Is Aim Global a Scam Or Will It Turn You Into a Millionaire?

Aim Global Homepage
Aim Global Homepage

Welcome To My Aim Global Networks Review!

“Turning ordinary people into extraordinary millionaires!” That’s what Aim Global is claiming with bright eyes.

If you are thinking, “Is Aim Global a scam or worth joining?” you have arrived at the right place. In the next 1-3 minutes you will get honest answers to your questions. I am not affiliated with this company so I am not going to push the program to you.

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Without further ado, let's dive into the details of Aim Global.

Aim Global Review - Quick Summary

Name: Aim Global

Founded: 2005 by Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, Francis Miguel and John Asperin

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company Selling Nutritional Supplements.

Short Review: Aim Global is pretty similar to QNet which is also a highly popular MLM-system in the Philippines. They are both selling overpriced products and giving big promises. Personally, I don’t recommend joining these programs because in my opinion they are not very ethical.

I’d rather recommend starting this step-by-step training that will teach you how to make a living online. I have used it myself and it has taught me to make a living from the comfort of my own home.

Recommended? Not really. More on this further...


What Is Aim Global?

Aim Global is a multi-level marketing (MLM) based in the Philippines. It has been founded already more than 12 years ago in 2005. Since then the company has spread to several other countries. Their market is mainly on cheaper countries like Nigeria, Philippines, Kenya, Cameroon and so on. Still Aim Global operates also in a few rich countries like UAE and Singapore.

Aim Global is selling nutritional supplements, beverages and some products for everyday life like toothpastes, soap and so on.

I understand that this kind of business opportunity may sound very interesting for people who are living in poor countries. It can be hard to make a living and get by. When someone promises to help you and turn your life around, it may be easy to get lured in the system.

Aim Global reminds me of QNet. It’s also a multi-level marketing company that operates in cheap countries. They sell very expensive products and the top earners of the company have risen high in the pyramid by recruiting many people.

Now let’s have a look at their products. In this article the main focus is on evaluating their business opportunity but it’s also very important to know what they are selling. If the products are good, then the opportunity could be worth joining.

Aim Global Products – Is There an “MLM-Extra” in the Pricing?

As I quickly mentioned above, their products are mainly nutritional supplements and beverages. Let me show a few examples:

aim global products

Burn Slim 1,200 PHP, C24/7 Natura-Ceuticals 1,320 PHP and Choleduz Omega Supreme 880 PHP

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aim global products

Aim Global Products. What do you think about the pricing?

There are some supplements, tea, coffee and a meal replacement shake. You are probably asking, “Why are their prices so expensive?” That’s a very good question! For example, tea costs 1,100 php (which equals to ~20€.) If I go to a normal supermarket, I can buy tea for 10 times cheaper and I don’t even need to take the lowest quality.

In my opinion, there is so-called “MLM-Extra” in Aim Global products. It simply means that MLM-systems like Aim Global usually have some extra in their prices. They sell expensive products so distributors (and founders) could make bigger profits. That’s what many network marketers have told me with bright eyes.

Another explanation is, of course, that their products have so high quality that they can charge more. Still, I highly doubt that Aim Global tea would be more than 10 times better than a normal tea. What do you think? At least I prefer buying 15 tea packages from the supermarket than only one tea package from an Aim Global distributor.

Aim Global Business Plan

As I mentioned you above, I help ordinary people to make a life-changing income online. That's why I also prepared a +9,000-word Ultimate Make Money Online Guide to help beginners to start earning money from home.

Because I had reviewed Aim Global, some people thought that I am part of the company.

Even though I am not a member of Aim Global, I can still help you to make money with it and that's I created a following video where I give you some tips to start earning more money with this company especially if you are just starting out.

Aim Global Compensation Plan

Before I show you the video where Aim Global members explains their compensation plan I want to point out a few highly important things.

aim global compensation plane

                              6 ways to earn is just a bluff.

