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Opinion Square Review

Is Opinion Square a ScamName: Opinion Square
Field: Get Paid To -Sites
Overall Rank: 40 out of 100

Online Scams are a big problem when it comes to earning some or a little money online by filling surveys or through surveys panels. There is a big or great fear of your Privacy because most of the Online Surveys tend to turn out as Scam. (5 Ways to avoid scams online)

People often fear them, making you not to Trust the websites that are offering you the chance to earn some money by filling out surveys. We will be reviewing Opinion Square for you so that you get to know everything about it and that you don’t get to surf all over the Internet just get a legitimate review about Opinion Square.

Opinion Square is a platform for those that want to earn some quick money in their spare time. You will get surveys and by filling or submitting them you get to earn a little. Opinion Square takes good care of their members and is one most highly worthy online survey websites found today but once again the question arises that Is Opinion Square a Scam or Is it Legitimate? Because one way or another this question has to be answered as People are seeking the Internet just to find out the answer to this question. Well, good for you, We are providing you with the answer. So, Let’s have an insight over what Opinion Square is.

Opinion Square Review
Opinion Square is a typical survey site where you can’t earn very much.

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What Is Opinion Square All About?

Opinion Square is an online platform that makes you earn money via filling out different surveys. So, You can make or earn some in your spare time. OpinionSquare has gone ahead in the race for the best survey websites as It gets much easy to lead when you have interesting surveys to fill out and appropriate compensations that the users of this website find it fancy. The high level of customer service of OpinionSquare has allowed or earned them to maintain an active membership family that presently exceeds 2 million. That’s a pretty big figure for an online survey website.

This website has clients both in the Business as well as with Media Organizations which helps them to understand how and what People search or the content that they search on the Internet by collecting their Information. So, this way they get an overview about the Searches of an Individual. Once you are a member of Opinion Square, you will be given a chance to participate in surveys on different topics such as Travel, Health Care, Automotive etc.

How to Start Making Money on Opinion Square?

Now, to get yourself working or to get yourself registered on Opinion Square, you must download and install their software which tracks and stores your daily use or your daily surfings on the Internet. This software isn’t spyware or anything else, although it sounds scary but There is nothing for you to be scared of. Another thing about their software which should work as a legitimate reason for you to use Opinion Square is that their software is registered in the Goodware Resource and Information Database or GRID.

Your Personal Information isn’t shared neither It is used for Marketing Purposes. This means and shows that their software is a verified and harmless software and doesn’t affect your computer in any way. So, This is a point that shows that the OpinionSquare is a legitimate one.

Let’s now talk about the Payments that Opinion Square has to give you when you fill up the Surveys or Survey Forms. Unfortunately, you won’t be having cash or money but rather than this, you will be earning what is called “Opinion Rewards” for every survey you complete or fill.

Opinion Square Scam
Big numbers try to fish more members

Cons of OpinionSquare

You know the Pros of the Opinion Square that you get to earn something or some money and that the website is a legitimate one which makes it a Scam Free website but Let’s now have a look at the Cons of the website.

No Cash Earnings – The factor that most of the members or the users of the website don’t like is that there are no Cash Earnings. You get to fill out the Surveys for Money but instead of Money you get something else that is the “OpinionSquare Rewards” and It can be a problem when you don’t like the Products they have at their store.

Program or Software Installation – Although the Software you have to install is something that you don’t have to fear about but Tracking everything that you search online is something that would always be roaming around your head and can be a headache for you.

Referral Program –  For each new member that joins the website just because of the reason that you referred it to him or her, you don’t get anything except another entry into a competition found there which is a just a waste of time nothing else.

So, these were some of the Cons that can be found with the usage of the website.

Conclusion – Is Opinion Square a Scam?

So, It all comes to the answer of the question that Is Opinion Square Scam or not? Well, Opinion Square isn’t a Scam, not at all. It’s a safe website that people benefit from and there won’t be a problem for you except for the Cons discussed above. The answer to your question that If Opinion Square is a Scam has been answered and you for sure will be thanking us for the great review.

