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Hello, my name is Nicholas Samuel. I am a cryptocurrency lover with several years experience in cryptocurrency trade. I started by investing in Bitcoin in 2014 from which I earned huge rewards. I went further to invest in various altcoins and the experience has been good. I have published many books on Amazon about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. I am also a cryptocurrency blogger. Feel free to ask me any question about cryptocurrencies and I will get back to you with a satisfying answer. Thank you!


Is IOStoken a Good Investment? What You MUST Know!

What is IOStoken? Is IOStoken a Good Investment? How Much Should I Invest in IOStoken?

If you have any question about IOStoken, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will discuss all facts about IOStoken. I am sure you’ll find this article helpful and valuable. Enjoy!

IOStoken Review

Name: IOStoken

Launched: 2018

Type: Cryptocurrency

Short Review: IOS stands for Internet of Services. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a sizeable digital market made of physical appliances that have been connected to digital values like apps, data or contracts in an accessible form. The IOStoken is a blockchain with a target of enhancing scalability and high transaction throughput in a bid to improve the blockchain. IOStoken is promoting the Internet of Services, which is the future of IoT.

IOStoken provided huge returns for the early investors but some people have also lost tens of thousands of dollars with this cryptocurrency. Therefore, we advise you to be careful and only invest money that you are comfortable to lose.

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IOStoken homepage is futuristic and modern.

What is IOStoken?

IOS will be capable of supporting about 100,000 transactions for every second, which might make it overtake Ethereum and Bitcoin which are the leading implementations of the blockchain technology. The goal of IOStoken is to promote the Internet of Things market to make business and economy a lot easier by promoting secure and straightforward orders, transactions, data exchange, processing and so on.

How Does IOStoken Work? / Benefits of IOStoken

The goal of IOStoken is to build a digital ecosystem based on the internet of services. The Ethereum blockchain will host the ecosystem in some decentralized platform developed for the purpose of trading digital goods and services. This way, people will be in a position to use IOStoken (IOST) for the purchase of services that they need. The purchasing will be done based on smart contracts that run on Ethereum blockchain.

By use of a particular amount of tokens that fit the price, the buyers in the community will be able to gain access to certain services within the time specified in the contract. The IOS platform will provide the users with a decentralized way of exchanging digital goods and online services, and allow developers to deploy large-scale dApps (Decentralized Applications) capable of supporting a high number of users.

The IOStoken project makes use of Efficient Distributed Sharding technology in order to improve the scalability of the network. It dynamically partitions the IOS network into subspaces via a stochastic and unbiased process. Such a business model allows for a high transaction throughput. In IOStoken, the consensus mechanism is based on Proof-of-Believability approach which does not need mining.

The believability of the network nodes of computed depending on their contributions as well as their previous behavior. When this aspect is combined with algorithmic randomness, the network participants shouldn’t have any issues whatsoever. The platform also features a transform feedback system, which will provide users with a way to rate the completed services.

Bitcoin relies on proof of work (PoW) algorithm for verification of transactions. This algorithm involves consumption of high amounts of electricity. Blockchains such as Ethereum are working on developing and implementing the proof of stake consensus algorithm that is faster and involves less consumption of electricity.

However, the proof of Believability consensus algorithm used in IOStoken takes this further in a bid to create a more intelligent blockchain. IOStoken can be seen to be an enterprise blockchain. It is geared towards supporting service-oriented goods and services that have a large customer base.

Risks of IOSToken

Despite the many advantages associated with IOStoken, it also has a number of challenges. IOStoken is a new project whose mainnet may go live in 2019. This has made it record a low liquidity outside the Chinese exchanges. However, this is expected to change once the mainnet goes live.

It is early to tell how liquid the token will be. Currently, there is no clear roadmap for the project, which makes us get worried. However, the benefits associated with the project outweigh the challenges. It has attracted investment interest from entities such as equoia, Nirvana Capital, and DFund.

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IOStoken Team

Other than the three co-founders of IOStoken, the project has 12 employees and 4 advisors. The project was co-founded by the following three members:

  • Terrance Wang
  • Jimmy Zhong
  • Ray Xiao

Most of the team members have advanced degrees from world-leading universities such as University of Wisconsin, Princeton, John Hopkins University, the University of California-Berkley, Harvard, and Cornell.

The IOStoken team comprises members who are well-educated, competent and capable of executing a technically complex project roadmap. The IOStoken project has also attracted partners, mostly from the crypto-oriented companies. So far, IOStoken has partnered with sixteen companies including the following:

  • ZhenFund
  • Sequoia
  • Matrix
  • Metropolis VC
  • INBlockchain
  • Fibig Capital
  • Nirvana Capital
  • Danhua Capital
  • DFund etc.

The IOS foundation is also looking for partnership in the area of IoT, sharing economy and smart devices. These connections will expand the IOS node ecosystem and this blockchain will keep on proliferating.

IOStoken Community

The IOStoken has established a strong community of cryptocurrency lovers. It is very active on Twitter and Telegram. However, IOStoken has a very small community on Reddit when you compare it to the other cryptocurrencies.

You can find IOStoken on the following social media platforms on which you can engage them:

  • Telegram – They have 40K+ members on Telegram
  • Medium
  • Twitter – Its Twitter page has 221K+ followers.

Is IOStoken Worth Buying?

No information had been released about IOStoken prior to its launch. The reason is that pre-sale of the token was made private and only the elite were given chance to purchase it. Despite this, investors from China, United States, and South Korea were not allowed to purchase it. The sale of the coin was made public on 16th January 2018, during which the coin was worth $0.02.

Within 8 days, the coin had shown a steady bullish trend which is an indication of the potential of the coin. The coin’s price rose to $0.096104 USD on January 25th, representing a price increase of 380% increase in one week. However, the price of the coin has gone down by a small percentage.

The question is, “Is the Coin Worth Buying?” I think Yes. Every investor is keen when investing his or her money in a business that is expected to bring profits. I think IOST is a coin that can bring you profits. After observing the current trend of the coin, it is very clear that the coin has much potential.

The coin recorded a 380% increase in price at a time when the prices of other coins were going down. In fact, IOST is the only coin that showed a bullish trend in January 2018, with the other cryptocurrencies showing a bearish trend after the hike in prices in December 2017. Considering that the coin has gained value during such a hard time, its value will increase further in 2018.

iostoken price chart

IOStoken price jumped after the ICO but since then it has been coming down more and more along the whole crypto market.

IOST Price Prediction for 2018

There is a total supply of 21 billion IOST with a market cap of $788,952,426. The Internet of Things technology is also gaining popularity on a daily basis. The price of IOST is not expected to fall in the short-term.

IOST has a value of 0.0332 USD per token at 2018-03-04. If you afford to buy IOST for 100 dollars today, you will get 3010.876 IOST. Based on my forecast, a long-term increase in the value of IOST is expected, may be up to 0.817 US Dollars by 2023-02-25.

For a 5-year investment, its revenue will be around +2358.7%. Your $100 investment may become $2458.7 in 2022.

Is this realistic prediction? Yes. Is this guaranteed? Not at all!

Anything can happen in the cryptocurrency market and I always recommend that you learn the essential skills before putting any money into cryptocurrencies.

Conclusion – Is IOStoken a Good Investment?

I think So! The idea behind IOStoken is very great. The IOStoken is geared towards enhancing the internet of services, which marks the future of IoT. The IOStoken will benefit from the increasing popularity of IoT, and the value of its coin will increase. Although the price of IOST may decrease soon after the recent hike, it will gain momentum and go up again.

IOStoken has also introduced a new consensus algorithm, that is, proof of believability. Most cryptocurrencies rely on the proof of work consensus algorithm in which the network participants must go through mining, during which a lot of electricity is consumed. A high computing power is also needed for mining.

With the proof of believability, no mining is needed and the consumption of electricity will be reduced greatly. This is what cryptocurrency lovers have been waiting for, hence IOStoken is attracting a greater interest from all corners of the world. Don’t forget the great team behind the IOStoken project.

As always, we want to wrap up the article by reminding that investing in cryptocurrencies always involves risks. You can make big money but you can also lose lots of money. If you want to learn a PROVEN way to learn money online, we advise you to check out this step-by-step training. You can also get started by clicking the picture below.


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What Do You Think About the Future of IOStoken?

Will its Price Go Up or Down?

Will you Invest in IOStoken?

I Will Be Happy To Hear Your Genuine Opinion About This Cryptocurrency!

Let’s discuss in the comments below! 🙂

(Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only.  It is not intended to be investment advice.)


Is Zclassic a Good Investment? This is My Opinion!

What is Zclassic? Is Zclassic a Good Investment? What is the Best Time to Invest in Zclassic?

For above and any other question about Zclassic, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will help you understand Zclassic in depth so that you may know whether it is a good investment or not. Let’s start!

Zclassic Review

Name: Zclassic

Launched: 2016

Type: Cryptocurrency

Short Review: Zclassic is a cryptocurrency forked from Zcash to provide a higher degree of privacy. Zcash charges a 20% on all miner rewards, which is directly sent to Zcash developer fund. This has left cryptocurrency enthusiasts with a lot of questions about Zcash. Zclassic has removed this fee and miners earn their full reward for their contribution.