First of all, they say that there are 6 ways to make money in their system. This is partially true but may give you a misleading picture of the system. It seems many MLM-systems are using it as a marketing strategy. Some of them say that you have 14 income streams even though you have only two. Kannaway talked about 9 income streams.

In reality you can make money by:

  1. Selling their products.
  2. Recruiting new members to their system.

What are those other 4 ways to make money that they talked about? They are are just bonuses that you will get if you are able to make enough sales and recruit enough people.

Now that you know the basic principles of their compensation plan, I let some of their members explain it more in detail. Notice that the purpose of the video is to advertise their system so be careful.

I am not going to explain the compensation plan in a great detail in my article because it’s already in the video. If you are not a member, you need to pay 25% higher price for their products. Therefore, they try want that you join the program and provide products for a cheaper price. Then you can sell them further with a 25% profit.

Of course, a good thing with network marketing is that you are able to earn passive income unlike with a typical 9-5 job. But selling overpriced products just to make big profits isn’t so interesting idea.

Aim Global Reviews & Complaints

One thing that bothers many people is that you can get higher in the pyramid by paying money. There are 4 options that you can choose from. This isn’t a typical way of working for honest MLM-companies. Even though I have researched more than 50 network marketing companies, none of them offers similar options like Aim Global.

However, Ponzi schemes that I have studied offer you higher levels if you are willing to pay more. That makes me pretty suspicious about Aim Global. Are they just a Ponzi scheme that is trying to pump up the system by recruiting more people without even providing high quality products.

Is Aim Global a Pyramid Scheme?

To be honest, Aim Global has many characteristics of a pyramid scheme.

  • They highly rely on recruiting.
  • They sell very expensive products.
  • You can move higher in the pyramid by paying more money.
  • The system is not allowed in many countries.

Despite these facts Aim Global is not an illegal pyramid scheme. It’s a multi-level marketing program that just looks quite suspicious. If you are tired of suspicious programs, I recommend taking a look at more reliable online business opportunity.

Is Aim Global Real?

Yes, Aim Global is a real network marketing company that has been operating already for several years. However, that doesn't mean that it would be the best company for you to join. 

There are no numerous other companies as well that are operating in the same industry and providing almost similar products. I have not joined Aim Global because I think that there are better opportunities available.

By the way, I am making a full-time income online even though I started as a complete beginner a few years ago. I learned the skills and I am 100% sure that if I can do it you can do it.

I started that without any experience, skills or contacts but still I have succeeded. Nowadays I am helping other people that see the same goal as well. I would be more than happy to help you out to make money online like I do.

Aim Global Networking Review

Now that you have almost read my article, I want to give you an opportunity to watch my Aim Global video review on YouTube below. I am 100% sure that you will find it helpful and valuable.

If you have any questions about Aim Global or making money online in general, don't hesitate to ask me and I would be more than happy to help you out.

In the end of the video, you also learn how you can make money with my #1 recommendation.

Is Aim Global an Illuminati Company?

I was surprised to see that thousands of people had been searching on Google if Aim Global is an Illuminati company.

You can see in the image below that I took from my Google Search Console that  2,126 people we're searching it during the last 6 months and 141 of them ended up reading this article that you are reading right now.

Based on my information and knowledge Aim Global is not an illuminati company and I don't know why some people think that it would be something like that.

Conclusion – Is Aim Global Worth It?

After all, it’s up to you to decide but I can share you my sincere opinion. I would stay away from Aim Global for several reasons. Overpriced products, suspicious system and controversial reputation don’t make the system look interesting.

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Aim Global distributors are probably now saying, “haters gonna hate.” but we need to look at the program honestly. The reality is that they have too many red flags.

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4 step process for making money online

What are your experiences with Aim Global and similar MLM-programs?

