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Is Life Coaching a Scam? No, But You Need to Be Careful!

Nowadays life coaching has become probably more popular than ever before in the human history. Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, Eric Thomas and Les Brown are some of the most famous ones. Some of them may earn $100,000 or more for one weekend of training. Then there is private life coach who is also making $1,000/hour. They are charging so huge money…

That’s why we’ll discuss today: Is life coaching a scam or really useful? Fasten your seatbelts and let’s go!

Life Coaching in Action – The Story of a “Guru”

There was one young man who wanted to be very successful and he knew this guru who had achieved huge things during his life. The young man went to this guru and asked, “Can you teach me to become successful?” The guru said, “If you want to learn how to become successful, see you tomorrow at 4 a.m. in the beach.”

is life coaching a scam

Old “guru” started teaching a young man

The young man thought, “I don’t want to be a lifeguard but… I will come because this guru really knows his things.”

Next morning they met on the beach and the guru said, “Let’s walk to the sea.” Then young man started to think, “This guru must be crazy! But I still want to be successful.” So they walked to the sea until their hips were in the same line with water.

The young man said, “And what next, guru?” Then guru immediately grabbed young man’s head and forced it below to the water. The young man couldn’t breathe! The only thing he wanted to do was to get back over the water to get some fresh air.

The young man started to fight back with his full power and energy until he was able to take his head above the water and breath. Then he asked the guru, “Why on earth did you do that? Did you try to kill me!?” The guru replied, “Of course not. I am teaching you how to become successful. Now. Answer me, what did you think when you were below the water?”

“Did you think about the baseball match? Did you think about some of your favorite TV-series? Did you think when could you use Facebook for the next time?”, continued guru.

The young man said to the guru, “No. I thought none of those things. All I wanted to do was to breathe. I didn’t have time to think about TV-series of Facebook feed.” Then guru watched young man deep in his eyes and said, “That’s today’s lesson for you: When you want to succeed as bad as you wanted to breathe, then you will be successful.”

Even though this was a bit extreme example of life coaching, it illustrates how it could work with a successful guru.

What Are the Benefits of Life Coaching?

1.Life coaching can help us to reach our true potential. Many people think, “I can’t do this or I can’t do that.” They may have limitations in their minds that they themselves or someone else has put into their minds. Life coaches will tell that you can really achieve more than you have thought.

Les Brown’s mentor (can be called also as a life coach) Mr.Washington said the following phrase when Les thought he couldn’t achieve anything because he was labeled as educable mentally retarded.

Les, don’t let someone’s opinion of you become your reality. You can do it!

That changed his life and little by little he started believing he can do great things during his life. Later, Brown started coaching other people worldwide and became one of the most influential motivational speakers in the world.

2.A life coach can teach something that we didn’t realize. Before I thought that I will live my life like this: go to school, have a degree, get a safe job and have a mortgage. Then pay the mortgage for 30 years and work in the same job forever. I started listening to different life coaches and I realized that it’s not the way I want to live.

I realized that I wanted to do something big during my life. I started looking for ways to build my own business which could make a difference. I found out that building an online business is a wonderful choice if I don’t want to have a normal 9 to 5 job.

3.Life coaches can show an example. I believe that the best life coaches are those who have done something you that you would like to achieve. Let’s say that you want to lose weight. Then I would pick a life coach who has also lost weight. If you want to build a successful online business, I would choose a coach who has himself built a successful online business. Then he knows what he is talking about.

is life coaching a scam

Life coaching can help you to make a decisive breakthrough in your life

What Are the Dangers of Life Coaching?

1.What if a coach is not good? Let’s say that somebody declares, “Now I am a life coach and I will make $250/hour for my services.” Then he creates a great story on how he changed and how he can change your life too. Then you take 4 one-hour lessons and realize that you just spent $1,000 on a coach that didn’t even know what he was teaching.

In my opinion, it’s very very very important to analyze carefully, who is teaching you. Do you really want to become like him? Are you really ready to pay for his service?

2.Ultimately high fees. There are weekend seminars that can pay even over $5,000. $2,500 for one day. Isn’t that “a bit” too much. Okay, maybe you will get one idea that will change your life forever but you can get the same idea also for free. There are hundreds of expensive teachings on Youtube. Once, people paid so much to get into these seminars and now we can watch them for free.

