Is InteleTravel a Scam? How Much Money Can You Really Earn?

InteleTravel Review - Quick Summary

Product Name: InteleTravel

Type: Travel Agencies - Network Marketing / MLM

Best for: People who love network marketing, selling travel packages and recruiting people.

Summary: InteleTravel is not a scam and they have been operating already for a long time. That being said, more than 95% of the members with not make any significant money with the system.

​If you would like to make a full-time income with InteleTravel you need to know how to leverage power of the Internet. 

Is InteleTravel Recommended? Depends on you. This is not for all but it's possible a big money if you know what you are doing.

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Welcome to my InteleTravel Review!

Thousands of people have been asking over the years, "Is InteleTravel a scam?" 

Most of the InteleTravel are reviews on the Internet are trying to promote to the program because they earn commissions by doing that.

However, this review is different because I am not part of the InteleTravel company therefore I can provide completely unbiased opinions of the system.

Keep in mind that I have reviewed more than 100 network marketing companies that are similar to InteleTravel.

InteleTravel Video Review - Learn the 4 Steps to Make Money

In my unbiased InteleTravel video review, I teach you a simple 4-step process that you can use to make money with InteleTravel.

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What Is InteleTravel?

InteleTravel is a the travel agency that has been operating for more than 25 years. It has also been providing business opportunities for people who are interested in traveling and working as a travel agent.

InteleTravel is connected with PlaNet Marketing and they operate using a multilevel marketing system.

You may have been contacted by somebody who is promoting InteleTravel and he wants you to join his system. He's explaining you how much money you could make with this system by doing what you love.

Or you may have read about InteleTravel on the Internet through their promotions or websites.

If you have watched some YouTube videos or read websites that are promoting InteleTravel, it is good to acknowledge that the people who are promoting the system are obviously earning money for doing that.

There are many similar travel companies that are operating with the direct marketing. One of them is called World Ventures.

How Does InteleTravel Work?

InteleTravel works with similar principles liek all the other multi-level marketing companies. You will make money by selling their products or recruiting people to your downline.

For example, you sell their travel package to your friend for $1,500 and you earn 10% commission for doing that (the percentage may be different. 10% is just to illustrate the example).

It means that you will earn $150 which is quite close to the actual earnings for selling the package in the system. If you want to make $1,500/month by selling the travel packages, you need to sell 10 such packages.

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In addition, you do not need to sell those packages but also take care of your customers' needs which will take some time and effort.

Let's say that you want to make $4,500/month which can be considered a good time income in the U.S. You need to make at least 30 such sales to reach that. It means that 1 sale every single day without holidays.

We start to realize that the only way to make big money with such systems is usually by recruiting many people to your downline. That's one reason their members are so interested in recruiting you also.

I am not a big fan of such recruiting systems myself. I prefer normal business models.

Notice that InteleTravel itself is a direct marketing company but they are closely related with PlanNet marketing that uses the multi-level marketing model.

Is Bitcoins Wealth Club ascam

Multi-level marketing companies require lots of recruiting which often makes them less appealing.

InteleTravel Cost

InteleTravel has a few different costs for their members. These are the prices that I found based on my research. 

  • One-time enrollment fee for InteleTravel is $179.99. 
  • They will charge you a monthly administrative fee for $39.95 per month
  • Then there is an optional PlanNet Marketing administrative fee of $19.95 per month.

So in total the costs will be ~$180 for joining + ~$60 per month.

Of course, these costs may be a little bit different if you are reading this article a lot of time after publishing.

Overall, the costs still are not huge unlike in some other network marketing companies. Recently one famous multilevel marketing company called MOBE was shut down and they were selling their packages for members for more than $30,000.

InteleTravel is nothing like that and their prices are reasonable. On the other hand, their fees are way higher than in my #1 recommended business opportunity that makes me a full-time income. You can get started it for completely free and the membership is less than $1 per day.

How Much Can You Earn with InteleTravel?

Based on PlanNet Marketing income disclosure statement, around 97% of the people earn less than $70 per month on average.

