Sharpay Review: Big Bonuses And Profits for Early Investors?


Are you looking for an honest Sharpay review? Looking for answers to questions like, “What is Sharpay? Is Sharpay a good investment? Is Sharpay a good project?”

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you have come to the right place. I have researched pretty much everything I could possibly find about Sharpay and in this article, I am going to share my knowledge with you.

Sharpay ICO Review – Are 100x Gains Possible? 

Before you run into my full and detailed Sharpay review, I want to offer you an opportunity to have a look at my Sharpay video review. In the video, I also show how you can buy Sharpay tokens during their pre-sale and ICO (from 10:18->). I believe you will find the video informative and helpful.

Sharpay Review

Name: Sharpay

Launch: Pre-Sale: Dec. 11, 2017 to Feb. 11, 2018. ICO Starts March 1, 2018.

Type: Cryptocurrency Token. Social Media Sharing Button.


Short Review: Sharpay has found a good market gap and it’s going to fill it. They are going to provide social media buttons where website visitors can earn money by sharing content on social media. As a website owner, I know that there is a huge demand for this kind of product and I would be more than happy to use it myself.

I have invested money in Sharpay pre-sale and received a 50% bonus. My prediction is that people who invest during the pre-sale and the ICO will make nice profits when the Sharpay token comes to exchanges.

Sharpay Homepage
Sharpay Homepage 30.1.2018

What Is Sharpay? – It Pays You for Social Media Shares!

Sharpay will be a social media sharing button that will enable website visitors to earn money for sharing websites and posts on social media. Let’s say, for example, that you would like to share this post that you are reading at the moment.

You could click the Sharpay button and earn money by sharing this with your friends. You wouldn’t even need to get any clicks from your friends because the sharing itself would give you the rewards.

There are more than 1 billion websites in the world and at the moment only around 3% of them are using social media sharing buttons (see the picture below):

sharpay review

However, the market for social media sharing buttons is constantly growing. It’s estimated to be around $50 billion by 2019 and will keep on growing after that. That being said, the market is still very open for new players. As you can see in the picture above, AddThis is at the moment dominating the market. It’s used on 70% of the websites that use social media sharing buttons.

The market has lots of space and there is definitely a gap for new players. In addition, Sharpay will the first blockchain-powered social media button ever created.

3 Huge Benefits of Sharpay – Everybody Wins

In my opinion, the idea of Sharpay is awesome. It’s creating a product where everybody can win.

1.Benefit for Website Owners

As you know, I am running a few websites. I know from my own experience that building and growing websites takes time and effort. One of the main things that help websites to grow is when people share your content on their own websites and on social media.

Sharing gives your website more authority on Google, more visitors from search engines and also from social media. More traffic => more revenue.

I would be happy to reward my visitors for sharing my posts. Of course, I hope that you share my content anyway for people who could benefit from it but I wouldn’t mind paying you some rewards for that.

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Therefore, Sharpay button would give me (and all website owners) a great way to reward their visitors for sharing their content.

sharpay review
Sharpay has several benefits compared to its competitors.

2.Benefit for Website Visitors

As you probably know, I have reviewed more than 400 make money online opportunities on Many of those opportunities pay only very little rewards for accomplishing tasks. On some sites, you can make even $10,000/month online and more but some sites pay less than $5 per hour.

Even though some websites pay less than $5 per hour, they may still be extremely popular. For example, sites like PrizeRebel and many other similar sites have even tens of millions of users even though they are paying extremely little money to their users.

That proves a point that even a small money can motivate people to do things. There would be millions of people who would like to share content from different websites to earn rewards.

I am not a big fan of low paying websites but I would like to earn money for sharing helpful content on social media. I am already sharing many videos and articles with my friends that I think would be valuable for them. If I would earn money for sharing that content, that would be just an extra benefit.

3.Benefit for Sharpay Token Holders

When people start using Sharpay more and more, the price of a token naturally goes up. There is only a limited supply of tokens so the price will grow if the demand grows.