“But you don’t get the emotion if you watch it on Youtube.” Well, it depends on. Maybe you don’t get the authentic experience. But what if you watch it together with a couple of friends who are also interested in the same subject? You can get the emotions even without being in the real place. And by the way, one emotion is not going to change your life but consistent actions day in and day out will.

“But you can network with other people.” Are you gonna pay $2,500/day for the opportunity to meet people that you can contact on the Internet and then meet for free?

Private life coaching sessions can be also extremely expensive. I wouldn’t pay $10,000 for an hour.  Why wouldn’t I just have good friends who can motivate me and I will motivate them? Okay, these sessions can be very valuable but be careful that you will not be ripped off.

Conclusion – Is Life Coaching a Scam?

Life coaching is definitely not a scam. It can be very encouraging and eye-opening to have some lessons from people who have achieved something worthwhile. Having success in life culminates in my opinion in two steps:

1.Know what to do.
2.Do it.

For the first one, we need to learn something new. And for the second one, we need discipline and motivation. Many people know what they should do but still, they don’t do it because of fear, lack of discipline or for some other reason. Life coaching can, for example, help.

I have noticed that many people would like to earn more than what they are earning right now. If you would like to make money online, I can recommend you this step-by-step training. It won’t make you rich overnight but it may solve all your money problems in the long run.

What do you think about life coaching?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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How to Choose the Right Career for Me? Think Long Term! Read My Personal Examples.


Think 10 or 20 years ahead.

If you are young and thinking what should you do when you are “big” and grown up. You are wondering, “How to Choose the Right Career for Me?”

Or maybe you are fed up with your current job and you are thinking about the same question. How could you determine which career path is just right for you?

Today, I will tell you truthfully how I made and many other people make their career choices. I believe that my examples can give you some inspiration to help your own decision.

Very Typical Way

Most of the people choose the career path based on the example of their, parents, relatives friends and from the other examples what they get from their environment.

You probably know some people who decided to choose exactly the same job as their parents. One of my friends’ father was a doctor so she always wanted to become a doctor herself. Now she is studying her third year in a medical school.

When I was a kid people asked me, “What will you be when you grow up?” I guess that many people asked you the same question when you were younger. I just answered, “Taxi driver” because my uncle was a taxi driver. My mother or father didn’t have a permanent profession for a long time so the closest example that I had was from my uncle.

Then I ended up driving a taxi on weekends during my studies. The choice became stronger also because I knew other friends who were taxi drivers.

After High School – The Big Decision

During the last year of high school (or vocational school) you must decide what will you continue studying, at least in Finland. Will you go to the university, university of applied sciences (or college) or start working??

How on earth could someone know what they want to do rest of their life when they are 19?!?!

That’s why I wrote this text to help you to choose the right career path just for you.

After high school, I saw advertisements of universities and colleges. Universities seemed to be theoretical and boring. It seemed that you just sit there on the lessons and read some books. Then ads from colleges said that studying there is very practical, down-to-earth and there are lots of internships so you will get your first work contacts and networks easily.

I also figured out that I want to help people to have a better life instead of calculating some boring mathematical functions in my office.

So, I decided to start studying social services in College (or you can call it University of Applied Sciences). Some of my friends and my mother asked, why didn’t I go to study something more challenging as I always got some of the best grades at school. I had always been one of the best in my class.

Well, I wanted something practical and at this point, I wasn’t thinking about the salary. But later on, I realized that my mother and friends had a good point.

After Graduation

Now I have finished my studies and I am waiting to get my “graduation papers” at the end of this month (30.9.2016 is my official graduation day).

Sometimes one crucial question flashes in my mind, “Did I choose the right career path?”

I have been thinking that I want to do something great and big during my life. I want to influence on thousands and millions of people. I want to help people to have a better life, get to know God and live happily. If I would go to work to a local kindergarten with 20 children, how could my dream become possible? Of course, I could affect there some people but not something very big that I am dreaming.

I figured out that I would also need some money in order to develop something big.

For example, if I would want to help homeless people to get their life on track again, it would require money and effort. I couldn’t do it alone. I could start an organization for helping people in need but it always requires some money. Money to rent/buys the building, food, furniture, employees and so on.

I Didn’t Think About Salary Before Choosing My Degree

Let’s say that you work as a bachelor of social services and a typical salary is 2,500€/month (before taxes). It makes 30,000€/year. As a doctor, you will easily make 5,000€/month after graduation. It makes double as more as a bachelor of social services. Of course, after reducing taxes the difference is not so big but it’s still remarkable.

