Is Life Leadership a Pyramid Scheme? – Check This Out and Decide Yourself!

Are you interested in life?

This program promises to teach how you could have the best life ever. They also have potentially ultimately profitable money-making opportunity. However, I found many complaints about this program on the Internet. Is Life Leadership a Pyramid Scheme? Let’s find out.

Life Leadership Review

NIs Life Leadership a Pyramid Schemeame: Life Leadership
Founded in: November 2011
Field: Personal Development – MLM

Overall Ranking35 Out of 100 (Check Out My #1 Recommendation, 98 Out of 100)

What Is Life Leadership?

Founded in 2011, Life Leadership is a coaching company that teaches professional of development. The top leaders and founding members of the company, Orrin Woodward, and Chris Brady are well-renowned speakers who, combined, have 110 years of industry related experience. Both of the founders are also New York Times best-selling authors, publishing books on the topic of leadership and personal development.

While the annual global revenue of the organization is unknown at the present moment, the headquarters of the company is located in Cary, North Carolina. Life Leadership specializes in the production of materials covering personal development that is distributed by the fellow company, Independent Distributors, in the form of monthly subscriptions.

Life Leadership Products

Participants are offered three separate monthly subscription packages for purchase. The first course, The Life Series, gives instruction on life skills development. With the monthly subscription, consumers receive one hardcover book and four audio recordings each month.

The AGO (Faith) Series is on developing spiritual skills, and its monthly subscription for rides one audio recording and one book each month. The Edge Series was designed for use and focuses on the development of their leadership skills, and the subscription provides one audio recording per month. Recurring membership is a good way to make money. That’s why it’s so popular nowadays and makes possible to make even $1,400 with one sale.

The business starter kit allows for those who purchase the Life Leadership products to create their own business, allowing them to offer all of Life Leadership’s products for sale to make a profit.

Is Life Leadership a Pyramid Scheme
Life Leadership offers three kinds of courses

Life Leadership Cost

Each of the Life Leadership monthly subscriptions is offered at its own price. The Life Series subscription costs $50 per month. The AGO (Faith) Series cost $25 for each month of the subscription. The Edge Series, being the least expensive of them all, cost $10 per month. Any individuals who wish to become a distributor must purchase one of these subscriptions as well as a business starter kit which cost $99.

While the low monthly costs are attractive, it is also a monthly subscription that is billed to your credit card on a recurring basis. The good thing about having this for this description plan is that you do not have to pay the total cost for annual access upfront, but it does become a continuous cost that is ongoing for however long you remain a client or distributor, which can add up, especially over the course of a few years.

Life Leadership products are overpriced like in any other MLM-program. I explain more about that in the video below:

Life Leadership Commission Structure

The first step to earning Life Leadership commission is to purchase the starter kit. The business starter kit allows the new business owner to become a distributor, in which case they are able to earn a 50% commission on all of their sales, as well as up to 15% commission on the sales of their team members whom they recruit to become distributors as well. Even more, Life Leadership’s Thee For Free Program allows for a member to earn a free product subscription for themselves by signing up three other subscribers who select an equal or greater monthly subscription than them.

You will earn sales commissions as well as commissions earned from your downline. In fact, there is a total of 15 different ways to earn money with the Life Leadership program. Life Leadership offers many financial incentives and perks in order to motivate distributors. These include cash awards, and incentive trips and community advancement bonuses. All of these income streams may sound interesting but to be honest, they sound better than they really are. Life Leadership is just a typical MLM-program with complicated commission structures. You can earn passive income but first, you need to recruit tons of new distributors

I took here a picture that shows how much people earn on average with this system.

is life leadership a scam
Life Leadership Earning Chart

As you can see, most of the members are losing instead of earning money (because they are paying expensive membership fees). Only about 0,4% of all members are making significant income from this program.

Life Leadership Training and Support

In order to prepare distributors and other members with the maximum effect, Life Leadership offers training in the form of their 90-day Mental Fitness Challenge. This challenge acts as a form of training, teaching members how to mentally prepare for the establishment and operation of their business. The good thing about this training package is that it includes books written by the organization’s founders, self-assessment tests, and videos as well as time tracking worksheets and goal setting worksheets. The bad thing about the training is that it costs an additional $220, even though it comes with a money back guarantee.

This cost is in addition to the business starter pack costs of $99, so in order to get started with the business, you will spend money for the subscription, the starter kit, and the training. So before you even make any money with the company, Life Leadership is going to charge you for their product, to learn how to run the business, and to be trained to operate the business. If you really want to create a successful (online) business, I recommend taking a look at this program.

While it is not unusual for business representatives to pay an entry cost in order to get into a business, and it is also not unusual for the cost of the broken down into monthly discussion fees, it is unusual however for MLM businesses to charge an additional fee for training. And to make matters worse, even after you have paid for the business starter pack as well as the training, and have enrolled in the discussion fees, retailers are not entitled to a commission until they have proven themselves.

