How to Learn to Write a Blog? – 3 Steps to Become an Awesome Blogger

How to Learn to Write a Blog
Start Learning Today!
How to Learn to Write a Blog
Start Blogging Today!

Nowadays more and more people are interested in blogging and for a good reason. Writing a blog can be fun and you can earn the full-time income by writing a blog. But If you don’t have former experience of blogging, you may ask, “How to Learn to Write a Blog?”

Writing a blog is a skill that anyone can learn. I want to highlight it, Anyone can learn to write well!

Today I’m going to give you 3 steps that you can become a wonderful blogger.

Step 1 – Learn from the Professional Bloggers

When you are learning a new skill there is a way to speed up the process. You don’t need to reinvent the bicycle.

Learn from others who are professional bloggers. They have great tips how to get started, how to become better and how to write well. If you don’t know any professional writers, don’t worry.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online university that teaches you everything about writing a blog (and how to earn money with your blog). Their comprehensive training teaches you

  • How to build a blog
  • How to add images
  • How to write in an interesting way
  • How to get traffic to a blog
  • And much more.

You don’t need to become a professional but even if you are writing a blog for fun it makes it easier when you get some great tips from the experienced bloggers. And would it be fun to earn little extra income while blogging?

You can read my thorough review of WA here or you can claim your 10 free video lessons right here.

Step 2 – Write, Write, Write

If you want to become a better in writing blogs you need write a lot. There is no shortcut.

But the good news is:

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” -Zig Ziglar

(See my text -> Perfection – Not Required in Online Business)

You will become better when you practice and I recommend to write daily.

As you write something daily, writing will become your second nature. Think for example about riding a bicycle or driving a car. You don’t need to think about the process anymore because you have done it so much. The same will happen with writing. Just keep on doing it and it will feel as natural as breathing.

(Writing a lot will also help you to get ranked in Google. When you publish something every day you have much more content to be ranked in the search engines. If you, for example, write one post a day that means 365 posts in one year. Compare if you write only 1 post a week which makes 52 posts/year. 365 > 52.)

How to Learn to Write a Blog
Write Daily – Improve Daily

Step 3 – Reflect and Improve

As Ziglar said, you don’t have to be great to start. But after starting it’s important to learn and become better. Never stop learning.

Learning makes writing a blog also more interesting and gives satisfaction when you can compare your texts now and after one year. You can see how much you have improved and it motivates you to learn more.

In order to become a better writer you can for example

  • Ask feedback from the professional bloggers (in Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Ask feedback from your friends (but keep in mind to take only what is constructive because some of your friends probably are not very professionals in blogging)
  • Analyze your own texts. Read your texts with the “visitors eye’s” and think. What things keep your attention first? Are your texts easy to read? Are they convincing? What could you make better?

People who have written a blog for 5 years can still learn something new.

You can also start learning other things related to your blog. How to get ranked in Google, how to get more visitors to your website, how to do money with your blog using affiliate marketing and so on. The sky is the limit.

3 Steps to Become an Awesome Blogger

1.Learn from the Professional Bloggers
2.Write, Write, Write
3.Reflect and Improve

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I really hope these 3 steps will help you to learn to write a blog and become an awesome blogger.

What do you think about these steps?

How do you learn to blog?

Leave the comments below.


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By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I find it a good encouragement to take out of the comfort zone. To try on something new. Writing maybe difficult but always have the courage and perseverance. It will be fine. Skills will be develop and so with the confidence. It’s good to read, comprehend and write on our ideas. It’s a good way to express our thoughts and feelings. We never know it may help others. It’s always a pleasure to read on your articles. It motivates me to be attentive. Keep up your good work. Thanks again. God bless.

  2. Ho Roope, I really enjoyed your tips, thank you so much. When I started my blog, one year ago, I remember how difficult it was to create content.

    I would spend 1 whole week researching and writing a 1000 word article. Needless to say, it took me a long time to start getting noticed by Google. However, I kept improving and I now I am able to make 4 -5 per week.

    Google recognises my site and it’s much easier to rank!
    So, from experience, I can say you are completely tight. It takes time, but it’s worth it.

    All the best and keep the good work

    1. Hi Stefan,

      You are right. Writing gets easier with practice. I have also noticed that when writing becomes a habit, it’s easier. For example, recently I haven’t written so much and it feels much harder to write than on those times when I have written very much.


  3. Very good tips here and easy to follow.

    Find people who are professionals, follow their “template”, practise, then reflect and improve.

    It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Thanks for this post, it shows that I’m on the right track.

    There is definitely a skill and art to blogging. But like most skills, they can be learned if someone puts in the time and effort.

    1. Thank you for the thoughts Curt!

      Yes, I like to think simply and not to complicate things too much. Of course there are more details in blogging but I think the most important part is to start and keep on practicing. It’s better to do something that not to do anything and hesitate.

      Blogging is a skill that can be learned like any other skill in life.

      I wish you success Curt!

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