Is Visalus a Scam? Does It Give a Healthy And Wealthy Life?

Visalus Homepage
Visalus Homepage Naturally Tries to Immediately Sell Their Products to You.

Is Visalus a scam or will their products and system transform your life?

You may have seen reviews on the Internet that are shouting, “Visalus is a blatant scam! Stay far away!” While other people are saying, “This is the best thing that has ever happened to me! It changed my life!”

In my Visalus review, you are not going to find such fanatic opinions. I am going to look things more objectively because I am not affiliated with their company and I don’t have any reason to bash their system. My purpose is to educate you about their business products and opportunity to help you understand whether they are worth it or not.

Visalus Homepage
Visalus Homepage Naturally Tries to Sell Immediately Their Products to You.

Visalus Review

Name: Vislus, Body by Vi

Founded: 2005

Cost: $ 599

Type: Body shaping and transformation products. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).

Short Review: Visalus has become another big player in the nutrition industry in the world of network marketing. Their system has been controversial like all other similar MLM-systems. Still, it’s not an illegal pyramid scheme nor a scam. Is the program worth joining? I leave it for you to decide once you have read my full review.

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What Is Visalus?

MLM has become extremely popular these days and there are a number of people who are already interested in joining these program. Visalus is one of these companies and it has become exceptionally popular among many. This article will explain what it is and how it works.

Visalus is a network marketing company and you will be able to earn either by selling the products or by recruiting distributors. This company deals with health products and if you join this company then you have to be ready to spend at least $100 a month.

Visalus works in a highly competitive (and also growing) niche of fitness & weight loss. You have probably heard of other similar companies like Herbalife, Isagenix, Mannatech, and so on. All of them are working with similar principles in the same industry. There are actually hundreds and even thousands of MLM-companies in the fitness industry. So, the competition is tough.

Now let’s take a closer look at what Visalus is offering in the form of products and a business opportunity.

visalus products

Visalus Products

Visalus offers various types of products:

  • Weight Loss Products.
  • Meal replacement products.
  • Fitness products.
  • Lifestyle products including nutritional food shake that will help the customer maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Drinks including neon drinks and organic drinks
  • Snacks like nutrabite, nutra cookies etc.
Visalus Meal Replacement Products
Visalus Meal Replacement Products

Visalus products are a little more expensive than other similar products in the market. However, not as much as many other MLM-products. There is a lot of competition in this industry but Visalus is still able to survive, owing their resilience to the quality of products it sells.

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Is Visalus a scam?

There are people who call everything scam. Do you know, for example, a famous scam buster Ethan Vanderbuilt? I appreciate his work and efforts online. He has done great research on many companies but sometimes it feels that he calls everything that breathes a scam. You may have read Ethan’s reviews on Visalus and seen that he claims it’s a scam.

However, the company sells legitimate products and so they cannot be regarded as a scam. On the other hand, if you are looking for a sheer business opportunity, then this might not be the only company available. It is important for you to check its compensation plans and compare it with other companies and find out for yourself as to whether joining this company will be a good idea or not.

Joining Visalus as a distributor

  • You can become a Visalus distributor by buying an Executive Visalus Promotor Kit for $499
  • You can also buy a Star Visalus Promotor kit worth $999

If you buy the Executive Visalus Promotor kit, you do not have to buy shake kits separately. This is included in this kit. Additionally, you are eligible for the ViDrive Club program and other additional bonuses.

With the Star Visalus Promotor kit, you get what comes in the Executive kit package and along with it, you also get samples. This is especially ideal for people who own gyms and require samples to be distributed among the customers.

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Visalus Compensation Plan

This company also provides you with a commission of up to 25% on all the product purchases. You are also entitled to customer referrals. Basically, what this means is that the higher the number of customers, the higher your income. When you enroll new associates, you get a First Order Bonus. If your sale is above $600 months, you are also eligible to become the member of the Vi Drive Club.

You will be able to earn money for acquiring new customers. Again if you really do well in the first 30 days of joining the business, you are entitled to 1% of the company revenue. You will also earn a bonus if you help your distributors to do well. If you enroll a new member who is able to make good sales within the first 15 days of joining, you will also be able to get New Business Bonus.

If you become the regional director of the company and you are active, then over and above your monthly earning, you are also able to get some bonus. If you are able to build a good team of distributors who are active and are able to do good sales, you are entitled to some extra money for that as well. You can also get an Ambassador Bonus where you are paid extra because you have been able to successfully build a team and thereby drive the company sales.

NOTE: It takes months and years of work to succeed with Visalus or any other MLM-business. Don’t expect immediate results. You will need to 1.RECRUIT A LOT and 2.SELL A LOT.

The bonuses that you are entitled to get for hiring new distributors are paid to you on a weekly basis and the monthly commission of the previous month is paid on the 15th of the present month. You can either be paid by check or with the Prosperity Card of Visalus.

Here’s also a video created by their members. Notice that she is trying also to SELL you the program so be careful.

Why become a part of the Visalus family?

This is what they say:

As a distributor of Visalus, you will be able to become a part of the Vi Family challenge. This is a challenge of 90 days. Again if you are the Nein promoter, then you will enjoy the benefits of drinking energy drinks with Neon. If you use the product yourself, then you will get more customers if others will notice the changes in you.

Instead of using the word will I would rather use the word may. Getting results and customers aren’t guaranteed. You always will need to work and do your own part. Success won’t come automatically just by using Visalus products. You need to maintain healthy sleep rhythm, eat well, exercise and have other healthy habits.

