Is Nikken a Scam? [You MUST Read This Before Joining!]

Nikken Review - Quick Summary

Name: Nikken Global Inc.

Founded: By Isamu Masuda in 1975

Type: Health & Wellness Products with a "Magnetic Twist", Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

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Summary: Nikken is a legitimate multi-level marketing company that has been in the business already for more than 4 decades. They have a long history and have therefore developed lots of different products.

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Is Nikken Recommended? Depends on a few factors... More on this further!


Introduction: Why You MUST Read This Review Before Joining!

You are here because you are looking for information about Nikken MLM business, right? You made the correct choice, because we are experts when it comes to business opportunities such as Nikken.

Congratulations that you are making your research diligently and looking for the best business opportunity to get started.

I have personally published reviews of more than 100 similar companies like Nikken so in this article you'll get the best information that you could possibly find. In addition, this Nikken review is 100% unbiased and we're not affiliated them in any way so everything you read here represents our personal opinions, not Sponsored BS like on many other Nikken reviews.

In this era, when there are lots of misinformation and scams on the internet, it is necessary for every person to conduct his research before making any investments. We are here to help you by providing quality and transparent review of Nikken MLM.

Once you've read this review, you will be better informed about this business opportunity known as Nikken. You will know the facts about it and also have the tools to succeed with it. The decision as to whether to invest in the product or not, is eventually your own decision. We will equip you with relevant information you need to make a decision of whether to invest on the program or not.

What Is Nikken?

Nikken is a Japanese MLM company. The founder is Isamu Masuda and founded the company way back in 1975. It was in the year 1988 that he shifted the company headquarters from Japan to the American state of California.

Nikken promotes a healthy lifestyle which is a great thing in my opinion.

Nikken has branches in at least 40 countries of the world. The product deals with five related items. The creator describes it as five pillars of health.
According to him, the program covers five important areas, which include:

  • Healthy family
  • Healthy body
  • Healthy finances
  • Healthy mind
  • Healthy society

Because of the five important aspects, which the product covers, the founder claims that it is a research and development company. They believe that it has spent well over forty decades researching and investing on people and on how to help people so that they can have a balance of the five pillars of health identified above.

We certainly can't deny the company's long history. It's a huge accomplish for a company to last for +40 years while most other companies fall down within the first 1-5 years.

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The company dwells in selling various kinds of skin care and magnetic products. As a MLM company, they have a compensation plan that explains how you could earn money as an independent Nikken distributor.

Nikken claims to be the first company that sells magnetic product for health purposes.

Nikken is one of the oldest network marketing companies among Avon, Amway, Mary Kay, etc.

Nikken Products - What Do They Offer?

Nikken has in stock different kinds of health and wellness products. According to them, these products are good for the consumerโ€™s health and they can help you sleep better and remain strong.

Nikken obviously states that their products are superior to other such products on the market but that's the same 'song' that 500 other network marketing companies are singing as well. The company believes that they are better than others because of the magnetic feature that you cannot get anywhere.

The company believes in magnetic technology. It has the capacity to change unhealthy issues with the body. If you use it, you are should attain the best health that you have always desired. However, some people say that their magnetic stuff is just BS and doesn't have any real scientifical backing.

Nikken has introduced lots of different products to the market over the 4,5 decades. The first one according to them is the Magsteps Magnetic Insoles. This is designed for healthy legs and improved health in general.

Some of their other somewhat famous products are:

  • Kenko touch
  • Kalki Watch
  • Milana Set

All of these have magnetic properties. Kenko Touch currently sells for $199 and it is a tissue and massage machine.

The second line of product, which is the Kalki watch can sell for $123.75, is a special watch. The watch is different from others, it has magnetic feature.

The third and the final product from the company include the Milana set. The price of the product is $97.50. This is earrings and necklaces designed with the finest magnetic properties. Of course, the prices of the products will change over the time course but this gives you some sort of an idea what price category they are in.

Over the years, Nikken has also diversified to other areas such as nutritional supplements as well personal and skin care.

Nikken Product Categories: 1.Nutrition 2.Personal Care 3.Rest and Relaxation 4.Water

Here are some of the products lines and they include:

  • Jewelry
  • Bedding ware
  • Pet products
  • Kenko water technology
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Skincare products

Nikken is a multi-level marketing company and as usual there is sometimes the tendency to offer hype information and exaggerated claims in order to convince as many people as possible to buy their products.

It is advisable to take their claims always with a little bit of grain of salt. Always source your information from a reputable review website or make the research regarding the products yourself.

Nikken Compensation Plan - How Does It Work?

Nikken made graphical representation on how you can make money by promoting their company that you can see above. There are seven different ranks. You are going to earn commission and the amount you earn from the company depending on your current rank.

This means that if you want to earn more money, you have to work hard to increase in your rank. The level of your success depends on the number of recruitments and sales you make.

If you want to be really successful, you must intensify efforts to recruit more people to join the network. This is one very common thing with MLMs and Nikken is not different from that. Your rank depends on your down line team, as well as your sales performance.

When you register with the company and make a purchase of the starter kit at the cost of $99, you will be eligible for 25% commissions.

As a beginner, you are not entitled to any bonuses. As a new member, your hope of advancing depends on the number of people you recruited to the system. This means that you must start recruiting people to enhance your chances of advancing in the network.

The ranking position available in the company, and which structure the way you earn money from the system is as follows:

  • Direct Distributor: 

When you attain this position, you will earn up to 25% commission for every product that you sell. Furthermore, you are required to refer more customers to the website, and when these people buy, you earn money.

