Make Money Online Listening Music [$15 Per Hour?!]

Do You Want To Make Money Online Listening Music? Read My Comprehensive Review Before Joining Memberships & Avail. You Can't Make More Money In It. Here's Why.
Do You Want To Make Money Online Listening Music? Read My Comprehensive Review Before Joining Memberships & Avail. You Can't Make More Money In It. Here's Why.

Welcome to my "Make Money Online Listening Music" Post!

You think this is odd, right?

How can you make money online through listening music alone?

As absurd as it sounds, however, there are tons of possibilities you can do actually to make money by it. If you want to satisfy your curiosity about this, stay tuned towards the end of the post.

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For now, let’s dive into this post and learn how this kind of income-generating opportunity works. Shall we?


Make Money Listening to Music - Video

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How To Make Money Online Listening Music? 

As curious as I was, I scrolled through Google search results and was surprised by how large this industry is.

In fact, when I typed in "How to make money online listening to music," it showed me 145 million results. That made me wonder how this works.

Apparently, some websites are going to cater to this need. Not only websites, but there is also a set of the application you need to download or install in your PC or mobile devices to make them work.

There are $12 to $15 per hour opportunity in various ways. At the back of my mind, it's somehow similar to how companies like Swagbucks or CrowdTap do. Perhaps, not. We'll see as we go through the complete research.

Make Money Online Listening Music Content Image 1

You can make money online as a music curator. All you need is to sign-up & listen to tons of music using your sharp ears. While you earn, the fate of the indie artist's music lies in your hands.

How Does It Work?

You don’t have to be an expert or a member or an executive of a music company to do this. What you need is your skill that’s going to be necessary for identifying the best music as a curator. All you need to do is to be really skillful when it comes to determining the genres, memorizing lyrics, etc. 

Once you’re confident in these types of high-income skill set, you’re going to get paid for that around $12 to $15 per hour.

To start, you have to sign up as a curator in different websites offering these kinds of opportunities. Playlist Push, for example.

Not only you’re getting paid for listening to the music alone, but it also makes you the middle person responsible for someone’s future in the music industry. The future of their music career lies in your hands. Simple.

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So, you have to be a really great curator and someone who’s really into music. You must love music to make this income opportunity work.

Below is a video in which it demonstrates how this money-making process in the music industry works. Not as a music creator or curator, but as a consumer.

Cons of Making Money Online Listening Music Opportunity

1. Not Open For All Countries

Most of these websites are only for the residents living in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada.

Although there are some countries included in the list, not all could get access to the sign-up and avail this income-generating opportunity.

There are some commenters, who ranted that there are some companies excluding Asian countries, such as the Philippines and India.

2. Not For All Ages

There is a limitation to the age bracket when it comes to joining these kinds of websites for money-making. Usually, it’s around 13 years old and above. There are some with 18 years as minimum age requirement.

So, you have to be around at that age before you can hover around this opportunity and start earning by giving an opinion of certain music or playlist, among others. 

3. Problems With Sign-ups

Aside from the incapability to sign up the platform offering this, there are also specific problems with sign-ups. That doesn’t even exclude the American citizens per se.

4. Earn Cents Per Song

According to reviews, you can make money online listening music; however, there are instances wherein you are only paid for cents per song.

Albeit these companies don’t require you to listen to the full song (in fact 60 seconds is already okay), receiving cents for such an effort is a complete waste of time.

Not unless if you are a curator with the enormous following under your belt. At least, you’re quantified as an expert in that way.

Yet, not everyone has that record. They’re still building their platform as a music curator with cents in their account. That’s awful.

What I Like About This Opportunity?

1. No Need To Listen Entire Song

There may be tons of websites that offer this money-making opportunity for most people, but the majority of them don’t need someone to listen to the whole song before getting paid.

That is by answering surveys or writing extensive feedback. Upon submission, you get paid. That’s it. No drama.

2. Getting Paid While Enjoying Hobby

Let’s admit it. Telling our moms and dads about our side income wherein we only sit down with our earphones and listen to tons of music sounds ridiculous.