The value of Zclassic has recently crashed and investing it has proved to be extremely risky. If you prefer more secure and proven ways to make money online, I advise you to follow this step-by-step training.

Message from the Zclassic homepage.

What is Zclassic?

Zclassic is a cryptocurrency that has removed the unfair mining reward cut and it is not intended for creating an artificial scarcity like Zcash. Zcash was designed and developed to solve some of the privacy issues associated with Bitcoin, but there are a number of issues associated with this cryptocurrency. Another famous privacy coin is called Monero.

One of these issues is that Zcash founders take 20% of the miners’ rewards, meaning that they have a direct control over 10% of the entire monetary supply. Also, Zcash has a slow system built into it, which makes it difficult and slow to mine the first 20,000 blocks. This has also led to a potentially inflated market price. Zclassic has removed all of these features.

How Does Zclassic Work? / Benefits of Zclassic

Zclassic is a fork of Zcash, the privacy coin but with no “founder’s tax”. The founder tax was implemented as a way for the Zcash creators to make money from the Zcash transaction fees- not interesting! Zclassic is an open source cryptocurrency coin. After the introduction of Zcash, it was a bit hard for long-term investors to enter Zcash market at any time.

This led to hyperinflation and the prices were artificially raised to ridiculous heights. In the first trading day, there was a limit of about 11 Zcash coins for all miners, exchanges, and investors. This led to a disaster as some individuals had to pay over 300 BTC for a single Zcash coin. Today, a single Zcash coin trades at 0.075 BTC.

Zclassic has removed this uncertainty of hyperinflation by beginning at full 12.5 block rewards. In Zcalssic, there is also no need of creating artifificial scarcity as is the case with Zcash. This has led to the shaping of an appropriate economic model to create a realistic market. Investors have also gained confidence to participate in the market.

Zclassic employs a number of principles in a bid to provide anonymity and privacy to its users. The user has to take his secret key then destroy it to ensure the system is secure. Just like Bitcoin, Zclassic transactions are recorded then published on the blockchain. However, no information about the sender, receive or the amount is visible at any time.

This makes Zclassic one of the most secure cryptocurrencies in the world. This is achieved by use of the Snark cryptographic technique which other cryptocurrency developers have expressed a lot of interest in. Most people today are in need of financial privacy and anonymity. Since Zclassic provides its users with these, it is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies.

It is expected that a total of 21 million ZCL will be brought into circulation in the next few years, which clearly shows that the Zclassic development team is following a similar issuance model as Bitcoin. So far, about 3.246 million ZCL coins have been mines, meaning that both the Zclassic development team and the miners have a lot of work to do. The coin is doing very well in the market, but its value is still lower than that of Zcash itself.

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Risks of Zclassic

The introduction of Zclassic provided the community with an equal chance of investing in the project. Zclassic provides a decentralized coin with no company or top-investors behind it. The coin has no slow start providing an equal opportunity to all investors. However, despite the benefits associated with the project, it faces a number of risks just like any other project.

There is news that Zclassic will be rebranding itself to Bitcoin private (BTCP). However, a lot is expected to be done other than simply changing the name. The underlying Zclassic protocol will have to be changed, meaning that Zclassic will go through a hard fork. However, the Zclassic tea had not foreseen the problems associated with this.

One of these problems is about the cryptopia exchange since they are suffering from withdrawal issues of Zclassic. Cryptopia is normally viewed as the last resort exchange in which coin developers can have their coins listed. This is why the Zclassic community wanted the issue sorted out.

Based on some sources: Currently, there is no development team working on Zclassic since the old team is focusing on BTCP. No team or developer has come forward to state that they are planning to keep Zclassic up to date.

Before BTCP was announced, the price of the ZCL coin was $2 or even less. It is believed that the price went up simply because people wanted to get BTCP and they had to buy ZCL in order to get the BTCP. This means that there are high that individuals who invested in ZCL only wanted the BTCP rather than ZCL. There is a risk in that the price of ZCL may only rise if the individuals announce another fork such as BTCP.

Zclassic Team

Zclassic has a team of active participants coding the source code behind Zclassic. However, the team has no marketing or sales staff which could have played a great role in spearheading the growth of the coin. Zclassic does not publish social profiles or bios of their team members, and this makes it harder to know the individuals behind the project.

Zclassic does not also update their blog on a regular basis, which has made it hard to tell their progress on the project.

Zclassic Community

You can find Zclassic on the following social media platforms.

  • GitHub +10K commits have been done on their repository
  • Twitter +13K followers
  • Telegram 7k members
  • Reddit
  • Discordapp
zclassic community on Telegram

The discussion on Zclassic’s Telegram group is very active.

Is ZCL Worth Buying?

In 2017, Zclassic attracted an average price of $1.7. By the end of 2017, when Bitcoin had surged up to $20,000, ZCL had reached as high as $93. By 7th January 2018, ZCL had reached $248 with a market cap of over $400 million. Thereafter, the price fluctuated to touch a low of $61 on February 6th when the rest of coins had plunged in price.

The coin has since then regained its strength. Currently, the coin is trading at about $173 with a market cap of about $375 million when we started writing this article.

However, when we finished this article, the price of Zclassic had dropped to less than $10. In the other words, the price of Zclassic completely crashed! Take a look at the chart below:

Zclassic price chart

The price of Zclassic was less than $10 for a long time. Then it suddenly jumped to more than $200 in a short period of time. Then it came back again to less than $10. Was there a pump & dump?

ZCL Price Prediction for 2018

It is a bit hard to predict whether Zclassic is headed to the moon or whether it is about to crash even more. It has recently gone all the way from +$200 to less than $10 so we can safely say that Zclassic has a huge volatility and something strange is happening with this cryptocurrency.

Conclusion – Is Zclassic a Good Investment?

I don’t think so! Given the market volatility of this coin, it is not safe to invest in it. I will urge you not to buy or trade Zclassic as an investment but purely speculation. However, it is possible for you to profit from an increase in the price of ZCL, and shorting the coin may make you profit from a market crash.

However, there is so much uncertainty in the market, and you can only make an educated guess about the direction of the price or the market mood. If you are not aware of the fundamentals, then you will almost be gambling.

We advise you to learn more about making money with cryptocurrencies here so you will avoid big losses.

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4 step process for making money online

What are your thoughts on ZClassic?

Have you Invested in ZClassic?

Let’s discuss in the comments below!

(Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only.  It is not intended to be investment advice.)


Is Reddcoin a Good Investment? Read The Tips!

What is Reddcoin? Is it a Good Investment? What is the Best Time to Invest in Reddcoin?

If you have any question about Reddcoin, this is the best platform for you to get an accurate answer. In this article, I will give you insights on what you should consider before investing in Reddcoin. Enjoy!

Redccoin Review

Name: Reddcoin

Launch: 2014

Type: Cryptocurrency

Short Review: Reddcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency developed solely to be used on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. It was geared towards making sending and receiving money on social media platforms fast, easy and efficient. Suppose you are on Facebook and you enjoy reading a post, you can send some Reddcoin to the lucky user at no fee! This will encourage users to create good quality content on social media.

Like always, we remind you that investing in Reddcoin or any other cryptocurrency involves risks. If you want to learn a more secure and a proven way to make money, we advise you to follow this step-by-step training. Actually, it has helped me (Roope) also to make more money with cryptocurrencies so I can honestly recommend it.

What Is Reddcoin?

Reddcoin was created from the need to create a cryptocurrency to be used on social networks. The technical details underlying Reddcoin are not complex as it relies on scrypt hashing algorithm which is still used in Litecoin. Reddocin also had a block time of 60 seconds which is similar to the other cryptocurrencies.

Reddcoin also has a high cap coin, with the total finally being 27.5 billion RDD. However, Reddcoin has released a new and updated algorithm known as POSV, that is totally unique and it is progressing well towards bringing in new features.

How Does Reddcoin Work? / Benefits of Reddcoin

Reddcoin is a social currency that enriches people’s lives and makes it easy for people to use digital currency. It has achieved this by integrating a platform for digital currency with nearly all the major social media platforms in order to make the process of sending and receiving money easy, fun and rewarding to every participant.

Reddocin has the Proof of Stake Velocity (POSV) algorithm that encourages both activity (velocity) and ownership (Stake). The POSV algorithm helps in solving the problems users experience when using the PoW (Proof of Work) and POS (Proof of Stake) algorithms. It also eliminates the wasting of electricity in mining process.

The Reddcoin decentralized Tip platform provides the users with a way of sending and receiving digital currency on social networks to anyone despite their location in the world and support creators of content via micro-donations. Reddcoin Redd-ID refers to a unique service provided by the blockchain for a user to associate a username with some rich information such as public keys and social network identities.

is reddcoin a good investment

Reddcoin homepage is very colorful and attractive.

Reddcoin broadcast gives businesses crowd-sourced and powerful marketing tools and reliable Reddcoin income to people based on how influential they are on social media. Reddcoin ReddWallet is a modern wallet providing a number of social features as a way of increasing the engagement amongst users. These features are also good for improving the security of the decentralized network.

In Reddcoin, you earn rewards from staking rather than from mining. At stake, you are expected to keep the wallet unlocked and have some RDD in the wallet. The wallet participates in validation of the network transactions, and this is how you earn rewards. The more the amount of RDD you have in your wallet, the more often that you stake. The integration of cryptocurrency with social media is expected to drive the awareness of cryptocurrencies across the world.

