Is Dan Lok A Scam Artist? [$2,500 SECRETS Revealed!]

Is Dan Lok A Scam Artist? High Ticket Closer And His Programs Too Pricey For Something Worth Few Dollars On Amazon? Read My Review About Him & His Schemes. Read My Whole Post Here.
Is Dan Lok A Scam Artist? High Ticket Closer And His Programs Too Pricey For Something Worth Few Dollars On Amazon? Read My Review About Him & His Schemes. Read My Whole Post Here.

Welcome to my Dan Lok Scam Review!

Is Dan Lok a scam artist?

This is probably the highlight why you landed on our page because you’re wondering yourself is he’s an effective salesman.

After you come across the name on YouTube or Instagram, you thought following his methods could be effective to your own business...or not.

Here’s the thing.

Self-development gurus, including Dan Lok, shares open-ended techniques. It means the strategies they share aren’t really applicable to your niche.

You could follow some but you also have to be critical knowing the weight of the decision and its following consequences. 

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Stay tuned with this post. Let’s get into it. Shall we?

Dan Lok Scam Review - Quick Summary

Name: Dan Lok

Status: Chinese-Canadian Business Magnate

Field: Entrepreneurial Guru/Self-Development

Price: $2,495 (depending on offers, courses)

Best for: People, who wanted to hit big in the business by sacrificing a lot of bad habits in exchange for accepting Dan Lok’s unconventional business tactics leading him to become one of the most sought gurus in today’s time.

Summary: Dan Lok is a Chinese-Canadian immigrant from Hong Kong, who pursued the road to rich life after building a series of businesses, resulting in becoming an influential person to young entrepreneurs. Today, he’s sharing his secrets through his One-Call Closer Method and High Ticket Mindset techniques in his social media accounts and published books.

Is Dan Lok Recommended? No. Albeit his great lessons, he curses a lot to the point it’s getting annoying. If you want to replicate success in your own way, click the green button below and get started now.


Dan Lok - Scammer Or Genius?

Recently there have been a lot of buzz around Dan Lok. Some claim he's a scammer. Others call him a cult leader. His fans call him Sifu (=master).

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Skeptics wouldn't touch his products even with a long stick while his cult followers ask, "how high?" when Dan asks them to jump.

Therefore, I decided to record a video where I reveal you the truth about Dan Lok system and how he works.

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Who is Dan Lok? 

Dan Lok is today’s self-development guru, specifically on business and entrepreneurship. If you follow his YouTube and Instagram, you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about.

He’s known for his High Ticket Selling Mindset and One-Call Closer Method as his flagship business tactics leading to enormous popularity.

Born in 1981 from a poor family, he thought of migrating to Canada will change his life amid his poverty in Hong Kong.

So, he did without questions and second thoughts. As soon as he landed in the Land of Rape and Honey, he did a lot of menial jobs until he got his fortune by building his own businesses. 

"I immigrated to Canada when I was 14 years old. My parents divorced when I was 16, and shortly after that, my dad went bankrupt in Hong Kong... Because my father couldn't send us money anymore, I quickly knew I had to become self-reliant," Dan Lok said in an interview with Stefan James of Project Life Mastery.

How Do His Strategies Work?

His High Ticket Mindset, “High Ticket Closer” course, and One-Call Closer don’t make any difference from how we know about business per se.

The lean meat of these types of business tactics is manipulating your mindset to become someone of high value.

How does it work?

Dan Lok's 3-fold Wealth Triangle revealing how to become a High Income Skilled person in the industry.

If you have the skill and you think it’s worth much, in writing, for example, make sure you learn as many skills as possible related to writing.

You have to be the best in that field until someone pays a higher value to your account than before. That’s basically the logic of his courses. It’s all about mindset. 

The thing is many people think of buying any of his courses and books will give them riches, given the cliche of “rags to riches” kind of thing. It’s not, unfortunately.

You simply have to change your mind about money aligning it with your current habits and lifestyle. Simple.

