Is Mobrog a Scam? No, But I Am Aiming Higher!


You may have seen some negative reviews Mobrog and now you are asking yourself, “Is Mobrog a scam?” Or you just want to know if this would be a great way for you to earn some pocket money online.

Anyway, I want to congratulate you for taking the time to do the research before actually spending your time/money into this program.

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We took the challenge and made a review of this website and service. After researching more than 100 online survey sites it was quite easy for us to see beneath the surface of Mobrog.

This is what we found out!

Mobrog Review - Quick Summary

Name: Mobrog

Founded: In Germany

Field: Online Survey Sites

Earning Potential: Very Low

is mobrog a scam

Summary: Mobrog is one of the hundreds of low paying survey sites. You can't make good money on their websites because they pay so little and they don't offer enough surveys either. There are numerous better ways to make money online than Mobrog.

Is Mobrog Recommended? No. If you want to earn money online with simple methods, click the link below to see my #1 recommendation.


My Mobrog Video Review 

I recorded a video for you where I explained the main reason why I don’t recommend using Mobrog if your goal is to earn money online. In the video, I also show from which website I received a $126 commission 3 hours ago at the time of recording the video.

There are also 5 examples of people who are earning +$10,000/month online. I believe it will helpful and you will enjoy especially if your goal is to earn money online.

What Is Mobrog? – A Germany-Based Huge Survey Site

Mobrog is a survey website, developed by the market research company, Splendid Research which is based in Germany. Individuals are registered, free of cost from over 60 countries. Surveys are either done through the website or the mobile application which can be downloaded by Android and iPhone users.

is mobrog a scam

A picture on their homepage tells us that you can use Mobrog on any mobile device: PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

It is user-friendly with languages like English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and so on. They even had translated their website on my native language which is Finnish. You can’t find so many international survey sites that would be in Finnish. I am astonished with how many language you can use Mobrog!

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The surveys are conducted worldwide, by different companies, to get honest reviews about products as this data is very important to them. Based on your opinions and answers, the companies may improve their products and services.

How to Register on Mobrog?

Registration is pretty simple, you can either download their free app from the Google Playstore or Go to their website. You can sign up only in your country of residence.

You just have to fill your

  1. Email address
  2. Personal Details; like DOB
  3. Gender
  4. Educational Qualifications
  5. Occupation.

After signing up, complete your profile and fill up areas of your interest to get started. One must go through the Terms & Conditions and read the FAQ’s thoroughly.

Here is a marketing video created by Mobrog. It explains quite well what is the idea behind their company. But I warn you that the video is not unbiased. The purpose is to sell their product for you no matter what.

How to Get Surveys on Mobrog?

Registered people are invited to answer the surveys, by Email or the push notifications, if they are using the app. Surveys are answered immediately, through an online questionnaire or the app. Spontaneously, money reaches the account after each survey is completed. The invitation to the survey depends, on the age, gender, educational qualifications and sometimes,the nationality of the candidate.

These surveys vary accordingly as per the companies that conduct them. They can be of a wide range of topics,for example: how you think about a particular product or whether you find it useful.

This information is used by the companies, to manufacture new products that cater to the needs of the consumers. Members just have to answer simple questions like “What is your favorite toothpaste?”, “Which brand of soap do you prefer?”, “Do you find this product useful?” etc.

So, we can say that questions are similar like in any other online survey site.

How to Earn Money on Mobrog?

Payments on Mobrog are done only through PayPal account, with minimum payout being €5 (=$5-6 usd). Although, due to security and privacy reasons, they provide checkout only twice a day. Through each survey, a person can earn between, $0.50 to $3 depending on the length of the survey.

It has proved to be transparent and honest in their payments. One can also earn $1, by referring it to a friend, who should complete at least three surveys, through the website.

You can see that we are talking here only about some pocket money and not a full-time income or +$10,000/month online like my friends earn. If you are looking for good ways to earn money online, Mobrog is not for you.

Is Mobrog Legit?

Many member complained about the irregular pays of the website and sometimes, no payments at all. These upset and agitated members posted on internet, about the fraud, which happened with them. They wrote reviews against the company to warn the other members.

However, some people stood with the company, and even posted their Payment Proofs on internet, claiming the website legal and authentic. The website company, also clarified the malfunctions, that occurred with payments of certain members.

