Is Prosperity of Life a Scam Or Will You Make $8,000 Commissions?

prosperity of life scam review
prosperity of life scam review

Prosperity of Life Review - Quick Summary

Name: Prosperity of Life

Founders: Rachel Krider & Shane Krider (They are a couple)

Product Type: Self Development and Wealth Creation Training + Network Marketing

Price: $49.95 + $2,285 + $153 per month + lots of upsells up to $12,950 per product

Best for: Kriders (=founders) and for people who are good recruiting and ready to pay $1,000's to join the system

Summary: Prosperity of Life is a high-ticket self development and wealth creation training that promises to give you a life transformation. However, there is a catch "behind the curtains" that I will reveal to you in this article.

Is Prosperity of Life Recommended? No. More on this further...



Is Prosperity Of Life Legit? My Video Review

In the video below, I reveal you the truth about Prosperity of Life.

I am 100% sure you'll find the video helpful and valuable. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me in the comments and I will be more than happy to reply to you personally.

Introduction - This Seems So Exciting But...

I can't deny it.

I love self development and pretty much everything related to that subject. That's why I got so enticed after the sales speeches of Prosperity of Life.

What about you? Do you also enjoy developing yourself, creating a better, more abundant life to you and your loved ones?

What about Wealth Creation that Prosperity of Life also teaches? That's often closely related to self development and I find it an exciting topic as well. I believe that one of the main purposes of life is to create wealth and riches. And I'm not talking about the money only.

I'm also talking about rich in terms of

  • Relationshipsโ€‹
  • Resources (money, time, ideas, creativity, resourcefulness, etc.)
  • Providing value to other people
  • Physical health
  • Etc.

I believe in living this life full in all aspects of life. Therefore, my mind immediately radiates in the same level with Prosperity of Life sales speeches.


After researching their program closer, I realized that it's something that I don't want to be part of.

In this review, I will reveal what I found about Prosperity of Life and why I decided not to join even though I found their mission exciting and interesting.

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"Not just education... Transformation!" I cant deny but I found that line very enticing because I love learning and growing as a person.

What Is Prosperity Of Life?

Prosperity is a network marketing company founded by an "infamous" couple called Rachel & Shane Krider. As discussed above, the company focuses on selling self development, wealth creation and mindset training. I will tell you more about the products further...

But hey! Why did I say that Kridels are "infamous"?

First of all, they are somewhat famous. I can't deny it. But unfortunately not because of very positive reasons.

Shane Krider has also before run a network marketing company that didn't end up so well. The name of the company was Liberty League and it was shout down a few years ago.
There were huge lawsuits filed against Liberty League claiming it's a pyramid scheme. They said that the Liberty League International got more than $5 million to their system unethically.

I guess you are somewhat familiar with a term, "Pyramid scheme". It's basically a system where you need to pay money to join it and then your main purpose is to recruit people to your downline so you can earn your own money back and make even big profits.

Products of a pyramid scheme are often overpriced and they are sold almost solely to the members of the system. Outsiders wouldn't buy them because they can get cheaper products elsewhere that provide much more value.

In the other words, pyramid scheme focuses on bluffing other people to the system and recruiting as many people as possible.

If you have done some previous research on Prosperity of Life, your bells probably start bringing now. Did I just describe you a definition of a pyramid scheme or Prosperity of Life Program? Do they resemble each other too much?

  • Shane Krider Net Worth

Because of Shane's previous "pyramid scheme" I believe that Shane has been able to draw a large sum of money to himself unless he lost it all in the lawsuits.

I didn't find numbers on the Internet on how much Shane is worth but I believe he has been worth millions during his life but has probably lost large sums of money when his company went down.

Well, let's not draw conclusions this fast! First, let me give you a closer look at their products and the system in general so you can decide yourself.

Prosperity Of Life Products

Prosperity of Life is promoting a high-ticket business model (=Selling of super-expensive products).

The company provides 2 types of products:

  1. Digital Products that you can study at home or wherever you are.
  2. Live Events and Conferences.

The main product line of Prosperity of Life is at the moment the series called Master of Destinies. They have ordered the episodes of this products with numbers like M1, M2, M3, etc.

"Okay, okay, Robert. They provide these products but how much do they cost and what do they include??"

Thanks for asking! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Let me reveal the prices and the content in a nutshell.

