Is Slidejoy a Scam Or Can You Earn Money By Doing Nothing?

Is SlideJoy a Scam
Slidejoy pops up on your phone always when you open it.

Update: 3rd of July 2018

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If you are looking for a brutally honest review of Slidejoy, you have come to the right place. However, if you would like to hear me praising this app by giving a biased review, this one is not for you.

I am not affiliated with Slidejoy and I don’t earn a single dollar by writing this article. My ultimate goal is to help you to evaluate whether Slidejoy is a good way to earn money or not.

Is Slidejoy a Scam? Is it worth it? How much will you earn?

You will find an honest answer to all your questions in the next 1-3 minutes by reading my brutally honest review.

Slidejoy Review

Name: Slidejoy

Type: Money Making Apps. View Ads to Earn Money.

Short Review: Slidejoy is a legitimate company and they have already paid many people over the years. However, updates have made the app worse and now they are receiving tons of negative reviews.

Your earning potential with Slidejoy is only around $10 per month. That’s why I don’t recommend wasting your time with their app. If you are interested in earning $100, $1,000 or even $10,000 per month, I recommend having a look at My #1 Recommendation.

Is SlideJoy a Scam
Slidejoy pops up always when you open the phone.

What Is Slidejoy?

Slidejoy is a mobile app that promises to pay just for using your phone. In reality, you will earn by watching and consuming their ads. There are hundreds of websites on the Internet that pay you for viewing ads like Slidejoy. However, my experience shows that the earning potential in that kind of apps is extremely low.

Companies pay money to Slidejoy for showing their offers to you (user).

Let’s have a look at a Slidejoy introduction which is created by their team.

I found their advertising a bit funny. They are showing pictures that make you think that Slidejoy would connect you with other people or have some benefit in your life. However, as we all know, there’s sometimes a great difference between advertising and a reality.

How to Make Money with Slidejoy? – Here Are the $$$ Numbers!

Making money with Slidejoy is simple as 1-2-3. You download their app and just watch their ads. Then you can earn more by referring other people to download the app. When they start using to earn money, you’ll earn some little commissions.

When you see Slidejoy ads on your screen you have three options:

  1. Swipe Left to Learn More About The Offer
  2. Swipe Up To See Another Ad
  3. Swipe Right To Dismiss The Add and Unlock Your Phone

Slidejoy has also a few partners like Peanut Labs that may pay you for completing their tasks. However, if you have read my review of Peanut Labs, you already know that the earning potential with that kind of websites is extremely low.

So, how much can you really earn with Slidejoy?

Your earning potential depends on how much do you use their app. The more you use it, the more you will earn. However, most likely you won’t earn more than $10 per month. I know it may sound like a little money but that’s a realistic estimation with this kind of app. Most people will earn less than $5 per month with this app anyway.

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Of course, you may earn $100 per month in theory. But it would require that you get tons of other people downloading and using this app so you earn money from them. This is called affiliate marketing and you can earn thousands of dollars each month by learning how to do it with more profitable offers.

How Does Slidejoy Pay?

Let’s say that you download their app and use it until you have reached your cash out limit. Inside the app, you will earn “karats” which you can exchange for rewards and cash later on. 1,000 karats equal to $1.

A positive thing with Slidejoy is that their cash out limit is as low as $2. However, it means that you would need to earn 2,000 karats to make that two dollars. They are giving you karats (=points) which make you feel that you are earning lots of money even though in reality they pay you only very little.

Let’s say that you use Slidejoy for years and are able to earn 100,000 karats. That’s only worth $100.

There are several ways how you can cash out. My favorite way is through PayPal because it’s the easiest and the fastest way. You can also have gift cards to Amazon or other online stores.

The next chapter will probably hit the nail in the coffin and convince why you shouldn’t be using Slidejoy to earn money. But on the other hand, it can open your opportunities as an advertiser.

Slidejoy Benefits for Advertisers (AndDownsides for Users!)

I would rather use Slidejoy as an advertiser than as a user. Here are a few reasons.

Is SlideJoy a Scam
Slidejoy pop ups on your screen more than 60 times a day

Imagine that you are distracted over 60 times every single day by this app! That means +420 distractions in a week and almost 2,000 distractions in a month. That’s a huge amount of distractions. Can you imagine what kind of effect it will have on your brain and your focus?

Is SlideJoy a Scam
Slidejoy uses your personal and private information for marketing.

Slidejoy ads are targeted for you. It’s a good thing for marketers because it’s easier for them to sell products to you. But for you as a user, it isn’t such a nice thing.

The app will use your personal information on giving you highly targeted ads. It means that you’ll most likely spend more money when you use this app. The old wisdom says, “We become what we think about most of the time.” If ads come to your thoughts all the time, you’ll be affected by them. That’s not a rocket science.