Are you interested in making money online using the same strategy that I do?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Hi Roope

    I am from Papua New Guinea, I use to encourage my people to do proper due diligent check on any MLM system before making commitment of joining. Now is to late I’m sorry for my people but it’s late, major of them have registered with a AIM GLOBAL and receiving cheques paid to them… the question is apart from enjoying the benefit of the product they (aim Global) promise them to be millionaires… I am confuse how can they be overnight millionaires … introduce a better program that I can use and save my people…

    Cheers Collin

    1. Hi Collin,

      thanks for your comment/question.

      Well, there isn’t such thing as an overnight millionaire. If you want to become a millionaire, you’ll need to work smart and hard for it. Everyone who is claiming you otherwise is most likely just lying to scam you and steal your money.

      My #1 recommended program that changed my own financial life is Wealthy Affiliate.

      I have also some friends from Papua New Guinea who have joined Wealthy Affiliate and enjoyed it a lot.

      But as I said, it won’t make you a millionaire overnight. You may become a millionaire with it long term but not overnight 🙂

  2. Have studied AIM global for sometime but I don’t Agree with you especially where you saying about top people earning more. I make more money than my Upline. Aim global is a binary system and no one can make more than 16 matches with single account per day. Again I never joined AIM global because I was broke, no these products are super moving. In fact I make more money through retail than leverage. Again dublication is simple recruit only 2. Personally have received over 40 but all the 38 are below my two first people. Aim global is the next MLM GIANT WAIT AND SEE

  3. Hi Mr Roope, I can understand from ur point that you don’t really trust Aim Global. I went for their seminar yesterday in Ghana and planning to join soon but after reading and confused and I want to ask if you can help me with any other way of making money because am really suffering.

    1. Hello George,

      Thanks for your question! I am not part of Aim Global or any other MLM company. I make money with affiliate marketing online. There is not any education level needed for that. Anyone can do it.

      If you want to make a living with affiliate marketing online, follow the steps in my Ultimate Make Money Online Guide.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

      I’d be more than happy to see you succeeding.


  4. Wow, they’re coffee is even like five times a cup of Starbucks! LOL.

    Based on my observation, most products offered by these MLM businesses have claims of unique properties and/or benefits that are “not in your typical brand”. They mostly target consumables and make people believe that their products have that “something”, coupled with testimonials from other people whom they claim to have benefited from using such products. This MLM front is quite popular based on several MLM schemes that I have experienced in the past.

    People actually use this front to convince others to join their business. That’s it – JOIN the business. So even if you’re not really a sales type of person, well, you can have the products “for personal consumption at a discounted price”.

    Just join us and you’ll get such and such benefits. After several years of MLM experience, whether directly or indirectly, I must say that the meat of it is really the referrals. You don’t really get to sell the package. You make it up by working on getting as many people as you can to join the business and get your ROI and actually “earn” from it. No matter how people spin it, it’s the same system. And sad to say, that’s where most of the “scam” part happens.

    1. You’re right. Thanks for sharing your experiences. That’s probably the main reason why I am not a big fan of network marketing. It’s often so focused on recruiting new people instead of selling or using the actual product that it feels more like a pyramid scheme.

  5. You can find many nutritional supplement products on the market and most of these products are manufactured by a popular company that has been on the market for many years. You can trust these products because they are used by hundreds of thousand products. Why would anyone buy such products from a company that no one knows.

  6. Hi Roope

    I joined so many MLM companies and also other companies like Bitcoin, Mannatech, Amway, ACN and many more I have lost count. Most of these companies they did have products and we purchase them. But none fulfilled what they promised. But Aim Global had a quite different system. It may be over priced, but that is not the real question The real question is did the Aim Global delivered what they promised. They promised their product will be a remedy to many diseases.

    Amazingly Aim Global’s product C24/7 is really healing many cancer patients globally. That I believe is a huge tick! Because they delivered their promise and their product is helping people. Now about over pricing how compared to the cancer treatments in traditional hospitals and modern medicine. I say many people would afford to buy C24/7 for $100 USD than a chemotherapeutic treatment or operations that will cost patients $30-50 thousand. I’m curious why you wanted to focus only on Aim Global but what about many other real scams MLM or pyramid systems out there that you could concentrate on. Because even yourself you admitted that Aim Global is not a scam! I know.