  1. M1: Master of Destinies ($2,285) - This digital consists of video recordings from their events. It's designed to be a 12-month program that transforms your life for good. But hey, This is just the cheapest M-series product what they have!
  2. M2: Sovereignty Live ($7,950) - When you pay them a whopping $7,950 they give you fortunately a little bit more than just digital recordings from the previous events. By paying $7,950, you are able to participate their 5-day live event that covers all kinds of topics related on Wealth Creation. But this event is still cheap compared to the next one.
  3. M3: Influence Live ($12,950) - This is their most expensive and a comprehensive program at the moment. It's a 8-day live event on self development and leadership skills. You can imagine that during 8 days they have time to cover all kinds of self development topics regarding your core beliefs and thoughts.
  4. M7 ($4,590) - This is not an event but a recording of M2 and M3 live events. If you go to the events yourself, you need to pay around $20,000 so they sell the recordings for "only" $4,590
  5. M7 Fast Track ($6,250) - This package includes M1 and M7 which means all means all of their recorded content. They market it in a way that you can "save $775 by buying this package instead of getting M1 and M7 separately.
  • Are Prosperity of Life Products Worth It?

Before I give you my comments on these products and prices I must tell you that I am often a person among my friends who says, "Invest in your education. Some people say that education is expensive but ignorance is much more expensive."

That being said, I think that Prosperity of Life's product prices are just ridiculous. Let me make a quick comparison.

Tony Robbins is at the moment probably the most popular and successful motivational speaker/self development coach in the world. His net worth is over $500 million if not billions already.

He charges for his seminars a high price but still you can participate a 4-day Unleash the Power Within for less than $1,000 in many cases. Even Tony Robbin's most expensive events like Business Mastery tickets are available for less than $5,000.

So why does Prosperity of Life, the company that is quite unknown for most people, charge like 5-10 times more than the most well-known success coach in the world?

I could give you many reasons talking about the value and how much one event can be worth if you apply it to your business, etc.etc.

But I just prefer telling you the truth that the main purpose of the Prosperity of Life products, in my opinion, seems to be making the founders rich.

Well, there is actually another purpose with the high prices that is related on how members make money with the system.

"Nobody cares about your transformation more than we do!" That's a pretty bold statement from a guy who is well-known for running a pyramid scheme.

How to Make Money with Prosperity of Life?

You may already know that you can make money by promoting their products. The company pays commissions for the promoters for each sale as follows:

  1. M1 sale - $1,828 commission
  2. M2 sale - $5,000 commission
  3. M3 sale - $8,000 commission
  4. M7 sale - $3,672 commission
  5. M7 Fast Track sale - $5,000 commission

Now you probably realize why some people are so aggressively promoting their products. The biggest commission is a whopping $8,000. If you make just 5 such sales in a year, you have earned than average salary in the US (which is by the way one of the richest countries in the world).

By making only ONE $8,000 SALE PER year, you could live comfortably in most countries of the world.

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So, that's a big reason for their high prices. They put them high so members are excited to make sales since the commissions are huge.

Let's say that you would like to make those $8,000 right away. Can you just post an ad on Facebook and when somebody buys through your link and you earn a commission?

No. Let me explain a bit more.

  • What Are The Costs for Getting Started?

First of all, you need to pay...

  1. $49,95 for the starter kit and
  2. $153 monthly recurring fee for their marketing tools.

"Can I now start making those huge commissions?"

No, no. Not so fast, my friend. First, you need to purchase each product yourself that you want to promote.

In order to promote the M3 product that pays you $8,000 commission, you need to join the event yourself paying almost $13,000.

"This must be all, right? Can I start making commissions now?"

No, not yet.

First you need to make 2 sales without any profits. So, you'll make two $12,950 sales for the company and earn $0 yourself. Then you are only ready to earn commissions yourself.

Repeat this cycle for each product.

We can quickly calculate that in order to earn commissions of all their products, you need to pay $10,000's to get even started and a $153/month recurring fee.

I don't know about you but I start feeling a bit bad after hearing about their system.

The guy who founded and was running a pyramid scheme has created products that cost up to $12,950. Not only that but there are many negative reviews online of his system.

Is Prosperity Of Life a Scam?

I don't dare to say that POL would be a complete scam but I must admit that I would be extremely afraid of joining such a company.

Founders' previous pyramid scheme was shut down and many similar companies like this one are shutting down all the time.

