Is Plexus a Scam Or Will They Make You Rich? Read What I Found!

plexus homepage
Plexus Homepage
plexus homepage

Plexus Homepage

Welcome to my Plexus Review!

Is Plexus a scam? Do their products really work? Is it a great business opportunity? If you are looking answers to any of these questions, you have come to the right place.

I am not a Plexus ambassador or seller. I am not affiliated with their program in any way so I can provide an unbiased opinion on their system. You may have seen tons of reviews of Plexus on the Internet when their ambassadors are trying to get you in the system. You don’t need to fear about that here I don’t have any reason to sugarcoat Plexus.

So, I advise spending the next 1-3 minutes with me to discover the reality of their MLM business opportunity.

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That's why I guess you would like to have that opportunity as well. Anyway, let's have a closer look at Plexus now.

Plexus Review - Quick Summary

Name: Plexus

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plexus homepage

Summary: Plexus operates in a highly popular and competitive health & wellness industry using a bit controversial multi-level marketing system.

Many people say they didn’t have any positive effect after using their products while others love their system and products. Personally, I stay away from this kind of companies.

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What Is Plexus?

Plexus is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that was founded in back 2006. Originally it was a breast health company so it has always been targeted mainly for women. They sell products in the health & wellness industry and they promise to help you to lose weight and achieve your dream body.

However, there has been lots of controversy around the company and many people have been disappointed. More on this later. First, we’ll take a quick look at what kind of products and business opportunity they provide and then we’ll have a look at the complaints and the real nature of their system.

Oh, and by the way, I have also written reviews of tens of similar MLM-systems like Plexus. For example, these MLM-companies are working are working in the same industry with them:

I am not a big fan of network marketing but I have a huge knowledge of different companies and how they work.

Plexus Products

As mentioned above, Plexus offers products in the health & wellness industry:

  • Nutrition supplements
  • Capsules including different kind of “health boosters”
  • Shakes and nutrition powders
  • Personal Care

Below you can see a few examples to get a picture of the pricing and how their products look.

plexus products

                               Plexus Nutrition Supplement Products
plexus products

                                    Plexus Personal Care Products

Compared to bigger MLM-companies their catalog of products isn’t that big. Even though the company isn’t very old they have faced several setbacks that probably have been holding back their growth.

If you are interested in joining Plexus business I highly recommend that you have first had positive experiences with their products. Many people have joined MLM-businesses just because they wanted to make extra money but they didn’t care about products so much. That doesn’t usually end up well.

You need to be convinced about the products yourself before you can convince others. Also, running a business requires lots of persistence and it’s much easier to keep on going if you truly believe in the products that you are selling.

Next, we’ll analyze their business opportunity more in detail. But before that, I want to offer you an opportunity to make money online by selling any products you want. You can even promote other people’s products on Amazon and earn commissions when they make sales. Learn more by clicking the link below:

How Much Does It Cost to Join Plexus?

The annual membership fee is $34,95 and it allows you to buy their products for a wholesale price. However, if you want to make money with the system you need to buy an additional welcome package that costs $99 or $199 depending on your choice.

Plexus Compensation Plan

Plexus uses a typical marketing trick when explaining their compensation plan. They say Plexus offers 11 ways to make money even though in reality it’s only 2: By selling their products or recruiting more members. Other 9 ways are just different kind of bonuses that you can get if you make enough sales and recruit tons of people.

I always want to make this clear so people don’t get confused and don’t have an illusion that the system would really offer 11 ways to earn. Okay, now I will let Plexus representatives explain more in detail how their compensation plan works.

Despite their huge promises, the reality is that most people don’t make any money by joining their program. Let me show you the facts.

Plexus Income Disclosure Statement

Plexus Income Disclosure Statement 2016                               
                                     Plexus Income Disclosure Statement 2016

More than 82,41% of members earn only around $300 per year with Plexus. Imagine how low is their hourly salary if you imagine that many of them have put tens and even hundreds of hours of work.

 I have seen tens of income disclosure statements of network marketing companies but I need to admit that Plexus’ statistics are probably the worst one. Around 0,5% of all members seem to make a full-time income. In some MLM-programs the number is even 5% but 0,5% is ridiculously low.

It’s true that most people fail in business because they quit too early but I think that joining Plexus wouldn’t be worth it at all.

If you want to learn a better way to make income, I advise following this step-by-step training or clicking the button below.

 Plexus Reviews & Complaints

As you can see in the picture on the right, Plexus is not BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited. There are 189 customer reviews and 65% of them have been negative.

 In addition, there are at the moment 698 customer complaints on BBB about Plexus. Let me share a few most interesting ones.

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plexus bbb

Plexus on Better Business Bureau.

1.” Products Don’t Have Positive Effects.”

One lady who used Plexus product and was part of their MLM-system started getting several negative side effects after using them. A constant headache and migraine were the smallest one of those side effects.

She decided to ask online what kind of results other people had with Plexus Pink Drink product. You can see the results on the right:

More than 84% of users said that products didn’t work. Only 12,4% of people who answered the survey said the products worked while they were using it.  1,6% of users had horrible side effects.

12,638 people answered this survey in total. In my opinion, this doesn’t look very good for Plexus. What do you think?

is plexus a scam

84,2% of Plexus users said that products don’t work.

2.”My Membership Was Terminated.”

One woman was part of Plexus and working for them. But when she didn’t get positive results she decided to tell about it on the Internet.

