Is Rory Ricord a Scam? No, But I Advise Being Careful with This Guy!

Rory Ricord Review 2018 - Updated Version

I have just published an updated version of the Rory Ricord review on my YouTube channel. Take a look at the video below.

In the video, I reveal my latest thoughts of the Rory Ricord program. It's also worth mentioning that Rory threatened to sue me if I don't take down my reviews.

I think that I have a moral obligation to let people know my expert analysis before you put your hard-earned money into "make money online programs".

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Welcome To My Rory Ricord Review!

A big number of our visitors were asking, “Is Rory Ricord a Scam? Should I join it or not?”

In this Rory Ricord review, I am going to answer these questions and give my honest opinion of this product. I am myself a full-time online marketer and I have researched more than 400 money-making opportunities online.. 

I am sure this article will be helpful for you. If you have any questions after reading this, you can always leave a question below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Rory Ricord Review - Quick Summary

Name: Rory Ricord

Founded in: unknown. The only information I found in this regard is saying that the website is 16 years old. I find that hard to believe. For a website made in 2001, there are very few online reviews and resources surrounding it. Typically, websites that have that extensive of a history will have more outside content reviewing it.

Update 30.7.2017: It seems that the company called Brunette Marketing owns Rory Ricord. That business is not BBB (Better Business Bureau accredited).

Field: SEO, social media, web blogging.

Overall Rank: 30 Out of 100

Summary: Rory Ricord is a bit mystery. His websites look a bit unprofessional and there are several negative reviews of his program on the Internet. Still, he has lots of videos on YouTube that many people are liking.

If you are highly interested in Rory’s material, I just recommend that you first go through all of his free material on YouTube before investing any money on his paid programs.

However, I wouldn’t use my time with teachers who have a shady reputation like Rory has. Instead, I recommend having a look at this step-by-step training for making money online. You can get started for completely free and no credit cards needed. That program has taught me and thousands of other people to quit their 9 to 5 jobs and make a living online.

UPDATE 13/5/2018: Rory Is Threatening Me And Others

Rory has several times personally threatened to sue me and other people who have written negative reviews of his services. He seems to be furious that there are negative reviews of his services.

I suggested that he should improve his services instead of attacking people who write something negative about him. He didn't want to listen my advice. Based on the communication that I had with Rory, I could never recommend buying something from him. 

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What Or Who is Rory Ricord?

Rory Ricord is the persona for a website that claims to teach customers how to make money online. Rory Ricord says he runs a training site on making money by posting various links online. He calls this ‘link post blogging,’ a term he coined. Rory Ricard seems to be backed by and owns a company called Brunette Marketing.

Brunette Marketing has its own independent website that claims to be an online training program as well. When you follow the link on this web page, you get redirected to

Brunette Marketing is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau listed the reasons that Brunette Marketing is not accredited. These include that the Better Business Bureau is concerned with the market that Brunette Marketing is involved in. This market is online blogging using links and social media. The Better Business Bureau also lists that Brunette Marketing has failed to respond to any customer reviews or complaints.

There are also tons of complaints of Rory Ricord program. I explain more in this short video:

Based on the information that I read on other websites, Rory Ricord seems to be the marketer that is behind a vast majority of suspicious programs on the Internet.

One source claimed that Rory Ricord is responsible for other programs such as The Work at Home Institute, Profit Master Academy, Home Job Placement, and Leads Stream. Many of those programs have a bad reputation in the online business world which makes me quite suspicious about Rory Ricord.

This story is the same across all the other listed websites. These listed programs have been discredited by many bloggers and scam reviewers.

If you are interested in making a living online, I rather recommend a program that I have used myself. It works like a charm and you can also get started for completely free.

Click the Picture If You Are Interested in Making a Full-Time Income Online.

What Is “Link Post Blogging?”

Link post blogging is something invented by Rory Ricord. He states to have invented this system. Other companies and websites talk about adding links to their blog posts, but there is no mention of link post blogging. Rory Ricord says link post blogging goes beyond simple linking. According to this program, link post blogging requires only one website to be created for marketing. Outside of this explanation, Rory Ricord does not expand on link post blogging. This is to get potential customers to purchase his program to find out more details.