Based on my researches, less than 1% of the members make a full-time income with InteleTravel.

Therefore unless you are a really exceptional marketer or you know how to leverage the power of Internet, you probably will not make good money with the system.

If you know how to use the Internet for promoting InteleTravel or other business opportunities, you can comfortably make a full-time income.

However, it requires a step-by-step training if don't have prior experience or knowledge. I started a few years ago without any experience of making money online and nowadays I make a full-time income on the Internet.

I have been traveling around the world in several countries and I have a freedom to work whenever and wherever I want because of this program.

I am not part of InteleTravel / PlanNet marketing or any network marketing company but I know that the same steps work also for that kind of companies. The same steps that I used have been used by thousands of people all around the world and they are able to make a full-time income online today.

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I will answer all your questions and concerns. Remember that this is not a network marketing company but an honest step-by-step training that educates people how to make money online.

InteleTravel Compensation Plan

When you sell packages through InteleTravel, you will get a 70% commission of their profits. If InteleTravel makes, for example, $100 profit for your sale, you will keep $70 of that.

The more you sell, the more you earn. The bigger packages you sell, the more you earn.

The network marketing thing comes into the game with PlanNet marketing. You will make money by building a team and gathering people to your downline.

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When people under you will make sales, you will earn a certain commission as well.

Is InteleTravel a Pyramid Scheme?

No. InteleTravel or PlanNet Marketing are not an illegal pyramid schemes.

There have been many network marketing pyramid schemes over the years including Digital Altitude, Empower Network and many others but InteleTravel is not one of them.

The reason why some people think that InteleTravel would be a pyramid scheme is that it's connected with PlanNet marketing that uses network marketing. With all MLM-companies recruiting plays a huge role.

Therefore, their members are eager to get you to join to their system.

If you are tired of recruiting systems and just want to make money by following a simple step-by-step training, join my #1 recommendation.

It has given me a freedom to travel around the world and live a life that most people dream of.

Even though PlanNet Marketing/InteleTravel use network marketing, it is not an illegal pyramid scheme.

Is InteleTravel Legit or a Scam?

InteleTravel is a legitimate company and its of the scum even though some people claim so on the Internet.

They have a operating for more than 20 years and search thousands of customers in several countries.

The reason why some people think it's a scam it's probably because it is also network marketing company that usually have a bad reputation for good reason.

If I compare InteleTravel to other network marketing companies, I would say that it is much more my honest than most of the similar companies.

After reviewing more than 100 MLM-companies, I have noticed that most of them give highly exaggerated promises and sell overpriced products.

Conclusion - Is InteleTravel Worth It?

I love traveling and I have been in more than 30 different countries despite my young age of 25. I also know how to make money online and I am sure I would be successful with InteleTravel system (I don't say it to brag but just to illustrate the point below).

However, I still do not feel interested in joining the program because for me it just feels like another network marketing company among many. InteleTravel itself doesn't use network marketing but they are closely related with PlanNet Marketing.

I am not a huge fan of network marketing and that is one of the main reasons why I do not want to join this program. You also need to keep in mind that more than 97% of the members do not make any significant money at all with this system.

Therefore, you need to know how to use the Internet for making money with it or you need to be exceptionally good at selling face-to-face.

If you do not have any experience of making money online, I would like to invite you to learn the steps that took me from zero to making a full-time income online.

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You will literally get everything you need to make a living online even though you would still be a complete beginner.

4 step process for making money online

​What kind of experiences do you have with InteleTravel and other similar companies?

Would you like to have a freedom to make money online and travel around the world?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I haven’t heard of InteleTravel before but more often than not networking companies although legit, operate the same way. I have a friend who told me that she was finally able to set up a travel agency without having to pay huge amount for licenses and such. She set me up for a talk only to find out it was a networking company.

    The same thing, the price of the holiday packages are unreasonable while there are so many promos and cheaper holiday packages elsewhere. She purchased a lot of packages so she can create downlines to work her way up. Unless you really have a good network of friends who can afford, it will take a long time to get your return of investment. It is a very unwise decision I believe to engage in this kind of business.