    I just joined Aim Global in less than 3 months but I already made my first $1050 NZD. Which is something none of other companies I joined priviously manage to give me. I’ll continue to work with Aim Global and I will see to it myself whether this is a scam or not. I’ll give Aim Global a year or two then I’ll do my own evaluation based on my own experience as a member of the Aim Global. That i believe will give a fair chance to Aim Global and to myself to follow the Aim Global System. Whether I fail or succeed it’s going to be based upon not on Aim Global alone but to my effort as well.

    But for you to have complete credibility on your opinions I suggest you try Aim Global first and give the Aim Global System a chance to prove whether they are a scam or not. For now I am yet to make that decision myself. Yes you are right Aim Global have weaknesses But, No system is perfect I am not going to stand by doing nothing waiting for someone to present a perfect MLM System. I prefer trying out different systems even if I loose some money but the lesson I will never loose that because it’s building my wealth of being an experienced MLM candidate.

    God bless
    God bless

    1. Hi Victor,

      I am happy that you have got good results with Aim Global.

      To your question: “Why am I reviewing Aim Global and not other programs?” I have reviewed more than 500 make money online opportunities on and on my YouTube channel in total. Many of them have been pyramid schemes and scams. Therefore, I have warned people for not to join them.

      Often some of their members have came to me and said, “This program really works! Why are you saying it’s not good.” Then after a few months their program has collapsed or shut down by officials because it was a pyramid scheme.

      Personally, I am not a big fan of network marketing. I am not part of any network marketing company because I am not a big fan of that business model. It’s quite controversial.

      If you want to learn to make more money with Aim Global, I recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate training because it will teach you step-by-step how to reach hundreds of thousands of people online like I did.
      Imagine the earning potential as well! :)¨

      It doesn’t teach network marketing. Actually, the opposite. The company has been around for more than 12 years and you can use their training to make money online by promoting anything you want. Even your Aim Global system.

      If you have any questions on making money online, reaching people or anything else, don’t hesitate to ask me and I will be more than happy to help you out.


    2. Hi Victor,

      How are you progressing with AIM Global since you joined in 2018. I’m interested and I would appreciate you share your experience with me to confirm if its worth becoming a member because I need to really understand how AIM Global can help solve some of my challenging issues in terms of making some extra income.

      Thank you for your post.

      Yours sincerely,

  7. You are very correct about detecting that most of these MLM programs always target poor people in developing countries and making them promises that would never materialize. With the high cost of the products they offer, it’s likely impossible for the new members to make much progress in the company. It’s really the same thing with Aim Global MLM programs, their products are overpriced and it’s not encouraging.

      1. Well, having suspected this long ago and now with the information on this review, I’m absolutely convinced that I made the right decision in never giving in to the luring act of an AIM GLOBAL distributor who has been trying so hard to convince me on joining the program. The best thing to do for myself would be to block her from reaching me on Facebook.

  8. Sir,
    I am seriously interested in (aim global network marketing business plan)please i need complete information from where I get complete information My Email Adress ( and M obile number +966596306166

  9. Way back before my father is a member of Aim Global. One his friend introduce it to him, I actually don’t trust the person but after a week my father earned a profit and so he continues to sell products of the company for one year. Sadly, my father stop selling products I really don’t know the reason why he stop joining the company, he didn’t tell anybody until now he never tells us. Maybe he just heard something awful about the company that is why he stop. But for me I think Aim Global is not a scam. The company has helped many poor families here in the Philippines but the way and the price you need to pay for membership is very high and risky, just saying.

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with Aim Global. For me it’s a sign that your father didn’t fully enjoy the company if he left it.

