How to Make Money with Cryptocurrencies in 2018! -Course

How to Make Money with Cryptocurrencies in 2018

Are you interested in making money with cryptocurrencies? I have recently launched the course called, “Make Money with Cryptocurrencies in 2018! – A Solid Strategy. Within the first day after the launch, more than 1,000 have enrolled for this course.

I wanted to provide you also an opportunity to learn to make money with cryptocurrencies like I have done during the last 3 years.

In the course you will learn:

  • My 5-Step Strategy for Recognizing the Best Cryptocurrencies!
  • See How I Lost More Than $15,000 by Ignoring My Own Strategy!
  • Avoid 3 Most Common Pitfalls That Cryptocurrency Beginner Traders Make!
  • Recognize the Difference Between a Good And a Bad Cryptocurrency!
  • And Much More!

I offer the course for my website readers and social media followers for just $10! (Normal price $195)

=> Learn to Make Money with Cryptocurrencies in 2018!

In the video below you will get a glimpse of the course. I will show the preview video at the end of this clip.

I want to remind and underline the wisdom that the most successful investor in the world has said,

“The more you learn, the more you earn.” -Warren Buffett

Even one powerful idea from this course can be worth $1,000’s, $10,000’s or even $100,000’s over the time course if you keep on investing in cryptocurrencies. I know it from my own experience. I have bought many courses on Udemy about investing and they have paid themselves already several times. I paid already $10 for some course and it made me thousands of dollars within a short period of time.

Is Cryptocurrency Investing Still Profitable in 2018?

I believe that we will see the mass adoption of the cryptocurrencies during the coming years. It won’t happen overnight but little by little more people are coming to understand how they work. I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t invested in cryptocurrencies once they realized how awesome the technology is. It gives so many benefits for everyday users.

I am not talking only about the financial gains (that are incredible, of course!) but also the technological benefits. Cryptocurrencies are like the Internet 20-30 years ago. Only a very small amount of people know about the Internet and they were called weirdos. “Old-school” people said that it’s never going to become bigger. All of us can today see what happened.

How to make money with cryptocurrencies in 2018
You can still make big money with cryptocurrencies in 2018 and in 2019!

After all, people realized the benefits and the mass adoption has happened. The same will also happen with the cryptocurrencies over the time course. First years have just been a beginning.

You haven’t missed the boat. If you invest now, you are still an early investor!

I believe that those who start making money with cryptocurrencies in 2018 are going to make huge profits over the time course. Of course, some people may lose money as I explain in the course but if you follow my principles, you have the knowledge to make money with a solid strategy.

=> Learn to Make Money with Cryptocurrencies for Just $10!

Making Money with Cryptocurrencies – 3 Examples!

There is a huge potential for profits at the moment. Of course, the risk is involved and if you don’t like the risk, you can take a look at this proven way to make money online. But I don’t mind having the risk if it’s everything calculated beforehand.

Here are 3 examples of big profits that you could have made recently with cryptocurrencies:

1.BitDegree ICO

Those who invested in the BitDegree ICO, made 7x profits immediately when it hit the exchange. That’s not unusual in the world of cryptocurrencies. I have seen ICOs that have made even 10x profits when the coins have come to exchanges.

2.Kucoin Shares and 3.Binance Coin

In my Bankera ICO review, I give these two examples. Take a look at the charts below:

is bankera a good investment
Kucoin Shares went from $0,60 to more than $20 in 2 months. If you would have invested $1,000, you would have made easy $30,000 profits.
bankera ico review
Binance coin made 200x times profits in 5 months. With a $5,000 investment you would be a millionaire today!

Bankera has an ICO at the moment and I believe it has potential for similar gains like Binance and Kucoin because it’s very similar to those two companies. Actually, Bankera may have potential for even bigger gains. The time will show but the truth is that there are opportunities for incredible gains with cryptocurrencies.

I invested in Ripple when it was around $0,20 and then it jumped all the way up to $3. Those are 15x gains. These are only a few examples and I see this kind of things happening all the time in the world of cryptocurrencies!

Have you experienced similar gains also? Would you like to experience them? Then grab my cryptocurrency course for just $10. 😉

If you have any questions about the course or about making money with cryptocurrencies, in general, don’t hesitate to leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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Have you already invested in cryptocurrencies? Which ones are your favorites? Why?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I like the idea of this article to using cryptocurrencies because I believe to start making money with cryptocurrencies in 2019 and going to make huge profits over the time course.

  2. I’ve been told by several people that its to “late” to buy cryptocurrencies now. In my country not even 0.1% of the population use bitcoin. It’s not to late to invest now just imagine when 2% of the population uses it! I loved your analogy of comparing it to how the internet used to be in its early days.

    You’re completely right, cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and more and more people will start using it. I can’t wait to see where its headed in the next 20 years and I can’t wait to feel awesome that I was riding along with it the whole way. And it’s great that you educate the masses about blockchains! 🙂

    1. Good points. Yeah, we are really living exciting times! It will be interesting to see how things move forward. People will remember these years very well in the history books 😉

  3. It’s really hard to invest in a new ICO, well for me. You don’t know the market yet. You need to wait for almost a year to know about the outcome of that ICO. But if you’re rich enough or maybe risk taker, It’s ok to invest in a new ICO.

