Is Le-Vel Thrive a Scam Or a Wonderful Business Opportunity?

Is Le-Vel Thrive a Scam
This is how they are advertising Le-Vel Thrive.

There are numerous companies promoting vitamins, supplements, and other wellness products. One interesting one is called Le-Vel Thrive. If you are reading this article, you’ve have probably thought of joining the venture but hesitant since you are not sure whether it is a legit business opportunity or not.

In this article, I am going to answer your question, “Is Le-Vel Thrive a Scam or really worth it?” I am not affiliated with the company in any way so you don’t need to be afraid that I would be promoting their system or products to you. I will just provide the facts so you can make an informed decision whether the Le-Vel Thrive would be worth joining or not. Let’s get going!

Is Le-Vel Thrive a Scam
This is how they are advertising Le-Vel Thrive.

Le-Vel Thrive Review

Name: Le-Vel Thrive
Founded: 2012

Cost:$100-$300 (Enrollment package)
Type: Health and Wellness products. (Multi-Level Marketing = MLM)

Short Review: Le-Vel Thrive is, in my opinion, a legitimate multi-level marketing company despite various complaints. They provide interesting health & wellness products that are a little bit different than other ones in the same industry. Still, making money with Le-Vel Thrive requires a huge effort, discipline, and persistence.

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What Is Le-Vel Thrive?

Le-vel is a health and wellness, MLM marketing company started in 2012 by Jason Camper and Paul Gravette. The aim of the company is to provide and sell products made with raw natural ingredients including Winalite, Daxen, and SBC. Despite competition from so many companies promoting the same products, Le-Vel has managed to perform well in the market.

A funny thing is that the popularity of this company starts going down often when we move from the Summer to the Autumn. But then starting from January it goes up when people start making new year resolutions and decide to “have a new life”.

Is Le-Vel Thrive a Scam
The popularity of Le-Vel Thrive on Google Trends. You can see how it fluctuates during the year.

Le-Vel Thrive’s major competitors are Plexus, Visalus, Herbalife, Mannatech and many other MLM-companies in the health & wellness industry.

Le-Vel Thrive Products

Often people (including myself) say that MLM-products are extremely expensive but don’t provide better value than similar products from the supermarket. Let me show you the details of Thrive products. I would also like to hear your opinions about their pricing.

Le-Vel thrive has 4 main products and another 8 Thrive plus products in its collection of health and wellness products. The main 4 include:

  • Thrive M- This product is specifically designed for men. It is lifestyle capsule produced to tackle things such as weight management, cognitive performance, support healthy joint function, sooth general discomfort, antioxidant support, lean muscle support, digestive and immune support. Price: $74 for single purchase and $60 for a box of 60 capsules.
  • Thrive W- is specialized for women. It bears the same benefits as Thrive M. It differs from Thrive M as it has serine, aspartic acid. Some of Thrive W capsules include Damsel in Defense and Empower. Price: $74 for single purchase and $60 for a box of 60 capsules.
Is Le-Vel Thrive a Scam
Famous YouTuber “Woo Fit” was trying Le-Vel Thrive products on some of his videos.
  • Thrive Mix- this one is a shake that is Ultra Micronized. It is produced from a blend of nutrients including enzymes, extracts, antioxidants, and probiotics. Thrive Mix is gluten-free. Price: $52 for single purchase and $40 for monthly auto-ship.
  • Thrive DFT- is a more technological advance product. It’s a patch worn on the body to help with weight management, support natural energy, and improve mental clarity and support appetite management. Price: $62 for single purchase and $50 for a box of 30 skin patches.

The other 8 thrive plus products derived from the main products include:

  1. Balance- supports overall health
  2. Black Label- a new addition to the DTF line that supports mood and provides enhancers.
  3. DFT Ultra- An upgrade and stronger version of thrive DFT
  4. Boost- a form of energy drink that alkalized and powers the body
  5. Move- provides support to healthy joints, flexibility, and mobility
  6. Active- Energy provision and clarity enhancer
  7. Form- boosts uptake of nutrients and absorption of nutritional supplements by the body
  8. Rest- this product uses Sequential Gel Technologies (SGT) to provide calming, relaxation and stress management.

Personally, I don’t get so excited about MLM-products. Why don’t they just put normal prices and sell them in the supermarkets? Well, probably I already know the reason. Without putting high price tags they couldn’t pay so juicy commissions for their salespersons. Anyway, I prefer only promoting products that have the best price/quality ratio. Click the link below to learn how I do it.

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Le-Vel Thrive Startup Cost

The only thing required is purchasing a standard or an upgraded package after enrollment. Package prices range from $100 to $300. To start earning commissions, you’ll need to become an active member and a qualified affiliate by purchasing a minimum of $100 worth of product.

That’s a pretty normal startup cost for a network marketing business opportunity.

Le-Vel Thrive Compensation Plan

The video below explains the Le-vel Thrive compensation plan presented by one of their members. It’s informative but keep in mind that he is trying to sell the program to you.

Brand promoters who make good sales are well compensated. Through retail sales, you will be able to earn up to 20% commission on all your sales. There are various bonuses such as fast start bonuses, infinity fast start bonuses, GO VIP bonuses and an iPad mini bonus. Similar to most MLM companies, Le-Vel Thrive compensation plan is all about building a team of promoters if you want to get huge commissions.