Slidejoy Reviews & Complaints

There are tens thousands of Slidejoy reviews on the Internet. How to find the most reliable ones? I’ve gathered the most helpful information for you on this article so you don’t need to spend your time going through all those reviews.

Have a look what kind of negative reviews Slidejoy is recently receiving.

Is SlideJoy a Scam
In August 2017 most people seem to be giving Slidejoy only 1 out of 5 stars (=the worst rating).

It seems that people aren’t happy with Slidejoy updates and they don’t recommend using this app. Nowadays the app drains your battery in addition to distracting you from your desired activities.

You may be wondering why there are also many positive reviews of Slidejoy. The answer is clear and simple.

Most people don’t know about better ways to earn money online. That’s why they give it a positive rating.

I’ve seen it many times with other similar apps. People tell how they earned $50 “easy” money by filling out surveys or watching videos online. Then they don’t tell how many hours it took to do all that. During the same time, the other guy earned $500 by doing something more interesting than just watching videos or filling out surveys.

Another challenge with this kind of apps is that they don’t pay you passive income.

Conclusion – Is Slidejoy Worth It?

Even though Slidejoy isn’t a scam, in my opinion, their app is not worth it. Their rewards are so small for the invested time. Their ads would distract you throughout the day from more important things. I would only consider using Slidejoy app as an advertiser to promote my offers.

Slidejoy isn’t worth it but that is not the end of the world. There are tons of great ways to earn money online and my #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. Their training has taught me how to make a living online and I’m sure it will help you to do the same as well. Actually, I’ll go so far that I promise my 1-on-1 support for you when you join Wealthy Affiliate through my website.

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What do you think about Slidejoy? Do you agree that it’s not worth using?

What kind of ways do you prefer using to earn money online?

Let’s discuss in the comments below! 🙂

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Before I reach the end on reading this review I knew it that this site will no be worth it. I think only crazy companies will give you an opportunity to earn from them without doing nothing. But still this app will help those developers but not those who want to earn enough.

  2. This type of app is certainly not for me in the sense that the money that is being estimated to be earned on it is not worth the stress that one has to undergo to make ends meet. Earning a partly $5 per month is a no for me and that is simply the reason I won’t be trying to earn through the Slidejoy app.

    1. Yeah, most mobile apps pay just a few dollars like Slidejoy. That’s why I don’t like playing with my phone when it comes to making money online. Better to use a laptop or a tablet.

      1. I quite agree with you that using a laptop to work on the internet is far more better simply because the opportunities that it provides is far more better than what we get by making use of a mobile phone.

  3. Well said. It’s like you took the words out of my mouth in your conclusion. I’ve always said and believed that money making apps are a complete waste of time. I can’t imagine putting so much time and energy away from important things just to earn $10 a month.

    Plus I don’t think it gets better than that. I’d rather just use such platforms to do some sort of ads placement like you said above. As always, thanks for your honest reviews on platforms like this.

    1. Hi Rumu,

      that’s wise. Usually, these money-making apps have big advertisements promising good income but the reality is that you would only earn pennies.

      On the other hand, it would be interesting to try advertising on these platforms and see what kind of ROI they can offer.

  4. Hello Roope,

    Although I have never heard of SlideJoy, I appreciate your candor when it comes to reviewing this app, and the realistic conclusion that it is not an ideal choice to earn substantial money.

    I am searching the internet far and wide for money making opportunities, and I am glad to have avoided SlideJoy. The bombardment of constant advertisements, low payout, as well as the application draining the battery life of the phone are all reasons why I will avoid using SlideJoy for online income.

    Additionally, I find intrusive apps like this to be not worthy of trading my personal information and time for $10 a month.

    1. Hi AsteriaEve,

      I’m glad you found my site when searching make money online opportunities. Have you already tried Wealthy Affiliate? I’m sure that after using their website, you don’t need to look further for other opportunities. It’s all-in-one make money online/online business center.

  5. I actually had slidejoy on my phone few months ago but i deleted it because it’s not worth at all.
    When i was using it, i was getting less than 10$ a day, that is just nothing.

    Also, the draining battery life is actually true, it always drained my battery a lot.

    I somehow got to the point where i withdrew 4$, but until then it got me insane. I would rate it 2/10. Not worth at all from my experience

    Thanks for the article!

    1. Hi Alex,

      I guess you are meaning 10 cents a day? $10 per day would be incredibly good with Slidejoy. Most people earn a few bucks per month with Slidejoy so 10 cents per day could be quite close to the truth.

      Good to hear that you stopped using the app because it wasn’t giving you good benefit.