    You should also know the quality of that crypto or use of that crypto, at the end of the day, all of the investors are just predicting, and waiting for the outcome. And the good things about the first risk taker, they are the first one to become rich.

    1. Yes, ICOs have risk but also a huge potential. Recently I took a look at 15 ICOs and 13-14 of them had more than doubled their value within a short period of time. So, you certainly don’t need to wait for a year. You can double, triple or even quadruple your money in a week or so with some ICOs.

      I think that the best way to minimize your risk is to carefully study everything related to the ICO and follow the strategies that I show in my course.

      What do you think?

  4. I like the idea of cryptocurrencies. However I’m a bit skeptical about their longevity. Will the central banks around the world allow this currency to compete money? With new cryptocurrencies cropping up on a daily basis is this even legit? I must admit I’ve never heard about the cryptocurrencies mentioned.

    My two sense worth, cryptocurrencies are like fashion, a new one every season. Once the season is over, the next cryptocurrency comes in. I find this risky because they are purely demand driven. There are no fundamentals like with any sound investment.

    1. Based on your comment, I think that you haven’t fully understood what cryptocurrencies are all about.

      I would highly recommending taking a closer look at my course and on the specific cryptocurrency posts that I’m publishing here on my blog. I believe you will start seeing the value on those techonologies.

      Banks can try to compete with cryptocurrencies but I think they’ll lose that competition because people can decide themselves.

  5. Being an crypto investor and small time miner myself, I can certainly see some good decisions with your investments. We agree on many things but I’m still considering whether to invest in your course. I will definitely spend more time on this site. None the less, great post and thank you for sharing.

    1. Well, the course costs less than a pizza with my discount code 😉

      Anyway, I’m glad that you’ve found my website. It’s nice to connect with you! Let’s be in touch. Share your thoughts and ideas always when you feel like it because I want to hear what you think about certain cryptocurrencies.

  6. here is a project under the name TokenGo to which I advise fixedly to look narrowly. It is the platform on business tokenization which cornerstone the ideas which yet competitors do not have are. I think for investors there will be very interesting option, having taken coins on long period they shall give decent X. I also was bought) Also tokens of Gopower can be received for execution of bounty jobs. Technical support works round the clock, so that if you have an urgent question, you will be surely responded!

  7. How would one know a good ICO to invest in? There are too many ICO’s popping out nowadays that I cant even discern if their legit or not? Some would say that its based on oil, based on the USD, based on … etch… but every time I take look at those newly released coins (tokens I think is what they call them) after its ICO, it seems like they were just made to ask for donation or worst possible case is a scam. Do we have a platform to know the legitimacy of such?

    1. Yes, there are several websites that evaluate ICOs. You’re at the moment on one of them 😀 You can always ask me about any ICO you want and I can share my own opinion. At the moment I am investing in Bankera ICO. Next interesting ones are at least Refereum, GoNetwork and Friendz.

      I have never fallen into ICO scam. Which ICOs were scam that you saw?

      I know there are scams but I usually only look at the most potential ones so I don’t usually watch the scam ones.

  8. This type of business requires a lot of capital to start with.
    Lucky are the ones who bought btcs in the early days.
    Bitcoin price has been up and down lately,so definately there is a good time to buy at lowest price and sell it when it goes up.
    My friend invested in Ethereum(approx. 500$) and he is happy about his profits.
    I think we should aim to invest on lower-value cryptocurrencies.We can never know when they explode:).
    However,nice article,Sir!
    Your blog provides a lot on info,on various topics:)

    1. You can also start with cryptocurrencies with a small amount. You don’t need a lot of capital or almost any capital at all to get started.

      You are right that cryptocurrencies that have a lower market cap have a great potential for growth at the moment. There are great opportunities and some people are becoming millionaires.

  9. How do you feel about the future of crypto in regards to government regulation / crackdown? What I mean is, in the not so distant futuvre I too believe crypto currency will overtake / outpace traditional currency in popularity and use. Unfortunately, many markets that tend to have some power and sway in society will fight tooth and nail to prevent the loss of one solitary red cent.

    So, obviously crypto without a doubt will change the game, and likewise, disrupt some markets. Markets that have a say in how certain economies function. Honestly I believe crypto will be wrapped up in some red tapes in the near future on account of market fear and government uncertainty. Your thoughts?

    1. Yes that’s a question that many people are thinking. I think that regulations can’t stop the rise of cryptocurrencies. Actually, cryptocurrencies have been made illegal in some countries but the demand has just risen tremendously there.

      If a country makes cryptocurrencies illegal, I think they put themselves in a high risk then. First of all, it’s not really a democratic decision so people could start doubting the government even more. If and when cryptocurrencies become more popular, a country that has denied them, wouldn’t be in so good position.

      Of course, there may come more strict regulations to crypto exchanges and that needs to be taken into account. I think that putting lots of money on one exchange isn’t a good idea because it’s just a bank and can be hacked or regulated by the government.

