Is IOStoken a Good Investment? What You MUST Know!

What is IOStoken? Is IOStoken a Good Investment? How Much Should I Invest in IOStoken?

If you have any question about IOStoken, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will discuss all facts about IOStoken. I am sure you’ll find this article helpful and valuable. Enjoy!

IOStoken Review

Name: IOStoken

Launched: 2018

Type: Cryptocurrency

Short Review: IOS stands for Internet of Services. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a sizeable digital market made of physical appliances that have been connected to digital values like apps, data or contracts in an accessible form. The IOStoken is a blockchain with a target of enhancing scalability and high transaction throughput in a bid to improve the blockchain. IOStoken is promoting the Internet of Services, which is the future of IoT.

IOStoken provided huge returns for the early investors but some people have also lost tens of thousands of dollars with this cryptocurrency. Therefore, we advise you to be careful and only invest money that you are comfortable to lose.

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IOStoken homepage is futuristic and modern.

What is IOStoken?

IOS will be capable of supporting about 100,000 transactions for every second, which might make it overtake Ethereum and Bitcoin which are the leading implementations of the blockchain technology. The goal of IOStoken is to promote the Internet of Things market to make business and economy a lot easier by promoting secure and straightforward orders, transactions, data exchange, processing and so on.

How Does IOStoken Work? / Benefits of IOStoken

The goal of IOStoken is to build a digital ecosystem based on the internet of services. The Ethereum blockchain will host the ecosystem in some decentralized platform developed for the purpose of trading digital goods and services. This way, people will be in a position to use IOStoken (IOST) for the purchase of services that they need. The purchasing will be done based on smart contracts that run on Ethereum blockchain.

By use of a particular amount of tokens that fit the price, the buyers in the community will be able to gain access to certain services within the time specified in the contract. The IOS platform will provide the users with a decentralized way of exchanging digital goods and online services, and allow developers to deploy large-scale dApps (Decentralized Applications) capable of supporting a high number of users.

The IOStoken project makes use of Efficient Distributed Sharding technology in order to improve the scalability of the network. It dynamically partitions the IOS network into subspaces via a stochastic and unbiased process. Such a business model allows for a high transaction throughput. In IOStoken, the consensus mechanism is based on Proof-of-Believability approach which does not need mining.

The believability of the network nodes of computed depending on their contributions as well as their previous behavior. When this aspect is combined with algorithmic randomness, the network participants shouldn’t have any issues whatsoever. The platform also features a transform feedback system, which will provide users with a way to rate the completed services.

Bitcoin relies on proof of work (PoW) algorithm for verification of transactions. This algorithm involves consumption of high amounts of electricity. Blockchains such as Ethereum are working on developing and implementing the proof of stake consensus algorithm that is faster and involves less consumption of electricity.

However, the proof of Believability consensus algorithm used in IOStoken takes this further in a bid to create a more intelligent blockchain. IOStoken can be seen to be an enterprise blockchain. It is geared towards supporting service-oriented goods and services that have a large customer base.

Risks of IOSToken

Despite the many advantages associated with IOStoken, it also has a number of challenges. IOStoken is a new project whose mainnet may go live in 2019. This has made it record a low liquidity outside the Chinese exchanges. However, this is expected to change once the mainnet goes live.

It is early to tell how liquid the token will be. Currently, there is no clear roadmap for the project, which makes us get worried. However, the benefits associated with the project outweigh the challenges. It has attracted investment interest from entities such as equoia, Nirvana Capital, and DFund.

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IOStoken Team

Other than the three co-founders of IOStoken, the project has 12 employees and 4 advisors. The project was co-founded by the following three members:

  • Terrance Wang
  • Jimmy Zhong
  • Ray Xiao

Most of the team members have advanced degrees from world-leading universities such as University of Wisconsin, Princeton, John Hopkins University, the University of California-Berkley, Harvard, and Cornell.

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The IOStoken team comprises members who are well-educated, competent and capable of executing a technically complex project roadmap. The IOStoken project has also attracted partners, mostly from the crypto-oriented companies. So far, IOStoken has partnered with sixteen companies including the following:

  • ZhenFund
  • Sequoia
  • Matrix
  • Metropolis VC
  • INBlockchain
  • Fibig Capital
  • Nirvana Capital
  • Danhua Capital
  • DFund etc.