After taxes 2,500€/month in Finland makes 22,000€ and 5,000€/month make 37,500€. The difference is 15,500€. In 10 years the difference is 155,000€ and in reality, it’s much bigger because doctor’s salary will rise faster than a social counselor’s salary.

I didn’t take these things into account when I was thinking about my career path. But I should have.

I am not saying that money is the only thing that matters in a job but we cannot deny that it’s still a big factor. If you earn double income, you could work for example one year, and during the other year do whatever you want. For example, help the people in need or go to travel around the world.

The cold truth is that many things in life require some money. But if you would be doing a job that you don’t enjoy then you probably won’t endure long.

I love learning and discovering new things. So, I have figured out that an optimal job for me is where I can learn something new, have challenges and get paid for that. What are your passions? When do you feel the excitement in your body?

Online Opportunity – More Powerful Than Ever Before

Even though I probably don’t become a doctor I am very glad that I found an opportunity influence people’s life through the Internet. And in addition, I could do it anywhere in the world.

There are more than 3,3 billion people online and I have an opportunity to reach them. AND YOU HAVE THE SAME OPPORTUNITY TOO!

Before, I didn’t know how to build a website or almost anything about reaching people online.

Then I found Wealthy Affiliate that taught me for example

  • How to build a website in 30 seconds (for free)
  • How to reach people through social media
  • How to write user-friendly articles
  • How to make money online without my own products
  • and much more.

I realized that building an online business would be a wonderful way to

1.Do what I like
2.Earn big income
3.Live anywhere I want
4.Help millions of people

If as a bachelor of social services I would be able to earn 2,300€-3,000€/month while working in Finland, doing online business I would be able to earn 10,000€/month or much more while living literally anywhere in the world.


You can work online even on a beach. 😉

Should I Quit College/University/Job and Start Building an Online Business?

The answer is: Probably not.

I read about a guy who was earning good money online. He started his online business while working in a regular job and then after work a few hours for his online business. He was earning +$3,000-5,000/month online.

Then he quit his job to focus more on his online business and something strange happened. Before, he had been usually max.3 hours/day time for his online business. Now when he had 14 hours/day. But he said that most of the time he achieved to do less in a day than before!

Despite having 14 hours, instead of 3, it didn’t guarantee better results. He always thought, “Well, I have so much time so I can do it later.”

I think that’s what would happen to many people. Even though they would have hours and hours of time they wouldn’t get the things done because they would

1.Sleep late
2.Check Facebook
3.Check a few Youtube videos
5.Exercise because it’s also important
6.Call friends and chat how easy life is
7.Have some fresh air because being inside it’s not fun.

And eventually at 7pm they would realize that the day is almost gone and they decide to work on their online business tomorrow. The Same cycle repeats tomorrow.

When you are starting an online business, you just need to be smart an efficient. 2 hours a day is more than enough if you focus on important tasks. -Edy (3 Steps to Make Money FAST? by Singaporean guy)

First, just concentrate on progressing consistently. Even 30 minutes a day is progress. Watch a short video and put the principles into action.

If you don’t have 30 minutes a day, then try to concentrate more on weekends when you probably have a bit more time.

=> Start Learning Today for Free.

How to Choose the Right Career for Me?

First of all, think long-term. What do you really want out of your life? What do you want to be remembered for when you die?

“Dig down, dig deep down. Who do you want to be? Not what, but WHO?” -Arnold Schwarzenegger

The truth is that when you will be working 40 hours a week, that’s a huge amount of time! Would you like to spend your time and your life doing something that you don’t want?

I always recommend to pray and seek God’s guidance in your life.

5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
6  in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6.

Ask many people for advice too. Not just your mother and father but tens of different people. You don’t need to know all of them personally because you can scroll different opportunities online.

Check for example a list of professions. Read some description of the most interesting ones. Then search more information from Google.

Try It in Practice!

Even though you would have read many descriptions and heard experiences about a certain profession, you still may don’t know if it fits for you or not. The best way to find out if you’ll like it or not is to try.

I have worked for example

  • As taxi driver
  • Social counselor with mental health clients and alcoholic people
  • In the kindergarten
  • As a babysitter
  • In the refugee center
  • Building my own online business
  • In a retail store

My thoughts about different works have changed after my own experiences. You may have illusions of different jobs.

However, note that at some point you just need to commit and stick with one profession. Probably you will have ups and downs but commitment and consistent effort make you better.