Risks of Reddcoin

Most cryptocurrency lovers have been shocked by the low price of Reddcoin. Some individuals have taken advantage of this to buy and hold the amount of Reddcoin that they need. People have raised complaints about this low price of Reddcoin on the subreddit and the community. The popularity of Reddcoin has been rising without an increase in the market cap.

Semi-day traders or a few day traders have spotted traders with a huge amount of funds on Cryptsy and this is manipulation the price of Reddcoin. This has been caused by the low price of Reddcoin. By the use of a well-planned strategy, a smart trader may gain the control of a large portion of the Reddcoin market. This is risky to the other Reddcoin owners.

Most new members of the Reddcoin community are not investing their funds in Reddcoin. They just found themselves in the Reddcoin community after they were tipped, and their interest is only to tip or be tipped. These users will add value to Reddcoin, but not immediately. Their role is to only make the market attractive to those who need to invest in Reddcoin.

However, they don’t have an impact on the price of Reddcoin today, and they may lower the price of Reddcoin in case they sell the Reddcoin they were tipped.

Reddcoin has attracted some followers on social media platforms like Twitter etc. I think these are just random users who need to see Reddcoin grow. The number of subscribers on subreddit is always lower than that of other currencies. The rate at which the number of users increase is linear. This is uncommon as most cryptocurrencies have seen a spurt in terms of community growth.

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Reddcoin Team

The Reddcoin team is made up of many members of the community that are working together towards developing the coin. The current team consists of members from more than 6 time zones Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America.

Below is a list of Reddcoin team members:

  • John Nash (Gnasher)- Lead Developer
  • Henry- Developer
  • Stuart (reddibrek)- Communications & Reddheads Chief Editor
  • Eric- Community Manager
  • Leonard Simonse- Core Developer
  • Samuel Goslin- Tipbot Guru and Physicist
  • Ryan Coldtz- Art Director and Designer
  • Jay Laurence- Advisor
  • Daniel Platten- Social Media Coordinator
  • Jason Brink- Marketer
  • Thomas Van Engelen- Marketer

Reddcoin Community

Reddcoin is active on a number of social media platforms. You can visit their pages and contact them if you have any query. You can also participate and contribute to their forums. Reddcoin is available on the following social media platforms:

  • Twitter- Their page has 95K+ followers
  • Facebook- Their Facebook page has over 27K followers
  • Pinterest- Currently, their Pinterest page has not gained popularity as it has only 60 followers. In general, Pinterest isn’t usually the most common channel for marketing cryptocurrency projects.
  • Google+
  • YouTube ~1k subscribers.
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit – They are active on Reddit with discussions sprouting nearly every day.

As you can see, Reddcoin is active on a number of social media platforms. This shows that the team is serious about the project. To show how committed they are in the project, they have a social media manager responsible for growing the social media community.

Is Reddcoin Worth Buying?

Personally, I have been observing Reddcoin for a long time and I have noticed that its price does not fluctuate much. It seems a bit hard to predict how Reddcoin will do in the market. However, the idea and technology behind Reddcoin is very great. However, for the value of Reddcoin to rise, we have to see a wide adoption of the cryptocurrency.

I think this will happen. Some social media platforms have tried to develop a cryptocurrency for tipping but they have failed. A good example is Facebook. However, Reddcoin has a number of features that may make it survive the market. It is not targeted to only one social media platform, but to a number of social media platforms.

Reddcoin price chart

Reddcoin price was stable for a long time since 2014 but it jumped to the moon in 2017 and at the beginning of 2018.

Also, Reddcoin uses the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm. With this algorithm, no mining is needed, hence the consumption of electricity is low, and no power computing power is needed. This can lead to a widespread adoption of this coin.

More so, everyone is on a social media platform. Most individuals are not active on only one social media platform, but on a number of them. I think will orchestrate a widespread adoption of this coin.

From my own analysis, I think Reddcoin is the coin to watch and it is Worth Buying!

Reddcoin Price Prediction for 2018

The price of Reddcoin exploded recently. It rose from 0.002$ to above 0.20$ in one week, showing an  800% gain. The coin now trade at about 0.010$ after correction of the price. It is very easy for the price of this coin to explode again, recording a huge gain in value. However, this price will go down again after the explosion.

In long-term, I think the price of Reddcoin will increase to reach 0.25$ or even higher, but it will maintain that level for a long time. After that, the price will be fluctuating within a small range.

Where to Buy Reddcoin? 

There are several options where you can buy Reddcoin. You can find a full list of exchanges on CoinMarketCap but our recommended exchanges for buying Reddcoin are Bittrex and Cryptopia.

Reddcoin isn’t yet available in the biggest exchanges like Binance or Coinbase.

Conclusion – Is Reddcoin a Good Investment?

Personally, I think Reddcoin is a good investment. The value of the coin is expected to rise. After this, the price will fluctuate within a small rage. If you place a trade, it will be possible for you to earn profits on a regular basis. It is hard to get a cryptocurrency from which you can earn profits regularly, making Reddcoin a good investment.

It is expected that there will be a widespread adoption of Reddcoin. This would increase the price of Reddcoin further.

But as always, we advise you to learn the skills before investing lots of money into cryptocurrencies. Many people have lost tons of money because they didn’t educate themselves before investing. Basically, they are just throwing money away to more skillful investors.

Even though you would have learned the skills, any investing includes risks. You can lose money by investing in cryptocurrencies, the stock market, real estate or anywhere. If you are looking for guaranteed ways to earn money online, we recommend taking a look at the step-by-step training below.


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What Are Your Thoughts About Reddcoin?

Do You Think It’s a Good Investment?

What Can You Say About Its Future Price?

Let’s discuss in the comments below!

(Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only.  It is not intended to be investment advice.)


Is OmiseGo a Good Investment? This Is My Opinion!

What is OmiseGo? How Does It Work? Is OmiseGo a Good Investment?

If you have any question about OmiseGo, you have come to the right platform. In this article, I will be discussing OmiseGo in details. I will also give my insights about its future. You will know whether it is wise to invest in OmiseGo or not. Enjoy!

 OmiseGO Coin Review – Video Version by Roope

OmiseGo Review

Name: OmiseGo

Launched: 2017

Type: Cryptocurrency

Short Review: OmiseGo is a payment platform built on Ethereum platform with the vision of becoming the number one peer-to-peer platform for an exchange of cryptocurrencies. It is more than an altcoin as it is designed to be a financial platform to disrupt the current financial institutions and methodologies. The goal of OmiseGo is to provide cryptocurrency users with an alternative to online exchanges.

Even though the market cap of OmiseGo is already measured in billions, there are always risks when investing in cryptocurrencies. You need to learn to manage risks to make more money in the long run. Another option is to build multiple income streams online so you are not only relying on cryptocurrencies.

What is OmiseGo?

OmiseGo is a company based in southeast-Asia working to come up with an e-wallet (electronic wallet) that will allow its users to transfer both cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The company is using Ethereum-based financial technology to develop a peer-to-peer value exchange platform that will enable the mainstream use of digital assets across organizations and past border jurisdictions.

With OmiseGo, you will be able to exchange between Bitcoin, or fiat currency, or your airline voucher or shopping and use them for making day to day purchases like groceries and other daily appliances. This will be of great importance to individuals who make cross-border payments paying huge fees and having to use uncoordinated payment systems.

How Does OmiseGo Work? / Benefits of OmiseGo

The current exchanges have a problem in that for one to buy a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, they must begin with a fiat currency such as US dollar. The current exchanges also provide users with very few features, especially when one needs to convert from one cryptocurrency to another. OmiseGo is geared towards changing this.

OmiseGo will change the way cryptocurrencies are bought and sold on exchanges. It connects the currently existing cryptocurrency wallets to the central OmiseGo blockchain, over which the users will be in a position to exchange cryptocurrencies much easily and quickly. The exchanges of today provide centralized operations.

The databases in which all transactions are done on the exchange are kept on a server owned by the exchange. This also includes data about the users which include an identification such as driving license or passport. OmiseGo offers the same features but it has decentralized operations and kept them on the blockchain. OmiseGo coins are abbreviated as OMG.

is omisego a good investment

Some Benefits of OmiseGo according to their website.

With this kind of storage, data is made secure since there is no single point that a hacker can access and tamper with such as the available funds for an individual. For a hacker to succeed, he must convince each and every user on the blockchain, making it hard for any hacking activity on the network to succeed. Most exchanges nowadays permit users to change from cryptocurrency to fiat currency and vice versa.

However, for such an exchange to be done, a number of restrictions are involved which makes the users spend a lot of money. For one to convert from Bitcoin to Ether, they must first find an exchange that trades both Bitcoin and Ether. Next, he or she should send the bitcoins from their wallet to the exchange. The bitcoins should then be converted to a fiat currency such as USD, then the USD is converted into ETH.

This way, the user will pay a huge amount of fees. A fee is encountered when selling bitcoins and when buying ETH. OmiseGo is currency agnostic hence it circumvents this. It does not matter whether you need to convert ETH to USD, or ETH to BTC. Both the process and the fee remains the same whereby the conversion in only one direction at a tiny fee.