How to Make Money with Dan Lok?

If you think you could earn money by buying any of his courses, you won’t. Unless if you promote his “High Ticket Closer” course as an affiliate.

Many bloggers turned to promote high ticket sales as a means to earn at least $1,000 with a few sales. That alone made me curious. 

With the increasing demand for business psychology-related strategies in implementing a boost of their respective businesses, there’s no guessing game needed as to why Dan Lok’s high-end and pricey courses pay off.

Is Dan Lok A Scam Artist Landing Page - Your Online Revenue-min

Dan Lok official website landing page, the first thing you see when you visit his online hub

According to one blogger, it’s possible to make money by selling his tickets in exchange for earning commissions higher than any affiliate programs existing today.

He mentioned that by selling 50 tickets with $100 per sale commission, he could earn as much as $5,000 within one month alone.

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Dan Lok Scam [UGLY] Truths Revealed!

1. Deception

This is true not only for Dan Lok but for the rest of the self-development gurus out there. Many of those, who believed riches come after buying their courses, plummet their hopes after finding out none of these really work out.

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I’m a fan of reading self-development books, even Roope does it to achieve his daily goals. However, keep in mind these gurus or “sifu,” as Dan wants his followers to call him, use deceptive emotional manipulation for their shady schemes.

Making people believe their “rags to riches” story will be the same as theirs. It’s not.

2. Pricey Courses

Even if you call him for a personal consultation, you have to pay at least $2,495 for a one-hour call. Just one hour, my friend, and you will cost your whole life savings.

I’ve seen his YouTube video how he manipulated one client to pay that much by forcing that high ticket mindset to him.

Albeit the financial difficulty that man is facing, he doesn’t care as long as he doesn’t get what he wants. His wallet. That’s the same case to his courses though.

3. Too Aggressive Business Strategy

It’s okay to be aggressive in your business strategy as long as it doesn’t make everyone too uncomfortable because of its way too aggressive.

I like the fact he promoted unconventional ways of lifting your self-value and worth for that matter. However, I don’t have to follow everything he said, especially if it’s way too many risks for my own business.

4. Cussing Too Much

Even he’s promoting himself as one of the leading business and entrepreneur gurus today, the fact he’s cussing too much gets more and more uncomfortable.

If you try to watch his YouTube videos, you won’t get annoyed with his curses at first glance. But as soon as you watch the next videos, you won’t deny the need to exit and leave the video without finishing it.

What I Like About Dan Lok?

1. Valuable Insights

Dan Lok is undeniably sharing his personal experiences to explain a certain business strategy. From there, I admire the fact he doesn’t deny his roots from poverty in Hong Kong and his hustling in his youth to where he is now.

If this is the only thing you’re up to, then I recommend reading his books and watch his videos (despite the cussing).

2. Shares Behind The Scenes

He doesn’t say BS to any of his insight. In fact, he shows to his fans how he does his One-Call Closer technique to one of his videos. He’s certain his methods work and he doesn’t fail to showcase the Behind-The-Scenes of each.

Dan Lok Scam Review - What Others Say About Him & His Strategies?

From afar, including myself and Roope, Dan Lok indeed has something to say in the realm of entrepreneurship and business in such a creative way. His courses and strategies sound decent, appealing if you will.

But there's something off in between. 

I encountered Dan Lok before and honestly, I'm inspired to his talks and YouTube videos. In fact, I've been following him since last year.

For some reasons, I didn't have the intention to get into his course nor his One-Call Closer and high tickets. I'm simply his fan and I'm settled with that. 

Jasmine Bataille wrote on Quora about it as well. She said, "Some of his [pieces of advice] are really good nuggets. For instance, when he talks about 'smelling the leather,' finding a way to test-drive, visualize, and feel where you want to be without spending a penny. I thought this was brilliant." 

