JR Watkins Review – Is MLM Legit Or Scam?

Welcome to my JR Watkins Review!

Everything can be sold which means everything can be an MLM. Do you think you can make enough profit by selling high-quality spices, seasonings, herbs, and oils, that’s possible. 

Others sell what most people want such as soaps, hand creams, shampoos, and even the craziest ideas you can think of, there is a certain multi-level marketing company catering those needs for you. 

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In today’s review, we’re going to dig into one of the oldest MLMs that exists today. It’s one of the biggest rivals against the notable McCormick, which has been a household kitchen name in the 20th century. 

If you think that selling kitchen-related stuff can make enough profit, we’re going to find that out here. Stay towards the end of the post and we’ll see what we can get from here. 

Are you ready? Let’s dive into it.

JR Watkins Review - Quick Summary

Name: JR Watkins aka Watkins, Inc.

Founded: 1868

Founder: Joseph Ray Watkins

Type: Multi-Level Marketing Company

Price: $29.95 + additional costs

Best for: This is the best option for those individuals who feel close to the brand name they grew up with and want to become part of its success while earning profits and bonuses from various compensation payouts.

Summary: Established in 1868, JR Watkins started as JR Watkins Medical Company that sells products considered for at-home remedies. Each product is made from organic ingredients, particularly natural herbs. From there, the business evolved into an empire until the 1970s in which the once known brand for liniments became a popular name for spices, seasonings, herbs, and other varieties of products. 

Is JR Watkins Recommended? No. As much as the company offers enticing compensation plans for its members, here on Your Online Revenue Ltd, we don’t recommend MLMs as your business plan. Why? You will know the reasons for avoiding these kinds of companies and stick to what works towards the end of the post. 


What Is JR Watkins?

As I mentioned earlier, JR Watkins started not as a known brand for kitchen-related stuff as we know today. The founder, whose name is represented in the name of the brand itself, started with nothing. As others say, it’s another rags-to-riches story.  

The fascinating fact is how this company and how the Neolife founder, Jerry Brassfield, have similar stories in which they managed to get from poverty and build an empire from their small businesses, given they 100 years apart when they commenced. 

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He started the company in Minnesota, where he first produced the Red Liniment in 1868. A few years later, his company produced another variety such as Watkins Vanilla Extract, Black Pepper, and Cinnamon. 

With immense dedication towards his business and non-stop door-to-door sales, his name became popular across the United States until his death in 1911. It began as a provider of liniments and all-around products that cater to home remedies, which came from different herbs. 

Due to its increasing popularity, the company published the first Watkins Almanac, Home Doctor, and Cook Book. After a few years since the founder’s death, JR Watkins aka Watkins, Inc. expanded internationally in Canada, as their first international base. 

Today, the selection reached approximately 350 products to choose from in various types. Not only do they have kitchen-related products, but they also have a wide range of personal care popularized because of its authenticity, apothecary, and vintage-feel. 

The sales boost with the help of multi-level marketing company members to a dramatic amount until the 1970s as they filed for bankruptcy for the first time. Prior to the bankruptcy, JR Watkins is considered one of the top multi-level marketing companies.

After bouncing back after its tragic end, it continued its influence given its status as a household name; however, it’s not as great as it was before. According to reports, JR Watkins failed to keep its top status as a top MLM across the world.

JR Watkins has been in the industry for 139 years. It has been part of the household names, notable for their organic products.

Who Is JR Watkins For?

“If not fully satisfied, your money cheerfully refunded” is an adage in which JR Watkins wrote in every trial bottle he sold door-to-door. He sold the first Red Liniment that came from natural herbs and aids as at-home remedies. 

Impressed by the first money-back guarantee system, the company has pioneered a business that makes its customers feel they’re taken care of, which continues to prevail today. 

To date, using the term “30-day money-back guarantee” is the norm. At the time, JR Watkins introduced it the first time, which left a good impact on the customers and the community as a whole.

With that regard, it is clear that the company as today’s multi-level marketing company remained to that mission as the founder had envisioned during his time. 

Although most of its products have been commercialized and made available in every market, JR Watkins as an MLM continues to thrive.

Now, who is JR Watkins for? If we take a look at the product-ranges and its target market, we can say that it’s best for people who are interested in keeping the traditions of the company as it started. 

You may like to challenge yourself a bit and sell the same products as those available in stores in a network marketing way. This would have been an exclusive MLM kind of thing if not because of the 1970 bankruptcy. 

After the new ownership at the time, the business changed from a network marketing company to keep it as a retailer, causing the distribution of their products in retail markets.

Some of the most popular JR Watkins spices

So, when you reintroduce the system of accessing the products to someone who knows JR Watkins as a retail product, they will notice a few things yet vital. The prices will be different as well as the marketing strategies would be. 