With link post blogging he may refer to affiliate marketing. It’s a very profitable way of making income online. If you want to learn how to become a successful affiliate marketer, have a look here.

If you are still interested in Rory’s program, I recommend watching his free YouTube videos rather than paying for his programs. Here is one example of his “Blogging For Cash with Rory” Episodes

Rory Ricord Products – 1-on-1 Support

Rory Ricord sells a training program online that includes 1-on-1 support and advice from his team. This program also includes various resources regarding link post blogging and how to make money off of this system. This program places a lot of weight on its 1-on-1 training sessions.

Rory claims that his staff is trained by him alone and deeply understands the messages of link post blogging. These staff people do exist, and there are mixed reviews on the quality of the interactions. These range from claims that the staff is rude to say that the staff helps with websites but does not cover money making strategies well enough.

If you are interested in 1-on-1 support for making money online, I am giving a special offer for my visitors. All people who join Wealthy Affiliate (for free) through my website will get my personal support and mentoring. I will share all my best tips for making money online. Some mistakes have cost me 3-6 months of time. When you can avoid that pitfall you can start making money online much faster than I did.

Can I Make Money With Rory Ricord?

Based on the experiences who tried his program, most people say it does not work very well. On his website, Rory only has 18 member replies.

Out of these 18 member replies, only one has commented on the actual money making possibilities. This one person says their blog is making money every week but does not specify exactly how or how much. The other 17 reviews are from people who say they just signed up, are excited to use this, or are happy that Rory is sharing his experience.

On other websites you can find tons of negative reviews about Rory Ricord.

There are hundreds or thousands of positive reviews on my most recommended program. Some people have also learned to make +$10,000/month with that program. I know some of these guys personally so there are real people who became successful affiliate marketers. You can learn more how these guys are making +$10.000/month and how you could do it too. Remember that everyone who is making big money online has started from 0.

Is Rory Ricord a Scam

You can make a living online but I advise staying away from suspicious programs.

Other areas of Rory Ricord website have their own places for customer questions and reviews. For example, on his page about posting links, he only has reviews that either ask questions or praise his work. There are only 13 posts.

The word ‘excited’ is used as a description in the majority of these replies with little to no variance. The amount of similarity in the responses makes it appear that they are not all original.

Rory Ricord Reviews – Makes Me Even More Suspicious

When researching new programs or products online, it’s always wise to have a look what other people are writing about it. One of the most common negative signs is lots of negative reviews written by reliable online entrepreneurs.

On scam there is detailed information on the legitimacy of this program as well as customer reviews. Scam says that this is a high-risk company and product. The reviews on the website say things that back up this idea.

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The most positive review says that the training is helpful in learning how to build and navigate a website, but does not cover money making. Rory Ricord commented on’s review of his product, claiming that the negative reviews are false.

Quite a few of these negative reviews say his customer service, especially with phone calls, is mediocre. Rory refutes these claims.

The reviews indicate that his phone service is inconsistent, whereas Ricord insists that his service is always working. Instead of accepting criticism, listening to his customers, and changing his service, Rory presents himself as indignant and offended.

At first it may seem surprising that there are 7 positive reviews and only one negative reviews of Rory Ricord on BBB: However, a closer look at them reveals something interesting!

ALL positive reviews are written and published in the same day 20.4.2017. It means that the owner of Rory Ricord has probably written those reviews himself. Otherwise, it would be a huge coincidence and I don’t believe that all people who like his program would have landed on BBB on the same day and published a positive review of it.

What about that negative review? Let’s have a look.

is rory ricord a scam


You should always remember with online scams that their money-back guarantee may be just a fake claim trying to get your money. Tracy’s experience makes me, even more, more convinced that I don’t want to invest my money on Rory Ricord.

Conclusion – Is Rory Ricord a Scam?

There are a few red flags around Rory Ricord. That’s why I recommend being very careful before paying any money for his system.

I promote only products that I would like to use myself. I have used Wealthy Affiliate, since 2015 and I am satisfied with their online business services. If you want to learn how to make money online, Wealthy Affiliate beats Rory Ricord like 100-0.

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Do you have experience of Rory Ricord or other “make money online” -products?

