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Is Life Coaching a Scam? Definitely Not But You Need to Be Careful Because…

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Nowadays life coaching has become probably more popular than ever before in the human history. Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, Eric Thomas and Les Brown are some of the most famous ones. Some of them may earn $100,000 or more for one weekend of training. Then there is private life coach who is also making [...]

How to Choose the Right Career for Me? Think Long Term! Read My Personal Examples.

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Think 10 or 20 years ahead. If you are young and thinking what should you do when you are "big" and grown up. You are wondering, "How to Choose the Right Career for Me?" Or maybe you are fed up with your current job and you are thinking about the same question. How could you determine [...]

What Arnold Schwarzenegger Teaches About Internet Marketing?

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Everyone knows the world-famous bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, "Austrian Oak, Arnie, The Governator." There are many names that you can call him. What has Arnie to do with internet marketing and making money online? Keep on reading and you'll find out! (I don't agree with Arnie on everything but this wisdom I agree with him.) While Others Are [...]

How to Motivate to Work? Don’t do Anything!

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Do your work, This guy is watching! Have you ever felt unmotivated to start your work and get it done? Have you ever thought how to motivate yourself to work? Don’t worry probably all of us feel it sometimes. But the difference between the winners and the losers is how they react to that [...]

How to Success Online? – Start from Your Mind!

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Program Your Mind for Success "Gather successful people from all walks of life and what would they have in common? The way they think!" -John Maxwell. If you want to know how to success online you need to start from your mind. You need to prepare your mind for success. One of the most important [...]

Ultimate Opportunities! Did you know this?

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It's curious that some people see opportunities everywhere while other people seem to be blind for them. Imagine two people walking around and thinking about their lives. The other one (Let's call him Jamie) is complaining about his job, relationships and health. The other one (Bob) offers him help. He sees opportunities. Bob is an entrepreneur [...]

Persistence Is the Key to Success

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Over and over again I keep on reading the success stories from people about their online businesses. See for example "$0 to $10k In 3 Years" by a guy who started earning 5-figure passive income from internet after working three years for his online business. Or see this "My First $10,000 Month!" by 20 years old guy [...]

Perfection – Not Required in the Online Business

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Hi there! This blog post can work for you and me as a reminder what is really important in running a website, writing a blog and actually in life in general. Many times in life fear of not being perfect can hold us back. To be honest I believe that perfectionism can be harmful for our progress [...]

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