Vitiligo Organics Reviews [$67 Worth Of Fraud?!]

Read My Vitiligo Organics Reviews Post Before You Invest In Scammy Organic Product From Australia. Description Lured People To Spend Without Effects. Read More.
Read My Vitiligo Organics Reviews Post Before You Invest In Scammy Organic Product From Australia. Description Lured People To Spend Without Effects. Read More.

Welcome to my Vitiligo Organics Review!

First of all, I know this is one of the Vitiligo Organics reviews you encountered on the web and probably one of the latest ones you’ve come across with.

I searched it myself and unfortunately, there were no other reviews of this product we’re about to discuss in this post.

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As you noticed, this isn’t a review of the product per se. But we’re going to have a gist of the company responsible behind the frenzy of this vitiligo cure they’re talking about.

It’s so popular that many people came into contact with those who have access to the product. In fact, there are many of the bloggers uploaded YouTube reviews sharing their experience with it.

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Before we’re going to delve into this organic product and the company, I want to congratulate you first for having the time to research and dig deeper about the product you’re planning to invest in.

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Now that we’re set, let’s dig into the post. Shall we?

Vitiligo Organics Review - Quick Summary

Name: Vitiligo Organics

Company: Natures Organics/Organic Care Australia

Founded: 1981

Type: Direct Sales

Price: $89 and up

Best for: Nobody, apparently

Vitiligo Organics Reviews Product Image

Summary: Vitiligo Organics is a flagship and one of the popular organic products created and produced under Organic Care Australia also known as Natures Organic, a direct sales company.

Is Vitiligo Organics Recommended? No. 


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What Is Vitiligo Organics? 

Vitiligo Organics is a flagship product under Organic Care Australia. As the name suggests, it's produced in a Multi-Level Marketing company based in Victoria. But their headquarters is in Melbourne. It's also named as Natures Organics.

According to their product website, this company is centered on providing organic products adhering to their mission, which says, "Our mission goes beyond creating products that are kind to the earth."

Important Background Information

The thing is that there seems to be a contrast in the information provided in their website and on another source, S&P Global Market, who relies on Bloomberg for information relay.

According to the latter, Natures Organics Pty Ltd is founded in 1991, 10 years after what was declared on their website. It's true that their headquarters is in Melbourne, Australia where 169 of their employees work.

Here's the catch.

There is no information about the executives, who are responsible for running the company. The same platform wrote, "Natures Organics Pty Ltd does not have any Key Executives recorded."

Vitiligo Organics Reviews Bloomberg Key Executives

Screenshot of Bloomber's record of Natures Organics Pty Ltd, company behind Vitiligo Organics

Albeit there's no information about the key executives behind Natures Organics, there are a few of the board members written on the report.

The persons named Terence Dowel, Kaye Dowel, and Justin Dowel were revealed on the list, presumably family members. 

What Do They Offer?

While there is no official website Natures Organics Pty Ltd, except Natures Organics, what I found out is that they are producing nothing but organic products in different variants categorized into the following:

  • Household cleaning (laundry detergents & liquids, dishwashing products, etc.)
  • Personal Care (Organic Care, Funtime brands, etc.)

Referring to Vitiligo Organics alone, it varies in bottle sizes from 125 mL to 1,000 mL just like how those products you see in Human Nature, Forever Living, Essante Organics, and Purium alike. Their products vary to cater to the needs of their clients.

How To Make Money By Selling Vitiligo Organics?

Although there’s no clear information if Natures Organics welcome affiliates or Independent Distributors of their product, Vitiligo Organics, there are surprisingly a huge number of people promoting this product in their private seller accounts.

On eBay, there are private sellers offering Vitiligo Organics and some on YouTube per se. Because of that, it makes me wonder how they get access to this product if the company doesn’t give out clear instructions whether they welcome this kind of business or not.

There are some sellers connect with their prospective clients on their respective Facebook pages as well

Hence, in order to make money by selling this product, you need to have access to the product, to begin with. Otherwise, you can’t have something to offer to your prospective clients, especially it’s immensely popular right now.

Vitiligo Organics Review Products-min

Vitiligo Organics in different variations

Vitiligo Organics Review - What Others Say About The Product?

Albeit Vitiligo Organics does sound a great product though, it gained many dissatisfied customers, unfortunately.