Which one has been your favorite and are you already earning good money on the Internet?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Student of the Rory program, still have not made any money, but am still giving it a chance, after the first convention, if the promised spectacular positive difference such events are supposed to inspire, I am dubiously and part time optimistically, hopeful, millions are supposed to be getting help out of poverty…..

  2. Rory Ricord is no scammer as a matter of fact he us one of the most respected affiliate marketers innthe world. ,He doesnt put himself out front waving hundred dollar bills in our face or show you photos of fancy cars.Rory is about helping others succeed at online marketing. I WORK FOR RORY! He has never given me any reason to doubt him and he has never lied about his system. He doesnt advertise his system because he doesnt want these lazy opportunistic gurus to steal his ideas .Rory helps his students learn how to succeed online . Online Marketing is not easy to learn so it takes time to earn money .you have to build up your website and then get seo traffic and adsense before you make money but trust me once you do all the work you do reap the rewards and thats all rory wants for his students .sucess

  3. I have been with Rory Ricord’s program for over a year and the negative comments here are quite fictional. One states he was forced to buy a gadget for $300 and we do not have anything like that at all. Some of the explanation in the review is totally incorrect as well.

    I have been making money since the 4th month in this program. The training is available 24/7 and updated regularly. You receive support from a personal instructor, as well as a team of instructors. If you can follow instructions and put the time and effort into having your own business, you will make money.

    There are a lot of scams out there, but Rory Ricord program is not. In fact, it gets better and better all the time. If you did not make money, you did not follow instructions or you did not put in the time.

    1. There is no way to get wine unless you order and pay for it. Refresh the brain and rethink what you did.

  4. I was sucked into the hype of making money and it being “guaranteed” or my money back…but don’t believe everything you read either. My initial investment was $37, but what they DON’T tell you is that you are required to have a web site builder subscription that is billed every 3 months for $88, and subscribe to their “anchor offers” of wine and coffee which are another charge, $50 each for start up and beginning at $60 and $90 a month, and all this is BEFORE you have come close to making money. You also have to post ads on the internet to draw customers to your website…some are free. some are not…those ads are sometimes $2 an ad, and you’re expected to have 3,000+ ads out there… Now mind you, this is ALL BEFORE you get one penny in your pocket!! After 6 months of shelling out money trying to do as asked and how I was supposed to I told them I couldn’t make it..and wanted my money back…I was told I just needed to hang in there it was coming. I needed to put more money in to this sinking ship. Rory said I didn’t fulfill my end of the agreement (What agreement?) and I wasn’t getting my money. I said fine…I would tell people that his guarantee was worthless because because it was made by a dishonest man!! He will NOT HONOR HIS GUARANTEE TO GIVE MONEY BACK IF YOU TAKE THIS AND DO NOT MAKE MONEY!!!


    1. Your end of the agreement is that you do the work! When you don’t, do not expect to get paid!!

  5. Interesting reading the negative reviews. I’ve personally known Rory for over 2 years and been with Rory’s blogging program for the last 3 months and am making money. There’s been a ton of support….phone, skype, text, email…you name it, it’s available and someone is up and available to answer questions 24/7. So the negative reviews I really have to wonder if any of these people actually applied themselves. As the old saying goes….The system works IF YOU WORK. You don’t show up, don’t work…no money. Just like your gym membership. Anyways, my advice to anyone reading this review is to give it a shot and show up. If you get lost or stuck, reach out! Find me, even though I may not make any money from helping you, I’ll be there. It’s what the family/team work environment is all about.

  6. Enjoyed your research, on the RR link post blogging. I got fleeced by this company for the last 15 months. My website never made a penny, and after calling customer service numerous times, they were telling me my website wasn’t even coming online! There service never solved a single problem, and every time I called, they had no record or note, that I ever called before! The worthless Mentor, they assigned to me, was just that… worthless! She never contacted me again, after she made a commission, from some gadget I had to purchase, for 300 dollars. This was the biggest waste of time and money, I ever spent. I would have had a better chance winning the LOTTERY, than making a dime on this garbage!

  7. Though I have never really heard of this guy or his business, personal experience has always taught me that anything shady doesn’t always sound right.

    Maybe he was just trying to do affiliate marketing and trying to make his business model look different than the rest, I don’t know. But as long as it’s something shady, it’s always a risky investment.