    1. Yeah, I find it sometimes hilarious when MLM-companies offer their “discounts”. They say something like, “Get 49% discount, ONLY TODAY!”

      But when you take a look at the price it’s actually 2-5 times bigger than if you would buy it somewhere else. So often it’s just a marketing trick.

  2. It seems like a legit company, but I quit my last MLM job because I was tired of selling, it takes a lot of energy to convince someone else to spend their money on your product. I will be trying other methods because like you said, it’s only a few who succeed there, and if you’re actually a good seller my advice would be to start your own business if you can.

    1. I know what you mean. I’m also kinda tired “selling” people offline. That’s probably one of the main reasons why I started making money online. I don’t need to try to pursue anyone. I just write thoughts to my blog or a YouTube channel and people buy the thoughts or not. It’s eventually up to them.

    2. I felt the same thing. It’s really hard to sell especially products that they can purchase somewhere else for a cheaper price. Maybe some people have their way of doing it and that’s for a few exceptional people. It takes skills I guess and if you really have a good network of friends and acquaintances.

      Also, I feel like I have the full responsibility for the customers to maximize the benefits of the products and to get the most of the money spent. Unlike for some MLM sellers who only care about their sales.

  3. Just like you said in your conclusion, InteleTravel ain’t a scam as some have earned money through making their products. However, the range of close to 90% of those involved not making meaningful income out of it is something that anyone should be worried about. Also, the marketing scheme where you need to sell those tickets to others to make better commission is not a nice stuff to me.

    1. I think that it’s good to be aware of the low success rate but not be too worried about it. I have noticed over the time course that the success rates in all kinds of businesses are quite low. Most people just tend to give up. A small percentage of the people will never make it in business. It’s hard to understand why but that just seem to be like that. Anybody can succeed but not anybody will. Maybe that’s one of the mysteries of life 😉

      1. I think that you have a big point that most of the people that go into any business always give up early and that is not nice. I see a situation where people should try pretty hard to make it in businesses that they desire to do and not let it slide when everything is going to be tough. However, I see this mlm as an exception to that.

        1. Yeah, I have noticed that most people who succeed in business are just very persistent. They don’t give up but they just keep on learning and moving forward no matter what happens to them. They make it a priority instead of just “trying”.

          1. You’re absolutely correct as we don’t need to back down when the going gets tough. Pushing to succeed is what separate successful business people from those that aim and give up easily. So, it is all about doing all it takes to survive in any business that we find ourselves.

  4. I don’t know why I only trust very few company that offers travel packages, maybe because here in our country there is already a lot of travel companies that are eventually a scam. So the good thing is our government release a list of travel companies that are a credited with them. For those who are in a different country, for you to be sure that it is not a scam kindly call the hotline who are responsible for knowing these companies and ask them if it is a licensed one.

    1. Wow really? It’s interesting (and sad of course) to hear that there are many travel scam companies in your country (Philippines?). How do they scam people specifically? It would be interesting to hear.

      1. Yes, they do the scamming with posting their travel packages with literally lower price than the normal rate, so ending the people will patronized it. They will ask for your money first before they give you the tickets. After you payed, they will block you so you cant communicate with them anymore. So guys if you saw a packages that has a very low price, think twice, don’t buy it until you researched.

          1. The only reason why my country is full of internet scams it is because our government cant track those scammers in the internet space and I think it is because we are lack of resources or modern devices to track those. But I think we can afford it they was not just their priority. But it should be their priority too.

  5. I’ve seen one or two YouTube videos promoting Inteletravel before. Though I’m obviously not interested in their business model per se, I’ve learned that promoting their business via social media, particularly on YouTube pays well for other people.

    That’s another form of affiliate marketing, or perhaps some sort of leverage earning, so to speak. Even if these people may not directly be working for Inteletravel, it seems that the idea of promoting the business through their random video reviews gains them some recall and would tend to get more people curious about their business.

    Another great advertising concept there! Even the bad reviews still get to have some attention. So this trend of unbiased video reviews can be useful for any kind of business to make some noise online and eventually grow.

