Contains Enough HGH, However, Studies Show It Doesn't. Ineffective Product. This MLM A Ponzi Scheme? Read More.

Summary: Somaderm is a product under New U Life, a newly established Multi-Level Marketing company based in California. Alex Goldstein, a homeopathic with a wide range of expertise in herbal, iridology, and Nutritional Consultancy, established this company in 2017 with a flagship product containing HGH in the gel.

Is Somaderm Recommended? No.


What Is Somaderm? 

New U Life is a network marketing company that has created Somader. The company is founded by Alex Goldstein, who also runs this MLM as a CEO.

With quite a background in homeopathy, herbal, iridology, and Nutritional Consultancy, he gained much experience in these fields leading to the discovery to his flagship products including Somaderm.

It’s a gel that contains a human growth hormone (HGH) that’s responsible to boost the body's optimal performance. This is also the same product that created hype across the online community recently.

How Does Somaderm Work?

According to claims, New U Life sells Somaderm Gel, which contains lots of HGH or Human Growth Hormone also known as somatotropin.

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WebMD defines it as a substance that's responsible for making people feel and look youthful upon ingestion. Mayo Clinic highlighted the possibility of slow aging in this peptide hormone.

In addition to the benefits you'd get once you start using this product, it's listed on the website as follows:

  • Improved Stamina
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Sleep
  • Vivid Dreams
  • Improved Muscle Definition
  • Heightened Libido
  • Increased Strength
  • Significant Weight Loss
  • Improved Vision
  • Enhanced Focus
  • Enhanced Muscle Mass
  • Hair Growth
  • PMS Symptoms Reduced
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Healthier Nails
  • Improved Joint Mobility
  • Increased Sexual Desire
  • Alleviation Of Menopausal Symptoms
  • Greater Improvements In Skin Texture & Appearance
  • Improved Skin Elasticity
  • Reduction Of Wrinkles
  • And Many More!
Is Somaderm Scam?

New U Life flagship product

New U Life claims that this is "only transdermal human growth hormone product available." That means there are no other companies selling items for external use with HGH components.

Lastly, the company also discloses that this isn't evaluated yet by the FDA. In simpler terms, this isn't intended to replace doctor's prescriptions to cure any disease.

Somaderm Gel - Scam Or Not?

Some people claim that Somaderm gel is just a blatant scam that doesn't provide you enough value and it's just an overpriced product.

They may even go so far that claiming that Somaderm is a scam. Even though we on don't agree that it would be a scam, we must admit that the product it's very pricey compared to other similar ones.

Therefore, I highly recommend that you think twice before spending lots of money with it. In the next chapter you're going to learn how the money-making process works with Somaderm.

My recommendation is that you follow Proven steps to make money with Somaderm.

How to Make Money with Somaderm?

The first you need to know is how to join the company and start selling Somaderm Gel to their target market. You need to spend $199 for the membership fee, which will come with one bottle of the Somaderm Gel.

After which, you have 2 options to sign up for a Pro Pack worth $499 for 6 bottles or an Executive Pack worth $899 for 8 bottles.

As a customer, you have the option for one-time purchase and monthly autoship, which is different when you become one of their affiliates.

Just like any MLM, you earn money based on the rank you belong with which corresponds to the criteria, obviously, within the 5-week period.

  • Associate - 140 PV
  • Promoter - 140 PV + 2 associates of the binary team
  • Coordinator - 140 PV, recruit, maintain 4 associates of the binary team, & generate 5,000 GV
  • Coach - 140 PV, recruit, maintain 6 associates (3 on two binary sides), & generate 10,000 GV
  • Life Coach - 140 PV, maintain at least 6 associates (3 on both binary sides), & generate 20,000 GV
  • Ambassador - 140 PV, recruit, maintain at least 8 associates, & generate 50,000 GV
  • Diamond Ambassador - 140 PV, recruit, maintain at least 10 associates, & generate 100,000 GV

Further, the company also pays you with Retail Commissions, especially to non-affiliates, with which you receive $45 commission on 1 HGH Gel order, $25 commission in HGH Gel autoship order, and $520 commission to every 40 HGH Gels you sold.