    One more thing about the likes and reviews, have you ever heard of “buying” likes and reviews? With tons of sites and apps in the market these days, people use these likes and 5-star reviews on app stores to gain leverage. Still others, having found this sort of demand actually find people and supposedly pay them to give positive reviews to these newbie or low-traffic sites and apps. So even the likes and comments and positive reviews seem questionable these days.

    1. Yes, I have heard that nowadays you can buy pretty much anything. Some people buy also social media followers, subscribers and likes as well.

      I think that it’s not worth it. In the long run, it only brings a negative reputation for a person who is doing such actions. The best way to make money is to provide a high-quality service and help other people.

      1. This is my first time hearing about buying likes and reviews. They sure have a lot of money for this kind things. Knowing this it make me to be more conscious on the things that I will be watching and liking. I would not lie this is a little scary. Its hard to trust anything in the internet if you can buy things like this.

        1. Actually, you can most of the time recognize pretty quickly if one is buying followers and likes. If the numbers are high but there are not enough genuine comments, that’s sometimes a bad sign. Anyway, eventually you can define whether or not the video content is true only by watching it and asking from experts.

  8. Well, I came across with Rory Ricord when surfing in Youtube. Luckily, I just watch the videos because I have no money to invest ( the advantage of being poor). I feel bad for those people who invest their money. You should really search first for reviews before investing. Thanks for this article, Roope. More power on your Blog.

  9. After hearing this, I’ve learned that there’s a lot of people like Rory Ricord that only concerns about gaining more money but not taking time to hear the opinions of other people. Because reviews and ratings has doing a big part in promoting the products and services offered.

    If you get bad reviews, take action do some adjustments or correct somethings. People was spending a lot of money on it, because they want to get good thing out of it that will help them. I’m one of the victim of scam and I thank those people like Roope Kiuttu that gives information about this people.

    1. I hope that Rory is improving his services because I’m really worried about all the facts that I have mentioned in my review:
      -Worst BBB rating.
      -Tons of negative reviews
      -Customers have challenges getting their refunds

      You mentioned that you were scammed once. What kind of scam did you encounter? Could you explain what kind of scam was is so we can avoid falling into the same trap?

    2. You are so right. There are many greedy people in the internet right now especially in Youtube. Making fake videos just for money or views. I pity people like them deceiving people for money.

  10. The fact that there wasn’t much information online even though the company has been online for years was quite worrying when I read it. And then I read a bit more and saw that he had been threatening people including you Roope. That’s not at all what a legitimate person would do, no matter what people are saying. No wonder there isn’t much online, this guy has been threatening to sue everyone that writes about them.

    1. Yeah. Now I’ve found more information about Rory Ricord but I still can’t recommend his courses. There are way too many negative reviews from people who have taken his courses that it’s not something I could honestly recommend.

  11. I haven’t heard of Rory Ricord but I am sure that sooner or later I’ll encounter him. I watch videos in YouTube that are like this. I’ll not bother watching his videos as to avoid wasting time. Also, I read the reviews and all I can see is negative reviews. Really a bad reputation. This is also the first time I’m hearing someone being sued because of an honest review given by a person. He is so unprofessional threatening you like that.

  12. There are so many like him on Youtube that it makes me think that these kind of businesses with names of the person that owns it is automatically a scam. Believe me. I have watched a ton of Youtube videos about earning income online and most just directs their viewers to a link on their blog with other links to other blogs and so on. This is the only site so far that it’s about getting traffic or scams but for learning. Thank you.

    1. That’s a common strategy to promote things on YouTube and I also use it myself. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that all people who teach on YouTube how to make money online and link to their blogs are scams.

      But I completely agree with you that there are some scammers within the make money online space that promote their videos on YouTube. Always need to be careful. 🙂

  13. This is a good revelation about Rory Record platform. To have full understanding on how his system works. This serves as an awakening to be more careful and resourceful before engaging to any type of investment. It’s a must to read and comprehend before taking it into actions. Thanks for the good review, it’s a great help to weigh everything in balance. God bless you always.

  14. The first question should be why Rory Ricord tries to hide its business information or history from the eyes of the public even when it’s supposed to have been in business since 2004?