      Of course, there are some benefits of Aim Global but I just think that there are better opportunities available.

  10. I have a friend who is a member of Aim Global. He was once a less fortunate person but when he joined Aim Global, he became rich. Based on my observation, he did a lot of efforts to persuade people to buy their products.

    He conducted a lot of seminars. Good for him because he is a good public speaker. He met many individuals that later on became his clients. Well, there is just normal of networking business. If we strive, we will thrive. I think Aim Global is not a scam because there is a product given to a customer in exchange of the amount paid.

    1. Wow, that’s an impressive story. Good for him. On the other hand, I’m always thinking about those who buy these MLM-products. They are paying extra price because they are more expensive than their counterparts on the supermarket.

      Aim Global certainly isn’t a scam. However, it’s not my #1 recommendation either.

  11. There is really nothing wrong with using the pyramid scheme. Companies do use it to attract more and more people into joining their company really fast. It’s just that a lot of bad companies are also using this strategy to take advantage of other people and take away their money by promising things that they can never deliver for a long time, then suddenly vanish into thin air along with the money of their members and investors. That is why a lot of people are connecting pyramiding strategy to scams. Which should not really be the case

    1. Well, there is a difference between an illegal pyramid scheme and an honest multi-level marketing company.

      An honest MLM-company provides good products that provide value also people who are not inside the system. But an illegal pyramid scheme just relies on recruiting new members. Of course, there are many companies that are on the borderline but I advise to stay away from them. I endorse only companies that work with completely honest and transparent methods.

  12. Exactly. The company denies that they are doing pyramid scheming but in reality they are. You need to refer members on their platform and they will show you some huge amounts to motivate in helping their organization.

    Aside from selling their products, you should accomplish 6 people to join that will be used as your left and right pairing and of course your upline will get the most commission for that, amazing right? But there are still folks who are willing to pay for their service but I don’t know why, I guess their agents are very talented screwing up people.

    1. Aim Global is not an illegal pyramid scheme. It’s just a normal multi-level marketing company. All of them use the pyramid structure and recruiting is a big part of success. Still, I’m not a big fan of those systems.

  13. There are lots of marketing programs like Aim Global in the Philippines.

    Some people are easy to entice especially due to their poverty. People have a tendency to look into stuff that’s promising a bunch of things. The point is to get rich quickly. And that’s where most people go at it the wrong way. Too easily they’re swayed by promises of profit.

    They have to learn that this kind of program won’t lead to success. It’s not that people haven’t earned money from it. But it isn’t really worth the time considering the price of their items.

    I haven’t taken anything from them. I agree with what you said.

    There are too many warning signs. Weight loss supplements are probably the most common type of products used for stuff like this. It’s because lots of people want to get slim fast. But I highly doubt they’re worth it. There are better ways to get fit. Truly overpriced.

    1. That’s true. Many people want to get quick results with weight loss, business, relationships and with almost anything. But the reality is that anything worthwhile in life requires work, effort and persistence.

      There isn’t a push button to riches, to 6-pack or something like that. Consistent work day in and day out eventually pays off. It also gives the greatest satisfaction when you achieve it once you know you have worked for it.

      1. It’s also sometimes about people confusing hard earned success with instant success.

        Instant success tends to fail in the long-term. You’ve got some money now but if it can’t be sustained, then it’s not worth your time. Hard earned success comes from a solid foundation. It’s the fruit of your labor made possible through consistent effort.

        This is why it lasts. You’ve learned to keep at it and it leads to the habit of never stopping to fulfill your daily checks and obligations. It’s what truly makes a successful person.

  14. The fact that you can only get higher in the pyramid by paying money is quite concerning. Like you said, I don’t think any proper and honest MLM sites will do anything like this. Personally, that alone is enough to tell me that I shouldn’t be a member of this site. And it’s not great that they charge silly prices for their products as well. Like you said, best thing to do is to probably stay away from it

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