Opinion Panel Review: £10 Sign Up Bonus – Where Is the Catch?

opinion panel review
I like to simple design of Opinion Panel.

Opinion Panel promises a sign up bonus of £10 for everyone who creates an account on their website. In addition, their marketing video talks about shopping vouchers of £25, £50 or even £70 just by answering some of their questions.

That sounds almost too good to be true. However, when you look for other Opinion Panel Reviews on the Internet you see that people are really getting paid through this website.

So where is the catch? Does Opinion Panel pay so much as they promise or is it just a scam? Spend the next 1-2 minutes with me to get answers for your questions.

Opinion Panel Review

Name: Opinion Panel

Based: In United Kingdom 

Type: “Get Paid for Your Opinion” = Surveys

Short Review: Opinion Panel is one of the best paying survey sites on the Internet. However, it’s only available for 16-30 years old students or graduates living in UK. If you are a young adults, you can try it out to earn some extra cash. I want to mention that they don’t have new surveys available very often based on other members’ experiences.

So yes, Opinion Panel can be an easy way to earn some extra cash for British people. But if you are looking for better ways to earn money online I recommend the following training:

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opinion panel review
I like to simple design of Opinion Panel.

What Is Opinion Panel?

Opinion Panel is another “get paid for your opinion” website. However, they are promising much bigger rewards than other survey sites. £10 bonus just for signing up.

Afterwards you’ll get notifications about new surveys. In each survey you need to answer questions to earn points. When you have collected enough points you can transfer them into rewards like Amazon gift cards.

They have also some focus group discussions which last a little bit longer than ordinary online surveys.  They reward for those is also higher. One of our readers participated two of those focus groups and earned £100. Not bad, huh? 🙂

At the moment Opinion Panel has more than 140,000 registered members in the U.K. It’s not as big as other survey sites like PrizeRebel and the obvious reason is that their website is only available for young people living in U.K. which is pretty targeted group. Still, you can see that quite a good percentage of students in UK have joined this website.

Before going into details, I want to show you the marketing video of Opinion Panel. It’s pretty impressive and promises that you could earn big bucks through their website. Have a look yourself:

Alright, that was a quick overview of Opinion Panel. Now let’s have a closer look at the details and the earning potential.

How Does Opinion Panel Work?

First of all, you go to their website and create a free account. You can sign up using Facebook or your email. They’ll send you a confirmation link to your email to get started.

You click the link and it takes you back to their website where you’ll be asked a few pre-screening questions like, “Where are you from? Where do you study at the moment? Where do you live?” and so on. If you are not in their target group members, they’ll say that you are not qualified.

opinion panel review
Their advertising makes it sound so good.

If you get qualified, you’ll have an opportunity to participate their surveys and focus group discussions in the future. But remember that they don’t offer tons of surveys. There are only a few surveys ever now and then.

You will earn points 50-400 points for each surveys which equals to £0,50-£4,00. (100 points = £1.)

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How many points do you need to earn in order to cash out? Let’s have a look.

Cashing Out from Opinion Panel

You can’t naturally take out your £10 sign up bonus until you have reached your cashout limit. Minimum pay out is £25. So you need to earn at least 2,500 points in total before getting any money out of this website. This can take a month or two.

You can get this survey reward only as a gift card. They’ll offer vouchers to Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, Pizza Hut and other places.

opinion panel review
Here are some of Opinion Panel partners where you can use your £25 vouchers.

The most profitable way of earning money on Opinion Panel is through focus groups. If you are a part of their specific target group, they’ll pay you quite well. You can get paid £50, £70 or even £100 for focus group discussions and interviews. Focus group interview can happen online or in a face-to-face meeting.

Opinion Panel Reviews & Complaints

Most Opinion Panel reviews are pretty positive. Their target group are young students who are happy for each penny they earn. So, their expectations aren’t probably very high for earnings. Many members were satisfied with the rewards because they were better than on other survey sites that they had tried.

At this point I still want to mention that if you are aiming for high in life, you can immediately forget answering online surveys. They are only for people who are interested in earning some extra cash. If you value your time higher, it’s better to stick to better opportunities.

Members also reported that Opinion Panel support is responsive and friendly. I also noticed that the support team is answering member’s questions on one online forum which is a pretty good sign.

Here are some comments that members were saying:

  • “Excellent customer service. They have a lot of surveys though I get a lot of screen outs.”

Obviously some people weren’t very happy that they were screened out of surveys. You know the feeling when you’ve spent 5 minute answering a survey and you get a message on your screen, “Thank you for participating. This time you weren’t qualified for this survey. Better luck next time!”

So, two most common complaints were:

  1. Not enough surveys.
  2. You get screened out of most surveys.

Conclusion – Is Opinion Panel Worth It?