    Also with the increased negative reviews online according to how possible it is to make money online using Rory Ricord, shows a red flag on it. With the point on having just one reply from all the 18 persons that commented on his upload who tried to discuss the possibility of making money using Rory Ricord shows that success isn’t guaranteed.

    1. Yeah, I don’t fully understand Rory. I wrote my analysis based on what I saw on the Internet and he started attacking me furiously saying he’s going to sue me.

      Based on what I have seen, Rory’s main audience seems to be elderly people in the U.S. They have more money and they’re willing to pay so it makes it easier for Rory Ricord’s company to make money.

      In my personal opinion, there are just way better training available.

      1. Seriously, he attacked you and threatened to sue you for saying your opinion? Well, it’s obvious that he has something to hide which he doesn’t want to be exposed.

        Let him bring the lawsuit on and everything will come out in the open but I’m certain he won’t be that stupid to bring his shady business to the limelight of court.

          1. Haha, that’s very funny of him. I think Rory was just trying to scare you with suing threat in order to shut you up from exposing the schemes of his business. Well, he just failed woefully because once the review is already out there on the internet, there is no taking it back.

          2. Yeah, I know that he also threat a few other people. I think he’s just trying to scare people so his prospects wouldn’t know the truth of his program and he could be making money with it.

          3. There is a possibility of him making money with his shady program for him to aggressively use threats to try and intimidate people who want to expose the flaws in what his offering. He is just a barking dog without any teeth nor claws because he simply can’t take up his threats.

          4. Just thrown out of his program on my ear for letting them know I was upset this after 4 months hard work succeeding in his plan spectacularly for a beginner. Eight of my students said they wanted to stay with me because unlike most of their instructors I did train my people one on one. Rory is a narcissist and immediately began turning it around claiming it is the way I treated him. The poor little thing. They invited me to the party and I saw everything and plan to blog about it on my own website. They removed me three days ago from the Trello Boards of leads they provide a privileged few. I am cast out. Ohhh I fell so rejected, NOT! Rory’s Rickshaw.

          5. Wow! That sounds so bad. Thank you for sharing Christopher.

            My experience with Rory is also extremely awful. He read my reviews and said something like this, “If you don’t remove your review from the Internet by xx.xx date, I will sue you immediately and come after EVERYTHING. The costs that you need to pay will be worth $1,000,000’s.”

            Then I heard that he had sent similar messages to pretty much everyone who has written any negative reviews of his programs.

            That is just incredible. I asked him why doesn’t he want to improve his program and the value that he provides instead of threatening people like me who are helping people to find the programs that provide THE BEST VALUE.

            His actions gave me a feeling that he is so much full of himself and I wouldn’t be interested in making business with him. Dangerous guy…

  15. Negative reviews is one of the things that always make me to stay away from some money making sites that I come across as a result of the fact that,if lots of people can’t make a fortune by investing time and resources on a site, then such site is not for me. This is one core reason I shouldn’t be getting involved with Rory Ricord for it seems the business plan is not truly one that can assist me get financial liberty. I would rather invest on ones done by people that I know and see how far it is going to be at the end of the day.

      1. Also, when we consider that this kind of company doesn’t keep to their words which is that you can get your money back when you are not getting the type of services that you desire. It makes me wonder what is the reason of joining up since there is no guarantee that I will get my money back when I feel that I’m not getting the type of Professional services that I desire.

          1. Having a misunderstanding with a client is one that is always bound to happen no matter how we try to prevent such scenario. The downside is when we don’t try as much as we can to resolve those conflicts before it gets out of hand which is where I blame Ricord as the owner of the business.

    1. Any wise investor before taking any decision on joining any business project especially online business project must endeavor to research online and even offline if possible to get all the reviews about the business before putting any dime in it, and when the result of the reviews shows too much negativity, it’s best of dump such business and look for one’s with better reviews.

  16. I think I’ll be giving this one a miss. I’ve never heard about Rory Ricord, from your explanation and the Youtube video I don’t really understand the programme at all. That’s always a bad sign and a warning to stay far, far, away.

    It’s not encouraging that they very many negative reviews. I have found where there is smoke there is always fire. People that will fall for this scam must be warned.

    1. It’s not a scam but the quality of their program based on all reviews and facts just claims that it’s not worth it.

      Rory Ricord teaches link post blogging which is basically affiliate marketing.