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A quota of 50 personal volume standard monthly sales is established against retailers, and they are required to perform at or above that level before they are entitled to earning commissions. All in all, there is a lot of hurdles in your way in order for you to begin earning money, even though there are a lot of ways to earn money once the money starts flowing in if it ever does.

Pros & Cons


  • There are 15 different ways to earn money with this business.
  • The founders and leaders of the Corporation have more than a century of leadership experience
  • They provide some helpful tips about life (but all of them are not good)


  • You have to buy the product in order to become a distributive for the business.
  • Life Leadership charges you for training as a separate cost from getting started as a distributor which is in addition to the required subscription fees.
  • Customers have to meet a high standard monthly sales volume in order to start earning commissions distributors must meet a high personal sales quota on a monthly basis in order to start receiving commissions, even after having paid such high fees.
  • Most of the members lose money instead or earning it
  • The system has a bad reputation = Lots of negative reviews

Conclusion – Is Life Leadership a Pyramid Scheme?

I am always interested in developing myself and making a better life. I believe that life is a precious gift from God and I want to live full. That’s why I find Life Leadership somehow interesting. However, I don’t like that it is an MLM-system.

If we are honest, the idea of the most MLMs is to make their founders rich. Why would they need to pay money for so many downlines if the idea would be to provide just the best value for the client?

All MLMs are some kind of pyramids were founders earn the most and those who join last, earn the least. That’s how it goes.

I prefer affiliate marketing over MLMs for several reasons but one reason is that I don’t need to build a pyramid but I can provide the best value/price for my clients. I have been making affiliate marketing since 2015 and nowadays I am making money every month online. I have friends who earn $10,000/month online with affiliate marketing and I will reach that goal too one day.

I know guys who make such income without prior experience after going through this training. Anybody can become a successful affiliate marketer and now we have better opportunities than ever before. I can offer you +12 hours of interactive video lessons and 2 websites for free if you are interested in learning.

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Do you have experience of Life Leadership? What about other MLMs?

Leave a comment below and I am sure to follow up with you. 🙂

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. I’ve never heard of Life Leadership before and very glad you enlightened me on this.

    I’m definitely a believer in making life better and easier for myself as well as for others. It’s too bad the founders and leaders took the MLM approach as I do feel they could honestly provide information to help so many people in a much better way.

    The Cons you listed here are concerns indeed… I can see this becoming quite costly. The chart reveals it all.

    Thank you for making me aware!

    1. Hi Monica,

      yeah, joining this program will most likely become costly if you don’t recruit lots of people to join in. A big downside of MLM-programs is that they concentrate much more on recruiting than thinking how they could deliver the best price / quality for the client. I know that MLM-fans disagree here but after making a research of over 30 MLMs that seems to be how it goes.


  2. Your website in well designed and organized. Your review is open minded and unbiased. The formatting is easy to read and you answer the question at the end wether you believe it is a MLM or not. I like the graphics as it adds to the overall point your making within each section. Overall a very good product review and website design.

    1. Hi Leroy,

      thank you very much for your positive feedback. We are publishing new articles every day and optimizing the old content weekly to provide the best experience for our visitors. Our goal is to grow to become a huge help for people who are looking for ways to make money online.


  3. I am not a big proponent of MLM schemes as well. The top of the MLM will always financially benefit more then anyone else. I prefer a network where anyone can make as much money as anyone else in the network and boils down to skill, the niche your servicing and the amount of personal work you put into your product. I personally am drawn to the affiliate model as it promotes success for everyone.

    1. Hi Leroy,

      then we have same kind of thoughts my friend. 🙂

      I have made a research for more than 30 different MLMs and it seems to me that the biggest idea of MLM-system is to make the founders rich. Products are always overpriced because they need to pay for all downlines and hands which are between the customer and the seller.

      I wish you all the best for your affiliate marketing business! Provide big value to achieve big success.


  4. This is my first time coming across life leadership. I think that the 3 fields of training, financial development, professional development and personal development are very essential in today’s workforce. However if it is sold through network marketing, there is a loss of value in the program as a bulk of the cost is commission going to the sellers.

    However, when compared to many network marketing products, Life leadership seems like it really value adds to customers as they are providing tangible training and updates. I don’t like the idea of having to spend additional money to be enable to promote them though. I’m gonna try and explore it a little bit and give further inputs whenever I can.

    1. Hi Leo,

      yeah. I think this could be more interesting product if it wouldn’t me an MLM. There you always need to pay some extra for downlines and so on. Some people claim this is totally not good so I advice you to be careful with the system. I would like to hear what did you liked if you try it.


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