You may not have an opportunity to try everything yourself before committing to it. But at least visit different places, ask from other professionals and really get all the information that you can get to make a good decision.


Based on my experience and observations, most people make their career choice without thinking too much. Brian Tracy has said that the best-paid profession in U.S.

Einstein stated, “Thinking is hard work; that’s why so few do it.” I encourage you to dedicate lots of time thinking about your career choice. It is one of the most important things that you will be doing during your whole life.

  • Use pen and paper. List down pros and cons of different professions. Then compare.
  • Analyze at least 5 different professions.
  • Calculate possible salaries.
  • Ask many, many, many people.
  • Visualize yourself doing the work in practice. And if you have the opportunity, go to try it in practice.

I have decided that I want to build my own online business although I am working on a normal job as well.

I am in a process of building my online business and one of my dreams is to commit at some point 100% doing an online business. But I love working in general. I am not like people who hate the 9-5 job. But still having an own online business has so many like listed before:

1.Do what you like
2.Earn big income
3.Live anywhere I want
4.Help millions of people
5.Learn something new every day
6.Choose who you want to work with
7.Opportunity to be creative

If you are interested in starting your own online business (or developing a current one), I recommend you to start a free training in Wealthy Affiliate. I will give you also my 1-on-1 help on all the issues that you need. In addition, there are dozens of other successful online marketers who are already making big money online. Feel free to join.

I really hope that you enjoyed my article and it’s helpful to you. If you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to leave them below and I will be more than happy to give you a response.


What Arnold Schwarzenegger Teaches About Internet Marketing?

What Arnold Schwarzenegger Teaches About Internet Marketing

Everyone knows the world-famous bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Austrian Oak, Arnie, The Governator.” There are many names that you can call him.

What has Arnie to do with internet marketing and making money online?

Keep on reading and you’ll find out!

(I don’t agree with Arnie on everything but this wisdom I agree with him.)

While Others Are Partying…

As you may already know, you can make $10,000, $20,000 or even $100,000/month online. That’s 100% possible for anyone but still, you must remember that you will never make those amounts of money if you are not willing to work your butt off.

I am not teaching you some “get-rich-schemes” but something more reliable.

In one of his famous speeches called 6 Rules of Success Arnold said that it’s okay to have fun in life. It’s okay to have a little party every now and then.


The story doesn’t end there.

“But when you’re out there partying, horsing around, someone out there at the same time is working hard. Someone is getting smarter and someone is winning. Just remember that.” -Arnie

We See Their Glory But Don’t Understand the Story

It’s easy to look someone who has an online business making him $100,000/month and think, “He was just lucky. He was in the right place at the right time.” First of all, I don’t believe in luck.

He might have been in the right place at the right time but if someone makes hundreds of thousands online it means that they have worked their butt off. There is no other way around. (Well, at least if we are speaking about honest ways.)

While you have been chatting with your friends or playing online games, internet entrepreneurs have been building their business. They have been making new content, social media marketing or a review about a new product.

Now they are “reaping the harvest“.

You Reap What You Sow

I am not saying that if you want a successful online business, you must totally end all parties, never have fun and spend the rest of your life in the front of the computer. That’s quite far from the truth.

But the point is that results don’t come without work.

If you want the prize, you must pay the price. (Price = work, work and work)

The positive side of all this it that if you are willing to work, you will also reap a good harvest.

As the Bible says, “Whatever a man sows, he will reap in return.”

Even though the Bible wasn’t talking specifically about online businesses, the principle works in everything.

If you sow seeds to your business, you will reap good results in return.
If you sow seeds in honesty, you will reap honest results.
If you sow seeds on your friendships, you will have good and strong friendships.

Are You Ready to Sow Seeds to an Online Business?

If you are willing to start an online business but don’t know where to start, you have come to the right place. Now you are in the right place at the right time.

If you don’t have any background on making online businesses, start here.

An online community called Wealthy Affiliate teaches you literally everything you need to know in order to build a successful online business.

You will learn to:

  • Build your own websites
  • Make social media marketing
  • Get to know successful Internet marketers
  • Learn how to get ranked on Google
  • and much more.

Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate here and create a free account today!


If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them below and I will be more than happy to respond you personally.



How to Motivate to Work? Don’t do Anything!

How to Motivate to Work

Do your work, This guy is watching!