The IOS foundation is also looking for partnership in the area of IoT, sharing economy and smart devices. These connections will expand the IOS node ecosystem and this blockchain will keep on proliferating.

IOStoken Community

The IOStoken has established a strong community of cryptocurrency lovers. It is very active on Twitter and Telegram. However, IOStoken has a very small community on Reddit when you compare it to the other cryptocurrencies.

You can find IOStoken on the following social media platforms on which you can engage them:

  • Telegram – They have 40K+ members on Telegram
  • Medium
  • Twitter – Its Twitter page has 221K+ followers.

Is IOStoken Worth Buying?

No information had been released about IOStoken prior to its launch. The reason is that pre-sale of the token was made private and only the elite were given chance to purchase it. Despite this, investors from China, United States, and South Korea were not allowed to purchase it. The sale of the coin was made public on 16th January 2018, during which the coin was worth $0.02.

Within 8 days, the coin had shown a steady bullish trend which is an indication of the potential of the coin. The coin’s price rose to $0.096104 USD on January 25th, representing a price increase of 380% increase in one week. However, the price of the coin has gone down by a small percentage.

The question is, “Is the Coin Worth Buying?” I think Yes. Every investor is keen when investing his or her money in a business that is expected to bring profits. I think IOST is a coin that can bring you profits. After observing the current trend of the coin, it is very clear that the coin has much potential.

The coin recorded a 380% increase in price at a time when the prices of other coins were going down. In fact, IOST is the only coin that showed a bullish trend in January 2018, with the other cryptocurrencies showing a bearish trend after the hike in prices in December 2017. Considering that the coin has gained value during such a hard time, its value will increase further in 2018.

iostoken price chart
IOStoken price jumped after the ICO but since then it has been coming down more and more along the whole crypto market.

IOST Price Prediction for 2018

There is a total supply of 21 billion IOST with a market cap of $788,952,426. The Internet of Things technology is also gaining popularity on a daily basis. The price of IOST is not expected to fall in the short-term.

IOST has a value of 0.0332 USD per token at 2018-03-04. If you afford to buy IOST for 100 dollars today, you will get 3010.876 IOST. Based on my forecast, a long-term increase in the value of IOST is expected, may be up to 0.817 US Dollars by 2023-02-25.

For a 5-year investment, its revenue will be around +2358.7%. Your $100 investment may become $2458.7 in 2022.

Is this realistic prediction? Yes. Is this guaranteed? Not at all!

Anything can happen in the cryptocurrency market and I always recommend that you learn the essential skills before putting any money into cryptocurrencies.

Conclusion – Is IOStoken a Good Investment?

I think So! The idea behind IOStoken is very great. The IOStoken is geared towards enhancing the internet of services, which marks the future of IoT. The IOStoken will benefit from the increasing popularity of IoT, and the value of its coin will increase. Although the price of IOST may decrease soon after the recent hike, it will gain momentum and go up again.

IOStoken has also introduced a new consensus algorithm, that is, proof of believability. Most cryptocurrencies rely on the proof of work consensus algorithm in which the network participants must go through mining, during which a lot of electricity is consumed. A high computing power is also needed for mining.

With the proof of believability, no mining is needed and the consumption of electricity will be reduced greatly. This is what cryptocurrency lovers have been waiting for, hence IOStoken is attracting a greater interest from all corners of the world. Don’t forget the great team behind the IOStoken project.

As always, we want to wrap up the article by reminding that investing in cryptocurrencies always involves risks. You can make big money but you can also lose lots of money. If you want to learn a PROVEN way to learn money online, we advise you to check out this step-by-step training. You can also get started by clicking the picture below.


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What Do You Think About the Future of IOStoken?

Will its Price Go Up or Down?

Will you Invest in IOStoken?

I Will Be Happy To Hear Your Genuine Opinion About This Cryptocurrency!

Let’s discuss in the comments below! 🙂

(Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only.  It is not intended to be investment advice.)

By Nicholas Samuel

Hello, my name is Nicholas Samuel. I am a cryptocurrency lover with several years experience in cryptocurrency trade. I started by investing in Bitcoin in 2014 from which I earned huge rewards. I went further to invest in various altcoins and the experience has been good. I have published many books on Amazon about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. I am also a cryptocurrency blogger. Feel free to ask me any question about cryptocurrencies and I will get back to you with a satisfying answer. Thank you!


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