  10. Crypto is something that I’ve been on the fence about for a long time. I kick myself that I saw the rise of BTC and never invested earlier, as I’m sure a whole lot of other people do as well. Likewise, I’ve watched as new coins came to market and I said to myself “They will never compete with BTC” only to see things like Ethereum go to great success. Now I’m starting to think that I’ve missed the boat too many times and this gravy train can’t go on forever, but still each time a new crypto emerges it seems to just go from strength to strength.

    Looking at your examples, it seems part of the secret might be getting in as early as possible, but then like with any investment, how do you know when to cash out?

    1. You haven’t missed the boat with cryptocurrencies. You’ll kick yourself probably even harder in the future if you still don’t participate 😀

      Well, I believe in the future of cryptocurrencies and one possibility is that I don’t need to change them to fiat currencies if more and more companies start accepting cryptos. But I recommend that you research the coin carefully and if you think the price has gone too high, you take the money out.

  11. I am still quite frustrated about cryptocurrencies but at the same time I am curious about how it boost or flops. this site is very helpful for me to know more about cryptocurrencies. better to ask for professional about this trend investments and take necessary precautions to avoid problems in the end. but as far as my research about this investments are concern i think its worth to try.

    1. My course would help you move forward more easily.

      I understand your concerns because everyone who now uses or believes in cryptocurrencies was once a doubter. It’s a new technology and innovation and change is always a bit uncomfortable at first. But when you understand the benefits of cryptocurrencies, you will for sure believe it’s a great thing.

  12. I have always been curious about cryptocurrencies. I’m happy to hear that you believe that it is still not too late to invest in cryptocurrencies. I’m still not 100% sure about what cryptocurrency to invest in, it probably won’t be Bitcoin at the moment, to be honest. It depends how the other cryptocurrencies look in terms of investment.

    1. It’s certainly not too late to invest in cryptocurrencies. So few people have yet found them. I guess that way less than 0,1% of the population are involved with cryptocurrencies now so the prices will grow immensely when more and more people start using them.

      In 2015 when the Bitcoin price was $200 people were already saying, “It costs $200 per coin already. I missed the train. It’s too late to get in.” However, if those people would have invested, for example, $1,000 in Bitcoin back then, they would have now over $50,000 in their pockets. That’s incredible 😀

      I want to see the faces of people in 2020 when they say, “I hope I would have invested in cryptocurrencies already in 2018.” That’s why I have created this course to help you and other people to find the most potential cryptocurrency opportunities.

  13. I’m excited to read that you’re offering an opportunity to those that would want to earn by investing in cryptocurrencies and I have to say that such is the opportunity that I’ve been waiting for. Most of these coins have made lots of people millionaires and even billionaires during the short period of time that it have been in circulation and just like you likely pointed out, the rise will continue in years to come and before those skeptics will know what it is happening, they will he left behind. Sure, I’ll definitely get back at you as soon as possible.

    1. Yes, I truly think that cryptocurrencies are now an opportunity of a lifetime. The blockchain technology and these new innovations are going to revolutionize the world. I don’t see any good reason why we wouldn’t be using cryptocurrencies much more widely in the future.

  14. I heard about Bitcoin in 2014 and earned bitcoin for the first time in 2015 when a writing site called blogjob offered payment in bitcoins. I earned $400 worth bitcoins from the site. I invested my coins on various programs, I made money on some programs and lost my investment on quite a few. However, I managed to increase my bitcoins to $1000 worth. I was in need of money, therefore, I converted to USD and spend all of my coins. I wish I had learned the importance of Bitcoins. I will check your course and see if I can make use of it.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Vinaya. Bitcoin is still the biggest cryptocurrency by the market cap but I am not convinced whether it will still be the biggest one after a year or two. Transaction fees and times are so high compared to other cryptocurrencies so it’s not practical anymore. They are creating a development called lightning network. That should make it faster and cheaper. The time will show what happens..

  15. I am quite hesitant of joining cryptocurrency. I have heard negative feedback from somebody that the amount he invested is losing. On the other hand, I am curious of the courses that you offer that may help somebody who is doubt about cryptocurrency.

    1. With any kind of investing you can either win money or lose money. I have made $50,000 in 2 months but sometimes I have lost money. That’s why I have created the course so you could make money also instead of losing money.

  16. Good day @Roope once again, I must say there isn’t much words needed about the significance of cryptocurrency in the financial market today with Bitcoin at the helm of it. Just like you did with your discussion analysis referring to bitcoin to the perception of internet 30 years ago, you are absolutely right on that assertion.

    Bitcoin/cryptocurrency have come to stay in our world today and in no distant time it would be one of most acceptable means of payment because I’m quite sure it’s already rivaling other world currencies.

    1. You are right Martin. It will be exciting to see how the world changes during the coming years because of the cryptocurrencies. The more I study them, the more convinced I am that they are here to stay. The natural consequence is that more and more people start using them all the time.

      I have talked with many people who don’t believe in the potential of cryptocurrencies but ALWAYS those people didn’t even understand how they work. 😀

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