While you're earning money from selling the product, you can also do the same with recruiting members and become their affiliates. The commission will then be computed based on the amount of purchase made by the new member.

NHT Global Compensation Models

Most Multi-Level Marketing companies have a Binary payout system. The same system as New U Life pays their commission to affiliates.

For example, if a new affiliate signs up for a Standard Affiliate package worth $199, you'd get $20 commission from that. The same with Pro Pack Affiliate Package worth $499 ($60 commission), and Executive Pack Affiliate worth $899 ($120 commission).

Since New U Life follows a binary system in the recruitment process, the members in the higher ranks (from coaches and up) they'd receive at least 20% to 30% depending on their ranks in which these uplines will receive the residual commissions as the company pays out the remaining high-ranked individuals with the remaining money.

Somaderm [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. Potential Side Effects Of Too Much HGH

Medical blogs warn those people who take too much of this substance, which leads to undesirable effects on the body. Especially if it’s used too much.

WebMD listed 5 major possible side effects you'd get once you use too much of HGH, namely:

  • Nerve, muscle, or joint pain
  • Edema 
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Skin numbness or tingling feeling
  • High cholesterol levels.
  • There are many more possibilities such as diabetes or cancer.

2. Potential Ponzi Scheme

I came across with a thread from an online community wherein someone asked about her friend who’s able to sell as many slots for HGH Gel availability without even selling or holding the product (at least).

The product remains a hype, resulting in more and more victims lured into joining this company for the sake of recruitment than the product value.

3. Not A BBB-Accredited Business

With only F rating, it means the company isn’t able to gain the platform’s trust. The fact they receive this rating, there’s a higher chance of risk once you decide to join this network marketing company for good.

4. Expensive Product Line

Although New U Life has this Somaderm Gel as their flagship product, it’s too expensive for the average people.

The synthetic HGH may be legal for public use for certain treatments, however, spending so much money for ingesting a risky component as this would not be wise at all.

5. 30X Diluted HGH Component

There’s one review I read that there’s a potential 30 times dilution of this active ingredient in Somaderm Gel. There’s no support to this claim, but the fact there’s someone who pointed this out is a concern.

6. No Homeopathic Experts Recommend HGH

As per medical reviews, this substance is intended for experts to use for treating patients with serious health problems in which it needs the growth hormone.

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For example, muscle wasting caused by HIV or genetic problems. This isn’t for everybody to use, especially if there’s no word from their doctors.

What I Like About Somaderm So Far...

1. Diverse Compensation Plan

This encourages most new affiliates to earn more money. They need a diverse compensation rate to keep them motivated to gain more sales from retails and recruits, ensuring their promotion or upgrade in their ranks.

But if you want to earn more money without the need to recruit as many people as you can for the sake of personal sales, this business opportunity is a better option.

Somaderm Reviews - What Others Say?

New U Life has presented Somaderm Gel greatly to the masses, however, not in the eyes of the experts as they noted that homeopathic gel they provide should contain at least 1 molecule of the "original substance" equivalent to 12C.

The problems arise when this MLM provides the product with less than that. In that case, no matter how much gel they apply with an assumption it works, it won't make a great difference or nothing works at all. That'd be the scenario.

Aside from that, in the field of homeopathy, there's no evidence or research that supports Goldstein's claim that Somaderm Gel or any HGH gel can sustain the body needs for growth hormones.

Another problem is the sketchy recruitment tactics some of their affiliates do to lure more "victims" and purchase "invisible packages."

You might have noticed most of these packages worth 3-digits, obviously, they're expensive. But more and more affiliates think they could recruit more to earn more by means of sales talk.

Is Somaderm Scam Content Image 1 - Your Online Revenue

One reviewer revealed that her friend, affiliated to New U Life talked to a large number of people and did a sales talk to recruit affiliates and purchase Somaderm Gel.

However, there's no actual product. She only keeps on recruiting and recruiting without the presence or holding the product in her hands at least.