Your clients may say, “Why do I have to buy these from you in this and that price if I can simply go to the nearby supermarket and buy these myself?”

This is where it gets tougher in that sense. But if you intend to make profits from selling these kinds of products, especially as a network marketer, this is possible. 

All you have to assure is to be creative enough to make more sales than your invested money. But then again, this is going to be tough. 

Because as far as the membership goes, it’s the cheapest among the groups of MLMs with the same target market in comparison to companies like SeneGence

You only have to pay $29.95 every year to get access to the products JR Watkins create and distribute, such as:

  • Extracts
  • Spices
  • Seasoning Mixes
  • Baking Decorations
  • Cooking Spray

According to reports, JR Watkins provides a diverse compensation plan in which it allows you to make an extra profit from home party settings aside from the profits you get from the retail sales. 

Commissions vary but it stays approximately 15% to 49% depending on the business start pack you purchased upon joining the company as a member. 

On the other hand, the Sponsors can also give away bonuses around 10% to 15% depending on the best performing team members, which motivates people to push harder and boost sales as much as possible. 

Further, the company pays out incentives in the form of bonuses and leadership rewards, particularly in 3 levels: the consultant, the manager, and the executive. 

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In each of these levels, they are categorized into bronze, silver, and gold levels. If you can take a look at the corresponding total sales and the annual income you get within an estimated period of weeks. 

JR Watkins compensates members depending on the weekly sales from Week 10 to 40.

If you like to receive more profits, of course, you need to purchase more upgrades to expand your limitations in the business instead of choosing the default price. 

If so, rest assured that you receive an average of $69.95 to $349 in monthly orders if the business goes right. If all the odds are with you. Otherwise, affiliating yourself in this company is pointless.

Pros & Cons of JR Watkins

Joining JR Watkins as a member might sound enticing for you; however, many reviews mentioned that it’s still not a good way or to replace your day job. 

If you intend to make more profit by selling various products that are already available in retail stores, this isn’t the best way to make more money than you expected it. 

Nonetheless, there are the 3 pros and cons you can review and weigh your decisions whether it’s a good business for you this year or not. If not, you still have other options available, which I will talk about in a while. 

1. Reputable Household Name

This is the same thought I have when I reviewed Kirby Vacuum Cleaners in the past few days in which I emphasized the reputable household name. 

The reason for including this as a reason for considering this company is that you don’t have to do so much marketing and promoting the name because it’s been there for a long time. 

All you need to focus on is to convince people to either join you in the company as a member or buy various JR Watkins under your account. 

JR Watkins history where everything started

2. Cheap Membership Fee

Unlike other MLM companies I encountered, you don’t have to pay so much from the startup fees like the membership and registration fees to get access to the products. 

For only 30 bucks ($29.95 to be exact), you can get the same access and start selling with the inclusion of training in business and other cool stuff you can enjoy as a seller.

If you want to leverage your marketing and selling, JR Watkins also provides an option in which you can keep in touch with your market online. The company will ask for a few monthly fees to keep your site running. 

3. Good Reviews From People

This is one thing we have to take a look at when we analyze whether an MLM company is the right business for you to begin. The same goes for JR Watkins, given its reputation as once the top multi-level marketing to join. 

As far as the reviews go, there have been no problems or issues from the people who tried and used the products. 

According to Best Company, 57% agree to the satisfactory rate and a few people who disliked the company. But the number isn’t as dramatic as sounds with only 29% dissatisfaction rate.

Best Company reveals 57% of the customers are satisfied with JR Watkins.

1. Available In Retail Stores

If not because of the 1970 bankruptcy, JR Watkins could have remained a network marketing company until now. 

But after the change of ownership, the products began to rise in the retail market as exclusivity wasn’t implemented until recently when they tried to revive the spirit of MLM, which was the original business plan in the past, especially when the founder started it. 

Because of that, it’s hard to sell the same products as a member of JR Watkins if the products are already made convenient for the people for 40 years. 

The majority finds it unusual to buy the same seasoning mix they find in Walmart, for example, in a different manner. Especially with the ongoing monopoly of McCormick, which was once the biggest and the closest rival of the company for decades. 

Some of JR Watkins products that are already popular in the market. Yet, it's one of the MLM products the new members will market and sell for bonuses and profits.

2. Little Business Training

Based on some sources, JR Watkins doesn’t provide full business training to new members, letting them figure out how their business will be for themselves. If you are new to network marketing, in general, this will be a bit hard for you. 

3. No BBB Accreditation

Although JR Watkins has been in the industry for more than 100 years, it failed to earn an accreditation remark from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which is one of the reputable sources, especially for multi-level marketing companies like this. 