The second level is the team volume sales. For those that have reached the senior distributor position in the company, you will earn money from any sales made by your referrals. As you advance, you earn more money whenever a member of your team makes sales.

  • Senior Distributor: 

when you attain this position, you are entitled to 5 percent from sales made by the team you belonged. Before you qualify for this level, you will reach up to five hundred personal volumes, and you will generate one hundred personal volumes for every month. This is the way you can retain your qualification.

  • Executive Distributor: 

When you reach this position, you are qualified to keep ten percent of sales made by your group. However, there is a requirement you will keep before you qualify for this position. To qualify, you must meet at least 5000 personal group volumes. In addition to that, you need 100 personal volumes for you to keep that membership at that level.

  • Bronze Distributor: 

Bronze distributor: when you reach this rank, you can keep 15 percent of sales of your team. There is a requirement you must meet to satisfy that position and it includes generating a personal group volume of 10000, as well as 100 PV to keep that position.

  • Silver Distributor: 

You will take home 20 percent from sales made by your team. To attain that position, you require 20000 PGV as well as 100 PV to reach and to keep that position.

These are the positions, and you can reach to other positions, which include the gold, the platinum, as well as diamond positions. There are different requirements and conditions you must meet before you can retain that position.

You have seen that it is not easy for anybody to reach those positions. This is a typical MLM company and you can see the reason while many people do not like joining such a company. You must make a large number of recruitments, before you can reach any position and the recruitment you must make in order to keep those positions you have reached.

How to Make Money with Nikken?

There are 2 ways of making money with Nikken. 

  1. The first is that you must make sales. 
  2. The second is that you must recruit new members.

The amount of money you make the company depends on the quantity of sales you make. If you make more sales and recruit tons of people, you are obviously going to increase in your rank and earnings.

How do you think that you can recruit a big number of people to your team? You face the same problem, that all the network marketers face.

If 100 people join Nikken, around 98 of them is going to fail and only 2 will succeed. Only those who learn to make sales and recruitments are the ones that become successful. They have learned the Secrets that I teach in the Ultimate Make Money Online Guide.

Nikken Income Disclosure Statement Shows That 98% Of Their Distributors Fail.

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Complaints About Nikken

Unfortunately, there are some complaints about Nikken and their products. In order to make our Nikken review as transparent as possible, I want to provide you with a comprehensive information regarding the complaints as well.

You have seen that before you make money through the system, you must make a purchase and make sales as well as recruit new people. That is not an easy process and some people have started believe that MLM is a scam.

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The challenge that everybody must appreciate is the fact that there are many downsides associated with any MLM and Nikken is not different from that. Personally, I am not a big fan of MLM companies even though I know that some of them provide a great value to their customers.

This does not mean that the Nikken would be a scam. Pretty much all MLM-companies (including Nikken) just happen to have a quite controversial reputation among the majority of people.

Another major complaint is regarding products the company sells.
It is hard to convince anybody to buy the product on the premises that the products are effective. The truth is that there is no scientific evidence that shows that magnets can influence the brain during sleep, and that it can help you achieve better health as the company claims.

Many people say that the only positive effect that the magnet has towards its users is just a plasebo effect.

This means that the claims are very subjective. In a situation like that, it will be extremely difficult to convince people to buy such a product unless you train yourself to become a master salesman. Anik Singal's Copywriting Academy will certainly help you in that process because you can start making tons of sales even without opening your mouth.

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Pros & cons of Nikken


  • The company has been in existence for more than four decades
  • The owner of the business is verifiable
  • The startup cost is not huge
  • Nikken provides some real value and there are tons of positive customer reviews (that being said, there are also negative ones)


  • It is not easy to recruit people unless you follow my Ultimate Guide Here
  • Making money from the system is not as easy as some their distributors are trying to convince you
  • There has been some controversy around the company and their magnetic product. That may make the selling process a bit more challenging

Is Nikken a Pyramid Scheme?

Nikken is not a pyramid scheme nor a scam. 

They provide real products that provide some value for the customers and the company has been in existence already for more than 4 decades.

The main reason why some people may have thought it's a pyramid scheme is because they use a network marketing business model that are often related to pyramid schemes.

Even though the network marketing business models forms a pyramid, there's a difference between an illegal pyramid scheme and a legal network marketing company.

It comes down to products, promises and what kind of value they provide.

Nikken provides real products with real value and the company itself does not promise you the moon from the sky even though some of their independent may sometimes promise you something like that ๐Ÿ˜‰

My Sincere Advice To You

Before you join Nikken, I recommend that you have some prior experience of their products and you enjoy using them.

When you genuinely like the products, it makes the selling process also much easier. It's much easier to convince others after you've convinced yourself.

The second tip that I want to give you is that when we are living the 21st century, I highly recommend leveraging the power of the Internet to make sales and recruitments "on autopilot".

Nowadays the 'old-school techniques' are not as effective anymore as they used to be. With old-school techniques I mean the following ones:

  • Door-to-door sales
  • Prospecting people in the shopping malls
  • Arranging home parties
  • Etc.

In addition, through the Internet you can reach 1,000's of people simultaneously and make sales even while you are sleeping. I prepared for you a +9,000-word Ultimate Make Money Online Guide to help you to get started.

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Now I have shared my thoughts and opinions and I would love to hear from you.

What kind of experiences do you have with Nikken and other similar MLM-companies?

Would you like to learn to make money online like I do?

Do you want that I help you to get started for completely free?

Let me know in the comments below! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

I want to make sure that you start earning money online if that's your goal. I've helped +3,000 individuals to get started and I'm excited to help YOU as well.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.

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