"This thing [Somaderm Gel sales talk] is so unbelievably fishy. But the hype is really strong and the scarcity seems to get people on the hook 'you better get a spot because we are at the front of the line right now'," she wrote.

She added that there's no possibility of getting the actual product and she's only curious what happens to her friend who did this to earn and the company itself.

There are many bad reviews, especially on the Better Business Bureau. In fact, in the last 3 years since they opened their business operations, they already have as much as 58 complaints.

Most of them tackled the same thing, the HGH level in the product. They doubted the content that much to the point they requested the company for re-labeling to defraud their clients.

Is Somaderm Scam - The Final Verdict

Unfortunately, New U Life does the scheming tactics to their target market. Needless to say, Somaderm is a scam. It’s not a legitimate product that works as it promises to their customers. To name it appropriately, it's a Ponzi scheme.

Most of the reviews from those who experienced the product questioned Somaderm Gel effectiveness. Hence, the claim of having less than the required HGH level is confirmed as the reviewer mentioned earlier.

Is Somaderm Scam Content Image 2 - Your Online Revenue

It’s stated that in every product, there should be at least a molecule of the substance to take effect on the body. The fact most of their clients complained about its effectiveness, it’s obvious Somderm Gel doesn’t live to its promise.

Another concern, apparently the biggest, is the potential Ponzi scheme going on between the affiliates and their prospective new members.

The existing affiliates keep on promoting this gel in exchange for a large number of commissions (given the number of people joining and the hype it creates online). 

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Now that I shared my thoughts about my “Is Somaderm a scam?” post, it’s time to turn the tables and ask you about what you think.

What kind of experiences did you have with Somaderm and joining New U Life, in general?

Do you prefer to earn an income by selling products in a network marketing company as New U Life does? Or you rather earn passive income this year?

What do you think about this online business program? Would you like to give this a shot?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

By Mecyll Gaspary

Hi, I'm Mecyll! I'm a full-time writer in Your Online Revenue, dedicated to dig into the world of making money with Roope. When I'm not spending time writing reviews, I'm writing novels and blog posts on my own website.


  1. Somaderm is the biggest scam in supplement history. There is ZERO HGH in SOMADERM, even if there was it CANNOT be stored at room temperature reconstituted in a plastic pump bottle and it CANNOT be delivered transdermally even if there was hgh in it….

    NUL’s SOMADERM pitch is “real hgh”, the only real hgh available without a prescription….and so the deception starts….how so? Let’s look at that….

    1) There is ZERO HGH in “one pump” of SOMADERM….NONE…
    2) There is ZERO HGH in a 3.5 ounce bottle of SOMADERM…NONE
    3) There never has been, there is NOT now and there NEVER will be ANY HGH in any bottles of SOMADERM….
    4) If you took EVERY bottle of SOMADERM ever manufactured, being manufactured or will be manufactured and dumped them all into a giant bottle, you would have EXACTLY ZERO HGH….if

    you took every bottle of this gel when it was marketed under Strike first nutrition…and added it to all the SOMADERM bottles you would have Exactly…….ZERO HGH, NONE…if you took every bottle of this gel, from SOMADERM to strike first nutrition all the way back over the past 14 years and COMBINED them all together you would have…..drum roll please ZERO HGH….NONE, not a molecule, not a microdose, NONE, ZERO…..and that’s the cold hard truth behind ALEXY’s scam…How do I know, the label says so “30x” really? See dilution chart and read 26x…then imagine diluting 4x past that, beyond Avagadro’s number………also HGH is a schedule III prescription pharmacuetical…If there was ANY HGH IN THIS OR ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS, NOW, THEN OR IN THE FUTURE…the DEA would raid Alexy’s office, arrest him, shut him down and charge him with felony distribution under the anabolic steroid act…..PERIOD…

    Does anyone not understand this? Do you see the scam?

  2. I have been using the Gel for about 10 months and have never felt so amazing. Now, I am Questioning everything
    Very disturbing to me. Thank you for sharing this information.

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