Recent examples from this year are, for example, MOBE and Digital Altitude. They used a similar business model like Prosperity of Life.

Those companies had similar mindset and self development training and some Internet marketing courses as well.

But the main focus on those systems was to learn to promote the programs to other people and make big commissions. MOBE and Digital Altitude offered also some "cheaper" (Well, if $2,000 product can be considered as "cheap") and more expensive ones all the way up to $30,000.

The digital products were cheaper and live events cost more. Just like with Prosperity of Life. 

MOBE and Digital Altitude also provided some value but still they were shut down by FTC (Federal Trade Commission). The same thing can happen with Prosperity of Life anytime soon.

I am not saying that it will happen but I see that there are all the signs and possibilities for that.

That's why I always recommend you to stay away from this kind of shady companies and concentrate only on 100% legitimate ways to make money online.

Something Positive About POL?

I always want to provide reviews that are as objective as possible. That's why I wanted to let you know that Prosperity of Life also provides some value in their trainings.

They teach you self development ideas and thoughts on how you can take charge of your life. For many people this kind of lessons can be extremely valuable.

Many people haven't listened to successful coaches or read the books during their lives and are still victims of the bad habits. That's probably part of the reason why POL has probably become so popular.

They provide some value that can help you to live a better life.

But in my opinion, that still doesn't justify the price...

I have reviewed 400-500 products and money-making opportunities on this website and I have noticed often that price and quality don't often go hand in hand.

Sometimes a $10,000 product provides much less value than a $100 product. Unfortunately, I feel that's also the case with Prosperity of Life...

Prosperity of Life has recruited so many people that it must have done at least something right. Still, the price is too huge compared to the value in my opinion.

Prosperity Of Life Reviews - Update

Because my previous Prosperity of Life review on YouTube became extremely popular with thousands of views, I wanted create for you an updated version where I sum up my current thoughts of this company.

Watch my latest POL review in the video below and feel free to ask me if you have any further questions and I'll be happy to reply to you personally.

  • Prosperity Of Life Testimonials

As you saw in my video above, there are quite a few Prosperity of Life testimonials online.

In most of them, POL members claim that they're making tons of money with this company. Then they're showing their luxurious lifestyle and POL trips to exotic destinations such as Thailand.

However, the truth is that only 1-3% of all the members in this kind of network marketing companies make any significant money. 

Let's say if company has 10,000 distributors. They only need 5 of them making a lot of money and then show their testimonials to everyone to give a feeling that people are making tons of money with it.

I personally recommend Wealthy Affiliate rather than Prosperity of Life because it doesn't require any big upfront investments and there are much more success stories.

Take a look at 13 real-life Wealthy Affiliate success stories here and learn why I think it trumps Prosperity of Life easily.

My Sincere Advice to You

I want that you would not ever fall into scams nor pyramid schemes during your life.

That's why you should always do the research before buying into this kind expensive "life-changing systems".

And I want to congratulate that you are doing your own research by reading my article and finding information regarding POL before joining them. You're doing great! 

Many people have fallen into victims of this and many other programs without researching them first properly.

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โ€‹What kind of experiences do you have with Prosperity of Life or similar high-ticket systems?

Did those companies shut down or are they still "going strong"?

Would you like to learn 100% legitimate way how you can make money online with my 1-on-1 support?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. Hi, this is an amazing overview, thank you so much, my question to you is this are you aware under this companies terms and conditions if they allow you to have another MLM growing business at the same time – or do they have a contract that stipulates that you can only build with them?

  2. Outstanding and Overview and so thankful we have sites like this to help keep companies like this in check. They do a good job playing on the human desires for a better life, but anyone with business savvy can easily see though the smoke and mirrors. I like the fact based approach you used of using their own marketing material and words to focus in on the got ya’s. I was approached on LinkedIn by Arni Berry under the guise of Proper Your Mind where Arni and her Husband Michael Berry first screen you in a 15 minute call before they send to watch their video and start the next step of watching 2 hours of 6 videos to try and suck you in to the dream. I am sure they are very nice people, they sounded very polite, no nonsense, and professional.

    My second call was only 2 minutes where I kindly thanked them for the offer and reminded them that I hold 8 degree’s and have been a business consultant for over 25 years and not fooled by the changing names and techniques used in the Pyramid Schemes. They kindly thanked me and that was the end of that.