Have you ever felt unmotivated to start your work and get it done? Have you ever thought how to motivate yourself to work? Don’t worry probably all of us feel it sometimes.

But the difference between the winners and the losers is how they react to that feeling. The losers will give the feeling win. The winners can change their feeling and after 5 minutes they will feel motivated to work again. How do they do it? I have a trick for you.

After reading this text you don’t need to wonder anymore how to motivate to work.

Analyze Yourself

When you feel the unwillingness to work what do you usually do?

Do you scroll Facebook’s news feed?
Do you play something TOTALLY USELESS with your phone?
Do you organize your papers?
Do you read blogs on the Internet?

Notice one thing: Usually, you are doing something. You are doing something that you shouldn’t.

You are doing something that seems useful but still it’s not the work that you should be doing.

Try my exercise!

About the Exercise

I want to mention that this exercise is highly effective if you do it well.

The point is that you don’t give yourself an alternative to doing something that would feel somehow useful. Don’t start to read the newspaper when you are doing the exercise. Don’t start to plan your weekend.

The idea is not to do anything.

You are giving yourself two alternatives:

1.Not doing anything


If you are a human being, homo sapiens, sooner or later you want to choose the alternative number 2, working.

How Do People Fail?

Some people fail because they give themselves more options. They give themselves the option number 3: do something useless that feels somehow useful.


Sit down like this orangutan and don't do anything. After a while working seems so interesting.

Sit down like this orangutan and don’t do anything. After a little while working seems so interesting.

Try This!

Step 1 Set 5-minute timer and start

Step 2 Sit down on the floor

Step 3 Don’t to anything.

If you feel like taking your phone, don’t do it. Just sit. Do it for 5 minutes. I mean don’t do anything for 5 minutes. Just sit with your brain OFF-mode.

Let me repeat.


Sooner or later you will feel so bored that working starts to feel very interesting option.

Before the exercise, you can put the 5-minute timer. Start working right away when you feel like it again. Most of the time you don’t want to sit there and wait for 5 minutes because it feels like a long time if you are not doing anything.

In my opinion, motivational techniques can be very useful if you are building your own online business and being your own boss.

More ways to motivate yourself to work

This awesome tip was found on one great article where you will find 5 ways to motivate yourself to do work.

I’m willing to hear your experiences after doing the exercise. What did you think about the other 4 ways to motivate yourself to work?

Leave the comments below!


How to Success Online? – Start from Your Mind!

How to Success Online

Program Your Mind for Success

“Gather successful people from all walks of life and what would they have in common? The way they think!” -John Maxwell.

If you want to know how to success online you need to start from your mind.

You need to prepare your mind for success.

One of the most important findings in the human history is the following,

“We become what we think most of the time.” -Brian Tracy

If you think about success and see yourself succeeding, you will eventually succeed. But if you see yourself failing, you will fail.

I am one of the Finland’s best chess players. I have seen that this principle works as in chess but also in the other areas of life like in the online business.

Success vs. Failure in the Online Business

When you think about your online business it’s important what you are expecting to happen.

If you are thinking all the time, “What if this doesn’t work.” “What if people don’t buy my products.” or “What if I don’t have enough skills.” Your thoughts will become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Probably people won’t buy your products if you don’t even yourself believe in them. The better attitude is to believe that people will love your products.

Compare if instead you would be thinking, “When will my breakthrough happen? Probably already in this month or then in the next month?” “I’m working so hard that sooner or later I will be rewarded.” or “I love as I’m learning all the time and improving my business.”

What do you think, which one of the attitudes will lead to a greater success in the online business?

If you are waiting for the failure, you will give up too easily. You will give up when you face the first difficulties thinking, “I knew that sooner or later I will fail.”

But if you are waiting for the success you will automatically work harder thinking, “I’m not working hard enough to get the results I want. I need to work harder and better.” (See Persistence Is the Key to Success.)

How to Success in Online business

For the successful people, failure is not an option

Failure is Not an Option

One important characteristic of the successful people is that they expect success. They are not waiting for the failure. (Temporary failures may happen but those are learning experiences. The ultimate failure is not an option. Temporary failures are the part of the ultimate success.)

They know that they’ll achieve what they want and eventually they will.

My friend described one of her successful friends. She said, “He (the successful person) always somehow figures out his way. I don’t know how but somehow he always manages to do it.”

That’s the point!

You don’t need to know the exact way how to do it when you start. Just believe that you will succeed and somehow in the course of time you will find the way.