What do you need to do to remain an active Visalus Distributor?

In order to earn as a Visalus distributor, it is imperative that you remain active. However, in order to be active, you will remain an active distributor if you maintain $125 Personal Qualification volume more commonly known as PQV in the auto-ship sales. In retail sales, you have to maintain $200 PQV.

Visalus Reviews And Complaints

There are a number of Visalus customers who are happy with the products. There are equally some other customers that still believe the company met them halfway and that there are some things that could have been done better. They say that the biggest disadvantage of this company is that it is almost impossible to cancel the subscription. Once you give the credit card information to them, it remains on the website and cannot be removed.

Again there are also some customers who claim that getting a refund from this company is almost impossible. Even if the shipment is refused, they tend not to refund your money. There is also another customer who complained that Visalus wrongly charged the credit card and sent them products that they did not ask for.

But in spite of all these complaints, there still remains a set of customers that hail the products of this company are exceptionally good and have helped them reach their health goals. The products of Visalus as having a positive BBB rating, giving such products an overall positive approval.

In addition to dissenting voices, there are those who think the products are marketed as safe yet they have certain side effects like nausea, vomiting etc.

is visalus a scam
Will this happen after using Visalus products? Leave a comment below!

Conclusion – Is Visalus Worth It?

As you probably already know, I am not a huge fan of network marketing. I have researched more than 100 MLM-companies and I have noticed a few typical characteristics that seem to repeat over and over again.

  • Huge promises.
  • Less than 5% of members succeed.
  • Overpriced products.
  • Cult-like events and environment. (You are not allowed to criticize the system even with a single word or you may be kicked out.)

Despite these drawbacks, there are legitimate MLM-companies that do good business. When it comes to Visalus, I highly recommend that you don’t start promoting their system unless you have used their products and had positive experiences.

If you are absolutely loving their products, I don’t see any reason why couldn’t you become a distributor and start selling their products as well. Of course, their products are a bit more expensive than normal supermarket products but the prices aren’t so huge that it would be ridiculous.

Nowadays we have wonderful opportunity to leverage the opportunities of the Internet and make sales even on “autopilot”. I just had a call with my mother and during the call, I had made 2 sales online. Sometimes I make $200 while sleeping or $100 while swimming in the swimming pool, lol.

That doesn’t need that I (or you) wouldn’t need to work. It just means that once you have done the work, you can earn passive income even while you are not working. It doesn’t happen overnight but smart and hard work will always be rewarded.

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What are your experiences with Visalus and with similar body transformation products?

Let’s discuss in the comments below! 🙂

By the way, if you have any questions about making money online, I’m always happy to help you out. That’s the primary purpose of

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. If spending at least $100 is compulsory, I don’t think anyone can make money from this program. What happens in the month when you cannot sell the item. It will add up to your inventory and your investment will freeze.

    1. Investing $100 isn’t that much if you think that some people need to invest tens of thousands of dollars in their businesses before making any profit. But of course, investing in a MLM-program is different than creating your own business.

  2. A lot of MLM companies, not all, are just using a product as a facade to what really their agenda is, taking their member’s money. But there are still those MLM companies that are true to their words with the use of their product that really delivers.

    One way to gauge an MLM company is to take a look at it’s reviews, specially those coming from people that had experienced that particular MLM company. And if you really want to be sure, there is nothing left to do but to test it out yourself and be a living proof if a particular MLM company is a scam or not.

  3. I’ve seen a similar company like this one way back in the early 2000s. This Visalus reminds me of Forever Living. Also a MLM company that has been in the MLM industry since 1978 and is still operating up to now. While they make successful people, I would not venture into one like this ever.

    When companies like these say, the work is easy, don’t believe it. so much work more than the 9-5 job. Well, at least for me. Products are over priced because this is where they also make money and how you can earn with the net price of a product when you decide to become a distributor. Their products are good but to pricey for me and the consumers when you can buy a product similar to theirs at a lower cost.

    The membership is also steep. You might lose the chance to level up when you can’t keep up with the quota. In short, so much work needs to be done. Is it worth investing? Well, I’d say if you’re an avid user of their products than it might be a good thing to join. But if not, then prepare yourself for a really heavy work promoting your company and its products.

      1. I’ve also joined Forever Living and UNO here in the Philippines, all that I ever gained was friends turning into enemies. LOL Where can I find the article you wrote about Forever Living though? Thanks.

        1. Yeah, I’ve heard quite many stories when people joined MLMs, their friendships got worse. I think promoting to friends should be done anyway in a good way and not pushing too much. For example, I am promoting Wealthy Affiliate on my website and I offer the possibility for my friends also if they are interested.

          However, I know that some people don’t want to make money online or they just want to close their eyes so then I naturally don’t promote them WA. 😉

          The link to Forever Living article was already in my previous comment. Here it is again.

  4. Then Visalus must be a networking company like Neolife; a network marketing company that deals in the production of nutritious herbs and food supplements. I have been a network marketer for some years now for Neolife, Forever and Baihe industries. Visalus is, of course, climbing up gradually to take its own place in the networking industry, though I haven’t heard much about it before. I didn’t know it was such a network marketing industry.

  5. Nowadays people are very conscious of their body shape and this is the targeted market of Visalus. They are giving seminars for people who would like to join their organization and explain positively their commission scheme.

    The products they provided is much more convincing via interviews from individuals who tried it but of course, we don’t really know if that is a true information, it is part of their marketing strategy. Same old story, it’s a networking system wherein you need to sell their products and recruit someone who will invest for the sake of their revenues.

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