Risks of OmiseGo

OmiseGo is working to provide those in Asia, mostly Southeast Asia with a more efficient digital payments offering and a greater financial inclusion. 73% of Asian population does not have access to traditional banking. However, Ethereum will provide a mobile wallet to its users. Banks are few and located far apart, but nearly everybody a phone.

There are various services that users can use to load money to their e-wallet. The only problem with this is that for the user to be able to spend the money in their e-wallet, the merchant should be able of supporting the e-wallet. This may not be ideal for businesses or consumers.

Transacting across different payment service providers may be cumbersome, example, sending money from WeChat to Alipay. A number of entities are ready and willing to provide the e-wallet services, and this requires coordination between a number of participants. This may bring in some bureaucracy.

OmiseGo will require its users to have an e-wallet, that is, an electronic wallet. This is not as secure as a hardware wallet. There are a number of threats that face e-wallets especially hackers. For security purposes, users will only have to keep a few coins in their e-wallets.

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OmiseGo is facing similar challenges that other digital wallet providers provide. Most people in the world still prefer cash more than cryptocurrencies. It is much easy to acquire and use cash, making it hard and an inconvenience to introduce a new practice.

However, with time, cryptocurrencies are expected to become more prevalent and OmiseGo would be able to unleash its full potential.

OmiseGo Team

The OmiseGo team is led by Jun Hasegawa as the director. He formerly worked with Donnie Harinsut as the chief operating officer. Joseph Poon is the main creator of OmiseGo.

The consulting team of OmiseGo includes Vitalik Buterin, who is the founder of Ethereum. In fact, he has stated that OmiseGo is a project with much potential, which makes many people love the idea behind it. The following are the members of the OmiseGo team:

  • Jun Hasegawa- Founder and CEO of Omise Company since May 2013. He also leads a team of international business personnel and engineers across Asia.
  • Donnie Harinsut- COO/Co-Founder of Omise Company since June 2013.
  • Wendell Davis- OmiseGo Product Designer.
  • Thomas Greco- Special Advisor. He was an advisor to Ethereum Foundation.
  • Vansa Chatikavanij- the Managing Director.

The OmiseGo Team also features advisors with a good background in the cryptocurrency industry. However, the following are the 3 most notable OmiseGo advisers:

  • Vitalik Buterin- Founder of Ethereum
  • Joseph Poon- Coauthor of Plasma Network and Coauthor of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network
  • Roger Ver- CEO of and a BTC early adopter

When you read the list of their advisors, you see that there are really huge names. Vitalik Buterin and Roger Ver are without a doubt among the most influential persons in the whole cryptocurrency world. Their backing for OmiseGo brings of course lots of more trust to this project.

OmiseGo Community

OmiseGo has tried to maintain their presence on a number of social media platforms. They are active on the following social media platforms:

  • Twitter- 247K+ followers.
  • Facebook- 9.5K+ followers.
  • Reddit- 2,4K+ users.
  • Telegram- 12K+ members.

If you want to engage them or contribute to some of the discussions about OmiseGo, feel free to join their blog or you can also chat directly with them. In the other words, there are numerous ways to connect with OmiseGo founders and community.

Is OmiseGo Worth Buying?

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency to invest in, I think OmiseGo is a good choice for you. The OmiseGo network will generate a huge number of transactions per unit time. All of these transactions will generate some fees which will distribute to all OMG holders.

The more OMG coins that you hold, the more of these that you will get. This is a good way of getting a passive income. OmiseGo has also partnered with a lot of banks. The OmiseGo SDK (software development kit) can also be used by any company for generation of a financial application.

These applications will generate a lot of costs when running on the OmiseGo network. However, before buying the coin, note that cryptocurrencies are very volatile in terms of price, hence it is possible for you to lose. Currently, OMG is worth about 20 USD with a market cap of $ 2.9 billion. This is expected to change positively.

How to Invest in OmiseGO?

You can buy OmiseGO easily on Binance. Read my tutorials here or watch my video below:

OMG Price Prediction

When OmiseGo was first launched in 2017, it was worth $0.52. Now in 2018, its price has been even over $20 USD. This is a huge increase in price. By the end of 2018, the price of OMG may reach even $100. This means if you invest $1,000 in OMG today and this prediction becomes true, your investment will become $10,000 within that short duration.

But you

omisego price chart

OmiseGo price chart from July 2017 until March 2018. The green line represents the price/market cap while the orange line represents OMG price compared to Bitcoin.

Conclusion – Is OmiseGo a Good Investment?

I think so! OmiseGo has shown a great increase in price in less than a year, and this is expected to increase. The idea behind OmiseGo as well as the technology underlying it are great. It has also received support from serious and experienced individuals in the cryptocurrency industry like Vitalik Buterin.

OmiseGo is certainly one of the interesting cryptocurrency projects to follow. But before investing, I highly recommend that you do your own research (go to their website, whitepaper, community chats, ask questions from the team, etc.). This will make you more money with cryptocurrency investing over the time course.

We also recommend that you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. The price of OmiseGo has dropped from $24 to $12 within a short period of time so anything can happen. If you invested $10,000 while the price was up, you would have now only $5,000. That’s why we prefer long-term investing strategy because short-term investing is riskier.

If you want to learn to make more money online, I recommend taking this step-by-step training (you can also get started by clicking the picture below). It has helped me (Roope) to make more money with and even without cryptocurrencies. I would be happy to help you as well.

4 step process for making money online

What Do You Think About OmiseGo?

Do You Think The Price of OMG will Increase Further?

Will You Invest In OmiseGo?

Let’s discuss in the comments below! 🙂

(Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only.  It is not intended to be investment advice.)


Is Ethereum Classic a Good Investment? Know the Facts!

What is Ethereum Classic? How Does It Work? Is Ethereum Classic a Good Investment?

If you have any question about Ethereum Classic, you have come to the right place! In this article, I will be discussing Ethereum Classic in detail. I will explore the potential of Ethereum Classic as well as the risks it faces.

Ethereum Classic Review

Name: Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Launched: 2017

Type: Cryptocurrency

Short Review: Ethereum Classic is a decentralized platform that allows users to run smart contracts. Smart contracts are applications that run as programmed by users without the possibility of a fraud, downtime, censorship or third-party interference. The platform is fueled by a token known as classic ether which can be transferred between participants and stored in a cryptocurrency wallet.

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Ethereum Classic roadmap

Ethereum Classic project has started already a few years ago.

What is Ethereum Classic?

Ethereum Classic is not a new cryptocurrency but simply a split from an existing cryptocurrency, Ethereum. Ethereum Classic was split from Ethereum after the occurrence of a hard-fork. The Ethereum Classic still provides its users with Ethereum features, including creation and deployment of smart contracts and decentralized applications, and it has similar specifications like average block time, size, and reward.

Ethereum Classic vs Ethereum – Why Did the Split Happen?

The Ethereum platform works based on the concept of smart contracts, which are automated contracts enforcing and facilitating the terms of the contract itself. The DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) was a complex smart contract that was geared towards revolutionizing the Ethereum platform forever.

It was a decentralized venture capital fund that was to fund all the future DAPPS (Decentralized Applications) made in the ecosystem. For you to have a say on the direction that DAPPS would get funded, you had to buy DAO token for a particular amount of ether. Possession of DAO token was an indication that you officially belong to the DAO system. 28 days after the formation of DAO, it accumulated ether worth over $150 in a crowdsale.

There was a condition in the contract, once you split off from the DAO, you had to hold your ether for 28 days before being allowed to spend them. However, most people saw this as a loophole that could be exploited by hackers.

The DAO team failed to take action to close this loophole which was later exploited by hackers that led to the loss of about $50 million dollars on 17th June 2016. This attack orchestrated the split of Ethereum into 1.Ethereum and 2.Ethereum Classic.

The Ethereum supporters argued that the Ethereum code should be modified and the stolen coins refunded, while the Ethereum Classic supporters argued that “code is law” and whatever happened has happened. The Ethereum Classic (ETC) maintained the original Ethereum code while the Ethereum (ETH) forked the code so as to create a new Ethereum.

This led to the presence of two competing cryptocurrencies but with different exchange rates. Today, the price of ETH is a bit higher and has been made much available to the cryptocurrency community, making it more accessible.

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How Does Ethereum Classic Work? / Benefits of Ethereum Classic

The Ethereum Classic stays true to the immutability philosophy of blockchain. You can write smart contracts on the platform on your own and no one will be able to change them. The code for the smart contract can be made available across the Ethereum Classic blockchain network.

Ethereum Classic provides its users with a “Turing Complete” virtual machine distributed on the blockchain network, and it comes with an in-built programming language capability. The developers are provided with a platform on which they can write code or develop applications that can solve any computational problem through mining process.

Ethereum Classic on Gifthub

You can read tons of more information about Ethereum Classic on Gifthub.

There is a need to promote the efficient allocation of the available resources to the nodes and ensure that the network is safe from spammers. Ethereum classic achieves this by use of an internal pricing mechanism known as Gas. The Gas system is responsible for rewarding all the mining activities done by miners on the network.