Is Dan Lok A Scam Artist Quora Excerpt 1 - Your Online Revenue

Excerpt of a lengthy comment about Dan Lok's tactics on Quora

Others have been taking his course and buying his highly-priced tickets thinking it's life-saving for them. Yet, in the end, all they got is dismay and disappointment because they got nothing more valuable than he shared on his free videos and Instagram posts. Nothing else. 

I reviewed a network marketing company with the same scheme. Through following a certain meditation technique, they could earn more money than any other regular employee could earn a single month by means of increasing affiliates and downlines.

The same thing with this guru. He uses psychology this time.

According to Desmond Soon, he wrote on the same platform about how effective Dan Lok is when it comes to luring his potential clients into buying his bogus $2,495 telemarketing course.

Is Dan Lok A Scam Artist Process - Your Online Revenue

Basics of his 3 steps to make wealth & become a High Income skilled individual

"Selling these type of bogus courses and products via affiliate social influencers is how they both really make their fortune at the top end of the pyramid while the customer (audience) on the lower end loses out," he stated. 

In addition to that, Alex Pleto supported Desmond's claim by saying, "Dan Lok is good at selling his courses [which are] crap and worthless. He charges you $2,500 then he pitches again with a new course worth $3,500 + $199 extra charges per month."

Nonetheless, Dan Lok is a real person and he simply does his work as an effective and insane businessman.

However, I don't recommend his offers both courses and a 1-hour call. You could get these for a few bucks if you buy self-development books on Amazon. 

Is Dan Lok A Scam Artist?

Many accused Dan Lok as a scam artist simply because his courses didn’t work albeit its price tag. But if you think about it, it’s not his fault why they didn’t become as effective as it should be. I’ve been applying his High Ticket Mindset since I met him last year. So far, it’s been effective.

The thing is about how you apply his principles and adjust them in accord to your business or in your life as a whole.

You don’t have to copy everything and put them into practice simply because he said it. No. It won’t work that way. 

Is Dan Lok A Scam Artist High Ticket Closer - Your Online Revenue-min

Dan Lok's High Ticket Closer Page featured on his website

Regardless of what everything they say about him, Dan Lok is not a scam artist nor selling shady courses. It’s just that they’re too pricey for something we could learn from books worth a few bucks.

As for his One-Call Closer offer, it’s optional. If you’re desperate to borrow his time, obviously, you have to pay high to his worth.

Dan Lok Pyramid Scheme? 

Some people have been claiming that Dan Lok is running a pyramid scheme-ish system.

The reasons for such claims is that in their experience the only people who are making any significant money from High Ticket Closer (HTC) programs are the ones who end up promoting Dan Lok's products to other people.

In the other words, the skeptics say that the cycle works like this:

  1. You buy Dan Lok products and pay him $1,000's.
  2. You buy even more Dan Lok products and pay him again $1,000's.
  3. Then, if you are lucky, Dan Lok hires you and you end up working for him.
  4. You start selling expensive Dan Lok products to other people.
  5. They buy the same expensive products that you had bought.
  6. Then they start selling them to other people.
  7. And the cycle goes on and on...

However, Dan Lok system is not purely a pyramid scheme since you are not required to sell his programs to make money.

You can apply the principles that you learn from him to sell any products you want. That being said, I can completely understand the people who are concerned about the HTC system...

That's why I recommend another way to make money online that made me $2,200 in 20 hours and I will teach you below:

#1 Way to Make Money Online Revealed!

Now we’re getting here, it’s certain we couldn’t afford Dan Lok’s services, especially we don’t have means. That’s why you’re here because you’re looking for a potential business opportunity you think would work. From there, I’m really proud of you.

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Now that I shared my thoughts in my “Is Dan Lok a scam artist?” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience with this company, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with Dan Lok? Are they worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you rather invest in a course?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

By Mecyll Gaspary

Hi, I'm Mecyll! I'm a full-time writer in Your Online Revenue, dedicated to dig into the world of making money with Roope. When I'm not spending time writing reviews, I'm writing novels and blog posts on my own website.

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