Because of that, you might start wondering if this could be a good start for your side income hustle or not. If not, it’s best to search for other income opportunities such as Roope’s Ultimate Make Money Online Guide. 

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) failed to give JR Watkins an accreditation status even if it's an old company that existed more than 100 years.

Is JR Watkins a Scam Or Legit?

In this context, there’s no doubt that JR Watkins is a legitimate company. It’s been there for 139 years and had faced its tragic moments in 1970. 

After the new ownership, the once MLM became a household name for its retailed products across the United States and the world. 

It’s not a well-known brand for its exclusivity anymore. Everyone can get their products as easily as getting into the supermarket and choosing which of these they need or not.

The question here isn’t about its legitimacy. Rather, it’s deemed important to determine if this company is the best way to make an income. If you have been reading our posts, you will notice the FTC warnings. 

Knowing the existence of these warnings, especially from the Federal government agencies, will give you an insight into whether you can build a profitable business from this company or not. In most cases, most members don’t make that much in this industry in comparison to the uplines.

JR Watkins offers sales which vary every month.

And because this is a multi-level marketing company, you can expect more profits if you do the following:

  • Upgrade your membership to expand access to benefits and bonuses
  • Sell more products on a weekly basis to reach the minimum PV to qualify for the targeted bonus
  • Invite more people to create downlines and start making commissions from referrals and others i.e. sponsor bonuses, leadership bonuses, etc. 

If you take a look at how JR Watkins pays out its members, you will see the consistent pattern as other network marketing companies do. This is why we often discourage people from joining any MLM because of this downside. 

Nonetheless, JR Watkins is a reputable household name. There’s nothing wrong with selling their products and joining the company for an experience as a seller. At least, you gain something, an insight perhaps. 

But if you’re looking for a profitable business that will be enough to replace your day job, joining any multi-level marketing company won’t be the best option. 

Instead, I suggest you take a look at the step-by-step process in which Roope Kiuttu, the founder of Your Online Revenue Ltd managed to get out from the 9 to 5 workforce and travel across 7 continents without compromising his work online. 

If this is what you want to achieve, click the link above to get started today. 

JR Watkins is not going to be worth it as a business opportunity.

Conclusion - Is JR Watkins Worth It?

As I mentioned earlier, there’s no question about if JR Watkins is legitimate or not. It’s not even doubted whether they do any fraudulent activities affecting their stakeholders. 

So continuing to question this is nonsense. The majority in the United States and the world knows the brand that started from nothing but Red Liniment. 

Now, with its influence and big attachment to the household, JR Watkins seems to be a great business opportunity, given its wide market.

In this case, this is where the downsides come to the picture. Why? You may not pay so much for the membership fees and additional costs for running online sales and others to keep your business running isn’t making much profit on your part.

The reason is obvious. Most of the products have been available in retail stores which isn’t the reason for joining any MLM.

The reason for doing so is to get access to the good stuff. But it’s already there for convenience, so what’s the point of becoming a member then?

Besides, competing with giants like Walmart and other supermarkets will be difficult, especially if you are just starting out as a network marketer.

Also, it’s also tough to invite more members to join you in hopes of getting commissions because the products by themselves are already made convenient for most people. 

So, joining JR Watkins doesn’t make sense anymore unless if they never had the bankruptcy leading to the change of ownership. 

But we all know that that’s not the case either. Overall, it’s not going to be worth your while if you consider JR Watkins as a business opportunity. Not even enough to replace your income from a day job. 

Yes, making money online enables you to travel around the world and an ultimate freedom but you must be willing to work for it.

Because of that, I suggest you take a look at the Ultimate Make Money Online Guide in which you can see how you can make money from scratch without spending a lot of time and effort in selling various products. 

In addition to that, in this proposition, you’re free to choose what kind of niche you’re going to focus on and still make some money in the long run. 

You can run your profitable business anywhere in the world. At the same time, you don’t compromise anything because everything is running even if you sleep. You still earn even if you don’t do anything. 

Unlike running an MLM business, it’s not necessary to have a physical product to start making money. All you need to have is an idea and the willpower to succeed. That’s all. 

If this kind of lifestyle suits you, click the green button below to get started today. Which path do you prefer? Let us know in the comment section. 

Now that I shared my thoughts on my “JR Watkins Review” post, it’s time to turn the table and ask about your experience, in general.

What kinds of experiences do you have with making money with JR Watkins? Is it worth your time, money, and effort?

Do you prefer to begin earning your first passive income through affiliate marketing or you instead invest your time, money, and effort into income-generating opportunities like this?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

If you need any help to get started making money online, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below and we'll be happy to help you out! 

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