A Facebook user named Marc Moore wrote, "This product does not work or any other product out there. It's all a scam to get your money. [Just] save your money and just be yourself."

Another reviewer named Jasmine Gosselin mentioned that she's been using the product for a month and there's no change from her skin since she applied Vitiligo Organics.

The rest of the negative reviews of the product splurged on the Facebook page alone.

Vitiligo Organics [UGLY] Truths Unveiled!

1. No Official Website, To Begin With

The first thing I noticed while researching about this product is there’s no official landing page filled with information about the company featuring Vitiligo Organics as their flagship product, unlike other direct selling companies I reviewed. 

2. No Clear Info About The Company

I had to dig deeper into articles such as Bloomberg and a bunch of Facebook pages to find information about this company, which is a hassle for those who want to start a business with this product.

3. No Info On The Executives

In relation to the previous point, it took a while before I found a few information about their company. Not even a single of the key executives behind this product is revealed in which until now it remained a mystery.

Vitiligo Organics Reviews Content Image 1 - Your Online Revenue

Photo credits to Rawpixel on Unsplash

4. No Records On BBB

This is a negative point. Most of the companies without records on BBB does sound questionable.

Albeit a few positive notes on the product, given the absence of their review on the platform is enough to create second thoughts of the product and the company as a whole.

5. No Info How To Get Product Access

Although it’s clear they’re structured as a direct sales company, there’s not enough information - not even clear enough - to answer the question where these private sellers got access to Vitiligo Organics.

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A few of the YouTube videos revealed there are instances this product is available for wholesale, but there’s no clarity in it. 

6. No Diverse Earning Opportunity

It’s clear many people are making money by selling Vitiligo Organics on different platforms. However, there’s no clear way how they got access nor from the manufacturer’s website.

Hence, you don't have other means to earn an income in this product except selling online. No compensation rates, no bonuses.

Instead, there were speculations these sellers approach distributors to supply this product right through their online stores.

What Did I Like About Vitiligo Organics?

The only thing I liked about Vitiligo Organics is that it gave hope to those people suffering from the skin disease thinking there’s no way to cure it. Medically speaking, there’s no scientific way to eliminate it.

Vitiligo by itself is a long-term disease caused by genetics and autoimmune system deficiency. Hence, there's no cure available for it. There might be some available treatments but it won't cure it at all.

The most popular way to cure it is through light therapy or laser treatments. If these strategies won't work, then the patient has to go through surgery by means of skin grafting.

Nonetheless, Vitiligo Organics effectiveness remained a question to most of the sufferers of the skin disease.

Vitiligo Organics Review Content Image 2 - Your Online Revenue

Vitiligo Organics Review - Conclusion

Overall, selling Vitiligo Organics as a direct seller is a bit risky. Even if you heard success stories from sellers or from the customers per se, investing money, time, and effort in building a business involving this product won’t give you much return.

In the first place, the manufacturer’s information lacked a lot leading to a lot of speculations and second thoughts about the company and the product per se. From there, it’s already a red flag for you.

Given, delving into business with Natures Organics and with Vitiligo Organics won’t be a smart move. In a businessman’s perspective, it’s best to look for another option to earn more money this year using the 4-step proven and legitimate strategy.

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Now that I shared my thoughts about my “Vitiligo Organics Reviews” post, it’s time to turn the tables and ask your thoughts regarding the in-depth review of this so-called organic manufacturing company.

Do you want to earn an income by joining MLM selling questionable Vitiligo Organics?

Or you rather invest your time to leverage yourself by honing your high-income skill set as an affiliate and residual passive income this year?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you have further questions that I haven't discussed in the post, feel free to leave them in the comments. I love reading them.

Do the same when you have suggestions to add for this post. That’d be much appreciated as well.

On the other hand, if you feel like you want to learn more about Roope’s step-by-step formula to make money online, leave a comment and he'll be happy to help you out with your business starter concerns.

You can go to any of his posts and leave a comment. He’ll review it and respond to you the soonest although he’s traveling abroad at the moment.

By Mecyll Gaspary

Hi, I'm Mecyll! I'm a full-time writer in Your Online Revenue, dedicated to dig into the world of making money with Roope. When I'm not spending time writing reviews, I'm writing novels and blog posts on my own website.

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