Ethereum Classic acts like a supercomputer on the blockchain, enabling the distribution of processing power required for running smart contracts and applications on the network. The developers and other participants on the network are paid for the effort in developing and launching of the smart contracts as well as other computational activities.

The miners on the Ethereum Classic network are paid in classic ether token (ETC). The ETC can be traded on the major cryptocurrency exchanges. The ETC can be stored on cryptocurrency wallets, and it can be transferred from one holder to another, and it is used for paying members for the computation work they offer on the platform.

Risks of Ethereum Classic

The major problem facing Ethereum Classic is that it faces a direct competition from Ethereum. The ETC lacks backward compatibility with ETH. All Ethereum community heavyweights have moved to the new chain, that is, Ethereum, meaning that anybody who is part of ETC will not be in a position to access any updates done by ETH.

ETH is moving from POW (Proof of Work) algorithm to POS (Proof of Stake) algorithm. ETC will not enjoy this benefit since its software doesn’t allow any updates. According to most cryptocurrency lovers, ETC is seen as an attack on Ethereum itself. This is because, after the split of Ethereum into ETH and ETC, those against ETH supported ETC in an effort to disrupt the Ethereum community.

Ethereum Classic Team 

After the DAO attack, some people stepped up to support Ethereum Classic but none of them has become famous. With time, the ETC Development team has grown to feature a team of engineers and professionals in software development who are committed full-time to the success of this project. The ETC team is led by the following members:

  • Constantine Kryvomaz- Rust Developer
  • Igor Artamonov- Founder and CTO.
  • Richard Schumann- Graphic Designer.
  • Shane Jonas- JavaScript Developer.
  • Isaac Ardis- Go Developer.
  • Wei Tang- Rust Developer
  • Yury- Yury Developer
  • Tomasz Zdybał- Go Developer.

The ETC team also comprises a handful of advisors who include the following:

  • Matthew Mazur
  • Avtar Sehra
  • Cody Burns
  • Yates Randall
  • Elaine Ou
  • Roy Zou

The ETC team is expected to grow further. It already has a breadth it will help them to move forward.

Ethereum Classic Community

Ethereum classic is an open source platform and it is active on a number of social media platforms on which you can participate and contribute. Ethereum Classic discussions are done on Slack, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. Here is some information on social media platforms that they are using:

  • Slack
  • Reddit +7,7k users
  • Github
  • Facebook +6k followers
  • Twitter +189k followers
  • Telegram +7k followers

Is Ethereum Classic (ETC) Worth Buying?

There are two major holders of ETC who would push the price of the token down in case they release their tokens into the market. The Ethereum Foundation is still holding 10 percent of the ETC they received after the hard fork happened on the Ethereum blockchain. The DAO hacker is also holding about 3.36 million Ethereum classic, and this amounts to about 3.65 percent of the total ETC in circulation.

If any of the above parties sell their tokens, the price of ETC will be pushed down further. Also, the ETC blockchain is not used for development of serious applications. It is also not used for creating smart contract solutions that can be used in commercial industries.

However, should ETC developers choose to develop industry-relevant smart contracts and applications, then ETC will become a good investment option. If this happens, I will also invest in it. However, I think it is a very promising cryptocurrency that may take ETH in the future.

ethereum classic price chart

Ethereum Classic price chart from July 2016 until March 2018.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Prediction

The Ethereum Classic Was started in July 2017 with a low price of $2.2 USD.  Since then, the price has to show a positive growth. Currently, the price of ETC fluctuates while marinating a limited range of between $28 USD and $35 USD. This has made it grab the attention of investors.

In October 2017, the ETC blockchain experienced a problem, which contributed to a drop in its price. However, after solving this problem, ETC is giving a tough competition to Lisk and ICON.

Some people expect that the price of ETC might go up to reach 100 USD by the end of 2018. However, the value of ETC will be determined by its relative price compared to that of other cryptocurrencies such as ETH.

Conclusion – Is Ethereum Classic (ETC) a Good Investment?

Personally, I think NO! I chose to invest in ETH rather than in ETC. I think for ETC to become a good investment opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, its development team must spearhead the development of industry-relevant smart contracts and applications.

Note by Roope:

I agree with Nicholas. I have also invested in ETH rather than Ethereum Classic. I believe that the price of Ethereum will keep on moving up in the future. So many new cryptocurrency tokens are built on the Ethereum platform that it has already a huge value and it just keeps on growing.

That being said, this is not a financial advice and you need to know that you can win or lose money with cryptocurrency investments.

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What Do You Think about ETC?

Is It a Good Investment?

Will you Invest in ETC?

Let’s discuss in the comments below!

(Disclaimer: This article is not a financial advice. It only represents my personal opinions and thoughts on Ethereum Classic.)


Is Lisk a Good Investment? Is It Too Already Late!?

Lisk is one of the blockchain projects I believe will provide an excellent investment vehicle for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It was first released on May 24, 2016 and made available for trading on the major exchanges. Lisk immediately became the second most traded cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

Do you want to venture into Lisk investment? In this article, I will answer some of the following questions, “What is Lisk and How Does It Work? Is Lisk worth Buying? Is Lisk a Good Investment? If you have any other question about Lisk, feel free to post it in the comments section below and we will get back to you with an accurate answer.

Is Lisk Worth Investing? – Video Review

Check out Roope’s video review of Lisk below:

Lisk Review

Name: Lisk

Launched: 2016

Type: Cryptocurrency

Short Review: Lisk is expected to be the first modular cryptocurrency. I have personally invested in Lisk and I have earned good profits. Blockchain developers have always found it hard to speed up development of decentralized applications and understand codebases underlying the applications. Lisk has turned this around. Some people say that it is now easier for you to build a decentralized application (Dapp) than ever before.

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is lisk a good investment

What Is Lisk? – A Sidechain Development Platform

Ethereum is written in Solidity while Bitcoin in C++. This has left developers confused about the kind of language to focus on. Lisk developers, Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows went through these challenges and decided to make the blockchain more accessible. The web itself and popular apps such as Uber run on JavaScript. Lisk was developed in JavaScript, opening the platform to the many experienced JavaScript programmers across the world.

Lisk provides its users with a platform for development and distribution of JavaScript based blockchain applications. The users are provided with an easy to use interface and a fully featured ecosystem.

With Lisk, developers are able to build, distribute, publish and monetize their apps on a system powered by cryptocurrency and allowing for use of customized smart contracts, blockchains and loud storage.

How Does Lisk Work? / Benefits of Lisk

For any cryptocurrency to survive in the competitive market, it must introduce something new, and Lisk, a cryptocurrency developed in JavaScript is not different. JavaScript can be found everywhere on the web and it is accessible to many developers. It is the most popular coding language worldwide that was written in just 10 days.

By using JavaScript, the Lisk team has made the blockchain accessible. More use translates to more developers, and more developers translates to more value.

Lisk Roadmap

Lisk project has already started at the beginning of 2016.

Ethereum uses Solidity and developers are required to learn a new coding language whose focus is on smart contracts. In Lisk, there are sidechains, a complete SDK (Software Development Kit) and an independent blockchain system in one system and these are all used by developers for development of polished Dapps. The sidechains are connected to the mainchain without affecting its performance in any way.

Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin face the problem of scalability. Since Lisk has a sidechain for each application developed on it, it provides scalability with less bloat. Since the applications are developed on the sidechains, in case something goes wrong in the blockchain of another application, the Lisk blockchain won’t be affected hence a hardfork will not occur. Sidechains also bring in improved security and a faster development of applications.

Lisk is also an open source platform. Currently, the project has 29 contributors in active participation, and actual developers have ranked it as the one of the best and most promising cryptocurrencies of the world. Imagine creating a decentralized application from scratch with JavaScript, a simple and easy-to-learn coding language that you are familiar with.

In Lisk, you can customize the sidechains and even implement a different security algorithm, something other cryptocurrencies do not provide. This provides you with a way of implementing an additional security layer to your application in addition to what is provided by the Lisk mainchain.

Risks of Lisk

Lisk has partnered with Microsoft Azure, meaning that developers from all over the world will be able to develop, deploy and test Lisk applications via the Microsoft’s Azure platform. However, it is feared that more blockchains offering similar functionalities are to be developed and the price of Lisk will drop slightly.

Ethereum provides its developers with a feature known as smart contracts unlike Lisk, and this is gaining demand in the finance industry. This is why Ethereum is offering a direct competition to Lisk, inhibiting its adoption to a degree. For you to venture into Lisk investment, you should have a background in programming, which is preventing investors from investing into this cryptocurrency.

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Lisk performance in developer participation is good, but it has a poor liquidity, with a low trading volume on exchanges, meaning there is a need for it to build a large community base around itself and generate more discussion on social media just like other popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether.

The main advantage with Lisk is that each application runs on its own blockchain, that is, the sidechains, which improves it scalability over Ethereum. Lisk is expected to be the next investment in the long run when majority of start-ups adopt it for building new apps.

Lisk Team 

Lisk started in 2014 after Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows forked Crypti, which is an open-source blockchain application platform. It immediately became successful at community level, but it still needed more firepower for it to reach the visions of the developer. It was forked into Lisk in May 2016.

Lisk Team

Lisk has a large team of 41 people.