They’ll find you crazy enough not to get a full-time job and earn a steady income. At least, it may not be enough to compensate for the monthly expenses, you’re paid for something you love. And that is music. 

3. Easy Access To Music & Get Paid

You can simply visit the websites and/or download the applications before you could get into the industry. Based on those with first-hand experiences in making money this way, their side income is in their fingertips. It’s true.

On top of that, one of these websites (welocalize), offers to pay people who can transcribe the lyrics of the music played on the site.

How cool is that? You’re paid $4 per song. Obviously, the more music you listen and transcribe, the more money you get.

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4. Opportunity To Contribute To Indie Artists

If you got into one of the platforms like Spotify, for instance, you - as a music curator or a reviewer - have the big chance to change the lives of these indie artists craving for fame.

They make music in the underground scene with high hopes of recognition. They muster their courage to have their music recorded and submitted online for your review.

As a reviewer, in every tune, you listen, and curate lies the fate of these artists. The future of their music lies in your hands.

What Others Say About This Type Of Opportunity?

“You won't become a millionaire by rating online music, so don't quit your day job just yet,” a blogger named Steve Razinski of I’ve Tried That wrote. It’s true. You can’t rely on these money-making online opportunities until you see the light in this industry.

There are many of those who like to get started earning an income in these platforms have found problems that occurred the moment they signed up.

Due to inevitable reasons i.e., inaccessibility, uncontrollable sign-up errors, etc., many of those who are interested just left and searched for another income-generating opportunity. 

Making Money Online Listening Music Content Image 2

“The best option for me - SliceThePie - is not available where I live... and the last option which is open worldwide is by invite only,” a follower named Keren asked one blogger and left without a response.

Most of those writers don’t have answers to these kinds of questions. Why? Because these kinds of opportunities implement filtering audiences.

They obviously try to limit the audience within the English-speaking countries like the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada, though they promote it as “International applicants are welcome.”

Is Making Money Online Listening Music Legit...Or A Scam?

Regardless of the splurge of doubts when it comes to making money online listening music, there’s no doubt that this opportunity is a legit way to earn a side income.

But it’s not enough to compensate the monthly expenses of an average individual trying to survive the harsh reality. Do you get what I mean?

It’s definitely not a scam because real platforms are existing. Not only the platforms, but there are also payouts occurred in its members.

Playlist Push Review Landing Page

Playlist Push is one of the most popular websites to turn to when it comes to making money online.

Needless to say, the music curators receive money from listening music and/or transcribing lyrics for $4 per song. 

The problem here is the selection of the applicants among hundreds of thousands, who want to get into this industry. Obviously, the companies want to filter the people working within ensuring the quality of the work they provide.

Regardless, it’s not a scam. So, people shouldn’t label it as one simply because they failed to get it or a referral code didn’t work. It doesn’t make any sense.

#1 Online Business Opportunity

As we went through the complete details of what is it like to be earning a side income from listening music online, we saw that there is a lot of limitations.

First, it’s not available to all countries in the world.

Second, it does filter the people who could get access to tons of music for review. 

With that having said, there’s no other irresistible way other than upgrading your high-income skill set as an online entrepreneur. That is if you are trying to build your own online business.

If so, in Your Online Revenue, we suggest you check this FREE training, the #1 recommended online business opportunity, in which you will undergo the legit process of earning a steady and real income.

Make Money Online Listening Music Content Image 3

Building an online platform that's going to give you long-term passive income takes a lot of time. Yet, the outcome is pleasing and worth your while. All you have to do is do it.

It’s not just any other income. It’s passive, which means you earn while you sleep. 

It may not be done overnight as any other business does. But, the long-term consequence is excellent. Indeed, your hard work will pay off.

If you follow the step-by-step process, it’s possible for you to earn $3,000 in a day as Roope did recently.  

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Now that I shared my thoughts in my “Make Money Online Listening Music” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with making money online listening music? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you instead invest your time, money, and effort to income-generating opportunities like this?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

By Mecyll Gaspary

Hi, I'm Mecyll! I'm a full-time writer in Your Online Revenue, dedicated to dig into the world of making money with Roope. When I'm not spending time writing reviews, I'm writing novels and blog posts on my own website.

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