  6. I’d love to get an app for my phone that a) doesn’t drain the battery b) isn’t too intrusive and c) pays well if I’m going to use my spare time to view ads. The concept is okay. I suspect most people wouldn’t mind viewing ads if they knew they’d get something worthwhile out of it, but thanks to you we now know Slidejoy isn’t one of those apps that can do that.

    I also have my phone on airplane mode most of the time. If someone wants to contact me, they can email. If I’m working on an important project the last thing I’d want is multiple ads disrupting my concentration. Many thanks for the heads up.

    1. Hi Neil,

      yeah, that kind of ad would be perfect what you are describing there. However, I think it doesn’t exist because these apps usually pay extremely low rewards.

      It’s nice to hear that you are using also the airplane mode. It really helps concentrating on more important tasks when the phone isn’t beeping all the time 🙂

  7. Unfortunately, a lot of these types of programs really don’t pay much at all unless you are able to refer so many people, and even then you can’t guarantee that most of your referrals will remain active.

    A lot of the times, even if you do get a thousand referrals which is already extremely hard to do, only a hundred will even try doing anything with the program, and probably only 10 or less will remain active or keep referring others, so unless you keep working to get thousands more referrals, the odds will be against you.

    1. That’s a good analysis. It’s much more profitable to refer people using some more profitable options than Slidejoy.

      My top recommendation Wealthy Affiliate is a great example. Every single day people sign up to WA through my website. Then many of them stay using WA for a long time because it helps them to earn money as well.

      That’s why recommending useful and valuable services is way easier than promoting some programs that pay only little money.

  8. Nice Review.

    Am thinking whether people involve in such thing. I mean are they really people that use such apps like this, with the hope of getting paid or they just use it for fun.

    This types of apps are often injected with hidden malware and stubborn Ads, like a money making app like this, that was on the main stream in my country few years ago. It will flood your device with Ads. And i think they throw your browser and steal some information from your browsers history and sell them for advertisement.

    Then they pay you crumbs. While they feed fat off you.

    Thanks for the review.

    1. Hi Slidejoy,

      I think people are interested in apps like Slidejoy, online surveys, and get-paid-to sites because they are interested in “easy money”. However, easy money means also little money. If you want to earn big money, you need to put in the efforts. But it’s definitely worth it after all.

      When I started building my websites I didn’t get paid anything. I was working for nothing but I knew that I will reap the harvest of success one day. Nowadays I earn passive income through my websites whether I work anymore or not. And when I keep on putting the work it just grows and grows even more. That’s exciting!

  9. I am easily distracted and if many things happen at once I have troubles with focusing on anything. Getting distracted so many times sounds like an absolute nightmare. In theory watching ads on your phone doesn’t sound like a bad idea but you have to bare in mind that it uses a lot of your battery power.

    1. Hi Felabruno,

      I’m working from home on the Internet and I feel also that there are sometimes many distractions. Gladly I have learned to manage them now but apps like Slidejoy would only make things more challenging. At the moment I’m using my phone on airplane mode when I’m working at home. Then I don’t need to check new social media messages and other stuff all the time. It really helps to concentrate better.

  10. I have experience of using Slidejoy. I got bored even frustrated with this app after using it for a day or two. I uninstalled this. I don’t even remember how much karats I made because when I had this app on my phone, I checked the ads instead of attending calls.

    I wanted to see the earning potential. However, after my experience of one day, I came to a conclusion that this is just a waste of time.
    First of all, every time you receive a call, you will be distracted by the ads displayed.

    Secondly, the app will make your phone slow.

    Thirdly, it is really hard to reach the payout threshold

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences Vinaya. I completely agree with all points that you mention.

      All in all, it’s better to concentrate on more profitable ways to earn money online than Slidejoy. 🙂

  11. Anything that drains your battery this much is just not worth it. I have been tempted by a few similar apps like this to be honest but I have never bothered to register or install them because I just don’t want my phone to be spammed with a lot of advertisements.

    My mums mobile phone network actually offers a similar service, they will show an occasional advertisement when you unlock your phone which you can close straight away. In exchange for that, they take a bit off the contract cost and also give you additional data.

    1. Hi Kingcool,

      I think that this kind of opportunities is much more interesting for the advertiser. If you are on the other side viewing ads, the reward is so small for the invested time and effort.

      Even though it’s just “viewing ads” it still takes your brain capacity, discipline and time which could have been spent on more profitable and interesting activities. I guess you agree? 🙂

      1. Oh yeah, I 100% agree with you. The only real benefits of this kind of app/service are for the actual advertisers and the developers of the company.

        The advertisers have their advertising seen by a variety of people and they probably receive detailed statistics about the users as well which can help improve their future advertising campaigns.

        And then the developers benefit as well because they only pay a tiny amount to the end user whilst they enjoy the massive profits. It’s just not worth the effort.

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