Remember that success doesn’t come without paying the price. But when you are 100% sure that you will succeed, you will do all the required efforts and learn all the skills.

Create Your Success a Reality

Live in the way as you want to live in your dream. Don’t think, “First, I need to success and then I will live like successful people.” Start living your dream now.

Clean your office.
Wear elegant clothes.
Listen to motivational music.
Treat your customers as well as you can.
Take pictures that show how your success will look like.
Put the motivational picture as your background picture.

The point is, make the coming success as real as you would have already achieved that.

Think how your life will be when you have done it.

Think how you have helped and impacted the people around you.

Make it real!

Reprogram Your Mind to Online Success

Here are 3 short texts from Wealthy Affiliate that can help you to program and prepare your mind for the online success.

15 Ways to Improve Motivation & Concentration

Motivational Quote

Choosing motivational Words for Success

I hope these thoughts will help you to success better in your online business. You will make it if you believe so.

But if you don’t believe, the game is already lost. I believe in you!

What kind of techniques have you used to make yourself closer the ultimate success?


Ultimate Opportunities! Did you know this?


It’s curious that some people see opportunities everywhere while other people seem to be blind for them.

Imagine two people walking around and thinking about their lives. The other one (Let’s call him Jamie) is complaining about his job, relationships and health. The other one (Bob) offers him help. He sees opportunities.

Bob is an entrepreneur and offers Jamie an interesting job. But Jamie refuses and says, “I can’t take that job, I’m incompetent.”

Then they talk about relationships. Bob gives advice what has helped him in relationships. Bob tells that before his relationships weren’t so good but he saw the great opportunities to make them better. Now he offers his help to Jamie. But Jamie refuses.

Jamie is overweight. He needs to lose about 20 kilos to have “normal weight” again. Before, Bob was also overweight but then lost 30 kilos in one year. He knows how to do it. He knows how to change eating and exercising habits. But Jamie refuses to listen.

Are You Bob or Jamie?

You are maybe thinking, “Why you are telling me this story about two weird guys Bob and Jamie?” Let me explain.

When you see people around you, some of them are like Bob. They see new opportunities everywhere. They love to explore new things. And they succeed.

Spending time with people like Bob is usually quite inspiring.

Then you know the people who always tend to fail. At least, in their own words. They don’t see many opportunities. Actually, they tell you things like, “I’m not talented or I’m slow to learn.”

They have hope. But they have closed their eyes.

The crucial question is, Are you like Bob or Jamie?Bob and Jamie

What Bob and Jamie Have to Do With Online Businesses?

You may be wondering what this story has to do with my website’s theme, “Learn to Earn Online”.

Some people close their eyes from opportunities on the Internet. Nowadays, it’s certainly possible to work full-time with an online business.

If we go back two years in time I didn’t know that earning money online could be possible. I didn’t see the opportunities. I had a lot of prejudices about earning money online.

I thought that in future I would like to have my own website but I didn’t know that it’s also possible to earn money from websites. I had thought, “Maybe some gurus earn something with ads.” Thanks God, I see more opportunities today.

The Internet serves also for million other things. You can affect millions of people on the Internet. If you want to make the world better, the Internet is one great place to start. You can also learn from the best teachers in the world.

I could be talking hours and hours of the opportunities of the Internet but you probably know them quite well (at least if you are Bob) ;).


My Eye Opener – Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has opened my eyes a lot to see more opportunities. I know that making money online is possible. I have learned how to get more traffic, how to build websites and a lot more things.

I need to say that I didn’t have any background for these things before Wealthy Affiliate. It teaches everything step-by-step.


I hope you found this text inspiring and helpful. What are the great opportunities that you found during last years/months/days? Leave a comment.


Persistence Is the Key to Success

Over and over again I keep on reading the success stories from people about their online businesses. See for example “$0 to $10k In 3 Years” by a guy who started earning 5-figure passive income from internet after working three years for his online business. Or see this “My First $10,000 Month!” by 20 years old guy who started also earning 5-figure passive income from internet.

There are numerous stories like this but there is one common thing in those stories.

Even though they had challenges, they didn’t quit.

Two Groups – One Big and One Small

If we compare the amount of those who start an online business to those who start making 5-figure passive income there is a big difference. Only a little fraction of the starters will reach the point that they can say “Woohoo! I’m making $10,000/Month.”

Why is it so?

Let’s compare those two groups a bit.