If you have already read more our reviews about different survey sites, you already know that we are not recommending them if you are not able to earn good money from them. Even though you could earn something from Opinion Square, it will not make you very much. If you want to make more money online, we would recommend to take a look to our #1 recommendation.


Do you have experience of other survey sites? Did you like them? Leave a comment below!

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By Roope Kiuttu

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  1. Hey!

    This was such a good read for someone like me that just started my web a few months ago.. I have been looking for new ways to make money online or through my web and seen a few things about doing surveys. Honestly, I believe it’s a waste of time if we don’t make any money from answering their questions about the products. So, I believe I’ll be marking this one off of my to do list with looking up ways to make money online. Thank’s for the heads up!

    1. Hi,

      yeah, don’t waste your time on online surveys. There are much more profitable and more interesting ways to make money online than answering those questions. With only surveys you can hardly make even $5/hour but with affiliate marketing you can make even $10,000/month.


  2. If you have enough time to devote to surveys, I think it is better to start a serious trick on the internet, such as translation, photo editing or even an online business,

    Earning a dollar or two is easy to make in demand no effort, it’s a lazy job. As soon as you have a computer and an internet connection you have to move on to serious things.


    1. Hi Rachid,

      I totally agree with you. Answering surveys are definitely not worth it. That’s why I am building a successful online business that will make me a living for the rest of my life. Translation online is also an interesting opportunity. Languages are one of my hobbies so I decided to join to one professional translation site. Why not to earn some money while doing something that I like? 😉


  3. Thank you for saving me from signing up for her another survey site. It seems all these sites do is put you on another list and you get bombarded by junk mail. Your insight was very enlightening.
    I liked your honesty about the payout not being in cash.
    Your #1 recommendation looks very interesting. I will be checking that out. Thanks.

    1. Hi Linda,

      yeah survey sites are definitely not worth it. You will get bombarded their emails about new survey opportunities, then you click to start a survey, fill out a few questions and many times they say, “You were not qualified for this survey. Better luck next time.” Even though you would be qualified for all surveys, the reward would be just way too little.

      Have a look to Wealthy Affiliate. There you will learn how to create your own online business and earn money with your hobby or passion.


  4. Hi Roope,
    Having been a member of a number of online survey panels through the years, (to which I eventually recognized the idiocy of time spent in participation) and later reviewing them myself for my business, for a fact ANY person looking to make money in such a venture truly is fooling him/herself.

    You cannot make a steady income with many sites for one other fact that I know of, besides what you mentioned. Many membership panels will disqualify a member if he/she does not fit the demographics that are being asked with a particular survey. Being disqualified also means no rewards – monetary, gift awards, etc. A person has wasted time in his/her life that he/she will never get back with the particular survey for which the result was a big fat nothing.

    Add in the fact that many panels offer a minimum of surveys per month also tells of the folly of trying to earn a living participating in this venture

    I have heard of Opinion Square previous to reading your article. Your grade of 40 out of 100 was fairly accurate as this particular site leaves a lot to be desired.

    You mention that a person is not rewarded with cash or its equivalent upon completion of a survey, instead receiving “gifts” usually in the form of certificates. A lot of people get turned off by this. They’re looking for money, not gift certificates to some local restaurant or movie theater!

    The fact that a member is asked to download some software so that the company can “monitor” his/her activities is a blatant violation of privacy. I had another survey company try to blackmail me into doing this same thing, one time. I told them where they could go – where the sun don’t shine. They weren’t going to be given the right to see where I visit online by me. Frankly it’s none of any one’s business.

    Survey sites will still exist in the future because they appeal to the desperate or clueless members of society who either need money anyway they can, or else have the foolish opinion that a lot of $$$ can be made by being a member of a survey panel. It does not happen folks, something that you tried to emphasize in your great review of this survey panel Roope.


    1. Hi Jeff,

      thank you very much for your frank comment. I totally agree with you that survey sites are not worth it. One can earn some dollars with them but making a living is impossible. The only possibility to make a big income through survey sites is through referrals. But I don’t like the idea of recommending people something that I wouldn’t use myself.

      I gave Opinion Square 40 out of 100 but it can be a little bit over rated because this is not anything special. Just a typical survey site where you can make a few extra bucks.


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