In the other words, your tokens will make money by investing in Sharpay tokens if Sharpay button becomes more popular.

Sharpay ICO and Pre-Sale

Sharpay is a new project and at the moment they are in the pre-sale stage. You can now buy Sharpay tokens here and you will get incredible bonuses if you invest early. This is typical to all ICOs with cryptocurrencies. The team who runs the project want to motivate people to invest in the project so they give additional bonuses for those who invest early. The picture below illustrates the Sharpay bonuses:

is sharpay a good investment
Early investors will get great bonuses of Sharpay tokens.

The Sharpay Presale will last until 11th of February 2018. A maximum number of issued tokens is 80 million. If you invest before 11th of February you will get 50% bonus on your investment (and an extra 5% if you invest more than 10 ETH).

Let’s say that you buy, for example, 100,000 Sharpay tokens (=worth 3 ETH). You will get a 50% bonus which means that you’ll receive 150,000 Sharpay tokens in total.

Then their ICO (Initial Coin Offering) starts 1st of March 2018. They offer 40%, 30% and 20% bonuses for people who invest early during their ICO. Those who participate during the end of the ICO will not get any bonuses.

I bought Sharpay tokens during their pre-sale so I received a 50% bonus. You can use your Sharpay tokens right away when they will be listed on exchanges.

Sharpay Price Prediction 2018

I have studied cryptocurrency ICOs very intensively and I have noticed a few common themes there. Probably the most exciting fact is that ICO-prices are usually very cheap compared to the prices that their prices afterward.

For example, I took a look at around 15 ICOs from December 2017 and January 2018. There was only 1 or 2 ICOs that were trading for a smaller price now than during their ICO. Most of them were trading for a much bigger price. Some of them had made even 10x profits or more for initial investors.

sharpay review
Sharpay’s industry has lots of potential for growth!

There are several reasons why ICO prices tend to be smaller than prices later on

Very few people find potential ICOs. Everybody knows about Bitcoin, Ethereum and the other big ones but how many of your friends know about Sharpay? Early investors of Bitcoin and Ethereum have made a huge money because now the masses know about them.

Of course, Sharpay is a different innovation than Bitcoin and Ethereum but there are still hundreds of similar examples that have made big profits for early investors. For example, when BitDegree hit exchanges, the ICO investors made immediately 7x profits. If you invested, for example, $10,000 on BitDegree during the ICO, you would have made $60,000 in a month or so. Not bad, huh? 😉

Therefore, my prediction is that those who invest on Sharpay during their pre-sale and ICO will make big profits.

Sharpay Team – Big Team with Lots of Experience

When researching new cryptocurrency projects, it’s always important to have a look at their teams. It will have the biggest impact on the success of the project.

Sharpay team consists of 12 members and 3 advisers. In the picture below you can have a look at the leaders:

sharpay team review
Sharpay leaders are experienced entrepreneurs with a vast knowledge. (Click the picture to have a closer look at the whole team on their homepage.)

I took a look at all of their LinkedIn profiles, searched for the additional information on Google and based on my research, they have great chances for success. They aren’t some guys who just graduated from the University and are trying their first businesses. They have a long experience of building and running various businesses. That gives a great foundation for this project as well.

In their advisers, they have, for example, Ken Huang who is a well-known blockchain expert and has a long expert of the tech industry. He has worked in leading positions in the tech companies like Huawei and CGI.

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Sharpay Reviews – 4,5 Stars Out of 5 on Average

sharpay ico review

Sharpay has received impressively positive reviews on several ICO review sites. You can see in the picture on the right-side that, for example, ICO Bench has given them 4,7 stars out of 5 which means that it’s one of the highest rated ICOs on their websites.

Also, other websites like German Krypto Vergleich and Track ICO have given it awesome ratings. You can see in the picture that Krypto Vergleich gave it 4,3 stars out of 5 and Track ICO gave them 4,4 stars out of 5.