If you are having problems with the payment in Mobrog or in any other website, you should immediately contact their support and not start bitching on forums why it doesn’t work. I think it’s clear for us all.

However, there are still some more complaints about their service that I will show you in the following chapter so you are fully aware what you will be signing up for if you decide to go with Mobrog.

Mobrog Complaints

(1) Even after writing long and nice surveys, some members still not credited or get paid. Even the customer support, proved to be useless in their cases as they, themselves were accused of laying false claim.

(2) In the above-mentioned cases, the members sometimes even don’t get any kind of compensation, as promised earlier. After wasting their precious time on replying to the surveys, all they get at the end is a simple notification,” Sorry, you do not qualify for this survey”.

(3) In most of the cases, compensation for re-directed surveys is not given. This carefully hides the poor compensation rates provided by the company, which is noticed more later by the members, when they checkout for payments.

(4) No surveys available. You will get a notification to your email that there are new surveys available. However, sometimes you need to wait almost for one week to get a new survey. That means it can take even a month to get your first money out.

is mobrog a scam

This is the biggest and the most important reason why online surveys are not worth it. You get paid so little for lots of work. For example, affiliate marketing is much more profitable.

What do you think about those complaints? There are still many members who like their service a lot. Have a look at these examples.

Is Mobrog Safe? - 5 Points

Mobrog provides a relatively safe way to make money online. There's nothing unsafe about it. These 5 points show you why Mobrog is completely safe.

That being said, using Mobrog isn't even closely as closely as profitable as using for example Legendary Marketer that helped me to make $3,000 in a day that would be completely impossible with Mobrog.

(1) Many regular members posted a “Mobrog Payment Proof” and claimed it to be a genuine site, in large numbers, claiming that even those people who have never used the site have written those reviews.

(2) The website clearly states reasons for the non-payment issues. They say that the payment can take some time to be received, even after completing the survey.

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(3) The reason for compensations is that, when they find halfway through the first survey, that the user doesn’t qualify, they provide with a new survey as soon as possible. Depending upon the length of the new survey, people get paid, so low compensation might be due to the fact, that a shorter survey was answered.

(4) The reason why you might be kicked out of survey can be that they target only certain groups for the specific survey, which takes some time to determine.

As the target groups need to get more specific, that can only be determined after answering at least ten or twenty questions, because some surveys are based on certain characteristics, that are not aforementioned by the member.

(5) The activation links to start the survey that is sent to the members can only be used once and so even, small interruptions of the internet to the surveys can stop the survey. This is just done to enhance the cyber security and protection of the members.

After taking into consideration the aspects of both “For” and “Against” of the Mobrog scam, certain things are clear. That what one needs is to be very careful about, not to make any such mistake and to fill at least all of his profile completely. Reading all the FAQ’s is also important. The actions of the company are justified completely and the members might have committed, mistakes similar to above.

Conclusion – Is Mobrog a Scam?

Mobrog is not a scam but an honest company. However, it doesn’t mean that you should now run into their website and start waiting for new surveys. No, no.

The earning potential in Mobrog is so low that I don’t recommend signing up for you. If you really want to work for hours to earn 5€/month, so let it be. But I know that people who value their time, most likely won’t do it.

I believe that your goal is to earn much more than 5-10€/month online. Nowadays there are no limits you can earn even 10,000€/online and much, much more. The greatest thing is that many people are doing it at the moment and they are ready to share the knowledge with you.

This step-by-step training has helped me to make more money online. My income is growing each and every month. At the moment I am working for a free trip to U.S.A. with the help of their program (I am currently living in Europe).

They offer 20 interactive video lessons and many other free tools for you to get started. You don’t need a credit card or any payments. Of course, if you want to go premium, they have that possibility also and I can honestly recommend it. But first, start with the free material and upgrade when you feel comfortable.

4 step process for making money online

What do you think about Mobrog and other online survey sites?

Have you already learned better ways to make money online?

I would love to hear from you. Also, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.





Earning potential




Overall Ranking



  • Available in more than 60 countries in several languages
  • Easy-to-use
  • Payment is possible through PayPal


  • Low earning potential
  • There are not new surveys available so often
  • It can be frustrating to see the text,
  • With an ultra-fast Internet connection it's easier but not everyone has it

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