It was against Plexus rules and she received a message that her membership is terminated for one year. She tried to reach them but it didn’t really help.  It’s interesting that their members aren’t allowed to say anything negative about the company publicly.

3.Is Plexus Safe?

After hearing many negative experiences after using Plexus I become quite suspicious whether their products are really safe or not. Here are some side effects what people have felt while using their products:

  • A headache and migraine
  • Depression (Well, this is possible always especially if a person is overweight)
  • Lyme disease
  • Chrons disease
  • Arthritis
  • And even cancer

What do you think is an explanation for all these side effects? Plexus wasn’t banned in several countries without a reason. I am not a chemist but I can see from the description that their products include some “interesting” additives.

Conclusion – Is Plexus Worth It?

Personally, I couldn’t be involved in Plexus business with a clean conscience. There have been so many complaints, negative side effects and other facts that make their opportunity look very unattractive.

Another thing is that their products are overpriced because it’s an MLM-business instead of a normal nutrition supplement company. A big part of earning money in the system involves recruiting other people to join the system.

Therefore, I recommend staying away from Plexus and concentrating on better opportunities. I want to introduce a great opportunity for you. This training and community have taught me and thousands of other people to make money online. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate.

They will teach you also how you could make money by promoting any fitness/wellness/nutrition products you want. Thanks to the Internet you are able to reach thousands of people pretty easily. For example, this website where you are at the moment reaches more than 600 different people every day.

Then you will earn money when people click your links and buy something. The process is very simple and you can learn it in 5 minutes. In practice, it requires effort and persistence to make it work but in my opinion, it’s much more profitable and wiser choice than an average 9-5 job. 

The income potential is limitless and you are able to make a positive influence.

What kind of experiences do you have with Plexus and other similar MLM-systems?

Would you like to make money online like I do?

Let me know in the comments below!

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

By Roope Kiuttu

Hello! I am Roope "Robert" Kiuttu, the founder and owner of I created this website back in 2015 to help you to make money online. You can ask me anything and I'll be happy to help you out. I help people daily to make more money online and I love seeing people succeeding. If you want to get my 1-on-1 support and help to make money online as well, get started HERE.


  1. That a nutritional company that sells their products are getting negative reviews even from a lady that registered on their platform is something that we should be worried about. I don’t think getting involved with the Plexus is a good one unless you have the special marketing skills to make people buy them.

      1. That’s true. Sometimes I wonder the reason most of the MLM companies got so much bad reviews to deal with on a daily basis. It is kind of worrying to me.

        1. The whole business model is somewhat controversial because it’s much different than “normal businesses”. On the other hand, real network marketers think that their business model is the best in the world… It’s fascinating how people see thing differently in this world.

  2. When you cannot express your dissatisfaction with the services of the MLM company you have made an investment in seems to unacceptable to me. With the story of the woman that had here account terminated for 1 year because she expressed her frustration with not getting what was promised. Who is to be blamed? Is it the company for failing in doing what they promised or the woman for complaining about the failings of the company?

      1. Truly it’s very bad how the woman was treated by the company she had invested her hard earned money in their products, without any prior warning or caution to have her account terminated is too harsh. I’m sure that their said rule of the company not having any member say ill of the company on any social media network wasn’t made well known to their clients as well as consequence for breaching such rules.

  3. Maybe women will buy Plexus breast check for $34.95, however, who will buy Body cream that cost $49.95. There is no point in joining a program that offers products for such a high price.

  4. As more and more people grow more and more conscious about their health, more and more MLM companies are exploiting this and taking it to their advantage because they know that anything that they launch, as long as it is health related product, specially on the preventing and curing department, it would surely be a hit with the consumers.

    They make products that promises this and promises that to consumers that are looking solutions for their health related concerns. So a lot of people are getting tricked into getting products from MLM companies only to be disappointed at the end.

    1. That can happen BUT all of us can decide ourselves what we do and if we decide to join/promote these MLM-programs or not. I want to raise awareness of the downsides of MLMs that aren’t always spoken about. Information will help people to make better decisions. All of us leave a message to this world during our life and we can decide what kind of message it is.

    1. Yes Andrew. That’s my job to help you to earn money online. Wealthy Affiliate step-by-step training and support has helped me (and thousands of other people) to make money online even without any prior experience. Have you already signed up and started the step-by-step training. I support you personally within the community.

      You can also check out other alternatives here. Let me know when you have started on Wealthy Affiliate and I’ll help you further.

  5. I think the products they sell is just fine but the marketing strategy is not good enough. In order for you to earn, you have to recruit someone to buy they products and its just like a typical networking system. Everyday you need to catch fishes in the ocean, the hardest part there is people are very sensitive when it comes in buying things.

    No matter whatever power wordings you use to convince them to get the products, if they don’t need it they won’t buy it. Consumers always go to any store if they want to have something and you don’t need to force them to get involved on whatever you ever sell.

  6. If the product is approved by the medicine to sale so it means that this is good product. And no harm to the body.

  7. The fact that the products by this company have been banned by a few countries and even Amazon is enough to tell people that this is a program that you should definitely stay away from.

    The side effects of the product do not sound good either. It would be unethical for anyone to try selling these products to anyone knowing that there are possible side effects that are as bad as cancer. I’m surprised this company is still operating at all.

    1. I don’t want to defend the company but somebody may have answered that he got a cancer because of using Plexus products even though the reason could have been completely different. I find these MLM-systems very controversial because their own distributors are praising them while most other people couldn’t stand them.

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