  6. Selling holidays and such is a good idea because I do think that people are increasingly starting to go abroad for holidays even if their earnings aren’t as high. The problem for me, however, is that this program has fees which I just find absolutely stupid. Why should I have to pay to then sell their products & services which makes them money?

    1. Yeah, that’s just how network marketing programs and companies work. Usually, members need to pay money to join the company. Many people find it stupid like you said.

      On the other hand, the company provides you resources and support that may be worth some money.

  7. Travel packages are trending these days. No wonder MLM companies are starting to penetrate this kind of business as well, as a “front” business model.

    Again, looking at the review, one would not really make the most out of the earning potential in a short span of time through selling travel packages. As you have pointed out, 30 sales for one straight month – that’s pretty exhausting!

    Well, for sales people, maybe it’s not that tough, but still those people would know outright how the system works and would obviously gear towards the “recruiting” side to generate more profit, rather than concentrate on the actual selling of the travel package. Same old MLM scheme.

  8. At least the company InteleTravel have a product to sell even though it’s structured like a MLM company, it’s better than those companies without any physical products they offer to its clients.

    Although, I agree with you completely on the assessment that traveling with the help of or through traveling agencies is very expensive. A friend of mine felt victim of this when he used the assistance of one traveling agency to go to Germany.

    1. Yeah, it’s always cheaper to book the flights and the accommodation yourself than using an agency. However, if you want to make it easier, then you probably want to use an agency.

      However, I think that an average person agencies are not worth it because they charge so much for their services. I would rather recommend for those who are at least millionaires.

      1. There is common saying which my mother always hammer on me when I still under her care because I’m always in a rush to do things. She said and I quote, “You always try to be too quick in doing something but will end up being late or the last in finishing”.

        This goes to people who are too quick to rush and use agency to books for their flights instead to taking out few hours to do it themselves. But in trying to be in a rush to use agency to avoid stress, they end up falling in the wrong hands and get scammed.

          1. Haha, it’s funny now when I’m telling the tale but back then when she used to nag on my ear to take it easy and not be in too much haste, I never listened or understood until I end up making mistakes. But as an adult now, I come to see the wisdom in her caution and it has been a very good lesson for me in dealing with most things that I have come across today.

  9. Never heard of Intele travel to be honest. I have heard of world ventures who are not a scam. They offer very nice holidays but it is not that easy to make money with the system. This is what I don’t like with Intele travel, why are they charging you a monthly fee to sell their products and yet they still take a commission when you sell a product. I think companies like these are a bit shady.

    1. I can understand your concerns. Many similar companies are quite shady. However, I think InteleTravel is not a shady company. Of course, in any MLM-company there may be marketers who are trying to sell the system using not-so-legitimate marketing methods.

  10. This is a great article, very informative and detailed, I did not join yet but I see that this website is very promising, but I have a question, is there any websites that you can earn decent money without paying for enrollment, just sign up and start making money, but anyways, what a great article =)

  11. I am not interested in network marketing and I also believe that 95% of the people who join MLM programs do not make any significant money. I believe network marketing is just like click bait. You sell your products and force your buyers to sell more products. There are no rightful consumers, but only sellers.

    1. Yeah. Often the sellers are also “the victims” of the program. Meaning that they have been talked to the system by somebody who is already in the top of the pyramid. They have been told they could make big money with the system easily which isn’t true always.

      I think that InteleTravel is one of the legitimate direct marketing systems and it has lots of positive reviews. I am just not very excited about the business models that they use.

  12. I have some time working online, but in fact that my income does not make much, almost no achievement to win you need to achieve my goals, arguably is needed a good workout, this type of support offered by InteleTravel, looks good Interestingly, for offering the money if it looks like it actually is an investment, which in the future can give good results.

    1. Well, sure you can join InteleTravel and see how it works. I can’t guarantee the results. You must know how to sell the products well or how to recruit tons of people. If you know those things, you will most likely succeed with InteleTravel or any other similar system.

      If you want my help and guidance on making money online, join Wealthy Affiliate and I’ll help you further.

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