    So my advice is similar to those above: when a shiny car looks too good to be true, look under the hood and test that engine’s true performance.

    Steven Bonacorsi
    President of the International Standard for Lean Six Sigma

  3. I’m glad I did a Google search for reviews for Prosperity of Life. I’ve just retired and have limited funds. I’m certainly not going to spend my funds on this scheme.

    A number of years ago I got caught up in one of these schemes. To hear them talk everything was golden then the next week they went bankrupt.

  4. This is my first time hearing about Prosperity of life, Roope. Knowing the expensive fee that I need to pay before I get my commission is a big No! for me. Also you already make an investment but you still need to make two sales. I would rather invest in bitcoins or stocks. Thank you for spreading the awareness, Roope.

  5. Whoa, thatโ€™s expensive as start up costs – to have to shell out that much money just to make money back doesnโ€™t sound worth it to me. There are definitely better options out there if you ask me, and Iโ€™m glad this blog highlights the good, the bad, and the average to make it easier for those of us looking to make some money online!

  6. The whole thing seems super sketchy to me. On one hand, what they’re doing must be working (for them, not the people they’re profiting off of) or they would have already went out of business. On the other hand, it’s hard for me to imagine who would choose to do business with them.

    You would think that anyone who has the kind of spare money sitting around it takes to invest in this would be savvy enough with finances to know that they’d be better off investing them elsewhere! I really doubt any information they possess (especially considering their past endeavors) is worth that sum of money.

    1. Of course, they use different kinds of tricks to sell their products. One way could be like this:

      “Estimate how much money have you wasted during your life because of the procrastination? If every single time when you have procrastinated, you would have taken action instead, how much money would you have?”

      The sum is huge. I could say that probably +$1,000,000 for myself.

      Then they would say, “Well, if you learn the skill not to procrastinate, that will be worth +$1,000,000 during your lifetime. Come to our course that costs only $19,997 and earn $950,000.”

      Do you get the idea? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I’m not sure if they use this specific trick but other similar ones obviously to sell personal development training.

  7. How much would you say does fame attribute to the success of affiliate marketing? For me to earn money from affiliate marketing, do I need to be internet famous in some way? Because in all my time in the internet, I’ve only seen influencers like Youtubers do this kind of marketing.

    1. I’ve seen people making money with affiliate marketing within a week since they started.

      However, it really depends on you and how much action you are willing to take. For some people it takes longer since they get started but stop taking action towards.

      The more action you put in, the faster you will make money and the more you will earn. Of course, your learning and implementing of what you have learned also affects.

      To your second question… You do NOT need to be famous. I really want to underline this. Most people who make money with affiliate marketing are not famous at all. I know people who have made like millions and very big money and almost nobody knows about them. So, it’s really up to you.

      I got started as a complete beginner with affiliate marketing but I learned the skills. If I can do it, you can do it like I always love to say ๐Ÿ™‚

      I will be helping you forward on Wealthy Affiliate and providing you with personal tips and feedback.

  8. Maybe the reason why others might find it appealing is because it offers self development which people will find really valuable and is priceless. I’m thinking that it’s one of the ways they sell the products.

    I like it when Roope mentioned that there are other things which count aside from money and these are relationships, creativity, health and others.

    I hope that people will also be motivated by other valuable things other than money so that they don’t get easily fall into other people’s cunning ways.

    1. I get what you are saying as people always have different goals. Its not at all times that one may be looking to get the money and there are those people more interested in getting the personal growth that comes with the opportunity. Playing the long game that is.

  9. I don’t see why anyone who could afford these prices would want to invest in this when there are better options. It just seems too risky and I’m willing to bet the information you receive isn’t even worth that price.

  10. I have developed a particular aversion with networking system. Even in our country they have already gained an undesirable reputation. They maybe legit but they don’t operate by principle. They can be sly. Also, I can’t imagine someone being involved with pyramiding scam will come up with such concern. I don’t think it’s just a sudden change of heart or awakening either.

    It’s hard to sell these days let alone for an unreasonable price so again earning that commission is for the exceptional. It’s a double rip off for me- for those who will buy the products and those selling as they have zero commission for the first two sales.

    1. You have some pretty similar thoughts to mine about network marketing. I feel that some of those companies seem interesting but I want to remain my good reputation and not get involved with anything that seems shady. Many network marketing companies are quite controversial.

