Is Residual Revenue Secrets a Scam? – Does It Give You a Financial Freedom?

Is Residual Revenue Secrets a Scam? In this review, I am going to answer to this and many other questions that you may be thinking regarding this program. I believe that you will enjoy our review. So spend the next 2 minutes with us and let us know what did you like.

Residual Revenue Secrets Review

is residual revenue secrets a scamName: Residual Revenue Secrets (RRS)
Founders: Jason McClain
Price: Apprentice $167/month or Insider $477/month
Field: Make Money Online -Programs

Overall Rank: 40 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Residual Revenue Secrets All About?

Like many other make money online training, Residual Revenue Secrets starts by describing how would it feel to have a freedom to do whatever you want with your time. You wouldn’t need to go to a 9-5 job. You could just wake up and walk in the sunrise with your beautiful/handsome spouse and enjoy the life. You could spend the whole day with your kids or go for a biking trip if you feel like it.

Jason promises to teach how you can have your own online business that allows you to do all that I described above. Well, that’s what one million other programs promise as well. However, I think that Jason McClain’s Residual Revenue Secrets much better than most other systems.

Jason has been an entrepreneur for more than 30 years and an online entrepreneur for around 20 years. That’s a huge time. I bet you don’t know many online entrepreneurs who would have been already 20 years in the Internet business. With a couple of Google searches, I was able to verify that Jason is really a serial entrepreneur and a very successful one.

hat’s a good point to start. We have a teacher who knows his stuff well. But as we know it doesn’t guarantee that the product would be awesome. Many people know how to make big bucks online but their programs are anything but good.

residual revenue secrets review
Residual Revenue Secrets sells you the idea of freedom

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Who Is the Founder Jason McCain?

If you have read our 5 tips to avoid scams online, you know that it’s important to investigate the founders. Have they been scamming people or have they provided helpful products also in the past? Of course, a person can totally change but many times a scam artist creates several products to fool people and take their money.

Jason had in the past the common project with Vick Strizheus called Project Breakthrough. It was a sale funnel to another product called High Traffic Academy. For some reason, Vick’s and Jason’s roads separated and nowadays they are running their own products individually (or with another team).

Jason has been involved in many other successful businesses. You can find a list, for example on his LinkedIn page where he lists all those companies. All in all, we can conclude that Jason knows how to make money online and he is eligible to teach you as well.

is residual revenue secrets a scam
Jason McClain, the founder of Residual Revenue Secrets

3-Day Free Course

Jason’s Residual Revenue Secrets has the following sales funnel:

1.He attracts people to his sales page.
2.People get started by free with his 3-day free course.
3.In the free course, he sells his memberships for $167 or $477/month.

Jason, like other successful entrepreneurs, has a gift of inspiring people. In his sales pitch and in a free course he wants to inspire you about the idea of having your own online business which will give lots of freedom.

His 3-day courses Jason teaches these 3 steps:

1.Identify a need

In order sell something and succeed, there has to be a need. You can’t sell dog collars for a person who doesn’t care about dogs at all. But selling dog collars could be a wonderful idea if you can reach dog lovers.

I saw that people were struggling with learning languages. They always complained that they are too old, too young, too lazy, or whatever. I saw that there was a need for teaching how to learn languages easily despite your age so I created

2.Learn how to build a company

Jason teaches that any true online entrepreneur has to have his own products. So, he is not teaching affiliate marketing which means selling other people’s products. I agree with Jason that it’s very good if you want to create your own products and services.

On the other hand, people who don’t have enough experience may struggle if they try to create a product right away. Then a reasonable way to start could be with affiliate marketing.

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3.Learn how to market your company

In this part, Jason points out that you need to focus on providing value instead of concentrating solely on making money. Many successful entrepreneurs teach you the same thing. Don’t chase the paper, provide value.

When you give people something that they really need, they are ready to pay for that. Why doctors earn so well? Because people are ready to pay a lot to get healed. That’s just one example but we could make many others. Would you like to leave one idea in the comments?

Residual Revenue Secrets Price?

We have come to the point where the 3-day course is over and now is time to decide if we want to buy a premium membership or not. Let’s have a look at the prices. There are two options: Apprentice $167/month or Insider $477/month. Sounds quite expensive.

If you buy a monthly membership for Insider, it costs almost $6,000. Quite a lot, huh?

Would you be ready to invest $6,000/year for an online course?

I know it’s a lot of money and many people don’t want to invest so much. That’s one reason why I think that Wealthy Affiliate is superior. Their yearly membership costs under $1/per day which mean $359/year or $299/year during their Black Friday campaign.

I didn’t buy Residual Revenue Secrets because I am currently satisfied with the training I got from Wealthy Affiliate. My online income is growing each and every month and actually, my membership is now free because I earn much much more than $359/year with WA-training.

Pros & Cons


  • Jason McClain knows well how to make money online so he is eligible to teach other people
  • They offer a free 3-day course
  • Jason has run several successful businesses in the past
  • Jason is very inspiring. He provides interesting ideas and tips.


  • The premium membership is quite pricey
  • It’s hard to find reviews of people who would have tried his premium course

Conclusion – Is Residual Revenue Secrets Worth It?

The answer to this question I let you decide yourself. I just say that on Wealthy Affiliate you get a premium training for more than 10 times cheaper. In addition, WA has been around already for more than 14 years while Residual Revenue Secrets has launched some years ago.

In WA you don’t even need to pay for the membership if you don’t want. You can have a free membership and have it for a lifetime. Of course, I recommend upgrading to premium at some point because it provides so much value. I started myself with a free membership for around 2 months. Then I decided to go premium because I saw that it’s totally worth.