What is the most significant difference between Those who reach 5-figure passive income vs. Those who don’t make it?

The Most Significant Difference

When I have read numerous texts from the successful online business people they have always one common advice.

DON’T QUIT! If you want to fail quitting is the fastest way to do it.

Those who have succeeded have been there usually for years. They have seen tens, hundreds and probably thousands of people quitting while they have still continued. They have heard many people saying, “This won’t pay off. I quit.” Probably the quitters have listened too much other other ones who have failed before them.

Successful people have the one thing in common. They haven’t quit. They have had the same struggles as everyone else. They keep on telling about their struggles but now they see their struggles in the new perspective because they have reached the goal.

But most of the starters didn’t have enough patience to wait for the results.

Don't see the results? Don't quit yet!

Don’t see the results? Don’t quit yet!

Delayed Gratification

You are probably familiar with the term delayed gratification. According to Wikipedia it “is the ability to resist the temptation for an immediate reward and wait for a later reward. Generally, delayed gratification is associated with resisting a smaller but more immediate reward in order to receive a larger or more enduring reward later.”

Usually doing online business requires delayed gratification.

If you go to work for a normal job you will probably earn $100-$300 for the first day. In online business you may have to work three months or more to get the first revenue. (Some people get their first revenue in their first week but that’s now very usual.)

But the reward after a lot of work would be that you will get bigger reward than in the “normal work”. Compare which one would be better:

After three years of online business you start earning $10,000/month passive income vs. after three years of “normal work” you will earn $4,000/month if you work for 40 hours/week.

Here a successful guy in online business asks a question, What if I said that you had to work 12 hour days for 3 years, but then after that you would own a six-figure business and could set your own hours. Would you do it then? That’s a crucial question.


If you won’t to success in online business don’t quit until you make it. Shia Labeouf says in his famous motivational video “If you are tired of starting over, STOP GIVING UP.”

That is the key to success. Don’t give up. Persistently keep on doing the right things until you can reap the harvest.

Think how the things will be after three if you quit now? How the things will be if you don’t quit?

Think about the times when you have succeeded well in your life. What were keys to success? Share with us!


Perfection – Not Required in the Online Business

Hi there!

This blog post can work for you and me as a reminder what is really important in running a website, writing a blog and actually in life in general.

Many times in life fear of not being perfect can hold us back. To be honest I believe that perfectionism can be harmful for our progress in online business and life.

1-0 The Only Thing That Counts

Have you watched the football match where the other team dominated the action in the field during the whole game. But then the underdog scores in the last minute and wins 1-0.

Ball possession doesn’t make the winner, great shoots don’t make the winner or great individual performances don’t make the winner.

The only thing that counts is the number of goals you make

Of course ball possession can help you in making goals but it just doesn’t make you a winner. And same applies to life.

Great plans or dream don’t make you a winner. The only thing that makes you a winner is the action you take!

I believe that it’s important to dream big but after you have dreamed big and made plans how to achieve those dreams, the only thing that counts is that do you stick with those dreams and plans.

The Right Direction Is the Most Important, Not the Speed

If you start your very first website today, the website is not probably perfect. Let’s be honest with that. But as you start the website today and run it for three months I’m quite sure that it’s already way better after three months. The website has developed a lot and you had learned from the mistakes. (If you are interested in building a website, check out my easy instructions)

What would be the progress after six months, one year or five years!? If you start today, and stick with your dreams, nothing is impossible.

The most important thing is to start.
The second thing is not to give up.

If you remember those two things you can achieve literally anything in online business. Some people don’t even start and the majority gives up without trying enough. That’s the only reason they fail in online business.

Perfection Isn’t Necessary at all

You really don’t need to be perfect when you start. But atually you don’t need to be perfect afterwards. When you run a website, people are not looking something that is perfect. Does Craigslist or Reddit look like perfect? No, but still they are highly popular websites.

If you make mistakes with your website and its content you can always correct it afterwards if you want. It’s better to have 10 texts published than 1000 drafts waiting for a perfect day. Because “the magical perfect day” never comes.

Just make some progress today because Little progress every day counts up big results.

Do people want to act with someone who is totally perfect, without any mistakes, almost a robot? I guess that people would prefer someone who is a normal human being with two legs and hands. Just being yourself is enough.

If you are interested you can Start online business today.

I hope this text can motivate you to keep on going without the fear of not being perfect.

What do you think about the subject? Please leave a comment!