      1. Wise of you my friend. But keep giving us all the reviews whether you like them or not. They are really eye-opening. I don’t know how many investments I would have tried before I came across this site. Now my choices are easier.

  11. Pyramiding in legal terms is Ponzi scheme and is illegal. Whether there is a good product or not, if the marketing scheme feeds on the money of newer recruits rather than on the sales of a particular product just like in any business enterprise then its Ponzi. It’s illegal because it practices unfair marketing among its members. In other words it victimizes its own recruits by enticing them with marketing rewards that are not really market/sales based but on illicit collection of funds.

  12. WOW…the numbers in this post are just mind-blowing! I’ll admit, I was leery from the very beginning with a headline like “$8000 Commissions.” When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. But now I understand how they can afford to pay out commissions like that – by selling “products” that are WAY too expensive for the average person to afford! Their prices are just staggering. It sounds very much like they’re looking for rich people to join…but if you could afford to join, then would you really even NEED to? And the “products” being sold are so very specialized that I imagine it would be difficult to sell them even if the prices were more reasonable.

    I’m just shaking my head over this one. A lot of pyramid schemes sound somewhat tempting in the beginning, but this one just waves red flags and flashes warning signs all over the place.

    As usual, thank you for an honest and thorough review. I’m looking forward to learning more about affiliate marketing rather than whatever train wreck Prosperity of Life is offering… ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. How some of those companies such as Prosperity of Life make money from people by selling high cost development programs is what I don’t really understand. I mean that some people might join up thinking that it is just the first payment of less than $100 that will give them all that they have wanted only to discover that the reverse is the case. I see a situation where things start working pretty well at the end.

    1. Yeah, one may end up spending so much money on this kinds of systems. Educated business people will probably rise to the top “of the pyramid” while regular people will spend almost all of their life savings on it. Nobody hears of those people who lose their money because the rich people make much more “noise” with this kind of programs.

      1. That’s the fear as most of the people that enter such a program ends up spending much without getting the needed returns on it. I believe that with the right information, any serious minded person can learn so much without having to spend over the roof.

  14. Companies like this always have an impressive ways to attract investors. It’s like having a piece of cake. People always get attracted with easy money especially on pyramiding. It’s a risk but people always love to do it. I believe that no one is educated enough to perfect the means of making money but rather it’s a mastery of craft.

  15. People always love talks that is about life, development, and prosperity. Anything that will aid in changing lives. But this? No. Motivators/self-development coaches always say that they care about you. This scheme, no. Clearly, this cares about making the founders richer. It’s very clear. Thank you for breaking this down for us. This will help a lot of people.

    1. I agree with you. It really seems that they are lying by saying, “We care of you.” The guy who has been running pyramid schemes and ripping people off. Yeah, sounds very legit ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. I always feel like programs such as this one are too good to be true. Thank you for taking the time to break down each part of the program so that it is easy to understand. This makes skeptics like me more willing to pursue and try these things.

  17. I try to always stay away from anything that works in the form of a pyramid scheme. It’s my own way of getting rid of things that can be unworthy of my efforts. The investment is also too high.

    1. That’s a great principle. All network marketing companies use the pyramid forms (even though all of them are not illegal pyramid schemes.) That’s why I am not a big fan of network marketing and I am not part of any of such companies.

      1. Yeeeah one can see that from the reviews you do. But you have also tried to remain non-partial and given all the facts as they are even for the companies you do not like.

  18. Prosperity of Life is very expensive for even an average income earner to invest in even after tax. The amount of money being called to join the system is unbelievable, and looking at the system being run as a pyramid scheme it doesn’t bold well for new members who can’t recruit downliners. I would rather use such money to invest in cryptocurrency than in Prosperity of Life program.

      1. Exactly! There are so many red flags flaring up in Prosperity of Life and it would be a very bad decision to invest in it after seeing those pitfalls in it. The 100% legitimate ways to make money you recommend are way much better.

        1. I love this comment by @martinsx. Its better to know that you lost your money trying out an idea that you knew you were guaranteed profits than where you had already seen red flags and ignored.

          1. Exactly! KabiruYoungshark it will only be a fool individual that would see with both his eyes that it’s feasible and profitable to in a particular business job both Prosperity of Life and other other business projects that has 90% chance of failure and still goes into such business.

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