If you stick long enough with Le-Vel and achieve certain qualifications, you become eligible to for “Lifestyle Getaways”. The destination changes every time and there are usually tickets for two to enjoy a vacation. However, you should know that moving up the ladder is tough as it requires you to maintain a product volume of 4,000 per month. So, unless you are an MLM pro, you’ll be stuck at the lowest rank and will not be eligible for the larger and more glamorous bonuses and rewards.

You’ll be able to earn free product and completely different rewards, such as, the iPad mini or perhaps an exciting getaway. The rise of individuals with the will to be healthier and find into form has been increasing, that provides a way of job security. Remember that people who make big money with Le-Vel Thrive are usually working full time for the company and they have years of experience in the industry. Of course, there are some exceptions also…

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Unless you are using this powerful method, you may have a hard time to make big money with Le-Vel Thrive.

Le-Vel Thrive Reviews & Complaints

Le-Vel Thrive BBB
Le-Vel Thrive on BBB.

The Le-vel company has earned The Bravo Growth Award from DSN international a hundred and has earned over $5 million bucks in exactly a bit over three years. Combined the founders Gravette and Camper have over forty years of expertise in business, permitting them to make a durable foundation. So far the corporate has over two million client accounts.

Although Le-vel Thrive’s merchandise has reeled in money rather quickly the corporate continues to be terribly new, which means there square measure doable risks of the business going downhill even as quick because it went up.

There’s already such a lot of health and upbeat firms that are better-known and trustworthy for many years, this suggests there’s a great deal of competition. The Thrive merchandise square measure slightly over-priced, as well as, the same as alternative merchandise already in the market. The DFT and SGT technologies square measure aforesaid to be of the most recent round with scientific backing from their own scientists. It may take years before any negative results or reactions occur.

Le-Vel Thrive has a positive rating on BBB (Better Business Bureau) even though it’s not BBB accredited. Despite tons of positive reviews, there are also 181 customer complaints at the moment. Their products really seem to divide opinions among their customers.

Conclusion – Is Le-Vel Thrive Worth It?

I would like to give you 4 criteria that help you decide whether this business opportunity is worth it or not:

  1. Do you love Le-Vel Thrive products?
  2. Do you have an effective strategy how you are going to promote their products?
  3. Do you have enough time to do this business at the moment?
  4. Are you a hard-working and persistent person so you don’t give up even though it would be tough?

If you answer, “Yes!” to all of those questions, Le-Vel Thrive could be a great opportunity for you. I don’t have enough time for Le-Vel Thrive at the moment because I’m making good money with other ones and I can’t say that I love their products. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a wise decision for me to join.

I know an effective strategy to make money with Le-Vel Thrive and I’m a hard-working person. Those two details help me to make money online even while I’m sleeping, swimming, hanging around with my friends or traveling the world. I would be more than happy to help you hand by hand so you can achieve the same freedom as well. Just click the link below to get started.

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Have you tried Le-Vel Thrive? What kind of experiences did you have?

Have you participated other network marketing company in the past?

Let’s discuss in the comments below! 🙂

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  2. I think 20 percent is really high commission rate. However, the main question is can you actually drive sales? If you cannot sell their product, the high commission rate does not mean anything.
    MLM is a business where they cheat people with over priced products.

    1. 20 percent commission is indeed a good commission for physical products. For digital products you can offer earn much higher commissions. 50% commission is quite typical when promoting digital products with affiliate marketing. Make a $1,000 sale and you earn $500. 😀

      You are right that after all it comes down to the strategy of making sales. In my opinion, nowadays the best strategy is to make sales online because then you can reach millions of people all around the world. Wealthy Affiliate training walks you through the exact step-by-step process how to do it.

  3. Earning up to 20% commission on selling the wellness products for Le-Vel Thrive is one that can bring in the extra cash for anyone willing to join a multi-level marketing plan. One thing, you always say, which has come to sink into my memory is that to survive in this type of business, you need to work extra hard or risk being taken over by some of the other members of other mlm companies in the same sector.

    1. Yes, work is always required to achieve long-term success. They say that 90% of all businesses fail and I’m not surprised. So many people take fun before the work. Entrepreneurs like to go out with friends rather than hustle. Those 10% who prefer working and learning will succeed.

  4. I’ve seen too many MLM companies that have similar health products for me to be interested in this, but I’m glad to hear that they are at least legitimate. I am just apprehensive about the initial cost because as much as I know it is the norm in MLM companies to have an initial fee and their price is pretty much standard, it’s just not something I’d be willing to pay just for the opportunity to work and sell.

    I have come across another MLM that I would say I prefer to this because they sell health products too and the entry fee is only around $10 even though their products are still very expensive like any other MLM company.

    1. Yeah, the idea of all of this health and fitness MLMs goes like this: Recruit as many people as possible to your downline to earn passive income.

      If you want to make big money, there’s no other way around. That’s why many people just call these pyramid schemes.

  5. This is sounding a little different from other MLM products. I like care products that are developed from natural resources with little or no added artificial chemicals. Maybe I might get to try it out.

    As of the MLM program iitself, I doubt I’llever v iinterested in joining or participating. It takes way too much time which I don’t have. Aside that, I think it might turn out to offer good products.

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