These extremely positive reviews mean also that more and more people will be interested in this project. It brings more hype which brings more money to the pool. Early investors will have a great position with their bonus tokens.

How to Buy Sharpay Tokens?

In my YouTube-video, I show the easy and simple step-by-step process for buying Sharpay tokens on their website. The video below starts from 10:18 where I show the purchasing process.

Sharpay Support / Live Chat

You can contact Sharpay team directly on Telegram or by email. You will find the link to their Telegram support chat on their official homepage and their email address is

I have contacted Sharpay support through Telegram and through email because I wanted to ask a few questions and I got answers to all of my questions pretty quickly. That’s, of course, a good sign. In addition, they have a public Telegram group where the team gives announcements and news about their project.

sharpay review
Sharpay project has already started back in 2012 so they have built the foundation for a long time.

Conclusion – Is Sharpay a Good Investment?

I have invested in Sharpay myself and I believe it has a great potential. I can honestly recommend it to my friends and anyone who is interested in earning money. Of course, I can’t guarantee profits but I am personally pretty convinced that those invest in the ICO-stage will earn quite a good money.

In this article, I have explained several reasons why I believe that this project has a great potential. When I researched this project, I was thinking, “Wow, these guys have really found a good market gap!”

In addition, the team has all the potential to make this project succeed and thrive. I am excited to follow their progress during the following months and years.

What do you think about Sharpay?

How much will the value be in the future?

Let’s discuss in the comments below! 🙂

(Disclaimer: This article is not an investment advice. It only represents my own personal opinions of Sharpay. I hope that you take this as an informative content because you have always the responsibility for your own financial decisions.)

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. How would you stop fake user accounts and bots from sharing your content? These shares would be very low value and drain your token fund at the same time. This seems like a serious problem in their business model…

    1. I think they have created something to block such behavior. I recommend contacting their support to get an accurate answer about this. They’ve always responded to all my questions.

  2. I am not really sure if this one is as shiny as some of the others, as the whole 100x returns might be enough to stay away, but I do have to say it sounds intriguing. A lot of these newer opportunities do this for me though and after looking a bit more maybe there is more to be discovered.

    1. Yeah, I just threw 100x there 😀 Of course, that kind of profits would be spectacular but I think at least in the near future we won’t see such profits. That being said, I strongly believe in this project and I’m excited to see how it moves forward in the future.

  3. I also see the big potentials that comes with having an account with the Sharpay system. Since I have been online, this is the first time that I can hear of anything of such known as sharing button on websites and that this cryptocurrency coin is offering both website owners and ordinary persons the power to make money by sharing websites is really huge. I mean that this is the type of investment that I would really like to get invloved in and share websites of webmasters for tokens!

      1. If I’m doing this, I would be banking on your advise which is really great. Getting 40% of the investment on Sharpay is really huge and one that can make any business minded person want to invest as well.

  4. So, in order to use this program we need to buy tokens first. If we want to buy tokens what kind of payment methods are available. Do they accept paypal? If the program does not accept paypal, I don’t think I can use this program. The only payment method available to me is paypal. My cards are not accepted in the foreign markets and I do not do bitcoin payment.

    1. No, you don’t need to buy tokens if you don’t want. I think you misunderstood the concept.

      You can get paid for sharing content on the website. Or if you are a website owner, you can reward visitors for sharing your content. I heard that it’s already possible to implement on a website so I am going to learn how I can use it on my website as well.

      Then you can get paid for sharing posts from my website.

      You can buy Sharpay tokens with BTC, ETH, LTC and a few other cryptocurrencies as well.

      Let me know if you have any further questions!

  5. This is a really interesting read. I’ve been looking into cryptocurrency for some time and it fascinates me! This looks like a relatively good investment for the long term. This review is unbiased and has provided me with the details I need to look into this one further. The fact that they have a live chat option is really what does it for me, any questions can then be answered in real time instead of bouncing emails.

    I think providing a bonus for early investors works really well, especially of its going to be even half as popular as BTC became.

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