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SuchApp ICO Airdrop Review – Don’t Miss This Chance!

Short version: Easy airdrop of SPS potentially worth about 2$ here.

SuchApp ICO Airdrop Review – What Is an Airdrop?

In an airdrop a token issuer or promoter offers free coins/tokens to participants. Some cryptocurrencies or tokens are completely airdropped instead of an ICO distribution, but mostly airdrops are used as a means to make a new project known to the world.

While keeping up to date on new potential investments to review here, I often stumble upon airdrops as well.

At the bare minimum to participate in an airdrop a user needs to give a valid ERC-20 compatible wallet address for the tokens to be deposited into (I suggest Metamask but Mist and MyEtherWallet are ok as well).

Sometimes participants are also required to join the project’s Telegram channel or leave their real name or email address for identification purposes. If an airdrop requires a participant to do active advertising on the behalf of the project on their own, for example writing favorable reviews or social media messages, the airdrop is called a bounty.

Unfortunately, many if not even most airdrops out there are phishing scams or empty promises, without an actual airdrop ever happening.

In December 2017 I went through a few public airdrop listing websites and found only three legit airdrops out of around 30 that weren’t bounties or scams. (One of them would have been worth 250$ (POLY)… And I failed to participate in it due to a cookie blocker on my browser being active…)

After that miserable experience, I haven’t used airdrop listing sites. Still, every time I stumble upon a legit airdrop while looking for profitable ICOs, I notify Roope about it. This time I’ll share one with you guys as well.

How Does SuchApp Airdrop work? – Video Instructions

SuchApp Airdrop

Suchapp ICO Review

Project: SuchApp
Ticker: SPS
Product: Social media application with embedded cryptocurrency

Telegram cap: 12k/50k as of 18th February 2018
Airdrop requirements: ERC-20 wallet address, joining Telegram group, email confirmation
Airdropped amount: 21 SPS

Bounty: Yes, 20 extra SPS per referral
Post-ICO peak price prediction of token: 0.13$
Link to Airdrop: Link (referral link for Markus)

ICO start date: 26th February 2018
Airdrop date: 20th April at latest
Special notes: None

There you have it! Around 2$ might not seem much but it’s the best free money you can get in cryptocurrencies without any investments in real money! I didn’t deem SuchApp as a safe enough investment yet to warrant an ICO recommendation post.

84Still, this is a project I’ll be watching closely this July when they’ll release the beta version of the SuchApp social media platform. If this project is worth investing in, we’ll tell you in July/September!

Future airdrop posts will be much shorter than this because I won’t write the introduction about what airdrops are.

If you like this type of post, please say so in the comments below!

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Markus Hyytinen

Markus Hyytinen is a Mathematics teacher (B.Sc.) and a cryptocurrency enthusiast. His other hobbies include tabletop roleplaying games and LAN parties. He has been staying up to date on new blockchain projects since 2017 and predicts the Ethereum flippening to take place in Q3 2018.

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