      However, I have not seen anyone’s site who would have achieve great results with Rory’s methods. On the other hand, I have seen and heard numerous complaints from people who went through the program and achieved little or no results at all.

      In addition to all of that, Rory has been threatening to sue everyone who writes negative reviews of his services. I am not sure if he is writing those threats drunk or sober-minded. The underlying fact is that he seems to be such a guy that I want to stay far away from.

      Of course, I want all the best for Rory like anyone else but his actions just aren’t very legit.

  17. Hi Roope, I was almost a victim of Rory Ricord. Good thing that after I paid the $77 and $64 and they wanted me to pay another $80+, that’s when I tried reading reviews about them. It’s so hard for me to find the website related to them and I just read the reviews of Rory Ricord. That’s when I called my bank and told them to cancel my transaction with them because it was still pending.

    And Melissa was a great counter-part for selling such tricks!

    I just felt sorry for all those people that are being scammed and can’t get their money back.

    And I just realized that ‘IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT ALWAYS IS!”

    1. Thank you very much for sharing!

      I don’t know what kind of guy this Rory really is. He has been trying to sue me and 7 other people who have written a review of his services on the Internet. He is not even wiling to explain well why there are so many negative reviews.

      He just tries to get rid of them in order to get money from as many people as possible.

      Dangerous guy, in my opinion.

  18. I’m surprised. I’ve been working with Rory Ricord for over a year. He says right up front that you are signing up for an Online Marketing Education System. I actually have watched all the videos from him and videos from other people. I can compare it by the amount of notes I take. Rory notes, Reams of notes, because he has so much to teach. I watched the 21 steps videos, 1/2 a page. Just 45 minutes of fluff, some guy telling you how great they are. Believe me, I have spent $1000 on people who have done the same thing, just talk, then try to “upgrade” to buying their informational products that cost lots and lots of monty. Rory has taught me how to market, successfully, online. He keeps me up-to-date by teaching continuously on the newest trends in marketing and keeps me in the loop by 1. Providing me a mentor who helps whenever I have a question and 2. Weekly calls to give me information about new stuff coming on the marketplace. Rory is the real deal. If he wasn’t I wouldn’t still be here, more than a year later. He teaches copy writing, marketing with free ads, how to write headlines that bring in interested buyers, instruction on how to be successful in social media, all the requirements to get google adsense and tons more. I’m here telling you, Rory Ricord is NOT a scam. And, I would know.

    1. You never mention how much money you’re making from Rory’s training, the first thing that came to mind is a staff member was writing the review.

      1. Yeah, that can also be possible. Now Rory has attacked me several times on YouTube, by email and on Facebook and he threats to sue me because I have published these reviews of his website. I have asked several times what I have done wrong but he has refused to give me an answer. Just answers something like, “Don’t use my name or copyright. I’m distraught how you don’t understand it’s wrong.”

        Well, I think I have a freedom of speech to evaluate Rory’s program and I am not using any of his copyrights. Some of my friends said me that they guess Rory’s business isn’t doing so well so he’s just angry to other people because of that.

  19. Very detailed research and review, thanks for sharing this. I have come across some sites like this before and immediately just left and never thought about it again because I think red flags like this should really be taken into consideration.

    I would say the fact that they remain mysterious and were part of scam sites before is already a huge red flag, and considering there are no user reviews that are helpful only cements that theory further.

    There might be some truth in what they are saying, but if they are asking money for the information then they should do a better job of appearing more legit and official.

    1. Hi Fantasia,

      after watching some videos of Rory Ricord on YouTube I can admit that they contain pieces of truth. That being said, I’m not completely convinced of his methods and there are so many complaints. Better just to stay away because there are so many other great opportunities out there.

  20. Thank you for the awareness. I am looking to make money online supplement my income and the last thing I is becoming a victim of this kind of websites. Can you make a review of “Copy Paste Jobs”. It claims the you can earn money by copying and pasting stuff. The video is actually gaining views and it got mix reviews. Thank you.

      1. Thank you so much, their ad is really appealing that I want to be a member. Sorry for posting the link. I hope that you will have an article on how to spot scam online site.

  21. Hmm, thanks for the awareness, the hustle for money is real, many people trying all possible means to make money of people. By dishing out their not so good lessons. The red flag are many and that proves it’s either his lessons are crap or he is a low key scammer.