Lisk Community

The Lisk technology has impacted the community worldwide. Their presence in Asia is now growing, and they have developed strong local communities in Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Indian markets. Jan is the community manager for Lisk and he plays a great role in setting the community goals for Lisk. The LiskHQ Twitter has also increased its following considerably and they are looking for you to join the community if you are talented.

Do you want to become a Lisk ambassador in your country? Become one to spread Lisk awareness in your country and you will be paid 2500 LSK per month. This is a good way of earning this cryptocurrency. Lisk has now build a strong community and expanded their team, together with their marketing efforts.

Is Lisk Worth Buying?

The future of Lisk in terms of performance will be determined by success of the Lisk network as well as the adoption of the technology by programmers, developers and start-ups. You cannot use Lisk to buy goods and services. This means that there are no merchants who are expected to accept Lisk as a means of payment unlike what we have in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Investor interest and adoption will drive the success of Lisk.

If you don’t like venturing into speculative and risk investments and you are you are familiar with cryptocurrency markets, investing a small amount of money in Lisk could turn out to be profitable.

Lisk uses JavaScript, a programming language popular with tech giants like Google and Microsoft, and there are high chances of its developer base increasing as many people adopt it for development of decentralized applications.

There is a great potential that you will reap after investing in Lisk. Lisk is a promising platform as more and more cryptocurrency lovers are expected to join the network for development of decentralized applications. The Lisk team is also spreading news about their product to all parts of the world through product ambassadors. Due to this, the Lisk network is expected to grow, making Lisk a good investment opportunity that you don’t have to miss.

Where to Buy Lisk/How to Buy Lisk?

You can buy Lisk easily on the Binance crypto exchange. It’s the biggest and probably the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

Here is my comprehensive Binance review where I also show step-by-step instructions on buying cryptocurrencies like Lisk there.

Lisk Price Prediction

Lisk is one of the examples of how the price of a cryptocurrency can evolve quickly. The market has witnessed the price of Lisk rise from US$2.5 to within a span of three months. Lisk now has a high demand compared to the other major altcoins.

In the near future, the price of Lisk is expected to drop, but note that cryptocurrency is not a rational market and unexpected things have happened.

lisk price prediction.

While we were writing this article, Lisk price dropped from more than $30 all the way to less than $20.

Where can you Buy Lisk?

There are a number of exchanges selling Lisk, but Binance is the best and the biggest exchange for buying Lisk. They will also provide you with the best exchange rate compared to the other exchanges.

If you need an instant cryptocurrency, go to Shapeshift and buy Lisk from there. They require you to create a wallet once you have bought Bitcoins or Ether.

Conclusion – Is Lisk a Good Investment?

Yes, in my opinion, Lisk is a good investment opportunity. If you buy Lisk when the price drops, hold and sell it when the price goes up, you may earn good profits with this one. Many start-ups are expected to adopt Lisk for development of new apps. This will expand the Lisk community and you may benefit from this.

Note by Roope:

On the other hand, investing in Lisk involves risks. As we saw in the chart above, the price dropped more than 35% while we were writing this article. If you would have invested $10,000, you would have lost more than $3,500. On the short term anything can happen so that’s why I like investing in coins for the long term.

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What is your opinion about the future of Lisk?

Is it worth buying or not?

How much will its value be in the future?

For These and Many Other Questions, Let’s discuss in the comments below! 🙂

(Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only.  It is not intended to be investment advice.)


Is VeChain a Good Investment? I Think So!

What is VeChain? Is VeChain a Good Investment? Should I Invest in VeChain?

Are you in need of an answer to any of the above questions? Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will be discussing VeChain in detail and give you My Opinion on Whether VeChain is a Good Investment Opportunity or vechain a good investment

An original VeChain homepage is in Chinese because their core team is from China.

VeChain Review

Name: VeChain

Launched: 2017

Type: Cryptocurrency

Short Review: VeChain forms the leading blockchain platform for products and information. VeChain uses the blockchain technology to create a trust free distributed business ecosystem. VeChain has made the management, collection, and sharing of product information with consumers and vendors secure and straightforward. It is designed for companies such as luxury goods, logistics, food/drug, agriculture, and governments.

It will be exciting to see how VeChain project moves forward in the future. The project looks promising but nothing is 100% sure in the world of cryptocurrencies. If you want to minimize your risk and maximize your profits, take Roope’s cryptocurrency training for a 95% discount.

If you prefer more secure ways for earning money online, I recommend following this step-by-step training.

What Is VeChain?

VeChain is a Blockchain-as-a-service company with the goal of building “a distributed and trust free business ecosystem to facilitate a transparent flow of information, high-speed transfer of value and efficient collaboration. The project has been in operation for two years and a number of companies have adopted it.

There is a lot that a company can do with VeChain. One can use the technology to track items through a supply chain, ensure quality and authenticity of goods and control the quality of food products.

How Does VeChain Work? / Benefits of VeChain

VeChain was primarily started as a supply chain company but it has announced that there are plans to transform it into a Dapp platform. VeChain mixes the blockchain and smart chip technologies for tracking items throughout their entire lifecycle. There are different IoT (Internet of Things) items on which the smart chip can be integrated including QR codes, RFID trackers, and NFC chips.

This may not sound like an interesting technology, but it ensures that companies produce quality products. A good example is the luxury goods sector. This industry has been wrought with counterfeit goods worth over $450 billion.

For an item such as Louis Vuitton purse changing hands numerous times during production and distribution processes, there is a need for you to be sure the person before you passes what is authentic. VeChain has done away with the need for this trust. At each step of the process, it is possible for you to scan a smart chip on every item in order to be guaranteed you are receiving what you should be receiving.

The blockchain is in the form of an immaculate ledger, hence you can stay assured the information you receive is accurate. This technology may soon get into consumer’s hands and they will be able to check the authenticity of items by scanning them with their phone.

Other than protection against counterfeits, VeChain helps in improving logistics systems via simplified product tracking. Logistics is a complex process that involves different systems across businesses. This can make tracking products in a supply chain a complex process. This even becomes harder when there is a need for switching between processes or when the data must be entered manually.

When using VeChain, you are only expected to scan the smart chip of the item and you will get all of its details. This way, businesses can get accurate and updated information about an item. When integrated with IoT, VeChain can help in quality control. This is very useful in the food and agricultural industry in which something such as temperature change of few degrees may ruin an entire product batch.

vechain technology

Risks of VeChain

Despite the potential that the VeChain has, it faces a number of challenges. When you consider the state of logistics in the world today, a lot of growth is expected to happen. This means that we may observe a lot of adoption of this technology some years to come.

However, as it is now, it is less likely that there will be a high adoption of the VeChain technology in the coming 12 to 24 months. The adoption of this technology in most businesses may only be some years to come when a number of players will be using the chain. However, this may not be necessarily a problem but an advantage to those who adopt the technology early.

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VeChain Team 

The company behind VeChain is based in Singapore and it has used the blockchain technology to implement the VeChain. The project has attracted an international team of experts drawn from various fields including technology, operations, the blockchain, business, and support. The group currently has 150 employees.

The team is led by Sunny Lu who is the CEO and a fluent English speaker with a great experience in IT and Information security for luxury retails brands. He formerly worked with Louis Vuitton China as a CIO and IS&T Director. Jie Zhang is the CGO while Bo Shen is the company advisor.

Below are the key members of the VeChain team:

  • Sunny Lu- The Project Leader
  • Richard Fu- The PR and Marketing Director
  • Chin Qian- The Channel and Sales Director
  • Jay Zhang- The Finance Director
  • Scott Brsbin- The General Counsel
  • Jerome Grilleres- A Business Developer

VeChain Community

As part of expanding the VeCain community, the team has entered into partnerships with big companies in the world such as DNV GL and PwC. VeChain takes part in the PwC incubator program which gives it access to the worldwide network of clients for the company. Its partnership with DNV GL will also open a great door for it to reach many clients.

The Chinese government has also chosen VeChain as the blockchain technology partner for the government of Gui’an. This government runs under regulations which are expected to contribute significantly to the growth of VeChain.

You can also find VeChain on the following social media networks:

  • Facebook – 6,5 members in their group
  • Twitter- Their page has over 73,000 followers.
  • Telegram +20k members
  • Their SubReddit is active daily with discussions sprouting up every minute.

Is VEN Worth Buying?

Similarly to the other blockchain projects, you must be wondering about the future of the VeChain blockchain. The project will be rebranded soon to become VeChain Thor blockchain. The VeChain token, that is, VEN, is expected to be rebranded to VET. A proof-of-authority consensus model will also be introduced to ensure any changes made are in line with VeChain vision.

These changes are expected to impact the project positively. If this happens, it will lead to a MASSIVE adoption of the technology, and the value of its coin will rise. I will advise anyone to buy this coin.

Most blockchain projects are currently simply a proof of concept. However, with VeChain, things are different and in a good way. Three products have already been developed by use of this blockchain and they are all targeting different markets. This means the team is serious with the project.

VEN Price Prediction

The VeChain has been designed to run on Ethereum platform and it is powered by its own token known as VEN/VET. After rebranding of the VeChain, all the existing VEN tokens will be exchanged for VET tokens. The token is now priced at USD5.367 with a market cap of USD1, 713, 081, 262. A total of 277 million tokens is now under supply.

