5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Bloggers

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Social Media Marketing for Bloggers
Social Media is an Incredible Resource for Bloggers

Today I’m going to give 5 benefits of social media marketing for bloggers. Read these carefully if you are a blogger and especially if you want to earn income from your blog.

Social media is an awesome tool for all bloggers and online marketers. You can engage with people, find new customers, market your brand and the sky is the limit.

5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Bloggers

1.More Traffic. You can share the links to your blog posts and articles. People in social media click those links which will mean more traffic to your blog.

You can use several ways to encourage people in social media to come to your website. For example use images, use questions and encourage action.

When people see that your content is valuable they will start to share your website in their social circle’s which allows you to get even more and more traffic.

2.More Customers. More traffic to your website will lead to more customers which will very probably lead to more revenue. Let’s say, for example, that the traffic of your blog is 5,000 visitors/month and 1% of them end up buying something. That makes 50 customers per month.

Then after social media marketing the traffic in your blog increases to 10,000/month and still 1% of them end up buying your product. Now you have already 100 customers every month.

3.Increased Brand Awareness. You can build your own brand in social media. Put your blog’s logo everywhere on the social networks. Leave tracks of your blog. And don’t worry that people will not get bored with your logo.

Think about Coca-Cola, for example. Everyone knows the brand. Why are they still marketing their brand everywhere? Because if they wouldn’t market it people would forget it over the time in the long run. But now when they put their ads everywhere and people can see their logo it’s easy to remember.

You can use the same strategy in your own social media marketing. Leave the tracks.

4.More Authority. More traffic, more customers and increased brand awareness. All of this will together lead to more authority. You will become better known in your niche and probably you can become a famous blogger.

It’s always beneficial to have more authority in the online world. People will trust you more, they will engage with you more and they will buy from you.

Become the authority. Continue building your blog and marketing it in the social media.

5.More Revenue. This is one of the most interesting parts. All 4 benefits that I mentioned before will eventually lead to more revenue. Social media marketing will allow you to earn more from your blog.

Sometimes you can even use some money for to market your blog in social media in order to get profit. Invest $10 in social media marketing and get $20 profit. But be careful when investing in social media marketing. You can end up losing money if you don’t know what you are doing.

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Social media marketing can be ultimately the powerful tool for bloggers. I would say that it’s the must. Here is the little recap of the benefits so you can remember them better.

1.More Traffic
2.More Customers
3.Increase Brand Awareness
4.More Authority
5.More Revenue

I still want to highlight that social media marketing will be a powerful tool only if you use it in a right way. Scrolling Facebook’s news feed and watching useless Youtube videos for many hours IS NOT SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. It’s only the waste of time.

You can end up spending hundreds of hours on social media if you don’t know the right way to use it.

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You need to learn how to do social media marketing effectively. My favorite place to learn social media marketing for bloggers is Wealthy Affiliate.

Here are two powerful lessons of social media marketing. I’m sure that you will like them!

TOP 12 Steps to Social Media Success

What 3 Social Media You Want and Why

I hope that you find this article useful. Please share it on your social networks. 😉

If you have any questions or comments I’m more than happy to help you out and discuss with you.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of YourOnlineRevenue.com. I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Thank you Roope.

    I now can perfectly see the value and benefits of Social Media Marketing. But people should know that its a give and take on social Platforms. If you are proactive you will build friendship with many other new mutual friends. A like is considered by other very highly. These will increase respond of what you post on your profile or social pages

    The best advantage on social media is that you have a sizable number of people you you know personally and who are willing to support you.

    I think success will also hinge on how sociable you are.

    1. Hi Jonathan,

      you are right. With social media you most likely get what you give like in many other areas in life. However, with social media one can be very effective or ineffective. Other one can get the same results with 10 minutes of work while the other person works for three hours.

      That’s why it’s important to learn to use social media tools to automate some actions so you won’t waste too much time on the things that could be done automatically. I recommend to check MassPlanner. It’s a tool used by many successful Internet marketers. I am also using it daily. (I will write a full review soon).


  2. Roope,

    Duh, silly me that I totally forgot about YouTube! Yes, absolutely YouTube is the most powerful social platform to promote your business.

    They say people get your point only 10% by reading (blog), 20% by listening (podcast) but 50% by watching (video)! YouTube is a path that you cannot avoid if you are serious about being successful online.

    I had procrastinated getting started with videos for the longest time as it was my biggest fear to record even my voice only for a screen recording, but just this past week I finally gathered a courage and getting ready to have some videos put out there. Let’s see how it turns out… but we learn only through trying out, right?

    How about you Roope? Are you already utilizing videos for your business?


    1. Hi Yuko,

      interesting numbers! I believe that those percents can be somehow good guidelines. It also depends on the writer and the speaker how well they get the point through :).

      I had also some fears making videos and I think it’s quite common. I have now made only a few videos but I’m going to make more videos in the near future. It’s exactly as you say, “We learn only through trying out”. In the other words, the best way to learn to make videos is to make videos :D.


  3. I cannot agree with you more! Social Media is a must nowadays to promote your business to a vast audience on the Internet. I personally utilize Twitter and Pinterest the most. I don’t get much engagement or traffic from Facebook. I haven’t really used Instagram yet. What is the social media that you find most effective?


    1. Hi Yuko and thank you for sharing your experiences!

      It depends on a little bit. Twitter can be very effective and easy to use but on the other hand, people love videos so Youtube is very powerful too. It takes usually more effort to make a quality video than one 140-paragraph tweet. Facebook is easily the biggest one. Still I would say that Youtube is the most powerful but it takes also efforts to be successful on Youtube. What do you think Yuko?

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