  22. After reading this post, I told myself I’d rather sign up for your affiliate marketing program than to sign up for Rory Ricord. When you said they are not accredited, that is the exact time to throw the red flag. They are using social media just to fool people around. I truly hate scam sites.

    The person behind this scam don’t have the plan to stop. It is good to know they uses different websites to fool people. Thanks for your review. If there’s a chance when someone will suggest to use Rory Ricord, we now have the reason to say no instantly.

    1. Hi,

      yeah, Rory Ricord system is at least very suspicious. Many people are complaining about their service and trying to get refunds. On the other hand, I found somebody who said he learned something useful from their teachings.

      Anyhow, I would just stick to Wealthy Affiliate because their training is guaranteed to work. I’ve seen the results myself in my own life and many of my friends are also enjoying a good income after going through their training.

  23. It doesn’t seem professional at all and those reviews written on the same day make it even more likely to be a scam.

    I will just stay away from this because it seems like a big scam.

  24. I have never heard about this website, however, looks like I will have to stay away with this site. First of all, you say it is not a BBB certified business. This sends a red signal. Secondly, you say the site has many negative reviews. When there are too many negative reviews, you should stay away.

    Last but not the least. For any money making site to remain legit, they should be telling you how you can make money. Rory Ricord does not say anything on this regard. What ever it says is not convincing.

    1. Good points Vinaya. Most make money online programs have lots of success stories. On the other hand, it’s hard to find much success of users of Rory Ricord. Most people are just complaining that they couldn’t get a refund even though they wanted.

  25. It definitely seems dodgy and I would probably stay away from Rory Ricord and his money making techniques. There are just too many of these scams online unfortunately which is why I’m sure a lot of people are grateful for a site like this.

    It’s great to have a place where you can get unbiased opinions and thoughts on these various money making schemes available online. I doubt it but hopefully, that person can manage to get their money back.

    1. Yeah, there are way too many online scams in the make money online industry. That’s why it’s good to know a few reliable websites that give you unbiased opinions of those programs.

  26. Aww man. I am a stay at home mom and I looked for a work from home job and cane across Rory Ricord. I paid the $87 for the website and just saw this…..Then I just now called my mentor, Paul, and he says their isn’t a refund for this. He said if I worked this program for 3 months. and didn’t make money, I’m guaranteed $500. Oh boy. What to do.

    1. Hi LT,

      Well, if you already paid for the program and can’t get the refund, there are not many choices. Go for it for 3 months and see what happens. I hope they would pay you at least $500 for that.

  27. If there’s a lot of negative comments and people are warning others that this program is a scam then I would never try it. I think it’s always important to check people’s opinions everywhere and read what they think because you may just lose your time and money and nobody wants that.

    1. That’s definitely true Felabruno. Nowadays I always check reviews before buying something online. Even when I’m buying flight tickets or reserving an accommodation. It’s wonderful that we can see nowadays what other people have written because before there wasn’t such privilege.

  28. Hi Roope!

    Thank you for the article! Now I’m aware of this site, I’m pretty sure it’s a scam, anywhere I did research for this website, even the comments below the Youtube videos show negative reviews and many people even mad because they invested money and they get nothing, now they’re asking for a refund.

    I’d never put my nose on this site, definitely, Wealthy Affiliate beats Rory Ricord like 1000 – 0. I already took a look at WA and I’m ready to start the training. Excellent article!

    1. Hi Wizkha,

      yeah, Rory Ricord doesn’t seem any good based on many people’s experiences. It’s much better to stick to Wealthy Affiliate which is proven to work. I know from my own and other people’s experience that their training really works and it helps you to make a living online.

  29. Hi Sheila,

    yeah, I recommend asking your money back. There are so many complaints of Rory Ricord that you will be happy if they give you a refund.

    Then you can learn to make money online with Wealthy Affiliate for free. Their premium membership is also cheaper and way better than Rory Ricord. Thousands of people all around the world have been able to make a living with Wealthy Affiliate program.

  30. I just joined Rory Ricord a week back. I can’t really say anything good or bad, but after reading this I really think I want my money back.