If you need to invest in a profitable cryptocurrency, VEN might be an interesting option for you. An optimistic prediction shows the following picture that you can see below (of course, it’s a bit of a joke 😉 )

Will VeChain go to the moon?

We could again say the cliche, “Do your own research!” but I think a better way to educate yourself about cryptocurrencies here so you will spot whether VeChain will be a winner or not.

Where to Buy VEN Tokens?

Binance is the best exchange from which you can buy VEN tokens. If you have Ethereum or Bitcoin cryptocurrencies, then you can exchange them for VEN. This means before buying VEN tokens, you should first buy bitcoins or Eth from exchanges such as Coinbase, GDAX and Gemini.

After acquiring the bitcoins or Eth, you can transfer them to Binance exchange on which you can trade them for VEN tokens. Below are other exchanges from which you can buy VEN tokens:

  • BigOne
  • HitBTC
  • Liqui
  • Lbank and QRYPTOS.

Where to Store VEN? 

The best way to store your VEN tokens is in a Trezor hardware wallet.

Currently, you can only store VEN in a wallet with an ERC20 support. A good example is MyEtherWallet which has a good community trust.

To get an extra security layer, use a hardware wallet such as Ledger Nano S. This is an offline wallet that can be connected to MyEtherWallet for storage of funds. Below are other desktop wallets in which you can store your VEN tokens:

Conclusion – Is VeChain a Good Investment?

VeChain is now amongst the established blockchain companies in the world. Their team is made up of professionals with experience in their target industry. They have also partnered with the Chinese government and giant companies like PwC, meaning that they have no problem with growing their clientele.

If VeChain continues with its current pace, you will see it become one of the best performers in the cryptocurrency world.

That being said, you always need to take the responsibility for your investment and make sure that you have studied all the details diligently. For those of you who prefer building a sustainable and a profitable online business, I recommend having a look at the training below.

It will also help you to make more money with cryptocurrencies.

4 step process for making money online

What do you think about VeChain?

Does it have a bright future?

Would you Invest in VeChain?

I Will Be Happy to Hear your Genuine Opinion about VeChain!

Let’s discuss in the comments below! 🙂

(Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only.  It is not intended to be investment advice.)


“Is Hshare/Hcash a good investment?” I Believe So!

What is Hshare? How does it work? Is Hshare a good Investment? How much should I Invest in Hshare?

If you have not been getting answers to the above questions, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will be unearthing everything about Hshare. Read this article to know the potential of this project as well as the risks associated with it.

hshare Homepage

Hshare/Hcash Homepage

Hshare Review

Name: Hshare

Launched: 2017

Type: Cryptocurrency

Short Review: Blockchains can be either block-based or blockless-based. It has been impossible to transfer value between these two different types of platforms. Hshare changed this through facilitating transfer of value and information between these different platforms.

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But before we move on, I want to remind you that investing in Hshare or any other cryptocurrency involves also great risks. If you prefer proven and guaranteed ways to earn money online, I recommend following this step-by-step training.

What Is Hshare?

Let me show first how the company defines themselves. I’ll then explain you more in detail what it means.

Most companies are now adopting the blockchain technology as a way of increasing efficiency and cutting costs. Hshare is a cryptocurrency designed to facilitate the transfer of value among blockchains and between blockchain and blockless cryptocurrencies.

How Does Hshare Work? / Benefits of Hshare

Consider the example of Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. There is no way the two can talk to each other. For you to transfer value from one to the other, you must use an exchange. The number of independent blockchains is increasing every day, making the problem of transfer of value between blockchains bigger.

When using exchange services, you face the challenges of speed and transaction fees. Below are reasons why Hshare is the future cryptocurrency

  1. Hshare is Secure and Private

This has been achieved by adapting the by adapting the zero-knowledge proof technology. A user is allowed to disclose some details of a transactions to a verifier without necessarily having to reveal his/her identity. It also used uses both proof of work (PoW) and proof of stake (PoS) algorithms for verification of transactions, which in turn engages user engagement.

  1. It is bi-directional

This is a unique and lucrative feature of Hshare that has left many individuals and companies hail it as the cryptocurrency to watch. It has both blockchain and DAG (directed acyclic graphs) that allow it to transfer value between blockchain-based and blockless-based systems. This feature will make it possible for cryptocurrencies to interact with each other without relying on an exchange.

How does Hshare work

Hshare wants to allow the communication between different blockchains.

  1. Hshare is Quantum resistant

Quantum computers are capable of existing in another state other than 0 and 1. These are very powerful computers capable of cracking a code for any system including a blockchain. However, Hshare developers put this into consideration but using a code that is quantum resistant. The Hshare cryptocurrency cannot be hacked using a quantum computer.

  1. It is hierarchical

Hshare has a hierarchy that makes it easy to make decisions regarding the future of the cryptocurrency. A user’s voting power does not depend only on their stake but also on the amount of computing power they have contributed to the system. This provides the system with a stable base that can be used for making improvements in the future.

Challenges of Hshare – Is Hshare a Scam?

Despite the many advantages of Hshare, the technology is faced with a number of challenges that it must handle. The way it handles these challenges will determine whether it succeeds or whether it fails. That said, I want to discuss the challenges that the Hshare team must tackle when moving forward:

Since the release of Hshare, it has been a target of criticism especially after climbing the CoinMarketCap to its top spots. Some of its critics have even called it a scam coin, stating that the team under its development are not ready to implement what they have described in their whitepaper. The whitepaper states many technologies without describing how they will be implemented into one system.

Currently, no one can guarantee cryptocurrency enthusiasts that Hshare is under active development. Only 17 commits from a single contributor have been witnessed for the past 5 months on the Hshare Github.

However, we may have development of the platform going on somewhere offline, but Github has been the best platform for open source projects like Hshare, and seen very little activity regarding the same makes us raise eyebrows.

The Hshare team has also not created a LinkedIn account, and they are missing user history on common social media platforms.

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However, all the above issues facing Hshare might be caused by the fact that the team is based in China in which there are restrictions regarding access to some of these sites. If you can speak Chinese, you may be able to get more details regarding this team. The internet has remained silent when it comes to verification of the Hshare team’s credentials.

Despite the above odds, Hshare has a bright future in which blockchains will be connected and it will be possible to transfer value between various platforms. It is not clear what the development team is doing and the progress they have made so far.

Hshare Team

Dallas Brooks is known to be the CEO overseen the development of Hshare. He is a qualified and experienced expert in the financial and investment industry. He has an in-depth knowledge about the financial world and he is ready and willing to revolutionize it. He has been working on finding the best cryptocurrency to facilitate communication between various blockchain implementations.

is hshare a good investment

Hshare team leaders.

Brooks hosts a television show named “Dollars with Sense”, in which he educates people about financial and legal matters. His vision and entrepreneurship is expected to take Hshare to another level. Khal Achkar is known to be the CTO of Hshare. He has an extensive knowledge about information systems and how they can be implemented.

Achkar has a great interest in the blockchain technology, and this is expected to drive the growth of Hshare. The team has a total of 7 team members with an age averaging to 45 years. The Hshare team details can be summarized as follows:

  • CEO: Dallas Brooks
  • CTO: Khal Achkar
  • Team Members: 7
  • Average team Members Age: 45 years

Other members of the Hshare team include Dawu Gu, a Computer Science Professor from Shanghai Jiao Tong University leading the cryptography and information security research team, Ryan Xu, the Managing Director of Collinstar Capital and Dr. Joseph Liu, a cybersecurity expert.

Hshare Community

The following are the statistics about the number of followers Hshare has attracted on various social media accounts:

  • Twitter: 3,908
  • Facebook: 1,416

The Hshare can be found on Twitter and Facebook. Their Facebook account was created on June, 2017, and it has attracted 1,416 likes so far. They have a blog on which they post on a weekly basis.

Is Hshare Worth Buying?

Personally, I think this is a cryptocurrency worth buying. The current market capitalization of this currency, whose native cryptocurrency trades under symbol HSR, stands at ~$450 million with the price currently standing at around $10. This price is expected to rise steadily in 2018 but of course estimates vary significantly depending on who you ask.

is hshare worth buying

Hcash was launched in the Autumn of 2017.

Cryptocurrency users have wanted a way of moving from one cryptocurrency to another with much ease and at no or lower cost. Companies also need a way to communicate from one blockchain to another, example, from Ethereum to Bitcoin. Since Hshare supports this, it is expected that individuals and companies will adopt it at a high rate, increasing its value.

I believe the best time to buy Hshare is now. If they succeed in implementing what is stated in its whitepaper, the market cap for this cryptocurrency will rise, even 100x. This may take a long time, but it is still possible.

Note: The price of Hshare varies highly like with other cryptocurrencies. The price went from over $17 to less than $10 during the writing of this article.

Hshare Price Prediction

Hshare is one of the new cryptocurrencies in the market released in 2017, so it hasn’t stayed in the market for more than one year. However, despite the short stay in the market, the dynamic movement of the price of this cryptocurrency has lit the market.

After the first listing of HSR, it was selling at $20 per token. The value of this coin hit $36 within a month, which is an 80% increase. This made many cryptocurrency lovers prepare to invest in this coin, but its price went down t0 6.56% within 5 days. The coin’s price went down further to $4.64 within 9 days.