Residual Revenue Secrets could be worth it if you can earn more than you invest. I would be interested in buying this product if it would be cheaper. But paying hundreds of dollars each month for a training doesn’t excite me.

What do you think yourself?

Residual Revenue Secrets at a Glance…

Name: Residual Revenue Secrets (RRS)
Founders: Jason McClain
Price: Apprentice $167/month or Insider $477/month
Field: Make Money Online -Programs

Overall Rank: 40 Out of 100


Have you tried “make money online” products? Did they help you to build your online business? Were you able to quit your 9-5 job?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

I love to hear experiences from our visitors. That’s why I promise to respond personally to every comment that I receive from you.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I and several others lost tens of thousands of dollars under his Insider Success program/potential scam. This must me one of his latest programs after shutting down the others.

    1. Really? So Jason McClain isn’t a genuine marketer like he promises. It’s true that his pricing is extremely high compared to many other similar courses. I need to update my ranking here 😀

  2. Hi, at least it is not a scam. I find it good to have earnings but after reading all the report seems the work is not for me. I guess i am going to find other way to earn in this site. But all in all it is very informative. The explanation is clear and many will get benefits from here. 😀

  3. Hi, Roope, and thank you for the review.

    When I read the review, my first thought was that hey, it’s quite expensive, isn’t it? And if they don’t teach affiliate marketing and you need to have your own products to begin with… Well, it’s way harder to start then. Especially when you are complete novice and probably don’t even have a clue what a niche to pick or how to build a website.

    I have been in the Internet marketing world few years and know it’s requires a lot of work and learning to start making money online. Even without worrying about products.

    But then, people are different. Clearly there are many that like this type of business. It’s just my opinion that this is a harder way than affiliate marketing. What do you think, sir?

    Thank you again,



    1. Hi Egon,

      I totally agree with you. It’s much easier to start with affiliate marketing because then you don’t need to worry about many things. You are right that Residual Revenue Secrets is quite expensive.

      I think that this product works the best for those who already have experience of Internet marketing and some money (a few thousand dollars) to invest for the training.



  4. Hi, Roope! So through simple research done on your part, you proved that the founder of this opportunity at residual revenue secrets, Jason McClain has been “in the game” for a while and knows how to make money in an online business.

    Still does that make his program out to be something that a person would want to invest at minimum $167/month up to $477/month through an upsell program? I think not because in your great review I still was unconvinced that McClain would actually TEACH a person how to market an online business successfully. Is there instruction on how to write great content for a website? For that matter are any tools provided for one to easily build a website and later would it be hosted by the company? At what the stiff price that McClain charges for membership in this program, free hosting had better be provided.

    Does McClain teach a person proper SEO strategies? Is there instruction on social media marketing? I saw no such evidence of any of this in your article.

    I would not invest $1.67 on this program without receiving proof that McClain actually teaches a person how to develop and market an online business besides he just telling everyone how successful he has been at it.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a much better, (and cheaper) option. Your grade of 70 out of 100 was spot on!


    1. Hi Jeff,

      Jason McClain teaches many of these important things that are related to building a successful online business. Content is always the most important because that’s the core of the business.

      However, Jason takes a bit different approach than Wealthy Affiliate. While WA concentrates on making money with other people’s products, Residual Revenue Secrets focuses on building your own product. It’s of course a smart approach but I think it can be overwhelming for some beginners.

      Also, the price of Residual Revenue Secrets is pretty high. So somebody who hasn’t done very much Internet marketing in the past, may end up spending lots of money on this course.



  5. Hello Roope. I can really relate to the RRS review you just did. And that $6000 annual training cost will be worth only if you make at least 3 times more than that. But why pay that much when WA is a lot better, with the best community and the cost is a lot less. I actually signed up to 2 other online money making training around the time I started with wealthy affiliate. The other company wanted $10000 for their Elite status.Your review just validated my RIGHT decision to go with WA. Thanks.

    1. Hi Lilibeth T,

      I totally agree with you. Training, community, domain hosting, support and the whole package is WA is superior to many other “make money online” -programs.

      It’s interesting that they provide a better service even for a lower price. It means that their service also very effective because they don’t need to take so much money for it.

      I have heard so many positive experiences about WA and my personal experience reinforces it as well.


  6. Thanks for the review. You’re right, I don’t want to spend $6000 per year to learn how to run a business online. I’ve already been scammed that way once. Thanks for doing the research for me. Your review of Residual Revenue Secrets steered me away. I’ve heard a lot of positive comments about Wealthy Affiliate. Have you heard anything negative?

    1. Hi Grant,

      I am sorry to hear that you have scammed once so badly. But I am also learned the lesson and won’t fall into scams again.

      I have hardly heard anything negative of Wealthy Affiiliate. Sometimes people complain that they don’t get results as fast as they would want but I think then they just need to work harder and be patient.

      What do you think?


  7. Hey Roope,

    Just wanna start out by saying how much I absolutely love your website man. It’s got alot of key information on there that help me in understanding the online marketing world a little better.

    I’m actually tempted to check out his site to see if it’s worth it for that much money. Thanks Roope for really breaking everything down!

    1. Hi Gabe,

      thank you very much for your positive feedback. I believe that the information on our website is very helpful for people who want to learn to make money online.

      Yeah, you can have it a closer look. Let me know what did you like. I saw that you are already the member of Wealthy Affiliate and I believe you are enjoying their training 🙂


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