    I have chatted with my mentor, but it wasn’t anything about the program. I guess cause I already said I can’t afford to do the blog post. The $57 was hard enough to come up with.

  31. IS A SCAM!! They make you buy more stuff in order to get your links and the links that they do allow you for free are NO GOOD!!! I try to get help and there’s no response.

    I checked out Wealthy Affiliates and they are TONS more helpful and you don’t have to wait hours and days for help. They are patient with you and give you the help you need. Their websites are also MUCH more professional than Rory Ricord and I’m not being paid or compensated for any of this but I recommend Wealthy Affiliates 100 thumbs up and more. I recommend Rory Ricord 100 thumbs down. Don’t get blind-sided by their sales pitch – it’s totally inaccurate.

    1. Hi Shelley,

      thank you very much for sharing your experience with Rory Ricord. So many people are reporting that their product is not valuable at all. I don’t recommend my readers to pay for his teachings.

      I am glad to hear that you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate. Their training helped also me to make a living online. It’s wonderful to have a freedom to live wherever I want in the world while earning money online 🙂


  32. Rory Ricord has multiple scams going on in conjunction with and separate from Link Post Blogging.

    I am embarrassed to admit I lost money before I got wise. He has a group of mentors that get paid for each person they mentor. The only qualification is that they have to invest in at least 2 special programs to become a mentor ( about $500 after initial investment). Also these programs require continual monthly investments and recruiting.

    The websites are really a poor quality which you do not control and they don’t fix them even when you repeatedly ask. Their guarantee is written so that no one can get their money back. Please beware. This has shades of MLM you can’t see at first.

    1. Hi Kristi,

      thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sorry for hearing that you lost hundreds of dollars to Rory Ricord. But let’s say it was a learning experience. Now you can avoid similar scams and only concentrate on honest money-making programs like Wealthy Affiliate.


  33. Hi Roope,
    Thanks for the heads up on your review. I have been looking at several different online marketing programs. Its nice to have a very informative review.

    I have seen some of his youtube videos but didn’t go check out his website yet. But now reading your review I will make sure I steer clear.

    1. Hi Brenda,

      yeah, it’s much better stick to Wealthy Affiliate. Their methods are proven to work and I have experience it myself as well. I have been earning more and more money each money during the last 8 months. I’m so excited to see what the future will bring.

      I noticed that you have already started their training.

      Feel free to always ask me if you have any questions or if you need some help.


  34. Looks Like I caught there post sales scam quickly and will be getting a refund. I was told by phone rep ” your life can’t be that good if you ordered a kit to make money” This was post asking one detailed question that he didn’t have a logical answer to. I should see a refund within 3-5 days.

    If they are truly a business that plans to teach and assist be up front about it.

    As I was typing this I received a call from Kevin Kennedy who proceeded to berate me with insults.

    1. Hi Gary,

      I hope you will see a refund soon.

      By the way, have you already started a free make money online training in Wealthy Affiliate? People also in the comments are reporting that it’s way better than Rory Ricord.

      WA taught me to make money online and I’m always thankful for that.


  35. Hi Roope,

    I enjoyed reading your post. There can never be enough awareness about scammers. Your pros and cons list is very straightforward and I would be surprised if others still pursued rory ricord after reading your review.

    Your bullet: “Only one person claims to have successfully used this program,” says it all, doesn’t it?

    How long have you been in the affiliate marketing business?

    All the best,


    1. Hi Miles,

      I have been in affiliate marketing business for around two years since 2015. It’s not a very long time but I have learned hugely during that time. I love it how every day I can make progress and learn something new. It’s different than a 9-5 job (in a better way).


  36. I love articles like these. Bringing awareness to newbies like me trying to make money online. It’s so many scams on the internet, it just make it tough to tell the real from the fake. I loss my investment on some of them “get rich quick” schemes. What programs do you recommend to make money online?

    1. Hi Garrett,

      sorry to hear that you lost money on some get rich quick” schemes. I have heard the same story from many other people. That’s why I want to help that people wouldn’t fall into these scams.

      Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 Recommendation to make money online. Other good ones are, for example, Chris Farrell Membership and Affilorama. They teach proven methods to make money online.

      I believe you’ll like them.

      But remember, there’s no quick way to succeed. It always requires hard work and persistence 🙂

      Wish you all the best!


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