Is Opinion Panel a scam? No.
Is Opinion Panel worth it? That’s a good question.

opinion panel review
£4 per survey is better than regularly but it still won’t make you a living.

I wouldn’t use it myself because the rewards for answering surveys are still pretty low. Of course, you can participate their focus group test or online survey once or twice to get a new experience but in the long run I wouldn’t spend my time on it. Having a real job where you provide profound value for other people pays much better and is even more rewarding in the long run.

I am not talking about having a regular 9-5 job because I know that 70-80% of people are not satisfied with their current jobs. I was enjoying my 9-5 jobs but I still wanted something more. I noticed that if I want to move forward faster in my life, I need to quit and keep on building my online income streams. That was probably one of the best decisions of my life.

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What do you think about Opinion Panel?

Do you also prefer more profitable ways of earning money online?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of YourOnlineRevenue.com. I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. It seems pretty interesting and they pay a lot more than what other survey sites usually do. It’s just too bad that I don’t live in UK to be able to try it out for myself. I really hope that they get to be available here on my place someday.

    It surely won’t hurt to earn £50 just to answer some survey questions. All those survey sites I have tried paid too little and the minimum payout is too high that it would just be a total waste of time.

    1. Yeah, Opinion Panel seems to pay better than most other survey sites. I think it will not expand to other countries. Even though it would, their rewards would probably be much lower.

      Now they are looking for a very targeted audience in the UK so they need to pay a bit higher reward to find them.

  2. Too bad this isn’t offered internationally as it sounds like a good site. I am always cautious about survey sites because often they are just not worth it, but this one at least sounds like it pays well, even though they don’t have that many offers available to people.

    I think it is a good trade since you could get paid a lot more for answering just one or two surveys and I think this would prove to be more effective for the companies doing the surveys since it will end up being a little bit more specific with the results.

    1. Hi Fantasia,

      yeah, this site is available for very targeted group.

      I have personally stopped answering surveys already a long time ago. I just research new sites and opportunities because I want to raise the awareness how low the earning potential really is on these sites. When people look for reviews on Google they land on my site and see that it’s not worth it to sign up for survey sites.

      Hopefully, I can also guide them for better ways to earn money online.

  3. I am very sceptical about survey websites but this one actually looks alright. I’m not British so it’s not for me but I am pleasantly surprised that you get a bonus for joining and you can get gift cards for many stores. If I were British I would check it out and see if I could make some money with it.

    1. Yeah, Opinion Panel would be great IF
      1.You would be British 16-30 years old
      2.They would offer more surveys
      3.They wouldn’t screen you out from most surveys and
      IF 4.They would pay a little bit more.

  4. Opinion Panel used to be great but they changed a while back, including a brand new and modern website. After that, I have been getting a lot fewer surveys. I’ve probably done about one or two surveys in the past three months. It truly is awful at the moment.

    I’m actually stuck at 2400 points at the moment as well which is a bit of a problem. I have been getting a few survey invites but I have been screened out of most of them.

    1. Hi Kingcool,

      yeah, that’s what other members said as well. Many people were frustrated because they were screened out of surveys. It seems that Opinion Panel pays well only if they find extremely targeted people for their reviews.

  5. I must say that with the 10-pound sign-up bonus, it is a great marketing strategy that Opinion Panel is using to get new members that really want to partake in surveys like this. However, such restrictions like the age restriction of people from the age of 16 to 30 are not so cool considering the fact that some of UK residents who are above 30, but not up to 40 would be interested in joining the survey site.

    I’m under the age of 30, but since the opinion is restricted to only people living in the UK while I stay in Africa, I think this is one of those passed opportunities. In as much as I don’t believe that much in surveys, this is really a good try for those staying in the UK.

    1. Hi Henry,

      yeah, their audience is pretty targeted. That guarantees that they’ll find people who they need for their surveys. It helps companies in their marketing strategy.

  6. Opinion panel slightly changed my awful perception about online surveys. Of all the online survey sites you have reviewed, I think this one takes the cake. However, I still won’t give it a try assuming that Opinion panel is available in the Philippines.

    1. Hi John,

      yeah, Opinion Panel is probably the best survey platform in the world but it’s only available for very targeted audience: Young students and graduates in UK. For them this opportunity can make some pocket money but nothing more. 🙂

    2. johnrajiv so were both from Philippines sad to say this is not available in our country just like what Mr. Roope said. I hope time will come they will open some availability for some other countries who really needs an extra income in this way they will get more audience. Thank you Mr. Roope for making us know about the website information.

      1. I doubt they would change the entry requirements and start accepting people from other countries because they tend to work on behalf of companies that are in the United Kingdom. So they tend to go for a certain demographic who are all in the UK as the target market for most of these companies will be in the UK.

        Like, their focus groups, one was for a university which I attended. They would only have wanted people from the UK so it makes their job easier since they know whoever registers interest in attending the group is actually in the UK.

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