However, the crypto-coin gained its force, with its price beginning to rise from 15 September 2017. By mid-December, its price was about $40. However, the value has gone down and the price now stands at about $10.

However, I believe that many individuals are to adopt this coin after learning its benefits, and this will cause its price to increase. If you want to learn how to make more money with cryptocurrencies, I recommend following Roope’s step-by-step training here.

Conclusion – Is Hshare a Good Investment?

Some investors may disagree, but I believe that Hshare is one of the cryptocurrencies one should trade. Trading a cryptocurrency that maintains a single trend for over six months is not advisable. Hshare has not shown this trend.

Hshare market varies from time to time, which gives traders to place different trades based on their predictions. This way, the traders may earn profits regularly. However, to trade Hshare, I recommend that you use indicators such as Elliot waves to know the direction the price may go.

As always, I want to remind that investing in cryptocurrencies can give great returns but it also involves risks. You need to be prepared for losses as well. Don’t put your whole fortune in the game unless you really know what you are doing.

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What are your thoughts about Hshare?

Do you think it is a good investment opportunity?

What can you say about the future of Hshare?

I Will be Happy to Read your Opinion in the Comments Below! 

(Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only.  It is not intended to be investment advice.)

Is Status a Good Investment? Read Why I Preferred It!

What Exactly is Status? Is Status a Good Investment? How Much Money Should Invest in Status for a Start?

If you have been asking yourself such questions, this is the right place for you to get the correct answer. In this article, I will be discussing Status to help you know how it works. You will then Be Able to Make a Sound Decision on Whether to Invest in It or Not.

status homepage

Status Homepage

Status Review

Name: Status

Launched: 2017

Type: Cryptocurrency

Short Review: Status is a messaging platform that runs on Ethereum network. Status makes your mobile device a light client node on the Ethereum network, making it possible for you to access the whole Ethereum ecosystem despite your location. With Status, you can send payments to your friends from within chats.

That seems very exciting and Status is certainly an interesting project to follow. Meanwhile, if you also enjoy proven and guaranteed ways to make money online, I recommend taking a look at this step-by-step training. It will also boost your income with cryptocurrencies.

What Is Status?

Status is a platform for decentralized applications and its cryptocurrency is known as Status coin (STN). The platform is simply a light client for Ethereum that serves as a browser, messenger ad gateway. This means that Status platform is based on Ethereum blockchain. On the Status platform, users are allowed to design their apps through smart contracts.

Status is connected to Ethereum peer-to-peer network, hence it is capable of exchanging data through this decentralized network. You can program your decentralized application on the Status platform. The major goal of this decentralized platform is to enhance accessibility by allowing the public to be able to use Dapps and cryptocurrencies on their smartphones.

How Does Status Work? / Benefits of Status

The Status platform can be seen as a community project working on an open source system. Anyone can participate in the network provided they are willing to do so. This is why Status can be seen as a form of social media platform. You can send, receive and save Ether as well as other cryptocurrencies via the Status platform.

Status comes with eWallet. The uPort ID is an app that is based on Status. The app allows you to use its encrypted and mobile identity for securing digital interactions. Etherisc is also another app based on Status, which is a platform for decentralized insurance. It has made the sale and acquisition of insurance policies cheaper, efficient and more transparent.

Status works on a decentralized economy, but it is in need of playing a great role in the social media sector. It is an encrypted messenger that can be used for sending and receiving Ether, completing smart contracts and chatting. It is based on a peer-to-peer protocol. Its cryptocurrency, the Status coin serves as the token on the platform.

How does status work

Status provides smarter private messaging.

Other than being a messaging platform, Status is a mobile Ethereum operating system. This means that it can engage with the other decentralized applications (Dapps) running on the Ethereum platform. Status has adhered to the concept of blockchain technology by giving users complete control over their data on the network. It is a crypto-coin that can make lives easier, hence it has a lot of potential.

With the Status platform, many people are able to work with the Ethereum blockchain without necessarily having to download it completely. Ethereum works under proof-of-work algorithm, in which miners work by solving complex cryptographic puzzles. This is to be replaced by the proof-of-stake system, in which voting will be based on the number of tokens one owns as well as the amount of computing power they contribute to the network.

Status is expected to introduce a “smarter private messaging” with an additional functionality like smart contracts and payments. A protocol is used for encryption of all communications. This way, users are able to exchange ideas, services, and currencies with no problems. This means the success of Status will depend on the accessibility of decentralized applications.

Risks of Status

Currently, the only risk facing Status is that it relies on the Ethereum blockchain. It is simply a light client for Ethereum, providing users with an easy way of using the Ethereum platform. If Ethereum falls, Status may have big challenges.

However, Ethereum is a very promising platform since it provides developers with all tools necessary for the development of decentralized applications. Ethereum is expected to overtake Bitcoin and it is not expected to go down. The success of Status relies on how Ethereum does in the market.

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Status Team

The development team has about 12 members plus 10 advisors. The following are the core contributors of Status:

  • Jerrad Hope: He is the Leader and Co-founder of Status. He had previously founded Opulence, which is a software distribution network which later grew $20M revenue within 30 months.
  • Carl Bennetts: a co-founder and head of Communications & Marketing. He was also a co-founder of Opulence.
  • Roman Volosovskyi: He is a developer, having specialized in Clojure (a general-purpose programming language). He has also worked with Symphony2 as a developer and ZEO Alliance as a Software Engineer.
  • Alexander Pantyukhov- a Java, Android, and VClojure developer.
Status Team Members

Status Team Members

  • Andrey Shovkoplyas- a Clojure developer. Previously worked with Reasoning Mind as Software Development Manager and Dadcan as CTO.
  • Gustavo Nunes- Clojure developer.
  • Victor Farazdagi- a Go developer. Previously Software Engineer at Carrierwave and CTO at Square Las.
  • Andrei Mironov- User experience and visual design expert.
  • Anna- the Head of QA. She has previously worked as Senior Tester at SDL Web and Senior Tester at SDL Web.
  • Tatu- the Community Manager.

Status Community

Status was developed by Status Research & Development GmbH, which is a company based in Switzerland. The development team is active on Slack and GitHub. Below are social media metrics about Status:

  • GitHub: 35 contributors, over 1400 commits,
  • Slack: over 8300 users,
  • Twitter: over 6100 followers
  • Reddit: over 760 redditors
  • Facebook: over 1900 likes
  • YouTube: over 900 subscribers.

As you can see, Status has a large community and

Is Status Worth Buying?

Personally, I will say Yes. With Status, life can be made much easier. This is what people have been looking for when using cryptocurrencies. They need an easy way of exchanging coins and communicating with other users on the blockchain networks. If people can get such a platform, they will adopt it straight away. Status has fulfilled, hence there will be increased adoption of this cryptocurrency.

Most people like the Ethereum platform. This has seen the value of Ether rise to compete with Bitcoin, almost overtaking it. Status is based on the Ethereum platform and facilitates an easy exchange of ether. Status will benefit from the increased adoption and use of the Ethereum platform.

With an increase in the adoption of Status, the value of Status coin (STN) will rise. This is why I believe that Status is a coin worth buying. The status platform is also competing with messaging platforms like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Line. It provides an easy to use interface where users can chat and send payments to each other.

Status has all the features that any cryptocurrency lover will want to experience. A Status user can easily find the nearby users whom they can exchange cash for currency and digital assets with. It gives all smartphone owners the ability to control their wealth. The Status can be used on mobile devices running either Android or iOS operating systems increasing its accessibility and providing chances for its increased adoption.

Status Price Prediction

STN is a coin to watch with its price expected to increase. The Status price equals to 0.199 USD as at 2018-02-22. In case you buy Status for $100 today, you will be given a total of 501.266 SNT. A long-term increase in the price of Status is expected, with the price prognosis for 2023-02-17 being 3.281 US Dollars.

However, that’s only a prediction of one man and there are not any guarantees for such growth. For a guaranteed money-making opportunity, I recommend just going through this training and applying it into practice.

status price prediction

Status price multiplied 10 times at the beginning of 2018 but since then it has been going down, down and down. Do you think that the trend will change? Let me know in the comments.

Conclusion – Is Status a Good Investment?

I can still say that Status is a good investment opportunity, in my opinion. If Status competes successfully with WhatsApp, WeChat, and Line, its value will increase significantly. There is going to be a MASS adoption of Status in the near future, and this will contribute significantly to its predicted rise in price.

Are you looking for a way of earning good money online? Are you looking for a digital currency to invest in? I will advise you to consider Status. The sky is the limit for this cryptocurrency. Status is also owned by Status Research & Development GmbH, a company based in Switzerland.

But as you and I know, anything can happen. The price jumped 10 times higher at the beginning of 2018 but since then it went back to the old price. Volatility is humongous and it’s hard to say what happens in the short term. That’s why you should follow these principles to make money in the long term.

As I mentioned above, investing money in cryptocurrencies always involves risks. That’s why I recommend that you build multiple online income streams. You can learn our #1 recommendation by clicking the picture below:

4 step process for making money online

What is your Opinion about Status?

Will you Invest in Status?

Why or Why Not?

I Will Be Happy to Hear Your Opinion!

Let’s discuss in the comments below! 🙂

(Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only.  It is not intended to be investment advice.)